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  • AKA Patrick

    Key to Life is Being–Our Joint Divine Being! It has been said: “All Is One’–meaning we are all part of the same, One Being. I believe it. Our money even says: “E pluribus Unum” –Latin for : “One Out of Many! Our money also says: “In God we trust. I agree wholeheartedly with exactly that! That should do for starters to start the New Year off right. (IMHO). Anyone else wish to pick up the thread of these thoughts? Go for it! Thank you for the opportunity to be the Jumpstarter for 2018, Neale!

  • AmsterdamHere

    Are there still questions after the complete dialogue between Neale and God? For myself the answer is no.
    Years ago I suddenly had insights after a mental breakdown. Like a zip-file was planted in my brain and got unzipped. It was in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
    The insights told me that God was unconditional love, that God was almighty, that God was allknowing, God was all perfect, God could not be damaged, God could see everything because God is everywhere, God didn’t have needs. Also I had the insight that our free will couldn’t be in conflict with the will of God.

    I wanted to write an interview with God, but a friend of mine told me that Neale Donald Walsch had conversations with God. So I began to read almost all his books.

    What a feast of recognition it was! The books are the best things that came in my life.
    They gave me inner peace, happiness and complete trust about life and death.

    I lost my frustration and eased my mind.

    I am so grateful for Neale to share his conversations to the world.
    Thank you so much dear Neale!

    • AKA Patrick

      And, for Neale and all, thank you as well, AH! (AmsterdamHere).

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am only happy if the CWG messages and material has brought benefit to your life. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. I appreciate your sharing your experience here. Blesséd be.

  • AmsterdamHere

    Neale, I have understood from your books that our soul includes everything there is. So the soul is everywhere and in all the time there is?
    Doesn’t that imply that our soul is in fact God and that we will experience everything from the beginning to the end?
    In other words, will we, as God, experience also how we have treated one another at some point in our existence?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Hello again, my friend. As indicated in my article above, there is now a wonderful place on the Internet where people from all over the world may place before me any and every question they have about the messages of CWG and their practical application in everyday life. Simply go to http://www.CWGConnect.com, a marvelous resource for those who have explored and felt they have benefitted from this dialogue. Once there, navigate to Ask Neale, where I reply in detail to questions like yours every day.

  • Simon Daum

    Hey Neale,

    When I started to read your books it felt like reading what I believed already since many years, but didn’t have the courage to actually live that believe due to my christian conditioning.. Now, 95 % of what you write sound very true to me, but there are 5 percent I would love to understand better.

    I believe that God us pure light. In that sense, we are all light. Where God (we) originally reside, there is no darkness. I understand that in our physical world there needs to be a duality, and that every part of that duality serves a purpose, darkness aswell as light.. But, I also believe that the highest goal we have, is to be that pure light, that our true nature ist, within this world of darkness.. So… yes, darkness is created by God, and therefore somewhat “good”.. but it is a distorted “good”.. a “good” that will make our way harder, longer and painful. So, in that sense it may not matter what we do or choose from an eternal perespective, but, considering our goal to become God in this world again ( which means to have no darkness ) .. darkness slows us down to get there..

    Is that something you would agree on?

    In higher zivilisations young people bare children, and the older ones raise them.

    This does not really make sense to me. In our world, there just as many old and experienced people that would not raise the children with wisdom, as there are young people that would raise their children in wisdom. Besides, isn’t being a parent, even if not in perfect ways, the best way to actually learn wisdom.. Isn’t that a porcess parents and children get a benefit from. Also, if there are higher societies, wouldnt 20 year old people posess so much wisdom that they would raise their children in great ways..

    To me, the greatest ideal would be to have a community where the old ones take the young parents and their children under their hands, teach them in love, and be an example of love.. That view you (God) shared to me just doesnt really sound sensible to me.

    Besides all that, if God does not want young people to raise their kids, why did he not create us in ways that only those get pregnant that are old enough? .. I think this is something I would expect from God, if he feels that way about rasing children

    I know so many people that have true encounters with Angels and God, aswell as with Jesus, not just on spiritual, but also in phyiscal ways. But in most cases, these beings testify of Christ being the Saviour of the world.. Other times they require to go another way, a way of sacrifice and submission.. Are these beings only peoples own creations, or may that be E:T.s that are getting any benefit from people doing as they command.?

    Sexuality.. I agree very much on most of what you say, but, in some way how God says “play, play, play with it” has some strange feeling about it. Same thing as telling that watching pornophrahie would be a good thing.. I think that everyone should be free to live and do sex as he or she desires, but I fear that many will misunderstand and misuse what, and how God talked about it. At least for our world, many people get hurt by sex.. Young girls may agree to have sex with a guy who only cares about his own needs, but in truth, she only fears to loose him if she says “no”-… Young people put a lot of emotion into it, a lot of feelings, and many times don’t really understand what they get into yet..

    At least in our world it is proven that ´pornography has its bad influences… It “destroys” relationships that otherwise could have become great places of wisdom.. In my view, it contributes more to “distortet good”, or the darkness in the world, than that it contributes to light, and in that way contradicts our true, godly nature. It gives peoople the wrong idea about sex

    I think when we talk about, and show sex, it always needs to be accompied with the facts that it is a deeply soritual act, an act of love and respect. yes, also of fun and joy, but a joy that is on both sides..

    Dont know if that makes sense, but I wished God would not say that it “doesnt matter what you do”.. Just play around.. it just looses a bit of sacredness that way

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kristen

    Mmmmm, this new format is going well. Think I’ll go weed the garden.

    • AKA Patrick

      It only goes well with CONTRIBUTORS, thank you!

      • Kristen

        Haha, I did my bit for 5 years, many of us did. Neales the one that didnt like our way, freedom of speech and literally Global Conversations based on the CwG teaching that there are two sides to everything and we are all different. So changed it to a CwG site.
        Hilarious!! The people have spoken!

  • Pax

    My comment to AKA Patrick was removed…….why ?

    • AKA Patrick

      I got it on my phone. Could it be “EGO”?

      • Pax

        No Ego just curious to find out so I don’t flout the rules next time.
        Namaste bro

        • AKA Patrick

          Understand not wanting to flout the rules. BTW, I wasn’t referring to YOUR ego.

          • Kristen

            Be careful, things could be getting a bit off topic here. I dont recall anything in the CwG books about people not contributing on a website when it changes, nor reading about deleted posts. We covered those two topics in the old format, this is strictly CwG now.

          • AKA Patrick

            Oh, my, MUST we be so PURE? I thought brother Neale spelled out that we could bring up ANY topic we chose? Am I part of WE? Are YOU part of We? You must decide for yourself. That is the party line. And I don’t mean “Yahoo! We’re having a party!” Haha!

          • Kristen

            No, read the thread, its strictly CwG now, or how CwG may relate to current news.
            Read the first two paragraphs.
            No, I’m not a part of any WE, there is no WE in ME, and no ME in WE. Just not a team player sorry.
            But I am a conformist although did rebel in talking about the weather. I figured that as a die hard CwG fan that Marko could have the authority to deviate from CwG.
            This is all soooooooooooo hilarious.

  • Well for the new year I’m fasting from the news both on the telly and the internet. There are some exceptions like some local news and weather. And even that, I record and fast forward past much of it, unless it concerns the area where I live or something.

    When I’m looking to get on my email, facebook etc. I can’t help but at least see some of the headlines and I read very little of them, and stories I do read are more human interest, spiritual or psychological etc. My wife watches a little more news and some late night comedians and will ask me to come downstairs while I’m working on my art or playing piano etc if something she thinks I like or am interested in is on.

    I have found that news is something someone decides is important, that I should be aware of. I don’t abide by what they think is news and Trump tweets are not news, they should focus on his horrible policies and point out their awful consequences.

    News does not help or enhance my life. And without it, it gives me more free time.

    Not all news is bad of course, it’s okay to be informed a little but not a lot. Why? When in the last month or year was there a story that really made a difference in your life? It most likely will be a human interest story or weather alert if a big storm is coming. I do record Nightline but preview and skip much of it.

    Anyone else have thoughts about the news?

    • AKA Patrick

      As I recall, Neale wrote a book entitled “God’s New News”, or maybe I’m mistaken.
      I agree, though, that much of the world’s news is depressing. It’s sad that human interest is so played down and not given the emphasis I believe it should; but then I’m an empath. What do I know?

      • News has it’s place, we get to choose what we read and watch if any.

        News is that which deviates from the norm. It’s normal for millions of kids to get on the school bus, go to school & then go home. When something happens like a accident etc. that’s news, it deviates from the norm.

        We decide, and news has it’s place as a contextual field of what we don’t desire to experience. For me, I know what I desire to experience and it doesn’t include a lot of news at this point. I have a lot of other passions and projects that are way more fulfilling of my souls desire.

    • Kristen

      Haha, this is a happening place now, the Internet Party Central!
      Happy New Year to you too Marko.
      No TV, news bores me senseless now other than natural disasters and storms so my daily news dose is what Professor Google tells me about storms worldwide and what the people who live in my radio at work decide to tell me every hour. Apparently today nothings happening worldwide other than a Kardashion baby was born, a singer died and a toddler drowned!
      US weather is nuts, since when do oceans freeze and sharks wash up frozen? Now why didn’t the Jaws producers think of that?
      And that relates to CwG to comply with site changes because its probably cold where Neale lives!

      • Snappy new year to you Kristen. I learned on local news this pm after fast forwarding most of it that tobacco companies are targeting kids with electric cigarettes with flavors like cotton candy & gummy bears. YoW! how crazy is that!!! (YoW) is a reference to Zippy the Pin Head cartoon.

        It always surprises me with all your dislike of CwG material that you are a regular here, or did I mis represent your views in that regard?

        • AKA Patrick

          Marko, my friend: You may have, but it comes to no account, as it seems that Kristen has now taken on Patrick Gannon’s former role as a bit of a destroyer, or at least maybe a promoter of her own agenda, rather than Neale’s. At any rate, I’m not here to fight, as I’m a man of peace. Discuss, yes. Argue pointlessly, no. Besides, I have a lawsuit to attend to, so I may not be here much. I attempted to help make a good start with this, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy some folks. Nuff said? Any further help wanted or needed, ask.

          • Kristen

            Sorry, not a destroyer. I respect Neales decision that this is now a CwG website, before it wasnt, previously it was people discussing the thread or news in general, just Global Conversations about anything.
            No agenda at all other than pointing out when necessary that Neale communicates with a different God to the one of scriptures if people miss that in one of the books. I have no books, religion or anything to promote sorry.
            And challenge trolls.
            Everything I ever type is typed with a smile if that clarifies, Im often mocking which you may miss if you’re serious.

        • Kristen

          I respect anything thats the truth and does no harm.
          What I can’t tolerate about CwG is the very titles of the books. In the beginning Neale prayed to ‘God’, Jehovah, the God of scriptures and tjeGod everyone refers to as God in America. A different God or entity answered him, clearly not God, which wasnt Neales fault. I think in book 3 it states “I am a new God”, even acknowledging its not the God Neale prayed to or assumed.
          Yet Neale has continued to call the books Conversations with God with clear implications, therefore deceiving Christians and others that his books are affiliated to the God of Scriptures. The two Gods are polar opposites. No other God other tjan the one Neale receives chanelling from would ever engage in such blasphme and deception. So as the author, I feel Neale shouldn’t use the word God, make it blatantly clear AND ensure all his followers are making informed choice, just as there is a clear difference between the God of scriptures and Hinduism.
          For that reason I cant respect Neale as a person, but it doesnt mean the teachings are wrong.
          As for being in here, my Kabbalic teacher asked me to come in here years ago as the voice of scriptures when necessary since CwG supports there are two sides to every story, and on the Tree of Life I encountered a Native American chief who asked me to find the person he is the guide for and get them to please contact their guide and get back on track, their next stage is female principles etc. Which was Mewabe when I finally read someone mentioning Native Americans.
          Basically, Ive been working in here and open about that or more working when people start talking abput scriptures of tje God of scriptures, to set it straight so other teaders dont believe their misinformation or lies.
          Ive been open about being called to be in here, and work for an organisation called Charlies Angels, where we do this a lot in blasphme websites, and challenge trolls when theyre mean or out of line, like Patrick, using psychology or being mean when they are to drive them away from innocent people they target like Annie. So we are all open and honest so we can get to know them, and they us, occasionally they change!
          Ive never hidden any of this, always an open book from day 1.

          • Pax

            Hi Kristen,

            I’am not here to speak for Neale but have you read Neales book Tomorrows God it clearly points out that it is not a new God ,but a new experience of the “old” God .The old God is not working it never could.
            All you have to do is observe the world and the place we have come too, stuck in the mire unable to accept with humility that we could be mistaken about life/God .
            The first most important difference between Yesterday’s God and Tomorrows God:
            Tomorrow’s God does not require anyone to believe in God.

            Another point why does all the information about God come from old books .We live in the 21st century .Using these old books as our guiding principles is like a surgeon going into a 21st century operating theatre with Stone Age tools.Organsed Religions Mantra is “ no new thoughts allowed”. No wonder our evolution is in slow motion.
            I will stop there.

          • I’ve always found it to be a waste of time trying to change strong opinions, unless the ones you are talking to are asking and open, receptive to what you have to say. That is so rare as to almost be non existent.

            We pick & choose our battles with what precious little time we have here. I would think your time would be better served promoting your beliefs to a more receptive audience.

          • Kristen

            Haha, its not beliefs, just one fact that Neales God isnt the God of scriptures….you asked!
            I believe in informed choice, hence pointing that out. My job!

          • What ever you do, I send you peace, love magic. 🙂

          • Raphael

            Hey Kristen…Just passing through here, like the ghost that I am.

            I realize that I disappeared without saying goodbye to anyone…kind of rude of me, but that’s what ghosts do.

            I thought that after Neale decided to shut this site down in a kind of negative and hurt response to your comment, and then decided not to shut it down but turn it into another echo chamber for the CWG material (which is normal, considering that that’s his baby and that’s what he wants to promote and talk about, not Walmart people, and that he probably thought that he had lost control of this site), that it was as good a time as any for me to no longer haunt this place.

            I have already said all I wanted to say here anyway through the years, and there is no point in repeating myself, I am not old enough for this yet.

            The surprisingly negative responses to your latest comments here actually confirm my prior experience that the majority of followers of any creed, new age or traditional, rarely tolerate criticism or differences. They want a uniformity of thought which they call agreement. This is why I have never been a follower (of anything), first because I abhor conformity, and because nothing actually fits with my way of thinking. I want my mind to be able to function independently and clearly, in order to have a direct contact with the divine. Any “messenger”, in my view, casts a shadow between me and the Source…a shadow of unnecessary and limiting preconceptions…because all messengers have their own perceptions and consequently personal distortion (by definition, no one in the entire universe is without personality and a subjective viewpoint…and humans in particular all have extra baggage).

