Should women who find themselves pregnant as a result of a rape be told that they must give birth because it is God’s intention that the pregnancy occur? And what if the rape is by your father, or your brother? Should you have your father’s child, or your brother’s child, because it is God’s intention that you got pregnant from their sexual attack?

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  • Kelly Anderson

    The choice should be made by the woman or the parents of the child in conjunction with her mental health therapist and medical doctor. The situation is not just a religious choice – but of health and sanity. As Christians, we believe we should not deny our faith regardless of the consequences – ie. persecution, torture, death… Of ourselves … Of our loved ones… But very few ppl will judge a mother who denies her faith to save her child’s life!! She would go insane after such a heinous act!!! So it is – many a woman does not have the emotional constitution to endure bringing life – descendant of an evil creature – into the world!!! And many a young girl is simply not physically ready to bear children without serious consequences….

  • Christel

    Does God intend anything? I don´t think he does. The only thing he might want for and from us – if anything at all – is to make our choices, to live our lifes. Because that´s the only reason for living: living our lifes to make our experiences and to learn what ever we want to learn.
    Anyone who has read Neals CwG knows that we are all one. All of us are just a part of the one and only. We are brothers and sisters, we are the same flame, the same light. We come to earth to make our experiences.
    Before we come to earth, we allready decided and choosed what we want to learn, how we want to experience ourselves in this life. And we are never ever alone doing this. In every experience, God is just sending us angels, friends, brothers and sisters that help us filling up our souls with knowledge.

    The discussion about rape and pregnancy after rape of course is one of the most difficult “experiences” a womans soul can ever make. I can hardly imagine what it might feel like, to make the experience of being so completely and utterly at somebodys mercy. WOW! What a strong soul who chooses such an experience! And there is the raper himself. How does it feel to be the bad guy, the beast, the monster? Again I have to confess: what a strong soul who chooses THIS experience! And last not least the unborn child. It also made its decision to come to this world – and he choosed these circumstances. How might it feel not beeing loved, not beeing welcome?
    So there are at least three souls involved (and I am sure everything was agreed and arranged in another level, we sholud not forget!). Now all of them have their choices how to deal with this. It is their lives, their chances to make their experiences. And therfore everything they decide is right. Because – what ever they decide how to deal with it – it leads them to the next step on their individual way on earth. They can decide to feel themselves as hating or as foregiving, as being undiscerning or regretting, as being not welcomed or finding love nevertheless somewhere later.

    Noone never ever has the right to judge, to prescript or to tell them what is “wrong” or “right” – no politician, no religious leaders and none of the involved families and definitely no non-participants.

  • Sibila Reventlow

    I find that everyone is free to choose for themselves what is true for them to do in any situation.
    Women should not be told anything about what to choose. But anyone called to do so can support a raped woman so she herself can take the decision she needs to take according to what the deepest truth she can access within herself. As far as I can see, god is not a separate entity in these situations either. The divine is part of both the women, the unborn children, the men – and when divinity is brought forth in the persons involved, there is not an issue of violent behavior, abuse of power or unconscious forcing each-other anything.

  • erin mette

    First I have to say what happened to the separation of church and state??? This is a country of all races and religions, including shamans who are the original natives, and atheists and agnostics who don’t even want to see and hear as much about christianity as they do!!! It’s time to stop trying to christianize the country of the united states of america, and time to put the offenders of the the church against state laws to the curb!! There is all sort of reasons to have an abortion and the only person that should have say in the matter is the woman having it! No government or any one else should even know about it!!! People also should stay out of others bedrooms too!!! That’s whats wrong with this country is, to many people minding others business, okay how about this, I believe there’s to many people on this earth and we’re killing the environment and the animals because of uncontrolled human breeding, I don’t like it and I’m sure there’s others out there that are like me, who sees the dangers in it, in reality it is environmental terrorism on our parts!!!

  • Barbara

    Why is it necessary to ask what to tell a woman what she should do if she becomes pregnant by rape? Why is it necessary to tell her anything? It is for her to decide what she can live with.

    What I have issue with is the government giving the right of one person to the body of another person. If we give full human rights to a fetus, we reduce the value of the woman to a gestation vehicle – we give the fetus the right to inhabit another person’s body over the objection of that person. We put that right into legislation. What right does one person have to take over another person’s body?

    And if we believe that we are spiritual beings, and all souls return to God, then the soul of the unborn returns to God.

  • Buzz

    2of the 3 title questions start with the word “should …”. Therefore every answer will be an act of forcing judgement on others or an expression of resistance against people who force judgement on others. There is nothing healthy, positive or enlightened in this question thread.

  • Mel Dee

    Great points above. I just watched a movie last night “Machine Gun Preacher” w/Gerard Butler in it. Wow, it just really was a deep reminder for all of the many rights we do have. We are, in fact, so lucky to have this discussion and debate sharing our judgments, thoughts & insights while confident in having our freedom of speech. “Being” an advocate for what we feel in our hearts to express. We are so lucky.

