The options before us

We can do this one person at a time — undertaking humanity’s huge course correction by pointing singularly to every allegedly offending individual we can find, bringing that person down with career-ending and life-ruining accusations — or we can do it en masse by just admitting that our species has been divided into the Oppressors and the Oppressed for thousands of years. We can confess that we have been getting it all wrong all along.

We have a problem on this planet that transcends the current outrage over sexual assault, harassment, and misbehavior — as legitimate and important a development as that is. (And it is.) Yet we should not allow our outrage and our social course correction to stop there.

We can continue by acknowledging that it is not just women who deserve to be placed on the Finally Being Believed List. People of color, citizens with special needs, persons who identify as gay, members of particular religions, people who are poor, those who are homeless, and more than one or two other subgroups within our society have also been begging to be heard and crying out for justice for a very long time.

The problem here is systemic. The problem is cultural. The problem is massive and widespread in areas sexual, social, racial, political, economical, and spiritual, and it will not be solved by asking those few who actually get caught (or who are alleged to have gotten caught) to alone pay the price for the ongoing, centuries-long dysfunctions of an entire species called humankind. And before that statement is mis-characterized, this is not a call to excuse any specific behaviors – sexual misconduct or others – but just the opposite. We must all pay the price, because humankind has NOT been kind, but has been behaving like barbarians. We must pay the price beginning now, by increasing the cost, at once and all across human society, to people and groups who would oppress other people and groups ever again. And I believe we would do well to see if we can find a way to forgive those who have offended in the past, to look within our hearts to see if there is a place of compassion and mercy sufficient to allow us not to overlook their offenses, but to overcome them, even as we have allowed many of the very worst among us to be pardoned, and to attempt to reclaim their lives and make things right with their Soul and their God (if they believe in either).

There is a story told about a custom purported to part of the culture of a certain tribe in South Africa. According to the story, when a person acts irresponsibly or unjustly, he is placed in the center of the village, alone and unfettered. All work ceases, and every man, woman and child in the village gathers in a large circle around the accused individual. Then each person in the tribe, regardless of age, begins to talk out loud to the accused, one at a time, about all the good things the person in the center of the circle has done in his lifetime.

Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy is recounted. All his positive attributes, good deeds, strengths and kindnesses are recited carefully and at length. No one is pemitted to fabricate, exaggerate or be facetious about his accomplishments or the positive aspects of his personality.

The tribal ceremony does not cease until everyone is drained of every positive comment he can muster about the person in question. At the end, the tribal circle is broken and a joyous celebration takes place, with the person symbolically and literally welcomed back into the tribe.

The story is told in at least two books. Sent by Earth: A Message from the Grandmother Spirit after the Bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon, by Alice Walker, and Contact: The first four minutes, by Leonard Zunin, MD

Ms.Walker said in her book: “I am convinced the only punishment that will ever work is love.”

It should be reported that some have said the story has been completely fabricated, and has no basis in fact. I love it whether it is true or not, because I think it give us a wonderful model of how we may heal both ourselves, if we have been hurt or offended by another, as well as the perpetrator of the offense. And, of course, Conversations with God offers us the insight that forgiveness is not part of God’s response to the mistakes made by human beings. As we are told in the CWG cosmology, “Understanding replaces Forgiveness in the mind of the Master.” And God understands that humanity’s weaknesses derive from humanity’s immaturity as a species.

It is that immaturity that has caused our entire species to have never stopped oppressing each other. We’ve never allowed ourselves as a species to experience “power with” – only “power over.” THIS has been the blind spot of humanity. This has been the weakness of our civilization. This has been the core issue from the beginning. And until we resolve this issue, there will always be the Oppressors and the Oppressed.

We are like animals. Like insects. Like every life form that exemplifies and demonstrates behaviors establishing Survival of the Fittest as the highest and best measure of effective and efficient conduct. And the difficulty with trying to change all of this one social issue or one offender at a time is that it will take decades to even make a dent in the number of individuals who we’ve alleged to have been oppressors, and by doing so to change collective behaviors. And we don’t have that kind of time.

Our society is unraveling. Our world is on the brink of nuclear war. Our environment is degrading. Our political frameworks are crumbling. Our economic structures are collapsing. Our spiritual communities are colliding. Our global systems, ladies and gentlemen, are falling apart.

We are seeing that our civilization is not civilized. We are seeing that all lives matter, that all grievances need now to be given fair hearing, and that all of us can play a role in not allowing assault, harassment, and misconduct to continue in ANY area of life without the course correction that our intelligence as a species is telling us is so long overdue.

What is the solution here? Is it really to focus on one issue at a time and all the individual offenders we can find? Or is it to undertake an overhaul of the entire human experience by challenging and changing the fundamental beliefs of our species, and the group behaviors that emerge from them?

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  • Kristen

    Suggestions on how to reach everyone, not just about this one Neale, but every thread? Where are all the so called ‘spiritual leaders’ all working together to reach the entire world, with a much younger group along that youth will listen to? With all the fan bases and followers people have, why are ‘spititual leaders’ not all banding together to reach the masses like musicians, Hollywood and other groups of like minded people seem to do? Where are the huge music concerts televised live or other things to bring the world together saying enough is enough, bringing unity and people together as one voice?
    Or is preaching to the preached, and printing books for a particular market enough? Surely fame, money and fan bases could serve much more of a purpose by all banding together? I personally think those who chose this kind of stuff as their reincarnation path, and clearly have the support of those above, plus the means, should step up!

    • A great and fair question. I asked Neale about this several years ago. His reply at that time was that all these people had personal agendas that got in the way. His answer may be different today, so we will see if he answers your question.

      Also, if Neale is presented with an viable idea, outline, strategy etc. about how one can go about to do this, I think he is more than willing to consider and listen to that. If a plan makes sense, I think he’d go for it.

      I also several years ago asked him about getting some air time tv or start a spiritual network. His reply was something like, you get it together and I’ll join in. Meaning, his plate is too full to do all the behind the scenes work, but if others can get it going, he’s on board. Hope this helps.

      • Kristen

        Thanks Marko. Im sort of at the point where I cant understand the big picture. Surely the purpose of all of this isnt just to publish books, preach to the preached and enjoy wealth. Surely there is a bigger purpose behind all this chanelled information, that they are actually meant to be proactive together. As you pointed out, people are all just being individuals publishing similar information, surely they should band together and do something.
        My personal opinion would be a huge couple of days concert streamed live, BUT they would have to focus on the message of being nice to eachother and good role models, so using cover band musicians rather than the current ‘skanks’ corrupting kids, and ensure appropriate songs were chosen. Millions would tune in, and its legal to sing cover songs without a license if its 100% for charity, which means a free concert with no ticket sales. Problem is, it would involve them putting up personal money to do it AND having to exclude lots of people and songs that are a negative influence, being completely unPC. Music is known as the best way to reach youth and most people, and there is amazing music out there that everyone knows.
        BUT it would cost them a lot of $$$$$$, the people who could organise it all are probably those whom theyd need to pay unfortunately. People couldnt afford time off work, I certainly couldnt.
        I think printing books is ten years in the past, carries a huge carbon footprint and is a waste of resources now. Its soooooooo 2002! The messengers are all getting older, but sort of havnt put together people to carry stuff on, just focussing on their over 50s market who are already in the right place like in here. To reach current parents and teens, things need to be cool, modern and fun, boring isnt on the current world radar, extreme is.
        The new age and spiritual movement took off and is now in its dying phases, the only legacy, lots of books. I think religion will now make a huge comeback, a resurgance of the Jesus factor, combined with the 70s, fashion and music, that will diminish CwG, Deepak Chopra and everything else to library books. The entire market for 10-50 year olds is completely open, all thats reaching that market is things like Twilight, vampire things etc, Jesus could emerge from that as a Superhero or the one to fight against those corruptive things since the New Age has left the market completely open, and theyre far to PC, last week was the first time Ive seen Neale actually expressing his own voice and saying something was wrong….like after all these years he finally ‘gets it’…that CwG is incorrecting in pointing out there is no right or wrong, there certainly is. To me personally, I saw that one post as Neale just starting out. No one has big enough balls to stand up publically and say ‘enough is enough, lets rewind a bit here and STOP acknowledging things we know are bad for us and next generations’, that takes balls, and if the New Age movement dont then someone else will. I hope.

        • I hear and sympathize with your rant. It’s a good topic to explore and you raise good questions.

  • Craig

    The strange thing is that these changes only need correct education of the next generation. I have watched children till 4 year olds that are raised in an unbiased environment interact, share, cooperate and play without shame, scare or concerns. As soon as the biased affected older mind is introduced the segregation begins and the cycle starts over.
    I discussed this with some wealthy individuals and commented if we could get only 1% of their monthly earnings and use it on creating a school for toddlers till teenagers that only use neutral video clips such as those translated educational French cartoons of the 80s to teach them all the knowledge they need. Their interaction will teach them the skills and attitudes needed for the change…
    The sad part we adults think we know life because we have lived it. When in fact we have conditioned it rather than lived it…
    Any one willing to ask Bill Gates to donate 1% of his monthly interest to this cause???

    • Kristen

      Hi Craig,
      What really sux is that wealthy people have no reasons not to change the world, many have the fame and certainly have the money to actually do what they want. It costs 10k to buy a tortured bear in Pakistan from the sadistic ‘owner’ and keep it safe in a sanctuary. Or 1k to fund an equine sanctuary in the Middle East, the only one, for a month, which Ive done a couple of times, or $1 a day to sponsor a child.
      Its really hard to accept, but we have to actually face the fact that millions of people have the means to do whatever they want, and they are well aware of all these things, the need for better small schools as you said, orphanages and thousands of things desperately needed…..but they just dont want to help, they dont care. I think anyone earning over 100k a year has the means to create change, tiny changes.
      Note Bill Gates, the founders of Facebook etc dont allow their own kids to use the internet or social media, especially not Apple ipads…..doesnt that tell you they are well aware how to make money, knowing things are bad for you, and sell products they wont let their own kids use? And you’re looking for a conscience or a desire to do good? Try ISIS for funding, you might have better luck! : )

  • Kristen has brought up some good issues that are rarely talked about in spiritual circle discussions, I’ve thought and gave her what I remember from such questions seen below in my remarks. I often say on Facebook that “We are in the age of exposure”.