            This is why whenever you truly want to learn anything, especially spiritually (learning computer programming is another matter) you have to first unlearn everything a teacher taught you, unless he or she taught you to find your own way and awaken your own creative power. This is what a good spiritual teacher does…he doesn’t give you any answers, but suggests the right questions.

            Thank you for passing down your message from one of my guides…it made sense to me, and it was a kind thing to do.

            Don’t let the frozen sharks get you down…all of this (and much worse to come) being the outcome of mankind’s obsession with messing with the natural order. The people of chaos are in charge of our world, and they predictably do what they know best: they create imbalance and disharmony wherever they go, and damage whatever they touch. They call it civilization. I call it a global mental illness.

            Take care Kristen, and be grateful to be living in New Zealand, more or less away from much of the world’s madness…and if Annie happens to breeze in, take care of yourself Annie!

            We are all travelers on this earth, and it is great to occasionally cross paths and pause and have a chat over tea and crumpets or moldy fried bread, dried chokecherries and raw buffalo liver, whichever you prefer, it’s a tossup.

          • Kristen

            Heeeeeey, howdy you!
            I just popped in the other day to see how it was going as a CwG site…erm!
            So had to laugh.
            Damned when I point out its strictly CwG now, even that got a negative response, its all hilarious, you know me, always laughing. But at least I woke people up!
            Completely agree about good teachers, I refuse to let people teach me. Prompt me with questions or things to ponder then I’ll give it ago, but they shouldnt assume what my own view will be…do that and stubborness will kick in!
            I left fast too, killed off myself like Mewabe, maybe Im just a ghost now too. Who knows?
            Re tolerating differences, or not tolerating them, I struggle to tolerate ‘sameness’, I hate groups and like minded people are boring, perhaps that could answer Markos reply as to why I was chatting in here, different is fun.
            Hope you have a great year, Summer here so heaven as always. Exciting news here in NZ. Our Prime Minister Jacinda, 37, is pregnant so we’ll have a ‘royal baby’. Its so funny compared to Trump. We’re on about our 3rd female Prime Minister….a young pregnant female who’s partner Clark will be a fulltime Dad after she has 6 weeks off. Makes you realise what a timewarp America is in, still having wealthy old school male governments, like its 1925. Probably is there.
            Anyway, nice to hear you’re alive, kindoffish, must trot, midnight here, I just got in from work and Im at Woodstock, The Doors are playing at the mo, I have the Roadhouse Blues. Then Bob Marleys on for his set I think, then maybe Abba or Lynyard Skynyard. Thank God for bluetooth! And Summer when I can stay up til 5am and sleep 3 hours before work again.
            Oh….google our purple sky last night, very cool, youll be jealous. As purple as the best fried bread.
            Enough about all my boring news…Im sure the CwG news channel is much more fun than ours!!
            Take care (lucky I mentioned CwG and some news so this doesnt get erased), and hope you make it to the bathroom on time.

            And yip Annie. Howdy and love to you and Biscuit and hope you’re managing ok in your ghastly cold. xxx

          • Raphael

            Nice sky!

            Same here with groups…I have to find my own way. I think I probably fed myself as a baby…very independent-minded!

            America is stuck in such a time warp that I think it is now petrified…or fossilized…much like our very stable genius of a President’s gray matter. No wonder he sounds like an Indian rattle when he walks…

            Have a great year as well Kristen…with great music, good company and plenty of purple skies!

          • AKA Patrick

            BLUE skies are better! Meantime, back to my lawsuit! Bye for now!

          • Kristen

            Dont be jealous, purple skies rock! First one ever seen.

          • Victor

            Greetings Raphael, and a Loving New Year 2018!

            Always a pleasure to read you, every now and then…

            Hugs and blessings…

          • Raphael

            Thank you Victor, same to you! I won’t be back here as I have to concentrate on some personal projects, but I will miss the interesting exchange of ideas.
            Take care…

          • “Then when personal tragedy strikes, the idea of a “loving and caring God” often completely crumbles and all the pain that was suppressed by this idea resurfaces with a vengeance and with the additional anger that comes with the illusion of having been betrayed or abandoned by this “loving God” (when in reality the person betrayed themselves with such an unreal or incomplete idea).”

            I both agree and disagree with this. Personal tragedies often bring people closer to God and for others it does the opposite.

            It seems to me, that it’s a persons resiliency that has a lot to do with this. After a tragedy they either close up and self medicate, or process it and decide to move on.

            You, know this whole idea that even the most horrific experiences are part of a plan, soul contract, what ever you want to call it, is simply another way to look at and cope with life.

            A friend of mine just wrote a book I think it’s called “Into the Light.” Here is a women who was sexually abused and almost murdered by her father. When he died, she felt his presence and found out that this was something they both set up before she came here! It’s a wild story and I hope to talk to her about it.

            My point, this way of looking at life is mostly seen in spiritual metaphysical circles and almost never in the main stream.

            That’s one of the BIG questions in life, about why we have so much tragedy, pain & suffering in life. It still remains a BIG question.

          • Raphael

            Thanks Marko, I will reply quickly because I am working with deadlines…

            The way I see it, tragedy and suffering are not necessary. They are simply tools some people use to get to where they think they (or their soul) need to go. These are primitive, rough tools.

            And then there are events that are not actually tragic but that, because of cultural conditioning and lack of spiritual insight, we believe to be tragic…such as death, which is merely a return ticket to where we originated.

            I think we all know here that everything is consciousness, energy, knowledge, frequency, vibration, (light, sound) and resonance. Everything comes from the spiritual and manifests itself in the physical. There are no separation between the purely spiritual and physical but a matter of degree, like on a musical scale.

            A tragic and conflicted, separate mind attracts tragedy, because it already abide within the tragic and fearful thought of separation. A peaceful and unified mind maintains harmony and peace.

            Peace is not merely an absence of conflict, it is a fullness of being that arises when we understand that all consciousness is one.

            The earth, all life, All That Is (the Divine presence) merely await our return. They are always here and have never left. We have…and all we have to do is pay attention to life, our own and that of everything that exists, in this plane of existence and beyond, in order to remember who and what we are. There is no seeking necessary, it is all already here, and now, at our feet, below them, above us and all around, and within us.

            The busy mind is the only absent party.

          • Thanks Raphael, always a pleasure to hear from you and exchange ideas. Magical blessings 2u.

          • Raphael

            Have a magical year Marko and many laughs, and enjoy much creativity with your art!

          • And you too! Hope you come around as long as this site stays up our look me up my clicking the photo….

          • Thanks Kristen, it has always surprised me how much you get into the Bible itself, as I don’t, and even if Jesus didn’t exists as a real person, it would not bother me too much.

            I do enjoy parts of the Bible very much, but there is so much more out there!

            We all have our beliefs and I believe we do come here by choice to experience life in a certain way & to learn new lessons on the path we are on.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Everything is linked, billions of grains of sand.
            Btw, Im not reincarnated or here to experience anything. My parents shagged and I was born, with a new soul as Israelites arent reincarnated. Ive ploughed through everything out there to find my feet.
            Turns out it was in the NZ National Anthem, the long version, Professor Youtube will show you, the Cindy version is the best. Thats my spirit…a Kiwi, in a Christian country with lots of majic including from Maoridom. The spirit of my family history back to Biblical times and the spirit of my country and those who lived here before me, just as it should be. I call it “home”. It takes people a long time to find “home” and reincarnation doesnt help.
            America missed out on a lot by not embracing Native American culture into their own, losing the natural blessings and old spiritual majic over the land. Thats what Raphael often tries to explain I think, he feels it by choosing to be around certain people in certain areas.

  • Victor

    Happy New Year 2018 for all!

    Yesterday, I did a lecture about New Spirituality in my city, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.

    Around 40 people attended.

    My main sources: CWG (specially “What God Said: The 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God”, and “The Only Thing That Matters”, Ken Wilber’s “Integral Spirituality”, Norman Solomon’s “Spirituality for Skeptics”, and others.

    Of course, among other topics, I noticed an increased interest when I mentioned some differences between ‘Old’ Spirituality and ‘New’ Spirituality. I mentioned the book by bishop John Shelby Spong “A New Christianity for a New World”, and of course “God’s Message to the World”, by Neale. Bishop Spong -a christian bishop!- says that the theistic god is DEAD. Neale says that God has been mainly misinterpretated almost everywhere.

    Many people lifted their eyebrows and opened his eyes, as usual…

    Then in some point came my rethorical question: “Some say that for promoting and creating the new, you have to focus on it, and not too much in the past. To focus in the new will make the old obsolete. Others say that if you have unresolved issues from the past, denying them by “living it all behind”, will not work; on the contrary, it might be that it arises more strongly in the present, precisely because it has been suppresed or denied, so, its energy is increased. It acts as the ‘shadow’ that is mentioned widely in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. So; where would be the equilibrium point?”.

    Yes, this is a permanent question for me.

    I mentioned that Neale wrote 9 books in the CWG series. Several other books in the interim. Then he started “Conversations with Humanity”, that I think it already has 4 books. One of them the very profound and wonderful “The Only Thing that Matters”, a book focused deeply in the agenda of the soul as part of the will of All That Is, in other words, an extensive and insightful work about the “Tomorrow’s God”; then the 25 Core Core Messages of CWG, and then… “God’s Message to the World”!!! An entire book about the ‘Old’ God, as it could be said…

    Why was that? After around 30 books about the ‘New Spirituality’, why a book about the ‘Old’ Theistic God, the old religious dogma?

    I guess that it was for a very good reason.

    In my view: the old religious dogma still rules today. It has not been explained or understood in its dysfunctionality strongly enough. In Ken Wilber’s ideas it would be just around 1-5% of the world what exists today related to ‘New’ Spirituality views. In other words, 95% of world’s beliefs, institutions, values, and deeds, emerge from religious dogma emerged 2000-4000 years ago… Not all ‘bad’, but many of them definitely dysfunctional in terms of a world in harmony, peace, etc.

    So, by now, part of my answer is that balance is what would be beneficial for growth. For integral growth. Balance between healing the ‘past’, and creating the ‘new’, and integrating both in the process. In the subject we’re talking about, yes, to sow the seeds of the New Spirituality, and also understanding and healing and trascending the old dogma. if we don’t understand the ‘mechanics’ of religious dogma, it could sabotage and postpone the emergency of the new.

    Every thing is ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ as it is now, but we still can do some new choices for creating a new now, right? It could be our choice to accelarate things a little bit. By exposing the dysfunctional nature of old beliefs at the same time that we cultivate new answers and insights, could we contribute to that?

    I’m open to your thoughts and insights,

    Hugs and blessings for All

    • Vic, I saw and enjoyed listening to bishop John Shelby Spong about 2/3 years ago. He has a cool message and I wonder how far that message reaches people, but it does reach some.

      Everything is perfect, including our desire to change it. Life is perfectly imperfect.

      My current status is simply imbibing and creating the most loving and enlightened consciousness I can. As I do this, I live in wonder, in how this mentality I practice shows up in it’s various ways. Mostly it’s all good, challenging at other times.

      It helps not to be so involved in the news of the world,except where I choose to pay attention, which mostly is where is my on consciousness is residing at any given moment.

      I don’t ignore or airbrush over the problems of the world, but embrace them the best I can & live in the solution not the problem.

      • Victor

        Thank you Marko!

        I enjoyed your answer, and I agree.

        Bishop Spong is amazing, at least in his writings… What a privilege to listen to him in person!

        And I think that all his work, specially the last one “A New Christianity for a New World”, is crucial for the christian world. Very hard to follow for the dogma-attached, but in the near future I guess it will be a trascendental reference.


        • Oh, congrats on your lecture!

    • Raphael

      Indeed we cannot build a new house from an old, cracked foundation…and we cannot build a proper new foundation if we do not understand what propelled us to build a faulty one in the first place.

      A past that is not understood and resolved always return, indeed to sabotage the present, because the past doesn’t live in history books or photo albums (or Facebook) but within our individual and collective psyches.

      This is why so many spiritual seekers cannot bridge the gap between spiritual theory and practice or experience, and struggle continually and feel like failures.

      Within our own psyches is where we must clean house. Everything exists first in consciousness, and it is where it stays until it is seen, understood and resolved.

      • Victor

        Hi Raphael!

        Thank you very much for your valuable insights…

        Wilber talks about waking up, lighting up, etc., and cleaning up!

        This must be done through conscious thoughts, emotions and actions.


  • Craig

    I keep returning to read a discussion posit…. But none.
    As with Wayne Dyers your CwG rest very heavy on Buddhism. I have no problem with this as it helps clarify ones suppressed personality.
    It in same sense clears a new beginning principle but forgets that the new beginning is not discovering self but discovering God’s purpose with us.
    But let us begin. A word transforms mindset, creates realities, clarifies misunderstanding. Now what is Jesus is often referred to as the word, the new covenant, the seed, the rebirth, the life…. All requiring a word to manifest a way. Your CwG is your change process, we can reflect on it but will not comprehend it as it was intended for you.
    Now can you please talk about how the word needs to take on flesh as that seems to be your ultimate intent with CwG….

    • AKA Patrick

      That could be God’s goal, which He is seeking to accomplish THROUGH Neale. I’ve said before we are servo-mechanisms for God.

      • Craig

        AKA Patrick thank you for the response…

        So from Hebraic to Greek into Asian views.
        That is a very adaptive God.

        Which may be true given how the Hebraic God actually accommodated non transforming or adamant individuals he called and tasks. It does leave some room for afterthoughts but not much… Even though the Greek notion is towards heaven is found in a mindset… While Hebraic view rather relates to activity versus understanding…

  • Kristen

    Ok…AKA Patrick, everyones awake now, people are conversing, keep it going with ‘interesting’ CwG topics.
    Take your thread back. Just a tip…talking to, rather than AT people or about ‘stuff’ might hold people here, no matter the topic. We all learned that the last couple of years. Look at the threads that got the most people posting, the most views and people interested in talking.
    Maybe you could bring up the CwG quote saying ‘children are sexual beings’, while I go puke and hope no peodophiles read that. Or perhaps those who don’t want to work shouldn’t have to. Maybe even to never honour a contract or acknowledge Law, including real estate and marriages being specifically mentioned. There are interesting topics in the books to talk about, just not things I have any interest in! But do acknowledge something important, I dont assume they are Neales views at all, those bits are just channelled information where Neale is in the role of an interviewer in the earlier books. Much more interesting!
    Good luck.
    Later, K

  • Pax

    Just wondered if anyone here was at the World Economic Forum in Davos ? ….That’s where the elites gather to discuss their economic agenda and keep the power in the hands of the few .

