What is your New Year’s Resolution? And, secondly, what is your wish for the New Year?

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  • Laura Pringle

    This is the first year I haven’t tangibly resolved to change anything. You could say I’m evolving into a version of me that waits with baited breath to see what unfolds, and doesn’t presume to know what is better for my journey. In my experience, setting goals is satisfying, and when you focus on that goal and achieve it, you feel powerfully creative.

    However, I’ve also noticed that during the times when I have no clear goals, life presents me opportunities for satisfaction nonetheless. Things I would never have picked, things I would never have known could grant me blessings.

    So this year, I’m resolving to be pleasantly enlightened and grateful for what is presented to me. Or maybe it’s just my lack of goals talking… 😉

  • Laura Pringle

    Ooh! OOh! Just communed with my God-voice, asking if it matters whether or not we have goals. I was answered with a viewpoint which rang true: It matters not whether there are goals, for either way, the accumulation of our time/experiences bring us closer and closer to the ultimate goal of reunification.

    BUT… I was also shown something exciting! I was told that God’s goal for us this year was for us to see ourselves through God’s eyes- and accept our perfection. And since this was God’s wish for us, it will absolutely be granted!

    Oh, how exciting it will be to feel that I am perfect, and there is nothing I need to do or be or have to attain that! Oh, how magnificent it will be to know, on a cellular level, that we are all that way, in God’s eyes! The light, the knowledge, the inner wisdom that accompanies this will most certainly herald a progressive new age!
    Totally Stoked!!! 🙂

  • Marko

    New years resolution? Same as last year, give up suffering!

    Also, all unnecessary negativity & negative drama.
    You mean there is necessary negative drama? Yes & no. Mostly only the residue of past stuff not totally confronted or yet resolved.

    Work & play everyday to be, to draw forth, allow, call in the best most wonderful energy I can feel & experience. That’s what I do when I wake uP & remind myself through out the day. To educate, give that to others as well.

    My wish for the new year?
    Visualize the life style & world I most desire in spite of current appearances. Where I/we live move & breathe in solutions, not problems.

    To see the solutions, resolutions to news & world problems the way it could be, not as it is. Example: I took the “Fiscal Cliff” negative drama & visualized it working out, that we have wise, honorable upstanding politicians, that always work & play in our favor. Some roll their eyes at that, others really like it.

    To see what I’d rather see & experience, not what is. To create, educate, appreciate.

    To inspire, influence, educate how possible it is to live in an even better world than we now live & that more good is going on than any other time in history.

    To focus on the good, grand & possible with out ignoring, or air brushing over problems.

    To continue being a Master Appreciator of life & let that expand. To stretch my thinking more as far as how much more emotional financial prosperity I can have. Emotional prosperity first, financial second as byproduct of the first.

    To be more mindfully thoughtful wise creative, humorous in adding more good energy to let that avalanche & waterfall outward. Amen.

    Have a happy brilliant marvelous over the top cosmic birthing of humanity new year,

  • Deborah Nickelson

    My New Year’s Revelation is to “just be” and enjoying “being”…and my wish is that everyone else will “just be” too!

  • Fiona Richardson

    To be kind to myself and to know and love myself. I wish for the New Year to share this with others.

  • Erin/IAm

    The Personal ‘Solution’ that I Am presently working on is to be a Listener…A Listener that has no intent to reply.

    I have noticed that often I freely hand my peeps perspectives, but it is not what they are seeking…they seem to be needing to hear their Selfs…Their own Soul Sounds.

    So, this is going to be my ‘Quiet Time’. I have actually been attempting to muzzle my mouth for a while, as this will be no easy task…People’s energies in a small area truly fire up my innerds & my face orifice is often the exhaust outlet.:)

    The strategy is to hug more, speak less…make lots of eye contact/Spirit connects.

    A gift for 2013? Freedom. The unleashing of personal responsibility…free-thinking, free-spirit-edness, free-dom-ains. A gift I would like to See All ‘get’.

