The question of the hour

Changing our idea about ourselves, changing our way of being in the world, is a big order. But is it impossible?

A reader here posting as “Raphael” makes some interesting observations regarding the North Korean/U.S. standoff. Among them: “Men appear to love war, women appear to admire men who love war, and new generations are always born who, knowing nothing about war, think it is the most exciting and glorious game that there is to be played. The principle source of conflict between individuals or nations is, in my view, a drive to dominate, which seems to be deeply ingrained in all mammals. There cannot be any peace when individuals compete furiously to get on top of one another to determine who will be boss, who will be the alpha male or female, who will have authority and power over others…that’s basically what it comes down to, and it is not very intelligent.”

This leaves us wondering. Can anything be done about this seemingly “ingrained” human behavior? My answer is yes. We are more capable now than ever before of considering, embracing, and sharing ideas and understandings that would have been completely out of reach for our species just a few generations ago, given our our then-limited mental capacities and technological capabilities. But humanity’s collective mind is more mature now, and our technologies have expanded. We carry knowledge of the world in the palm of our hand, and we spread ideas around the world with the touch of a screen.

All we need to do now is change the ideas that we spread. All we need to do today is place into the global slipstream a new and spectacularly beneficial (and therefore, spectacularly attractive) meme for all of humanity to consider.

A “meme” is defined as an element of a culture or system of behavior that is passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation. So what we are talking about here is transforming society by nongenetic means.

If we are not content with waiting for new and more beneficial behaviors to be passed from one generation to the next through the agonizingly slow process of mutation or adaptation, we can now opt for the blindingly fast process of imitation.

That’s where you and I can come in. If enough of us agree to be exemplars, models, embodiments for the rest of humanity of how all of humanity can experience itself peacefully if it chooses to, we could change the world in less than a generation.

What this would take, of course, is leadership. True leadership is not saying “follow me.” True leadership is saying, “I’ll go first.” We would have to be first to put aside our tribalism and our need to be “right” at any cost. We would have to embrace a spiritual understanding that we are not separate from each other at all, but emerge from the same essence and return to the same eternality; that we are part of a never-ending and ever unified energy flow, much as a wave is part of the ocean, rising, expressing, and flowing back to its source.

If enough of us at the grass roots level demonstrated such behaviors, our world leaders sooner or later would follow suit, because they know they need the support of those who follow them to stay in power. So the key question for us on this day is simple: What behaviors are we cheering on, and what behaviors are we displaying, encouraging others to imitate?

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  • cloutierfamily

    You are that global spiritual leader, and you have publicly now said those very things. Thank you. Peace to the world, love to everyone. No more war…ever.

  • Marko

    Thank you for posting this, I feel like I’ve time traveled back to the 1950’s 60’s where the kids were told put their heads under the desk in case of a nuclear war.

    This is serious stuff!,– a crazy leader in North Korea, a hell hole place on planet earth if ever there was one. Add to that our current straight out of a Rod Serling Twilight Zone show, president often acting like a spoiled 5 year old Trump and scary as hell too for many of us.

    As I recall book 4 talks about protection from other nefarious alien races from harming earth. Further it states that the collective will not allow earth to be destroyed as the collective does not want to extinct itself.

    Now, if you please, my guess is, that we as a collective not only do not want to go extinct, but do not desire to live in a waste land of nuclear and ecological disaster.

    I can’t imagine our collective will would want that on any level. Yet can an individual or a few individuals in great power override the collective will?

    We could have destroyed ourselves decades ago with nuclear war and many will say that the deterrent of that was ironically caused by the fear of what could happened and thus not using those weapons.

    Your thoughts Neale?

    And by the way, you, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and others should get together & do the television thing. As you have stated. Leaders say, I’ll go first.
    Don’t wait for the others.

  • Roger Jimlad

    On BBC Radio 4 this morning, during the five minute religious slot, I heard a leading Christian churchman say that “there is a significant and unbridgeable gap between man and God”.
    I also saw a twitter post from a US “pastor” that said “the Bible gives [the President] all the moral authority he needs to use force to take out an evil-doer like Kim Jong Un”.

    Humanity is stuck in a very dangerous paradigm and it could end us all.

  • Stephen mills

    “What hurts you so badly that you have to hurt each other in order to heal it ”

    Great question comes from one of my favourite of Neales books The New Revelations !

    North Korea has been isolated from Western Culture for a long time .The leaders of that country are perceiving a threat to them from in this case the USA .And these threats are mounting up .

    The chapter from this book is 15 ; pages 160-164 helps us all understand a way in which dsagreements can be healed .

    Another powerful message from this chapter is .” All attack is seen by the attacker as a defence . Understanding this is the basis of all healing.

  • Sam

    In my view, spiritual leaders, of some stature, are soon a thing of the past, and why this phenomenon slowly is fading out. The guiding beacon is not about the few anymore, on the outside, but about to flourish among the many, from inside. For this to happen, in the final phase, big towers, with big shadows, have to step back.

  • Raphael

    I am not certain that the question “What hurts you so badly that you have to hurt each other in order to heal it”, which is a great question to ask to many people who hurt someone, would apply in this case.

    Again, you will notice that it is not women who are engaging in this tiresome “bellicose chest-thumping, finger-wagging, and threat-making” exercise that is placing the world in danger, but men.

    This is not to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with us men…but that there is something very wrong with what we are taught to believe masculinity is or should be, which is mainly dominance.

    I won’t say anymore, I will just let you think about it and let you draw your own conclusions.

  • Jethro

    “If I were a global spiritual leader I would take the global stage and make such statements immediately — this day, and not a minute later.”
    I’m assuming this has been posted on Facebook, It has been posted here, It will show up Saturday morning in “the weekly bulletin” pretty soon. Why not go that extra step and televise?
    Neale, the only thing that stops you from being a global spiritual leader is your own thoughts about it… but you know that already.

  • Craig

    Neale what is the difference between the human body and body of Christ? Is working together to subdue the earth not the purpose of trusting in the Maker?
    The only time political leaders will listen is when they have to personally and physically lead their country into battle. Doing that from a comfort chair is not leading it is pushing…

    • Raphael

      Leaders in the distant past did just that, they led the charge on the battlefield, and it did not stop them. It certainly did not stop Custer…only bullets and arrows stopped him. Men appear to love war, women appear to admire men who love war, and new generations are always born who, knowing nothing about war, think it is the most exciting and glorious game that there is to be played.

      The principle source of conflict between individuals or nations is, in my view, a drive to dominate, which seems to be deeply ingrained in all mammals. There cannot be any peace when individuals compete furiously to get on top of one another to determine who will be boss, who will be the alpha male or female, who will have authority and power over others…that’s basically what it comes down to, and it is not very intelligent.

      Now we have contests to determine what will essentially be the “alpha” nation, the hyper power, the super dominant heavy weight who will claim authority and power over the whole world. It seems that the United States is a strong and very determined contender…this is not very intelligent either.

      • Craig

        True Raphael.
        How do we change it?

        • Raphael

          Change has to come from within…it comes from a desire to change…desire has to be there…and often, a desire to change does not come until there is real, unbearable discomfort with a given situation.

          In other words, humanity might have to experience serious difficulties before wanting and asking for real, significant change. This represents the slow learning way, the hard way…it might be the way humanity chooses….we will see.

          • Craig

            Thanks Raphael
            I think change or a desire to change can also occur when motivation or support to be better or how to add value is accepted as a possibility.
            Your definition is how most individuals do react. Is it not more valuable to create the desire before the worst is experienced?

          • Raphael

            Of course it is (better to create the desire before the worst is experienced). But this takes wisdom and a healthy, positive attitude…and I am not certain that the majority of humanity is there yet.

          • Craig

            Just what Patrick and I referred to in the earlier block. Then the school system should teach individuals these soft skills. Teaching them a changing syllabus to fit into science advancement will not help… Proper life skill schooling may then be the next great step needed to advance society…

      • Sam

        Any choice and it’s seen as the best decision in that moment. Including those acts of domination. Choices made from not finding something better. Actually and for real doing the best they can.
        Domination is still in play, but we have softened. Most men in the western world now believe in equality between the genders. Great progress compared to not that many years ago. Things are ergo moving forward. And why Neale’s 16 items is just a matter of time.
        How smart depends on the heart; where the focus must be to make real change.

      • Stephen mills

        Your understanding that alpha males appear to love war and that our leaders take us to war makes sense to me.

        Here’s something from Riane Eisler’s book The Chalice and The Blade that you might find interesting.

        In his book Wealth and Poverty (George Gilder) ,hailed by President Reagan as one of the most important works on capitalism since Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations ,Gilder specifically extols what he terms “the males superior aggression” as the greatest of all social and economic values .

        That combined with aficionados of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlus Shrugged in the current administration you can see why we are where we are. Its all very silly really, very sad in fact ! All not necessary !

        • Raphael

          Very true…

          In his books “beyond good and evil” and “The genealogy of morals”, Friedrich Nietzsche encourages men to be crueler and more evil…more selfish and individualistic…He complains that morality is a weapon used by the weak to limit the strong…He calls on a “will to power”…

          Nietzsche: “A high civilization is a pyramid; it can stand only upon a broad base; its prerequisite is a strongly and soundly consolidated mediocrity.” (my comment: the elite has taken us there today…at the bottom).

          “What is good? All that increases the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man. What is bad? All that comes from weakness.”

          According to Nietzsche, honor is pagan, Roman, feudal, aristocratic; conscience is Jewish, Christian, bourgeois, democratic…and according to him conscience is the enemy of all that is good (my comment: the elite is taking us back to feudal times, with a quasi aristocratic elite controlling the world).

          Interestingly, this barbarian Nietzsche ideology matches that of the rightwing, of Ann Rand (“greed is good” “selfishness is good”), as well as that of the Nazis (white power) and of satanists (worshipping power and exploiting and eradicating the “weak” according to “natural law”).

          This should give us an idea of where we are…

          • Stephen mills

            There’s a great article over at Alternet by Thom Hartmann about the GOP’s support of white supremists and Nazism .

          • Raphael

            Thanks I will check it out!

    • Patrick Gannon

      “…what is the difference between the human body and body of Christ?”

      What is the body of Christ? What does that mean?

      It can mean Jesus’ so-called spiritual body represented by bread and wine, or the body of a real person, or it can refer to the Church.

      Humans have a real body made of real particles. Jesus was probably mostly or completely mythological, so his body was made of synapses firing in the minds of the people who invented him – like the author of Mark. If Jesus was a real person, then his body was just like ours. There is no such thing as a spiritual body, or if there is, it has no place in our natural world. It cannot affect us in any way, since it can’t interact with the particles of our world.