    Wouldn’t it be great if some of the spiritual teachers got together and formed a contingent and spoke in front of all those world leaders all at once .What a great opportunity to get into their heads and offer another way of approaching life.(For the Highest Good of all ).

    Only problem is it’s by invitation only ,perhaps we could occupy Davos or even create our own Spiritual Economic Forum where everyone’s invited ?
    Just read from a report from Oxfam that 82% of the new wealth created last year went to the 1% . So their goal is being achieved ,I think we are being played like a fiddle,most folks getting screwed. What happened to taking our power back we have given most of it away probably due to fear .
    Freedom from oppression is an inherent quality we all have .Our original blessing .

    Anybody like to comment ?

    • Pax

      Anybody seen the animation film Ants ,that’s what it’s like . All the wealth the ordinary folks are making gets taken and sucked up by the parasites which would be the Grasshoppers in the movie. They are left distracted uneducated about what’s really going on and with out proper representation.
      As the extremes of inequality widen I wonder if the people will say “enough …stop there this has to stop,you have gone far enough.”
      Is that day fast approaching ?

      • Raphael

        I am breaking my own rule by participating in this dialogue again, but what the hell…rules are meant be broken.

        It is not about wealth but about power…dominant power, power over. And actually it is not so much about power but about authority and control, when you look at it more closely. Those who seek extreme wealth do so not so much to enjoy it but in order to have authority and control over the rest of us.

        One of the problems humanity is facing is that authoritarianism is a universal pathology. Many people are essentially control freaks. And the rest seeks to be controlled (that’s the other aspect of authoritarianism) by a leader or a God.

        The top 1% has achieved a huge amount of control…but at the bottom, similar authoritarians strive to control their spouse, partners, friends and/or children, or.

        As long as humanity does not evolve from its sorry primate state and does not transcend its primal fears, the primitive, competitive struggle for power (authority and control) will continue.

        • Pax

          I agree it’s the culture .However not all people seek power over others and have sociopathic tendency’s and at the same time do not choose to be dominated but seek fairness and believe in equality of opportunity ,freedom ,visibility and a war no more government as a start.But the traits of seeking profit and greed are rewarded with power and authority to decide and control others. Wisdom and responsibility are given little attention so the blind continue to lead the blind.
          Someone said evolutioion is not a straight line ,at this point it’s going 180 degrees ? I say with jest 🃏

          I guess raising the consciousness of a planet such as ours is a long game ?
          But can we not just stop killing each other as a start ,end poverty and give everyone pure fresh water ,healthy chemical free food ,housing , education and health care . These are the basics ,to live without fear of not knowing were your next meal is coming from and an end to struggle for most of the worlds population.

          • AKA Patrick

            We’ve been trying that for eons, and it hasn’t worked. But it’s possible with determination. What comes loud and clear out of Neale’s work is the statement: “There is NO right or wrong; there is ONLY God” Ultimately, it comes down to “Whatever Works”.

          • Pax

            Yeah I get that that life/god has no preference one way or the other as the outcome of life is never in doubt.

          • AKA Patrick

            BUT DID YOU GET that LIFE/GOD IS US (YOU, ME and EVERYONE ELSE (ALL 7and half BILLION souls here on Planet Earth. Remember Spock from Star Trek with his Vulcan Mind-Meld?
            That exactly how it comes out in the relationship between God and US WE ARE HIM/HER/IT> HE IS US–ALL OF US! WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME BEING. THERE IS ONLY ONE! And you’re correct. The future is assured (or maybe more correctly ALL futures are assured). Complicated as all get out; yet PURE and SIMPLE!

          • Raphael

            What you call God is not just people…it is everything, which includes trees, mountains, ants and clouds. Do not forget that you are related to all life, not just other humans.
            People who have a Christian background are very human-centered and tend to forget that other life forms exist and are just as important…without bacteria for example, you wouldn’t be able to live…without bees you would starve.

          • Raphael

            What works is what sustains life and protects the natural order or balance. The chaos civilization has created will not work.

            There is no “right” or “wrong” as humans understand such words but there are consequences…a physical price to be paid for violating natural law for example.

            There are spiritual laws as well, which are very similar to natural laws, in the sense that they have everything to do with balance and harmony. Whatever becomes out of balance has to be readjusted in order to return to balance…this readjustment is never a punishment, but it is a natural and necessary process, and ultimately voluntary at the soul level, because the soul “knows best”.

          • Raphael

            Most people do not have a long term vision…they survive or live from day to day without looking at the consequences of their actions for the planet, the animals, all life and the future generations…because they expect the government or some savior or God or aliens or science to fix the world for them, the same way irresponsible individuals do not take care of their own bodies and expect a doctor to fix their poor health or bad mental state with a magic pill or breakthrough surgical intervention.

            It all boils down to responsibility, which is a major part of growing up…before we even think of raising consciousness, I think we (humanity) should start with the foundation and aim to grow up…stop acting like apes, and stop acting like children.

            Poverty is not having clean water and enough (clean) food, and education and health care…all else is a luxury. I would personally prefer to have a dirt floor and live in a hut rather than in a house made of toxic products and emanating noxious and dangerous fumes, as most dwellings do in America and other developed nations.

            If everyone lived the way Americans do, we would need 6 planets to sustain humanity. This is extremely irresponsible, childish, selfish and ultimately criminal.

          • AKA Patrick

            Yes, indeed. A new word has come into our vernacular: sustainability. Now what’s that? It means something which can survive itself. ‘Twould appear that our evolution is circular, like the lemmings which march over the cliffs to die when they overpopulate.
            The movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” clarified that for me. Think about the drill at the front of the device; it kept boring further and further down. Our evolution is just the other way around; ever upward.

          • Raphael

            The word sustainability is new but the idea is old…thousands of years old, and was applied in most indigenous societies that understood their dependence on the earth and its resources much better than anyone does in our contemporary world, which functions on the dangerous illusions of boundless abundance and endless growth.

            Having such illusions would, in a normal world, cause a person to be diagnosed as schizophrenic. But when insanity is the cultural norm, the mental patients are in charge of the asylum, and the sane minority pull out their hair in disbelief.

            We are indeed boring down into the earth, extracting resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, ground water, etc, essentially digging our own mass graves. The good news is that when the time comes for most of humanity to die off, the deep holes will have already been dug.

          • AKA Patrick

            You mentioned “Whoever has the gold rules”. That’s a phrase Robert T. Kiyosaki, Trump’s partner-author on an earlier book, uttered, only somewhat in jest, as I remember it. Kiyosaki (a real-estate entrepreneur) said in their joint book that he was at first intimidated by Trump, because Trump was a billionaire, and Kiyosaki was only a millionaire. But he quickly got over it.

          • Hempwise

            Sounds like live simply so others may simply live.

      • Saw it years ago, don’t remember it much. Was Woody Allen a main voice character? I actually have the blue ant toy hanging on my 8 foot tall architectural lamp in my office. It was a good looking toy that I bought at EPCOT.

        We are all slaves working for the man (corporations/elite) and on another level working in the mind field of misunderstanding the LOA and how life works. Waking uP is part of it. Living your life in spite of it, is part of it.

        I daily say to my self “Every day in every way the world gets better and better.” I envision not the world that now exists but the world that could and can exist if we only put the energy to create it. That’s what I be & do.

        Now, that does not mean I airbrush or put cover girl make up to hide the problems that face us, but embrace them as best I can & live my own quote that I “Live in the solution not the problem.”

    • Well, this will all change when people evolve more and critical mass is in play. The most important thing we can do is: be the change ourselves, be the highest versions of ourselves that we can. Realize the power of the LOA i.e. The Law of Attraction and use it deliberately, wisely & honestly.

      I might suggest that spiritual leaders and teachers like Neale and several others form like a faux puppet government where they don’t have any actual real power except they bring their solutions to the public as if they were government higher ups and give an alternative perspective. Or,

      The actually create a Council of Wise Elders in the metaphysical community to give advice on such matters.

      I asked Neale this some years back about such matters, and his answer at that time was that all these spiritual leaders all had their own personal agendas and that, that took precedence over a larger outlook. Since their own agendas got in the way of a more universal agenda.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I love, love, LOVE your idea of a Spiritual Economic Forum. I’m going to pass this on to Humanity”s Team and see where the idea goes…

      • Hempwise

        That’s Marvelous Neale ….we have to do something of equal measure to balance those that are setting the agenda.

        • Raphael

          As Warren Buffet said (I am paraphrasing), there is a class (economic) war going on, waged by the very rich against everyone else.

          This economic war waged by the elite is brutal and deadly and causes countless casualties.

          • Hempwise

            Can I ask you something Raphael. If you new somebody was going to kill hundreds of thousands of his own people and you had a chance to terminate his existence perhaps to stop the war or shorten it ,would you do it ?
            I’am thinking this because not that long ago on this website there was a discussion on a Syria and Assad the countries dictator and murderer of children,women and men in the hundreds of thousands .

            The discussion was never concluded but I think the outcome was for no military action and tougher sanctions . As the UN stand by watching another chemical attack and more killing of civilians ,it’s the same old . I remember reading in CWG that to let the abuse to continue you are abusing the abuser ,despots should not be allowed to flourish ,but must be stopped in their despotism .Love of self ,and love of the despot ,demands it…quoting CWG .
            I’am not saying taking out Assad would have helped the situation but doing nothing is empowering his abuse and making it acceptable . They are not learning !!
            The human race is not learning ,its heart is hard it’s mind is numb and it’s soul is forgotten.

          • Raphael

            Political situations are never really what they seem, as what we are told is mostly disinformation and propaganda, so I cannot take a stand on Syria, as there are contradictory reports (such as by a Canadian journalist). I certainly do not trust what the politicians and the war profiteers tell us, and these profiteers include the mainstream media.

            But in a clear case of real abuse or cruelty, something you can actually see with your own eyes, my impulse would be to stop it, by non violent means if possible of course, but by any means necessary if required. That’s why I will never visit a slaughterhouse and hope that I never see people shooting wolves from a helicopter, as an example and among other things that would make my blood boil to a dangerous point. I already have a hard time staying silent when I witness parents harshly and not uncommonly hatefully order their very young children around as if they were dogs, making their children cry in distress and pain.

            I would never be able to stand passively while witnessing a person abusing another living being.

            As far as what others should do in individual cases, that would be up to them. But regarding what nations should do, I do not trust any of the machinations of the military-industrial-banking complex and of the international elites that control our world…I however believe that no nations should have the right to aggress and attack another nation unless in honest self-defense. “Preemptive war” is a criminal and illegal act, in my view, as is bombing anyone who “doesn’t share our values” or acts “against our national interests”.

            All politicians are liars by definition…why would we trust them when it comes to giving us a rational for attacking another nation (that never attacked us)? Be careful not to emotionally swept in media propaganda, as the war-profiteering media (which is in some cases also “influenced”-told what to report-by alphabet soup agencies) loves beating the drums of war.

          • Hempwise

            It sounds like we are losing the will to try and change anything . Just letting the events carry us through with nobody at the helm !!

            Those in so called places of authority as you point out have their agenda and policies to follow .I have read some of Chris Hedges and watched him talk of this .He speaks elequantly and seeks truth ….like David Korten does with Economics and the planet.

            I will contemplate what you said and seek insight.

          • Raphael

            It may be that humanity chose this path long ago…what the Lakota describe as the black road, a path of intense difficulties. But nothing is written in stone…and after a dark night always comes the dawn. Nothing ever ends, but morphs into something else.

            There are no reasons to despair, but there are signs that we will be in for a very bumpy ride for a while, and the best preparation for this is spiritual…as for everything else.

            A false hope would be to think that things will stay as they are, or that we could go back to where we were before this current chaos. Change is coming in a big way, and it won’t be comfortable. But fear is not an option…

          • Hempwise

            Agree fear is not helping . Can you recommend Lakota writings and wisdom that you feel are beneficial at this time .

          • Raphael

            All true wisdom is universal, often expressed differently, but similar at the core.

            But if you wish to have a sort of introduction to the Native American worldview, this book might be of interest: “365 Days Of Walking The Red Road: The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day”

            The knowledge you seek is actually already within you…it is in your cells, in the silence between your thoughts, in the deepest layers of your consciousness…it is in the ground under your feet and the sky above…in every rock, tree and blade of grass. All you need is to feel and hear the life, the consciousness, the spirit that is in all things, and in which all things have their being. “It”(the divine) is everywhere…but not perceived by the conditioned mind, the mind that is conditioned to experience separation.

            Oneness is not simply an idea, it is not a mere concept, it is not a theology, it is the very fabric of reality and the essence of divine truth…the fact that all life is one is something that needs to be felt, experienced…and it is not difficult at all to experience it when you step into the natural world.

            Native American wisdom comes from this type of spiritual and physical relationship with nature…nature is the easiest, most directly reachable source of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, being as the song of the Creator.

            Spend a few days in nature, remain there day and night, without interruption and in a spiritual way, and you will begin to be transformed, from the inside out, if you empty yourself of your conditioning and become as a vessel, as is said in Buddhism, or as a hollow bone, as said Fools Crow, to be able to receive what the natural creation, the universe, the cosmos have to give, which is more than any of us can imagine or immediately understand.

          • Hempwise

            The belief system of the most powerful people in power allows this to happen . Mostly old rich men ,these guys are in charge at the moment. They simply do not believe that there’s enough to go around for everyone. They believe that competition is required to get the stuff of life of which is always in limited supply ; this is the illusion of insufficiency. Sharing does not even exist as a word that they comprehend.

            Insanity is not knowing that there’s always enough .

          • Raphael

            It is difficult to understand the mechanisms of criminal insanity. We can come up with many different explanations, such as the theology of separation, a belief in scarcity, sociopathy, psychopathy, etc, and these and more are most likely all valid, yet there is still something that doesn’t make sense, but that’s what insanity is…senseless.

          • AKA Patrick

            To intervene briefly–some years ago, Dr. Len Hew, cured (and closed a Hawaiian prison TOTALLY. Every prisoner was healed, and he said not a word to any. Now I know how he did it: Ho’Opono, a Hawaiian Energy Clearing Technique. The Doctor sat in the office; never saw a prisoner face to face.

  • Raphael

    “Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is scheduled to be a featured speaker at the Fort Jackson army base prayer breakfast in Columbia, S.C. on February 1. Copeland is a member of President Donald Trump’s faith advisory council and a self-described “Christian extremist.”

    I am not going to mince words…This character is more than a simple extremist…he is a snake oil salesman and a con artist, who fleeced his naive and deluded followers out of millions of dollars to buy himself a private jet, so he wouldn’t have to fly on commercial jets in the company of “demons” (regular people, the public). This repulsive and deplorable fraud wouldn’t be allowed to operate in Europe and would be in jail in a normal law abiding society.

