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The blog at TheGlobalConversation.com is not written by any one person, but by everyone within the New Spirituality Community worldwide who comes here. This space serves as an open forum for ongoing discussion of the breathtaking spiritual invitation placed before all of humanity in the Conversations with God series of books.

We look here at the CWG message withint the context of humanity's present circumstance, the cultural story that continues to create it, and ways in which that cultural story might be rewritten by all of us, collectively, in these days and times, to produce new possibilities and grander outcomes for our species.

The intention here is to inspire and ignite a global conversation about how we can change our world before our world changes us, transforming us even more fully into the kind of species we do not wish to be. This is beginning to happen now, but the trend can be reversed if large and increasing numbers of us raise our voice. Not in protest, but in healing, saying: "There's another way."

There's another way to be human, to experience ourselves both individually and collectively. There's another way to meet the challenges of physical life, to resolve our differences and to solve our problems. There's another way to share and to care, if we dare.

We must dare to embrace a New Story about who we are, why we are here on the earth, what our stay here is really all about, who and what God is and what God wants, what our right relationship is with each other, and the purpose of Life Itself, not only here, but everywhere in the Universe.

This is not a local experience.

That is one of the most important things that humanity as a species could come to know and to understand. Life is not a local experience. Life on this planet is part of a larger expression occurring everywhere --- including countless glimmering diamonds in the night sky. And this simple but compelling Recontextualization of our circumstance offers a striking and powerful focal point for the origination of a New Cultural Story that could change everything in our world.

Our Old Story --- the story we have been telling each other over and over again about who we are, where we are, why we are here, and what we can do about that --- is simply no longer working. It is arguable that it never worked. It has created anger and dissension, waste and destruction, turmoil and oppression, poverty and suffering, conflict and violence all over the planet from the earliest moments of human history to this very day.

We have gone as far as we can go with this. Our environment can no longer sustain our behaviors. Our economics can no longer support our selfishness. Our politics can no longer survive our conflicts. Our religions can no longer answer our questions or bring peace to our world. Indeed, they do exactly the opposite.

If the Story we are living were a science experiment, we would have given it up long ago as being a failed hypothesis. Yet in the face of our globally repeated failures to produce a just and caring global society, we insist on clinging to our earliest understandings and our primitive notions of Who We Are as a species, of Who and What our Creator is, and of What God Wants.

Everything I have just said above about the planetary macrocosm I have experienced in microcosm, in my own life. Then, on February 9, 1990, my whole life changed. Frustrated by what I was encountering repeatedly in my own experience, and by what I was observing all around me in my observation of others, I shot off an angry middle-of-the-night letter to God. "What does it take it make life work?", I demanded. And The Source of wisdom and clarity, compassion and understanding, Life itself, and love unconditional that I call God gave me the answers.

Those responses are contained in the 3,000 pages of the Conversations with God dialogues, which have sold multi-millions of copies and which are now published in 37 languages. And The Global Conversation initiated here is about using the messages, the concepts, the ideas and the proposals presented in those dialogues as a starting point for further discussion and exchange among people all over the world.

The belief here is that many of those ideas, if fully embraced, could change the world. There is already anecdotal evidence that they have dramatically changed people's lives. What Life is urgently inviting now is a wider discussion, to see if the remarkably positive effect those messages have had on individuals might be extended to the whole human family.

That is what this Blog, a New Form Social Media, is all about.

To learn more about the specific messages that form the basis of this global exploration, read carefully The 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God, to which a link will be found at the very bottom of this page.

And thank you for being here. Simply your arrival at this site marks a beginning. A beginning of New Possibilities. A beginning of New Hope for humanity. A beginning to a brand new Cultural Story for our species. A story that says that we care about each other. And about ourselves.

I have to believe that if you didn't care, you would not be here. So thanks. If we all dare to care and to share, we can create a new world. May you know and bestow God's Blessings all the days of your life.

With love,

Neale Donald Walsch

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