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  • AKA Patrick

    Key to Life is Being–Our Joint Divine Being! It has been said: “All Is One’–meaning we are all part of the same, One Being. I believe it. Our money even says: “E pluribus Unum” –Latin for : “One Out of Many! Our money also says: “In God we trust. I agree wholeheartedly with exactly that! That should do for starters to start the New Year off right. (IMHO). Anyone else wish to pick up the thread of these thoughts? Go for it! Thank you for the opportunity to be the Jumpstarter for 2018, Neale!

  • AmsterdamHere

    Are there still questions after the complete dialogue between Neale and God? For myself the answer is no.
    Years ago I suddenly had insights after a mental breakdown. Like a zip-file was planted in my brain and got unzipped. It was in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
    The insights told me that God was unconditional love, that God was almighty, that God was allknowing, God was all perfect, God could not be damaged, God could see everything because God is everywhere, God didn’t have needs. Also I had the insight that our free will couldn’t be in conflict with the will of God.

    I wanted to write an interview with God, but a friend of mine told me that Neale Donald Walsch had conversations with God. So I began to read almost all his books.

    What a feast of recognition it was! The books are the best things that came in my life.
    They gave me inner peace, happiness and complete trust about life and death.

    I lost my frustration and eased my mind.

    I am so grateful for Neale to share his conversations to the world.
    Thank you so much dear Neale!

    • AKA Patrick

      And, for Neale and all, thank you as well, AH! (AmsterdamHere).

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am only happy if the CWG messages and material has brought benefit to your life. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. I appreciate your sharing your experience here. Blesséd be.

  • AmsterdamHere

    Neale, I have understood from your books that our soul includes everything there is. So the soul is everywhere and in all the time there is?
    Doesn’t that imply that our soul is in fact God and that we will experience everything from the beginning to the end?
    In other words, will we, as God, experience also how we have treated one another at some point in our existence?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Hello again, my friend. As indicated in my article above, there is now a wonderful place on the Internet where people from all over the world may place before me any and every question they have about the messages of CWG and their practical application in everyday life. Simply go to http://www.CWGConnect.com, a marvelous resource for those who have explored and felt they have benefitted from this dialogue. Once there, navigate to Ask Neale, where I reply in detail to questions like yours every day.

  • Simon Daum

    Hey Neale,

    When I started to read your books it felt like reading what I believed already since many years, but didn’t have the courage to actually live that believe due to my christian conditioning.. Now, 95 % of what you write sound very true to me, but there are 5 percent I would love to understand better.

    I believe that God us pure light. In that sense, we are all light. Where God (we) originally reside, there is no darkness. I understand that in our physical world there needs to be a duality, and that every part of that duality serves a purpose, darkness aswell as light.. But, I also believe that the highest goal we have, is to be that pure light, that our true nature ist, within this world of darkness.. So… yes, darkness is created by God, and therefore somewhat “good”.. but it is a distorted “good”.. a “good” that will make our way harder, longer and painful. So, in that sense it may not matter what we do or choose from an eternal perespective, but, considering our goal to become God in this world again ( which means to have no darkness ) .. darkness slows us down to get there..

    Is that something you would agree on?

    In higher zivilisations young people bare children, and the older ones raise them.

    This does not really make sense to me. In our world, there just as many old and experienced people that would not raise the children with wisdom, as there are young people that would raise their children in wisdom. Besides, isn’t being a parent, even if not in perfect ways, the best way to actually learn wisdom.. Isn’t that a porcess parents and children get a benefit from. Also, if there are higher societies, wouldnt 20 year old people posess so much wisdom that they would raise their children in great ways..

    To me, the greatest ideal would be to have a community where the old ones take the young parents and their children under their hands, teach them in love, and be an example of love.. That view you (God) shared to me just doesnt really sound sensible to me.