    Happy New, Beloveds…Thanks for asking, Neale!:)

  • Ionic Breeze

    My resolution is to be me, all of me.

    Love to All Life 🙂

    Ionic Breeze

  • mewabe


    That all wars and all violence, all abuses, all neglects, big and small, end.

    That humanity realizes that there are no “enemies” anywhere…the only enemy is within, in the mind that is out of touch with its own soul, with the soul of others, with the Spirit of All Life.

    Let the relationship between a mother and her child be the standard by which we live…no longer in fear but in caring for one another.

    And every time someone speaks of war and attempts to justify it, let that person contemplate the image of a bloodied mother holding a bloodied child, and ask if it is worth it.

    I am not in any way connected to Christianity, but this is a great video that was sent to me and that I am passing along:


  • mewabe

    According to the Women’s Environmental and Development Organization, the estimated funds needed to look after basic global human needs are as follow:

    to provide shelter, $21 billion; to eliminate starvation and malnutrition, $19 billion; to provide clean safe water, $10 billion; to eliminate nuclear weapons, $7 billion; to eliminate land mines, $4 billion; to eliminate illiteracy, $5 billion; to provide refugee relief, $5 billion; to stabilize population, $10.5 billion; to prevent erosion, $24 billion.

    Total estimated budget for human needs, $105.5 billion.

    The actual global military spending comes to $900 billion … $900 billion spent to oppress, destroy, and kill with ever more efficacy, versus $105.5 billion to protect and sustain life.

    Is this such a difficult choice?

    Why are WE (as in we the people) letting the crooks, the thieves, the mass murderers in Armani suits control the world?

    Perhaps because we are distracted by our own little lives and not looking at the larger picture.

  • mewabe

    Did I make my point clear yet?

    Yes, I cringe at these prior comments…me, me, me, myself and I…how can I be more ME…MY path…MY life…MY growth…My wealth.

    While the vast majority of the world population is suffering from wars, oppression, poverty, preventable or treatable diseases, and thirst and hunger.

    Is this ME MYSELF AND I thing really spiritual?

    How can such incredible self-centeredness be taken seriously by anyone?

  • Ionic Breeze

    Hi Mewabe,
    I am as startled by these statistics as you, Love. My little me is not what I meant when I said me. I meant a Big Me. Me means every particle of All Life as in every rock, every mineral, every cloud, every leaf, every petal, every person, every planet, every galaxy, every universe, every universe of all universes everywhere a universe lives, and every particle of all life lives with every other particle of all life, and love returns love to love and back again, even in a lamp, even in a table, even in a candle. We are connected to every light Being in the heart of us and in the heart of every light being we live as a very shiny heart, shining love shining light on all living love in all living life living a high line of God I Am throughout all life. That’s really what I meant when I said I want to express life here in this realm as All of Me, not an expression of little me. Believe me. I’m ready for an upgrade on that little me.:)

    We are light Beings having a physical experience in this land called 3 d and light moves light for light. We can lift awareness of God by lifting our little conscious thinking minds to a level where we know we are God and Goddess lifting light to life and lifting earth to a higher level in God’s Mind. We are this lift of light as we lift our conscious awareness to a higher speaking awareness in the space of God’s Mind. That’s what lightworkers do. They lift light, in order to expand the Space of God’s Mind. Space and Mind are what God is. God is Love is Mind Space. We expand God as we come to a higher vibration of love in God’s Grand Spacious Mind. This is what is.