      The spiritual body – the Catholic transubstantiation violates the laws of physics – it’s pure nonsense and always has been. And of course the human body is not the same as a loosely defined organization referred to as the “church.”

      So, I guess, the answer is…. the human body is real. The body of Christ is a myth.

      “Is working together to subdue the earth not the purpose of trusting in the Maker?”

      What Maker? (LOL, we’ve had this discussion).

      • Craig

        Christ has many different understandings depending on who you ask. For me Christ represents the words of God (for you the words that bring harmony to civilization) taking on flesh, in other words applying this humanity science principle. Please not a church as that creates the idea that good will is only possible if one gathers to praise and worship…
        Rather something like a group of people working towards making these principles a reality for others… For example, People assisting others to achieve their full potential.
        The human body Neale refers to sounds as if he is implying such a gathering of individuals. I doubt in Neale was referring to my 120kg bulk or your lesser bulk.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Yes, the word has many different understandings, which makes it a poor word to try and communicate with – just like the word “God.” Neale likes to claim that his “movement” is not a religion, but in using the word “God” (Conversations with God), he irretrievably made it a religion, because of the meaning that the word God has for so many people.

          I don’t think words like “god” and “christ” are useful, as they always lead to different understandings and definitions which pull people apart, rather than giving them something to agree with.

          • Craig

            Would it then be fair in a modern era to rather refer to these terms as life principles or norms, which shape and improve peoples relationships and interactions??

          • Patrick Gannon

            I see these terms (“god,”christ”) dividing and separating people. I see it every day. How is “god” a life principle? To me the word refers to a mythical being whose book describes him as a rather human tyrant. Sexism, slavery and genocide don’t shape and improve people’s relationships and interactions! The word “christ” reminds me that before Jesus was invented, there was no such concept as eternal torture. These words give me bad vibes, and I think that’s true for others, as well as a wide variety of other vibes that come along with these divisive words.

            I try to avoid the PC on weekends, with inconsistent success. I always have more projects, than time to do them on weekends, but if I come into my office to handle some work, I may end up making a few posts.

  • Patrick Gannon

    Interesting article and a welcome change of pace from the prior depressing series.

    A bit of trivia, for those who may not know, but Richard Dawkins, notable atheist and evolutionary biologist is the one who coined the term “meme.” The concept encountered a lot of opposition early on, but has now become fairly well accepted as accurately describing how ideas/memes have contributed to top-down social evolution as bottom-up biological evolution has stalled. Daniel Dennett, (also an atheist) a notable philosopher recently expounded on the idea, explaining how top-down social evolution complemented bottom-up biological evolution.

    This article is noticeably missing any woo. Perhaps an “awakening” is occurring! (grin).

    I agree with the call to leadership. I’ve put forth my own suggestion in the past here, to great criticism, but I’ll put it out again, as I’ve received some positive responses in other quarters… I posted this recently in our local paper in response to an editorial about the middle east.

    “You get a large number of secular, humanist, free-thinking Jews to come together and sign a treatise that they present on a global stage. You get Nobel prize winners, scientists, authors, bankers, businessmen, sports stars, movie stars, the most prominent secular Jewish people possible, and you have them present a treatise that states in part, that they reject, and call upon fellow Jews to reject, any notion that the Israelites are “chosen people” or that they have any divine right to a “promised land.”

    This should not be taken to infer that Israel should leave the land that the UN, and not Yahweh gave them, but the treatise should call upon the government of Israel and all Jews to reject this mythology as any sort of justification for Israel.

    Many Muslims hate the idea of a “chosen people” and a “promised land” so they might look favorably on this development, but then the second part of the treatise kicks in as these prominent people lay out their reasoning for abrogating their connection to the primitive myth. The treatise would go step by step, describing the crumbled pillars for the existence of the Abrahamic gods: 1) No six day creation, 2) No two-person DNA bottleneck, 3) No global flood, 4) No mass Exodus from Egypt, and 5) No conquest of Canaan. All these things are known to be true beyond reasonable doubt by most scholars these days. Without these five pillars, what remains to support the existence of the Abrahamic gods?

    The treatise might go on a bit further to point out that the core theory –
    standard model of physics has illustrated, again beyond reasonable doubt, that there are no magical god, soul, consciousness, or other forces that have any impact whatsoever on the particles that make up our natural world. If these forces exist, they don’t matter here. They are moot.

    The idea, of course, is to start the discussion the world needs to have. The discussion about religion. Until we do this, the region will continue to tread water, waiting for the great white shark of war to pull them under.

    Crazy idea? Perhaps, but none of the old ideas seem to be working.”

    As it turned out, I had a few “likes” and only one person who objected enough to respond to me. He said I was asking too much of the Jews and not enough of the Muslims. In light of Neale’s article I would respond… “What this would take, of course, is leadership. True leadership is not saying “follow me.” True leadership is saying, “I’ll go first.” “

    • Kristen

      I assume that you support what you stand for, and dont support anything Jewish! The entire western world probably, the very foundations of your life, it would actually be fun to watch you, and other Jewish haters try, Im sure all my relatives and ancestors would have a good laugh as well! Or are you like Muslims, the ones you say hate Jews or the concept behind it…..whole they sit in Levis, using google on Dell computers!
      Give it a go, there are good websites with company/brand names to boycott or forsake because of your personal beliefs, I use them to know who to support. Warning…you may need to go back to living in the bush.
      Just for starters Sears, Kmart, Levis, Benneton, Home Depot, U-haul, most insurance companies and banks, Disney, Pixar, most movie studios, Google, Chrysler, Intel, Oracle, most sports teams, Dell, Absolut, Jim Beam, most TV channels etc.
      People are such hipocrates, they want the goods and lifestyle, born out of Scriptures, and to eat a piece of the God blessings pie that He gives to hard working Israelites and Jewish people, including the US dollar, and the very concept of Law, yet speak as you do. Or is it just something in Jewish and Israelites brains that make them so incredibly successful that the entire West, including America, is built on their foundations, and that for a minority group they keep huge proportions of the world employed, probably including you.
      I’m out of here, because your racial attitude and lack of understanding, and refusal to understand, that some people do experience God in their lives, with faith and facts proven to them time and time again, daily even, is exhausting, and incredibly offensive to myself, my relatives, ancestors, life in general, and most of all, God.
      I waited a couple of days before replying to this, the rage and complete hatred I felt was insane, something Ive never felt before, and was a scary insight into how some Muslims must feel, uncontrollable rage toward some, really sad. I guess that rage must be from my brain, right? Although how it got there is beyond me, I dont even have the capability for anger normally.
      Anyway, enjoy the new life, a Jewish, God and Israelite free one in the bush somewhere.
      Take care,

      • Patrick Gannon

        I’m not a Jewish hater, but nice spin, Kristen. Rather than deal with the issue I raised – that of a number of prominent Jewish secularists disavowing, not their ancestry, heritage, traditions or innumerable accomplishments – but the idea that they are “chosen people” granted a “promised land” by an imaginary, invisible being who lives in the sky, instead you accuse me of bigotry. Pathetic response, indicating you have no comprehension of what I’m proposing. I have so much respect for these people and what they have accomplished that I think they may be the only ones who have the leadership Neale described, that is required to start us on a path to civility. It seems you would prefer that people continue to kill each other in the name of your vicious (and fortunately imaginary) god, rather than even consider solutions to start a conversation.

        If you are out of here, because of a post, then you are illustrating that you are not one of those prominent Jews who might be willing to help start a global conversation. Indeed you would rather stifle the conversation, or walk away from it altogether. To any clear-thinking person, it should be self-evident that I am not a Jew hater or a bigot, but my post angered you so much, that the problem must be something else – and that I assume is having your cherished beliefs challenged – that you are indeed a “chosen” one and you are deserving by birth of a “promised land” and because I have challenged that belief, you have responded with rage. Well, sorry Kristen, but you aren’t a “chosen” one, any more than anyone else. Deal with it. If you deal with it by leaving the conversation – consider what that says about how interested you really are in solving any problems.

        Tell me why the idea won’t work. Point out the flaws. Suggest improvements or alterations, but calling me a Jew-hater and a bigot illustrates who the real hater is.

        If I am offending your god -the god of the bible, then boo-hoo. If an all-powerful being is so easily offended by a mere human then he’s a putz to begin with. As for your rage and hatred – neither of which I possess, I suggest you see a counselor. Yes your rage came from your brain. Where else would it have come from? Your feet?

        • Kristen

          Really? You see it like that?
          Ive said many a time that I acknowledge everyone equally, everyone and everything is but a grain of sand, and never have I implied I feel chosen or anything.
          I just note that one God chose be to the God of one family, that then became Israelites, some Jewish, some not PLUS people in their households, that then became Muslims, His people as well, and He and others blessed both families thousand of years ago. Which is clearly evident through Jewish and Israelite families, as I pointed out. Especially Moses blessing asking God to thwart the enemies of Levites when He is pleased with the work of their hands.
          Jews, refers to the religion of Israelites, which you clearly hate. The religion, not the people. The people are called Israelites, as scripture constantly refers to them. Judaism and the Jewish religion are just a part of them, the part you clearly hate.

          We see this all so very differently.
          I see it for what it is. One man who lost his faith, and for his own personal reasons is on a personal crusade to encourage others to throw theirs away, including clearly wanting those whom God has proven Himself to for generation after generation, thousands of years as their family God, to renounce God. Including constant letters to churches and the like, suggesting they throw away their positive relationship with God. And is so angry about God, the Church, or something, that he has turned to science to fill what is commonly referred to as the ‘God Hole’, a hole left in peoples lives. Which if that guy wasnt so offensive in the way he goes about it, dismissing that others do have a real relationship with God, or a different God, then it would be really sad, as well as him dismissing personal experiences.
          Its always sad when someone ends up smack bang on the Tree of Knowledge, a puppet of the Serpant, just waiting to strike when he/it can. Its not like we werent all warned. But Im out of symathy sorry, Im human. God may still have some for you though, there is always hope. I hear born again Evangelist churches can have great music, always a good thing.
          Take care,

          BTW putz is a Jewish word! A stupid worthless timewaster who engages in unproductive activities. Really? You think God is a putz? Nice. Get praying kid.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Of all the Abrahamic religions, I am least hostile to Judaism – the religion. I am quite capable of separating the religion from the people who exercise it. I understand that most believers are wracked with fear of their god.

            You suggested that your god has shown himself – but that’s nonsense. There is absolutely no compelling, objective evidence for Yahweh or any other god, and you know it. Your religion is based on mythology. We know today beyond any reasonable doubt that there was no six day creation, no two-person DNA bottleneck, no global flood, no Moses or mass Exodus from Egypt and no conquest of Canaan. I am reading a book about Moses now, and it’s even worse than I thought. The Moses stories were apparently written many hundreds of years after this mythical man was said to have lived. These things are well known by even most religious scholars. Your god is a myth, a vicious cruel myth that has brought us millenia of violence, hatred, separation, etc. Look at your reaction… I challenged your beliefs and you struck out at me with “rage” to use your own words. This is what the Abrahamic religions do.