    Besides all that, if God does not want young people to raise their kids, why did he not create us in ways that only those get pregnant that are old enough? .. I think this is something I would expect from God, if he feels that way about rasing children

    I know so many people that have true encounters with Angels and God, aswell as with Jesus, not just on spiritual, but also in phyiscal ways. But in most cases, these beings testify of Christ being the Saviour of the world.. Other times they require to go another way, a way of sacrifice and submission.. Are these beings only peoples own creations, or may that be E:T.s that are getting any benefit from people doing as they command.?

    Sexuality.. I agree very much on most of what you say, but, in some way how God says “play, play, play with it” has some strange feeling about it. Same thing as telling that watching pornophrahie would be a good thing.. I think that everyone should be free to live and do sex as he or she desires, but I fear that many will misunderstand and misuse what, and how God talked about it. At least for our world, many people get hurt by sex.. Young girls may agree to have sex with a guy who only cares about his own needs, but in truth, she only fears to loose him if she says “no”-… Young people put a lot of emotion into it, a lot of feelings, and many times don’t really understand what they get into yet..

    At least in our world it is proven that ´pornography has its bad influences… It “destroys” relationships that otherwise could have become great places of wisdom.. In my view, it contributes more to “distortet good”, or the darkness in the world, than that it contributes to light, and in that way contradicts our true, godly nature. It gives peoople the wrong idea about sex

    I think when we talk about, and show sex, it always needs to be accompied with the facts that it is a deeply soritual act, an act of love and respect. yes, also of fun and joy, but a joy that is on both sides..

    Dont know if that makes sense, but I wished God would not say that it “doesnt matter what you do”.. Just play around.. it just looses a bit of sacredness that way

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kristen

    Mmmmm, this new format is going well. Think I’ll go weed the garden.

    • AKA Patrick

      It only goes well with CONTRIBUTORS, thank you!

      • Kristen

        Haha, I did my bit for 5 years, many of us did. Neales the one that didnt like our way, freedom of speech and literally Global Conversations based on the CwG teaching that there are two sides to everything and we are all different. So changed it to a CwG site.
        Hilarious!! The people have spoken!

  • Pax

    My comment to AKA Patrick was removed…….why ?

    • AKA Patrick

      I got it on my phone. Could it be “EGO”?

      • Pax

        No Ego just curious to find out so I don’t flout the rules next time.
        Namaste bro

        • AKA Patrick

          Understand not wanting to flout the rules. BTW, I wasn’t referring to YOUR ego.

          • Kristen

            Be careful, things could be getting a bit off topic here. I dont recall anything in the CwG books about people not contributing on a website when it changes, nor reading about deleted posts. We covered those two topics in the old format, this is strictly CwG now.

          • AKA Patrick

            Oh, my, MUST we be so PURE? I thought brother Neale spelled out that we could bring up ANY topic we chose? Am I part of WE? Are YOU part of We? You must decide for yourself. That is the party line. And I don’t mean “Yahoo! We’re having a party!” Haha!

          • Kristen

            No, read the thread, its strictly CwG now, or how CwG may relate to current news.
            Read the first two paragraphs.
            No, I’m not a part of any WE, there is no WE in ME, and no ME in WE. Just not a team player sorry.
            But I am a conformist although did rebel in talking about the weather. I figured that as a die hard CwG fan that Marko could have the authority to deviate from CwG.
            This is all soooooooooooo hilarious.

  • Well for the new year I’m fasting from the news both on the telly and the internet. There are some exceptions like some local news and weather. And even that, I record and fast forward past much of it, unless it concerns the area where I live or something.

    When I’m looking to get on my email, facebook etc. I can’t help but at least see some of the headlines and I read very little of them, and stories I do read are more human interest, spiritual or psychological etc. My wife watches a little more news and some late night comedians and will ask me to come downstairs while I’m working on my art or playing piano etc if something she thinks I like or am interested in is on.