    The potentially harmful effects of sensational reporting were identified in the early 1900s by visionary and religious thinker Mary Baker Eddy. She wrote, “Looking over the newspapers of the day, one naturally reflects that it is dangerous to live, so loaded with disease seems the very air.” She started The Christian Science Monitor, an international non-religious publication [with a mission] to ‘injure no man, but bless all mankind.’ So over 100 years newspapers were reporting the horrors of life and the world. Just to put some perspective on all our turmoil and daily horror stories we hear how life is falling apart and ending in Chaos and destruction.

    I of course, continue to visualize the destruction of our old ways and thinking and living to envisioning our out growing of violence, oppression and negative creation both individual and collective. For a entertainment that shows a more positive powerful vision see STTNG or Star Trek The Next Generation. The new Seth McFarland “Orville” show is also touching on these issues, even if in a bit more humorous way.

    Below are some quotes that stuck out for me on Neale’s posting.

    “I believe we would do well to see if we can find a way to forgive those
    who have offended in the past, to look within our hearts to see if there
    is a place of compassion and mercy sufficient to allow us not to
    overlook their offenses, but to overcome them, even as we have allowed
    many of the very worst among us to be pardoned, and to attempt to
    reclaim their lives and make things right with their Soul and their God
    (if they believe in either).”

    “God understands that humanity’s weaknesses derive from humanity’s immaturity as a species.”

    “We’ve never allowed ourselves as a species to experience “power with” –
    only “power over.” THIS has been the blind spot of humanity. This has
    been the weakness of our civilization. This has been the core issue from
    the beginning. And until we resolve this issue, there will always be
    the Oppressors and the Oppressed.”

    • Kristen

      My favourite author, of the kids Trixie Belden books, was a big part of the Christian Science movement as well, in Ossining just out of NY. Very holistic, and well before their times, especially with matters just acknowledged now like the power of mind over matter, that faith healing works like a placebo, many mental health issues are caused by possession as Jesus taught, and so forth. Their views are now far to unPC for people to openly discuss, especially about many mental health issues and self caused illness…imagine the uproar. Now that would make the news, big time, for all the wrong reasons of course. I like to think that what makes the news, is literally ‘news’…things that are abnormal, the 20% of bad in the world, to bring those things to our attention. We all know ‘good’ and normal, they arent news at all. I think people mistake the word news for what they feel should be general information or positive things…thats not news at all.

  • Nikos Vogiatzoglou

    Hi there. Let me please first tell you that I ‘m on a different path than wanting to change the world generally speaking. For one , that thing is in my nature.

    One thing I thought regarding this thread is that we all have negative characteristics as well… Aspects. Negative aspects. So…

    From this point I begin my thought and offer it as food for yours.

    What do you think ?


    • Craig

      Hi Nikos
      Let us discuss we all have negative characteristics… It is true. The reality is that not withstanding our characteristics we may never force then on anyone. We can enjoy them in our privacy with consenting adults of the same age never younger or older we are not perverts.
      You enjoy lots of sex find a partner that has the same desires and leave the one that wishes to keep sex sacred.
      Like administering pain join a boxing club and hit your partner up…

      You see unfulfilled desires and expressions make people bullies and that is what we do not need in life.

      We need not measure our tools or strengths against the unwilling…

      The same for our positive characteristics we may never force these on others. But we need to protect those who cannot protect themselves; The young, The elderly, The handicapped.
      As for age difference those 5 years older or younger fall into these categories for me.
      What exactly is your view?

      • Nikos Vogiatzoglou

        I cannot but have a compassionate thesis about your will/willingness..

        My personal attitude is kindness and friendliness wherever I ‘m ‘supposed to be’ – wherever I am …

        If the standards let’s say cannot be met, I do my best individually……

        • Craig

          Fantastic, help us share compassion with Anne as requested by Kristen.
          What can be said to help Anne deal with the trauma she is facing now?

          • Nikos Vogiatzoglou

            Hi Craig,

            I would have to speak with her, or align my intent in harmonic (Blue , peaceful but also battling) energy.

            I only have to note that my intent finally doesn’t involve energy

          • Craig

            Thank you and good luck with that as this will be my last post as Neale is shutting the platform.
            Peace, joy and righteousness for all through a spirit of truthful harmony.

  • Kristen

    There are generally only a few of us in here, and Annie has expressed in here recently that shes struggling medically and mentally at the moment, due to all these sexual abuse things plastered all over the media, bringing flashbacks and memories to her, plus the anniversary of the passing of her best friend whom was also brutally attacked by males.
    Can I suggest that you change this thread, if I had been sexually abused I would find it incredibly offensive, in fact as a human I find it offensive. Humans ARE generally kind, SOME are barbaric, and thats their doing, not generally societies. As for forgiveness…NO WAY JOSE, Karma determines people will suffer for the suffering they knowingly cause, we should never overturn, obstruct or intervene in that. Its Universal Law and insulting to all victims when people suggest otherwise. By all means invite sexual offenders to live on your property and work with them, but as for the rest of society, we NEED them kept away from us and our families, so unless you want them, jail it has to be to keep the rest of us safe. For the record, I would castrate all sex offenders and let them slowly bleed to death and spit of their faces as they die (the most offensive thing in Judaism). They are one step below P/meth manufacturers, whom I would behead. Maybe I need to shift to North Korea!
    Thanks Neale,

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      @Kristen: I respectfully disagree with nearly everything you have written here…and most especially the last three sentences of your post, which merely illustrate for me my comparison of human behavior to that of barbarians. But I do agree entirely with the first ten words of your entry. There ARE generally only a few people in here, and I have no need to continue with the work that it takes to maintain this platform, given that is has an audience of twelve to fifteen people. (Fifteen would be a high number.) I will do more than accept your suggestion to “change this thread,” Kristen. I am going to eliminate this site altogether. Never would I have dreamed that anyone would read a column calling for society to pay attention to ALL groups of humans who have been oppressed, and have begged for justice for years, and call that column “incredibly offensive.” And never would I have imagined that people drawn to this platform would find the idea of forgiveness something they would in “no way” consider.

      • Craig

        Thank you for the short acquaintance and discussions on the forum.
        Can you please give me a contact in Krugersdorp South Africa I can link up with as the Pretoria team is an hour’s drive away to connect with.
        Enjoy your days.

      • Kristen

        Hi Neale,
        Sorry that you feel that way, yes we do have strongly opposing views regarding consequences, my view is that certain groups, sexual predators and p/meth manufacturers are a danger to society, and unless someone is prepared to put something in place away from society so they cannot harm others, then there is no alternative to jail, we need to keep victims and potential victims safe. And yes, when it comes to barbaric consequences for sex offenders….yip, thats me, my hand is up loud and proud.

        Re the New Age movement…I do wish people would band together as I said to Marko, your #1 fan, and create change as a huge group, but it just hasnt happened, which is sad. And sad that so many people like yourselves have decicated so much time and desire into something that was unable to reach society as a whole. Although we clearly have our differences, there is a lot of common ground, and the New Age could have worked hand in hand with religion, working with common ground and goals, or led younger people to more wholesome lives, but it just never reached them.

        I have no interest in vampires, Twilight and things either, I feel they are corruptive…maybe Im old too but its sad that as a whole, anyone wanting the world to be a kinder place has sort of ‘lost’ the under 30s, and its scary seeing new generations of people with no beliefs, no sense of consequences, no role models…all they seem to see is their own world and freewill. Perhaps a consequence of being the first whole generations of mothers working fulltime, Im not sure.

        Anyway Neale, you shouldnt think you have overstayed your welcome in this place on the internet…we’re here aren’t we? BUT I do see the positive side of your last comment for yourself personally, I certainly wouldnt commit precious time and money to a site with so few visitors, I really have tried to keep it alive sometimes with humour, but unlike years ago, new people just dont seem to appear anymore, so it is a huge commitment for just a few. Perhaps the troll, now gone, did what trolls want, and drove people away. But people are all now moving away from forums and online discussions, just as teens hardly use facebook, the internet is sort of dying in that respect, reverting back to information, music etc. I think I read that the only exception to the pattern is where people want or need to talk about themselves, often for therapy purposes. Its fast just becoming a playground for extroverts, bored people and trolls.

        Thank you for all the time committed in here, we’ve had some great discussions and it has been of value, and as sad as your comment reads, I can feel the emotions in it, (and Im not ungrateful) I do agree…when Im in my 70s, I certainly wont be working unless its something I absolutely love or drives me, this will free up hours a day if you do read everything.
        Take care Neale, I hope your retreat Marko mentioned goes well, and thank you for the time put in here, getting random like minded strangers chatting.

      • Raphael

        I encourage you to keep this site open, Neale, and to keep posting relevant suggestions about effective ways to change our sick world.

        Although only a few participate in making comments, it does not mean that others do not read these posts.

        We might not all agree on certain details or manners of expression, but it does nor matter, I think we are all pointing to the same ultimate direction…which is to heal our world and ourselves.

        I however think I understand how you feel. It is very difficult to break through people’s limitations and fears when it comes to analyzing our current world situations. I have noticed that every time you point out world problems, you get harshly criticized, accused of being “negative” or of becoming “political”. Simply put, very few are capable of facing the truth, which you have described accurately, about our “civilization” and its survival of the fittest, predator and prey, oppressor and oppressed, “power over” pathologies, which are very primitive indeed and similar to animal drives.

        Denial will cause the temporary downfall of humanity. But we shouldn’t despair…after the long night comes dawn! Humanity is currently still manifesting and exploring the products of its nightmarish beliefs and perceptions…it apparently needs to see, feel and experience the very worst before it will decide to manifest something better…a bit of a slow learner, but it will get there eventually, in one form or another, through paradox.

        This is your place Neale, your site…don’t let the guests kick you out of your house!

