Todd Akin lost. Joe Walsh lost. Richard Murdouck lost. Tom Smith lost. That’s four for four of the Republican men who made absurd comments about rape in the past several months and paid the price for their absurdity.

Elizabeth Warren won. Claire McCaskill won. Tammy Baldwin won. Tammy Duckworth won. That’s four for four of the Democratic women who took strong stands against the Republican establishment and walked away victorious.

Eight of the nine so-called Battleground States — must win “swing states” that everyone on both sides knew would decide the election — went to President Barack Obama, despite the spending of nearly $150 million more by the Republicans, their surrogate super PACs, and a bevy of Super Rich individuals who poured millions into the campaign of Mitt Romney.

On social issues, contemporary 21st Century Thought prevailed over Let’s Go Backward Mentality in several striking cases. The electorate of two states — Maine and Maryland — voted to legalize same sex marriage, and citizens in the states of Washington and Colorado voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Opponents of same sex marriage have long claimed that, if put to an actual vote, citizens in most states would reject the idea of legalizing it. They were wrong. Likewise, opponents of legalized marijuana predicted that ballot measures supporting it would fail. Washington and Colorado proved otherwise.

Perhaps most impressively, voters across the United States fought back, and won, against Big Money, defeating candidate after candidate whose campaigns benefited from huge amounts spent by super Pacs (political action committees) and Karl Rove’s direction of phenomenal spending to try to capture seats with the sheer power of money, and the advertising dominance that it can buy.

In short, People Power defeated Money Power in this election, time and time again — and that is good news for America.

Huge amounts, for instance — almost unfathomable amounts — where given by big money moguls across the nation to Mr. Romney’s campaign. It just couldn’t “buy” the election.  Neither could it win a GOP majority in the U.S. Senate. According to a news story in The Wall Street Journal by reporter Brody Mullins, “In campaigns for the Senate,  Republican candidates were backed by millions of dollars in spending by well-coordinated pro-Republican super PACs and interest groups that hammered Democratic candidates in televised advertisements starting last winter.”

The same story noted that “in the presidential race, pro-Republican super PACs spend far more money than those favoring Mr. Obama.” Two of those groups along—Crossroads GPS (created and controlled by Mr. Rove) and Restore Our Future—spent $250 million supporting Mr. Romney, The Wall Street Journal report said. The biggest group supporting Mr. Obama, Priorities USA Action, by contrast, spent just $65 million on behalf of the President, the newspaper report added.

It did Big Money no good. Try as it might to bend the voters’ views with dollars, it simply could not buy this election.

An example is what happened in Virginia, where millions were dumped into the state by outside groups to help GOP candidate George Allen defeat Democrat Tim Kaine in the race for the U.S. Senate seat. Mr. Allen lost.

In Ohio, more than $10 million was spent by outside groups —  including another controlled by Karl Rove (who seemed deeply determined to affect this year’s elections) and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce — in an effort to unseat liberal Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown. Mr. Brown won.

In Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon spent $40 million of her own money to defeat Democrat Chris Murphy for the U.S. Senate. She lost. Ms. McMahon spent $50 million of her own money in a 2010 election bid, which she also lost, proving that putting $90 million into two successive campaigns guarantees nothing. Peoples’ votes are apparently not as “buy-able” as some people might have thought.

Likewise, tens of millions in outside spending money was shipped off to Wisconsin by rich Republican individuals and money-powered groups to bring former Badger State Governor Tommy Thompson to the U.S. Senate — but his Democratic opponent, Tammy Baldwin, batted away the huge dollar advantage of her GOP opponent’s campaign and walked away with the Senate seat. She will become the first openly gay U.S. Senator.

The U.S. electorate made wonderfully intelligent decisions in many races, defeating GOP candidates who made utterly irrational statements about rape. Mr. Akin, a sitting GOP Congressman looking to move up to the Senate, famously said in August that the female body automatically makes it impossible for pregnancy to occur in cases of “legitimate rape.” Until that remark, he was expected to defeat sitting Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

Embarrassed to high heaven by Mr. Akin’s remark, the Republican Party pulled its endorsement and its funding from Mr. Akin, and begged him to get out of the race so that it could run another candidate against McCaskill. Akin said he was in the race to stay, with or without his party’s support. He lost.

