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Here are my last answers to the series of questions I placed for us back in late September.

Let’s review the final questions in that series first, then I’ll offer you my answers. Those last questions were…

What does it take to make life work? Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about God, about life, and about ourselves, the understanding of which would change everything? If so, what do you think it might be?

I have become aware that what it takes to “make life work” is to understand what life is about. I had no idea what it was about until I was 50 years old. Oh, I thought I knew what it was about. There was a whole formula I could recite that described what it was about, and for over 30 of my adult years I was “playing by the rules” and doing what I was “supposed to be doing.”

The Formula: Get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the spouse, get the kids, get the dog, get the better job, get the better car, get the better house, get the better spouse, get the grandkids, get the office in the corner with your name on the door, get the building on the corner with your name on the wall, get the grey hair, get the retirement watch, get the cruise tickets, get the sickness, and get the hell out.

There were slight variations on the theme, but that was basically it: a 20-step process that got you from 18 to 78 (if you made it that far), or even a bit beyond.

And there were some good times…I wouldn’t try to kid you into thinking it was all without joy…but my life seemed to be getting nowhere…and I would up, eventually, living in the weather as a street person, through a series of events too long to go into here. At that point my life was a shambles…and I see now that it was because I didn’t know where I was trying to go, or what I was trying to do. I had no idea in the world what life was really all about.

I wound up writing about this is the book titled The Only Thing That Matters, which leads off with the paragraph, “98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter.” I was one of those people, for sure.

I now realize, after my Conversations with God experience, that I’m not here for anything having to do with my body or my mind, but that I’m here to serve the Agenda of My Soul. My body and my mind are merely tools with which to complete that agenda while I am in the Realm of Physicality.

And what is the Agenda of My Soul? According to CWG it has nothing to do with anything I am doing, and everything to do with what I am being while I am doing whatever I am doing.

The Agenda of My Soul is to recreate myself anew in every golden moment of Now in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about Who I Am. That is, (to put it neatly in a phrase), to evolve.

And this becomes a real adventure when I hold within me a wonderful vision of Who I Am. And CWG helped me there, too. It invited me to remember that Who I Am is an Individuation of Divinity.

This is what I did not understand, the understanding of which could change everything. Since coming to clarity about this, I have experienced my life in an entirely different way. I have become aware — among other things — that my life is not about me. It is about everyone whose life I touch, and the way in which I touch it. This is, for me, the fastest way and the most effective means by which I can evolve, becoming in my experience what I know myself, conceptually, to be.

To turn Concept to Experience has become the goal of my life. It is the greatest irony of my life that through this process, everything else that I was ever working for has been manifest in my personal reality without effort. All the love, all the joy, all the peace, all the inner serenity and sense of personal fulfillment that I would ever have hoped for occurs almost automatically.

This has been my experience. And I am so happy to be able to share it with you!

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  • Raphael

    The “formula” serves the small part of the self that imagines itself to be separate, lost and lacking something. Some call it the separate ego consciousness…this is also what society and civilization focus upon and serve as well. It is of course an illusion which leads to suffering.

    As much as we wish to touch others, we are equally touched by others…as much as we want to give, we also receive…as much as we help others, we are helped by others, not from the perspective of our small, separate and illusory selves, but that of our total being.

    • AKA Patrick

      So what about War? Since 1700 the US has been involved in 79 wars, some just a few weeks. Wars, nonetheless. On another forum I discovered a discussion from a
      military lieutenant general (vintage World War I), who had a discussion entitled: “War Is A Racket”. Who are the Greedy Ones” in the World today? (Then too!)
      Big Pharma; Munitions Makers; Bankers;, you name it. Which, if the inner and the outer are One, means we are at war with ourselves. True, or not? You must decide for yourself. I’m only 81 and wasn’t around during WWI, so I didn’t actually experience this. I am serving as a Wayshower, just as Our Brother Jesus was.

      • Raphael

        Yes I am familiar with the book War is a Racket…and the fact that the US has been waging war continually.
        Yes, I think the human race is at war with itself…externalizing internal conflicts. Yet another aspect of this is our partly animal nature, which most people have difficulty understanding or admitting. Watching animals, wild or domesticated, we can see striking similarities in their behaviors with our own (greed, being territorial, aggression, possessiveness and jalousie, etc).
        For example, I see no fundamental difference between a tiger marking its territory and a nation waving a flag.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    I’m in a mood, so watch out…

    It’s obvious to me, as I write this, that there are so many different wells which one can choose to draw from the waters of Life, but there is only one river from which that water comes.

    I mean, as I sit here, I remember Neale’s retelling of his story in bits and pieces, here and there, used either as an example of how misunderstanding leads to emptiness (literally and Spiritually) or how knowledge and the shifts in perspective they cause change us forever. I’ve also read Raphael’s comment, and think about his connection with Nature and what’s natural when one sees the whole and all its parts, and how unnatural our society has become in its separations. And I think of my own personal history, with its drastic changes from one thing to another, sometimes seen as good and sometimes seen as bad, but which all led me here, which is great by my standards but not by others.

    I think of Kirsten, whose brain works in such a way that she simply cannot conceive of some of what’s shared here, who is firm in both her own knowledge and conviction of who she is, yet makes jokes about tutus and WalMart parking lots. Jethro is succeeding in transforming the world, one quiet kindness at a time, while trying to broaden and deepen his understanding of himself and others. Marko is deeply active, both Spiritually and by having an open mind about trying something new.

