EMERGENCY! How you can help…



Your personal intervention is desperately needed at this very moment in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation across the Philippines. Food and clean water still has not gotten to thousands in devastated areas. CNN’s Team Impact has been looking for ways that everyone can help. Please look at this list, and click on one or more of these links. We place this here with sincere acknowledgement of and deep thanks to CNN, which we hope and trust will not mind our republishing the list from their website, in the interests of humanity.

Click here to link to the CNN site if you would like more information on this heartbreaking but important biggest news story of the day.

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  • Erin

    This scenario could have been avoided…much like the Syrian incident that did not occur…and WE did not group-focus on this one, Why?

    Perhaps a storm of Nature is ‘different’ than a storm of Humanity? Perhaps WE are Not part of the Nature of here? Perhaps WE didn’t take Our participation in the Syrian storm Not happening as ‘real’…just a coincidence?

    Hmmm…??? Seems like a lot of mustard seeds stayed in their jars, and We will have to be content that ‘only’ 10G of Us moved with Haiyan, with 10s of thousands ‘others’ going with them. (We will never know if We could have made a magnificent difference…We may never know if those that did participate beforehand created a fine miracle here…Oh, ye of little faith!)

    Sooo, rather than moments of focus & intent on being magical movers prior, We shall spew a few bucks to support the clean-up committees of the aftermaths. ‘This way’ works, too…but is no where near as cool as being a director of movement. Perhaps, Now We Know? Better ‘luck’ next time opportunity knocks!?!

    Just wonderin’…:)