Life is not an emergency

Two weekends ago, 9 people died in car crashes in the Central Florida area.  9 people in one weekend.  A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that most of the accidents were caused by aggressive or distracted drivers. And while it is shocking to hear that 9 people died in car fatalities within [...]

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The Definition Hurdle

Last month in the United States saw the return of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in which the conservative political groups get together and toot their own horn and hold a straw vote as to who they want to see run for president in 2016. And as the reports on CPAC speakers began emerging, I [...]

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If you are intrigued by and enjoying the global conversation taking place here, you may be doubly intrigued by the opportunity to connect even more closely with the Conversations with God messages that generate these discussions — and to interact in an even more personal way with CWG author Neale Donald Walsch, the publisher of this newspaper. [...]

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Worldwide Discussion: The People Join In

A gentleman has posted on the Neale Donald Walsch Facebook page a series of reactions to my last headline story at this online newspaper, and I should like to respond to him here. I do so with eagerness and joy, because this is what The Global Conversation is all about. I believe it is conversations [...]

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No wonder Social Security is in trouble

On April 17, most of America’s wealthiest citizens will no longer be paying Social Security taxes for 2014. That’s right—The average member of the 1% of wage earners won’t pay into our Social Security system for the last seven months out of the year. Even while Paul Ryan’s new budget proposes new tax cuts for these [...]

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Worldwide Discussion:

And so now we have 20 students randomly stabbed in the chest, back, and abdomen in a blood bath at a high school outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the hands of a sophomore boy who is in police custody, being questioned, at this writing. Where are we going in our society? What is happening to [...]

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I Got Lazy.

  CWG says that everything…everything…is an opportunity to decide, declare and to demonstrate who we really are.  Even, and especially, the things that seem most devastating and tragic.  Such as the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Over on another of the CWG sites, The CWG Helping Outreach, we had a discussion about what messages, [...]

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Since I’m going to hell anyway

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was very young, maybe eleven or twelve years old, hanging out with a friend at “The Pit.”  The Pit, as we called it, was an old foundation of a house that was dug into the ground.  We made a makeshift roof out of junk wood and metal [...]

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There is no such thing as Right and Wrong

Did you know that there is a new book that identifies the 25 most important messages of the 9-installment Conversations with God series? It then offers practical suggestions on how to apply each message in every day life. Powerful and inspirational reading.  To see the first seven chapters and hear a one chapter sample of the audio [...]

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Okay, there’s no right or wrong. But is this working?

The internet, and more particularly social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, has become a cyber playground for people to connect and share and converse from all corners of the globe.  Millions of human beings every day are uploading photos of their children’s accomplishments, sharing nuggets of inspiration and wisdom, trading recipes with their [...]

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