    We lift our planet out of this seeming low vibration by moving more life for life, more light for light throughout God’s One Love Heart. That’s all I know. That’s what I do in life. I do this consciously. I spend my time communing with God consciously all day and night, and I know this is important for all life. As I rise in my awareness that I Am Goddess, I lift light to God and I help God help God by lifting light to all life, by creating more Space that actually lifts more fear out of this realm of 3 d and more life to light throughout all life. As we live life, we gift life. When I commune with God, I commune with All Life. God is All Life. You are this, too. We can let go of fear spoken of in the news and focus on the light within and let that rise physically, spiritaully, mentally and all that good stuff. God actually enters our Body and becomes One with it. We speak of love out there, over there, but never in here in the heart, the true heart, and that’s how we know all life is much bigger than little me, the me that fears others in life. Love is everywhere in and out of All Life, in and out of each other in oneness. Love is an energy and that energy is light and it is Real in a Grand Manner. All Life communes with Us, just as we commune with All Life. We are One particle of All Life existing within all other particles of All Life. Within all particles of All Life, we are contained as one love. Within each particle of All Life, we live as One particle of Love. God is a particle of Life as only Love. We lift light to life and expect all fear to dissipate as we express life in this one form of many forms as only love not fear. Fear can be moved out of this realm, but only when we come together in love. We can lift love to life, but fear chooses to express love as fear of love not true love, which never fears love.

    I don’t know how to convince the ones in charge of doling money out to gain more mass weaponery, weaponry I don’t believe in. I define my reality a lot differently than most on the planet at this moment in now here time, since meeting God so palpably in this life cycle. I define life as love that moves in a body of me. I define God as All of Life. I don’t fear God like I used to, but it’s taken me awhile on this path, but the path of me is not just a path of me. It’s a path of All Life coming together as One. I define me as you and you and all yous, so when I speak of me here, I refer to Big Me, which is Big You. That’s what my thoughts are on this, and I don’t have an answer to your concern, but I do know we create things on different levels: consciously, unconscioulsy, superconsciously and probably a high end of a whole lot more levels I don’t actually consciously know about yet. But, I’m aiming to find out All life as Love Sweet Love.

    As we rise, we commune more with superconsciousness than not, and this rising lifts fear out of here, literally, so what we do as we commune in everything we do actually helps All Life, not just life on Earth, but life everywhere life lives. Life is everywhere. Who defines what’s important in this realm to do in this society we call society the way mankind has dreamt society in 3 d creates this little collective reality on Earth, but Reality is much bigger in God’s Realms of Many Realms. I don’t put much stock in the collective reality, because I like to commune with God moreso than not. I don’t write the government’s jobs or their allocations of money. I do know I can only allocate me more to God and allow others to feel their way home through their own heart of God. That’s all I know in life.

    My job is way more grand than this fearbased land called 3 d allows in life. I am sure some perceive it as craziness. Many have called people who commune with God looney tooney or blasphemous or whatever. I don’t really care at this point. I know what I Am, and I Am I Am, and so are you. I perceive the job of communing with God as One Love to be the grandest, most important thing to do in all life. I know I am on mission here to help lift awareness, and lifting awareness is what is most important to me in all life.

    It grants space in God’s Mind every time a one love comes together with All Love. All Love is God Mind on the planet and everywhere God Mind lives. We are melding and merging in one Body of Bodies, One Mind of Minds, One Soul of Souls, and One Heart of Hearts as we come together in love. We merge, meld, and recombine all life and come into one Body, One Mind, One Soul, One Heart to create One Being of Many Beings of One Love named God I Am. Coming together as One Being of Light means merging, melding and recombining all life as heaven, as light, as the Christed Heart living the Grid all day and night on Earth already home in God’s Grand Spacious Mind. If one aspect rises one energy in one heartspace and lifts one mind, so that another aspect might lift to another mind, then all aspects of all life living the Christed Heart might just rise up a New Earth right here, right now with All Life in tow. Hi Ho He That means something.

    That’s what I meant when I said I want to know all of me. I want to be all of me. I do not mean I want to recombine with just little me. Dear God, you know me. I am ready for that upgrade. Give me a break, Life. I almost had a Near Death Experience, and God says I almost chose it, but he saved my but, apparently. Consciously I didn’t know I knew I was creating it, but now that I look back, I am quite sick of all this stuff we believe about each other in this realm. I choose to view life as all of me. It would be boring in life to only live this little life we call life on earth in 3d, get the job, get the house, get the car, blah blah blah and get the hell out. That’s not what this life is truly about. I Am more aware than one little aspect named little me. I do know that much. I just don’t know everything I think I know, and maybe that’s what I need to know is nothing. I need nothing to get to heaven. Heaven is here with me now, knowing I speak to God whenever I want. Geesh! What am I complaining about. I Am in heaven everytime I breathe God. Maybe I don’t need a thing after all. I Am a Big Me. I Am Goddess and every particle of All life lives my love, so recombining with me means recombinging with every leaf, every land, every being, every spark of a heart that lifts a line of one love to another love in oneness without fear. That’s all I know, love.