        • Amen brother! Ya, what he said…. 🙂

        • Kristen

          Hi ya,
          I agree, but strongly disagree with any level of forgiveness for sex offenders. Its not like other violent crimes, or offences against others, it destroys peoples lives. Sexual assault is at the root of so many major problems. We all know the abused often become offenders, and thats its rare for anyone to only abuse once. As I said to Neale, unless he and others are prepared to find a way to keep them away from other potential victims and treat them their way to ensure non repeating, then jail is the only solution. Sexual abuse destroys lifes, for most victims, affecting them until death and manifests in cruel ways, medically, psycholoically, psychiatrically, suicides, homelessness, mistrust, broken spirits etc. There is rarely a full recovery. I cant support anything that suggests society allows this to happen to anyone. Never. Nor that people shouldnt face consequences for harming others knowingly. In scripture Lord Almighty’s portfolio is justice universally, and He states “woe to those why deny justice to the innocent” which I strongly support, and support His rise to power again if it ever happens, thats where my one democratic vote goes……to ALL victims, all those including animals, whom have suffered in the hands of others knowingly, they deserve justice and they need to be listened to in what THEY want and deem justice, its not up to non victims to even vaguely talk about denying them justice. Thats nothing to do with oppressors and the oppressed, nor about limitations, fears or not facing the truth. If anything, its facing the truth head on…sexual offenders ruin the lives of 1 in 5 people, and its a human problem, with no sulution people are prepared to actually put in place, therefore jail it is. And I would execute, a clear statement they are not welcome in a society we are trying to fix, while they are knowingly damaging.
          And Annie, our friend, did state in here a couple of weeks ago that all this on the news was bringing it all back, and she was incredibly unwell. Therefore my point was Neale would have read that, and perhaps it may be best to not discuss it in here, where she is one of a few contributors. That suggestion is in line with CwG teachings. I stand by that.
          Ive been very positive about wanting Neale and others to group together and do something huge to unite people, they have the means, most dont. If Neale interpreted that as negative, then so be it.
          Take care Ghost of Mewabe.

          • Raphael

            I can feel the passion in your words…

            I do not have a magic formula to heal the ills of the world. But I have a very simple understanding of how I think things work, generally speaking.

            The whole idea of karma, of “consequences”, boils down, in my view, not to having “justice” and “punishment” inflicted on the “wrongdoers”, not all all. It has to do with the fact that only love heals…but that love can only penetrate and redeem an open heart.

            So there are no real “consequences”…only means that we choose, ourselves, when we wish to do so, to have our hearts open. And what does it take to open a heart that is not willing to or that cannot open voluntarily? Like a closed and locked door, it takes forceful entry…it takes challenges and difficulties that finally break the heart open. Through so called “karma”, we choose these challenges and difficulties when we are ready and willing, no one imposes them on us.

            When a “wrongdoer” finally breaks down, finally open his or her heart, that is a holy moment…when he or she finally gets back in touch with his or her soul. This is healing at the most profound level. It is redemption, to use a religious term.

            There is no need for forgiveness, as a person who has clear spiritual vision has clear understanding. But there is a need for healing, a need for the hearts of those who suffer and inflict suffering upon others to open and finally see.

            Punishment hardens rather than softens the heart. And “justice” is little more than revenge. I do not agree with these concepts…as has been said before, an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.

          • Kristen

            And when victims support that, and there are guarantees people wont reoffend, then I can think like that, but right now my support it with victims and justice. Remember justice is the restoration of matters to a neutral state, the neutral state of just, which must focus on this for victims first.

          • Raphael

            Ultimately we all have to grow past the victimizations endless cycles. Horrors have been committed in the name of “justice”, horrors that actually prevent healing. Justice does nothing for healing…because it does not open the heart to love.

            Where does justice end? Should, for example, the Indigenous people of New Zealand, who were invaded by Europeans and whose lands and resources were stolen, drive the invaders back to the sea? Should Native Americans do the same?

            If one is guilty, all are guilty, as we can trace abuse all the way to the dawn of prehistory, as long as humanity has existed.

            We can selectively apply what we believe to be justice, but should the abusive parents (and possibly grandparents) of a criminal be held accountable for causing their son to be messed up and dangerous, for example?

            Where do we draw the line for perfect justice, which would be the actual restoration of matters to a neutral state? Would we go all the way back to Abel and Cain? Selective justice is not justice, it is merely payback, which is merely a temporary feel good moment for the victim, not actual healing.

            “Justice” is a gut reaction…it does not come from the heart.

          • Kristen

            Justice comes from my heart, its the white cross of Judaism, where righteous intersects with justice.
            Im not disagreeing with you all completely, Im saying there are no provisions for those who want perpetrators healed, its all talk, no action so at the moment we need to focus on their victkms AND keep predators away from society so there are no more victims. As I said to Neale, if you want to heal sex offenders on your land and ensure there are no more victims, then that has my full support BUT society needs to be kept safe, so until that happens jail is the option. I cannot and will not support for one minute, one peodophile or known sex offender being allowed access to more potential victims. Neither you nor Neale have faced the issue…whats your solution that you can put in place instead of jail. Are you personally going to give them all therapy and have guarantees before they are back in society? Or are you suggesting sex offenders stay in society, and can live freely next me and my kids? Or my grandmother?

          • Raphael

            There are no provisions for healing precisely because we still operate on the Judeo-Christian Biblical belief of “an eye for an eye”, with which you seem to agree.

            There is no popular support for healing “criminals” because most people still operate from this religious perspective, which demands punishment, revenge for victims and payback to society.

            There could be ways to keep perpetrators from having any access to the general public without housing them in brutal prisons where, being in close contact with other violent abusers, they abuse each other and learn more brutality and violence. Prison is basically a school for criminals, which is why some gang members look forward to it…they graduate and become tougher, they learn the ropes.

            There is however a problem with healing…and it is that it cannot be forced on anyone. One has to come to it voluntarily, to all forms of healing. This is why I first mentioned that I do not have a magic formula. Humanity is apparently where it is because it hasn’t yet figured out a practical way to be any other way.

            But we can abandon old beliefs. We plant seeds, and hope they will grow. One of these seeds is the idea that healing is possible, and that healing is not compatible with punishment. We need to soften and open people’s hearts, not close them and harden them further.

            I might be an idealist, but I believe that love is the most powerful force in the world. It does not always work when and where we want it to work, but as Leonard Cohen wrote in one of his songs “Every heart, every heart to love will come
            But like a refugee.”


          • Kristen

            I agree, but people need to make and create solutions, or fund nicer more humane prisons, so until people put their money and time where their mouth is, we need to keep predators away from society.
            Imprisionment is nothing to do with Christianity, its Roman, they ised to imprision Jewish people and Christians.
            Scripture/God states that everyone must be treated equally and given a fair trial, its very in depth. Thieves had to return goods plus extra as compensation. You were not to charge interest on loans, debts were to be wiped out every 7 years I think, pawn shops were not permitted to take a mans cloak, clothes or tools as collateral plus various consequences, many things forgiveable. In fact it states if someone commits a crime there was a safe place designated to go to until trial, and if two trusted witnesses werent found to testify then a jury of respectable people was to be set up. If in any doubt, then he was free to go, its was absolutely forbidden to wrongly punish. Yes eye for an eye is stated, but its literal not a generalisation, if you fight and blind someone then you are to lose an eye as consequences. Imprisionment isnt mentioned, but for certain deeds, banishment was, as that person and their behaviour cannot not be tolerated in society. You should read it sometime, God gets a bad rap, Hes actually incredibly fair and just. Unfortunately He was only speaking to one family on one big farm, Israel, and telling them what He wanted from them as a trade for blessings, protection etc. Early Christians got hold of it, and bam, the world goes crazy and Christians assumed they were also told to execute etc. It all specifically states those to be executed were ‘not to live amongst you’, or ‘you are not to engage in sodomy, drunkeness, mediumship, witchcraft, immoral sexual acts, cross dressing, incest etc like others do’, there was no discussion of going to other countries and killing people etc, He actually pointed out others did things, but Israelites were not to. Thus they signed the covenant with God, and were given blessings and land. By all means put that on Christianity, but not God, Christianity is not even in the story, it starts at the very end when Y’shua was around, the God bits, scripture and Torah are all just God and the Israelite huge family. One radical God wanting to work with one family living in very evil times, so eventually they would become righteous and fill the world, As they have.

          • Raphael

            The world is the way it is because humanity doesn’t yet have the wisdom to make it different…we have all the knowledge and enough technology, but still no wisdom or spiritual maturity. Knowledge without wisdom is actually more dangerous than no knowledge.

            I do not come from the same place you do in terms of beliefs and perceptions, but I respect your beliefs. Every human family has its own understanding…what applies to you does not apply to an Apsáalooke or a Tibetan, and vice versa.

            But love is a universal language. It can be understood by all who open their heart, and it transcends all laws and all beliefs.

            In my opinion, laws are made for toddlers…the spiritually gown up is self-governed by love, intuition, spiritual understanding and wisdom, and by possibly (and hopefully) some sort of a connection to what you call the Source.

            To give you an example, as an artist I pain by intuition. I no not follow any rules when it comes to choosing colors or working out a composition. I pain so much by intuition that I have experimented, when in flow (intuition) doing a painting (abstract) in sections while hiding previously finished parts. It all works out through intuition, just as does life.

          • Kristen

            I know….we shouldnt even need Laws saying its wrong to touch someone personally without consent, nor most Laws BUT we do. Probably 50% of people do need Law, theyre just too selfish to consider others. Why would people even consider driving drunk, steal, harm animals, hurt children, start fires etc? Law is for toddlers……and selfish or stupid people!

          • Raphael

            50% is probably generous…but an excess of laws do keep populations in an infantile and irresponsible psychological state, so it forms a vicious cycle.

          • Kristen

            Yip…again, solutions?

          • Raphael

            Elect me supreme leader of the entire world and I am sure I will come up with something.
            Seriously, again the solution is to plant seeds, ideas, and to challenge our obsolete beliefs and our old laws and outdated social systems. It’s an ongoing process, a conversation humanity must have. There is not a single person that can come up with a single solution, but if enough people, from all walks of life and cultures, put their heads and hearts together, change might happen.

          • Kristen

            I thought you were the supreme leader of the world?

          • Raphael

            I soon as they let me out of the asylum I will be, no doubt.

          • Kristen

            Haha, Ive just seen where your asylum comment shows up, and Markos below it. So wont reply down there! The asylum is called Earth!

          • Raphael

            And the patients are in charge…

          • Kristen

            What patients?
            I thought I was staff?

          • Raphael

            Of course you are.

          • Kristen

            Damn, so now I have to go into politics, which I believe is the word for being in charge after youve lost your mind? With my execute sex offenders stance? Whats next, a wall?
            We’re two big rocks at the bottom of the world, on the east side Chile is the closest, a 12 hour flight away….trust me, being surrounded by shark infested cold waters doesnt stop immigration scams, a wall is nothing!

          • Raphael

            Sorry I changed my previous response (you must keep up!), but perhaps you should simply assume the queenship and rule with an iron hand (or two)…a scepter in one and a sharp ax in the other (always handy for beheading the unruly, just don’t practice on animals).

          • Kristen

            I am the Queen. I said ‘off with their willys’ and look what happened!

          • Raphael

            You scared everyone is what you did…this place is now haunted by a ghost (yours truly) and Bloody Mary (your new nickname).