    Maybe it’s the way I look at Life, with its patterns and synchronicities, but what I see in nearly everyone is that we’re dipping from our own wells, but it’s all the same river. It’s whatever you want to call it: God (by any name), Life, Divine Energy, Source, Beginner’s Mind, all possible outcomes being present in a quantum field…

    No matter the well, part of what we all draw out of it asks us to look at ourselves, to go within and understand ourselves, that to know God one must know oneself as an evolutionary co-creator–however one wishes to put it. It’s always about perception–of ourselves, and of Divinity. If we understand who we believe ourselves and our God to be, we have just developed the most important relationships in our lives. We have a relationship with ourselves, and with whatever we call Divinity.

    Am I the only one that sees this? That regardless of how we got here, there’s a certain something that caused us to at least be curious enough to show up? To keep showing up?

    Am I the only one that sees that which well we draw from matters so much less than the water it’s helped us draw, and what we do with it?

    Am I the only one that sees so many similarities in every story I’ve heard, no matter from which part of my life or from whom?

    Am I the only one that sometimes wants to give out whacks up the sides of the heads of those who are purposely distracting us from, or literally keeping us from, our wells? And a dousing of cold water to wake those who are sleepwalking?

    I’ve seen the darkness, including my own. I know my own light, and I let it shine wherever and whenever possible. And it’s not hidden under a bushel but on as high a hill as I’ve ever climbed.

    Has anybody else ever asked, “So, now what?”

    I have. I get different answers, reflecting my different moods. “Just be.” OK, so this is my pinnacle? I can be no more than I currently am? “Be unconditionally loving and compassionate to as many as you can, as often as you can.” Yeah, I’ve got that one, and even had to back off a bit after not listening to my instincts got me burned. Twice. “Write a book, develop a website, create safe spaces online so those who have experienced abuse can share freely and heal more quickly, with support.” OK, it’s inching along, as I have the money and focus and passion to work on it. “Your society is a reflection of its collective beliefs.” Well, then, we’re screwed, unless we can rapidly change society’s collective beliefs.

    And, there it was. The connection. The BOOM! that I’ve expected for so long I very nearly forgot about it. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world,” or however Margaret Meade put it. And also whoever added, “In fact, they’re the only things that ever have.” The connection I made was between where I’ve felt “topped out” Spiritually, and how I can immediately turn it around by connecting with others. Relationships are what it’s ALL about. How do I relate with (fill in the blank) is not a statement about what I am relating to, but who I choose to be in relation with (fill in the blank). That necessitates relationships of all kinds.

    I cannot evolve alone. I must interract in order to have the knowledge to determine what I choose my relationship to be–with everything and everyone. If I’m to be fair about it, I must give (fill in the blank) the same attention and time I would give anything else I’ve developed relationships with. This, of course, would be impossible in a single lifetime. It is beyond the capacity of the human brain, as it currently exists. I’m faced with what feels like two choices, if I desire to truly know myself and Divinity: I have to split myself up into a million gazillion parts so I can be everywhere, all the time; or, I have to live forever, in different forms and different “times” and for different “lives” in order to gain the knowledge over an infinite amount of time.

    Well, why not both? I am a bit or piece of Divinity, which is present in all things, everywhere. Yet I am here to help Divinity, and myself, evolve beyond our current understanding. That means new relationships while still valuing the old, and Divinity becoming something it’s never been before, but now is, as it evolves. We’ve even developed a neural network for the globe–the Internet. And the alt net. And the dark net.

    What is it that’s so different when a person sends a message via WiFi to another person on the other side of the world that’s any less miraculous than those who hear that still, small voice inside themselves? Where’s the wonderment in the things humanity has achieved that improve our lives? Why does it feel like there has to be a choice between either focusing on the negative, or believing in Humanity?

    Choosing only the former leads to possible annihilation and despair. Adding the latter, believing in Humanity’s abilities to turn things around because we’re all Divine beings, leads to hope. Not a magical hope where some Divine being outside of ourselves swoops down and cures all our ails, but a realistic hope because more and more people are understanding their own Divine power.

    Or am I just crazy to hold out for hope, and Humanity, because I believe that the world will awaken? Not today or tomorrow, and not without more severe backlash from cause and effect, but I still believe we’ll get to the other side of it without total annihilation.

    Anyway… Done rambling.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • Kristen

      Nice Annie….I get it. As a visual person, I liken it to different food colours added to oil (probably coconut oil as it works an emulsifier), then dropped into a tray of water (from the BIG river). Theyll stay seperate and merge around eachother, marble if you gently run a skewer through it, but be able to remain seperate yet together when treated gently. In places the blendings will make a new colour…like the billion colours in a rainbow, but we can still see lots of differences all together, and those new colours are a welcome addition.
      What happens when some jerk roughly whisks it all together….an ugly mess and probably that persons colour…the colour of poop. Then another jerk tips it in a bowl and shakes it hard, then puts it down…..watch the seperation happen between the water and oil, eventually all the nice coloured droplets are just a mess trying to get their identity back as it tries to scientifically break down. Its as screwed up as society, and all those different droplets struggle with the new one colour fits all.
      Two solutions….they just fit in and be the sheeple the shaker wanted them to be OR say ‘hey cool, I was yellow, now others have shared their other colours with me, now I can relate to blue, red, orange and the other colours. I’m still me, but I can also see those others in parts of me now.

      PS don’t knock Walmart tutus….I see on the news my latest Walmart carpark husband broke his hip reaching for a watermelon and just won millions in court…I’m rich now. Yeehaa. Ill divorce him soon and take half then rake in alimony!!!! Im onto a really good thing here, I tell ya, they’re a good catch!