Mr. Walsh, Mr. Murdouck, and Mr. Smith made equally offensive and/or ridiculous statements on the subject of abortion in the case of rape, and they also lost their races. Mr. Murdouck famously declared that if a pregnancy resulted from a rape, “it is something that God intended to happen.” Mr. Walsh, a sitting GOP Congressmen, was asked a question at a debate about abortion and announced that  he was “pro-life without exception.” Then he added, “The life of the woman is not an exception.” Asked by the press immediately after the debate if he had misspoken, or was serious, Mr. Walsh said he meant every word, and justified his stance by saying that modern medical advances have made abortion unnecessary to save the life of a mother. He lost the election in that moment.

Mr. Smith, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, was asked by the media in August what his position was regarding abortion. He said he was opposed to abortion without exception. Not even in cases of rape or incest? he was asked. No, he said. Then he was asked by Mark Scolforo of the Associated Press: “How would you tell a daughter or a granddaughter who, God forbid, would be the victim of a rape, to keep the child against her own will? Do you have a way to explain that?”

Mr. Smith then made the extraordinary comparison of rape with a woman having a baby out of wedlock. In the second instance, he said, he had a member of his own family who chose to have the child. But, the AP reporter, incredulous, asked: “That’s similar to rape?” Mr. Smith replied, “No, no, no…but…put yourself in a father’s situation…yes, it is similar. But, back to the original, I’m pro-life, period.” That was the end of Mr. Smith’s campaign.

America has re-claimed its intelligence and re-claimed its power. Big Money and Ignorance have lost theirs — and with it, a stranglehold on the U.S. electorate.

There is hope after all. People can and will think for themselves. People can and will overcome the onslaught of media buys by individuals and groups with millions to throw around. Sometimes when you “follow the money trail,” it leads, alas, to a dead end.

It is as Mr. Murphy said when he won Connecticut’s Senate seat. “We proved that what matters most in life is the measure of your ideas…not the measure of your wallet.”


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  • sunseed

    breath of fresh air, that is! 😀
    thank you, neale

  • Jon Lane

    As a spiritual leader of so many it is sad to see you present this portion of truth….in this manner. Mr. Obama’s money came from oversees company’s and special interest groups alike in fact the republican and democratic candidates even had some of the same contributors. I don’t really understand how you can say the people won out when there was no choice from the beginning …….. im deeply troubled by this blanket statement, a completely illogical way of looking at the real issues

  • Sebastian Peters

    The funny thing is that if the whole world had to vote between Obama and Romny, then Obama would most likely have won by 80 % or so….

  • donna mandt

    The amount of money spent is just mind boggling. It would be interesting to me to see how much these same people (Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, etc) give to the victims of Sandy. It seems to me, their billion dollars would be very helpful on the East Coast right about now….
    It’s also interesting to note and I can’t remember the specifics, but it seems like in all the voting areas where the people had a referendum or proposition to vote to put in a Constitutional Amendment reversing Citizens United, it won overwhelmingly.

  • Blanca

    Makes sense NOT to vote for a government that disrespects the people it governs. (Binders of women, for example)
    Lets say the government has no respect for a particular group of people, like way back in the times of slavery, or in the times of witch burning, or waaayyy back when people with a mental disease were believed to have no soul.
    And what do you know? they called those times “dark ages”.

    I do want to say congratulations are in order for the people who realize that living in the eternal fear of change means living in the dark ages and have no intention to go there, whether they voted for gay marriage or agreed to legalize pot, or simply understand all fellow humans are worthy of respect.

  • Keya

    Indeed! I am so incredibly proud to be an ordinary American right now. The future is on the horizon and the people of this world will ensure its greatness!