    I have found that news is something someone decides is important, that I should be aware of. I don’t abide by what they think is news and Trump tweets are not news, they should focus on his horrible policies and point out their awful consequences.

    News does not help or enhance my life. And without it, it gives me more free time.

    Not all news is bad of course, it’s okay to be informed a little but not a lot. Why? When in the last month or year was there a story that really made a difference in your life? It most likely will be a human interest story or weather alert if a big storm is coming. I do record Nightline but preview and skip much of it.

    Anyone else have thoughts about the news?

    • AKA Patrick

      As I recall, Neale wrote a book entitled “God’s New News”, or maybe I’m mistaken.
      I agree, though, that much of the world’s news is depressing. It’s sad that human interest is so played down and not given the emphasis I believe it should; but then I’m an empath. What do I know?

      • News has it’s place, we get to choose what we read and watch if any.

        News is that which deviates from the norm. It’s normal for millions of kids to get on the school bus, go to school & then go home. When something happens like a accident etc. that’s news, it deviates from the norm.

        We decide, and news has it’s place as a contextual field of what we don’t desire to experience. For me, I know what I desire to experience and it doesn’t include a lot of news at this point. I have a lot of other passions and projects that are way more fulfilling of my souls desire.

    • Kristen

      Haha, this is a happening place now, the Internet Party Central!
      Happy New Year to you too Marko.
      No TV, news bores me senseless now other than natural disasters and storms so my daily news dose is what Professor Google tells me about storms worldwide and what the people who live in my radio at work decide to tell me every hour. Apparently today nothings happening worldwide other than a Kardashion baby was born, a singer died and a toddler drowned!
      US weather is nuts, since when do oceans freeze and sharks wash up frozen? Now why didn’t the Jaws producers think of that?
      And that relates to CwG to comply with site changes because its probably cold where Neale lives!

      • Snappy new year to you Kristen. I learned on local news this pm after fast forwarding most of it that tobacco companies are targeting kids with electric cigarettes with flavors like cotton candy & gummy bears. YoW! how crazy is that!!! (YoW) is a reference to Zippy the Pin Head cartoon.

        It always surprises me with all your dislike of CwG material that you are a regular here, or did I mis represent your views in that regard?

        • AKA Patrick

          Marko, my friend: You may have, but it comes to no account, as it seems that Kristen has now taken on Patrick Gannon’s former role as a bit of a destroyer, or at least maybe a promoter of her own agenda, rather than Neale’s. At any rate, I’m not here to fight, as I’m a man of peace. Discuss, yes. Argue pointlessly, no. Besides, I have a lawsuit to attend to, so I may not be here much. I attempted to help make a good start with this, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy some folks. Nuff said? Any further help wanted or needed, ask.

          • Kristen

            Sorry, not a destroyer. I respect Neales decision that this is now a CwG website, before it wasnt, previously it was people discussing the thread or news in general, just Global Conversations about anything.
            No agenda at all other than pointing out when necessary that Neale communicates with a different God to the one of scriptures if people miss that in one of the books. I have no books, religion or anything to promote sorry.
            And challenge trolls.
            Everything I ever type is typed with a smile if that clarifies, Im often mocking which you may miss if you’re serious.