      • Spiritual_Annie

        I’m a visual person myself, so I like the way you put it. I’ve played with food coloring, water and oils. I used to make Mason jars with them for decoration. Every now and again I’d flip a jar over slowly to watch the action. That was back in High School. Maybe I’ll make some new ones! This place could use some color.

        • Kristen

          Remember the 70s fad of those glass swans or thjngs that you put food colour in with water then white flowers and watched the colour change? Well theyre coming back in, even where they GM inject different colours into some gerberas for diff coloured petals…our supermarket now sells them. I had a dream of a guy giving me flowers lkke that about 10years ago so I am rather freaked out.
          You can be well ahead of the trend with jars and your colours now, and put it as colour play therapy on your website if its up and running yet, before everyone else does.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            I’m old enough to remember celery sticks in colored glasses of water in the fridge, ‘cuz Mama colored them. They soak it up really quickly. So do carnations, when she could afford them. She was coloring flowers before they were sold that way in stores.

            And I was the proud owner of not one, not two, but THREE lava lamps the year I was in college. And a glitter lamp. And “the wave,” which was rectangular and if you moved one end just a bit, it would cause a blue wave of water to move across it.

            I’m drawn to colored lights, and use colored rather than white lights at home. I like the pink ones, but I also have a blue and a purple, and the (mandatory) black light. I’m also drawn to prisms and the rainbows they make, though I haven’t hung one here yet. I’d have to hang it inside or it would get stolen. I also like the different sounds that chimes and bells make. Wood chimes are my favorite, but I’ve yet to meet a neighbor who likes them. I used to have a ring that drove EVERYONE crazy because it had three tiny little jingle-type bells on it. I wore it on my thumb, which made people even crazier.

            Life is (or can be) so sensual. Smells, colors, sounds, sights, textures, tastes–I love it all. And you can be sure that most of the survivors I’ve been around have a toy chest, and in it a set of crayons and coloring books. Becoming childlike again, without the pain and without the threats, is part of the healing process. Learning to play without fear is a huge step. That’s why, in every successful peer group I’ve been in, there’s a playroom, and you can bet mine will have one, too!

          • Kristen

            Please never be my neighbour!
            Im the opposite, other than drums I cant stand retetitive constant sounds or rattling, cant have movements in my pheriphial vision like people jiggling legs etc.
            Bells…..aaaaggggghbhh please shoot me, I cant stand high sounds especially repetitive. As for lava lamps…theyre like big crystals, they put me in a trance, I just stare then 3 hours later wonder where time went.
            Colour drives me nuts as well. Although im relatively normal, Im very well aware of high functioning autism with senses. I cant stand a lot….theyre as unsensual as it gets….other than a hot guys body!

          • Spiritual_Annie


            I understand your sensitivities. One of my conditions is Fibromyalgia, which some know a bit about but most (including mainstream medicine) do not. Most only know what they see on a commercial and believe all it consists of are “overactive nerves” that can be soothed with a medication. But I’ve had it for over 20 years, and I can tell you it’s so much more than that.

            One of the things that happens during a bad flareup (there’s a baseline of pain and fatigue, with flareups being triggered by many things, but definitely the weather) is hypersensitivity. Of all of the senses. My sheets can feel like sandpaper. I have to stop smoking and move my ashtrays away from the bed because I can smell them too intensely. Sounds are harsher, tastes are too bitter or too bold, I feel like I’m overheating and then freezing.

            Fortunately, the first adult flareup is the longest and worst, so after that even the bad ones are something to just be ridden out with lots of care and comfort. That acceptance, along with some alternative healing products, means making the choice to not suffer through a flareup, but to minimize and just make it through it without resistance. I won’t say it’s not difficult. It can be. And it’s then that many of those colors and scents and textures and lights cause me problems, and have to be put away.

            Some of them help. Lavender is a great scent and sight. I also burn sage, when I have it. Fresh basil, apple cider vinegar, vitamin D all help. So do meditation and visualization. And Biscuit and my teddy bear. And my redneck neighbor who loves Biscuit and helps us out when I can’t walk far enough.

            I can’t imagine what it might be like to have those sensitivities all the time, though. It’s rough enough when they’re periodic and I know they’ll end. I know that it’s part of your “normal,” but I wish it weren’t.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie,
            Ill ask Dr Google about Fibromyalga.
            I llllloooovvvvveeee my normal, its quiet, calm and still. When I go to people houses and see things moving everywhere, photos and ‘stuff’ around as distractions that make things look messy to me, people eating so noisily that I almost want to punch them, watch people scraping cutley on plates so its impossible to block out and listen properly, then I come home and think ‘wow, my kids eat so quietly I hardly hear it, they know to sit still and not fidget, my house looks so calm and clear and I can hear every different bird outside or focus 100% on whatever song is on with every bit of my brain and my brain can absorb every detail of the important things I like and want without distractions’ then wonder if people actually realise what they are missing out on sometimes, almost like tjeir lives are filled with ‘junk’ and sensory white noise.
            But then, its all I know, my world would probably drove them nuts and their world does to me I guess. Tje key is that anyone is incredibly lucky to actually understand how they tick and be able to create their own little world within this huge world.

          • Craig

            Smart advice.

    • “Your society is a reflection of its collective beliefs.” Well, then,
      we’re screwed, unless we can rapidly change society’s collective

      Well, just to qualify a bit, society’s collective beliefs are far from all negative, and well, are a gargantuan mix of awfulness and greatness and all the in between.

      It behooves us to fix the negative and much of the planet is in peril, none really know how this will play out. Neale’s book “The Storm Before The Calm” takes a more positive view that we are seeing the current darker elements of society before the overhaul and breakthroughs come about. I hope he’s right. But does anyone really know?

