Free Will eliminates the possibility of ‘hell’

(Part 4 of a 5-part series)

There is a very good reason why you cannot go to hell no matter what you do during your life here on earth. There is no such place.

We are invited by the Conversations with God writings to explore the possibility that God’s Kingdom is divided into three parts—what we might call the Realm of the Spiritual, the Realm of the Physical, and the Realm of Pure Being. Nowhere is there mentioned a place of eternal torment and damnation.

Of course, other spiritual writings do mention such a place, as we all know. So the question becomes: Which of Earth’s spiritual writings is accurate and true?

The difficulty with approaching such a question is that some religions claim that the question itself is a blasphemy. In some religious communities one can be sentenced to death for posing such an inquiry.

Some religions seek to make it very clear that the writings that support their spiritual understanding were “inspired by God,” and are therefore beyond question. They are to be taken as the Literal Word of God. No questions asked, no doubts permitted.

Yet if even one of the writers of the world’s many sacred scriptures got even one of the major principles upon which an entire religion is based wrong, or misinterpreted anything at all, the world could have been inadvertently misled for hundreds or thousands of years.

On the question of “hell” and “damnation,” Conversations with God tell us this is exactly what has occurred. God is the creator, the source, and the essence of Pure, Unconditional Love, and would never judge and then punish God’s own creations simply because—to use one striking example from ancient and contemporary religious doctrine—different people have come to God by different paths.

Does it really seem that a loving, caring, compassionate and all-wise God would say to a devote and loving, patient and kind, compassionate and generous, caring and forgiving person that because he or she did not belong to a particular religion that he or she was going straight to hell?


There is no such place as hell. It simply does not exist. There is, however, an “afterlife.” And in that Afterlife every sentient being will experience what is true: that every sentient being has been given Free Will.

It is how we have used that Free Will that has produced the Hell on Earth that so many human beings have experienced—and are continuing to experience on this very day. Yet in the moment that we leave this physical body and return to the Realm of the Spiritual, we will use that Free Will (which will still be ours, by the way) to express and experience our True Nature (which is Divinity) fully. Unless we don’t. If we want or feel the need to experience some sort of “hell”…if we feel we deserve it and ought to go there…we will. (Thus, the testimony of some people who have clinically died, come back to life, and sworn that there was a “hell” on “the other side.”)

Yet in the one-millionth of a nanosecond that we experienced what we, in our imagination, have thought “hell” to be, we would surely say, “I want out of here!”—and with that very thought we would free our Selves, as an experience and expression of Who We Really Are…and that will be “heaven.”

(A remarkable and detailed description of this entire process will be found in the book Home with God.)

Even more amazing, we have the opportunity to express and experience that True Identity right here on Earth. We don’t have to wait for the Afterlife. We can experience our Divinity right here, Right Now. Indeed, all of physical life was created as an opportunity for us to do so. It is what we decide and what we do, both individually and collectively, that determines whether we experience our Divinity.

(Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the Conversations with God series of books. His newest writing, The Only Thing That Matters, releases this week from Hay House. In it he describes how we can all experience our Divinity.)

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  • Buzz

    I own and have read Home With God. I disagree.

    Experience is limited to our physical existence. To “experience our true nature (divinity) …” is impossible without a mind to translate and a physical form (brain) to interpret. In each near death experience, an oxygen starved brain began literally hallucinating in an attempt to understand something no living thing can ever begin to comprehend.

    … and God said “You’ve got me all wrong.”

  • Lloyd

    Hell is the seperation from God, a statement from the bible, and an impossibility since Source Energy is within everything. Hell is a human concept and therefore a human creation not a reality. Humans create their own heaven or hell right here, right now, by the way they view themselves and their connection to Creator. Time for truth to be spoken and freedom to be embraced, and shared within our physical world of existence. God, Source Energy, Creator, Mohammed, whatever name one wishes to use within their cultures, it really doesn’t matter as most of our cultures still believe in seperation between our existence and God. When we can address this illusion and re-educate society to Oneness then perhaps we will stop wars, and creating our own hells will begin to fade away. Namaste’

  • Jill Coley

    Funny thing. I was just having a “debate” about this subject with my mother. I was telling a story about how I asked God for a snake as a sign. Something I needed to see (and then saw) for reassurance. She asked “Why a snake?” and my reply was “Perhaps because the snake represents transformation or perhaps just another reference to the Garden of Eden where God shows up in the form of the devil”

    After all, was this snake not a way to give Adam and Eve freedom of choice? She insists the snake was an angel gone bad. I say the snake was a way to new life. A different life. And though no longer “perfect” the ability to choose is perfection in itself.

