Has humanity lost its sense of values? Are we heading off the high cliff of “Relativism”? That, as some of you surely know, is a dirty among among Absolutionists. And the world these days does indeed seem to have divided it into two camps: Absolutionists and Relativists.

Yet that is only the way it seems. In actuality there is a third camp, the Dichotomists. These are people who embrace the notion that two apparently opposing “truths” can exist simultaneously in the same space. They call this a “Divine Dichotomy.”

Dichotomists do not see things in Black and White, but in shades of both. They do not see polar opposites, but a continuum. Where others see a straight line with each end representing This or That, they see a circle where This and That is “neither here nor there.”

I bring all of this up now because we are engaged here in the Carol Bass Dialogues. This is a series of interactions with a wonderful lady who contributed to the Comment Section in this space a while ago, offering an observation that was marvelously authentic and totally transparent — and that I thought offered a wonderful window onto how many, many people around the world are thinking today. I knew that I wanted to respond to it immediately, and it is from that impulse that the Carol Bass Dialogues have ensued.

In her note posted here, Carol said, among other things…

“It seems that so many have turned their back on what is right and what is wrong. The ten commandments according to the bible have become just another thing to cast off as just someone’s religious beliefs but not necessarily truth.”

In my last entry here I responded: “Well, Carol, as you may know, Conversations with God says there is no such thing as ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ It also says there’s no such thing as the Ten Commandments. Wow. What do you think of that? What if that were true? How can that be true? What implication does that have for society?”

And then I asked: Is Carol right? Is it this kind of tossing away of our fundamental beliefs that is adding to the problem—if not causing it? Today, my answer: No. Indeed, I believe we must “toss away” our fundamental beliefs if they have been discovered to be simply inaccurate, and thus, no longer serve us.

The classic example of this is the refusal of doctors to wash their hands with an antiseptic solution before delivering babies. They believed that such an idea was nonsense — and they were absolutely sure about that.

It was in the 1847 that Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, working at the Vienna General Hospital’s maternity clinic on a 3-year contract from 1846-1849, made a remarkable observation: At least one way that medicine was being practiced was actually killing people.

In Vienna, as elsewhere in European and North American hospitals, puerperal fever (or childbed fever) was rampant, sometimes climbing to 40 percent of admitted patients. Dr. Semmelweis was disturbed by these mortality rates, and eventually developed a theory of infection, in which he suggested that decaying matter on the hands of doctors, who had recently conducted autopsies, was brought into contact with the genitals of birth-giving women during the medical examinations at the maternity clinic. He proposed a radical hand washing theory using chlorinated lime, now a known disinfectant.

Having the courage to explore his idea—which was radical in that moment—Dr. Semmelweis found that its application reduced the incidence of fatal childbed fever tenfold in maternity institutions.

It didn’t matter.

That’s right. That’s what I said. All the evidence didn’t matter. Dr. Semmelweis’ thoughts ran contrary to key beliefs and practices of his time (the germ theory of infection had not yet been developed), and so his ideas were rejected and ridiculed.

Worse, in what was very unusual, his contract at the hospital was not renewed, effectively expelling him from the medical community in Vienna. He died an outcast in a mental institution in 1865.

It was not until the 20th Century that his ideas were accepted, with untold numbers of babies’ lives having died for no reason in the interim, because doctors — who, of all people, should have known better, looking at the evidence — simply and stubbornly refused to accept this “new idea.”

This article is Part IV of an ongoing series:

Dr. Semmelweis was what I call an Idea Hero — and we need more Idea Heroes right now, at this present moment in human history. For we have reached ChoicePoint in our evolutionary process once again. Do we stick with the ideas and beliefs of the past (for no reason other than that we have always believed them), or dare we embrace the new ideas and the new constructs and the new thoughts of the future (for the reason that they are clearly and obviously more beneficial)?

When I was told in Conversations with God that there were no such things as the Ten Commandments, I was shocked. How could that be? I wondered. Had God himself not given us these laws and ordinances? And where would humanity be without a set of sacred rules upon which to base all other human laws by which it governs itself?

Of course, I asked God these questions, and the answers I received made it apparent that God had no problem with the content of the Ten Commandments either. It was the concept that was faulty.

It had already been made clear to me that God and we are One. This was the very first announcement in the CWG dialogue, appearing on pg. 5 of 3,000 pages of interaction. So I had already been given the groundwork for what God had to say about those ten statements he gave to Moses, and I suppose I should have guessed exactly what that might be.

“Who would I command? Myself?”, God asked. “And why would such commandments be required? Whatever I want, is. N’est ce pas? How is it therefore necessary to command anyone?

“And, if I did issue commandments, would they not be automatically kept? How could I wish something to be ‘so’ so badly that I would command it—and then sit by and watch it not be so? What kind of a king would do that? What kind of a ruler?”
God explained that he was neither a king nor a ruler, but The Creator.

“I have created you—blessed you—in the image and likeness of Me,” she said. “And I have made certain promises and commitments to you.”

It was explained that Moses went to the mountaintop with an urgent plea. He begged God to give him something he could tell his people that would assure them they were on the right path.

God must have felt, “Fair enough. Good question,” because he essentially said to Moses, “I will tell you, in plain language, how it will be with you when you become as one with Me.” Here are, God explained, some Divine Covenants: “You shall know that you have taken the path to God, and you shall know that you have found God, for there will be these signs, these indications, these changes in you.” And then he listed them.

(This entire exchange may be found on pg. 37 of CWG-Book 1.)

