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If you are intrigued by and enjoying the global conversation taking place here, you may be doubly intrigued by the opportunity to connect even more closely with the Conversations with God messages that generate these discussions — and to interact in an even more personal way with CWG author Neale Donald Walsch, the publisher of this newspaper.

Daily interaction with Neale, vibrant exchanges with members of a vibrant community, and deep, rich, ongoing explorations of the CWG material are all part of the landscape at www.CWGConnect.com.

This is not something you should be missing.


It may not be widely known that a way has been created to connect with Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch personally every day, to discuss with him any aspect of the nine CWG books that have been placed into the world. For more information on how anyone may do this, simply go to www.CWGConnect.com.

Here will also be found an enormous wealth of material deeply exploring and clearly explaining the messages of this remarkable, spiritually revolutionary, set of texts — including fresh content every single day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

And, while this is a fee-for-service subscription-based feature, scholarships of 50% and 100% are available upon request — meaning the service is available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

One click takes you there: www.CWGConnect.com

A note from CWG Connect: Next week we are going ‘LIVE’ with a four-day video series, streaming right from our Spiritual Renewal Retreat to your computer screen. We will be presenting a three-hour program each day covering different topics and explorations. Here is the schedule for this live-streamed event:

Day One – Exploring Fear: Mar. 27, 2014 — 9am-10:30am, 15 minute break, 10:45am-12:15pm PDT

Day Two – Producing Abundance: Mar. 28, 2014 — 9am-10:30am, 15 minute break,10:45am-12:15pm PDT

Day Three – Understanding Love: Mar. 29, 2014 — 2pm-3:30pm, 15 minute break, 3:45pm-5:15pm PDT

Day Four – Creating Purpose: Mar. 30, 2014 — 2pm-3:30pm, 15 minute break, 3:45pm-5:15pm PDT

All of these sessions will be available ‘On Demand’ after their original broadcast. This event is one of the many extras offered to CWG Connect members at no additional cost. The ticket price to this event for non-members is $99.

CWG Connect is the complete Video-Audio-Written Word service for CWG readers who wish to move more deeply into this life-changing material. More information on its live-steam of this event may be found here.

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Do you think you laid eyes on this little item just by chance…? — Neale Donald Walsch

DON’T MISS, IN THIS ISSUE…(click on the headline to link to it):…..If you could make only one more statement to the outside world before you died, what would it be?….Is “advertising” making us forget Who We Really Are?….AND…How you can do something now to slow down the Alzheimer’s scourge.

SOMETHING TO TAKE NOTE OF: Are you aware that there is a posting of fresh material about Conversations with God — a new video, a new audio, new in-depth articles — every single day, seven days a week at CWG Connect? This is the new global community that is forming around the CWG messages. Check it out by clicking on the CWG Connect button in the navigation bar at the top of this page. If your life has been touched in a positive way by Conversations with God, you’re going to find this new resource invaluable.



Your personal intervention is desperately needed at this very moment in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation across the Philippines. Food and clean water still has not gotten to thousands in devastated areas. CNN’s Team Impact has been looking for ways that everyone can help. Please look at this list, and click on one or more of these links. We place this here with sincere acknowledgement of and deep thanks to CNN, which we hope and trust will not mind our republishing the list from their website, in the interests of humanity.

Click here to link to the CNN site if you would like more information on this heartbreaking but important biggest news story of the day.

DON’T MISS, IN THIS ISSUE…(click on the headline to link to the article):…..Can the internet be counted as a fundamental and basic necessity for everyone in our world?…..Why not legalize all drugs?…..Seriously challenging corporate power….. AND, from a previous issue… Marianne Williamson running for Congress!

It is very exciting to all of us in the New Thought Community that spiritual author and messenger Marianne Williamson is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. You will see more here on this page in the weeks ahead about how you can help bring her voice to Washington, should you agree with her message.

On another note, the book that gave birth to this website, The Storm Before the Calm, is being posted here, chapter by chapter. I sincerely hope you will read it, as I believe its message can change the way our world is now experiencing itself.

AND…if you haven’t signed the petition from Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, you can do so here. See his open letter to Americans in What Others Are Saying.


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