            You can go ahead and accuse me of whatever you like, but I have selected the path of enlightenment, rather than fear and worship of vicious, imaginary beings that live in the sky, and I’m quite comfortable with it, and if you don’t like what I have to say, you have the option of skipping it.

            You’ve failed to comment on the merits of my idea, choosing like so many other believers do when their beliefs are challenged, to turn your wrath to the messenger. It’s a shame that so many believers are incapable of actually commenting on the topic at hand, rather than doing what their religious beliefs tell them to do: ATTACK the one who challenges them. Not just attack, but according to your sacred texts – KILL. That’s what your religion calls for. Must suck that you can’t get away will killing non-believers these days!

            As for prayer, I’ll take it up when I see an amputee pray back a missing limb. Your god either hates amputees, or is incapable of healing them. Yeah – he’s an imaginary putz all right.

      • Spiritual_Annie


        Are you sure your real name isn’t Deborah? Y’know, like the prophetess (though I know you’ve learned about dream interpretation and I know the diff), warrior, layer-down-of-the-law one I’ve read about… Just kidding. Hope you’re feeling more balanced, and I hope you don’t leave us.

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Kristen

          I wish…then blasphme would be punishable, and respect still in place!

    • Spiritual_Annie


      Personally, while I acknowledge that yours is at least a different approach, I think the general response would be, “Who cares what they think?” and would just get lost in the noise of the Middle East debates. I can see where people of faith will continue to have faith, regardless of any such declaration. Muslims and others in the Middle East may care about those two particular phrases, but I don’t think it would start much of a conversation. There are already too many other issues involved–money, oil, politics… I think it would be a whimper in a storm.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Thank you for your critique of the idea, rather than my person. I fear that you are correct, nevertheless, as you point out, it is a different idea, and nothing else has worked. It is in keeping with Neale’s call for real leadership.

        • Spiritual_Annie

          Neale did call for leadership, but his definition of a leader is one who says “I’ll go first” rather than “follow me.”

          As I see it, saying “I’ll go first” is about living as we believe, even into uncharted territory where we don’t have all the information or all the details, and doing it in such a way that it draws attention and inspires others to join us on the journey. The one who says “follow me” might have an incredible plan to promote action, but no one wants to follow them, as they may not necessarily live the same beliefs or inspire others, or walk with everyone else rather than ahead of their followers.

          What I’ve said in my original comment for this column suggests individual and possibly group action in a variety of ways, tailored to who we are, with suggestions on ways to be that more openly, or even to publicly be who we really are. That’s my way of saying, “I’d love for you to join me on a journey. I know one path, and I’m glad to share it, but here are some others that might also get us to where we now need to go.”

          Do you understand the difference?

          • Sam

            I think maybe you came in a little late for this column and didn’t see Neale changing it quite a bit? And I am not sure if Patrick has noticed that the version he is referring to is no longer there.

          • Spiritual_Annie


            The column above looks the same as when I first read it. Was it significantly different? Any reason for the changes? Do you think that’s why Patrick and I are seeing things differently (because, well… we see a lot of things differently, so that’s certainly not new)? I’m confused… again.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Sam

            I would say significantly different and to something significantly better. We are all human. I think Neale was a little upset over the escalation of the North Korean situation, and therefore called for the global spiritual leaders to speak up, and show some leadership. Well, as I recall it at least. Then I guess he thought about it, and incorporated things being said here, and rather elaborated on that. Brilliantly so, and a nice gesture I thought. For example, the “follow me” vs “I’ll go first” was Patrick’s words picked up by Neale. If my memory serves me right that is. I am guilty in skimming through things, so I won’t say anything for sure, in detail :)
            Patrick should wake up and read this as well. And recognize that you haven’t read the first version he most likely is referring to (“real leadership”).

          • Patrick Gannon

            Interesting. I can’t trust my memory to confirm with any confidence that the article was edited, but it does “feel” a little different from when I first read it, but that often happens on a second or third reading of something. However, I’m pretty confident that Neale was first to confirm that real leaders go first, with a “follow me” attitude.

            As Sam points out, we need global leadership. We can and should all “participate” but I’m not sure we should inflate our egos by referring to ourselves as “real leaders” for simply doing what any decent human being would do. It’s along the same lines as giving kids “participation” awards, unintentionally demeaning the value of those who really performed and showed real leadership.

            In his previous column, Neale said an “awakened species” does not compete. Well, that’s what “real leadership” is all about. It’s about competing for hearts and minds.

          • Sam

            “Interesting. I can’t trust my memory to confirm with any confidence that the article was edited, but it does “feel” a little different from when I first read it”

            Feel a little different? And I thought you had this superhero memory. What’s wrong with you? It’s like your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, grrrr :)
            Neale quoting Raphael on top, is quite a change already. Like 130 words that first wasn’t there. No need for feelings, it’s as obvious as the nose on your face. “Slapping my forehead” :)

          • Patrick Gannon

            The comment referencing Raphael was there when I first read it. I may not have seen an earlier version, if there was one. If there are any changes since I first read it, they are subtle.

          • Sam

            If there was one, an earlier version? There is no doubt about that, Patrick. The quote put in was written by Raphael the 10th, and Neale published his column the 9th. You see how there must have been an earlier version? In fact, your first post here was only 2 hours after the one Raphael posted, that got quoted by Neale. Which means I very much doubt you didn’t see the first version as well. I think you must suffer from serious amnesia, or maybe it was your girlfriend writing in your name? But ok, whatever, Patrick :)

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’m quite confident in my memory that the reference to Raphael’s material was in place when I read the new article. To me, the end of the article seems slightly different. Perhaps I viewed the article shortly after Neale edited it. For whatever reason, I don’t get notifications of new articles, and have to check from time to time, to see if there’s a new article. I was responding to someone in the past article, and clicked “headline” to see if there was a new article – there was, and I responded to it. I liked it much better than the last article. What possible motive would I have for lying? Why does it concern you so much?

            I’m pretty sure Annie and I both read the same article.

          • Sam

            I agree that we should keep this conversation going until Neale steps in with the facts regarding when exactly the new version was published. Do you also agree that I, and everyone, can call you a liar, if the new version was published after your first post, and therefore had to see the first version you then was responding to? Why does it concern me? Because I think I am right, as something just a matter of facts. If I am wrong, it’s okay too. But thus far, the logic and the odds, tell me otherwise. Over to you :)

          • Patrick Gannon

            You can call me whatever you want. I don’t give flying fart what you think. Everytime I respond to one of your posts I regret it. Done with you.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Yeah I understand the difference. A group of people willing to take the dangerous step of placing their reputations, and perhaps even their lives on the line is real leadership, the other is pretend leadership.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            I see. Well…

            I think that living as the Divinely human being that I am, openly and honestly in a world currently filled with such vitriol and testosterone that it can be dangerous to be different, is being bold.

            And I think using technology to share and discuss ideas openly and honestly–via publishing, podcasts, YouTube, social media, the next and newest app, the next and newest platform–is both bold and innovative.

            I use that technology for publishing what I write, which is akin to “coming out of the closet” because it places me outside of my safety zone and my comfort zone, and it does put my reputation at stake because it’s my name that’s attached to my content.

            And, finally, any day I exist as the Divinely human being that I truly am, I know someone already wants me dead because of my sexual orientation, my gender bending, and my full suport of my LGBTQ “kin.” If you think marching in the second largest Pride parade in the U.S., in front of local and national news cameras, doesn’t put a person’s reputation, livelihood and life on the line, then you haven’t been paying attention.

            I guess I must meet your standards for “real leadership.”

          • Patrick Gannon

            Sorry, but I don’t see publishing on the internet in various forums as being “bold.” I do it almost every day, and I do so in forums where I am often unwelcome, and sometimes personally attacked with rather vicious personal insults (particularly in a Catholic forum) because of my views. I dropped out of Muslim forums after having my life threatened twice. I don’t consider myself particularly innovative or bold, just another human being expressing my opinions and thoughts. Nothing special – a participant, not a leader.

            Marching in a demonstration, while admirable if the cause is just, (and in your case I agree that it is), is not leadership – it’s participation. Neale called for real leadership – that’s well above and beyond what we do, when we’re speaking in terms of solving societal problems. We may have influence, as Neale does, but leadership to solve global problems is not something we can take credit for.

            So, no, I’m sorry but I would not describe these activities as “real leadership,” but certainly as useful participation.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Please allow me to clarify by going into more detail I left out earlier as I was trying to be succinct.

            First, we (or at least I) was discussing the qualities of leadership, addressing the “I’ll go first” compared to the “follow me” leadership styles. I was not specifically discussing “leadership to solve global problems.”

            I am a writer. I don’t just comment in forums and on blogs. I publish on Medium, and have written for other digital mags and platforms, as well as having had my own blogs and websites (and am working on a new one), all under my legal name, which puts my personal reputation on the line. The purpose of my writing is to first express myself, but almost always in a way that inspires and helps others. I do that because it is who I am, but also now on purpose because I believe in building people up as opposed to tearing them down. I consider that to be a leadership quality.

            My articles cover the topics of Spirituality, politics, public culture, civil rights, and the government. The comments I’ve received have run the entire spectrum from positive feedback to insults to threats. I’ve had trolls follow me from one blog to another, just to continue to threaten me. I’ve been stalked online to the point where I stopped using my legal name, but I’m going back to it.

            [BTW, I don’t think being threatened is a sign of leadership, nor is agitation. I don’t understand why you repeatedly include such things, as if they are a badge of honor. I mention my experiences here because you’ve mentioned yours as if they’re unique. They’re not.]

            Marching in a demonstration is very different from leading a group in a Pride parade. First, I marched as part of my church, where I was it’s committee chair for the entire event (Pride isn’t just a parade). Second, I marched in the parade at the head of our church’s group, being one of only six holding our banner that said, “God is OUT and PROUD.” Third, I did so in front of media cameras knowing I was not out at work, and my job was not protected by civil rights laws as government agencies often are exempt from the laws they pass for others. It was considered a “political” event, for which I could be fired for merely attending, much less help organize and lead.

            It’s apparent that we have different definitions of leadership. I think leadership involves inspiring others, and being ethical, and being a magnet that attracts people, and helping provide a clear vision and mission that the whole group has invested in, and being creative and innovative, and putting out fires to help keep the group together, and getting to know each member and their skills and abilities in order to know how they can best contribute, and investing who I am in what I believe. These are the traits that worked for me as the Administrator of a 150 member church, and as a Civil Engineering Tech Supervisor. I do believe both of those were specifically leadership positions.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I did not say being threatened is a sign of leadership. I only gave it as an example because that seemed to be what you were implying. I referred to being a participant, not a leader.