  • kiwi guru

    Its simply up to the individual, yes they can get councelling but no pressure _ God is love and understanding not a punisher. Yes he will deal to the perpatrators but not the victims. Jesus put his hand out to welcome the prostitute into his kingdom. But the politicians well they ridicule Jesus. I dont like abortions but in this case you not god

  • Mary C.

    The idea that God is involved to the extent of deciding who gets pregnant and by whom to me is in a word absurd. If God were intervening or even interested why does rape or incest occur? I believe that certain Republicans have defined that the life of a person begins at conception and in order ot rigidly adhere to a no abortion rule they hare now including all sources of pregnancy and even when the mother’s life is a risk. All life including that of the woman who has been hurt is precious and she should be free to decide if abortion is the best option for her well being.

  • B BEST

    It should be a womans choice, if she wants to give birth to a ‘rape’ baby. I do not believe it is God’s intention that a woman give birth to ANY baby – all baby’s deserve a loving mother and father – no birth should be forced on a woman.

  • Kym Kennedy

    I believe Women can choose for themselves and do not require any outside authority to tell them what to do with their body under any circumstances. We were given the gift of free will so why oh why would some misguided intrepretation of the truth try to enforce otherwise.

  • Tyra

    If god is love and we are of god.. then our answer is within ourselves.. Not to be judged of another.. That is Not Love.. Ask yourself .What would lov
    e do now..whatever answer comes from within is the right answer .NotTheDecision for another to decide for you. consequence to this decision is death and would not be taken lightly. When did we stop trusting women,our mothers and their mothers to make their own decisions.. shame on this behavior.. It is very UNGODLIKE..

  • JJ

    Absolutely NOT!! A Woman should have the right to choose period!! It is ridiculous to say God would punish anyone that way. If that is the God you worship you need to reevaluate your faith.

  • Buzz

    2 of the 3 title questions start with the word “should …”. Therefore every answer will be an act of forcing judgement on others or an expression of resistance against people who force judgement on others. There is nothing healthy, positive or enlightened in this question thread.

  • Inger Lise

    Abortion or not, but if of us to be all spiritual beings in the first place, how on earth is it possible of to have created a physical reality? It is quite amasing all-in-all. It is told to be “a state of mind,” and it is up to us of to change it.
    Never-the-less, it must be within a state of learning, or, as what is said within many methaphysical teachings, “of us to be on our way back home.” But “home with God” must be “here and now” and not in a far distance somewhere?
    It is reminding me of the early schooldays in learning the english language here in Norway: “He, She, It IS.” (am still to recall:We are, they are, the many will be)….SMILES

    Blessings to all.

  • Erin/IAm

    Women should not be “told” anything! Period!…under the exclamation! Simple as that.:)

  • Therese Wilson

    For me, it isn’t even that these politicians (and others) say that the pregnancy,under any circumstance, is God’s will. The problem I have is that “God’s will” ends there.

    If these people were to say that it is ALL God’s will, because it is, and that any decision the woman was to make is also God’s will, because it is, I would be fine with it.

    There is nothing that is not God’s will. Simple as that to me. The rest is the illusion of being human, and presenting us with those danged opportunities endlessly.


  • Joyce Derby

    The whole idea that it’s God’s will is ludicrous. Those ideas come from religious fanatics that set themselves up as God, Judge & Jury.

  • mewabe

    I respectfully disagree with the idea that anything or everything we experience is God’s will…this is a Christian concepts that reduce us to being mere puppets in a divine play, or as some some people put it more poetically “thoughts in the mind of God”.

    I am extremely allergic to Christian concepts and this is no exception.

    I think we are autonomous, endowed with free will, with creativity and responsibility, and that God has nothing to do with most of our shenanigans and absurd human ideas and behaviors. God gives and sustains life at all times, and unconditionally…how we choose to perceive and understand life, and how we act accordingly, are our very own choices, exclusively.

    There is no “divine plan”, there are the paths we choose, collectively and individually. And God is not our father or mother, we are not children, s/he is not here to protect us from the consequences of our ignorance or fears, of our judgments or mistakes. WE must do the growing up.

    WE make the decisions to think, believe and act this way or that way, WE live with these decisions. That’s freedom and responsibility, and it is a great gift that we could appreciate if we understood it, instead of wanting to be told how to think and what to do by some authority on earth or in the sky.

  • Laura Pringle

    I imagine a shift in our perceptions so that we see how silly our self-destructive natures are. While Neptune is in Pisces, people’s sensitivities are greatly heightened. This is happening now, esp in the past year. You’re seeing exponential rises in catastrophies, and the images are instantly wired across the globe, giving people opportunities to witness first hand the emotions, loss, and devastation. Evoking emotions is the key to seeing the inter-relatedness of all beings. Images instantly networked, creating opportunities for mass empathy. Tragedies which force the survivors to reach out and receive help from others. Anyone with a tv or a computer has no choice but to accept that the elevation of our mass consciousness is imminent.