    But the fact that he is a member of Trump’s “faith advisory council” tells us all we need to know about this administration and about where America is going under the leadership of evangelists and other rightwing extremists and assorted con men.

    • There are a lot of Kenneth Copeland’s out there.

      • Raphael

        It’s a strange world. The fact that these “prosperity preachers” have gullible followers willing to make them millionaires is even stranger, but as P. T. Barnum famously said, there’s a sucker born every minute…desperate and uneducated wide-eyed people looking for answers in the wrong places and vulnerable to be taken by smooth-talking sociopaths.

        Trump choosing such a shady character as a “faith adviser” is where reality and tacky comicstrip fantasy meet and merge to take this nation into a kind of American twilight zone (or dark ages) where ignorance, naked greed and in your face nastiness prevail.

        Hopefully this unpleasant state of affair will finally wake up an otherwise lethargic population.

        • AKA Patrick

          What could be clearer? How about “The Kybalion” from Hermes Trismegistus, 35000 years ago in Ancient Egypt? That text makes it clear there are seven basic mental principles, which makes it pretty simple (and easy). But don’t take my word for it. Google search it! You’ll be as amazed, as I was.

          • Raphael

            I read it 20 years ago…interesting book and the universal principles (also known in Taoism) are true although incomplete. However one can still note from the author(s) the same old obsession with achieving control, which seems to plague most humans.
            This ultimately demonstrate a lack of deeper spiritual understanding (a desire for control originates in fear; a deeper spiritual understanding dissipates all fears).

        • “Trump choosing such a shady character as a “faith adviser” is where reality and tacky comicstrip fantasy meet and merge to plunge this nation into a kind of American twilight zone (or new dark ages) where ignorance, naked greed and in your face nastiness prevail.”

          I totally agree & feel the same way. The point is, merging of sci fi & comic book realities into our real or waking reality has occurred with tRump. And perhaps how we get out of it, is in a superhero comic book sci fi manner too.

          By that, I mean the messages of these sci fi & comic books, movies etc. to me, are metaphors for the human spirit & human potential. The superhero represents each of us at our higher potential and greatness/grandness. The superpowers that we see may be used for entertainment purposes, but we can’t get away from the fact that it can be seen as part of truth through metaphor seeping through what on the surface seems entertainment & is, but there is another level that represents our truer potential.

          In Lisette Larkins works on enlightened extraterrestrials she explains that they too went through all the sh*t we are going through, even blowing themselves, uP twice, indulging in sexual deviancy, inequality etc. At some point they decided this is not the best way to live & moved toward eventual enlightenment.

          So there is great hope for us. I don’t know what the final end result will be, but if we create our reality in any way, I’m all for immersing myself in the world I desire to see, not what is. That of course does not mean to ignore or airbrush over our problems, but to embrace them as opportUnity & solutions.

          All things that happen are there to help us move to enlightenment, if we choose such a perspective.

          • AKA Patrick

            Once again, I highly recommend “The Kybalion”, to clarify and simplify. It’s an easy read. Only a few mental principles.

          • I’m reading about it on Wikipedia.

          • Hempwise

            Hi AKA I will read this . You never know it might activate my chromosomal Pair 24 .🤫 I could do with an extra boost .

          • Raphael

            I think we need to actually start creating the societies and lifestyles we envision…peaceful and sustainable, and not wait for huge numbers of other people to move forward.

            30 people can change the world, or at least their own little part of the world, by walking their talk and creating a new societal model from the ground up, inspiring others to do similarly.

            These experimental models are usually called “intentional communities”, or “eco-villages”.

            Of course this is only possible as long as authoritarian factions in our governments do not create new laws to make such efforts illegal, as history shows that nothing threatens a government more than a group of self-reliant people who can live without it and outside of the exploitative system of production-consumption.

          • Hempwise

            Hi Raphael
            Check out the book and writings of Jack Reed his book Co-op villages The Next Evolution is one way that a new model for living is being created .I think there will be many models and decentralised systems creating local economies as opposed to one msssive global economy. But I can’t see that disappearing fast !
            Your voice is one of wisdom and understanding….and that is sadly lacking from our leaders and story tellers .

          • Raphael

            Thanks Hempwise I just ordered the book online!
            There are all kinds of interesting things happening worldwide in the eco-villages/intentional communities movements…this is definitively the future, is we are to survive as a specie.
            Unfortunately governments will crack down when these movements begin to really take off (right now they are still under the radar), particularly in places like the US…because these governments and the corporate and banking elites they represent almost exclusively do not want populations to escape the cycles of exploitation.

          • Intentional commUnities are great in theory & concept. Guess what? You still have to deal with people and their problems and what they think is right or wise or how to handle a situation.

            How they handle such problems make the difference. Yet some problems create divisions even within like minded communities.

            Still, that should not stop one from working and playing as well as experimenting with new lifestyle choices.

          • Raphael

            The way I see it, the aim of intentional communities or eco-villages is not to run away from interpersonal conflicts but to establish a firm and solid lifestyle that is sustainable, cooperative, peaceful and earth-friendly, unlike the mainstream culture.

            It is not to run away from anything, but to embrace life as it was meant to be lived, in cooperation and mutual support, and enjoyed in the present, here and now.

            The great thing about these experiments is that there is not one model of communal living, there are hundreds…to fit any individual temperament. There are artist communities, spiritual communities, eco-villages, places were everything is communal, others where people own their own piece of land and house, etc…

            People who come from different backgrounds to establish a community have to learn to form a “village” from nothing, which is an unnatural situation created by our unnatural societies…no common past, no growing up together, and of course a certain amount of unknown personal baggage. These things can be very challenging…but we have enough knowledge today to learn to overcome most issues, if the will is there.

            If we are to understand that “all life is one”, I think we should start practicing what we preach and walk our talk of oneness.

            Understanding the oneness of all life makes living within extremely and mercilessly competitive systems, where the operating mottos are “everyone for himself” and “greed and selfishness are good”, rather pointless and absurd…systems that are crumbling all over the world by the way, as they should, being unsustainable and abusive of the earth and of people and animals, basically of all life.

          • “The way I see it, the aim of intentional communities or eco-villages is not to run away from interpersonal conflicts but to establish a firm and solid lifestyle that is sustainable, cooperative, peaceful and earth-friendly, unlike the mainstream culture.”

            Right, I’m just saying problems we have in the mainstream compared to the non mainstream are often the same, just cloaked in different colors.

            An open marriage of consenting adults is fine, but sometimes dynamics change & problems occur. But the problems are similar if not the same encountered in regular marriages or those living with significant others or S.O.’s. Only the context is different, same with intentional communities.

            “These things can be very challenging…but we have enough knowledge today to learn to overcome most issues, if the will is there.”

            I tend to agree with this, with the caveat to what I said above, these communities still have to deal with human nature & peoples issues, even those who are more spiritually & psychologically evolved.

            If anyone here knows of such a commUnity that works well, let me know my wife & I would love to visit & check them out. Though granted we have carved out a good life in Milwaukee.

          • Raphael

            Many communities have worked very well for decades. You can research the Fellowship for Intentional Communities if you are interested.

            I disagree that the problems are the same in intentional communities and the mainstream culture, colored or not. They are vastly different. Obviously interpersonal problems can pop up as long as human beings interact, but the social background in which these are worked out is extremely different, and more likely to be resolved positively in communities. And that is one of the points of community living…provided a sane and supportive social environment for people to work towards reclaiming their own sanity and raising psychologically and emotionally healthy children, the next generations.

            So why are you so focused on the potential difficulties encountered in interpersonal relationships? This is actually a side issue. What is much more important, in my view, is to eliminate what makes people crazy in the first place.

            The mainstream culture is a crazy making culture. This is not an overstatement…look at how many individuals are on anti-depressants, and how many use opiates, alcohol, drugs. It has been found that 60% of Americans couldn’t handle a $1000 emergency…40% couldn’t handle a $400 emergency, without using a credit card.

            You might have carved a good life for yourself, but please take a look around. The mainstream culture is not working, and will continue to not work for obvious reasons, because endless growth and endlessly discarding trash are not sustainable on a limited planet.

            But the main argument for living in community is spiritual. If we are to believe that all life is one, we should walk our talk and no longer support a social system that fosters separation, alienation and the the jungle law of individual survival.

          • “I am curious…why are you so focused on the potential difficulties
            encountered in interpersonal relationships? This is actually a side
            issue. What is much more important, in my view, is to eliminate what makes people crazy in the first place.”

            Well as I think about this, I realize that compatible people, people who have worked out most of there unfinished business would be good candidates for such a commUnity. Like a good marriage where conflict and such are resolved with relative ease.

            And it’s not just personal relationships. it is how people relate as a community. If there are certain tasks to be done by certain individuals to help out the community, what happens when that certain individual can’t do that anymore as a result of illness or just not wanting to do it? This is where simple conflicts can escalate. So while I’ll now modify my previous comments, I still seem them as relevant.

            Even evolved people can get into hard to resolve conflicts over simple things as well as more complex and gray area things. But that can be the opportUnity challenge in a commUnity.

            I’d like to hear or read about people in such communities where there is harmony & workability with in all the people. Such communities will be models for others to build and grow upon. There was a NOVA show many years ago that came to the conclusion that the most satisfying number for a city was 100,000 people. The reason, even if you don’t know everyone, you recognize most or many people and beyond 100, 000 you tend to lose that feeling. One could argue that in bigger cities there are communities within catering to the art crowd, the conservatives etc.

            Would you live in such a community at some point?

            As for world government. I see it as using government to outsource things to make it easier for people to share the wealth & work toward and in the fields they enjoy. Government helps with roads, bridges, social programs etc. Of course in the CwG sense the government would not be corrupt but run by wise and enlightened individuals.

          • Raphael

            I lived in a community for a year when I was 19…and aim to do it again, for good, at some point. It is the only way to have a sane and meaningful life, in my opinion. The mainstream jungle makes no sense spiritually or practically.

            People having to learn to relate and resolve conflicts in a way that is beneficial for everyone is the realest, quickest and most direct way to grow emotionally and psychologically, to test our personal beliefs, assumption, conditioning and expectations. Without such testing, there is stagnation and little growth. Almost everyone can act peaceful and spiritually centered while sitting in zazen in a Buddhist monastery, for example…or act loving and kind with people who are not challenging but very agreeable.

            The real growth come with applying our spiritual knowledge daily in actual interactions with others, especially in a group situation (it’s easy enough to get along with just one other person we particularly like or love).

            If you do some research (if you are interested), you will see that intentional communities have become very sophisticated and creative in the way they organize and govern themselves and resolve conflicts. Gone are the 60’s hippy “communes”. You will be pleasantly surprised…there are many different models of social organization and lifestyles within these eco-villages and communities.

            Waiting for a government of wise and enlightened individual is not a very realistic option, in my view. The world doesn’t have that kind of time. We need change today (yesterday actually).

          • Thanks for the thoughtful response. I’m interested in looking at some intentional communities. You make some great points.

          • Raphael

            My life is not a good example of proper time management, as I works very long hours, not out of being a workaholic, but to get things done, whatever it is…
            There are so many thing to “manage” today, our lives can be so complicated. that I think it is important to stay focused and do one project at a time, and complete it.

            Even though chores can appear to be important, on the day we die, should we say “I am so satisfied that my life was spent properly doing chores” or would it be better to say “I answered my soul’s calling”? And does it actually matter if cultural norms are trampled, if for example the lawn is not cut or weeds start growing where they are not supposed to according to our strange and rather inept standards? (It’s okay to poison everything with herbicides but not to have weeds…how absurd).

            I think it is true that as a creative person you have no “free time”, meaning, in my case, that I am never bored or idle, except when I choose to be while in the outdoors…and even then I alternate hiking and sitting still, being active and contemplative.

            I live outside of a small town (4000 people) in the country but aim to move even further in the middle of nowhere basically, meaning in a natural environment rather than a “countryside” environment…where nature is more or less untouched. I have a bit of a hermit personality, that goes with being an artist, I only seem to get along well with other creative and unconventional people, non-conforming rebels and rule breakers.

            Basically, my work is my play. I do not create to make money, I happen to make money creating…but money isn’t the goal. I do not need to “escape” (through watching shows, etc) because I love my life and honor every moment of it. Television is something I do not need, and I hardly see a movie that I find worth watching. But I read…and I am not married but in a long term relationship with a highly creative and spiritual woman, and a bit of a hermit as well.

            It seems to contradict my idea of living in an intentional community, but not really…there are all kinds of social structures and living arrangements out there…a community of artists would be the best.

          • Thanks for your reply, in a sense it’s whatever our priorities are. I work and play to do what is most meaningful to me. Mundane chores if not done just pile up. Rather than be frustrated, it’s good to see them as part of our spiritual journey.

            You know before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. Only now you see and be with it in a different way.

            One way that I look at it, is that living in a city there are so many events that are really creatively worth while and if it’s a fun event or supportive of a friend, that’s one thing. Often, I have to say no to the invitations we get.

            This weekend was one of those, where I got caught up a bit on stuff. So it’s a balance of passion creating and living with all the mundanes and things to manage. Television and the internet are BIG time wasters so it’s good to use them in a way that brings us advantage to what we are seeking and being.

            But going out, meeting new people is part of being in the world for me. I’m no hermit, but am ambiverted. I love going to the coffee shop and drawing for hours and talking and chatting with people there. I’ve gotten into a surprising number of deep & impressive conversations with college kids.

            I saw a show on PBS “Into the Amazon” about Teddy Roosevelt’s journey into the unknown “River of Doubt” the show was as beautifully photographed and amazing as Indiana Jones. So tv and internet are best served to that which serves and excites us. Conscious tv and internet are the name of the game for me.

            I don’t watch videos much, I’d rather listen to a TED talk or something while I’m creating art. But mostly, I like listening to music and sometime silence. Videos require me to move from my art to the video so I like audio talks/music/radio/youtube.

            Take tv and internet out and you will gain a lot of free time. Use them sparingly! 🙂

          • Raphael

            Thanks Marko…by the way I like your artwork (the coloring book), very psychedelic!

          • Thanks Raphael (you take your name from a great painter as well), I have a great time drawing at a local coffee shop and have gotten into several deep discussions with people.

          • AKA Patrick

            Actually most modern big cities are filled with “neighborhoods”. Being interested in demographics, I checked out where I live and there were quite a number. San Francisco, as I recall it, had quite a number of them too. Years ago, there was information that came forth about “Findhorn” neat the North Pole where the environment “greened up” as more and more humans moved there.

          • Hempwise

            Findhorn is in Scotland ,no where near the North Pole .Neale did a retreat there a while back.

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    Deeper in this thread Raphael has offered this observation:

    “As long as humanity does not evolve from its sorry primate state and does not transcend its primal fears, the primitive, competitive struggle for power (authority and control) will continue, and no revolution will end it…it will merely transfer control and authority from one social group to another.”