      I continue to see that if we focus on solutions and wisdom, that this can eventually prevail.

      • Kristen

        I’d love to believe we are heading into the storm before the calm, or darkness before the light, I would love nothing more……BUT I just can’t see it happening short of an almost Mad Max movies senario, or others where it gets down to survivors adjusting and adapting.
        There is just too much going on for there to be any solutions short of us being able to do what we can, and getting into a good psychological headspace. Almost tricking ourselves into thinking its not as bad as it is.
        In talking about spiritual solutions or people talking in general, we are able bury our heads in the sand, and believe we can make it ok.

        We can’t stop climate change and all the suffering with that, millions of issues starting to effect people already….just starting note. Here in NZ insurances have hiked although we are in a ‘quake phase’ as well, immigration is beyond what we can cope with especially from India and the Pacific Islands, they’re pretty hard hit. Housing doubled within ten years, wages went up 15%..go figure, pests like flies are rife, its just snowed e weeks before Summer, a wet winter has bought rats, mice out, viruses and flus reached almost pandemic proportions with Influenza A and the Adian 90day flu making comebacks, fruit and vege prices have hiked rapidly with basics like potatoes doubling, people are pretty broke with high power bills, food hikes, doctors visits etc…….which hits retail hard……

        Worldwide retail is struggling other than chainstores that make up a bulk of all statistics. They are fine for now as people are needing to use store cards, they have no cash! Another battle retail is facing is the entire generation of people 18 to 28yrs buying online, they’ve almost dropped off the retail radar unless at 50% off sales so most their disposable income is ending up in China or online warehouses, and all on credit card as well, their generations version of alcohlism. Shops are starting to notice the new ‘breeders’ missing from the market, watch toy and kids clothes stores shut shop soon. At the moment baby boomers are disguising the seriousness of it as they are ‘topping up’ their kids by buying for their grandkids. In mine and other shops the Baby Boomers account for about 50% of kid related sales.
        Watch the Cars movie, the first one about small towns suffering when malls and new highways are built…..thats the real story of whats happening to retail now the internet is built, and malls are slowly emptying as owners not to renew leases, getting out now as they watch turnover drop on average by 10% a year.
        Retail slowly dying will create a huge crisis….jobs lost.

        Not to mention guns, mental health issues, war, terrorism, cancer epidemics now hitting 1 in 5 in NZ I think…thats 20% of the population that have, had or are pretty much anticipated to get cancer, obesity, drugs, alcohol, addictions, unemployment, politics and everything else.

        Its really ‘nice’ that we and others try to do our bit, and great if people can get a good headspace or be optimistic, that has benefits for all…..BUT ‘nice’ can’t fix much unfortunately. Like you, I HOPE Neale is right, but hope is just a psychological optimistic trick, real hope can only come when we can actually see light at the end of the tunnel, and right now that tunnel is getting longer and darker, mostly man made…selfishness being used as the building blocks to build it.

        • Well it’s a choice we get to make.

          “hope is just a psychological optimistic trick, real hope can only come when we can actually see light at the end of the tunnel, and right now that tunnel is getting longer and darker, mostly man made…selfishness being used as the building blocks to build it.”

          Optimism, hope can at times be used as a spiritual by pass, a spiritual refusal to see the darker shadow side of life. Facing it and working through it is called integration and health, happiness follows this. Our choice. Be the example for others.

          Healthy spiritual living does not ignore this and I agree there is much peril in the world. Earth currently is a pain and suffering planet. It’s the contrasting dark planet other HEB’s have to go to see their opposite. I do work and play to see that we are also on the brink of transformation and breakthrough however slow it appears at the moment.

          As I understand it, all societies go through this phase, and once enlightened, you don’t go back. In the mean time, we could possibly destroy what is one of the more beautiful and bio diverse planets around.

          Though Neale in his latest CwG book 4 says that the collective will of the world will not allow us to completely destroy ourselves. I hope that we create this current crisis only to heal it. More on that in a moment.

          There is this thing called the LOA. Law of Attraction. And once the collective gets a larger hold on that and works toward the eradication poverty and negative climate change will do much.

          The power is within us and my vision is always toward what I desire to see. Including counter visualizing our stupidity to seeing a wise people, wise government and a eventual enlightened society.

          All the problems you mentioned have solutions. It’s up to us of course to deal with them. That’s why I created a page called Soul-utions. It only deals with solutions and the good that people do as a counter balance to all the bad media news, which while important, is only part of the picture.

          But I do share your caution, but like the super hero’s in our fantasy, sci fi and comic books, we have created this current crisis subconsciously only to consciously transform it.

          In doing so, we experience through this wild contrast our truly powerful superhero human potential.

          • Kristen

            Have to be quick sorry…but LOA, Im a Kabbalist, thats actually Kabbalic, we study Laws in action.
            If only we could get everyone to realise that we all have the super hero within us, starting with small random acts of kindness.

          • Craig

            Superwoman… Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care… Small acts of kindness to those who cannot reward you in return if I may add…

          • Kristen


          • Raphael

            The mainstream media gives bad news, but not important news or actual information…it gives emotionally disturbing news, repeats them and exploits them to no end, yet does not cover or provide information that would actually empower people to change the political corruption we are experiencing across the board, to counter the extremism of this present administration and its nefarious and borderline criminal actions, the purging of progressives within the democratic party, and to make informed everyday choices.

            Originally, the MSM covered disturbing events to help its advertisers sell more stuff through commercials. Studies showed that anxiety, stress lead to an increase in impulsive consumerism. But another important goal is to dumb down the population and keep it docile and “entertained”, pacified (the old, proven bread and circus strategy). Television is a very effective adult pacifier. It is a form of tranquilizer, which is why many people are addicted to it and cannot live without it (how many keep their television on all day?).