            I wish I had not mentioned it, as I have no desire to share as much of my personal life, trials and tribulations as you do. I don’t find it at all inspiring, but perhaps some do.

            We’re back to personalities and off subject as usual, so I think I’m done here.

  • Raphael

    Can humanity truly live without an enemy? Can it unite and understand its common interests and its reality of non-separation without uniting against something else?

    You probably all have heard the saying “You and I against the world”. Or the latest “United we stand” (meaning we stand against something). Or “A united people cannot be defeated” (by an adversary). This is a very common worldview…it appears that no matter how wide our “tribe” becomes, as wide as a nation or even a group of nations, people still need to face an adversary in order to feel unity and cohesion.

    This is I think a question that cannot be so easily answered, if you take some time to think about it. In theory, humanity should be able to live in peace. Nothing, actually, should be easier and more effortless than peace. It should be as easy as breathing. But can it be?

    Paraphrasing and tweaking a sentence from the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot (without loosing the general meaning): are humans mature enough or do they have enough control over their emotions, attitudes and beliefs to be able to deal with the monsters their psyches would create for themselves in a peaceful world that is freed from difficulties and suffering?

    What would they do with their own negativity, which religious people project outside of themselves and personify with the myth of a devil or of demons?

    This difficulty with owning, resolving and releasing inner negativity is something every spiritual seeker must face, sooner or later…and many have great difficulties with it. It is sometimes called “The dark journey of the soul”, and for good reasons. Joseph Campbell called it “The hero’s journey”. Could all of humanity come to term with this?

    Or would they keep on needing an enemy, an adversary, and “evil” outside entity onto which to project their own inner demons, their primal fears, and which they could still blame for their unhappiness and suffering?

    Do you know what would be the fastest way to absolutely terrify a person? It would be to take away all of the outer “sources” of their suffering instantly….because they then, still feeling miserable and unhappy, would have to come to the very difficult and frightening realization that the actual source of their suffering is within them, as is the door to their liberation.

    Could all of humanity do this?

    • Marko

      Very interesting question. I would say for me, it may happen when a majority wake uP.

      As for me, I’m trying to re frame and visualize that we have a wise government, wise people, wise society. That’s challenging to do, but it’s what I believe is the start up energy to bring it about. It will take more than just my engaging in this but it’s a start in the right direction.

      In order for things to change I practice seeing things as I’d like, not as they are to instigate the change I desire. This does not mean I ignore what is going on, it means I’m working, playing visualizing a better vision to take hold.

    • Sam

      I think this question is easily answered. Can humanity truly live without an enemy? Yes.

      “are humans mature enough or do they have enough control over their emotions, attitudes and beliefs to be able to deal with the monsters their psyches would create for themselves in a peaceful world that is freed from difficulties and suffering?”

      Difficulties are not an enemy, but a friend. “Love your enemies”. If humans aren’t mature enough, they will be. It’s a process.

      “What would they do with their own negativity, which religious people project outside of themselves and personify with the myth of a devil or of demons?”

      They grow out of it, of course.

      “Could all of humanity do this in the short time we have before we destroy everything?”

      Absolutely. There is no end to second chances. By stumbling, we learn how to walk.

    • Spiritual_Annie


      I think you make an interesting point. (Well, more than one.) Living in fear of what is inside oneself and being unwilling to take that “dark journey” is what drives some people to create “others” or “enemies” to take the focus off of themselves.

      My question is, where did the fear of knowing oneself come from? How did human beings reach the point where we have less fear about annihilation than we do about introspection? (That’s an honest inquiry, not just a rhetorical question.)

      At some point, we decided that introspection was not a good thing. That to know ourselves was bad. Maybe part of it came from the “original sin” or “fallen man” stories. Maybe part of it came from the guilt-driven catholicism that led Christianity. I’m really not sure, and I’ve been trying to figure it out.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Raphael

        Very good question Annie!….Very well put too…I will get back to you on this (I worked all night and need to sleep a bit). Later…

      • Raphael

        I am back…Yes I totally agree with you, most people would rather kill or die (annihilation) needlessly than look within and own and heal their own inner demons.

        I think that as for everything there are many reasons. Many people are not self aware, they are not in touch with themselves, and they genuinely believe that the problems are outside of them and that they are total victims. Even people who do therapy poorly end up thinking that therapy consists of blaming someone, rather than feeling and healing one’s own pain.

        Another reason might be religious and have to do with the concept of “sin” and also of a “devil”…who is said to be lurking everywhere, so that inner voice that attempts to guide you towards self-knowledge might not be your own after all, according to this dogma!

        There is also the psychiatric establishment, particularly the Freudians, who believe that great danger lurks within the unconscious and that it is best to keep one’s psychological defenses very strong, because according to them it would be a great mistake to open Pandora’s box.

        And then there is the simple fact that self-knowledge, self introspection and acknowledging, feeling and releasing one’s own pain, one’s own trauma, exploring one’s own devastated emotional landscape takes tremendous honesty and courage, and that most people would rather overwork, drink, take illegal drugs, pop an opioid or pursue any other compulsive means of becoming numb than feel anything uncomfortable at all.

        • Jethro

          Best Answer: “they genuinely believe that the problems are outside of them and that they are total victims.”

        • Spiritual_Annie


          I’m sure you’re right—that there are many, and sometimes multiple, reasons to avoid introspection. I’ve happened upon a therapist who wanted to play the blame game when I was much younger. I was, at that point in my life, quite willing to go there. But other than releasing some anger, I didn’t gain much else. She didn’t last long because we soon ran out of people to blame (none of them being me).

          I remember (I think correctly) a line from some prose I wrote about a turning point I reached just before entering the therapy I was ready for:

          I had been screaming,
          “It’s not my fault! They did this to me!
          I’m not responsible for what it’s done to me!”
          Suddenly a sword of truth sliced through my words,
          Rearranging them, and I finally understood:
          “It’s not my fault they did this to me. I’m not responsible for it.
          But, I am responsible for how I allow it to affect me now.”

          I hadn’t thought about the devilish angle. Maybe that’s because I was told I was the devil’s spawn. For me, before I gave up on Catholicism, I was certain I would end up in Hell, damned for eternity because I hated rather than honored my father. I wanted him dead, and in Catholicism a thought is as bad as the deed itself, so I was convicted in and by my own mind. I’m grateful for having gotten away from all that.

          Yeah, unfortunately I also ran into a couple of Freudians along the way. Sickos, if you ask me. They wanted to delve into what I’d been through—incest, torture and brainwashing—and try to fit it into Freud’s obsession with sex within the framework of the father-daughter relationship. They saw incest as sex, where what it truly is has nothing at all to do with sex. It’s about power and violence and control. I understood that before my very first session—ever. One session with each was enough.

          I agree that it takes honesty and courage to explore our innermost thoughts and heal our innermost woundedness. I guess I just always assumed there was a better “me” that would show up on the other side of therapy that would have a less challenging life. But, I was wrong. I instead learned that I have never been anything less than the innocent I was at birth and didn’t need to be a “better” me. I needed someone to point that out to me, because I felt very much less than—less than who others expected me to be, less than a dutiful daughter to either of my parents, less than everyone else in my childhood home, sometimes even less than human. Yet, there I was, all along, hidden amongst the muck and mire. And I found I was even more than what I thought I’d been, not in spite of but because of what I’d experienced. Imagine that. ;o)

          We have become, at least in large part, a society of avoidance, haven’t we? Avoiding the inconveniences of nature in favor of our favorite armchair; avoiding responsibility for our government’s actions even though it’s we who voted our legislators into office, or haven’t voted them out; avoiding reality by conveniently being brain-snatched by the latest psychodrama on the TV; avoiding each other out in public by staying glued to our smartphones; avoiding emotional pain (the kind from a wound) by taking a pill our doctor tells us will work for our “condition,” when the only “condition” we have is “Reality Avoidance,” which I don’t believe is in the DSM-V. (That’s not to say that there aren’t mental health issues where the symptoms can be greatly relieved with medications. I’m on some that do that for me.)

          I’m just wondering out loud now… Is there a way to quickly snap out of “Reality Avoidance” in order to hasten a Spiritual awakening? I mean, besides the utter devastation of the planet that’s supporting our physical lives or the threat of nuclear warfare that could kill billions, because those obviously aren’t working. I reached a “bottom” where I knew if I didn’t change, I would die. Does everyone have to reach that kind of a “bottom” in their own personal lives, or do you think there’s anything else that might work on a larger scale, or more quickly?

          I suppose I still don’t understand the place people are in who would rather die than heal. When it came to my own “change or die” clarity, my survival instincts kicked in and I knew I wanted to live. Not to exist or survive, but to live and thrive. Even not being convinced it was possisble for me to do that, I still tried.

          I guess it’s a combo platter. Inheriting a bit of our parent’s quirks, we set out to “fit in” rather than to be our outstanding selves. It starts in childhood, especially in the public schools that kill most of our sense of individuality and quash our creativity. “Fitting in” at work is important, too, so we keep our social lives separate from our work lives, just to be safe. We learn to wear different masks to face the different areas in our lives, not even considering that to not wear a mask is the goal. To be ourselves, wherever we find ourselves, in whatever situation.

          I’m rambling… And coming to no conclusions other than what I shared in my original post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie,
            Something interesting I read years ago online. It was about the dark side of reincarnation, with one person idetifying that ‘demons or evil entities’ reincarnated here know exactly who and what they are, and that their favourite job of choice is psychiatry and chkldhood regression for victims of abuse. SHE said they push and push to hear the worst stories of abuse, especially sexual, its porn for them. Then finished her long thread stating people would never visit a therapist again if they knew how they talked and laughed about it all, sharing stories.
            How sick is that?..Id love to think she was talking crock, but unfortunately it does seem to fit a pattern in SOME psychiatry. They like hypnosis as well apparently.
            Sickos! No other word for it.

  • Jethro

    Our holy books state that something bad will happen. We are constantly being told these are the end times. We live with the expectation that world war 3 will occur at any given second, we are told that it will include war, unrest, evil, just before we are swept up by the hand of God, as long as we were good little boys and girls. The entity known as the devil will be set free to rule the earth. Holy books say to be prepared, and even the followers of the holy books will not be spared the discomfort of this time, which has created fear across the globe of what has been promised in said books for said followers. That fear is causing people to prepare for a war, to be hyper vigilant to any world action which is considered a sign, to gather necessary materials and knowledge to survive that which “might” happen, and most likely “will happen” because it’s accepted that it will.

