A child’s life of gratitude

Neale Donald Walsch said recently, “A master lives in gratitude at every moment.”

How can we guide our children to find their own meaningful experience of a life of gratitude?

In the U.S., the month of November is often a time to reflect on one’s good fortune.  As we approach Thanksgiving, social media is inundated with “30 Days of Thankfulness” posts, while many renew their attention to charitable giving and volunteering as an outpouring of their gratitude. These phenomena are demonstrations of one of the core concepts of Conversations with God, “There is Enough,” which teaches us that the world is an abundant place in which every person can get what they need and that scarcity only exists as we, collectively, allow it to persist.  Feeling this way in November is a great step toward a thankful life, but what about feeling gratitude during the other months of the year?

In a society which is centered on external factors of happiness — acquiring more material things, improving physical appearances, and glorifying competition — it can be difficult to instill a constant and unshakeable sense of inner completeness in your family’s hearts and minds; however, when approaching life through your spirituality, you learn that instead of looking out there, you must start searching within to find fulfillment. In fact, the root of all happiness is gratitude.  Being grateful helps us to see everything more positively, even the aspects of our lives we wish to change. Encouraging children to embrace and embody gratitude assists them in their spiritual development, as well as their view of the world around them.

Children learn by example. One way to demonstrate your own gratitude is to, as they say, find the silver lining in negative situations, and share those sentiments with your children. Another way is to share your abundance with others by donating time, resources, or just a kind word to another.  Giving of yourself to another person helps you appreciate your own gifts and blessings. A daily practice of gratitude allows it to permeate your thoughts more fully, becoming an integral part of your Be-ing. To this end, children, whether school-aged or even younger, can contribute to your family’s daily gratitude journal by drawing pictures, writing words, or even verbally expressing gratitude (for you to write for them).

Whatever way you choose to bring an awareness and practice of gratitude into your home, it will bring you closer together. I believe you will find that it takes the edge off of a rough day, endears you to each other, and easily becomes a large part of your dialogue and vocabulary…allowing you, and your children, to live in gratitude at every moment.

(Emily A. Filmore is the Creative Co-Director of www.cwgforparents.com.  She is also the author/illustrator of the “With My Child” Series of books about bonding with your child through everyday activities.  Her books are available at www.withmychildseries.com. To contact Emily, please email her at Emily@cwgforparents.com.)

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  • Melissa Shawn

    The link I am including here is not SPAM or self promotion.

    I have been trying to build a daily gratitude practice off and on for years, without any solid and lasting success.

    Then–this simple and wonderful tool came along, thanks to one amazing man’s dedication to spreading this practice through his skills as a programmer.


    Since I started using this simple tool every day, my entire life has transformed–gratitude is now working its magic in my life, and in a way that is easily sustainable on my part.

    I would love to see everyone in this community take up this tool! This, of all places, is intended to be a space where enlightened people come together to write a new story. If everyone here used this simple tool, Neale’s vision would come much closer to being realized, and quickly too.