  • Jon Lane

    the whole world is not America …… allowing your world to be presented to you through a red or blue filter…….is a choice…..for over 100 years the same two party’s in power same banks dumping money in too them both….and you choose lies banks and greed over a real leader that addresses the real issues ————a man !!! Gary Johnson had over a million votes and ran his campaign on a little over 3000 dollars of his own money ….no lobbyist no banks

  • Darien

    You celebrate the fact that Big Money didn’t win the election, when I will say, Oh yes it did. This election wasn’t won on moral grounds. It was won on the millions of people who got government checks in these past few years. The ones who had extended unemployment checks. The ones whose companies were bailed out by the government. And, most unlucky of all – the students who have taken out monstrous loans they will never be able to repay, loans for degrees there are no jobs for.
    It was also won on the votes of those who believe Obamacare is the remedy for our health care situation.
    All of that is Big Money. Big Money that all of us, even to our children’s children, will be paying for.
    God has spoken, has she not? Whether for good or ill, Obama is president for the next 4 years.

    As for rape and abortion, two words bandied about these past few months like ‘cookies and cream.’ I guess I misunderstood . . . I thought that you had said -had a column about it, actually, that if pregnancy occurs from rape – that it was indeed, God’s will. That there are no accidents, no coincidences, etc.

    I’m glad the subject of rape came up in the election – how else to bring forth men’s and possibly women’s ignorance of the subject?
    Let me say this – rape is not sex. Rape is not about anything but power. Power. Power. ‘I’m big and you’re little. You are No-thing.’
    And, it doesn’t stop with the rapist. Society puts the onus for rape on the victim.
    Can you say you have never, ever thought, ‘she asked for it?’
    You may point your finger at the ignorance of these men, but I tell you, they are not alone.


  • Jaz

    Tons of money can’t buy votes.. O Come On.. Mr. Walsch. are we really this stupid? I mean really. The real owners of your country have always won, and will always win. As long as the money exists in politics. All this public opinion that got Mr. Obama elected again was manufactured by that BIG MONEY, (aka “Manufacturing Consent). The Big money owns everything the people read or watch. Where have humanity’s observations skills gone? Or perhaps it is just simple cowardliness for failing to point to what really is happening. Owners of your banks won the election, again. And until we inform the people of the actual truth, rather then avoiding it, we can not bring much positive change in this world. Until then we are part of the problem. So, please gather some courage and learn to call a spade a spade. Some people can see right though those who are to concerned about saving their own skins, and their own interest by stating the actual truth. Perhaps too fearful of loosing yet another institution.

  • Lisa Bollard

    I shake my head at the millions of dollars spent that could go to feed the mouths of the poor in this country. It is obscene.

  • Frank

    Hate to say it Neale, but I really think that if transparency existed in a real sense, and you could see the flow of money, you would see that, like Proctor and Gamble and it’s competing subsidiaries, Left and Right are designed to create false theater for the masses, and for the financial conglomerate that owns them (read us) it’s business as usual.

    Sad to me that few question the anomalies that point at this.

    Love to all


  • Michael L.

    One side as usual,

    Well I’m out for a year, lets take back the senate which hasn’t done their jobs.

    So that finally something can get done instead of grid lock, aka no budget for 3 years.

    If 2 billion dollars was spent by both candidates I guess it all came from big corporate money, because the dems couldn’t possibly have any. Wow what a delusional tale.

    Neale you don’t serve bringing folks together by cherry picking the failures of some and saying that the people power won, when certain candidates screwed up, Wow.

    I’m moving to Ohio where my vote counts. Other wise why be interested in politics at all.

  • Orchid

    I will agree that there was big money on both sides, but more on the GOP side and the whole thrust of the GOP the last four years was defeat Obama and just say no on anything to benefit the country.

    It still appears that the new spiritality may just have won this time. At least it is more likely to move foreward in this country than it would have been if the result had been different

  • mewabe

    Good to know Neale that I am not the only one thinking some ideas are idiotic…sometimes things need to be called what they are, even if it offends some sensibilities!