        • Kristen

          I respect anything thats the truth and does no harm.
          What I can’t tolerate about CwG is the very titles of the books. In the beginning Neale prayed to ‘God’, Jehovah, the God of scriptures and tjeGod everyone refers to as God in America. A different God or entity answered him, clearly not God, which wasnt Neales fault. I think in book 3 it states “I am a new God”, even acknowledging its not the God Neale prayed to or assumed.
          Yet Neale has continued to call the books Conversations with God with clear implications, therefore deceiving Christians and others that his books are affiliated to the God of Scriptures. The two Gods are polar opposites. No other God other tjan the one Neale receives chanelling from would ever engage in such blasphme and deception. So as the author, I feel Neale shouldn’t use the word God, make it blatantly clear AND ensure all his followers are making informed choice, just as there is a clear difference between the God of scriptures and Hinduism.
          For that reason I cant respect Neale as a person, but it doesnt mean the teachings are wrong.
          As for being in here, my Kabbalic teacher asked me to come in here years ago as the voice of scriptures when necessary since CwG supports there are two sides to every story, and on the Tree of Life I encountered a Native American chief who asked me to find the person he is the guide for and get them to please contact their guide and get back on track, their next stage is female principles etc. Which was Mewabe when I finally read someone mentioning Native Americans.
          Basically, Ive been working in here and open about that or more working when people start talking abput scriptures of tje God of scriptures, to set it straight so other teaders dont believe their misinformation or lies.
          Ive been open about being called to be in here, and work for an organisation called Charlies Angels, where we do this a lot in blasphme websites, and challenge trolls when theyre mean or out of line, like Patrick, using psychology or being mean when they are to drive them away from innocent people they target like Annie. So we are all open and honest so we can get to know them, and they us, occasionally they change!
          Ive never hidden any of this, always an open book from day 1.

          • Pax

            Hi Kristen,

            I’am not here to speak for Neale but have you read Neales book Tomorrows God it clearly points out that it is not a new God ,but a new experience of the “old” God .The old God is not working it never could.
            All you have to do is observe the world and the place we have come too, stuck in the mire unable to accept with humility that we could be mistaken about life/God .
            The first most important difference between Yesterday’s God and Tomorrows God:
            Tomorrow’s God does not require anyone to believe in God.

            Another point why does all the information about God come from old books .We live in the 21st century .Using these old books as our guiding principles is like a surgeon going into a 21st century operating theatre with Stone Age tools.Organsed Religions Mantra is “ no new thoughts allowed”. No wonder our evolution is in slow motion.
            I will stop there.

          • I’ve always found it to be a waste of time trying to change strong opinions, unless the ones you are talking to are asking and open, receptive to what you have to say. That is so rare as to almost be non existent.

            We pick & choose our battles with what precious little time we have here. I would think your time would be better served promoting your beliefs to a more receptive audience.

          • Kristen

            Haha, its not beliefs, just one fact that Neales God isnt the God of scriptures….you asked!
            I believe in informed choice, hence pointing that out. My job!

          • What ever you do, I send you peace, love magic. 🙂

          • Raphael

            Hey Kristen…Just passing through here, like the ghost that I am.

            I realize that I disappeared without saying goodbye to anyone…kind of rude of me, but that’s what ghosts do.

            I thought that after Neale decided to shut this site down in a kind of negative and hurt response to your comment, and then decided not to shut it down but turn it into another echo chamber for the CWG material (which is normal, considering that that’s his baby and that’s what he wants to promote and talk about, not Walmart people, and that he probably thought that he had lost control of this site), that it was as good a time as any for me to no longer haunt this place.

            I have already said all I wanted to say here anyway through the years, and there is no point in repeating myself, I am not old enough for this yet.

            The surprisingly negative responses to your latest comments here actually confirm my prior experience that the majority of followers of any creed, new age or traditional, rarely tolerate criticism or differences. They want a uniformity of thought which they call agreement. This is why I have never been a follower (of anything), first because I abhor conformity, and because nothing actually fits with my way of thinking. I want my mind to be able to function independently and clearly, in order to have a direct contact with the divine. Any “messenger”, in my view, casts a shadow between me and the Source…a shadow of unnecessary and limiting preconceptions…because all messengers have their own perceptions and consequently personal distortion (by definition, no one in the entire universe is without personality and a subjective viewpoint…and humans in particular all have extra baggage).

            This is why whenever you truly want to learn anything, especially spiritually (learning computer programming is another matter) you have to first unlearn everything a teacher taught you, unless he or she taught you to find your own way and awaken your own creative power. This is what a good spiritual teacher does…he doesn’t give you any answers, but suggests the right questions.