    And if there is no hell. Then perhaps there also no devil. Just simply the illusion of opposition. We now know “God” because we know she is not “The Devil.” Just as know “health” because it is the opposite of “sick.”

  • R. Pipan

    Once “26(9?)8” > 3,14 said to me something about the book and people who seek for book Conversation with God from a man who claim as people 1400, 2000 or 5000 years ago they wrote something in his name? There nonsense exist and they know they wrote a nonsense in time and space they live as sure as each individual as absolute today on Earth or sure are suras where you can read last so called revelation by 61212 about heaven and hell. By the way,… I should once again read your book and find one sentence you put on paper. I’m quite sure that God who love silence will never said that sentence by my opinion,…*,* So,… wellcome into the 69 time 1(1?)4 if will be easier to start thinking about the 1, who was, is and will always be with all nonsense in past and today. Have a nice day in 9 hells & 13 heavens by Quazelcoatl & Mayas with all other facts which can be checked, people are able to see with their unperfect eyes as me or you today in so called vacuum čLOVE,*K = 74,30.? People with free will each moment are making heaven & hell to themselfs and to other people. Good to stay at facts and Reality in 69.

    NOTE FROM NEALE: I was just thinking the same thing! I never 49(8)?x10=oc but then, how could I, when dominoes stone wall pixie feet? I should say once more that blue ink spills on white paper and all over we see snowballs of signs that 329%-42 .? can only produce &amp. So you and I agree here, R. Pipan. Thanks for your opinion.

  • Buzz

    What if both you and your mother are correct, simultaneously and in the same context? While angels do not actually go bad, since judgements like good and bad are impossible in the spirit realm, when we experience other worldly beings we can judge them an infinite number of ways. Through this symbol of snake /angel / devil you find yourself in the illusion of reality in which you may create and experience hell , or anything else you can imagine. This includes separation, opposition, punishment and your perception of what The Devil might be like. Believing the illusion is our Old Cultural Story of “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

    Check your Village question status to continue this conversation.

  • Buzz

    R Pipan, are you using elite speak here? And Neale too? Would you kindly translate please …

  • Buzz

    I can tell it’s nonsensical, like dreams, fortune telling and mythical stories. Except even the nonsensical has meaning. Care to let everyone in on the private joke? And don’t say it’s all about taking this subject matter a little less seriously with something no one could ever possibly understand, eg complete gibberish.

  • Buzz

    &amp is ASCII for ampersand: the & symbol. So -7 (solving for 129%-42?) produces more “and-ness”.

  • Buzz

    “Blue ink spills on white paper”, and the remaining areas of paper not blue can be seen as “snowballs of signs”, shapes that appear like signs just like clouds look like faces and animals: the Ink Blot used by psychologists to determine attitudes and obsessions. -7=& when represented as a sign needs to be reversed to &=-7 and read like a sentence in a narrative: “… and it equalled less than nothing.”

    What do we know that comes to less than nothing? Illusions. We see illusions in inkblots, for they are really nothing more than ink spilled on paper.

  • Buzz

    So Neale’s response brings to our attention that we can make a whole lot out of nothing, and blow things way out of proportion, just as the reader believes I have done by deciphering what I can of the message.

    I am not obsessive, just curious. I’m sure I could decipher the rest with time, but it would be more accurate for readers if the authors would decipher their own work for us. I believe I have demonstrated my ability and deserve initiation.

    FROM NEALE: I hope it doesn’t destroy too many people to learn that I was simply having fun, making stuff up, throwing words together simply for the sound of their combinations, and smiling at the whole exchange meaning nothing more than groundhogs dangling windmills in cloudless bundles of succotash. (Notwithstanding, of course, the deep hidden meaning of 29%415+55^&over@134.)

  • Petar Zahariev

    How is it possible to have free will? I agree that there are two choices at every moment – love or fear. But who makes the choice – is it my mind or my soul? And does anything determine the choice? If so, then it isn’t free choice. Is the choice then left to chance? In that case, it isn’t a choice either. And if everything is predetermined since the creation of the Universe, why has it been chosen for some civilizations to experience less pain than others? I know that suffering is the only way to experience yourself as Who You Really Are, because it serves as a reference point. But what about really dreadful events, like the holocaust – were they really necessary as a reference point? Couldn’t we have chosen to experience ourselves in relation to something less painful?