    Love is what I Am. Love is what you are. We are One Love, One Life is grand. It’s really grand. It’s grandly Grand, and we are even more Grandly Grand when we come together as One Big Being, One Big Heart Hi That’s what I meant, and that’s all I know.

    Love to you,

    Ionic breeze

  • mewabe

    Thank you for clarifying, Ionic Breeze…it seems there is such a gasp between those who are spiritually awake and the multitudes who are still in slumber, and who insist on perpetuating the same old destructive patterns.

    This is not new. It is said that Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te King (4th century BC), so despaired of humanity’s ways that he wondered in the desert to die, before his texts were read by someone and he was convinced to teach his wisdom.

    Nothing is really new here, we are still dealing with the same dynamics, but everything is up a few notches, because everything we have ever thought and believed is becoming manifest all around us.

    We could say that we are all breathing, eating, drinking, feeling and in every other way dealing with the outcomes of every thought we have ever had, every belief we held.

    Wars, environmental degradation, oppression, poverty, unnecessary suffering, these all started in our minds, all began as a thought.

    It is a “time of reckoning” for all of humanity, not in the sense of punishment (not at all), but of learning causes and effects, the consequences of our beliefs and actions, and responsibility.

    In other words it is, for all of humanity, a time of growing up. Calling it enlightenment, as many do, may be pushing it…let’s start with maturity, and see where it takes us, it certainly won’t hurt us to think and act responsibly, keeping others, the future generations, All Life and all life forms in mind in everything we do, rather than acting in self-centered, fearful and selfish ways, as if we were lost on a foreign planet and surrounded by foreign people as we have for many centuries.

  • mewabe

    Did I write “gasp”? Funny…I meant something like a divide…

  • Laurent

    Thank You Neale and All of You, Me … We are All “One”!

    I do love reading your thought, it’s inspiring, encouraging, enforcing and enlightening 🙂

    I have not conquered Jesus or Buddha ways of creating miracles yet but I am working on it, to my own pace, personal work, understanding and to the best of my abilities (known & unknown)… This, is my Wish.

    For sure this year, I have a few new resolutions which I believe produce a succession of small miracles for me and others.

    On a spiritual note:
    I meditate at least 15mns every day to connect with my inner self.
    Each morning and night, deeply from my Heart, I wish for Love and Happiness to every beings in the world.
    I always try my best to use “Perfect words”, whatever happens “Not make it a personal matter” and “Avoid making any suppositions”.
    My new values are “Live Simply, Dream Big, Be Grateful, Give Love, laugh Lots”.
    Like the Great Mother Theresa, I celebrate, embrace and happily parade for “Peace and Human Abundance”, and I wish for many parades alike to come, not it’s opposite.
    I offer my time to a charity collecting and supplying food for poeple in need.

    On a practical note:
    I use bank facilities as little as possible also, I use Cash instead of card to benefit the vendor instead of the bank.
    I use my garden to grow Fruits & Vegetables and Herbs, I privilege them to shrubs following the vision of Todmordern in UK (http://vimeo.com/36838823)
    I buy my provision to the local market and shops as they often better value and more friendly than the Supermarket.
    Water and Electricity is often taken for granted, let’s not waste it.

    How can it get “Heaven” better?
    The Universe giving me the opportunity to go to Medford in March … Everything is possible!

    May you be Safe
    May you be Happy
    May you be Healthy
    May you live with Ease
    Happy New Year to All


  • Inger Lise

    Oh well, as an oldtimer in the business` continuing of to do the work of peace within, peace without. Or else will do the same as Erin because of am to have the very same “impulses.”
    But never-the-less of us to be creative beings.