          • Kristen

            Ive just written a book with a character Bloody Mary, but because she needed an emergency c section that got rather messy! Since Im a doctor and know how to do emergency c sections because Ive graduated from the Youtube Med School.
            How is saying I find it offensive that we should forgive sex offenders rather than punish for what they CHOSE to do to an innocent victim scary? Or that I would castrate sex offenders and meth/p manufacturers, they destroy society as a whole. Neither you or Neale offered a treatment plan to put in place in place of jail, so its either jail or left loose in society. Jail it is!!!! In 5 years here Ive never denied Im pro execution for ‘evil’ meaning those whom knowingly cause suffering to others, and repeat that behaviour. Im so anti suffering that Im not pro life. I support euthenasia as well.

          • Raphael

            Killing, beside being a primitive and barbarian act, an unloving and non compassionate act, is always an expression of failure. When society kills, it simply demonstrates its complete failure at solving a problem, such as crime. I cannot accept failure as the norm, and cannot support failure.
            Anyone can kill anything. Loving is a bit more challenging. The way of compassion takes a bit more growth, but if we are to evolve from our present animal state, we might want to consider it.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Execution of those who knowingly and deliberately cause suffering to innocent people and destroy their lives, where anyone could be their next victim, is something I see as for the betterment of all.
            Again, other than jail, which is inhumane and worse than death for most, what alternative have well meaning people put in place, or are prepared to put in place to protect us all from two legged predators?

          • 🙂 Thank you.

          • Raphael

            Thanks Marko!

          • Raphael

            Public shaming can be effective (this is what Native Americans used), but we have to remember that we should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Accusations can fly and lives can be ruined in the court of public opinion.

            I know next to zero about New Zealand history, I know more about Australia and also about the horrible wiping out of the Native population on Tasmania Island. But it seems that in the best of cases, Europeans offered Indigenous populations a limited choice from the get go: sign the treaty or fight, in which case we will destroy you and take everything from you. Europeans forgot to mention a third possible choice: we will leave you alone, since you are already occupying the land and this is your home, and will we go back to our own home, Europe. After all, no Indigenous population ever invited Europeans to come to their land, seize most of it and become their masters and rulers.

          • Kristen

            I would have to head home to Israel, via England and France. Are you gonna tell all non Israelites, ie muslims, to clear Israel, we are all moving home. And likewise, that would mean sending every race from every country home other than indigenous people, every country is multi cultural now.
            And the assumption that indigenous peolle ‘owned’ all the land? Mostly they just got their first as they were originally closer. We are all in the same boat now.

          • Raphael

            And this is indeed why I brought up this topic…to illustrate that we cannot have real justice…only selective, partial justice, which is not justice. So the concept of justice is faulty indeed.

            Again, if one is declared guilty, then we are all guilty, all the way back to the beginning of time.

            But on this specific topic, I was not suggesting that today’s Kiwis go back to their places of origin. I wrote that when Europeans first landed on New Zealand shores, they landed as uninvited and unwanted invaders, who, if they had had any sense of “morality” or decency, would have gone home after realizing the land was already occupied. Any other option, which they chose, made them thieves.

            Indigenous people owned the land as much as Britons own England. And I am sure English people would have objected to have Japan invade their nation and become their ruler and master.

          • Kristen

            NZ was settled out of necessity, basically England was overflowing and on the bring of starvation, with a huge potato famine in Ireland, disease was rife and it was on the brink of total destruction. People were sent to scour the world to find land England could colonise, sending young healthy people to with fresh air and low pullution, disease free people who would be able to farm and produce food for Mother England, and thus NZ was colonised, and produced enough food to keep England alive through both wars. Australia was different, prisioners were sent there to colonise hence Tasmania, Australia was originally a big jail for England although petty criminals, prostitutes and others were set free as soon as they arrived. And yes, they abused Aboriginies from day one.

          • Raphael

            I wouldn’t call the invading of New Zealand and other places to expend the British empire a necessity. If the French and English (and Spanish) hadn’t fought for centuries and exhausted their resources in constant wars, they wouldn’t have needed to steal other people’s lands (“colonize”) to find such resources to keep attempting to dominate Europe and the world.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya, Works busy so I have to be quick…re your first paragraph, and the karma chats. My view is that everything is based on present individuals, and karma is individual based, so we cant be held responsible for the wrong doings of people in the past. We can chpose to right our ancestors wrongs, but as the present people l7ving anywhere, certainly arent guilty of invading anyone, nor for most people, causing wars or oppressing people. The people who did that are now dead, and accountable. I live in the present and future, born in 1970. I dont live in the past, and as axnon reincarnated person, certainly wasnt any part of invading lands, my family has lived here peacefully for 5 generations. Even those enlisted into other peoples wars in Europe, got to stay here as things like aircraft engineers. Our history in England was as oppressed French Jews. I have a clear conscience and as far as I know, so does my family for many generations.

          • Raphael

            The point is never guilt, but to acknowledge historical truths and not find ways to justify past criminal behaviors. That’s mostly all Indigenous people want, an acknowledgment of the truth, without any lame excuses.

          • Kristen

            Except in NZ they were settlers, settling in NZ on land away from Maori land generally after an agreement was signed to share NZ. There are no issues here at all other than the paid out land claims. NZ was not invaded. Maori welcomed James Cook and MOST ships with open arms, but there were a couple of horrid incidents when people went to the wrong places, and did kill maori out of fear, but we dont deny that at all.

          • Raphael

            Alright I will take your word for it for now, you may step down…but I will ask the Maori themselves eventually 😉

          • Kristen

            Go for it. They have a King, he’s probably on facebook.

          • Raphael

            No…I always talk to the commoners, not the corrupt aristocracy!

          • To Raphael and Kristen. I do have a magic formula it’s simply pouring and waterfalling light & love on any and all issues. Visualizing light & love on what ever is troubling you.

            Now from this, things can change in ways you/we might not expect. It may at times call for us doing this process to be inspired to say or do things we might be uncomfortable doing, but realizing through our visualization, that it’s what is needed to be done.

            This may be getting involved in an organization, that supports the solution we are looking for or approaching. It may be a conversation that is hard to have, but realizing that our light & love has directed and guided us to do this.

            Sometimes it fixes it self with out anything other than the light & love we express. And sometimes we just might need to continue with the pouring of this marvelous magic energy.

            In expressing and doing this, we are allowing the energy of light & love the highest energies of life, to do the work and we leave out opinions, intellectualizing, and allow new insights intuition to flow forth and like ocean spray, seek something beyond.

            Opinions and intellectualizing, speculating are not necessarily bad, but often, we become too rigid in our opinions and speculations and that minimizes & curtails how the Universe can work it’s magic.

            Every morning as I get up and um, take a wiz, I say “Everyday in every way my life just keeps getting better and better.” Followed by “Every day in every way ‘our” life gets better and better.” That’s including family and friends. Next I repeat one more time. “Every day in every why my life just keeps getting better and better.– (and add) just when I think life can’t get any better, it does!”

            Now I’ve added that “Every day in every way, the world just keeps getting better and better.” I’ve noticed, interestingly for the most, part these affirmations matches my wiz time too. 🙂

          • Kristen

            I try Marko, trust me on that. In a few posts Annie put tjat healing visualisations I sent her were so strong she was purging but were working on her hips and legs, I know it works but like all forms of blessings, positive visualisation will only work coming from a place of genuine good intentions, thats the key to unlocking all ‘majic’.
            But it still doesnt solve the immediate problem of where to put sex offenders when people are opposed to jail (which I agree are generally too inhumane for those who shouldnt be there), which is what Ive been trying to get to. If people are pro life and want people healed, they must be the ones to ensure things change, and get working. Until then, again, sexual predators must be kept away from victims and future victims. If well meaning people build places to house and heal them, then thats great, and if victims support that, so will I. But talk means nothing when it takes money and people. Im still pro execution for sex offenders (rapists) and peodophiles, the Afterlife can deal with them, theyre the ones that sent them all via reincarnation, treating Earth and human bodies like we are a dumping ground for all their problems, which incidently is what they all do as they all clean up their own realms.

          • My magic formula is simply what I use. As for sex offenders, animal abusers, terrorists, rapists, murders. I say “Love them back to wholeness.”

            In the mean time, besides jailing, where to house them is a very sticky problem society faces at the moment.

          • Spiritual_Annie


            I have a long reply awaiting moderation. It outlines the effects of sexual assault.

            Nowhere is there any support for believing that “we all know the abused often become offenders.”

            While most offenders have childhood issues and/or mental illnesses, the opposite does not hold true.

            Very few victims of abuse become offenders.

            Not personal, just a 30 year long pet peeve. I have been many things, but never an offender.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie…..ooops, I misworded that.
            I had read in quite a few studies that a high percentage of peodophiles, especially whom have preteen male victims, have themselves been victims of abuse at the same age.
            If this is wrong, apopogies. I misworded it in a rush, work is busy.

          • Spiritual_Annie


            Written that way, you’re correct. Most active pedophiles experienced child sexual assault, and the age at which they were first sexualized tends to be the age to which pedophiles are attracted.

            I just wanted to clarify. We’re good.

            Love and Blessings Always,

      • Patrick Gannon

        Neale, I would like to express my thanks to you for having hosted this platform. I did a lot of learning here, and was prompted to do a lot of research which benefited me greatly in coming to conclusions and prior credences regarding what is and is not probable.

        It’s interesting that you agree that the New Age movement is, or may be, dying out – however I don’t see the god of damnation doing much better. The “Nones” are the fastest growing religious group in America. The Abrahamic gods have been completely debunked, and it’s just a matter of time and education. Further, as our grandkids and great grandkids learn quantum field theory – which you and I did not learn – they will come to see the impossibility of gods, souls, etc. It’s like evolution, once you start to understand it, you realize it’s not something you believe, it’s something you accept – and everything starts to line up. The problem is that it takes a bit of skull sweat to start to understand it, and we evolved not to challenge our beliefs, so we’re not naturally motivated to make the effort. (System1/System2 thinking).

        The next generations will learn these things as a matter of course, unless our education system is taken over by anti-science fundamentalists. Interest in science however, seems to me to be growing. Note that the most popular TV series is named after the event at which the arrow of time began in our universe. The last episode of the offshoot show “Young Sheldon” showing Elon Musk reading young Sheldon’s physics notes that detailed how to land a rocket! OMG. Funniest sketch ever – and the kids are going to eat it up. How can you compete with evidence-based science? You can’t, and the Catholics can’t either, and as we spread the internet to others, in time they too will learn that the sun does not go around the earth. The gods died on July 4, 2012 with the announcement of the Higgs boson – all that remains is to write the obituaries, and our grandkids and great grandkids will do so. How will their lives change when they understand there is only the natural world? What can or should we do to prepare them?