    I agree. And this brings up the question: What, if anything, could cause our specie to evolve from its sorry primate state and transcend its primal fears? I have an idea about that.

    Prior to our present moment we have relied pretty much on genetic mutation to produce the human adaptations that we call “evolution.” Conversations with God-Book 4 suggests that our species has now advanced sufficiently for a non-genetic means to replace this agonizing slow process, increasing its speed by a percentage factor of a thousand. The dialogue suggests that Imitation replace Mutation as a means of Adaptation.

    If this becomes our new evolutionary driver, we can achieve Critical Mass and Species-wide transmogrification within years and decades, not centuries and millennia. The dialogue tells as that we no longer need count on one remarkable individual to be our teacher, our role model, or our “savior.” Indeed, the time of the individual guru or master has passed. Our newly acquired capacity for instant worldwide communication makes it possible for anyone and everyone to put into the Marketplace of Ideas a thought that “goes viral.”

    We have all witnessed how, when something exciting or agreeable is modeled by a few, it can rapidly become part of the lives of many. We have all seen how fast a fashion “fad” can become Today’s Style. We have all heard words and expressions leap into common usage that were not part of anyone’s vocabulary just months prior. We all know how songs, dances, videos, movies, and “movements” (the #MeToo movement is a prime example) can impact and alter the social landscape virtually overnight.

    The key ingredient here is for that which is modeled to be enlivening enough, attractive enough, timely enough, desired enough, or urgent enough to make its benefits apparent enough for us to rocket it to the forefront of humanity’s collective awareness and imbed it in humanity’s collective behavior.

    The ideas of love and truth, compassion and peace, fairness and tolerance, the end of suffering and the beginning of sufficiency and abundance for all, are attractive to everyone. They are timely, desired, and urgent at this moment in human history. Yet are they practical? Are they workable? Are they functional in a society where not everyone is embracing and practicing them?

    The answer is yes. But it will take The Few to show The Many how. These few have been called Early Adopters, or Cultural Creatives. They have also been called Revolutionaries. And that is what we need, for we are now involved in a global Evolution Revolution. Anyone who looks at the world today can see that. Yet those who will lead the way will not be “appointed” or “designated,” “commissioned” or “chosen.” Who would do the appointing? Who would do the designating?

    No, those who would lead this Evolution Revolution are going to have to Self Select. That is, they must choose themselves, deciding at a place deep within that they wish to be among those who commit to moving their personal evolutionary process forward as fully and as rapidly as they can, knowing that in doing so, they will automatically and inevitably become exemplars, way-showers, models for others — placing before everyone whose lives they touch the possibility that there can be, and is, a new way to be human.

    That is what we are talking about here. We are talking about a new way to be human…which is to reflect in our Humanity our True Identity as Individuations of Divinity.

    I invite anyone who yearns to participate in the experiencing of this possibility to read “Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species,” in which an entire blueprint for this creation has been offered. This text is available for reading at no cost in installments posted on the Facebook page found here:


    You may also wish to explore your next step at http://www.Ihaveselfselected.com

    But be aware: this could be the biggest decision you have ever made in your life.

    • AKA Patrick

      I have already done both. (Read book 4 and Self-Selected). I might also add that “The Kryon Teachings” are just today stating that when we can activate Chromosomal Pair 24, we can advance by leaps and bounds. The teaching also adds that that is already upon us.

    • Raphael

      I am sure you have already thought of this, Neale, and perhaps mentioned it in your writings.

      I am however inspired to mention this after reading your Facebook post about financial survival (a person had questions about her financial hardship).

      I liked your answers.

      But there is something that is not often discussed here…the idea of living in community.

      In my view, living in community is not only practical (pulling resources causes individuals to feel more secure, to work less with easier and faster results, and to contribute their own personal talent, ability or experience for the good of all), it is also spiritual (it is essentially walking our talk about oneness).

      The old western model of extreme individualism is not longer viable, because it is unsustainable. “Everyone for himself” works neither practically nor spiritually…it actually opposes spiritual reality.

      Living in community doesn’t imply that all members should act, feel, think and believe the same way…as we all know oneness doesn’t mean sameness (this is difficult for most people to understand, because most of us live within authoritarian systems, and authority always demands conformity and uniformity…as in the military. Most people are consequently conditioned to believe that unity means conformity).

      There are many different models of community living, which is as it should be. The only things that they should all have in common is a practice of peace and sustainability.

      Community living represents the future, as it is also the past. Humanity will have come full circle when it realizes that people are meant to cooperate and help each other, not compete in battlefield-like “survival of the fittest” conditions. In community living, there is no homelessness, there are no orphans, there is no jail, there are no abandoned elders overmedicated with tranquilizers or anti-depressants and vegetating in nursing homes.

      • AKA Patrick

        I don’t recall who said it, but the quote “He Who Forgets His Past Is Doomed to Repeat It”. I see that right here in this conversation. A few posts ago, I brought up a book, then brought it up again, as what it teaches is so immense and magnificent(The Kybalion). It’s not enough to recall having read it 20 years ago. Its value is so immense it’s well worth the time and focus to regain that learning. Spiritual values are so deep they bear repeating, numerous times perhaps, as Neale so aptly says. It’s good mental training; not mind-programming. It doesn’t teach WHAT to think;
        it teaches HOW to think (your own thoughts). Nuff said? Hopefully.

        • Raphael

          I think you literally misplaced your response to me…this latest response from you to my comment on the Kybalion seems to belong a few comments below, logically, and appears to have very little to do with what I wrote about community living, unless I am missing something.

          I am happy to hear that the Kybalion works for you at this point on your life journey…keep studying it and enjoy the beneficial effects it might have on your life.

          • AKA Patrick

            I already enjoy the benefits of its teaching, and I have been for years now. It does help my life journey. Thank you.

    • It still seems to come down to our own spiritual mentality, beingness and energy that we output from our own inner state of mindful spiritual enlightenment.

      Our beingness projects and influences our environment and beyond to what ever degree it does. For good or less good. In our case, it’s for as much good and evolutionary progress we can create.

      It’s simply where we focus the majority of our energies. What, where and how we focus and what, where & how we put our attention to.

      From our enlightened state of beingness, what ever level or degree it is, does our inspired action and non action come from.

      • AKA Patrick

        Today a lot of people are filled with fear because of the technological monsters we are creating. In a sense, we have out-Frankenstein’d ourselves.

        • How so?

          • AKA Patrick

            Many have gone “amnesiac” and forgotten who they really are. Even Neale discusses this in his earlier writings. Modern technology has taken responsibility out of our hands and put it in the machine.
            There are good writers and thinkers, though, who attempt tp merge Science and Spirituality (Gregg Braden for example.)

          • AKA Patrick

            Another writer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, also works in that direction, by giving presentations about how science relates to God.
            Today there is also a group of internationally known scientists supporting Peace through Spiritually. There are also other groups
            some international, others more local, with the same aim in mind. If you wish website addresses and contact info, I can provide them, but I don’t wish to be deleted by our Moderator (Neale)..

  • dick gregor

    Lose the ego build the wego!

    • Nice, but remember too, that the ego run amuck is not healthy, but a strong healthy ego is good. Too many spiritual people make the ego the new age devil. I don’t buy that.

    • Raphael

      First define the ego. Definition should be a prerequisite in all philosophical (or ordinary) discussions…as strict, objective dictionary definitions are always tainted and distorted by subjective, individual experience, perceptions and expectations as well as beliefs.
      What does ego mean to you?

      • AKA Patrick

        Simply put. the human YOU.

        • Raphael

          Are you sure?

          • AKA Patrick

            Nothing! We are totally divine being–we just don’t remember it. Neale says something about “coming back to ourselves”. Which is tantamount to re-awakening to our divine being.

  • Raphael

    Another thought:

    Many individuals have looked at the world throughout the ages and seen its problems and the failure of humanity to live in a state oh happiness (that’s an understatement).

    Many have been inspired to look within (or above) and have come up with solutions, philosophical, spiritual, practical, Neale is one of these individuals.

    All of these valuable ideas and insights that have been offered and that, if applied, would help people to create a better world have one thing in common: they are built on the assumption that all human beings, if given a chance, would want to build a better world and be happy.

    I question this assumption.

    We can look at this at the local level, at the level of intentional communities or eco-villages which I mentioned in other comments. All of these are great model for sustainable, peaceful and cooperative living. But all of them are very selective of the type of individuals they admit. They obviously do not admit criminals, rapists, drug abusers or dealers, Pentagon generals and Wall street sharks. They do not admit people who are lazy or who have serious psychological issues, who are dishonest, or even who have serious disabilities. They essentially only admit perfect people. Because of this they remain utopian and to a large degree unreal.

    There is a spiritual idea that has floated around for a couple of thousand years, that states that love is all powerful and heals all wounds, and opens all hearts and all minds. In theory, yes, however this process can take 200 reincarnations, lifetimes of pain and serious difficulties before a person throws the towel and surrenders to love.

    Do we have this kind of time? In an ideal world recreated by those who have the desire to improve their lives as well as those of everyone else, what will we do with the other humans, those whose nature is predatory, who seek neither happiness for themselves nor for anyone else but thrive on fear, chaos, conflict and dominant power?

    Let’s look at an old imagery of the sheep and the wold: what will the sheep, who want to live in peace, harmony and cooperation, do with the predatory wolf?

    It is a mistake, in my view, to think that the majority of humans are sheep…that they are good willed. A significant number are wolves, predators and parasites, just as exists in the natural world. And these will always be around.

    Again, how do you deal with this other aspect of humanity, which is as natural and unavoidable as tigers, poisonous snakes, ticks and fleas, and which will always exist in a world of complementary polarities.

    • AKA Patrick

      You do understand. As God frequently told Neale.

      • AKA Patrick

        True. We try to teach man NOT to kill, by killing him. Some example.

        • AKA Patrick

          From am earlier post, I spoke of Findhorn as being an example of an effective intentional community. It’s in Norway, as the other poster chose to inform me. That seems close to the North Pole to me, but who am I to say. I don’t live there.

          • Hempwise

            Hi AKA Findhorn is in Scotland about two hours North of me by car ,i live In Edinburgh. Long way from the North Pole . It’s a spiritual retreat centre . I’m sure Neale has visited it a while back.

    • Raphael, thank you for your thoughtful essay on your current thoughts about the world, man & our possible future etc.

      While I don’t share your pessimistic world view, I certainly understand it & where you are coming from. your reasoning & conclusion.

      As for intentional commUnities etc. I think what might happen more as we progress and many are waking uP daily, (more so than we realize, since they do not make the national or local news, they do show up on Facebook in many videos and articles and of course youtubes.) So because of mass media, it seems or appears that not a lot spiritual progress is being made, when it actually is, it simply is not being reported or supported like pro sports, politics and big dramatic stories of tragedy that befall people & countries.

      That said, I would propose that as we evolve more and come closer to critical mass that we will develop more closely wiser commUnities, problems will persist of course, but we still make good progress. As we do this, as people intentionally create the life & communities we desire, we will also have and allow other communities that don’t desire to live more in the light and prefer (at this point in time) and enjoy the darker side of humanity to also have their communities.

      It might look like say, those who live the creative spiritual life can if they want, go to places that are clearly not spiritual but more dangerous and dark if they want to choose for awhile to see what it’s like. Likewise, those living in the more darker communities by choice or non choice as the case may or may not be,–can also check out the spiritual creative communities to see if they prefer that. These will be two converging thought streams that will be separate, but respectably allowing the other to live as they do and giving boundaries to each group. A third group will combine elements of the two to have the mix of both.

      Right now we have the mix but it’s a mix that is not consciously desired, but in the exploration scenario I’ve given, it will be more by choice. With contrasting choices of 2 radically differing thought stream communities and a mixture of the 2 in a 3rd people will be able to see and experience what it’s like to be in either of them and make a choice.

      I don’t know if this will really happen, I feel it does now individually and in smaller groups. It’s now coincidence that people/places and events I go to cater to a more liberal hippie open minded people. People in the coffee shop I go to weekly to do my drawing are of that ilk. I saw a Nightline show on ABC that had a realtor that catered only to conservatives and wanted to create a commUnity of like minded people. So we have some of this already.

      Now when I went to one of Neale’s workshops in Ashland, Oregon I saw a lot of liberal new age hippie types. And you know, I kind of missed the diversity of Milwaukee where we have new age hippie types and conservatives and the mix.

      On interesting topic my friend. Just offering a few thoughts.

      • AKA Patrick

        Here are some more thoughts–interrelated to what’s gone very recently before. The point I was attempting to make is not so much WHERE Findhorn is. The important thing is that when humans came into the area, it began to bloom and blossom forth NATURALLY. It “greened up”. At least that’s what the reports coming out about it were saying. I wasn’t there, so I can’t prove it. But I find it interesting that the flora and fauna began to blossom on its own, without the efforts of humans to plant anything there. I guess they ultimately planted things there, but that came later. It’s a little like the koan. “Which came first; the chicken or the egg”.

        • That is not my understanding knowing at least one person there in those beginning days. They planted vegetables and they grew larger to accommodated the smaller group of people. Nature does bloom on it’s own, man and animals need help from parents to say the least.

          • AKA Patrick

            Since we can’t seem to agree on anything about Findhorn, let’s pursue some other aspect of this discussion. What do you suggest?

          • Oh, it’s all up in the air at the moment. No particular topic comes to mind right now, but maybe later? 🙂 (however, see my discussion with Raphael as a good one going on now)

      • Raphael

        Thank you for your interesting comment Marko!

        I am not attached to my current thoughts about the future of the world, I am just tossing ideas and questions up in the air. The only thing that I know to be true for me and that ultimately matters to me is an understanding and direct experience of the oneness of all life. Everything else is uncertain…up for grabs, including the future of humanity.

        I like your idea of polarization, having different communities or areas that would attract like-minded individuals. That would be great! But the unfortunate thing about people who have more predatory and destructive tendencies is that they never let more peaceful and spiritual people alone. It is in their very nature to actually target them, thinking that they are the easiest to overcome and exploit.

        Look at Native American cultures…the Hopi, who justifiably call themselves the peaceful ones, were indeed peaceful. All they wanted to do was live in their villages, grow their corn, beans and peaches, do their ceremonies, and be left alone. However marauding bands of war-like Apaches and others wouldn’t leave them alone, they would actually steal much of their harvest…leaving them with just enough food to barely survive to plant new crops for the following year, and the cycle repeated itself. So they built, like many over peaceful Pueblo cultures, their villages above hard to reach mesas. Still, they were harassed.

        The exact same scenario happened in North Africa between aggressive, war-like nomadic Arabs (Berbers and others) and peaceful sedentary villages, which were equally harassed for similar reason.