    Only 3 things can be done to prepare for such an event. 1. Collecting food and necessities required for the human body to survive. 2. Collecting weapons and preparing to kill other human beings in defense. For some, to kill those who have collected needs and take their stuff. 3. Do nothing at all. Each one of these preparations involves thoughts that require taking the lives of other human beings. Even those who do nothing say they will defend what little they have if necessary even if that includes killing.
    A lot of people are collecting weapons, more than they can possibly carry if they would need to travel. With what could only be considered a hobby at the moment, collecting weapons still carries the thought that those weapons will be used to harm others. A very poor mentality for those who claim to be God fearing Christians, and I have heard many stories from many people fearing the government who hold the same idea. Forcing themselves daily to think about the possibility of killing another human. This same poor mentality creates a cheering section for the poor behaviors of our governments who is looking for cheers. It is this poor mentality, created by man, with instructions from our holy books, that is worth mentioning as a cause for why our world is thinking about each other on a global level the way it is. Our governments go to war because they have prepared to do so.

    Fear of war is the cause for preparation for war and being prepared to kill is the reason we do it. A shocking amount of people on earth (our neighbors) are preparing to have to kill their neighbors! When humans feel prepared for something, it’s inevitable that at some point, some will say, “ok, I’m ready, let’s do this!”

    I’m not perfect by any means, but I remind people I talk to who collect weapons for defense, when talking about these promised times, that the purpose is not to kill, but to live and help others live. If preparing for government collapse or the coming of your deity, prepare to preserve life, not take it. Learn to cook, not kill. Learn what the earth has to offer and nurture it, not destroy it. Then understand most of all what you can offer, it is the purpose of life… isn’t it? To offer ourselves to living?

    • Stephen mills

      Is this really how most American think Jethro ? Seriously ! or is it just the evangelical Christian right that make up what % of the population ? I read recently that a high percentage of Americans think that organised religion is one of the main problems that they faced in living harmoniously .

      Nationalism is another feature of separateness and human induced suffering . The right to bare arms must be annulled ..unless of course you still want to live in the wild west with Calvinism .

      • Raphael

        American culture is rather toxic at the moment, having been damaged by the likes of Alex Jones and other popular extremists (they are popular in rural America).
        In the place where I live (not much longer hopefully), I never heard gunfire in 17 years…now people (including neighbors) are shooting their guns day and night (illegally).
        Rural America is where the support for Trump and his extremist policies originate, and don’t underestimate the power of the evangelicals, who are currently represented by Mike Pence at the highest government level. The Christian right is now very militant, and politically more involved than ever before.
        All of these people are extremist and dangerous…paranoid and hysterical. It is as though mental illness has spread over the land…and the only safe place is the Indian reservation ha ha…

        • Kristen

          Are you personally concerned about any so called WWIII, attacks on America, nuclear arms being used anywhere…or anything at all? Other than America starting another false war, Iran this time.
          You’re the one that seems to do tbe reasearch, just curious.

          • Raphael

            I am not personally concerned about anything because I was given a vision about the future…I know what will happen, if the vision is correct, and I believe it is, because of its source, which is a very “high” source (an entity that was never incarnated).

            I haven’t looked or asked about details…such as wars, global environmental disasters, economic collapses, etc…because it will be a mix anyway, many different events as opposed to just one thing.

            There is one thing I can tel you for certain: at first wars will continue…but environmental disasters will be so devastating globally at some point that all nations will literally go bankrupt dealing with them and will no longer be able to wage any wars, for lack of funds and resources.

            My vision is not something anyone here or anywhere else would want to hear about, because it would frighten most people to death…it will be as dark as you can imagine and beyond, and there will not be a single person that will feel safe or untouched by the coming challenges. It will essentially amount to a global disintegration of our world, on every level. Even those believers who have “faith” will loose their faith. The hopelessness and despair will at some point be global and as near absolute as you can possibly get without spiritual annihilation…

            On the other side of this very intense global drama, however, there will be an incredible transformation, you could call it instant global enlightenment…and a renewed world. A “divine” world, so to speak…with a lot of spiritual light (some would call it “christ consciousness”…but global). Possibly in a new, lighter dimension? As I said I do not have the details, only the blueprint and meaning of these events. I am not interested in details, only in meaning. There are many other things I could say, but this is not the place, there are too many interferences, and this vision is not up for pointless debate with certain individuals who choose to keep their noses at ground level.

            Everything that happens in the physical world is an experience in consciousness. Once we remember this we need not panic…everything is a “mind trip”, something we create mentally and manifest physically as experience, individually or collectively or both.

            The experiences are what matters…according to my understanding the physical is just feedback. It is great feedback, it can be beautiful, but it is not the only form of feedback that exists in the universe.

            I hope I did not scare you…the timeframe for all of this to happen is half a circle…whatever this represents, symbolically (starting in 1994, the year of my vision).

            Sweet dreams ha ha ha…

          • Sam

            “I know what will happen, if the vision is correct, and I believe it is, because of its source, which is a very “high” source”.

            The next future is always in the balance, and not something determined. A vision of “doom”, no matter the source, can only be a warning, regarding one possibility and outcome. Not in any way meant to be embraced, and turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy, but exactly the opposite, to make sure it never happens.

            “everything is a “mind trip”, something we create mentally and manifest physically as experience” […] “The experiences are what matters…according to my understanding the physical is just feedback.”

            Quite right :)

          • Kristen

            I think the same, not scared at all, we need a ‘start over’.
            Its all just catalysts, we generally mistake catalysts for the ‘real thing’, and thats all prophecised about.
            Working with Kabbalah, symbology and prophecies, ALL prophecies, they all tell the same story. Even Y’shuas/Jesus prophecies start huge changes with quakes and wars within countries. Unfortunately people know this and are trying to bring things on manually, via reincarnation paths, presumably not consciously.
            Half circle works with it all being catalysts, just half of what will happen.
            The climate change story in scripture is interesting.
            Genesis in the beginning states ‘while the Earth endures there will be four seasons. Cold, hot, a season for planting and a season for sowing’. Then humans were given all the plants and animals, ownership. Then it states ‘Earth will always be in human hands’. Later in scripture it again uses the same word endurance stating ‘while the Earth endures Gods Laws will be in place’. So many think climate change is deliberate to oust God. Not bringing religion into it, just interesting.
            Im over climate change already!!
            Better do some work, make some $$$$ to hoard a stash!!

          • Jethro

            Kristen, Maybe you can help with dream interpretation. I have not been remembering dreams I’ve had for some time, but I have had two that I remember and really stand out… woke me up.
            A few months ago, I dreamed I was witnessing missile strikes in the distance and they kept getting closer, debris began falling from the sky. I woke up after getting everyone under a carport.
            Last night, I dreamed I was looking at a twister with other small twisters around it and I didn’t feel threatened. Then people started falling from the sky around it, then they began dropping all around, once again leaving us running for cover. It was graphic compound fractures and broken bodies lying on the ground. Both times I was in the suburbs of a highly populated place. Strange because I live in a place of several small communities. I know you have studied dreams so I’m asking you.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Both can be deeply personal, or general, anything from the sky can be both as they will represent a personal message for you, or an awareness or fear of things going on in the world in general. Anything coming down on you will always mean ‘something from above’. Symbology is real in our lives 24/7 not just dreams, its how our lives are manages from above so you can actually look up anything at all in your life that you have, want or hate, especially things we are given. Just being a plumber has huge symbolic meaning. Looking things up is a great psychology or counselling tool, and it will never lie. Best website is ‘dream moods’ and best books are Pamela J Ball. Physical things in our lives are 100% accurate to look up, whereas dreams can be a message, something subconscious, from our brains or something we are picking up in the atmosphere. A clue is if you see youself 3rd person with no emotions its a message, if you ‘are or feel like you’ its from you. The messages or ones from above will often portray you behaving or speaking a bit different to how you would, ‘dream weavers’ get things wrong a lot!

            Missiles are always one of the few things that we cant control, so will always mean that…often just a sign of stress as things keep getting ‘fired at you’. So as a group of people it means something beyond their control, and all you personally can do is try to partiall protect them with something with not much more use than an umbrella, but the point is that you are trying, seeing you need to be the protector in that circumstance. It could just be from your brain, an extension of thinking and writing in here about war etc, and a realisation you can only do so much.

            Twisters/tornadoes are huge emotion, outbursts, anger, lashing out, feeling overwhelmed (I looked that up), but those emotions are out of control and destructive. They could all represent people in your life, but I would guess are something from above, like you chats about preppers. People falling is theyve lost control, social and emotional structures falling apart, with the population representing the depths of it…suburbs mean the general ‘normal’ population, isolated from cities which mean insane destruction, and rural that means manageble destruction. Limbs also mean social structures, bones generally do, and our strength. Legs are a journey, what people are doing or where they are heading, so broken legs is ‘stopping you in your tracks, bringing you down to your knees, feeling like you’ve been kneecapped’ etc. If you were there and unscathed you were probably putting in the effort to be able to stay strong and will come out of whatever it is unscathed. Arms give and receive. Breakages will often also mean there is a weakness in plans or society so its incredibly easy to destroy…especially family groups. It could all be about your daughters family, or could be similar to what Raphael talks about below. Or broken bodies can be multiple deaths which wont be personal, dreams just show battered bodies instead of dead ones so as to not frighten people, but a broken battered body from above is judgements, and a ‘hiding’, perhaps from Mother Nature.
            There is a prophesy in scripture stating ‘its time to destroy those whom destroy the Earth’ that has to refer to climate change (see what I said to Raphael below), so it could be about that.
            The point from both is for you to be prepared for anything to be fired at you, and what you are heading into wont be pretty, but if shown through a dream, then there is always a bit of peace of mind that those above are aware of it, and with you, or that you are aware of it on some level so can work with it until it just has to happen eventually.
            Take care,

          • Jethro

            Kristen, Thanks for the reply.

      • Jethro

        Did I say Americans or even most of Americans… I was referring to some people I have talked to, who are Americans to the best of my knowledge, I’m in America so it stands to reason. No not every American, I don’t know that many people, but you can surf the net for prepper sites and find out where they are located. I’d say it’s common across the globe to prepare for dangerous times if it’s believed dangerous time are coming, but….
        “Survivalism is a primarily American movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who are actively preparing for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international. Survivalists often acquire emergency medical and self-defense training, stockpile food and water, prepare to become self-sufficient, and build structures (e.g., survival retreats or underground shelters) that may help them survive a catastrophe.” -
        I’m afraid I don’t have any experience outside of the American border, but I see Raphael has posted his experience and I trust that to be true. I also believe Americans are very smug, not all, but that’s my general thought. As Raphael states, people have gone insane. I almost joined them. When I talk to people in there homes, they are normal everyday people who are worried, just worried. Add to that an imaginary toughness and it gets to be a laughable conversation. Laughter and pity occurs in the car. “Some” Christians or any religious extremist can hinder peace, the very peace they preach should be the desire of all humans. It’s why I have moved away from it. I’m tired of listening to the hatred. American culture is not the only toxic culture at the moment, I’ve watched the news. I’ll add that some of the people I have mentioned above are very kind hearted loving people. They are just afraid of all the negative information they are receiving. I also live in rural America, people are making fun of and complaining about trump as much as our friends and family in California, about 5 to 7 hours south from Raphael. Trump is not a popular person in my rural area.

