You are looking at a website that is never edited or censored by anyone manually…least of all me…and, as far as I know, only by one level of programming, which finds and deletes posts with foul language or links to other sites. This headline article is being written right now at 5:35pm Pacific Time Sunday, May 7.

Two minutes ago Raphael posted this:

I was wrong…comments are STILL censored. Amazing! My comment addressed to Patrick was eliminated, after being “reviewed” by the global conversation team. No foul language, no family-unfriendly language, no links of any kind.

This is truly not worth my time. Whoever is doing this, have at it hoss, enjoy your tiny little power…you are a little pest, a tiny microbe, an insignificant bacteria.

Earlier Raphael posted this…

Posts do not just “disappear”, they are not abducted by aliens and molested…they are actually moderated, as can be seen by the notice “hold on: this comment is being reviewed by the global conversation team” (or something similar), prior to being taken out (presumably lined against a wall and shot). 

Explanation? That’s all we are looking for here….not denial, but a rational explanation for an irrational event.

Wow, this site must be being severely hacked. The only one “working” this site, as far as I know, is me. I have no idea who is sending the notice that a comment is being “reviewed by the global conversation team.” Somebody has indeed found his or her way into our site management system and is playing games with us.

We will look into it and re-program the site, if we have to.

Raphael also wrote: On another note, I am seriously questioning Neale’s point about developing a loyal following by using a two-pronged approach, authority/coercion and example/inspiration. I find the idea of using coercion repugnant, and to be opposing all spiritual truths. Is this Neale’s new direction? I hope not…

Again, I am merely asking questions.

I’ll reply to that here. I am not suggesting for a minute that humanity’s approach should include violence of any kind. I do see how what I wrote in my last post here might have been interpreted that way. The point I was hoping to make (and did a clumsy job with, apparently) is that at present…at our present stage of maturity as a species, at our present level of emotional development…we don’t seem to be able to grasp that violence cannot end violence, and is never appropriate as an action or activity or choice of Highly Evolved Beings.

The problem, I was hoping to point out, is that right now, we are not even considering a two-pronged approach, which could possibly produce surprising results. I used the discipline of a child as my bad example. Yet even discipline should not include “violence” of any kind, in my belief. I did not make that clear in my earlier writing.

The so-called “battle of ideas” is one approach that humanity is not using with utmost skill or commitment. But the battle of munitions does not have to include bombs and bullets and weapons of mass destruction. I regret that I did not make it clear that I consider economic means are but one form of “ammunition” that our disciplining of nations whose leaders are acting like children could include more of. As well as other diplomatic means.

All of that having been said, if somebody comes into my house or approaches me on the street and is moving to kill or injure my loved one, I am going to use physical force, if that is the only means that will work, to bring an end to the threat or the assault. I will certainly try to talk the assailant out of it, but if I cannot stop the killing or injuring of my loved one any other way, I will use physical force equal to that which is used against me.

My mind struggles with this every time I look at it, but that is where I am right now at my stage of emotional development. I’m open to discussion on this.

I am also open to finding a way to end the hacking of this website. No Comment entered here should be “moderated” by anyone. We’ll see what’s going on here, or we’ll just re-program the site.

Everyone be well.