        I hear the frustration in your response – for more reasons than one, I’m sure, one of which neither of us is going to say out loud! You’ve worked so hard to try and change people’s beliefs – but beliefs are the problem. We do need “to undertake an overhaul of the entire human experience by challenging and changing the fundamental beliefs of our species.” Those fundamental beliefs involve things said to exist beyond the natural world. There’s no evidence for that, and exceptional evidence against it. You’ve run into a wall of reality. All your wonderful ideas and advice, are, and will be, held back by your insistence on magic. There is nothing wrong with a lot of those great ideas – I still use many of them – but we should consider them because they are how we give purpose to ourselves and our lives, and not to fulfil some imaginary soul’s agenda, in hope of a magical afterlife. We have to stop lying to ourselves – to stop believing in things our brains know we have no compelling, objective evidence for. Lying to ourselves is making us sick. You don’t want us to stop believing in things for which we have no evidence, you want us to believe in the things YOU believe for which we have no evidence. We’re still lying to ourselves with that approach, even if your beliefs are better.

        I wish you well, Neale. You still have time to do a revision of your life’s work, by creating an example of a New Age guru who came to see the light – the light of the natural world. I’ve asked the question here many times; I don’t think you ever responded…. what if we knew this was all there was? How would that change us? Given your desire to change the world, and given the assumption that this is all there is, and given that you hypothetically accepted all that – how would you go about changing the world, with that new understanding? Can you imagine a way to help people cope with the understanding that there are no gods, souls or afterlives? If you knew the natural world was all there was, beyond reasonable doubt, how would you go about leveraging your message into that new reality?

        Best wishes,


        • Kristen

          Since when do you not say what you think aloud?….bring it on! Im just so glad my God didnt die with the others in 2012, that would really suck.
          ; )

          • Please Kristen, do not encourage him. I mean that sincerely.

          • Kristen

            Thanks Marko, I forgot that pointing out misinformation doesnt work! You know, you’re the neutral good guy in here, Im actually laughing out loud as you typing that is actually the hugest insult to him. Hi 5!

          • I don’t think he will be coming back as I predicted.

      • Kristen

        Ive just realised you misinterpreted that…I didnt mention the paragraph you mentioned above at all, thats a seperate mattter, of course I support the oppressed and want everyone to have equal rights. And a million % support justice, beyond a million %. My comment didnt mention that matter at all.

        I was clearly referring to the matter of thinking sexual offenders should be forgiven and treated with compassion, when their victims are the ones we should dedicate our time to first, and seek justice for them, the victims are the important ones and need to be kept safe, as does society.

        And the other matter was saying we are all at fault, we aren’t, some people behave like animals, not all, and THEY are the ones at fault, not the whole of society. I love being human, for all our faults, and most of us are certainly not to blame for what others do. We are not feral animals, we are humans.

      • Neale,
        I sure hope that you continue your blog and review of posts. I honor and respect all of your work and words, and while the audience here isn’t as large as other places you have blessed, I still believe that it is important and appreciated. I am so grateful for you and for all of the Conversations With God material that you have brought to humanity with your courage and persistence. Much love!!

        • Kristen

          Hi Kevin,
          Contribute in here, then Neale may find the time involved it more of an investment when generally only 4-6 of us do. He mentikned around 12 who checm in here most days, maybe you and the others can show Neale you want it kept.
          Take care,

      • Spiritual_Annie

        Neale, please see my earlier posts.

        Love and Blessings Always,

    • Raphael

      “The new age and spiritual movement took off and is now in its dying phases…”

      Any social movement is temporary and morphs and evolves. Sometimes it becomes a fad, which then is replaced by another.

      But spirituality is life. And as long as life exists, spirituality will exist. In periods of global uncertainty and fear, people generally seek to return to what they think is solid ground, such as strict religious dogma and rigid political ideologies. They become “fundamentalists”. This is simply an expression of fear. It is temporary as well, like a fever or a rash.

      Spirituality has always been and will always be. It means being in touch with the sacred, among other things…with life, beauty and truth, and love. These qualities are not a movement, they are characteristics of the human soul. No one who expresses such qualities can ever be thought as obsolete but by the ignorant and barbarian.

      • Kristen

        Hi. Missed this one sorry.
        I dont want spirituality etc to be in its dying phases, as I said to Marko it just looks that way, its reached those it will reach but its sort of just targeting more mature people, not next generations and it doesnt look like more younger people will take over the mantle….and the mantle needs to be louder and cooler, under 40s now are focussed on ‘cool’ like people in the 60s and 70s were, so to reach them it needs to be their way.
        Perhaps if Neale is really leaving this site, rather than shut it down, he could consider signing it over to Marko or someone, although obviously it involves costs.
        I didnt say drug addicts, theyre generally victims albeit selfish ones in general, I said meth/p manufacturers, and yes I would happily execute them myself with a lethal injection if it was the only way to stop them destroying lives.
        As for sex offenders and predators, nope I wouldnt as Id puke just being around them, they sicken me so much, physically like a severe allergy, sheer hate that I only have for those two groups of people who set out to destroy lives knowingly. But if there was a petition saying they should be castrated and or executed since nothing other than jail stops them, then Id be the first to sign.
        But again, if you are pro life and anti jail….what would you do NOW?. Like Neale, if right now someone said ok people, you dont support imprisionment for sex offenders and obviously they need to be stopped, and kept away from past and potential victims, and you want them healed as we all do, show us your plan. I just dont understand how you can be opposed to imprisionment when there doesnt seem to be another option to keep victims safe. Are you able to find wealthy people to set up places like rehab facilities and therapists to work there? Or find government funding to make jails better and get therapists in? Reopen an island like Alcatraz all done up funded by well meaning people? I think you perhaps you missed the point that the purpose of prision, although obviously most people there shouldnt be, is a statement from society and governments saying ‘you took away the freewill of others in causing their suffering so now we have to take yours away and keep you apart from society so you cant harm more victims, you are a danger to society’. Execution is more humane than jail for many people, especially peodophiles who clearly have the worst mental health illness, execution is kind, wouldnt you rather be dead than know you were a peodophile? Please also remember the whole reincarnation thing. CwG says nothing can happen thats not pre arranged with consent, therefore everyone in jail CHOSE to be their via reincarnation. Neale could talk to you about the CwG teachings on that, Im unsure if Neale personally agrees with or supports that or not. Its a contradiction with everything else, including wanting to help people change for the better.
        I dont model my behaviour on God sorry. I base it on wanting a world where everyone is safe and there is no suffering, which means keeping sexual predators away from society. God teaches people to be righteous and ensure justice for all, and I agree with God that the two go hand in hand NOT opposites as this entire thread implies.

        • Raphael

          Don’t worry, it’s all good, we all have our opinions, the world won’t stop doing what it is doing either way. People have been trying to teach about the healing power of love and compassion for many centuries, if not more, but it seems that it all amounts to dust in the wind…and soon it might be radioactive dust!

          Obviously predators of all kinds should be isolated and prevented from harming people. But punishment is not a solution. Yet most of society seeks not the isolation of such predators but their punishment in brutal prisons or through the death penalty. I find this uncivilized and barbaric, as well as counterproductive.

          I do not have a solution, because as I mentioned before not a singly person can come up with a solution…It must be a team effort, from people from different field (sociology, psychology, spirituality, etc) who have the professional qualifications…but individuals who actually want workable compassionate solutions rather than to keep profiting from the ills of society, as do the law enforcement, justice and prison systems (with their “war on drugs” which mostly targets users rather than the main producers and dealers, etc).

          You will not change your stance on this and neither will I, and neither does anyone else about anything else. We are indeed all wasting our precious time participating on social media, all talking while no one is listening, repeating the same things over and over, standing on our soap boxes in the wilderness (we should try the Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park).

          Humanitarian voices have always been muffled by the populace’s screams for blood. It has been this way since…forever. Wars, revenge, destruction, humanity has always found killing more exciting, more moral and more just than love. And the reasons for “just” hate and for “moral” killing far outnumber the reasons to love…or so it seems.

          The human world will go exactly where it wishes to go, which is to hell in a hand basket. History repeats itself, on an ever larger scale with population growth and technological advancement. I wouldn’t get too excited about it, ultimately it is nothing more than a product of our imagination, quite literally speaking. It is little more than a temporary bad dream.

          Life is real…the physical and spiritual dimensions are real…the human mind is not, because it is out of sync with life. Most people’s little toe is more in touch with the universe (and with the Divine Source) than their entire mind (and I mean this quite literally as well).

          • Kristen

            Ghost…thank you for acknowledging predators need to be kept away from society…thats the first time Ive seen your opinion on that, Neale hasnt expressed that either…thats my issue. And when theres an alternative to jail I will support that, but I cant support what doesnt exist.
            Re drugs…full agreeance, users are victims, its the manufacturers and big dealers that are the ones they need to stop. In NZ drugs with meth ingredients are all banned, but you should see what they catch coming in from China. The Chinese control drugs here, via gangs, its a huge problem here like everywhere. Although synthetic weed has now become the big killer and the addiction of choice due to price. Lawn clippings laced with radiator fluid, lighter fluid and bleach generally. Nice!!! Why not just be normal and eat moldy fried bread or Twinkies for a high? Although exhaustion is my drug of choice at the moment, but no complaints when works busy.
            Hell in a handbasket…nice!

          • Raphael

            So many world problems to solve, so little time!

            Did you know meth was invented by the Japanese and used in WW2 by them and the Germans (and then by the allied forces to keep up with the superhuman stamina of the German troops as well as keep the weapon factories going?)
            Later it was used again by the US government and probably others to keep the military at peak performance in war…including Iraq, etc.

            In the old days (up to WW1) they gave the troops some booze prior to a mutual butchery. I think during Vietnam heroin was the pick-me-up of choice on the front line.

            Little known facts. It sort of make you wonder who are the most dangerous criminals. “Just say no” to the military?

            I have no addictions, never had any except to fresh air, wide open spaces and big skies. But I have heard some people drink varnish (mixed with sodas) or Lysol. Wow…Human beings are strange. I think I am an alien. If not I want to be…

          • Kristen

            Re meth…yip I knew that. Like you, I know everything.
            Yip, people are crazy, but its so much fun being human, Id hate to be an alien or a different species, most seem boring.