        I am American, but I have chosen to just be human. It doesn’t matter to me where someone is from, I will respect every human as a human until that respect has been torn away. I have repaired homes for every nationality in America and enjoyed the company of those who didn’t even speak my language, it created frustration and laughter and friendship. Humans are humans regardless and there are kind and unkind humans and really that’s the only two kinds of human. A persons origin has nothing to do with it, just their experiences. Acceptance creates acceptance. I am sure I’m not the only person in America that understands that.

        Firearms… I have nothing against people owning guns anywhere in the world. they can be useful tools, not just killing. In the wild west, cowboys used guns as noise makers mostly. Blanks would have worked well. But it’s not just Americans who have used guns for killing. You wouldn’t hand a straight razor to a six month old, you don’t put a gun in the hands of an idiot. The difference is, you can see that a person is six months old at a glance, it could take time to recognize who the idiots are. The problem is by the time we find out who the idiots are, the damage is done.
        Just go backwards in time and you will see how many other weapons that will need to be removed as well. Do we allow bows and arrows? swords? Spears? I could say cars are too violent to be kept as well. Remove weapons and cars…. idiots will be walking around looking for a fist fight. The only way I will support removal of guns is if the governments are willing to give theirs up too. I realized years ago I would never shoot another human being, I put away the gun I carried and ultimately sold them all, that was 20+ years ago. I recently inherited a few that have sentimental value going back nearly 100 years. But bartering material is all they may be at some point.

    • Raphael

      American culture is unique…uniquely rooted in fear. I have lived in 3 different countries, long enough to become a citizen in each one, so I have a different perspective than most Americans. There is something very neurotic and unstable about America…probably rooted in its violent and dishonorable past.

      • Jethro

        Americans are ignorant to the reality of actually being as tough as they think they are. Most are apt to live in a fantasy world. And that’s not just the rural people. I live in a rural area and your information does not match my experience. Yes there are some real backwards country f… folks here, but most of them have been smart enough to see he’s an ego driven narcissistic idiot, we are about as rural as it gets too.

        • Raphael

          All US Presidents are little more than puppets. They are a distraction…
          Regarding North Korea, China offered to negotiate between North Korea and the US. These were the terms: the US and South Korea would end their military exercises near the northern border, and North Korea would end its nuclear weapons program. Guess who refused the deal? President Obama. Trump is following the same agenda…he is just more blatant and “in your face” about it, being a bit less sophisticated (to say the least).

        • Raphael

          Where I live, it is 50/50, for and against Trump.

          The problem with politics is that people are very tribal…they shut down all critical thinking and become loyal to their “team” and their “leader” no matter what. Both the so-called left (actually center-right) and the right act this way. That’s why there cannot be any political resolution, as decisions are no longer based on reason but on blind loyalty.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Many, many moons ago, I lived in Sonoma County for about five years. When it was rural. Loved the nature, but everyone there was “escaping” from populated areas so not very friendly. Give the ocean and the cliffs and the redwoods and the mountains my love… I miss them!

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Raphael

            Thanks Annie, yes Sonoma county is just south of where I am…it’s very touristic now, and expensive.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    It’s been my experience that changing my own idea about myself and changing my own way of being in the world is not the Herculean challenge it’s made out to be. I’ve also found it to be personally freeing. And the changes I’ve been through have led me to understand that one can change any behavior, even if it’s ingrained or evolved into us, because we have the ability to assess whether it serves us or not, then determine what changes, if any, will serve us better.

    Think about how many times we’ve all changed in our lives, even after becoming adults. Anyone who has started a new living arrangement with someone has probably had to change some of their thoughts, words and actions to adjust to their housemate. Anyone who has started a new job has likely had to change some of their thoughts, words and actions to adjust to their new working environment. Anyone who has moved from one area to another has presumably had to change their thoughts, words and actions to adjust to their new community.

    Life is a process involving constant change. We are actually quite adept at changing. Even things that are truly difficult, like traumatic childhoods or being involved in war or having a loved one pass over or questioning our core values, aren’t impossible because we know how to change. What’s different here, in this column, is that we’re only being asked to change two things: change the ideas that we spread, and change the way that we spread them.

    It’s easy to share on Social Media that little Suzie had her fifth birthday. It’s a little harder to share that we’re not doing as well as we’d like. And it’s harder still to share what it is we believe in our hearts and souls about ourselves, humanity and the future. But I think when we think about it, we make it out in our minds to be harder than it is to actually do. A lot of times, all it takes is a deep breath, and then just doing it.

    How do we change how we spread ideas? Maybe after we share about little Suzie’s birthday party, we share what it means to us to have a family, and how grateful we are for our own. Maybe, while talking with a friend, we can explain why we never use plastic bags at the grocery store. Maybe while with a group of buddies and the subject of politics comes up, we make sure that our own focus in the conversation is on how to achieve peace, or how we can “love thy neighbor” by supporting programs that help care for those who can’t care for themselves.

    Maybe, because the ideas are so important to us, we do something entirely new. There are so many ways we can spread ideas with technology. We can start to write a blog. We can write articles that are published on platforms like Medium. We can start sharing our ideas on our Facebook pages. We can comment more often, rather than just “liking” or “retweeting” something. When we comment, we can raise the bar of the conversation by not taunting or insulting, but by explaining our position.

    Written media certainly isn’t the only option. Anyone can make a podcast, or start a YouTube channel. Anyone can set up a Facebook group or page, inviting people to listen to a live stream event, discussing it during or afterwards. Technology provides so many different, creative ways for us to express ourselves. Or if you don’t want to start something up yourself, there are plenty of organizations one can join who support your ideas.

    Local action can also have a lot of meaning. Again, there may be groups to join who support your ideas. If not, we can choose to start one. Or we can, if we believe it’s in the interest of all, support local companies and farmers when we’re able. We can get involved in local politics, ensuring that we play our part in expressing our beliefs, not just in the political system, but it’s purpose. And, most locally, we can change how we are in our families. We can teach our children the ideas of cooperation, peace, nonviolence and unconditional love.

    I think, from having been here for a while now, there are several of us who have been “going first” for some time. What I hope, by doing my own part in my own “sphere of influence,” is that I’ll inspire more people to do it. To think, say and be who they are, authentically, publicly, and often.

    Love and Blessings Always,

  • Raphael

    I thought this should be shared, from JVP:


    Jewish Voice for Peace stands unequivocally and emphatically against the white supremacy, antisemitism and fascism on display in Charlottesville this weekend. We join the voices of mourning for Heather Heyer, who was murdered by one of the white supremacist marchers, and for the full recovery of all those injured and traumatized by Saturday’s events.

    The events in Charlottesville this weekend showed us the violence of white supremacy at its most visceral and blatant. We must work to ensure that our sadness and outrage at what happened in Charlottesville this weekend fuels us to continue the work to fight the less visible of its violent manifestations that harm communities of color everyday.

    White supremacy has been ever-present in the history of the United States. The overt pronouncements of antisemitism, nazism, and anti-Black racism at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville were an appalling display of the dangerous ideologies emboldened by the Trump presidency. The response of the local and federal government–from the police who allowed armed and avowed white supremacists to march unimpeded, to the President of the United States, who equated those fighting white supremacy with those promoting it–remind us that we must always rely on our people and our movements to ensure safety for all people. We must confront and challenge state-sponsored and state-tolerated violence at every turn. We must get organized.

    We honor and are grateful for all those who stood up so bravely against the attempt to terrorize Black people, Jews, and communities of color in Charlottesville. As a multiracial Jewish organization, we are more committed today than ever to help build the numbers of people standing up and fighting back. We will keep fighting antisemitism, white supremacy and Islamophobia. We will show up for each other wherever we need to be.

    To those in our community who are feeling fear we say to you: you are not alone. We are with you, we are here for you. We have each other and need each other.

    To those in our community who are feeling despair, we say to you: We are so much bigger, so much stronger, so much more ready and able to build the just world we need.

    To those in our community who feel rage, we say to you: let this lead you into the streets, into your power, into communities that will swell with love, commitment, resiliency, and a vision of a world redeemed.

    • Spiritual_Annie

      Love the response to the violence, the failures of police, and the wholly inadequate responses from the government. Thanks for posting it as it’s inspirational.

      When the neo-nazis applied for a permit to hold a rally in the St.Louis County seat of the City of Clayton, both the city and the county tried hard to find a reason not to issue the permit, but felt that it would be discriminatory not to. So, they got their permit and held their rally. But, they were outsmarted by the county. Instead of counter-protesting and confrontation, the County Council declared the following day “Unity Day” and held a ridiculously larger and more peaceful rally, which also got much more media attention.

      I prefer that kind of counteraction to confrontation. But, if it must happen that a counter-protest is called for, I think the Angels who counter-protested the homophobic Fred Phelps and his church (famous for showing up at the funerals of gays with “God Hates Fags” signs) did it very well. The Angels made very large wings from bedsheets that blocked the view of the protesters, and stood facing the protesters, smiling and not arguing.

      What made it so successful was that, part of being in the Angel network, one agreed to no verbal or physical confrontations or violence. We took a friendly, open stance, understanding that we would be taunted, but agreed we would only respond with kindness. Of course, we could have argued about bible verses and gotten angry at the taunts. It was a decision made beforehand about who we chose to be in the face of an ugly protest. And, after the mourners were inside, the protesters would get bored and would sometimes strike up real, meaningful converstions. I even showed one where our bathroom was once when she needed it–after she got up the courage to ask.

      I’m not sure how to translate either of those experiences to the kinds of actions going on lately. With Clayton, someone started thinking “outside the box” when the permit was filed for, because Unity Day was hugely advertised and attended. (It became an annual celebration.) There was a lot of lead time. But back then, the neo-nazis weren’t carrying weapons, either. The Angels were well-organized in advance, keeping tabs on Fred Phelps and so knew when he’d be where, and the top of the telephone chain would make the first call as soon as they knew he was coming to town. Being organized and committing to nonviolence is a start. Opposition rallies are an option to avoid confrontation. But I’m not sure some want to avoid a confrontation, and I’m not sure what to do about that. And parts of our society is egging it on, and I’m not sure what to do about that, either.

