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The answer is so simple that it continues to elude us

Is there no spiritual solution, can there by no effective and impacting spiritual response to the events in our world today? Whether it's the breakdown of the cease fire in Syria or the rioting, burning, pillaging and looting in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, or the openly public testing of rockets and nuclear weapons by North Korea, everywhere we look today we find death, anger, suffering, threats, agitation, deep and bitter unrest and unending turmoil.

How is the human race to take care of itself? Can we not even find a way to simply get along with each other? Are our differences so great that we cannot resolve them except by killing? And where is the spiritual leadership in all of this?

Annette Albright, a woman who attended one of the protests on Charlotte's streets, was quoted in a report on CNN saying that persons in the protesting group who were misbehaving need direction.

"We don't have leadership that this crowd can...

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Looking at Today's Reality:

Tomorrow will be here before you know it.

The moment seems to be arriving very quickly when the entire human race is going to be asked to decide --- perhaps I should say forced to decide --- who we are and who we choose to be as a species.

This decision may need (make that, probably will need) to be required of us, rather than invited from us, in response to a dramatic turn in the tide of events with which our world is confronted.

It seems now that it is only a matter of time until our completely unsustainable lifestyle on Earth, our totally self-destructive planetary politics, and our utterly unfair and increasingly anger-producing global economic model places every inhabitant of every country --- not just those who line in so-called Third World nations --- in circumstances so exceedingly uncomfortable that everyone everywhere will be saying enough is enough.

Sooner or later we will all stand up en masse and declare: There has got to be a better way to...