How can I get over my stage fright?

Dear Readers…This week’s column is a little different than usual in that I’m sharing my own Advice question I asked in a conversation with God in 2009. The answer I received completely cured me of these fears and I sincerely hope it helps you as well:

“Will you please help me get to a place of total calm and perfect relaxation and confidence with my singing and speaking, no matter where it is and what the situation is? Thank you in advance for this answer and for helping me to be a conduit for your message with the beautiful talent you have given me.”

Be still and know. There are no mistakes. You cannot make a mistake. How many times do I have to tell you? How many performances does it take to know? I haven’t failed you yet and I never will. I gave you these gifts for a higher reason. Yes, you love singing, but as long as you are singing for you, you will have these fears. Therefore, don’t do it for yourself. Let this be your gift. No matter how long it takes before a performance, go within, be still and know. When you get to a place of total calm in meditation, allow it, be with it, give it plenty of time, then walk onstage and allow me to come through you. I will not leave you. I cannot leave you. You are my child in whom I am well pleased.

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