      As for the proposed law: Wow. Legalizing murder. I mean, I could “feel threatened” by a protester who’s 6’6″ and bulked up while he’s just standing there. Do I get to murder him with my vehicle just because he’s holding a protest sign?

      When did “feeling threatened” become equal to actually being threatened? When did it change from someone performing a criminal act to someone “feeling” like a potential victim?

      And, that’s just one more in the “plus” column for those who’d like to outlaw any protests at all.

      Dark, indeed.

      These are the reasons I’ve been focusing on local politics, with some exceptions. Laws like these–discriminatory, outlandish, ignorant–are passed on a city, county or state-wide basis all over the country. Once one passes, unchallenged by the courts, they spread like wildfire.

      This is just one more reason why it’s so important when one courageous person–a trans teen who wants to use their gender identity bathroom, a woman sexually harassed by a celebrity, the terrified mother of black teen boys old enough to drive, an Elder of a Native American tribe fighting to protect their water–speaks out, because it can spark a movement.

      Anyone can be that spark. You can. I can. Anyone here can. But to do so, one has to step out of the shadows and speak out. I do, even though I’m an introvert with anxiety from PTSD.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Raphael

        Texas and Florida are also passing such bills…to immunize drivers who run over protesters, while the police is cheering (The New Mexico police union chief posted a Facebook meme “All Lives Splatter”, “nobody cares about your protest” with a cartoon of a vehicle hitting people and throwing them in the air…)

        • Spiritual_Annie

          I’m happy to report that, as of 5/7/17, both the Florida House and Senate versions of the bill died in committee.

          If you’re not aware, there’s an app called Countable that will keep track of what your zip code’s federal Rep and Senator is up to, will let you know every time they vote (if you opt in), and specific bills and issues can be “liked” so you get any news there is about them in Congress. For each bill or issue, the tap of a button lets you write to them on Social Media or send a letter by fax.

          For state legislative stuff, there’s an app for that, too. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but have used the web version. It does pretty much the same thing as Countable, but for your state Rep and Senator, bills and issues. The org’s name is Open States, and I’m sure it’s searchable in the app store.

          (Remember when we used to get newsprint all over our hands from actually reading the news?)

          Love and Blessings Always,

    • Marko

      If no protestors showed up, that would deflate white supremacists energy. To show up is to engage them. To let them yell to each other is their right. They can’t promote their message unless there is someone there to listen. Don’t give them that opportunity.

      It amazes me that people get so riled up, and add to the hatred energy when they should stay home and not engage them in this fashion.

      • Raphael

        From a Charlottesville ER nurse (By SquireForYou, Alternet):

        “It doesn’t help either that our community isn’t out from under the specter of the Nazis who visited us- there are vigils across the country for Charlottesville, but our own vigil was canceled because of a credible threat by white supremacists to invade it and take it over.

        Those of you who read my diaries here pre-rally know I had pushed for people to ignore the Nazis who invaded our community. They were here because we were a huge target for them; ranked the “happiest city in the United States”. Outspoken against the President and his policies. Very progressive…

        And ever since I became intimately acquainted with the “alt-right”…I knew what their goal was, plain and simple: terrorism. And terrorists don’t attack folks who are already afraid. They don’t attack anyone who isn’t a threat to them. Which made our community the perfect target for them- and since they were gathering from across the country, in numbers they would unlikely be able to easily come up with again, I had an awful feeling that violence would ensue.”

        When white supremacists, Nazis and others hate groups threaten a peaceful vigil, it goes beyond the scope of “counter protesting”. It actually indicates that these fringe groups are becoming dangerously emboldened and empowered by an extremist rightwing administration. This is a very dangerous trend which, to many observers, reminds them of Germany in the 1930’s.

        • Marko

          Certainly troubling, but we now have 24/7 communication and unless the military sides with them I’m less concerned. If they come to Milwaukee ever again, I’ll make my message known.

          By the way, policies and government, whether local and beyond are influenced by social media. Foxconn a huge billion dollar business is trying to set up in Wisconsin, the media was all open arms and filled with mellifluous accolades & celebration. This was what the media said at first, but social media and the democrats criticized the move as being dangerous for our environment and that Foxconn set up in other areas with disastrous results.

          Republicans are trying to ram shod this fast into action. The dems God bless them and social media has forced the media to show the other side and now it may be halted. But the republican majority may still try and pass it.

      • Patrick Gannon

        I agree. The best result would have been if nobody showed up to listen to them.

    • Jethro

      White Supremacist. Where’s the supremacy? Freedom of hate an American right? Sex is an American right but it’s against the law to go into public alone or as a crowd and have sex. Hatred and sex belong in the same place, someplace private, where nobody else can witness it.

      • Kristen

        Until they invented the internet!!!

        • Jethro

          There are many things expressed and available to the publics eyes that don’t belong. The world has grown to accept things that shouldn’t even be known, let alone accepted. Children shouldn’t have to learn to deal with these confusing things that most adults can’t handle either. The radio was actually the first offender just telling some stories in the name of entertainment, then television put pictures to those stories, then the internet providing the worst side of everything. It’s no wonder everyone seems angry and on some drug. Freedom is a wonderful thing for sure, but some information shouldn’t be so free. Freedom of speech was demanded so that we could speak out about poor leadership. Poor leadership has allowed diseased thought to spread and continues to do so in the name of freedom.
          Sexual desire has spun out of control in the name of freedom to the point that laws had to be made to keep it concealed and out of the public eye, yet we see it and hear about it through public television, radio, and worse of all the internet. Hatred cannot be stopped I guess, but it needs to be limited in its advertisement. We would think common sense would allow for deciding these things but its all about “Rights”. It’s the right of the majority to demand some things be kept out of the reach of our children, and that should not mean having to do without something, like internet, television, or radio. So if its someone’s right to hear and view those damaging words and images, it should be our right to keep it from being seen without special permissions. It should require names and addresses as pass words. Gun manufacturers have been sued because someone got shot, tobacco companies sued because someone died from there product and so on, why are we not suing the origin of some of the diseased thoughts we witness daily… like racial hate organizations and porn sights for the crimes related to their exposure. Too Much Information!!!

          As I fall off of my high horse, where would the censorship stop. There’s just not enough common sense left in the world to make good decisions. Maybe censorship would eliminate radio, TV, and internet and the problem would solve itself in that way. People would go back to policing their own towns, talking to each other, and common sense would be restored. There’s no solution that won’t be argued by someone. There’s isn’t enough morality.

          • Patrick Gannon

            “As I fall off of my high horse, where would the censorship stop. ”

            Finally, the right question! You had me worried. I’m glad you came to your senses. With censorship, the cure is always worse than the disease.

            I think there’s another way to look at all this. We’re having a conversation that we pushed underground for quite some time. It’s probably a good thing that the issue has been dragged into the light of day to be debated and discussed. It’s healthy.

            The problem goes back quite a ways. Back in the day, in the south, there were rich white people and there were poor white and black people. There was no middle class. For poor whites, they could take refuge in feeling that “at least they weren’t black” (they would have used a different word). Over time, they’ve seen America’s attention turn to helping to integrate and help black people, and rightfully or not, they feel left behind. They suffered too, and like any group that suffers, they are looking for a scapegoat. They have an inferiority complex with regard to intellectual, middle and upper class white America, thus blacks, Jews and other select scapegoats give them a way to feel superior to someone, anyone… It’s actually pretty sad.

          • Kristen

            New Zealand has never had a ‘class system’, women were voting, we had free education and healthcare from almost the beginning. And from the beginning Maori were given equal rights as ‘us’, no slavery or anything.
            Thats an odd concept for me to even process, inferiority and superiority. Perhaps thats why Americans seem to be obsessed with college etc. We just have high school, then University for those who need a degree, no college. I have had someone mention that South African Indians here are incredibly pushy and dominant because they are sort of left out in South Africa, or not really liked…perhaps thats the same thing.

            Glad you acknowledge there is a societal ‘disease’, that should have been nipped in the bud in the 80s when we saw it all coming. If only adults then had made a stand, starting with many musicians on MTV, and censorship laws that worked, being overturned in the name of freedom!
            Take care,

          • Jethro

            “As I fall off of my high horse, where would the censorship stop. ”
            It’s funny my friend, I was thinking of you as I wrote that!! I’m not ignorant. I just have wishes. We all wish for the hatred to stop. All of us in this space anyway,

            The problem goes back quite a ways because hatred goes back quite a ways. Color of skin makes no person more or less human. America and its great melting pot has not figured that out. Not everyone anyways. Your probably right though, poor white people don’t feel they get as much and that causes jealousy. Everyone wants something for nothing. Black people who have nothing blame the white people for not giving them anything. it’s a vicious circle. I have been on top and then on bottom and I’m on top again. It has to do with how I think. Success depends on how we think about it. Not about how much money we have. As a business owner, you know that.

            Is everyone here self employed?

          • Kristen

            Exactly, but I personally think the internet is the worst, it gives a platform for hate, porn and everything else. I still cant believe that in this world with so many rules and laws, its completely unmonitered, no rules or laws at all. The world was a better place when their true colours were kept private, rather than having a platform to show the world how ugly they are on the inside, and basically do whatever they want.
            Im just glad my kids are older now, I couldnt raise kids in the world now, Id need to take them somewhere safe and keep the world hidden from them, probably homeschooling….a parents hell. And thats really sad that the world has become unsuitable for kids.

      • Raphael

        I am not sure whether it is healthier and safer for a culture to suppress or openly express hate, as long as hate remains (I wrote hate, not violence…violence shouldn’t be allowed).

        I would rather know who the sick people are, and what they think, than have them lurking in the shadows.

        • Jethro

          I’m with you in that frame of mind (sick people), but I really feel a need to let children be children. I wish that my kids were shocked at hate and violence period, not just shocked that some types of hate and violence are occurring close to home. Shocked at hatred altogether, not just certain kinds of hatred and the actions of the haters. Not considering that any part was normal because they seen the reports all their lives. None of it is right or normal. It was created and passed on like a belief in Santa Clause.
          (grunt)… Santa Clouse Good… Racial hatred Bad!

          I was a child of the 70’s, I remember there was one “black” family on our street (the first street of many). I didn’t see a black family. Two kids my age there were my friends, the grown-up white people were a little upset with me at times telling me I shouldn’t be hanging around with them. We shouldn’t be friends. Thank goodness my parents were not any of those grown ups. Turns out my father was raised in a “black” neighborhood and didn’t see color either. A Native American that spoke Ebonics lol. Everyone thought he was Mexican. We laugh a lot about his younger days stories. My mother was the daughter of Christian bigots but she was not diseased as my grandparents were. Still very much a non denominational Christian though. I can’t change everything!