        Interestingly, in both cases and many others, the war-like, aggressive, predatory nomadic tribes considered themselves much superior to their preys, to the sedentary villagers and farmers. The so-called “royals” of Saudi Arabia, who are little more than tyrannical thugs, are directly descended from some of these marauding, aggressive desert people.

        The Aztecs were nomads who established themselves in Mexico and then harassed and abused every tribe they could reach.

        I suspect that this pattern has been the same on many continents…marauding, aggressive tribes or groups harassing and pillaging peaceful sedentary communities, and later establishing themselves as “royals”, as the ruling elite and aristocracy, as the “masters” to oppress, control and exploit the peasants. But this is just a side note that has little to do with the point I am trying to make…

        So again, what would a world where the majority (or perhaps roughly half) of the people want to live in peace do with aggressive human predators, with those who have no respect for others and who thrive on conflict and confrontation, who seek to forcefully dominate, control and exploit those they believe to be weaker than they and deserving of abuse? Sterilize them, lock them up, visualize them out of existence, annihilate them, kidnap all their children and “reeducate them (train these children to be peaceful)?

        There is no more Aztec so-called civilization or raiding Apaches but there are plenty of individuals and groups in the world whose intentions are destructive or at the very least predatory and exploitative.

        Should we believe that these unpleasant individuals will ultimately be swept in an irresistible tidal wave of global higher consciousness and be spontaneously transformed, from the outside in? I really doubt this, because I do not believe in this sort of magic. I was actually quite surprised that Neale seemed to believe such a thing would happen in 2012 ( a global mass awakening). I knew it wouldn’t happen, nor would the “end of the world”.

        In my view, spiritual evolution happens from the inside out, not the outside in…it happens neither through imitation nor critical mass, as I think we all have to walk through the door individually, and voluntarily, consciously. No one and nothing outside of ourselves will take us there, to higher consciousness. This is my understanding…

        As Neale likes to say, I could be wrong. I would love to be wrong, actually! I will keep my mind open…

        • AKA Patrick

          Actually, the pattern you have been following in your posts this time around would suggest otherwise. Almost seems like you’re not “loving to be wrong” but insisting somewhat forcibly that you are actually right. A really good practice for us all is to: “See Ourselves As Others See Us”!. And this post IS how I see you. But then I could be wrong. And I say that not because Neale or anyone else thinks I should. I could be wrong, because it TRUE. Like flipping a coin. Under normal circumstances, it will come up heads 50% of the time, and tails the other 50%..

        • “I do not believe in this sort of magic.”

          As Steve Pinker wrote in his book “The Angels Of Our Better Nature” we now live in the most peaceful time history, compared to the hunter gathers etc. This is also relative to the number of people we have on the planet now. He shows through many statistics how this is true. You can read about it and reviews on amazon.

          As I’ve often said, I believe we eventually outgrow violence inequality, injustice etc. This would include a larger part of the collective. Now, in my contrasting scenario I mentioned in my above post, people would as a whole, realize the choices they have on how to live. At least enough to have both the light & darker yin yang existence, except there would be “respect” for each others living style and a contrast for others to have a choice in how the desired to live. We have this now, but in a much more scattered schizophrenic way.

          So, while the majority of collective consciousness rules in one sense, we as individuals have a choice to better ourselves even with in this majority. Exceptions may be places like North Korea and even then, a understanding of the LOA would be very helpful and beneficial.

          Those are some of my thoughts. I do love & appreciate our explorations on this subject & others. Some really great exploring is going on.

          “I was actually quite surprised that Neale seemed to believe such a thing would happen in 2012 ( a global mass awakening). I knew it wouldn’t happen, nor would the “end of
          the world”.

          I don’t ever remember Neale ever saying something like this.

          • Raphael

            I am probably totally wrong about Neale and 2012…But a lot of people expected a sudden spiritual transformation at the time, which I thought was a bit misguided.

            I do hope we get to a point where human beings can finally respect each other and respect all life….before the ice caps melt and the oceans die from acidity, among other potential challenges. We don’t have much time…as methane, which is much worse than CO2, is beginning to be released from the Arctic, and there are enormous reserves of trapped methane under the ice and on the Arctic ocean floor.

            We are relatively sheltered in North America and Europe, but other regions are suffering greatly from many different forms of calamities, including endless war, economic inequality (a war on the poor), gender inequality (a war on women and girls), religious and political tyranny, pollution, and climate change. People die, children die every 15 seconds from a water born illness…

            I am not sure that Steve Pinker is correct in his assessment of peace. The United States, as an example and among other nations, has been at war almost continually since its foundation. We can also look at the fact that people die from extreme poverty…this might not include military conflict, yet the poor is kept down by the rich and/or powerful, and this is far from being a peaceful situation.

            I remember seeing a video in which Neale was urging, with some force, people to wake up. That’s the ultimate question…and we all have a slightly different view on this: what will it take for humanity to stop in its track, reflect, and change course before it is too late?

            If you look at addicts, some have the wisdom to quit their destructive habits before it is too late…others have to crash and almost die to wake up…and other never change and die. There is no doubt that humanity is behaving as do addicts…addicted to beliefs, ideologies, totally unsustainable lifestyles and certain faulty perceptions and patterns of thinking.

            Whether humanity becomes “clean and sober” in time or not to save itself and stop destroying the eco-system is anyone’s guess. Scientists are not optimistic and some think our only hope for survival is a station on Mars of some other bare rock in space.. But it doesn’t hurt to hope!

            Thank you for the dialogue Marko…I enjoy it!

          • Yes likewise Raphael, I enjoy it too! As for Pinker it would help to look at some of the reviews of the book. I did also say more peace relative to the larger population we have.

            It doesn’t hurt to hope and even better to visualize the world we desire.

            If we can’t make it on earth, I doubt we will make it on Mars. Which is pretty much uninhabitable with out enough air or clean water.

            If I understand correctly the whole environmental climate change is something that the largest organization acknowledges and that’s the military.

            Until next time. Cheers!

  • It just occurred to me:
    We hear so much about the “Dark night of the soul.”
    Yes it happens, however, I am astonished, bewildered, gobsmacked, that we don’t hear more of, or even a wee little bit on the other side of that!

    We can be so addicted, accustomed to or, influenced by so much negative drama that we often fail to notice more, — those times of transcendence, joy & awakening. Keep that in mind

    • Hempwise

      I went through this “Dark night of the soul.” It awoken me it brought forth a Kundailini experience and a higher understanding of who I’am in relationship to humanity’s wars and it’s collective History which I devoured over many months .
      The dark comes with the light I had to go there for some reason I think it was part of my personal journey .

      But here’s to joy and life and prosperity for all ,in whatever form that takes .
      May we all find peace within .

      • Thank you Cannabis-wise 😉
        I of course, am not minimizing or diminishing the importance that the dark night of the soul can have and it’s positive effects. Look what it gave Neale!!!

        I was simply aware the other night of the prolific amount of time and space that is given to the dark night of the soul and the relative absence given to it’s opposite.

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        • AKA Patrick

          I’ve discovered from other sources that cannabis & hemp are the same thing. I personally do not use marijuana, alcohol, or even cigarettes now. But there are other forms of addiction. Almost anything can be addictive. Cell phones, driving, golfing, sex, etc. But those things can all be reversed. Negatives can be made into positives. To be instructive, I will point out that I quit smoking after
          having followed the practice for 48 years of my life, and I did it cold turkey. One’s own determination makes a mighty difference..

        • Hempwise

          Yes I totally agree as you have talked about this many times referring to how HEB’s do not need the contrast of negative and positive experience to know how positive and joyful their culture can be .As you know the universe is a contextual field and we can eliminate all our negative drama or most of it to create and experience a grander definition in our neck of the woods .

          It seems we are continually bombarded with the negativity of war ,struggle and hopelessness from the news that feeds us this daily.
          Is it because this is what sells (makes profits) .The war profiteers have never been richer, why would they want to change anything ?

          It can wear you down after a while if your not careful !! If you have a heart and a collective view of humanity’s Oneness . Look what we are doing to ourselves all because of our misunderstandings and beliefs .

          I love your positivity Marko it’s infectious . Perhaps with a big effort we can get to critical mass .

          • I agree, one way I counter act all the negativity, especially with news & politics is I visualize “The United States Of Enlightenment” I abstain from a lot of news except for some local and some stuff on the internet.

            When I see crazy dysfunctional policies of Trump and the republicans, I visualize that we can do better and make wise decisions all across the board of human life.

            I allow that good energy to attach to like minded energy and grow and expand.

          • Hempwise

            Thanks for you reply .
            I perhaps spend too much time reading and viewing current events . I look at progressive websites like Thom Hartmann ,Alternet and Common Dreams for a more critical analysis . However these sites offer possible solutions and I feel a more holistic approach than standard media .

            In Awaken The Species HEB’s use metaphysics and the power of collective positive visualisation to self determine and enhance their future. This is something we definitely must know more about and try and understand how this works .
            As usual your ahead of the curve .

          • Well I’d simply look at how you feel when checking these sites out. Does it feel good, productive? If so, you may decide to continue.

            One thing I practice is, I visualize that we including (politicians, government etc.) can all make very wise decisions on any of the policies and move toward cooperation rather than division. That we are healing the dysfunction of ourselves, government, society.

            One of my affirmation declaration creation statements is “Every day in every way, the world just keeps getting better & better.” I do this regardless of appearances.

  • With so much negativity out there it’s time to counter act this. Check this rather lengthy essay my Steven Pinker.

    Don’t listen to the gloom-sayers. The world has improved by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues. The Enlightenment Is Working.