            Thank you for passing down your message from one of my guides…it made sense to me, and it was a kind thing to do.

            Don’t let the frozen sharks get you down…all of this (and much worse to come) being the outcome of mankind’s obsession with messing with the natural order. The people of chaos are in charge of our world, and they predictably do what they know best: they create imbalance and disharmony wherever they go, and damage whatever they touch. They call it civilization. I call it a global mental illness.

            Take care Kristen, and be grateful to be living in New Zealand, more or less away from much of the world’s madness…and if Annie happens to breeze in, take care of yourself Annie!

            We are all travelers on this earth, and it is great to occasionally cross paths and pause and have a chat over tea and crumpets or moldy fried bread, dried chokecherries and raw buffalo liver, whichever you prefer, it’s a tossup.

          • Kristen

            Heeeeeey, howdy you!
            I just popped in the other day to see how it was going as a CwG site…erm!
            So had to laugh.
            Damned when I point out its strictly CwG now, even that got a negative response, its all hilarious, you know me, always laughing. But at least I woke people up!
            Completely agree about good teachers, I refuse to let people teach me. Prompt me with questions or things to ponder then I’ll give it ago, but they shouldnt assume what my own view will be…do that and stubborness will kick in!
            I left fast too, killed off myself like Mewabe, maybe Im just a ghost now too. Who knows?
            Re tolerating differences, or not tolerating them, I struggle to tolerate ‘sameness’, I hate groups and like minded people are boring, perhaps that could answer Markos reply as to why I was chatting in here, different is fun.
            Hope you have a great year, Summer here so heaven as always. Exciting news here in NZ. Our Prime Minister Jacinda, 37, is pregnant so we’ll have a ‘royal baby’. Its so funny compared to Trump. We’re on about our 3rd female Prime Minister….a young pregnant female who’s partner Clark will be a fulltime Dad after she has 6 weeks off. Makes you realise what a timewarp America is in, still having wealthy old school male governments, like its 1925. Probably is there.
            Anyway, nice to hear you’re alive, kindoffish, must trot, midnight here, I just got in from work and Im at Woodstock, The Doors are playing at the mo, I have the Roadhouse Blues. Then Bob Marleys on for his set I think, then maybe Abba or Lynyard Skynyard. Thank God for bluetooth! And Summer when I can stay up til 5am and sleep 3 hours before work again.
            Oh….google our purple sky last night, very cool, youll be jealous. As purple as the best fried bread.
            Enough about all my boring news…Im sure the CwG news channel is much more fun than ours!!
            Take care (lucky I mentioned CwG and some news so this doesnt get erased), and hope you make it to the bathroom on time.

            And yip Annie. Howdy and love to you and Biscuit and hope you’re managing ok in your ghastly cold. xxx

          • Raphael

            Nice sky!

            Same here with groups…I have to find my own way. I think I probably fed myself as a baby…very independent-minded!

            America is stuck in such a time warp that I think it is now petrified…or fossilized…much like our very stable genius of a President’s gray matter. No wonder he sounds like an Indian rattle when he walks…

            Have a great year as well Kristen…with great music, good company and plenty of purple skies!

          • AKA Patrick

            BLUE skies are better! Meantime, back to my lawsuit! Bye for now!

          • Kristen

            Dont be jealous, purple skies rock! First one ever seen.

          • Victor

            Greetings Raphael, and a Loving New Year 2018!

            Always a pleasure to read you, every now and then…

            Hugs and blessings…

          • Raphael

            Thank you Victor, same to you! I won’t be back here as I have to concentrate on some personal projects, but I will miss the interesting exchange of ideas.
            Take care…

          • “Then when personal tragedy strikes, the idea of a “loving and caring God” often completely crumbles and all the pain that was suppressed by this idea resurfaces with a vengeance and with the additional anger that comes with the illusion of having been betrayed or abandoned by this “loving God” (when in reality the person betrayed themselves with such an unreal or incomplete idea).”