            Fortunately only old people watch the MSM today, it is dying and is being replaced by independent media on the internet…I especially recommend Democracy Now and TYT politics.

            The solutions to present world problems are outside of the box…within a different paradigm. Most of humanity doesn’t yet have the wisdom required to get there voluntarily…it will have to be pushed there by great challenges, by the impossibility of staying on the same path (as in New Delhi, the extreme pollution of which is 10 times worse than Beijing, and which has been called “a gas chamber” by its mayor). Hopefully it will not be too painful…but the pain will be directly proportional to the addiction the world has to its present materialistic lifestyles and beliefs.

          • Craig

            I read somewhere that we cannot resolve the conflict using the same paradigm we used to create or identify it. Out the box hit and run solutions are needed not perfect or ideal solutions…

          • Spiritual_Annie


            I agree about MSM. I don’t have cable anymore, so I get most of my news from the Internet, from a variety of sources. I do keep track of what MSM is trying to sell us, but don’t take it as gospel, like previous generations have. Instead, I compare it to what “alternative” media sources are saying.

            TYT is great. So is Conscious Evolution, when it comes to what may be being purposely hidden from us. (All that stuff Patrick fought so hard against.) But, as always, I believe the best source for information is internal. We all have the ability to discern what’s true and what’s not, but not all of us use it. That “gut feeling,” or that “still small voice,” or just “getting a bad vibe” are all very real signals most ignore.

            I guess for me it’s a combination of taking in the information from various sources, and then using myself as a barometer of sorts to discern the truth. I must admit, though, that over the past few years, that’s become more difficult. I’m not talking Trump–he’s pretty blatant and easily read. I’m talking about figuring out the power behind the powers-that-be, the ones pulling everyone’s strings, the ones purposely causing uproars to keep us divided.

            Something is telling me that Putin and Trump and Kim Jung Un are all part of some–I don’t even have a word for it–organization?–that’s dismantling everything we think we’re sure of–food, clothing, water, air, our planet–militarizing governments and alienating our allies. It’s a means to control us with fear. Call it a “hunch.”

            It’s notable that the military-industrial complex has become the military-industrial-coal-oil-technology-banking-corporation-1% complex.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Raphael

            I personally do not believe that there is a power behind the powers that be…although there are a lot of private, elite clubs and semi secret societies, but that’s just little boys playing the elite game, imagining themselves to be special and important.

            If anything, the top dogs are international banks. They control the corporations and industries that control the politicians, governmental institutions and the media that control us. The military establishment as well as the legal system and intelligent agencies are their enforcers.

            Politicians are little more than puppets. Obama was a puppet, Trump is a puppet. They sound different but roughly follow the same domestic and foreign policies. Trump sounds like a wannabe dictator, but Obama is the one who gave the executive branch the powers of a king by suspending habeas corpus. With “friends” like the establishment Democrats, who needs enemies?

            There is one thing that you can be sure of: the world is run by thieves and liars, as Native Americans say. Everything else is just details…

          • Stephen mills

            Thanks for that Raphael the wise one 😉

            This Spiritual power or Original power is something that indeed we all have ….now to use it ,is what must happen . Neale talks of a New Spirituality with the main message being Need is an illusion .He says the idea that Need exists together with the consumer culture that drives ,people into the mentality of Bigger-Better-More ,has done more than any other single thought to keep us all in bondage to manufacturers ,corporations ,politicians ,energy suppliers and a whole cadre of others that we think we need to exist. He goes onto say by embracing the message of tomorrow’s god, a god that needs nothing as she is everything . By getting us to experience that we can change everything about the way we live .
            Using this Spiritual Power will get us out of the rat race ….of this never ending treadmill grinding us deeper into the mire.

            People have to take more responsibility for their choices .One of the main problems of our globalised culture is one of dependence .An example would be in Yemen 90% of produce is imported into that country do a blockade of imports would cause devastation famine and chaos . That’s what’s going on there …millions are going to starve . The whole of Africa is practically dependent on the Wester Powers and predatory organisations set up to keep them down . Why ? Because self sufficient people’s are free and not controllable.
            You know most people are a couple of missed mortgage payments away from real hardship. Probably 90 % of us are just getting by paying our way by direct debits to corporations having not much left over for fun with our families . Here in the UK we have had Austerity pushed on us all by the Conservative government after they bailed out the banksters with £350 billion of public money …it went straight to the richest 10% of the population .
            One thing I do not understand is why people are not taking to the streets in mass protest at the massively unfair system . The Paradise Papers have just been released which shows how much we are all been played like fiddles . The greed of these folks is obscene sucking up the wealth of the ordinary people and stashing it offshore in secret accounts . This includes the Royal Family already with wealth more than some countries .

            That’s my rant for the day must go now and be that slave for the system . My wife is a sick children’s nurse she does 12 hour shifts looking after kids dying of cancer she has had a 14% pay cut since 2008 .Thats no pay rise in 10 years .

            Blessed are the meek .

          • Raphael

            “…self sufficient people’s are free and not controllable.”

            So true. That’s the bottom line. This is why the British Empire dismantled India’s cooperative farming villages, why America destroyed the Indigenous tribal populations’ ability to support themselves, why any attempt by third world nations to retain control of their own resources is brutally opposed by Europe and North America.

            Exploiters and predators see no greater threat than a self-sufficient and united people. They need to divide, separate and alienate them and enslave them with debt, through the creation of artificial needs…this is actually exactly the strategy that was used to destroy Indian tribes in the Brazilian rainforest, apart from massacres.