    A continued happy journey in time and space.

  • Angela Myers

    I am a LCDC which stands for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor/inspired writter, although my first book is still underway. I am pasionate about change in body, mind and spirit, as this transformation has been taking place in my own life for years. I live by the concept of having had a spiritual awakening I carry my message to others and practice spiritual principles in all of my affairs. One of my biggest spiritual awakening was after reading all three of your books “Conversations with God”. I read them back to back within a two week period. I actually I listened to them on audio books which was great by the way as at times I felt God her/him self was speaking right to me :). Since them I have set out to be fully awake. I have studied the machine of America that has cut down 70% of our rain forest to have a place for our constantly growing crave for meat, as well as the cruelty to chickens, pigs and anything creature that that America craves to eat. Not to mention “forks over knives” a film that shows us how we are digging our graves with a fork and a knife. I have not eaten meat since Christmas 2012. Now that does not seem like a big deal but there is something big that has changed in me. I praise God for the whistle blowers who have enogh courage to change human sex trafficing in Bosnia. For People who are a part of the great awakening spreading the word that we are one. It is my New Years resolution to be a part of the change and no longer a part of the machine that is leaving such a giant foot print on our mother, to walk in spirt and be inspired, and to finish my book.

  • mewabe

    Congratulation Angela about the decision to be vegetarian!
    Every step we take count…this is a major, courageous step!

  • mewabe

    For a lasting change in consciousness, the phase “we are all one” should be changed to “all is one”.

    “We” means people, usually, and it is generally how it seems to be understood on this website, by most. So this is a perpetuation of the same old story…we take care of our own, we care for our “brothers” and “sisters”, and leave out the rest of the creation, which is still perceived to be here to serve our human needs and to have no other meaning or purpose.

    Such as is expressed the crazy belief that animals are for us to eat, and that they “give” their lives to us (I still have yet to see a cow or a pig walk to a slaughterhouse and give its life willingly, but if anyone witnessed such a thing, please let me know…scientists might have to do a study on animal suicide).

    “All is one”, on the other hand, includes everything…the land, the air, the rivers and oceans, the people, the animals, even the ants, the bees and bacteria. It is a statement that is not only spiritually accurate, but scientifically accurate as well, a statement on which even the atheists can agree, perhaps if presented in a less mystical way and worded as “all is interconnected and interdependent”.

    Let’s get past our human self-centeredness and finally realize that there is life all around us, there is life beyond humanity, life without which humanity would not exist, and that purpose of this life is not to serve us but to express itself, just as we need to express ourselves in accordance with our own gifts and powers.

  • Laurent

    Thank You Mewabe for the clarification on this very important meaning of word…. “All is One”.

    I am totally in Agreement with your explanation.

    Laurent 🙂

  • mewabe

    Thanks Laurent…hey, if we can live this truth, we can change everything, as everything comes from this foundation.
    And the best part is, again, even atheists can agree to this, so that’s a good start.

  • Kristen

    I’m having a selfish resolution: I have worked my butt off over the past few years, studied hard, changed what I want to and can change, given, helped etc. My resolution is that the Universe/God can continue to use me to help them where I can, but easily, cheaply and conveniently for a bit of a break (unless directly to stop suffering-no limits on that), and I am being unspiritual because I’m going to be 100% organised and up to date at home and work, and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! No new clothes for a whole year! Aaaagh! My selfish personal challenge; I am holding onto what I earn this year, not sharing unless I have to, McScrooge is moving in. Having to look beyond 2012 is a bit surreal, I have no plan so it’ll do.

    And because I avoid mainstream, I’m switching from white lighting & salting to using Holy Water, even with visualisation and healing. White lighting is so 2012, but I may continue with aqua light: it seems to work better than white now that negative has become immune to white light as it is so common especially when visualised by well meaning amateurs, but without the power, belief, understanding and strength required. All weapons should be used properly! Just like flies and flyspray, negative and white light now!
    Smile and wink. x

  • Scott

    Hello Mewabe, Marko, Inger, Angela, Laurent, Erin, Deborah, Fiona, Laura, Ionic B & anyone else who might read this.

