Unveiling the modern goddess

My sister had just exposed to me this new point of view:  Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess by Pamela Wells.  Very thought-provoking affirmations.   This “Goddess” stuff was new to me.  I hadn’t really been exposed to or been around (in my mind’s current awareness anyway) Goddess thinking; however, I dug that title for sure.  It was new and refreshing to me.

She was sharing how she really related to this certain Goddess and had her little statue in her kitchen window.  The following day I visited a Unity Church as a guest of a friend.  While we were in their gift shop, I looked over on the countertop while checking out and commented to Mary, “Look, there is a book on Goddesses.  That’s what my sister was just speaking to me about.”

Well, as there are no accidents, this woman promptly turned around and said she was the author of the book.  It was one of those times when one ‘knows.’  God is there as miracles are happening left and right.  So I bought three of her books and had her sign them.  She then gave us, Mary and myself, a little sharing of her life and insights right there in the front of the bookstore.  It was a special moment for all.

The book is called:  “Unveiling the Modern Goddess: Thru Symbolism, Chakras & Myth” by Karen Marie Castle.  (Purchase the book on Amazon)

She shared with us how if she had not gone ‘inward’ (a deep meditation), that this book would not be here.  She had this unexpected transformational experience during a Holotropic Breathwork session that lead to a whole different path in life for her, as detailed in her book.

I appreciate the colors of the cover of her book and her sharing her healing as she weaves her story around the ancient myth of the Goddess Inanna, who appeared to her during that meditation.

Personally, I am very grateful this book on “unveiling me as a Goddess” came into my life.  My sister is the same one that years ago gave me my first Conversations with God, Book 1.  That sat on my shelf for a few years because I thought the title was kind of weird.  As the renowned and highly respected author/mentor/friend of that book and Conversation of God series of books, Neale Donald Walsch, says:  “When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.”  Jill led me to Conversations with God and now to adoring my Goddess within.

Thank you, Jilly!

I love you eternally.

An excerpt from the back cover of Unveiling the Modern Goddess:  Thru Symbolism, Chakras & Myth, by Karen Marie Castle:

“The mystical story of the Goddess Inanna can guide us to achieving our greatest potential.  Unveiling the Modern Goddess:  Thru Symbolism, Chakra & Myth explores our own journey through life. Utilizing the chakras energy system and the symbol of Inanna’s myth gives us clues to understand our life development and indicates where we need to heal and thus become a more whole human being.  Underlying this powerful understanding is a message for all women to come forward and take responsibility for our Mother Earth and for our children.  Women are being called as beacons of light for our human evolution.”

(Mel Dee lives in the United States and is a nursing student, part-time bartender, part-time house attendant (a one-on-one mentor in their/our evolutionary process),animal lover, soul lover, people lover and peace lover!  She also volunteers on the site www.changingchange.net as a spiritual helper.)

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  • mewabe

    “Underlying this powerful understanding is a message for all women to come forward and take responsibility for our Mother Earth and for our children. Women are being called as beacons of light for our human evolution.”

    So true! The world desperately needs this, to restore the balance between the feminine and the masculine…there cannot be any spiritual growth without this balance being understood…and soon there might not be any physical life if we continue on our path of conquest and domination.

    Men have to stop being the destroyers, so completely obsessed with power, and learn to be nurturers…or at the very least be respectful of life. We can only do it together, female and male energies in balance, as we must all care for and love the earth and all life.

  • Ionic Breeze

    Thanks for this lovely review. I wish Neale would place a column on this lovely newspaper room site entirely devoted to works like this. Light works, I mean. I have seen some writings by regular people who, like Neale, have conversations with God, and I always love reading them. i get to see other aspects of God through other forms of Life. It’s always a pleasure to see all of God through all God’s life forms, and well. .um .that is what we all are. I hope to see more of us. i even thought of a title for the regular column here. Neale could call it, ‘Light Channel,” and many could submit their lighted conversations with God for all to know all regular people have conversations with God, too. Thanks for the lovely review.