    • Patrick Gannon

      “Did you know that North Dakota, North Carolina (and other Republican states) are trying to pass laws that would make it legal to run over a protester with your car, if you feel “threatened”….”

      Disagree. If protesters come after me and mine in my vehicle, with bats and bricks to break our windows and drag us out to be beat to bloody pulps, you can bet that I will stand on that accelerator and I don’t care what color, creed, religion or cause they may support. If there really is such a thing as a right, certainly “self defense” would fall under that umbrella. Such laws are not really required. We already have the right to self defense, but sometimes it helps to specify the conditions under which it becomes self defense.

  • Kristen

    True leadership is ‘lead with me’, we are all equal, and should never exault one person to any status above others…which is what both Neales definitions do. I disagree with both.
    A true leader is humble and leads because they are driven to, stepping up WITH the people when they need a hand. The best leaders are all humble people stepping up as they have the means to, in whatever capacity, for no reason other than they know they can get somewhere, showing the people their way. WITH the people, not one step ahead unless they are holding the hands of those less brave. The only way they should be singled out is when they personally have the means to talk, or negotiate, with individuals, just as a police hostage negotiator would.

    Ive said it before in here years ago, and putting North Korea aside, for any problems between the Middle East and Western Worlds, I think Cat Stevens/Yusef would be the one person on this planet able to build a bridge, with his foot in both worlds. Both sides like and respect him. Although would America respect a Britain whom is a practising Muslim as someone who could be one of those leaders WITH the people, both groups?
    I think the fact that over half this planet are either Jewish, Muslin or Christian has to be taken into count, rather than ignoring this fact, or speaking of matters that go against their religious beliefs. Work WITH it, like any other facts, rather than against. Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh/God is the common ground. That huge majority group needs unity, and people understanding their vows, rather than attempting to ignore this aspect of peoples souls and spirits, for many its in their blood. Why should anyone else, some in here, get to decide that some people need a full blood transfusion replaced with something YOU personally prefer? When you Neale, and others, are saying religion therefore peoples heritage and ways, should be disgarded for a so called ‘better or different’ way, in my view is akin to telling indigenous people to ditch their ways, gay or other people to ‘straighten up’ etc.
    No one even close to being a leader in any form would even think like that, its as unspiritual as one can get. A leader would work WITH how people are, differences and all, including their religions, rather than trying to change people to how YOU want them to be.
    For me personally…would I want to be how Neale would want me to be, without the religious God of my ancestors, and with behaviours more alien than humanlike? Or how Patrick would prefer me to be, a boring scientific clone with only brain function and no soul? No thanks…..and I dont think the world would either. None of us, both options pushed in here are non human behaviours, we are neither alien bores or scientific bores.

    Everyone should stop trying to change people into their personal opinion, and see this planet as one of huge diversity, learning to understand differences, rather than the very primitive caveman mentality of wanting them to suit you more. People with that mentality, often so called spiritual leaders, are as far from leadership as one can…they should just be a farmer with a flock to suit.
    No one will get anywhere until people stop trying to change others, and accept differences THEN work with that, especially the 50% or more majority, all like minded individuals.


    BTW women dont love men who love war. We love men whom are well groomed, disciplined, committed, have pride, self respect, bigger bodies than us, look healthy and with good tone and physique. Whom we know will step up if someone breaks into the house, or fight off someone harming someone smaller them, just as a female, many animals and children will when they can. Thats what we see in military guys….the masculine male strengths…visual only, its how we are made, drawn to the strong protector with pride and good genetics. This is no reflection at all on war, violence or wanting them to be that way, its purely visual. The classic ‘hero’, a brain program. No different to what honest males will say….that they are ‘programmed’ toward females who look a certain way, generally 4 inches shorter and slimmer than them, with a pretty face, longer hair and a good bum with waist narrower than hips. Classic Hollywood.

    • Spiritual_Annie


      If I have, in any way, insulted you, your people, or your ancestors, I apologize. Nothing I’ve said here was written with that intent. I believe that Spirituality used to be at the core of many religions, but it’s been my experience that isn’t as true today as it used to be. I see Spirituality as something an individual can have within or without organized religion, much the way one can be a Buddhist and still belong to a traditional religion or not.

      But, that comes from my own perspective, which included sounding out the appropriate syllables in a Latin mass with no understanding of their meaning, and watching my mother continuing to attend and lead the choir in a church she believed had already condemned her to Hell for a mortal sin she’d committed years earlier while under duress.

      I see leadership as a trait few know they have until they’re called upon to use it. I never saw myself as a leader before I was literally given the mantle, per the bylaws of the church I belonged to at the time, when the Senior Pastor resigned. I didn’t like then, nor do I like now, getting up in front of a large group of people to speak or chair a meeting. But I did it, and I did it in a way that people started to look to me to be the calm in a storm. I didn’t even realize that was happening until I had it pointed out to me. Instead of being just the Administrator of the church, people saw me as a Spiritual leader. Looking back, I think it came from setting aside my own ego and always seeking consensus after quiet contemplation.

      That, and I stood up to the bullies who wanted me to lead without consensus, doing only what they saw as “right” for the church as a whole. They wanted me to use the power given me per the bylaws unilaterally, signing a legal contract for a new building (we were renting) without even consulting the body of the church. They wanted me to voice my own personal opinion (or theirs) over and above that of the body of the church, essentially “leading” them in a direction they may not have wanted to go. They wanted me to invest the money from the sale of our previous building in the highest-yielding options without first understanding the ethical values of the companies in which we’d hold stock.

      I still don’t see myself as a “leader” in the way that word is used today. I have no desire to force or manipulate anyone. If Trump is a “leader,” I am not. I’m simply the incarnation of a Divinely created Soul who finds herself often in the position of helping others. I try to do so in a way that strengthens their lost dignity and lost sense of self, usually by walking their journey with them so that they aren’t walking alone.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Kristen

        Hi Annie,
        No not at all.
        I call the investments you talk about as ‘clean money’, clean money is good money, like you, I dont want any part of ‘dirty money’. In fact when I found out where banks, including my Jewish one, invest OUR money I took mine out of the bank, Id rather earn zero interest and not allow them use of my savings to invest, not that its a big amount, than be any part of dirty money.
        Public speaking…yip, one of those things we have to conquer. I write speeches for people, Ive found getting people to say what they have to say off the top of their heads, recording it, then writing around that works best. Backwards speech writing, they say their piece before the speech is even written. I just did a fun one for a retiring music and english teacher, really funny. I did it based on me knowing as a person he would have a lot to say, but as a sensible teacher, very little. So I took the angle saying I was the speech writer trying to write for him, then wrote all the deep lovel dovey stuff, based around songs, that he would never say, then ended it with ‘so Mr ….. is impossible to write for, perhaps I should quit now and he can write his own boring teacher speech, something like hes loved his 40 years here, but its time to move on, so thanks, and have great lives”. He found it hilarious and did read out all the crock I wrote that he’d never say.
        I think the main problem with religion is no one takes it seriously, all Christianity focusses on is Jesus and immortality, they dont even read the OT, no idea about the rules, coupled with anyone who wants to have a church, just starting one, like its a hobby. I think Priests and Ministers should be chosen by God, and guided by Him, teaching the truth, and nothing more.
        You’re a leader, by my interpretation of leader.
        Need to serve customers!

        • Patrick Gannon

          How exactly are we to know which Priests and Ministers are chosen by God? Anyone can claim that – just as Neale does; and you don’t believe it when he says it, do you?

    • Patrick Gannon

      “I think the fact that over half this planet are either Jewish, Muslin or Christian has to be taken into count…”

      Common misconception. The Abrahamic religions represent about 1/3 of the world religions.

      “No one will get anywhere until people stop trying to change others, and accept differences THEN work with that, especially the 50% or more majority, all like minded individuals.”

      This is referred to as the “tyranny of the majority.” It is why most of us live in countries with republic, rather than democratic governments. When majority rules, tyranny results. If the majority wants slavery, there can be no stopping it. Most of us here live in countries, that fortunately respect the rule of law, rather than tyranny of the majority.

      And it’s an open forum that truly respects freedom of expression. Neale is to be applauded for that.

    • Raphael

      I think Neale is simply offering ideas, and explaining why he thinks such ideas might be beneficial. All philosophers have done this throughout history. But he is not hitting people on the head to force them to convert and adopt his theology.

      The fact that he states that his ideas came from “God” is controversial, but it is also paradoxical, as it obviously imply ultimate and absolute authority (rather than mere opinions) while he claims no authority. This is probably what people question the most, and which might be confusing, but I think he is nudging people to abandon the notion that God is a commander-in-chief (lord, king, boss, etc). Whether one agrees or not I won’t go there, I am simply stating what I think he is doing.

      As far as women loving or admiring men who love war, look at human history…not to mention mothers who express pride that their son is a US marine, when in reality heir son is fighting and killing or getting maimed not to “protect” their mother or sister or wife or girlfriend or “freedom and democracy” but to protect the military-industrial complex in distant lands and against nations that never attacked the US.

      Perhaps some women need to transcend their biological programming and look at military guys for what they truly are: mindless puppets of the military industrial complex. Furthermore there is nothing particularly manly about being obedient and obeying orders, and being under other men in the chain of command. I would actually call this extremely unmanly! Those who want to “serve” should become waiters!

      • Kristen

        I agree completely about the military, hence trying to show its visual only, theres no way I promote war or people as killing machine puppets. Im honest about what we see visually.
        I always wanted my boys to join the military, I think teen boys need that discipline and hard physical training rather than let loose in a society of drunken idiots and skanks sniffing around them, BUT changed my mind when NZ joined America in its wars. The headspace is different in a country with no enemies, not the case now that we have an arrangement with America and Australia, the ANZAC treatie as the 3 ‘spying’ nations. If Australia support America, then we do too.
        Before that our Army just did disaster clean up, were extras on Lord Of The Rings, our Navy serves helping the Pacific Islands and guards our waters to keep Japanese commercial fishermen etc out. Those things would be good moral chices for my boys, war…whole different ballgame, no way, unless its protecting NZ. Both are builders, trades the Army would use, although more the Navy as it rebuilds the Pacific Islands after their constant storms.
        I used to go out with an Army Firefighter!

        Re Neale ‘changing the face of God’…erm, scriptures forbid that, the books shouldnt be called Conversations With God! Other than that anyone SHOULD help with new ideas and useful information, which he does, thats a good thing.
        Take care,

  • Spiritual_Annie

    Are posts being deleted? I see some of mine are gone. Anyone else?

    • Jethro

      None of mine sweetness. I’ve seen no problem. How’s the book coming? Is my ignorant words going to be there? I will buy the book just for that lol.