            If anyone wants to understand the beast (the nature and strategies of the civilized world), all you need is to look at how it dealt with and is still dealing with Indigenous people. Civilized people have been enslaved and subjugated for centuries, they have forgotten and need to be reminded.

          • As for news, we have a lot more choices. We simply have to be more discriminating. NBC, ABC, CBS are still more responsible than many rouge internet news sites. They still check their sources and even admit when they make errors. 60 minutes is still uncovering great stories.

            Democracy now, Vise news and others all quality alternatives. We get to decide and choose. Check sources, be discriminating.

            I’ve been behind the scenes of certain news stories and have watched several mainstream news media cover things, and believe it or not, in a very unbiased way.

            One example: I went years ago to a symposium at the University of Milwaukee on the 911 controversy and watched how they (mainstream news) covered the main speaker. When I read the articles on it the next day, they did a very good job of reporting the facts and what happened. I was there and knew what to watch for, and they did their job.

            To lump them all in a generalization of only corporate media is not only unfair but a stereotype. That does not mean they are free of corporate influence, but good reporting still exists, even in MSM.

          • Raphael

            We all have different opinions, perceptions and expectations…I could cite hundred of example of media bias, and everyday examples of MSM journalists not doing their job. It all depends on where you stand, on your own perspective…like looking at a landscape, I might see a mountain whereas you see a valley. In such cases we just have to agree to disagree…without any bad feelings, and with mutual respect.

          • Just watched NBC news tonight. They fully endorsed climate change in a story on glaciers. I’ve watched them (NBC) hem and haw and tiptoe on this subject back and forth. But tonight I smiled.

          • Raphael

            Good…perhaps there is hope for them still 🙂

          • Perhaps! 🙂

          • Craig

            Online shopping only seems to be working when it is cheaper and more convenient than direct sales. Direct sales catering for a niche group cannot succeed if the niche group is not identified and kept being catered for. As for the retail industry they try to fulfill these two roles and that is where the problem lies. Try KFC over the counter versus KFC deliveries… Convenience. Every industry goes through this cycle cater for all and the battle is the pricing.
            I pay 50% more to get through my shopping list downtown. While downtown inhabitants crowd and cause disruptions uptown…
            I buy online to cater for future necessities not survival essentials…
            The problem is for small enterprises to outsmart large ones offering retail, delivery and online. The way to do it is use more of the customers senses to lure them to the enterprise…

          • Raphael

            Yes but what is the point of experiencing ourselves as “superheroes”? (Please don’t read this as being antagonistic, only questioning…I like to question everything).

            What is the point of setting the entire world on fire (metaphorically) to prove to ourselves that we can develop the ability to put the fire out? Isn’t this an exercise in futility, an absurd exercise, in the final analysis? Why not simply appreciate the beauty of life, the beauty that is all around us and within us, and live in harmony?

            I never felt a need to break my legs in order to subsequently appreciate my natural ability to stand on them and walk.

            You will answer that it is because humanity is not evolved enough…because it is still “young”. Perhaps. No one truly knows, as we don’t even know our actual origin. It seems that humans are innately conflicted…I think there is more to our collective story than we suspect.

          • No antagonistism felt my friend. I get your point and welcome your questioning.

            I think the whole sci fi superhero concept is bleeding over and soaking through. Think a billionaire politician who’s uncouth, dysfunctional and inexperienced and people vote for him is for Batman/Superman comics only? Look at our current Twilight Zone Trump reality!

            “Why not simply appreciate the beauty of life, the beauty that is all around us and within us, and live in harmony?” Ha good one! Welcome to my world! I agree wholeheartedly. But this world is one of many realities not just mine.

            Also, as I understand it, all societies in the cosmos go through this same evolutionary phase as we are doing.

            Lisette Larkins ET’s explained that they blew them selves up twice before they finally go it. They went through all the stuff we did as well. There are many small trees and orchards of budding enlightenment in various stages of growth on our planet. May they sprout strong sooner than later.


          • Raphael

            Trump is unfortunately not merely a passing anomaly…he has the opportunity to appoint over a 100 politically extremist judges who will hold their positions for decades, potentially. While we all have our eyes fixed on the con man and his ridiculous tweets, his team is slyly destroying everything most Americans cherish, not to mention that Republicans might soon have the political power to have a Constitutional convention and modify the Constitution.

            All of this points to a long term crisis.

            It seems that the world is getting ever more divided…between the spiritually awakened or gently awakening, and the barbarians who want to take us back to feudal times socially, politically and in terms of religion, and who do not merely have ideas but have ambitions of achieving absolute control over all of us.

            Every piece of the world puzzle has a role to play…but humanity is a bit of a slow learner. Should we visualize a firecracker under its collective butt, so it doesn’t have to experience a mushroom cloud?

          • I personally would visualize the world we all desire to experience and add that good energy to the receptive collective and create the snowball effect.

            We don’t ignore or airbrush over the worlds problems we do what we can and are inspired to be and do action wise.

          • AKA Patrick

            Check out a book by Anne Wilson-Schaef entitled: “When Society Becomes an Addict” for an excellent discussion of the international dysfunctionality of the world. Very enlightening (psychologically).

          • AKA Patrick

            Questioning EVERYTHING is VERY WISE!

        • Raphael

          Good analysis…there is no doubt in my mind that the “storm” Neale and many other traditions and prophecies refer to is way darker, global and more catastrophic than Neale even imagines or is willing to face. According to my own little vision, it will cause all of humanity to plunge into near absolute despair.