            I both agree and disagree with this. Personal tragedies often bring people closer to God and for others it does the opposite.

            It seems to me, that it’s a persons resiliency that has a lot to do with this. After a tragedy they either close up and self medicate, or process it and decide to move on.

            You, know this whole idea that even the most horrific experiences are part of a plan, soul contract, what ever you want to call it, is simply another way to look at and cope with life.

            A friend of mine just wrote a book I think it’s called “Into the Light.” Here is a women who was sexually abused and almost murdered by her father. When he died, she felt his presence and found out that this was something they both set up before she came here! It’s a wild story and I hope to talk to her about it.

            My point, this way of looking at life is mostly seen in spiritual metaphysical circles and almost never in the main stream.

            That’s one of the BIG questions in life, about why we have so much tragedy, pain & suffering in life. It still remains a BIG question.

          • Thanks Kristen, it has always surprised me how much you get into the Bible itself, as I don’t, and even if Jesus didn’t exists as a real person, it would not bother me too much.

            I do enjoy parts of the Bible very much, but there is so much more out there!

            We all have our beliefs and I believe we do come here by choice to experience life in a certain way & to learn new lessons on the path we are on.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Everything is linked, billions of grains of sand.
            Btw, Im not reincarnated or here to experience anything. My parents shagged and I was born, with a new soul as Israelites arent reincarnated. Ive ploughed through everything out there to find my feet.
            Turns out it was in the NZ National Anthem, the long version, Professor Youtube will show you, the Cindy version is the best. Thats my spirit…a Kiwi, in a Christian country with lots of majic including from Maoridom. The spirit of my family history back to Biblical times and the spirit of my country and those who lived here before me, just as it should be. I call it “home”. It takes people a long time to find “home” and reincarnation doesnt help.
            America missed out on a lot by not embracing Native American culture into their own, losing the natural blessings and old spiritual majic over the land. Thats what Raphael often tries to explain I think, he feels it by choosing to be around certain people in certain areas.

  • Victor

    Happy New Year 2018 for all!

    Yesterday, I did a lecture about New Spirituality in my city, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.

    Around 40 people attended.

    My main sources: CWG (specially “What God Said: The 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God”, and “The Only Thing That Matters”, Ken Wilber’s “Integral Spirituality”, Norman Solomon’s “Spirituality for Skeptics”, and others.

    Of course, among other topics, I noticed an increased interest when I mentioned some differences between ‘Old’ Spirituality and ‘New’ Spirituality. I mentioned the book by bishop John Shelby Spong “A New Christianity for a New World”, and of course “God’s Message to the World”, by Neale. Bishop Spong -a christian bishop!- says that the theistic god is DEAD. Neale says that God has been mainly misinterpretated almost everywhere.

    Many people lifted their eyebrows and opened his eyes, as usual…

    Then in some point came my rethorical question: “Some say that for promoting and creating the new, you have to focus on it, and not too much in the past. To focus in the new will make the old obsolete. Others say that if you have unresolved issues from the past, denying them by “living it all behind”, will not work; on the contrary, it might be that it arises more strongly in the present, precisely because it has been suppresed or denied, so, its energy is increased. It acts as the ‘shadow’ that is mentioned widely in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. So; where would be the equilibrium point?”.

    Yes, this is a permanent question for me.

    I mentioned that Neale wrote 9 books in the CWG series. Several other books in the interim. Then he started “Conversations with Humanity”, that I think it already has 4 books. One of them the very profound and wonderful “The Only Thing that Matters”, a book focused deeply in the agenda of the soul as part of the will of All That Is, in other words, an extensive and insightful work about the “Tomorrow’s God”; then the 25 Core Core Messages of CWG, and then… “God’s Message to the World”!!! An entire book about the ‘Old’ God, as it could be said…

    Why was that? After around 30 books about the ‘New Spirituality’, why a book about the ‘Old’ Theistic God, the old religious dogma?