    By Steven Pinker

    [Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. This essay is adapted from his new book, “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress,”]
    For all their disagreements, the left and the right concur on one thing: The world is getting worse. Whether the decline is visible in inequality, racism and pollution, or in terrorism, crime and moral decay, both sides see profound failings in modernity and a deepening crisis in the West. They look back to various golden ages when America was great, blue-collar workers thrived in unionized jobs, and people found meaning in religion, family, community and nature.
    Such gloominess is decidedly un-American. The U.S. was founded on the Enlightenment ideal that human ingenuity and benevolence could be channeled by institutions and result in progress. This concept may feel naive as we confront our biggest predicaments, but we can only understand where we are if we know how far we’ve come.
    You can always fool yourself into seeing a decline if you compare rose-tinted images of the past with bleeding headlines of the present. What do the trajectories of the nation and world look like when we measure human well-being over time with a constant yardstick? Let’s look at the numbers (most of which can be found on websites such as OurWorldinData, HumanProgress and Gapminder).
    Consider the U.S. just three decades ago. Our annual homicide rate was 8.5 per 100,000. Eleven percent of us fell below the poverty line (as measured by consumption). And we spewed 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide and 34.5 million tons of particulate matter into the atmosphere.
    Fast forward to the most recent numbers available today. The homicide rate is 5.3 (a blip up from 4.4 in 2014). Three percent of us fall below the consumption poverty line. And we emit four million tons of sulfur dioxide and 20.6 million tons of particulates, despite generating more wealth and driving more miles.
    Globally, the 30-year scorecard also favors the present. In 1988, 23 wars raged, killing people at a rate of 3.4 per 100,000; today it’s 12 wars killing 1.2 per 100,000. The number of nuclear weapons has fallen from 60,780 to 10,325. In 1988, the world had just 45 democracies, embracing two billion people; today it has 103, embracing 4.1 billion. That year saw 46 oil spills; 2016, just five. And 37% of the population lived in extreme poverty, barely able to feed themselves, compared with 9.6% today. True, 2016 was a bad year for terrorism in Western Europe, with 238 deaths. But 1988 was even worse, with 440.
    The headway made around the turn of the millennium is not a fluke. It’s a continuation of a process set in motion by the Enlightenment in the late 18th century that has brought improvements in every measure of human flourishing.
    Start with the most precious resource, life. Through most of human history, continuing into the 19th century, a newborn was expected to live around 30 years. In the two centuries since, life expectancy across the world has risen to 71, and in the developed world to 81.
    When the Enlightenment began, a third of the children born in the richest parts of the world died before their fifth birthday; today, that fate befalls 6% of the children in the poorest parts. In those countries, infectious diseases are in steady decline, and many will soon follow smallpox into extinction.
    The poor may not always be with us. The world is about a hundred times wealthier today than it was two centuries ago, and the prosperity is becoming more evenly distributed across countries and people. Within the lifetimes of most readers, the rate of extreme poverty could approach zero. Catastrophic famine, never far away in the past, has vanished from all but the most remote and war-ravaged regions, and undernourishment is in steady decline.
    ‘Our ancestors replaced dogma, tradition and authority with reason, debate and institutions of truth-seeking.’
    Within developed countries, inequality is rising, but real poverty is not. A century ago, the richest countries devoted 1% of their wealth to children, the poor, the sick and the aged; today they spend almost a quarter of it. Most of their poor today are fed, clothed and sheltered and have luxuries like smartphones and air conditioning that used to be unavailable to anyone, rich or poor. Poverty among racial minorities has fallen, and poverty among the elderly has plunged.
    The world is giving peace a chance. During most of the history of nations and empires, war was the natural state of affairs, and peace a mere interlude between wars. Today war between countries is obsolescent, and war within countries is absent from five-sixths of the world. The proportion of people killed annually in wars is about a quarter of what it was in the mid-1980s, a sixth of what it was in the early 1970s, and a 16th of what it was in the early 1950s.
    In most times and places, homicides kill far more people than wars. But homicide rates have been falling as well and not just in the U.S. People in the rest of the world are now seven-tenths as likely to be murdered as they were two dozen years ago. Deaths from terrorism, terrifying as they may be, amount to a rounding error.
    Life has been getting safer in every other way. Over the past century, Americans have become 96% less likely to be killed in an auto accident, 88% less likely to be mowed down on the sidewalk, 99% less likely to die in a plane crash, 59% less likely to fall to their deaths, 92% less likely to die by fire, 90% less likely to drown, 92% less likely to be asphyxiated, and 95% less likely to be killed on the job. Life in other rich countries is even safer, and life in poorer countries will get safer as they get richer.
    Despite backsliding in countries like Russia, Turkey and Venezuela, the long-term trend in governance is toward democracy and human rights. Two centuries ago a handful of countries, embracing 1% of the world’s people, were democratic; today, more than half of the world’s countries, embracing 55% of its people, are.
    Not long ago half the world’s countries had laws that discriminated against racial minorities; today more countries have policies that favor their minorities than policies that discriminate against them. At the turn of the 20th century, women could vote in just one country; today they can vote in every country where men can vote save one (Vatican City). Laws that criminalize homosexuality continue to be stricken down, and attitudes toward minorities, women and gay people are becoming steadily more tolerant, particularly among the young, a portent of the world’s future. Violence against women, children and minorities is in long-term decline, as is the exploitation of children for their labor.
    As people are getting healthier, richer, safer and freer, they are also becoming more knowledgeable and smarter. Two centuries ago, 12% of the world could read and write; today 85% can. Literacy and education will soon be universal, for girls as well as for boys. The schooling, together with health and wealth, is literally making us smarter—by 30 IQ points, or two standard deviations above our ancestors.
    People are putting their longer, healthier, safer, freer, richer and wiser lives to good use. Americans work 22 fewer hours a week than they did in the late 19th century and lose 43 fewer hours to housework. They have more opportunities to use their leisure to travel, spend time with children, connect with loved ones and sample the world’s cuisine, knowledge and culture.
    Thanks to these gifts, people in a majority of countries have become happier. Even Americans, who take their good fortune for granted and have stagnated in happiness, call themselves “pretty happy” or happier. And despite the panic about “kids today” (heard in every era), younger generations are less unhappy, lonely, drug-addicted and suicidal than their Boomer parents.
    As societies become wealthier and better educated, they raise their sights to the entire planet. Since the dawn of the environmental movement in the 1970s, the world has emitted fewer pollutants, cleared fewer forests, spilled less oil, set aside more preserves, extinguished fewer species, saved the ozone layer and may have peaked in its consumption of oil, farmland, timber, cars and perhaps even coal.
    * * *
    To what do we owe this progress? Does the universe contain a historical dialectic or arc bending toward justice? The answer is less mysterious: The Enlightenment is working. Our ancestors replaced dogma, tradition and authority with reason, debate and institutions of truth-seeking. They replaced superstition and magic with science. And they shifted their values from the glory of the tribe, nation, race, class or faith toward universal human flourishing.
    These developments have been gradual and uneven, with many backtracks and zigzags. But the happy developments of the last two centuries are the cumulative gifts of the brainchildren they spawned.
    ● Disease was decimated by vaccines, sanitation, antibiotics and other advances in medicine and public health, driven by the germ theory of disease and our understanding of evolution, physiology and genetics.
    ● Famine was stanched by crop rotation, synthetic fertilizer, the replacement of muscle by machinery and the selective breeding of vigorous hybrids.
    ● Poverty was slashed by education, markets, global trade and cheaper food and clothing, together with social programs that support the young, old, sick and unlucky.
    ● Violent crime was tamed by a replacement of the code of vendetta by the rule of law, by fairer judicial systems and, most recently, by data-driven policing.
    ● Everyday hazards were blunted by safety regulations and engineering, driven by an increasing valuation of human life. A similar combination of regulation and technology is ramping down pollution.
    ● Oppression and discrimination may persist in some places by brute force, but they start to corrode when educated, mobile and connected people exchange ideas and are forced to justify their practices.
    ● War is being marginalized by the spread of democracy (which inhibits leaders from turning their youth into cannon fodder), global commerce (which makes trade more profitable than plunder), peacekeeping forces (which separate belligerents and extinguish flare-ups) and competent governments (which outcompete insurgents for the allegiance of their citizens). Also driving war down are norms against conquest, enforced by the international community with shaming, sanctions and occasionally armed intervention.
    * * *
    The evidence for progress raises many questions.
    Isn’t it good to be pessimistic, many activists ask—to rake the muck, afflict the comfortable, speak truth to power? The answer is no: It’s good to be accurate. We must be aware of suffering and injustice where they occur, but we must also be aware of how they can be reduced. Indiscriminate pessimism can lead to fatalism: to wondering why we should throw time and money at a hopeless cause. And it can lead to radicalism: to calls to smash the machine, drain the swamp or empower a charismatic tyrant.
    Is progress inevitable? Of course not! Solutions create new problems, which must be solved in their turn. We can always be blindsided by nasty surprises, such as the two World Wars, the 1960s crime boom and the AIDS and opioid epidemics.
    And the greatest global challenges remain unsolved. This does not mean they are unsolvable. In 2015 the world’s nations came to a historic agreement on climate change in Paris, and pathways to decarbonization, including carbon pricing and zero-emission technologies, have been laid out. Since the closing days of World War II, nuclear weapons have not been used in almost 73 years of saber-rattling (including standoffs with the half-mad despots Stalin and Mao), and the New Start treaty between the U.S. and Russia, capping nuclear arsenals, went into full effect just this week.
    On these matters, the policies of President Donald Trump —denial of climate change, planned withdrawal from the Paris accord, provocation of North Korea, nuclear arms expansion—are alarming. But continued progress is in the interests of the rest of the world, and numerous states, countries, corporations, political actors and sectors of the military are pushing back against the intemperate plans of the administration.
    How should we think about future progress? We must not sit back and wait for problems to solve themselves, nor pace the streets with a sandwich board proclaiming that the end of the world is nigh. The advances of the past are no guarantee that progress will continue; they are a reminder of what we have to lose. Progress is a gift of the ideals of the Enlightenment and will continue to the extent that we rededicate ourselves to those ideals.
    Are the ideals of the Enlightenment too tepid to engage our animal spirits? Is the conquest of disease, famine, poverty, violence and ignorance … boring? Do people need to believe in magic, a father in the sky, a strong chief to protect the tribe, myths of heroic ancestors?
    I don’t think so. Secular liberal democracies are the happiest and healthiest places on earth, and the favorite destinations of people who vote with their feet. And once you appreciate that the Enlightenment project of applying knowledge and sympathy to enhance human flourishing can succeed, it’s hard to imagine anything more heroic and glorious.
    Mr. Pinker is Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. This essay is adapted from his new book, “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress,” which will be published by Viking on Feb. 13.

    • Raphael

      Sounds good, but I am not sure I agree with many of his rose-colored statements…(he also sounds a bit like Patrick by the way, with his glorification of science). Unfortunately the exact opposite of some of what he writes might be argued, with solid data to back it up.

      Between irrational religious dogma and materialistic science, there is a middle way…spirituality, as you know. He seems to be caught in the old dichotomy, which is why he sings the virtue of the Enlightenment and science as opposed to the evils of religions, tribalism and ignorance. But science and technology without spiritual understanding is like placing nuclear power in the hands of a chimpanzee. It gives us things like Fukushima and the prospect of nuclear war, as well as the possible cloning of human beings, transhumanism and other potential horrors.

      • Buddha too talked about the middle way, or the middle path. That from an enlightened being, is truly worth noting….. Thanks for your thoughts….

  • Raphael

    Most people here might not be aware that in the wake of the peaceful DAPL water protection movement in North Dakota led by Indigenous people (which the mercenary firm TigerSwan, hired by Energy Transfer Partners and which worked with the North Dakota police, called a “Jihadist” terrorist movement!!!) , of Black Lives Matter demonstrations and of the protests at Trump’s inauguration, there has been 58 severe anti-protests bills introduced in 31 states. There goes the American Constitution…as Russell Means famously say, just another broken treaty!

    But more to the point:

    America is rapidly sliding into an authoritarian proto fascist state, because led by two authoritarian factions that are current bed partners: the extreme rightwing evangelists, who are naturally authoritarian (led by a God who they believe is a “lord”, a “king”, a supreme ruler who tells everyone what to do and not to do at all moments and in all circumstances), and the military-industrial-banking complex that views freedom as a financial and ideological liability.

    So this is basically the age of control freaks, to put it succinctly and truthfully. Expect more restrictions or outright elimination of any form of dissent. Next they will make signing petitions an illegal act, because it might hurt a corporation or industry’s profits while impeding its “freedom” to exploit its workers and rape the earth. This is what the essence of fascism is about: corporatism protected by a police state. We are moving in that direction rather quickly.

    Most people however do not see or understand this…because you only realize that your freedom is gone when you try to live up to its promises…that your rights are gone when you attempt to exercise them. And most Americans do not exercise most of their rights, except the most irrelevant and destructive: the right to own guns!

    But extreme actions always betray fear and desperation. These authoritarians are afraid and desperate…they are trying to hold on to something that is rapidly escaping them: power, as the planet itself is refusing to cooperate…nature itself cannot and will not be subjugated in any way, these control freaks will not be able to master the earth and impose their will on all life as they fantasize doing.

    Ironically yet predictably, the more control they seek to have, the more powerless they become, as the more often the natural world throws huge wrenches in their path. This is all we need to know in order to survive these difficult times: nature will never be subdued. These fools will loose their war against the natural world and be severely and globally humbled by the earth itself, relatively soon. The earth will have the last word, and its voice will be mighty…as it should be.

    This is not doom-saying by the way…on the contrary! Life, and the absolute freedom that is inherent in the divine spirit, will triumph over a global human civilization pathologically driven to subjugate, dominate, control and ultimately obliterate every life form, everything that is born free and was meant to live free and without lords and masters!

    • Thank you Mewabe Raphael. 🙂
      I always love hearing your perspective. You should write editorials for new papers & online magazines. Start your own blog. Do it!

      It’s my understanding that things could get so bad that recovery would take so long that food crops, water shortages & epidemic diseases could devastate the world like it’s never seen. Top it off with nuclear war and the apocalypse in all it’s glory comes to pass.

      The other scenario is we wake uP and work things out in a new and wonderful way. I mentioned Steven Pinker’s book in past posts. Well look at my more recent post of an essay he wrote in his forthcoming book. It’s right below.

      For me, I’m always working/playing/visualizing that the world gets better & better all the time. And, it is, along side of all the other horrendous stuff. tRump seems to be the epitome of foolish dysfunctionalism gone mad in a crazy Twilight Zone, X-file world of an alternate reality we now find our selves in.

      The Biggest influence in my life is simply me and the beingness that I behold. The other LARGER influence is the collective world consciousness.

      So I will always work & play to visualize and live in the world we truly desire of peace, harmony, prosperity etc.

      That’s me, and I know you and the rest here get that. Yet we have to be made aware of the damage that is being done, and I thank you for pointing it out in a way only you can.

      • AKA Patrick

        I like Gregg Braden’s approach, which he calls a merging of Spirituality and Science. He makes extremely good sense. He’s the gentleman who worked for Cisco Corporation during the height of the Cold War and directly witnessed the involuntary shutting down of all our missile silos when we almost went to war with Russia.

      • Raphael

        Thanks Marko, you know I have to do my part in bringing everyone to a near suicidal state ha ha…No, that’s not my goal. As does Neale, I believe that the solution to all of humanity’s problem is spiritual. That’s the core issue…and all practical solutions must stem from there. Otherwise humanity is simply running around in circles like a kitten chasing its tail.

        • AKA Patrick

          Welcome to our world, Native Brother. I’m 1/8th Cherokee.

          • Raphael


          • AKA Patrick

            Which means?

        • Oh, I just want to say that even though you are very good at pointing out the bad sh*t that needs to be looked at, I still like it.

          That is, it’s important to see what is happening in the world and especially in our neck of the woods. So don’t stop, in fact I’ll be sad to see you go when this blog eventually disappears. Where will I get my fix from you? 😉

          I obviously know you are a positive person, but also realistic. I try to be as well. I know I’m always one to point out the positive, but I certainly don’t want to airbrush or put Hollywood makeup over world issues. I want to embrace them but not get overwhelmed by them to the point that nothing can be done. Always, something can be done.

          As you pointed out, there is the middle way.

          • Raphael

            Thank you Marko! I wonder if this will be the last opportunity for this blog, as Neale might think that it is not quite working out the way he was proposing…that is to say that the entries are not specifically relating to the CWG material.
            Either way, it was fun…and will be fun as long as it lasts!

          • Maybe you could occasionally go to his CwG connect site?

  • Irene Borges Costa

    Muito interessante a temática e metodologia desenvolvida pelo autor. Na verdade ele toca o aspecto da mutação da humanidade, como um inevitável para a sua própria sobrevivência, sendo que a humanidade entrará em descompensação se cada ser humano não conseguir entender que é uma peça importante nesse ciclo de mudança e continuidade, em consequência. A humanidade, cada um de nós, precisa consciencializar-se que não está sozinho e que a boa, a racional utilização dos recursos existentes, é urgente e vital para a sobrevivência pacifica e confortável de todos. O autor da criação, não teve nos seus planos a fome, a sede, as guerras, isso seria uma aberração porque quem cria ama e quem ama prove a satisfação das necessidades do ser amado, leia-se humanidade. Então, é preciso que cada ser humano se encontre consigo mesmo e entenda e aceite que a resposta para a sua realização pessoal, para a sua felicidade, está em si mesmo, na capacidade de desenvolver estratégias de sobrevivência, suficientes e que não colidam com a sobrevivência dos demais seres humanos. Estamos talvez a tocar noutro aspecto da criação, a liberdade. Criados seres livres, mas dotados de inteligência e sabedoria, sabemos que essa liberdade é colectiva e está integrada no mesmo principio de sobrevivência. Sempre que esta regra é interrompida, estamos a gerar desequilíbrio, no universo. Consequentemente, as guerras, a fome, a infelicidade, nascem desta transgressão….

    • AKA Patrick

      I believe this post to be in Portugese, which I do not speak or read, sadly. I can pick out certain words, like liberty, peace, etc. If there is a way to translate this, then others who may be having the same difficulty will understand clearly what you’re saying. Neale, is there a method of translating the above post? Thanks.

      • Raphael

        Google translation:
        The thematic and methodology developed by the author is very interesting, it touches on the aspect of humanity’s mutation as an inevitability for its own survival, and humanity will go into decompensation if every human being fails to understand that it is an important part of this cycle of change and continuity as a consequence. Humanity, each of us, needs to be aware that it is not alone and that the good, rational use of existing resources is urgent and vital for the peaceful and comfortable survival of all. The author of creation did not have hunger, thirst, or wars in his plans; this would be an aberration because the creator loves and loves to satisfy the needs of the beloved, read humanity. So it is necessary for every human being to find himself and to understand and accept that the answer to his personal fulfillment, to his happiness, is in himself, in the capacity to develop survival strategies, sufficient and that do not collide with the survival of other human beings. We are perhaps touching on another aspect of creation, freedom. Created free beings, but endowed with intelligence and wisdom, we know that this freedom is collective and is integrated into the same principle of survival. Whenever this rule is interrupted, we are generating imbalance in the universe. Consequently, wars, hunger, unhappiness, are born of this transgression

        • AKA Patrick

          Thank you for the translation.

  • Raphael

    In response to the commonly discussed topics of coping with the world negativity, and of whether a person should focus on the positive, the negative or both, I would like to offer some thoughts.

    It is no secret that many people feel down and or scared when looking at the state of the world. Many who cannot cope with such harsh and frightening realities take refuge in some form of denial or false hope (such as with the “second coming”).