          That’s not something anyone wants to hear, obviously…anymore than anyone wants to hear they have cancer.

          After this period of near absolute despair comes something that I am not sure I know how to describe or understand…all I know is that it is better than anything we can think of, and it is a new way of being. Perhaps in a new dimension. It will be as if the divine is made visible throughout all life…a world of inner light and knowledge. Many, who will be unprepared, will be disoriented and need help at that time…and they will get it from christ-like individuals.

      • Craig

        Why must we change the negative? Is it not the counter balance essential part of being alive. Yin yang… We cannot evolve without the opposite. If Raphael be right we need to accept our role in every encounter towards enlightenment. If we play the Yin role today in say your life and within an hour I play the yang role in Kristen’s life. We do not have only one singular role we play an ever changing role. All to help each other evolve to the ultimate self… That which is created unto the essence of creation…
        When we try to fix the negative in others we become oppressors but when we help each other and understand the significance of the experience we have a win win situation… We should not claim we are evolving when we stick to a norm that applied 2000 years ago… Penalty and all if it were otherwise then the death penalty and corporate punishment would self be a crucial part of our way of donig…

        • We don’t necessarily need opposites to evolve. That’s a bit of old school spirituality.

          HEB’s live in perfectly enlightened societies. If they want to see negativity or opposites, they do not exist in their front yard or even their planet.

          They have to travel untold light years to find a place like earth to see negativity and opposites. But it does not exist in their experience. It does exists somewhere in the cosmos. In this case, earth is one of those opposites.

          “When we try to fix the negative in others we become oppressors but when we help each other and understand the significance of the experience we have a win win situation.”

          We only need to fix the negative in ourselves if that’s our choice. In doing so we influence others regarding the life and choices we make.

          As I’ve said on many occasion here over the years. We eventually out grow negativity and violence etc.

          Some simply out grow it sooner.

          • Raphael

            I think we need to make a clear distinction between the natural world and the human world. The following comment is about the natural world, the natural creation, the natural earth.

            There are no opposites in the natural universe, only complementary elements…there are no conflicts, only a dance, a movement, multiple motions of high and low, light and dark, past and future, life and death.

            The conflicts only exist in our human minds, not in life itself. We see conflicts where there is actually balance and harmony. Even the prey and predator exist in a state of harmony in the wilderness.

            If there were no contrast, no polarity, there would be no movement, no motion…there would be immobility, as when a scale return to its center position.

            Some confuse immobility with peace…but immobility is death. Peace comes with the understanding that conflicts are mental creations. Peace comes with the understanding that life is a dance, and with dancing gracefully, without fearing or resisting the flow of nature, the Tao, like a leaf in the wind…for joy only.

            If only we could all learn from nature…

          • I’ll buy into that quite a bit. I thinks it’s a fair distinction.

            Lisette Larkins enlightened ET’s she writes about work and communicate with animals and nature regarding crop circles. They don’t just use technology, they use psychic spiritual enlightenment together for permission and dance with them in the process.

            However, I just saw the documentary on Jane Goodall and while her studies of the chimps revealed a lot of harmony there was also conflict and disharmony, violence.

            When we are enlightened and completely at peace, it’s possible that animals themselves may also change in behavior.

            Search for : How to have a relationship with a wild animal narrated Steve Karlin sustainable human. For a way we should approach wild animals.

            I think most animals domestic and wild have a natural Buddha like peace built in except when in danger and hunting where other modes kick in. We’d do well to be in that Buddha like space. I work and play to be in the space our cat is in.

          • Raphael

            Interesting…I just watched the video. That “Buddha” like quality is indeed that of being fully present, here and now.

            I bonded with an owl in the past…it was wild but did not want to leave me, and stayed with me several days, staying on my shoulder. The last scene on the video reminded me of it, when I petted that owl on the head it would close its eyes…

            I have had bonding experiences with wild turkeys and deer as well. When you are very calm, have an inner calm, animals come to you and trust you.

          • Amen brother amen! That was one great video and short too! Very profound. Posted it on my Facebook page last week. Glad you enjoyed and related. I thought you would. No, I knew you would!

          • Spiritual_Annie

            It’s actually difficult for me to live without animals. I’m struggling now because Biscuit is ageing rapidly. When I’ve had cats, I’ve always gotten a second one when the first got to be about 10. I also allow them to pass over at home and in my arms rather than a veterinarian’s office.

            I’ve bonded with every domestic animal I’ve lived with, and several when I’m sitting outside. For some reason, butterflies are the ones that most often alight on my arm or my hand. I’ve recently been making friends with the native lizards here, who come in and help keep the bug population down. A couple of them have gotten used to my talking to them.

          • Great!

          • AKA Patrick

            Interesting to note: Would there Be the Presence of Life without MOVEMENT? Absolutely NOT. In the Bible we are told: “And God MOVED” on the face of the deep. Without movement or motion, there is no active Life.

          • AKA Patrick

            Amen to what you say!

          • Craig

            Thank you for the clarification… We need to fix in ourselves to be an example for others. I have to agree with that. It is the way we perceive things that may be the problem. We need enlightened eyes of the mind to change.

      • AKA Patrick


    • AKA Patrick

      Wow, Annie. You’ve GOT it– in more ways than One. You Are the One! Over the entry of a downtown bar and grill, (which company originated in Hawaii), are large
      gold-plated(?) letters about two feet high which clearly state: “LOVE ALL; SERVE ALL; ALL IS ONE”! The hard part of this is, it’s hard to be oh, so patient, while we
      wait for others to catch-up. But since we’re such a young race in the cosmos, we are a ways behind. Which means We have OUR work to do. You’re already doing some good examples. In helping others, you’re helping yourself. And that’s just as God wants it. More later, as I have time…

  • Spiritual_Annie

    Yet another warning as I’m about to rant again…

    I have spent most of the morning watching the dramas that have been unfolding over the weekend (which I ignored until this morning–everyone needs a break). I knew my phone was blowing up with Twitter notifications, but had been ignoring them.

