God will never forgive you for anything

(Part 3 of a 5-part series)

This is important. Please read…

If you think that you are going to be forgiven by God for anything you may have done “wrong,” you are mistaken. Conversations with God tells us that God will never forgive you.

Read that, never. As in, never ever. For anything.

It won’t matter how much you beg, it won’t matter how much you plead, it won’t matter how many times you fall on your knees begging for mercy. God will never forgive you for anything, ever.

If you are looking for forgiveness from God, you are looking in the wrong place.

Now there is a very good reason that God will never forgive you. God has nothing to forgive you for. You have never done anything in the entirety of your life that could displease God. You have never done anything that could anger God. You have never done anything that could damage or hurt God.

Do you believe in a Deity that would or could have any reason to be unhappy? Do you believe in a Deity that would or could have any reason to be angry? Do you truly imagine that the God of this Universe (which today’s science is now telling us is actually a universe of Universes…a Multiverse!) could actually be hurt or damaged in any way…much less by something that Little Old You have done?

Well, no, you might say, God doesn’t “punish” human beings because they have offended Him. God sits in judgment and punishes human beings because Perfect Justice demands it.

In some minds that makes sense, and helps people to reconcile a Totally Loving God with a Fearful Deity who would nevertheless condemn His children to eternal and unspeakable agony for their “offenses.” Yet Have you ever heard the phrase, “There ain’t no justice…”? Well, that’s how it is in Heaven. There’s just ain’t no justice. And the reason there is no “justice” is that the whole concept of Justice depends upon the existence of Right & Wrong. And there’s no such thing as Right and Wrong. That’s an abstraction, an hypothesis, constructed totally in the mind of Man. And it’s been twisted beyond recognition even in its imaginary form.

The reason there is no “justice” in Heaven is that in Heaven, everything is Perfect. As well, everything is Perfect “on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” For Earth is part of Heaven…and we just don’t know it.

You have never done anything that could cause God to punish you in the name of seeking “justice.” Do you seek “justice” in the case of an 18-month old baby who knocks over the 200-year-old vase that was the irreplaceable Family Heirloom? Do you punish her with everlasting separation from her Source of Life and Love?

Do you imagine that human beings are much more than 18-month-old babies in the Life of the Cosmos, and in the Mind of God? Is it your thought that God sees us as fully conscious, totally aware, completely knowledgeable, unlimitedly wise beings who are absolutely responsible for their every thought, word, and action in a Reality about which they know and understand Everything?

Do you conceive of human beings as being at the top of the Evolutionary Process that produces Sentient Beings in the Universe? Or is it possible that we have no idea what’s going on here, not the slightest conception of the Reality in which we find ourselves, and are just now truly birthing ourselves into the Cosmic Community of Sentient Beings?

If the second were true, is it your thought that a righteous and virtuous God would punish us with Everlasting Damnation and Eternal Torment in the Fires of Hell for having made what even we would call a simple childhood mistake if we were witness to a toddler “misbehaving”?

What kind of a “God” do you think we have, anyway…? Do you imagine that we truly are Children of a Lesser God?

(Neale Donald Walsch is the publisher of The Global Conversation internet newspaper and the author of the Conversations with God series of books. His latest book, The Only Thing That Matters,  distributed by Hay House, is now available in print or audio form from Amazon.com by clicking here.)


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  • Cindy Blöth

    I have now for a few years began to think that God is both good AND evil? It says that mankind is just like God itself. For me that means not physically but menthaly! I have a really hard time to believe that “a prson” sits on the cloud and smiles a loving smile. Am I wrong, even that I know there is no wrongs and no rights when it comes to God…

  • Joel S

    I love this concept of a truly non-judgmental God. It shakes our in-grained and relatively unquestioned American faith to its crusty roots. It is easy to fear a vengeful God who will send you to hell for lying or any crime that God would consider worth spitting you out for. It is truly courageous and reasonable to consider the possibility that humans don’t have God figured out and that people who claim to be Gods spokespeople had limited understanding. Neale’s concept to him/through him not only feels right, seems right, but makes sense. Our American fears are that we would suffer eternal punishment from God for such a thing AND that society itself would fall into moral chaos without this fear of eternal damnation…

  • mewabe

    I agree Cindy, in my experience I have come to understand that the divine doesn’t judge us, we only judge ourselves and each other (one of humanity’s very bad habits), but I also have come to realize that the divine, or God, is NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD in our terms….in other words we cannot judge God either.

    Some accept the idea of a non-judgmental, unconditionally loving God, yet still insist that God must be “good”. According to what standards, our own? God is beyond good and evil, so far beyond any of our limited judgments…to put it simply, the divine is in the zebra that is eaten by the lion, and in the lion that eats the zebra…we cannot judge any of it, God simply IS, and it is ALL, and ONE, not subjectable to the divisions and separations all judgments imply.