    I guess that it was for a very good reason.

    In my view: the old religious dogma still rules today. It has not been explained or understood in its dysfunctionality strongly enough. In Ken Wilber’s ideas it would be just around 1-5% of the world what exists today related to ‘New’ Spirituality views. In other words, 95% of world’s beliefs, institutions, values, and deeds, emerge from religious dogma emerged 2000-4000 years ago… Not all ‘bad’, but many of them definitely dysfunctional in terms of a world in harmony, peace, etc.

    So, by now, part of my answer is that balance is what would be beneficial for growth. For integral growth. Balance between healing the ‘past’, and creating the ‘new’, and integrating both in the process. In the subject we’re talking about, yes, to sow the seeds of the New Spirituality, and also understanding and healing and trascending the old dogma. if we don’t understand the ‘mechanics’ of religious dogma, it could sabotage and postpone the emergency of the new.

    Every thing is ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ as it is now, but we still can do some new choices for creating a new now, right? It could be our choice to accelarate things a little bit. By exposing the dysfunctional nature of old beliefs at the same time that we cultivate new answers and insights, could we contribute to that?

    I’m open to your thoughts and insights,

    Hugs and blessings for All

    • Vic, I saw and enjoyed listening to bishop John Shelby Spong about 2/3 years ago. He has a cool message and I wonder how far that message reaches people, but it does reach some.

      Everything is perfect, including our desire to change it. Life is perfectly imperfect.

      My current status is simply imbibing and creating the most loving and enlightened consciousness I can. As I do this, I live in wonder, in how this mentality I practice shows up in it’s various ways. Mostly it’s all good, challenging at other times.

      It helps not to be so involved in the news of the world,except where I choose to pay attention, which mostly is where is my on consciousness is residing at any given moment.

      I don’t ignore or airbrush over the problems of the world, but embrace them the best I can & live in the solution not the problem.

      • Victor

        Thank you Marko!

        I enjoyed your answer, and I agree.

        Bishop Spong is amazing, at least in his writings… What a privilege to listen to him in person!

        And I think that all his work, specially the last one “A New Christianity for a New World”, is crucial for the christian world. Very hard to follow for the dogma-attached, but in the near future I guess it will be a trascendental reference.


        • Oh, congrats on your lecture!

  • Craig

    I keep returning to read a discussion posit…. But none.
    As with Wayne Dyers your CwG rest very heavy on Buddhism. I have no problem with this as it helps clarify ones suppressed personality.
    It in same sense clears a new beginning principle but forgets that the new beginning is not discovering self but discovering God’s purpose with us.
    But let us begin. A word transforms mindset, creates realities, clarifies misunderstanding. Now what is Jesus is often referred to as the word, the new covenant, the seed, the rebirth, the life…. All requiring a word to manifest a way. Your CwG is your change process, we can reflect on it but will not comprehend it as it was intended for you.
    Now can you please talk about how the word needs to take on flesh as that seems to be your ultimate intent with CwG….

  • Kristen

    Ok…AKA Patrick, everyones awake now, people are conversing, keep it going with ‘interesting’ CwG topics.
    Take your thread back. Just a tip…talking to, rather than AT people or about ‘stuff’ might hold people here, no matter the topic. We all learned that the last couple of years. Look at the threads that got the most people posting, the most views and people interested in talking.
    Maybe you could bring up the CwG quote saying ‘children are sexual beings’, while I go puke and hope no peodophiles read that. Or perhaps those who don’t want to work shouldn’t have to. Maybe even to never honour a contract or acknowledge Law, including real estate and marriages being specifically mentioned. There are interesting topics in the books to talk about, just not things I have any interest in! But do acknowledge something important, I dont assume they are Neales views at all, those bits are just channelled information where Neale is in the role of an interviewer in the earlier books. Much more interesting!
    Good luck.
    Later, K