    Why is it surprising to anyone that, in a country where a narcissistic sexual predator has been elected President, someone running for Congress from Alabama has been accused of having sex with a 14 year old girl?

    Why is it surprising to anyone that, in the Philippines, Duerte views the press as the enemy and our narcissistic President admires his attitude?

    Why is it surprising to anyone that, in a world filled with self-denial, there is so much public denial about who we are as a society–one that allows child brides; one that supports sexual assaults against women as signs of power and control; one that has been informed by every “intelligence” agency that Russia interfered with our election but we refuse to believe it; one that can’t even pass legislation to prohibit the sales of the kits that turn semiautomatic weapons into near-automatic weapons after several mass shootings by lone gunmen?

    Once again, the distractions are so obvious. Instead of talking about how Trump is filling federal judicial seats with ultraconservatives, we’re talking about pedophilia (which is far from “new” news). Instead of talking about how many lives are being lost in Puerto Rico due to a lack of sanitary water and food, and now the spreading of disease, we’re talking about the latest Trump-Russia connections (which also aren’t “new” news).

    People are boycotting advertisers of Sean Hannity, and when the advertisers pull their ads, other people are smashing their products because they “caved” to the pressure–while our fellow Americans are dying in Puerto Rico! While a 7.3 earthquake has killed hundreds in Iran and Iraq! While the people of Yemen are being exterminated!

    Yes, I’m politically active. I put myself out there, to be proactive, to be the “voice of facts” when people who are ill informed or misinformed post incorrect information. I use data, like knowing the latest statistics show only 2%-10% of all sexual assault accusations are false. I do my research (there really are people dedicated to the accumulation of actual data). Or that people don’t generally die of seizures in their sleep but rather from the activity they’re involved in when they have a seizure, like driving or swimming (one would have to have a sustained seizure for over half an hour–rarely seen except in withdrawals from alcohol or drugs–for the seizure to cause brain death).

    It’s tiring, to be honest. Sometimes it’s tempting to withdraw from it altogether. But, then–if not me, who?

    I need to watch a silly comedy for a while, or maybe let some Angry Birds do some virtual violence on green piggies that steal their eggs. Or curl up with my teddy bear.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • You can’t fight all battles. Choose a few and leave the rest. We need people with peace of mind as well.

    • Raphael

      Hi Annie,

      Remember to walk with one foot in this world, one foot in the Spirit world. It’s a balancing act…being grounded in the natural world can help. Literally connect with the ground…barefoot…at least 15 minutes a day, and silently communicate with the earth and its healing energies. If you can do it at dawn and dusk, it will be even better…pre-dawn is a magical and powerful time, spiritually.

      The biggest issue is, in my view, the destruction of our planet. This is what all Indigenous people focus on…not that everything else is not important, but without the earth, we have nothing.

      The social climate is very toxic these days…the culture is toxic. The entire world is plunging into madness, or so it seems. Don’t turn your eyes away from it, look at it and act effectively wherever you can, stay involved but don’t let yourself being thrown into imbalance…remember your center, stay centered.

      I sign petitions every day, among other things…many can get me angry. Most stories are outrageous. That’s when I have to remember nature and what I call the real world, which from my perspective is not our present human world…that world is not real in the sense that it is rooted in illusions. That world is a mistake.

    • Raphael

      To anyone who cares about our planet and life:

      “The fact that Earth’s climate is rapidly changing as a result of human activity on our planet is an enormous problem. Forget about the pretend “debate” going on, where one side explains that we need to cut back on our dirty energy needs and production in order to try to slow down the general warming of our planet, while the other side pretends that God will let them keep their money in heaven. The fact remains that fossil fuels and unregulated and unsafe industrial production causes systematic pollution—pollution of our air and our water and the soil from which we get all of our food.

      NPR is reporting on a new study showing that pollution was the cause of 9 million premature deaths in 2015, and the number of humans affected by pollution across the globe beats out those smoking tobacco and completely dwarfs people affected by AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and war.”
      By Walter Einenkel

    • Kristen

      Hi Annie,
      I havnt been in for a while so just read this.
      Annie, you cant take on or fight the worlds problems, no one can, all the frustration and anger manifests in you. I got rid of my tv and dont even read the news online, the 3 minute news on the radio is all I need to know now…why? Because 99% of everything is a complete waste of time, it just pees me off. If I KNOW I can change something then its worth it, or if my voice or $ will actually stop suffering for someone or something, but other than that my stance is now ‘I cant change it, therefore would rather not know, Ive lost complete interest it all, it consumes you if you let it.

      Re deaths from earthquakes and things….I’m so anti suffering, that I’m pro death, I would eauthenaise billions if I could and half the animals in the world, plus execute millions. For that reason I never give immediate aid for natural disasters, I think that being saved and ‘bought back to life’ by well meaning people is, sadly, the crueler of the two options. I would rather die if I lost loved ones, my home, my everything, and have seen the ongoing psychological impacts of ‘survivors’ of natural disasters….so my stance is to allow people to pass away within a few days, especially children, rather than impose our natural instinctive decision on them by saving their lives. Lets face it, life in many places is already hell, if they get a chance to leave hell then Im all for that….sometimes nature is being kind when it looks cruel!