    Happy News Year to All!

    May all your news be good. My plans for this year are the same as last year, to keep moving forward with my own evolution, to continue to look for ways to express divinity thru me, to the world, so that it will be a better place for us all. (Us includes all that is for there is nothing that we are not)

    My wish is for everone to be selfish. To understand that every act is a selfish one. That in reality there is only one of us so every time you perform an act of kindness for some “other” you are being kind to yourself. If you were to see everything outside of you an extention of YOU, how would you treat yourself?

    Would you kill that cow for dinner or would you have a salad instead?

    Would you walk past the homeless or would you stop to give them comfort as best you could?

    We are here to express & experience the Divinity that is the root of who we are. What better way to do that then by seeing everything else as a part of us & then being as good to that “other” part us as we are to ourselves.

    Be selfish my friends, give selfish a new meaning. Give Love, Compassion, Goodwill, Joy & all the best you have to offer to yourself every chance you get.

    Love to All


  • Inger Lise

    Thanks Scott, and with the sense of good humour, to recall somebody have mentioned(not within this group of ours that is) of everything to be alive in the connection of to be a vegetarian. The same person gave a hint of the vegetables are “alive” as well. But what am to eat then? AHA ! The Fruits….”an apple a day keeps the sickness away”. No snakes in the environment of mine.
    Hmm, maybe of us to feed ourselves upon the etheric substance of Light? But it is to take the time of course.

    btw: a lovely day today for a change, it is spring in the air.

    Cheerio from “over here.”

  • mewabe

    Inger, I am just wondering, what is “this group of ours”, a private club? If this is so, please count me out, I will always and forever remain an outsider to all groups, clubs, gangs and organizations of all kinds which all impose on their members a tyranny of agreement (even nations, which are nothing more than large gangs, with the same territorial obsessions and use of violence).

    Everything has a form of consciousness, even rocks, even water, and perhaps even air. But it is not the same consciousness…a salad does not have the same form of consciousness as a cow.

    As far as I understand it, if something runs away from you when you are trying to kill it, then don’t kill it. It’s simple.

    Happy New Year Scott (and everyone)!

    Yes, what we give others, we give ourselves…what we withhold from others, or take from others, we take from ourselves.

    But some people believe the opposite is true…that what we give exclusively to ourselves, we also give to others. Not so…because giving to others comes with the knowledge that we already have it all, we are already full. Taking from others, withholding from others or giving to ourselves exclusively on the other hand comes from perceptions of lack and fear, which themselves come from a thought and a feeling of separation from the divine source.

    My point was, though, about including all of the creation in this vision of oneness, not just humanity, which many still do here. Without understanding that All is One, we will continue to destroy everything we touch, because coming from a thought of separation, that is to say fear, and seeking control over all life forms, which translates to destruction because this attempted control is coming from fear rather than understanding and love.

  • Kristen

    Mewabe – perfect first comment.

    I do not want the world to be vegetarian, for the animals sake as well as our own. We can only start where we are, work with what we have and move forward. A lot of the time we have to move forwards by thinking backwards, often going against our beliefs shortterm, for longterm gain, and by doing the unexpected. Battles are often won by the element of surprise and unexpected behaviour. And we are in a world with a huge abundance of livestock primarily bred by man, for consumption by man and suffering in the hands of man. As said previously I am very grateful to live in a country where cows & sheep are freerange and live naturally, and hopefully are killed humanely.

    Firstly raising kids, with carnivore bodies as God/Creator made them, I want the best for them, and to not allow the short limb mutation to happen as it does in wartimes, poverty, with illness, poor diet etc, nor do I want unhealthy pasty kids with low iron levels etc. And the vegetarian options are gross! A fortnight detox annually on an organic vege only diet is enough for me thanks!
    Although I do think lower iron levels are less absorbant of cellphone tower rays etc.