          • Raphael

            I know (everything), highly evolved perfection isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…insanity is the gift that keeps in giving. Or at least that’s what it says above the front entrance to the funny farm.

          • Kristen

            I thought the signs to the asylums said the White House and Buckingham Palace. Or that just my two offices? I gwt so damn confused sometimes, dementia is pretty close to perfection Im finding.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            “Obviously predators of all kinds should be isolated and prevented from harming people. But punishment is not a solution. Yet most of society seeks not the isolation of such predators but their punishment in brutal prisons or through the death penalty. I find this uncivilized and barbaric, as well as counterproductive.”

            Absolutely agree! And also agree that it will take a dedicated team of various professions to create a solution. But, I haven’t seen anything on prison reform in a very long time. There are too many issues all at once, which I believe is the whole point of Trump’s presidency.

            For years, I wished my father dead. Then I wanted him to live, but as uncomfortably as is possible—even wanting the precise things he’d done to me being done to him. Then I wanted him publicly humiliated and imprisoned, not just for me but to save any future victims. As in many states, the statute of limitations had run out in all three states because the laws were written from the time of the offense, not the time the memory surfaced or came into clear memory. (That was another battle.)

            When I investigated the histories of my perpetrators, I came to understand that they aren’t monsters. They’re human beings, who deserve be treated humanely, as well as treated for the underlying woundedness and/or mental illnesses. I believe that it’s their own woundedness that caused them to be able to commit the crimes of incest, sexual assault of anyone at any age, or pedophilia. That’s not to say that they aren’t or weren’t responsible for their actions, but that there are mitigating circumstances, and possibly mental illnesses, involved. Prisons, as they are today with privatization and profit the top priorities, aren’t a solution but rather a way of controlling the masses. Those inside create profit while those outside either haven’t been caught yet, or feel “safer” with people behind bars.

            Again, no solution, just my own thoughts and process.

            Love and Blessings Always,

      • Spiritual_Annie

        I don’t believe that the Spiritual “movement” is dying, but is morphing or evolving.

        I don’t think it can die because I believe Spirituality is inherent in human beings. They often don’t show it or express it directly, but I believe every action expresses our Spirituality. As do the thoughts that promote those actions.

        People can try (and have tried) to undermine my sense of Self, but they’re only successful when I get confused, thinking their opinion of me is more accurate or important than my own. Knowing myself, including my own Divinity, is the foundation to which I always return.

        I pray every day that more people experience their own true selves, finding the unconditional love and compassion that lies within each of us.

        Love and Blessings Always,

  • Raphael

    I specifically like this, although everything you wrote was great and right on the mark:

    “People of color, citizens with special needs, persons who identify as gay, members of particular religions, people who are poor, those who are homeless, and more than one or two other subgroups within our society have also been begging to be heard and crying out for justice for a very long time.”

    Well said Neale!

    • Kristen

      Hey, up the top Ive put a thing re climate change for you and Marko. Our Prime Minister Jacinda (37yr old female which we dont find odd at all, our 3rd female one), is with Al Gore at the moment.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    @Neale (and all),

    First, I have had absolutely no idea that these discussions have been taking place. For reasons unrelated to the last column or this one, I haven’t been to this site since the column was posted. It’s my habit, before even reading anyone else’s reaction, to copy the column and paste it into a text editing app, where I draft my reply. As some of us have experienced, editing can be an issue. I had copied it and began framing my reply when Life happened.

    My mobile home park got hit with notiices from Management about “new rules” that have to be signed by January 1 or we’ll be evicted from our lots. And I’ve been working hard on fighting the “tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor” bills in Congress. And I just got a new Case Manger, who I’m trying to get up to speed while also completing an annual review of my treatment plan. And in the midst of trying to get all my films and MRI’s to a neurosurgeon who “might” then decide to take me on as a patient, I just found out that my Primary Doctor is changing offices and I’m going to have to make sure the referral is still good and that the new doc they want me to see is in my HMO and then have to get the doc up to speed. Then Biscuit, as he ususally does when come home, was jumping at the door with his happy bark when it suddenly changed to high pitched yodeliing scream of pain. He was laying on his side, alll four legs stiffened. All I could do was comfort him while it lasted, and after as he was dazed and confused. It was probably no more than a minute, but it felt like forever. It’s probably a pinched nerve in his low back, one more sign of his progressively rapid aging. And check day hit, and I always overdo things that day because I have responsibilities. And three days later my Case Manager picked me up at 9:45a and dropped me off around 1:30p, much longer than I’m used to being upright, with much more than I should lift or carry (but very grateful for) in food pantry items. And as happens when my back pain becomes overwhelming, I fell again. Just the jolt of a fall, much less the bumps and bruises, lays me up for days. Without pain medications because no one will write them. And I’m sure I’m leaving things out because I felt so overwhelmed that it was all I could do to play idiot video games and binge watch Netflix and walk Biscuit and sleep in fitsand starts. And my antidepressant isn’t not only working, but is causing insomnia and irritability, but I can’t get in to see that doc until the 27th.

    But I am, and always will be, OK. In fact, I have quite the history of being whammied and eventually being OK. As I remembered that, and as I saw the #MeeToo hashtag go viral as women spoke out about sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the support and recognition those women received from all across social media (except the White House), I began to have hope again. In us. And, if you haven’t yet heard, those women are Time Magazine’s “People of the Year.”

    @Neale, I sincerely hope that my comments on the last column and my lack of comments on this column haven’t been misunderstood. I understand that your time is limited and you have many other outlets for your Message. From what I have seen, this is the smallest group. If you feel it is a waste of your time, this is where the cuts should take place.

    However, I would sincerely hope that you do not believe that what you write here, or the conversations that are sparked, are a waste of time. I certainly don’t see them that way.

    My comments on the last column was a culmination of my frustration at feeling personally powerless, as well as within a political system where one voice can mean nothing to those with power. Not “in power,” but with power.

    As Kirsten said, I have been affected by the barrage of women daily coming forward with accusations about pedophelia and sexual assault in Alabama. Sometimes I forget temporarily that I have done this work before, at a whole deeper level, and with a huge toolbox of tools that I can use when I’m triggered.

    @Neale, I’m certain that some of the emotion of what I was going through with my political frustration, my personal life, and my temporarily forgetting that I am a Riser, was inappropriately seeping through in the comments in the last column. I sincerely hope you understand, now, that it wasn’t really about your column at all, but about how I allowed myself to react rather than choosing my Grandest Vision while I was in the midst of a whirlwind of (what felt like) having the rug pulled out from under me on many different levels. It amazes me how easy it is to forget a foundation of strength built on years of experience and knowing when we’re dealt a blow, when that is at least part of what helps most in getting through it.

    It’s my hope, if it matters, that you not shut down this site. I believe that, even though small, it regularly brings together people of diverging belief systems and differing opinions (and, yes, random talk) where respect, unconditional love and compassion are at play (for the most part). I consider these people, some of whom I’ve “known” here for years, my friends, from whom and with I learn and grow with each column–even when the learning is actually a remembering of the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision I have ever held about Who I Really Am.

    With Much Love and Many Blessings,

    P.S. (I’ll get to the rest of y’all later. I have to lay down for a while. I’ve been sitting while composing, and need to rest my back.)

    • Kristen

      Hi Annie…boy what a week you’ve had!
      Sorry that this sort of got out of hand…I was trying the merely say there are very few contributors in here, that it might be a nice idea not to talk about sexual abuse at the moment based on what youve said……obviously not handled or expressed very well on my part I assume!
      Im sure if Neale does another thread it will be bought up, thats why Ive been checking in Im curious. My thought was that Marko or someone could take over the site if Neales fans want to keep it going..perhaps its much more CwG exclusively than Global Conversation, I dont go on the CwG sites, just this one.
      Dont think for one minute anything youve said was inappropriate at all… grateful someone unnamed wasnt here to challenge you. Heck, Im the inappropriate one, I find peodophiles and sex offenders vile, which is apparently radical and barbaric!
      Anyway, as I posted to you the other day, love and thoughts are with both you and Biscuit.

      • Spiritual_Annie


        First, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for because I know what you share here (except when it comes to tutus and WalMart) comes from your heart.

        I haven’t finished reading all the comments (there’s a lot, especially you and mewabe’s ghost discussing judgment and punishment, that I’ll probably have my own say about), but your initial mentioning that I’ve been triggered lately reminded me of how my older sister used to automatically feel protective of me and come to my defense. It’s nice to remember she used to feel that way about me.

        Yes, it’s been rough. It felt like everything that’s been helping stabilize me–having a roof over my head, food in my stomach, having Biscuit with me when I go anywhere to soothe my anxiety, making progress on my back surgery–all became threatened in one way or another.

        My trailer’s not up to code, and I know it. I don’t think the two additional rooms were built with a permit, and I could be forced to take them down. Apparently that’s part of what happened here, is that the Manager was turned in to Code Enforcement and had to take down the two bedrooms built on for his kids. The new rules (which are now in question because the Manager quit) were very anti-resident and pro-management, and part of them say a single nuisance complaint (whether witnessed or not) can be grounds for breaking the pad rental lease. That includes “being disrespectful” to Management, and our old Manager doesn’t like me. Now we’re back to sharing a Manager with another trailer park. I’m not sure how I stand with her.

        The pantries were scarce in November because of holiday giveaways done by the biggest grocery chain here, which is great—a whole Turkey Day meal—but that was towards the end of the month. I’ve already been for this month and guess what I got? A whole smoked turkey as my protein. I love turkey, but with few teeth, it’s rough to eat. And it’s a lot of work to break it down (I waste nothing), package it and freeze it. Several more chips of teeth have broken off, and it takes about four days before the nerves adjust.

        The stuff with my docs, and having to do an annual treatment plan with my new Case Manager, is just annoying. I have a long medical history. Every time I see a new doc, they want to review the whole thing. It’s tedious, and feels like starting over. But the referral to the neurosurgeon is still valid as it was made by my old doc while contracted with my insurance company. I’m still working on getting all my info to him to see if he’ll accept me as a patient. I was labeled antidepressant resistant years ago, and my old med was a “Hail Mary” move as it had just come out on the market. Since having to go off it while homeless, it hasn’t worked well. But neither have the others I’ve since tried. I’m probably going to go back to natural supplements for specific symptoms, which will be against medical advice.