  • tinknockkr

    Well then,.. I guess the old guy wont wont mind If I look when he says not too Ehh? too bad for lotts wife! or send snakes on me if i get to thinking comin out into the desert wasn’t such a good idea?…musta gotten a little lax in his old age?

  • Lloyd

    OK, way to go Neale sure hope this finally gets through to humanity, because basically it is the song I have been singing for decades now. Seems that this is a subject most do not wish to think about much less attempt to wrap their minds around, but we keep on singing our song of unconditional Love.

    Organized religion does not wish to discuss this topic, of no judgement, because without it they lose their influnence over the masses. An most individuals do not want the responsibility for understanding their choices in life, and so it is easier to “follow” rather than stand own your own. Truly in the end, it just doesn’t matter, “all dogs go to heaven”, so I will see you there. Namaste’

  • Buzz

    Smile! This is not candid camera, and I can’t see you through your webcam. Click. Relax, you didn’t hear that. Wait. Stop. Don’t cover the camera lens. Please. I really like your smile. Do it again for me. Feels good doesn’t it?
    When you read stuff like this subject matter above, do you start frowning without meaning to, like being serious about an issue is incompatible with feeling good and happy. I do. I have for a long time. My parents drilled it into me repeatedly as a kid. “Stop playing around and …” The missing bit could’ve been anything. Whatever my parents thought was more important than my happiness at the time.
    So while you’re reading deeply moving and powerful stuff, multitask with something that distracts you from your serious attitude and brings some joy into the drab experience. I do not mean drugs like alcohol. Leave the beer in the fridge. And don’t start thinking “ah, shut up, its just one.” I suggest a cartoon strip about flying pink elephants, or listening to Mozart, or supervising a child finger painting. Whatever.

  • William Street

    Know thy self then you shall know God …..

  • Dolphin

    Well what amazes me is “Focus” on Oneness in “Form and function”. Because it doesnt matter who, or what you are, if All of existence is only One.

    If the totality of existence is “One” then there can be no enemy, no adversary, no opposition, or conflict, because you are only “Yourself”.

    And that’s why it amazes me to focus on the fact that “We Are All One”
    Because the truth of that is… There is no escape from yourself. And why would there need to be. You are everything that is. You are perfect in your own self image. You are righteous, being that there is no one above or below you. You are One with the Source, and are One with all life, all truth, and all love.

    So no, forgiveness isn’t even possible. Unless you’re simply talking about, “Forgiving yourself”. And that wouldn’t be so hard, would it?

  • Buzz

    When you truly understand how understanding makes forgiveness redundant, it applies to forgiveness of self too. Think about it

  • Dolphin

    @ Buzz…

    Yeah I was kinda joking about that last part. Obviously forgiving one’s self would be meaningless. Since in a universe of “Only you” what point would there be to judging one’s self in the first place? Because you make all the rules.

  • Mike

    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15.

    Mr. Walsch you have been lied to. Whether you know it or not, your words are those of a false prophet, every book, seminar ect… you are deceiving the masses.

    You say:

    “It won’t matter how much you beg, it won’t matter how much you plead, it won’t matter how many times you fall on your knees begging for mercy. God will never forgive you for anything, ever.” Do you summize that is because we have never sinned?


    Romans 3:23- For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.

    How are sins forgiven:

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. JOHN 3:16.

    All reading this…Jesus loves you and wants a relationship with you, he is the way, the truth and the life. Ask him in your life and he will transform it. I once also was mislead by this false prophet, who himself has unknowingly been misinformed and directed. I stood on every word of every book until my eyes were open to the lies within it and shown the truth. Truth is found in Jesus!!!

    Neale I will pray for you.

  • Phoenix

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  • Buzz

    Your religious doctrine has been seen as judgemental and illusory by members of this community Mike. You have become the heretic, and I’d be interested to hear your answer to the question Phoenix poses. Speak to us of your pain, troubled young one. We can help!

  • Lloyd

    Mike is neither young nor old, and he isn’t insulting anyone, is he? Calling all humans imperfect is a truth, what is perfect? Mike does not see God within himself, nor the world, because none of this is perfect in his version of reality, and God certainly would not be around imperfect existence. God is out there somewhere, but no one can know where, but God knows everything, is everywhere, and Mike, God Loves Everything just like it is, warts, and failures, and imperfections. God is Love, and Love is the energy that holds this Universe together, so “Love One Another, as I have Loved You”, remember? Judgement is a lack of Love which begins within our own beings and in an attempt to hide our own failures and lack of Love, we condemn others as a smokescreen. It is OK Mike you are loved Unconditionally, as are we all. Namaste.