    In NZ most eggs and chicken on the market are caged, although I only buy freerange eggs and had hens until they carked it last year at a ripe old age. These caged hens are tortured to lay for a couple of years, then culled and sold for meat. Since GM, GE and added hormones etc are banned here, my stance is to buy as many chickens for consumption as possible (generally 4 a week precooked from the supermarket USD$5 each), so they are culled sooner and caged to lay for less time. Imagine if everyone did this – the cages would be empty damn quickly. You can also buy rescued caged laying hens from the factories for $10 at a year old, thus also shortening their suffering time (as we did). Do your research for where you live, and work out how you can stop the suffering, sooner if not completely. Therefore to stop the suffering of caged hens I eat them to force earlier culling. I cannot be anti-suffering without being pro-euthanasia.

    If people also did the unexpected and started buying meat in bulk, especially from clearance places, and stopped purchasing the expensive cuts, demand would soon catch up to supply, animals would be culled earlier, prices would crash so the sadists would make less, again they would have culled sooner and not have made the anticipated profits to replace the stock, so would replace with much less stock with more room and slightly better conditions. Then a meat boycott could take place, the sadists would quickly give up.

    If we also stopped consuming fish the oceans would very quickly become a not very nice environment for the life in it.

    We need to follow natures pattern of waves. The universe does this with our currencies to alternately slow imports, then exports to try to lower both.
    We are currently in a position of a good dollar so exporting is slowed. The poor USD dollar is doing to world a lot of good, since they are generally such huge importers which is not too viable at the moment. We need to create a wave of supply v demand.

    Think more, talk less, do more.

    Inger – The serpent was given consent to strike at our heels, we were given consent to strike at its head. Go figure who will always win, if we fight instead of running in fear. I’m in Eves fanclub, shes my great great…………..great grandma after all. I’d eat the apple – naked and stupid, versus intelligence and clothes. Be brave enough to create a world of Eden for yourself where no evil or negative is allowed, and boldly manouvre the Tree of Knowledge (I am unsure if CWGers could do this as you have to have a definite line between good & right/evil and wrong which is against your beliefs), and you may be invited to eat from the Tree of Life (Kabbalah).

    There is no place in this world at the moment for the weak and complacent: the strong and brave have to carry them. Another huge imbalance.

  • Scott

    There is only one thing & the source of that one thing is all there is & all that is , is that one thing.

    While it is probably true that the majority of humanity is not aware of this on a conscious level, it is also true that this knowledge is imbeded in everyone & everything. The sooner that we bring this idea forward for all to see & know the better off we will all be.

    So let our lives be an example of this truth & by doing so we can create a new cultual story for humanity.Let our lives lived be the message that “We are all One” & that “We” includes all that Is.

    Namaste Scott

    PS I’m sorry Kristen but you can’t reduce the supply of caged birds by creating more demand for them. Bussiness will simply increase supply to meet the demand created by more consumption.

  • Kristen

    Scott – No I’m sorry – either I’ve misworded, made it too complex or made it open to misinterpretation. The reduction is in the time spent in cages, as food they are killed sooner if people demand the chicken meat. One day less makes a difference. Ideally the concept of caged animals wouldn’t exist, but it does. But my way of working only works when the same animal is used for eggs, then for food. Killed at a year old for food is better than living in a cage as a layer for up to 3 years. But I do understand what you interpreted. I fully support Judgement Day, the karmic law of ‘you will suffer for the suffering you have caused’ and ‘eye for an eye’. If I was any part of animals suffering then I expect to be treated as I have treated that animal – even if in a cage. I wouldn’t even bet on a race horse, thus being a part of creating the circumstances for that industry.

    There is no me in we, and there is no we in me. Karma, consequences, judgement, employment, bodies, personalities etc are all based on each individual, as an individual and I would never want to mislead anyone into ever thinking this is not the case. But yes, one individual can only make small changes, like minded people enmasse the larger changes. I am one, you are another different one. And we are all a part of the same existance – defined by current time existance. (Yes I believe in time, another difference to the CWG message – try telling my body and face they aren’t aging cos time doesn’t exist!).