        Biscuit turned 11 on 9/11, but he started slowing down a few months before. Part of it’s my own slowing down, but it’s obvious it’s also his age. He has arthritis in his right hindquarter, a mass in his left hindquarter, and now it’s getting to his back. He really is a service dog. I feel safer having an extra pair of eyes when I’m out and about, and I’ve no doubt he’d defend me until he no longer could. It’s not just that he was Christie’s (though that figures in), but that he motivates me to get out regularly. I’ll have to get another dog, and get it certified as a service animal, but I’ll never be able to replace him. And he’ll pass over when he’s in obvious daily pain, right here at home, with me. Because of prior bad experiences, I don’t take animals to the vet to be “put down” on a cold steel table. I learned how to do it myself, while they’re wrapped in my arms and comforted.

        There is actually some good news. I have been questioning a monthly recurring charge on my card. Because of my excessive b*tchiness from the antidepressant, when they once again gave me the runaround, I tore into the service rep, then her supervisor. Not only has my “membership” been cancelled, but I got a five month refund. So, after eight months of sleeping on worn out motel mattresses, then the hard ground and then a mattress on the floor since we bought them in April 2016, I will *finally* have my mattress on a platform frame! Right now, I struggle to get up from my 10″ high mattress. The platform will raise it an additional 14″ so I’ll be getting up from a sitting position instead of a squat. The sheets and quilt set came yesterday, so any day now.

        If Neale decides to shut down this site, I hope he will post it once again beforehand so we can exchange email addresses if we wish. Though I haven’t been reading much of that lately, either.

        Thanks, sis.

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Kristen

          Annie….tutus, even Ghost of Mewabes missing one that I think you have, and my Walmart husbands are of the heart! As long as the two dont occur together!

          • Spiritual_Annie


            I am not in possession of mewabe’s ghost’s tutu. I decline to say, on the grounds I might incriminate myself, whether I have ever been in possession of said tutu. Rumor has it that said tutu is somewhere in South Dakota, being appropriately outfitted with tribal embellishments for the festivities. But you didn’t hear that from me.

            The mattress I bought shortly after moving in here is a gel-infused memory foam one. It’s absolutely great for someone like me, in pain but who overheats easily. I use a quilt because anything else either makes me feel too pinned down or causes me to sweat all night. Getting the mattress up off the floor will make a huge difference.

            I don’t think I specifically mentioned how Christie passed before. Yes, I was here. But she passed in the night, after I was asleep. I knew she had the pain pills, but declined her offer of one because the returning of the pain is not worth the brief relief I get from a single pill. I found her hours after, with no indication she wasn’t just sleeping until I touched her. I wouldn’t have then, either, except she was about to miss her second dose of medications and I had her permission to wake her for that. She was ice cold and rigor mortis had fully set in. I simply said, out loud, “Oh, Christie, what have you gone and done now?” Then I had to call the police (who, instead of being a calming influence, argued with me about performing CPR) and be grilled about what happened when they showed up. And again for the Coroner. And again for her boyfriend and our friends. I needed that community support when it happened.

            Another “photograph” moment person, I found out, was Mama. On her 50th birthday, she went into surgery not knowing if she had cancer, and came out after a radical mastectomy and the finding of malignant cells in her lymph nodes. Obviously, she wasn’t doing anything but laying in a hospital bed for a while. Mama worried there wasn’t enough food at the house, so she sent me to her bank’s local branch with a check made out to cash and a note for the teller. All the tellers were upset when they heard she was in the hospital, and even moreso when I told them why. They shared with me that she’d been coming there for years to deposit her paychecks, always with a smile and a please and a thank you and some small talk. They had no idea who she was other than those regular transactions, but they all knew her and thought of her kindly. They even got together and sent flowers to the hospital. We ended up hearing from the bank tellers, the grocery store clerks, the gas station attendants (she never could gas up the car herself), the newspaper delivery boy–all the “everyday” people and interactions we think mean so little. I learned from her that it’s in those “everyday” things we do that we expose and define who we are, not just the big, monumental things (like being the single mother of seven!).

            I’ll look up the Maori. Personally, I don’t think we should have ever given up falling to our knees and keening out our pain until we’re spent, but that’s seen as “uncivilized.”

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            I bet Raphael the butler thats faking being a ghost, buried Mewabe in the tutu and just concocted the story about it being missing to use us as fake alibis. But Ill keep my eye out in South Dakota!
            Thanks for sharing about Christie, how tough. : (
            Glad Mama was a photograph person, sometimes I think photograph people are the only ones hold the world together
            I shouldnt still be in here, Im just lurking, or Lurching, like a fake butler to see what Neales next post is. Time for the Wednesday Dance in a tutu, its Sunday! Maybe the cats and I can do a flash mob on our cul d sac?
            I should have done the right thing and bowed out, but Im curious if Neale does shut it down…..remember the posts about 90% of people doing things that arent important 90% of the time. If Neale doesnt personally get pleasure from doing this site then at his age he should spend his time on something he enjoys more, and Marko said he has a retreat coming up.
            Take care,

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Yeah, Neale has a yearend retreat that he’s been doing for quite a while. I think it’s one event that, because it’s small and intimate, Neale probably gets more out of than he gives. Not that he doesn’t get anything out of his other programs–he’s said he always does. But I think this one recharges him–or, I hope it does.

            The bulletin came out recently, which I read yesteday (I’ve been avoiding even email). The column Neale wrote was an honest, nonjudgmental look at if he is living CWG, and noticing there’s room for improvement. (I think if we’re human, there’s always room for improvement.) And he wasn’t shaming himself. He just realized that he needs to take it to the next level, personally.

            It was a very moving column. I don’t know many who would publicy take stock of their personal lives, and some would never admit they’re not perfect. And if Neale had ever given me the impression that he believed he had all the answers, I’d have been long gone.

            It’s still tough without Christie sometimes. It’s rare to find someone whose experiences are similar enough that they truly understand–what one thinks, how one has felt, what we’ve done to cope. She was 15 years younger than me, and sometimes the generation gap caused a heated discussion or two, but mostly we were each grateful to have someone in our lives who truly understood. I miss that. And her off-color sense of humor.

            Biscuit’s had several good days now, since the day he screamed. His arthritis is acting up with the cooler weather (it’s 45F here at 9:45a), but I had forgotten that he gets spunkier in cooler weather. So, we’re relearning the command “easy” because when he really digs in, he can pull me over. A 22 pound dog. All muscle in his chest and hindquarters.

            I don’t see a reason for you to not still be here. I’m still here. I’m sure others are still lurking. I’m hoping for at least a farewell column. I guess we’ll see.

            I looked up the Maori Haka, actually finding a few different versions. There was the popular one of the rugby team, there was one that was performed by an entire school during a teacher’s funeral, there was one as part of a wedding ceremony, and there was an onstage performance by a women’s group. It’s very versatile. I love dances where everything has meaning–the motions, the sounds, the facial expressions, the ceremonial dress. Very cool!

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Yip there are lots of different Hakas, the Ka Mate one the most popular that all boys learn at school, all schools have Kapa Haka groups and learn Maori, as do kindergartens. A Haka performed for you is the highest honour in NZ. We dont really separate cultures much here and use a lot of Maori words in common use, m7nd you half our place names are Maori anyway, many with both terms used. Mt Cook is Aorangi, white cloud as its always snow peaked and reaches the clouds. Hakas are insanely emotional, we feel it inside, like when your National Anthem is sung beautifully, ours is a prayer, a humble prayer, the opposite to the USA.
            Re Neale expressing he was questioning if he was really living CwG, thats a positive thing. Obviously CwG is teachings, much of it good and the truth BUT remember its from Neales version of God, or the Afterlife God who acknowledges what I call The Source as the highest power. They are not human, we are and Neale is. Many aspects, like all teachings from non humans, steer us toward behaviours differing to natural human behaviour. I like it when I see the ‘Neale as a person’ peeping out from the books rather tjan completely being how his God has shaped him to be…I love humans, for all our faults, differences, quirks, moods and emotions. I dont want to be in a world where everyone is CwG, Buddhist, Muslim or OT religions..I like being in a world where people are half raw himan and half whatever their teachings are. I think thats why Jesus/Y’shua will always have the biggest following, he was closest to human. Then the God of scriptures, He acknowledged He was half good and half evil as Gods and many species are by birth or creation, He told people to love and fear Him saying he could be scary sometimes and tough, told us to be hot or cold toward Him, never lukewarm as thats equivalent to nothingness, and for us tp be righteous when He Himsrlf often wasnt and had to be reminded by Israelites (the word Israel means to battle God and win). I think their brutal self honesty and not being to egotistical to show their own faults, is a huge part of the God, Y’shua and Archangel appeal, they all have wicked tempers. Too nice and too new agey is boring, we have to relate to something befoe we can feel and live it.
            Take care Annie,

    • If you don’t already know. Check out cwghelpingoutreachdotcom for extra help. Free help, from people who know the CwG material very well. They are called spiritual helpers. Don’t go it alone. Seek this WECCE site. It’s truly a magnificent place unique to all the internet. Spiritual compassion & maturity spill all over that place.

      • Spiritual_Annie


        Thanks so much for the reminders. It happened so subtly at the start that I didn’t realize how depressed my self-talk had become. Then everything else happened in such a downpour on top of it. Even with my history and my experience with therapy and peer support groups, and *knowing* the worst thing I can do when overwhelmed and feeling “terminally unique” is to withdraw, I did it anyway. I’m a nautural introvert, and I don’t think that helps.

        I’m going to literally write down some supportive websites (including the ones you mentioned) and put them somewhere highly visible. I think I still have a sheet or two of hot pink paper.

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Yes please check out the cwghelpingoutreach site. I think you will find it very helpful and valuable.

  • Spiritual_Annie

    (NOTE: This was mostly written when I first saw and started to frame my reply shortly after the column was published.)

    First, I want to thank you, Neale, for this timely column about what is happening in our world, and the role humanity has played that has led us here, now, with decisions to be made about how to affect change in our cultures, societies and species.

    The rest of this might be a bit scrambled as many thoughts are trying to express at once.

    I agree that we have been, and still are, an immature and uncivilized species, regardless of how highly we like to think of ourselves because of rapid developments in the sciences–the exploration of space, the finding of quarks and the Higgs boson, the unearthing of previous “civilizations,” the discoveries of a wide variety of species in the depths of our oceans, and the development of technology.

    I also agree that the problem is systemic oppression, and needs to be immediately addressed as we draw closer to causing our own extinction—through war, through the damage we cause our planet, other species that support our human lives, or all of the above.

