In your opinion, who won the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan? And why do you think so?

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  • Sinclair

    As an objective debate, I’d say Ryan won on style and substance. He presented his side with ample support and a calm solid temperament.

    However, I think Biden did what he was supposed to do. He broke the Romney-Ryan ticket’s momentum after Romney routed Obama last week in the presidential debate. Biden’s aggressive tactics kept Ryan off-balance and no doubt shored up the Democratic base which was panicking after Obama’s poor performance and subsequent slippage in the polls.

    Biden carried his spear well and avoided a clear loss to Ryan, which was about the best outcome one could expect. Still, I’m glad Biden is not my candidate.

    I’m wondering how Biden did with the independents and swing voters. We’ll have to see from the polls. I’ve read that women were put off by Biden’s style but I can’t speak to that either.

  • mewabe

    Ryan told 24 lies in 40 minutes, so he wins in terms of being the greatest liar, no contest, and nothing surprising given Romney’s strategy of packing as many lies as possible in his debate with Obama.
    Fortunately Biden called him on some of these lies…or malarkey.

    If you want a run down of Ryan’s lies, go here:

  • paula rubins

    Joe Biden won He was very aggressive and honest.

  • Mischelle

    I have to say, I thought Biden was rude, disrespectful and his personality turned me off to him. I thought Ryan had a calmer more peaceful way of delivering his answers and well. I am not a party line voter, I pick who I like! The office of the president is nothing but a person to blame. Until we, the people get involved…we are stuck As for this debate, I am on the Republican side of the fence.

  • mewabe

    Voting based on personality and style rather than content may not be the best approach…
    Many mass murderers (or even wife beaters and abusers) are very charming, that’s how they get their victims…and Hitler was said to have a lot of charisma.