    It looks like the tea party candidates (Akin and Murdouck) will have to brew themselves another cup, theirs was not to the taste of the American public…there is hope after all, EXCEPT in California, Big Money and outrageous lies bought a NO vote on the GMO labeling initiative, quite an accomplishment in a progressive and health conscious state!

  • mewabe

    Frank, you are totally right, there is no doubt that the industrial complex rules both parties equally, but the problem with the Republicans is that on top of serving this complex they also cater, for votes, to religious extremists who want to take us all back to the dark ages. That makes them a double plague.

    There is a simple way to end all of this wasted money…and its obscene influence on election and politics:

    Exclusively publicly funded elections, equal free time on all media (debates and ads) for all candidates, and no more lobbying.

    Why isn’t this discussed, are Americans so awed by big money that they can’t bring themselves to envision a real democratic election controlled by ideas rather than PR firms and corporate influence? To they secretly admire the display of power such money and influence implies? Is that it?

    You may say such change will never happen, because neither party will allow it. That’s true as long as you believe it…a united population (united on this single issue) is unstoppable, it has the power, not politicians, not the military industrial complex.

    If all failed, if this issue was killed over and over by the legislative branch, then a massive national strike would do the job, until the public gets what it wants, and without violence or breaking any laws!

    The problem is that the public seems to enjoy complaining and being divided and victimized much more than actually looking for simple bi-partisan solutions and implementing them. This is the real voice that I hear when listening a little more carefully, the voice of powerlessness, of believing a leader will “save us”.

    This has been a problem for centuries…humanity feeling as sheep looking for a shepherd, and not understanding that those who show up as shepherds are often wolves in disguise, because their role is to awaken humanity to its own power by making it conscious of its choice of powerlessness.

    But humanity is a very, very, very slow learner, and appears to need to experience betrayal over and over again before it gets it, that it is simply betraying itself by giving away its power to political leaders and hoping for the best.

  • Pat

    Indeed Americans sent a message to the far right. But I also believe there would have been little difference politically whether one voted for Obamney or Robama. The political parties call the shots. People did not vote against Romney so much as vote against the religious right – a very encouraging sign. I think that is the real message. My fundie friends are convinced that the rapture is drawing near; that’s a bit scary, but perhaps they will stop trying to legislate their primitive views on those who choose to use the intellect they were born with. My fundie friends acknowledge that America sent a message to them. Of course they deny the message, but maybe they will begin to understand that their message of “hostility to the other” is backfiring on them.

    I would have liked to see Gary Johnson do a little better. We need a third political party to keep the other two in check.

    Let us not forget something rather important. Once again, America selected its leaders without bloodshed. The system, though badly flawed – somehow keeps working.

  • mewabe

    Call me narrow minded and intolerant…but I could never have fundamentalist friends, I could not keep my mouth shut long enough. I could not have Nazi or white supremacist friends either.

    Sorry for putting them all in the same category, but that’s the way I feel, some company I couldn’t keep. I neither hate nor fear such people, I just do not have the patience to deal with their fearful and hateful delusions.

    The problems with these delusions is that some fundamentalists are pushing for more wars, they want to make their biblical prophecies real and want a military conflagration in the Middle East, to speed up what they think will be the second coming.

    They do not want solutions to the world problems, they say environmentalists are working for Satan, they do not want peace, they want total chaos and destruction, they want Armageddon, and a candidate like Romney, who stated that he would have gone to war against Iran, would have gone a long way toward serving their insane objectives.

    This is what is lost in the national debate, the dangerous insanity of a segment of the US population, and I am glad Neale points it out.

  • Erin/IAm

    This year obviously got many to See the dysfunction of our political make-up, & perhaps enough of these ‘Leader-wanna-bes, whether won or lost, now See this, as well.

    The “next term” may make it thru or not…Many of We, the People,Everywhere, Earth, See a new direction & are moving with new directives…little care of what present politics is up to anymore. Those who See win always…those who See soon will win soon. Otherwise, the game is going to drastically change, & no, the ‘others’ will not handle such well at all…However, when they See how much smaller in number they truly are…that the ideal & ideas they hold as ‘Power’ are of passe design…they will have the option to also See the new picture, and be part of it, or not…Whatever becomes of that decision, becomes of it. Such is the Nature of here.