    I have long believed, and experienced, that unconditional love and compassion of and for all people is the answer to our next evolutionary stage. It was a process of healing that got me to that point, in stages. But I also believe you are right that we simply don’t have the time to have every individual heal their inner feeling of woundedness and pain. I think part of what we are seeing, and what I myself am experiencing, is a more public and often forced revelation and release of that inner woundedness in small waves. While that’s an achievement, we don’t have time for that, either. I wish we did, but I’m both Spiritual and a realist.

    I am very clear that my perpetrators were or are at least as wounded as I was, if not more, by their actions. They deserve unconditional love and compassion simply because they are fellow human beings–even from me, who they victimized. In each instance, I was able to get enough information on each to understand their woundedness, which doesn’t excuse their actions but does help me understand them.

    There is, in my opinion, a great difference between unconditional love and compassion, and the unmasking of the damage we are doing (or are complicit in doing by allowing it without speaking out) to ourselves, each other, the Earth, “and all her relatives.”

    I’ve heard the story of the tribal ceremony you have shared before, and have thought that this tribe (which is probably seen as uncivilized or primitive by most) is more evolved and on a path that examples for us a means for the transformation of our species. But I’m not sure that it can be translated on a larger scale.

    I personally think California was on the right track when they wanted to secede from the United States. Our countries are too large, causing some to oppress others through governance, as exampled by our Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches. Even state governments oppress their own “constituents” through their political systems, whether that be by discriminating against transgendered people in the use of bathrooms, or the killing of so many young black males by white law enforcement officials, or the violent reaction by law enforcement to peaceful protests, or having an alleged pedophile who was banned from a mall where he was thought to be seeking out victims probably being elected as a Congressperson–the list is far too long to go into here.

    It’s also happening on county and city levels. Some of the cities in my county have refused to shelter the homeless because they believe the homeless are dangerous. That means that they live on the streets, often harassed by law enforcement (which I experienced myself). Many are the mentally ill who no longer have group homes due to budget cuts, and aren’t receiving care for their conditions. Is it any wonder that they then try to “manage their symptoms” by turning to drugs and alcohol, which can lead to their deaths?

    At the time that Christie passed over, we were no longer homeless but had not yet gotten through enough red tape or jumped through enough hoops to receive proper care for chronic pain. It is the reason that Christie purchased, off the street, the Opana that I believe caused her death through an accidental overdose, or misjudging how the Opana would react with the two medications that she had been prescribed. She offered me part of the two pills she purchased, but I declined, even though my chronic pain is off the charts. It’s nearly impossible in Florida to get even a Pain Management Specialist to prescribe a narcotic painkiller because a portion of those who do get prescriptions sell their pills–sometimes in order to feed and house themselves.

    It was the mobile home park that came together over Christie’s passing, moreso than even her family. She was outgoing, willing to talk with anyone she met on her “adventures,” where she would investigate our surroundings. I have come to understand that Christie’s passing was timely for her. She had healed her many wounds, but she was facing many new challenges that I don’t believe were part of her purpose.

    “Coincidentally,” very shortly after her passing, the mobile home park’s one transformer failed and the entire park had no electricity. Due to the heat, most sat outside, as I did with Biscuit, the dog I inherited from Christie. Nearly everyone who walked past, and it was many as the electric company’s work was just two lots away, had a story to share and did so. They were stories of her openness to talk to them, of her kindness towards those who society deemed “outcasts,” of her quirky (and often raunchy) sense of humor, of her willingness to search for treasures in dumpsters and abandoned houses. It still amazes me the number of people she affected, even though we’d lived here only three months. I was not alone in grieving the loss of her presence.

    I’m not certain how we can cause the change, but I think we need to get back to communities and neighborhoods; block parties and social gatherings; concerts in the park–getting together with the people near us, regardless of whether or not they look or believe as we do. It’s called acceptance, something we human beings don’t appear to be very good at on either a personal or societal level, but if we don’t get better at it quickly, or instead go into “prepper” mode caring only for ourselves, we may be doomed to watching people we know starve to death.

    At the same time, I believe the different Spiritual communities need to interract, rather than compete. The Center for Integral Wisdom’s Evolutionary Church is an example of crossing such boundaries. It is nondenominational, global, and all are welcome. Every Saturday I feel a connection through the evolutionary vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni, who are “joining genius” in order to create something new to affect change in our culture and evolve into what Barbara calls homo universalis. Using the Internet, we “gather” electronically and Spiritually.

    The same goes for Humanity’s Team’s Global Oneness Day (along with their many other works) where many visionaries gather to share their own unique genius in community and with purpose. Global Oneness Day is free, and the minimal fees for at least monthly Internet interviews with Spiritual visionaries, book discussions, social media communities, and Spiritual Activism astounds me. There’s no profit involved–only a call to community–to commune with others–where people learn, interract, and hold each other up. As Barbara would phrase it, we “join genius” at these gatherings.

    I think Kirsten has a point. Although there are these communal gatherings online, somehow the next generation, and the generation after (the “millenials”), aren’t inclusive in their activist communities. There are communities across the globe, but they are accepting only of people that look and believe as they do in many instances. Many don’t even accept “allies,” which makes them divisive rather than inclusive. I don’t know how to reach them except through the followers I’ve gained because I’ve been outspokien about our broken political system here in America and some of the individuals who have been publicly “exposed” in one fashion or another. (It is part of my purpose to support victims of abuse and oppression.) If there weren’t daily, or sometimes hourly, breaking news stories, I could post and tweet and write and create community around my own healing journey that led to a Spiritual searching, which I believe is also part of my purpose.

    All that having been said, I have hope. Sometimes I forget that I have hope, but that doesn’t mean it’s not present. If it ever really were hopeless, I’d give up. I haven’t, even though I’ve been in some very dark places and seen some of the worst of humanity. That’s because I’ve also been to some incredibly awe-filled places where I’ve seen humanity’s best. I’ve pulled myself back up, with help, more times than I care to count. I can choose to see that negatively (and sometimes do), or I can choose to see it positively (which is how I usually feel). If I hadn’t had all the challenges I’ve had, it would be more difficult to recover from the next blow or surprise or trigger. Because I had those challenges, my pride doesn’t keep me from asking for help and I have a whole bunch of tools I’ve learned over the years that work for me. As life is challenging, I’m often ahead of the game.

    This has been a particularly challenging year. I don’t expect it will be any less challenging unless and until humanity respects the Earth “and all her relatives,” especially those who don’t look or act or think just like we do.

    On the bright side, I’ve just today made it 58 years in this lifetime. That’s a ginormous amount of moments I’ve made it through OK. And it sounds very old to someone who once thought she’d never make it past her teens.

    Love and Blessings Always,

  • Jean

    Dear Neale,
    I don’t know if you will continue this site, but in any case i want to express here my profound gratitude for all what you are doing. I guess it’s not easy to do you what you are doing, but i am sure a lot of people are inspired by your work. God bless you !

    • Kristen

      Contribute and chat, maybe you and the others that may read, but not post much, may show Neale you want it kept….IF he feels he wants do keep doing it, want being the key word.
      Take care,

  • To Raphael and Kristen, I posted a response a day ago to both of you, around my magical answer for everything. It’s below, so you probably missed it.

    • Kristen

      Thanks Marko, I replied to it below.

  • Bishop Hollywood

    We have to as a society realize that it takes all of us to make this world goes around. We are all on this earth together, and either we learn to live together in peace and in harmony or we will perish together as fools.

    • Stephen mills

      Exactly Bishop ,the fools are running the show and we as fools are letting them .
      What do you think can be done to turn fools into wise care takers .

      Standing in for the UK prime minister, Theresa May, in parliament while she visited Saudi Arabia last week, her deputy Damian Green defended the British government’s continued support of weapons sales to the kingdom on the grounds that “our defence industry is an extremely important creator of jobs and prosperity”, while also highlighting Britain’s role as “the fourth largest humanitarian donor to Yemen”.

      • Stephen mills

        Oh just for interest the UKs deputy prime minister Damian Green (mentioned above) has been accused of sexual misconduct as well. But Neale is spot on we have to do all of this at once not one person at a time. It’s obvious that the establishment is rotten to its core !!!

      • Bishop Hollywood

        What we can do is realize that we need each other in order to make this journey we call life. For example, a rich family that works need a caretaker to take care of their children, a housekeeper to clean their home, the guys at the local car wash to wash their cars, landscapers to take care of their lawn, doctors to take care of their health needs and so on. These things can’t be and won’t be taken care by them cause they are taking care of their obligations to stay rich and by needing these brothers and sisters, it provides jobs and income for those that are needed. There’s no such thing as we being better than each other. We are all equal, and when we realize these things, the world will be a better place.

        • Kristen

          I have a dream…that one day the childcare workers, landscapers, car washers and housekeepers can afford to take jobs that arent a part of the deliberate structure that ensures people NEED the money from catering to the whims of those who cant be bothered looking after their own home. I don’t believe in the concept of personal staff unless people are true Royalty or running a country for the betterment of all. It just fuels egos, like fame does as well, making some people thing they are above everyone else just for having money…and odd concept when we are all equal.
          The bridge between the wealthy and poor will always stay wide, its what makes the world tick for many. If people dont NEED to take the crappy jobs in society like trash collection, mining, oil rigging, hard farming etc then the wealthy are dead. Just imagine if a syndicate of workers as a nuclear power plant won a huge lottery and all quit together. We saw what happened in Japan, those reactors need to be manually kept cool and closely monitered. The world the wealthy have created only works on the basis that many as desperate for money so will do anything for a job.
          Yes we do all need each other BUT I read a funny thing years ago. The world works like a finely tuned machine but if any major cities where people go to work in suits got destroyed, including NY or London, 99% of the world wouldnt even notice, all they do is make fake money for personal use, drive prices up for everyone via the worldwide stock exchange, pullute the planet and spend their money supporting very few wealthy businesses, generally exclusive ones, whom the general population wouldnt even notice gone.The comparison was the destruction of a place where people are workers on the ground, especially a part of the food chain or rubbish systems, then it could affect millions or the entire world.
          The people you spoke of are providing very few jobs, its the normal people that are creating jobs…mainly through shopping, retail is what keeps factories alive and feeds the poor. You and I probably indirectly provide more jobs than they do. We are the ones feeding our brothers and sisters, and the consumerism of Christmas, whether people support it or not, has already fed millions of families, created work for students etc and will allow people the funds to see family, be generous to the homeless, bring smiles to peoples faces, pay college fees and give people holiday pay and exra tips. Plus is the one time when people are generally spending money in their own country rather than overseas online.
          Take care,

          • Bishop Hollywood

            I absolutely agree Kristen.

          • Kristen

            Thank you