    Personally, I like to keep things clear and simple…The way I see it, confusion is often the outcome of some form of misunderstanding. So here are simple thoughts that I have held since I was a teenager. You can use them if you like them, if not, disregard them:

    The Creator did not create what passes for civilization, oppressive human societies and cultures, corrupt governments, weapons and wars, industrial pollution, etc. Man created all these things and more. I am concentrating on the negative here because negativity is the problem many have difficulty dealing with let alone acknowledging.

    The Creator created the natural creation.

    If you want to be strong, meaning spiritually grounded, go with the natural creation, not man’s creations. Identify with the Creator’s work, not man’s works. Ground yourself in the earth and the cosmos, not in society. In man’s world, you are merely passing through. In Man’s world, you are living in a temporary disturbance, not in the Divine order.

    You might argue that man is part of God’s creation. Sure, but humanity has the unique ability to temporarily loose its own Divine identity, to separate itself from it and forget through the maze of the human mind.

    A tree cannot pretend to be a mountain…a wolf does not attempt to act like an elephant…a cloud does not long to be a blade of grass. In the Divine creation, everything and every being has its place, and each fulfills its destiny according to the natural and Divine order.

    Man, and only man, imagines himself to be what it is not: separate from such Divine and natural order. For this reason, and this reason alone, man creates disharmony and imbalance, and his world reflect his state of mind, of a separate mind.

    You will not be affected by the negativity of the human world when you remember that your roots and your being belong to the natural Divine creation, not to man’s world, which is merely the product of what could be called temporary insanity, or amnesia.

    And you do not have to wait for what many call “heaven” in order to find yourself in a Divine dimension: it is all around you (and within you when we feel unity with all of the creation) on this very earth, on the natural earth. It is in the trees and the rivers…in the sky and under the ground, in every thing and being that fulfills its Divine destiny according to the Divine order.

    Identify with the works of the Creator, not with the works of man, and you will be able to face the greatest storms without fear, without being shaken to the core, for your core will be strong, rooted in Divine reality.

    This is the source of the spiritual strength and resilience of Native America, by the way.

    • You know, there are books and probably workshops on the subject of grounding to be centered with the earth. Grounding mats pull up the energy of the earth or something like that when you are in your office typing away on the computer as many or most do. Of course, some, depending on the season & climate where you live may take their laptop, tablet etc. outside and use to be more out in nature.

      Some people require more of nature than others. Call them campers, hikers etc.

      Some artists/designers/engineers feel the best designs come from imitating nature and using nature as their model.

      What I would also venture forth is, that man too is a part of nature. Granted he has the power to do harm and has to nature. So much so, that the next generation may probably live in a very different world where many animals, birds etc. simply flew out to extinction as a result of man’s ignorant ways.

      As a part of nature, man can live in harmony or disharmony with it. At this point he does both, but with the unfortunate side effect of more harm than good.

      I work & play to have compassion on humanity, as we are still in a primitive mind set, along with rigid political, theological, religious systems that for me, stem from dysfunction and fear. I also work and play to visualize a better world where man uses wisdom rather than dysfunction to live and promote positive growth for our species. From here, I take what ever inspired action that comes from this and move forth.

      As for the positive and negative. Life is all about feedback and energy reflection.

      Life is neutral to what we do. The consequences of our actions have good or bad effects according to our perceptions of life. Life is not punishing us so much as responding to the energy actions we produce.

      One simple and grand lesson we have here is simply this. How do we respond to what we define as negative? The reason we are here and the whole of our lives can be based on that simple premise. As we progress to respond more consciously to what we perceive as bad, will we be more effective in producing what we like to experience as positive.

      Grounding and rooting ourselves is certainly key, and unfortunately, the current pResident tRump and administration are as far away from this as can imagine. They are comic book like villains, carelessly destroying nature and it’s environment reflecting their immense dysfunction and fear.

      We can be and do all we can to counteract such outlandish outrageous childish immature dysfunctional behavior.

      • Raphael

        Most non-Indigenous people have no spiritual connection with the natural world, and are not even able to begin to understand the concept. That’s very unfortunate.

        Individuals who have a religious background (upbringing and conditioning), particularly from either one of the 3 Abrahamic religions, are proving to be even more immune to such understanding, if this were ever possible.

        Which is part of the reason why humanity is destroying the earth’s ecological systems. When something such as nature is thought to have no spiritual value or meaning, its destruction is thought to have no spiritual meaning or consequence either. The only question then that comes with such destruction for humanity is strictly, and erroneously, one of physical survival.

        Cultural and religious conditionings, which begin in childhood, and perhaps even in the womb, are literally powerful beyond all beliefs. There are like a concrete vault for the mind, and let nothing in.

        But nature itself is more powerful than mankind and all belief systems. It will teach humanity its proper place, which is to live and act as part of the web of creation, not above it.

        Nature, the natural earth, will ultimately “ground” most of humanity and most of its arrogant cultures and civilization…6 feet under! And I dare say that it will be a good day for the earth…and eventually for a reborn humanity, who will hopefully not soon forget its lessons.

        • I guess I’ve not been around people who don’t enjoy or revere nature. There is a place where humans and nature can blend together in harmony. It exists on earth now, though government and elites are far removed from this concept, others press on.

          It’s all part of our current evolutionary stage, and where it takes us, few really know. I always visualize what I prefer to see without ignoring what is currently taking place.

          Even when I throw something in the trash, I know it doesn’t disappear, but goes in the earth. I will at times think as I do this, “I know there is a better way & that way is possible now.” as a energy influence solution.

          At least now our garbage is so minimal, it’s surprising. Most is recycled or composted.

          • Raphael

            Enjoying the outdoors is great and healthy…but I think that there is a difference between this and actually having an ongoing spiritual connection with nature, and seeing and experiencing, in the natural world, the Divine presence. Religious people in particular have been taught that this is paganism, so they dare not think of and experience such things.

            If you were telling someone who is going on a hike in the woods with you that you are walking on God, breathing God, and seeing God all around, that person might look at you funny 🙂

          • The proper way to use nature and it’s resources is a never ending debate, and that debate will go on & perhaps only really seriously change when the collective shares the value of preserving it.

            Many feel powerless with how the laws and politicians handle it.

          • Raphael

            And that is the point…nature shouldn’t be seen as something to be used (properly or improperly)…anymore than you wouldn’t look at another human being as something to be used…or shouldn’t look at an animal as something to be used.

            Nature is not a thing, it is life, and life is something with which we are to establish respectful, harmonious and loving relationships and partnerships.

            The idea of using nature comes directly from the dominion theology, from Judeo-Christian dogma, from the Bible. The conditioning runs very deep and is seldomly questioned.

            Science, although mostly atheist, has inherited this dominion theology conditioning, and is also seeing nature as a thing to be used for mankind.

            Most politicians handle nature exactly the same way most homeowners handle nature, or meat eaters handle nature: something to be used to satisfy our needs, whether these needs are legitimate or not (such as for a homeowner the “need” to kill weeds with poisonous herbicides to have a perfectly unnatural lawn, or the “need” to kill gofers, squirrels and other so-called “pests” to have perfectly unnatural landscaping).

            The government reflects us…like a mirror (which should truly cause us to pose when looking at the present toxic, extremist and profoundly unintelligent-and proud to be ignorant and nasty-administration).

          • AKA Patrick

            Oh, but EVERYTHING in the Universe is for use (to be Used). The problem arises when the use doesn’t serve us well.

          • Raphael

            When you perceive everything as a “thing”, you see no problem using it, like a hammer or a pair of shoes.

            But a tree, a mountain, a river, an animal, these are not “things”…they are processes, they are life, they are living elements. And all life is spiritual in essence, life isn’t made up of separate “things” as you would find on a supermarket shelf.

            Our relationship with the spiritual cannot be one of materialistic domination and materialistic exploitation but one of spiritual partnership and cooperation.

            The idea that the problem arises when the use doesn’t serve us well is human-centered and selfish beyond belief! It comes from someone who grew up being immersed in Judeo-Christian dogma, which is also totally human-centered and rooted in dominion theology, and who hasn’t completely questioned and shaken this unfortunate conditioning.

          • Hempwise

            Hi Marko .
            This is why the “Missing Message “ that we are seperate from nothing is so important . Coming from this great truth our immediate response would be the serving of all that is life sustaining . This Pre- serving must come from the subconscious as a way of being and moving through life seeing the bigger picture .By serving this choice first we honour life and revere her becoming good stewards of our home.(What we pre-serve we preserve for future generations .)

            The idea that Life is prime value will take time to osmisise into the culture .The raising of consciousness is happening everywhere ,I do not know when those in power will abandon their hopeless neoliberal globalised agenda were profit trumps life .However the pressure is growing from the bottom up to experience a bigger idea of who we are “a civil rights movement for the soul. “

            Its going to get bumpy however as the power holders and authoritarians try and hold on to the status quo ,and maximise their wealth as a justification for their deluded thoughts as rightful overlords and masters .

        • Hempwise

          Cultural and religious conditionings, which begin in childhood, and perhaps even in the womb, are literally powerful beyond all ideas. There are like a concrete vault for the mind, and let nothing in. They do not simply establish beliefs, but patterns of thoughts. They wire the brain in specific ways.

          • Raphael

            Thanks, that book sounds interesting…!

          • When you are done with the book, let us know what makes one culture choose dominant over cooperation. Thanks.

          • Hempwise

            its a long one but i will let you know .

    • AKA Patrick

      Do you realize that God imagines Himself to be what He is not–human.

      • Raphael

        I cannot say what God actually imagines, and neither can anyone else, although many people claim to do that.

        • AKA Patrick

          You don’t really know that someone else cannot know. You can only know about your own knowing.

          • Raphael

            You are the only arguing with emotions here, and getting personal…all I am presenting are thoughts, not personal hostility. You might want to consider this, for your own growth.

    • Hempwise

      Got this ,thought about you as it’s in your neck of the woods ,well nearly 😉3rd Annual Sun Dance Experience

      June 27th thru July 2nd, 2018

      Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives and Spiritual Seekers,

      The following is an invitation from my brother White Standing Buffalo (Tom McCallum), a Cree spiritual leader, in behalf of all our relations:

      “Bruce Lipton and I have worked together to find ways of helping all people re-member our original instructions so that we might bring health and harmony back to all life systems. As a Sun Dance Leader, with full awareness of all it means, I offer this special invitation for people who are not tribal members or who do not think of themselves as being Indigenous to join in my next Sun Dance as helpers, supporters, and witnesses for our dancers.

      It will require a deeply spiritual commitment to this sacred ceremony and perhaps after your four days with us, some of you may wish to actually prepare to dance with us the following year. In any case, we believe your participation will help with bringing ancient knowledge into the hearts and minds of others, for when you leave us, you will be able to walk taller and teach a little better about what it means to truly honor Mother Earth”
      White Standing Buffalo

      An Invitation to a Life-Changing Experience

      For those interested in a transformative life experience consider participating in our third annual Sun Dance experience in the wilderness of Canada.

      A limited number of 40 guests are invited to join a community of First Nation Cree, between June 27th and July 2nd in Alberta, Canada, to participate in their Sun Dance Ceremony, the most important spiritual ritual of the natives of the North American Great Plains. This is not a cultural reenactment; each participant will be fully immersed in the experience, from creating the elaborate ritual arbor to dancing in the Ceremony

      For more information, please review the attached PowerPoint show:


      If you are interested and can join us for this consciousness and spiritual enhancing experience, please return an email addressed to both bruce@brucelipton.com, and V_silveira2000@yahoo.ca with the following information:

      A) Name and age
      B) Phone contact
      C) Physical Address
      D) Number and ages of people in your party other than you
      E) Will you be driving or flying to destination
      F) Will you provide your own camping gear, tent, SUV or RV?
      If available, there will be teepees (sleeps 4 to 6) for rent.
      G) Comments / Reasons for attending / Questions

      IMPORTANT: Please respond by April 15th
      Notification of selected submissions on April 25th

      Complete information packets will be sent after the selection process is complete.

      With Love and Light,
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  • Patrick Gannon

    I’m not back, but I thought of you guys.

    I’m reading a book that in my view, could be considered to large extent to be CwG without the “G.” It has many of the valuable lessons and suggestions of CwG without all the supernatural hocus pocus. It would be a good read for Annie, if she’s still around.

    May I suggest: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.

    All that good stuff about how wanting something is a continued acknowledgement that you don’t have it, Yoda’s “do or do not,” and so on. Worth a read.

    Bye. Hope you all have been having fun without me.

    • AKA Patrick

      Sad, Patrick that you can’t “see the forest for the trees”. There is NOTHING hocus-pocus about the so-called Supernatural.

      • Raphael

        There is nothing hocus-pocus about the supra-natural but there is a lot of hocus-pocus about many people who claim to have access to it, and who unfortunately make spirituality look like snake oil salesmanship.

        • AKA Patrick

          Oh, well. If you don’t choose to accept the benefits of learning from someone else’s experience, then there’s no point of my (or Neale’s, or anyone else’s) teaching.

          • Raphael

            Why would you assume that when criticizing the largely hocus-pocus metaphysical community I am referring to Neale or you, or anyone here? To be clear I am not.

            I take my teachings from the source and the Spirit world…unnadultered as much as possible.

            Your feeling about my attitude towards humanity could very well be in line with your assumption that I was referring to Neale and you…and have to do with how you feel about yourself (as without so within).

            Perception is a never ending play of smoke and mirrors.

            Again to clarify, I do not believe that humanity is inherently undeserving. I believe that it is largely mistaken and a present danger to itself and all life because of its misconceptions.

            There is an ongoing belief that is circulating out there, that says that criticism is hate…it is not.

          • AKA Patrick

            It is aptly said: When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will be better off.

  • Raphael

    This thread is still alive?

    The following topic might apply to this forum as it is about the consequences of atheism.

    When I heard about the first face transplant being performed in the US, I joked that mad scientists would next work on a head transplant.

    And it is happening. Professor Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University (China) and Dr Sergio Canavero, neurosurgeon (Italy) are cooperating on this monstrous undertaking. For practice, they used mice and monkeys as scientists are always found to do, and then successfully transplanted a “dead” human head on a human corpse.

    The next step is to use a head and body that are kept alive so that they have a live Frankenstein.

    If you think I am joking, think again. I was joking about head transplants, but I am learning that one can never underestimate the insanity of the mostly atheist scientific world.

    Scientists often proclaim that they are not in the business of morality or ethics. They are not in the business of common sense either…believing that anything that can be done should be done.

    This is what happens when people believe that the body is just a vehicle…like a car, that we can trade for a newer model, and that has nothing to do with consciousness. It is what happens when a culture causes people to believe their identity and consciousness are located in their physical brain, and all else is merely a physical appendage that has nothing to do with who they are, and that can be physically manipulated, replaced and traded at will.

    • AKA Patrick


      • Raphael

        Thanks AKA Patrick!

    • Hempwise

      That’s so insane .