    Oh, no doubt…to get onto a new trail, you much first cross over the debris & excess to get onto the smoother surface, yes? Well, ‘We Are HERE’- X…the cross-over process…first connecting to each other as humans to bridge the debris & excess, then it’s a hop, skip, & a jump to clearer roads & other relations to expand with…Beautifully & naturally ‘groomed’ by the wisdom & open spirit that have been walking right along side us all along…Created by Guiders, not fore-‘parents’.

    No worries…we’ll get there.:) “Long, strange trip”, indeed!:)
    Good Journey!:)

  • Tracy

    I am filled with gratitude for the progress and direction our country has chosen. We are saying with our actions we support loving and evolved ideas over stagnant and rigid and fearful ways of being.

  • HelenWojciechowski

    Very well said…After the election and Obama won I said Thank you GOD …Yes it is a glorious day for all of us….

  • Leslie Holloway

    Wow -I am stunned at how closely you identify with the democratic party politique Mr. Walsch, particularly since it has helped to contribute the “real” challenges our world faces.
    for instance:
    promotion of monsanto-dick durbin
    promotion of outlawing vitamins-dick dubin
    Obamacare promotes unionized federal healtcare employees which will lead to the reduction of naturopathic medicine as evidenced by historical union battles over competition
    Loss of school voucher choices
    Continued war “chess games” with human lives
    Missued allocation and waste of resources
    Lifetime generational government dependancy
    Fiscal insolvancy

    The dynamic nature of our country is declining

    My guess is you have settled for the lesser of two evils or you have rationalized a plan that the ends justifies the means.

    My belief is that the truth must be sought in every instance to build a world where feedom and peace exist for all who inhabit our planet.

    If you are sinking your faith into the likes of Harry Reid to promote honesty, I pray you can return to the God stream of truth.

    “I am here and you are there but where are we”

  • Leslie Holloway

    It just dawned on me
    You have given up on the “path” approach for the “violent new beginning” which must remain secret

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  • Marko

    Lesile as I’ve observed Neale, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer etc. etc. and most all other spiritual leaders are very liberal & democratic leaning. Some exceptions, about 20% are conservative.

    This is my personal observation I’ve noticed through the years. Rarely does the new thought movement stand in much agreement with the republicans or conservative party & I grew up republican.

    I’m sure you are aware that people are allowed to take a stand whether you think they are correct or not, even spiritual leaders.

    I heard on a “Night Line” news program that showed that liberals & conservatives brains are wired differently in their thinking patterns & too much of one or the other can bring imbalance.


  • Phyn

    Interesting how so many comments here and on Facebook are tearing down Neale for speaking the truth. They have not truly been living in the Light, or their Egos would not be taking over their commenting, now would it? Unfortunately, those who are slamming this post, and Neale, have received probably the last wake up call they are going to get before the shift. And make no mistake…the election was a part of the shift. Those who fail to see it for what it truly is, will falter.

  • David

    Neale, congrats on your victory (a wise man once said,life is a celebration)!

    Now with that said, I wonder if we could move to the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS… literally! How does the only thing that matters relate to our politics”? (currently, democracy is our global paradigm in political arenas)


  • Frank

    Ego Phyn? To disagree is part of the dialogue. I’m glad you think that Neale’s view is the Truth, however Truth is a changing thing and is informed by whatever facts you chose put into it, making it a subjective thing, and worthy of discussion with those of different persuasions so all may achieve a better understanding of who we are. Your final prophecy leaves me feeling like you want folks to be afraid of some kind of loss if they don’t head you. That, to me, sounds like ego.



  • Frank

    Sheesh head=heed oops!


  • Charlotte

    I wish I had thought of this yesterday.

  • ian mcloughlin

    “everyone is right given their model of the world” sorry folks that goes for Neale also….more to the point how did we as a collective let this state of affairs get to where they are today…non of it could have happened without the will of the people>>