You shall know that you’re on a good path, God said, because when you are walking a path to God there are things that you shall and shall not do automatically. But this list, God said in CWG, were never meant to be commandments.

“For who shall I command? And who shall I punish should My commandments not be kept? There is only Me.”

I understood the logic of this completely, but I have to say that I felt that the bulk of humanity might feel little lost without those guidelines—call them commandments, call them commitments, call them whatever you wish.

I wondered if the new theology of Conversations with God would give us anything to replace them, any kind of touchstones or guidelines, criteria or even suggestions that might help us find our way through the thicket of Life on Earth.

It did. And we will look at all of this in the weeks ahead, beginning with our exploration of one of the most important messages of CWG: “There is no such thing as Right and Wrong.”

How can such a thing be “true”? And what is “truth,” anyway?

More to come as The Conversation of the Century continues here.

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  • I Am I Am,and So are You

    Hi Life,

    I don’t know what to say about this, but the new conversations with God are happening all over the land. I believe we need more of the incredibly gifted not, all are gifted beyond belief, and I believe we need more, who remember these gifts, Godly gifts, I mean, to step up and speak out. I mean really. God sees you sitting there knowing all about miraculous things, and you don’t speak about it to ones who know that God Is Love? Just know that when you gift, you receive, and receiving the Christ Light is miracle enough however you look at it. But,we begin to reach a Sidic Heart of God I Am, you really take off witnessing such things as teleportation and many miracles too unreal to list. I know there are some out here keeping still. Guess what Guys. The time is ripe to get up and speak out. Amen. Amen. Whew Wee I gift you my blog. It’s not up yet,but I promise. I’m going to bring it back Whew

    Ionic Breeze

  • I Am I Am,and So are You

    sorry, Life. I’m back already. Typo. Good thing we can redo life hi well. It goes like this. We need more to speak out to those who don’t know God is Love. Why not? Just park your gift before mankind,and they’ll believe it when they see it. It is what Jesus did, remember? We can levitate, and I know you’re out there,cuz God told me so. show it. Be it. Shew

    Love, Love,Love we are Hi

  • Misael

    Neale how could i repair a relationship that i see unrepairable ?

  • Lloyd

    Divine Dichotomy………..no right no wrong just individual interpretations and judgements of Life. Is existence a one way street or does it radiate in ALL directions? Has not Creator existed forever, eternally, within this physical realm of our supposed reality? From the time of the big bang till this moment, existence in any form within the physical plane has been Creator revealing Itself. We are composed of this mix of energy in the physical form, just like rocks, trees, animals, planets, stars, and all the other known and unknown expressions of existence. So how can humans realistically believe that Creator/God exist outside of this experience called Life? Logically to think about separation from Source Energy is the beginning of humans insanity.

    Humans are just a small part of Creators’ existence, not the center, not most important, not special, so get over it. Since Creator existed before the human form came to be, as did billions of other forms, what logic did we use to envision Ourselves as being above and separate from EVERYTHING? Is this not humanities height of arrogance? Those that NEED to feel special in order to survive, work from a place of fear about their connection to ALL. Since they do not “know” their connection they do not believe anything is connected, thus the illusion they create for themselves and reality as seen in their eyes.

    How do we help them “know” their connection, simply by living ours. Love them unconditionally and teach them to listen to their own Heartsong. Lift them with your words, your actions, and be the best example you know how to be, honestly, fearlessly, without need to gain, we give them their own power to exist fully. This moment, NOW, is all any of us have to work with, so each encounter with another, with nature, even with Ourselves, do it in Love. Creator Energy is Love flowing forth and to allow Ourselves to be a small part of this flow fulfills our purpose as a part of the whole of eternity. Namaste’

  • Jon the mechanic

    I have read a lot of books, and some of those books say that when we come down here we have made a contract with others, because we want to experience a certain kind of life. But people would say I don’t thing they would plan something bad, but they do. The point I am making is the things that you and I say are good or bad may not be. Some of those books say that there is no victims or villains and I know that is had to believe with all that is going on. Also some of those books say that there is nothing wrong in all of creation. There again that is hard to believe. But if you take some time to meditate and think about it its not to hard to believe. To believe that we have planed all this drama? I could go on and on to explain or give example of the above, but I don’t what write a lot because you would lose people like me that don’t what to read a hole book.

  • Scott

    Hi all,

    Right & wrong are of course simply judgments made from a particular persective.

    Most people, I have found, operate from a persective of normal human awareness using the 5 senses. This makes for a very limited persective. Victims & villains can be found everywhere when this position is used to view the world.

    But existance is much bigger than most people realise. From the persective of an Eternal Existance what happens here loses it’s impact somewhat & can be viewed with tolerance & compassion relative to the larger scheme of things.

    I have let go of judgment so right & wrong are not concepts that I employ in my day to day life. I understand that people are doing the best they can in every moment. That their level of Awareness determines their persepective & that their persective determines their perception which determines their actions.

    This allows me to respond in compassionate ways that some may find hard to understand or emulate. To know that people who do “wrong” things have simply forgotten who & where they really are.

    It is very “freeing” to let go of Judgment & be able to feel more love & compassion as I move thruogh life. I recomend it for everyone.

    Love always & in all ways


  • Laura Pringle

    Yes, the judgment thing… It sure does affect our experience of existence…

    Lloyd/Butch (why do so people on here use names that are pseudonyms? To me that is an example of fear, but maybe my JUDGMENT is off;) I agree that man thinks he is better than the rest of creation, and this is probably our first mistake. But we are created with qualities that seem superior to other things on earth, at first glance, so it’s a natural assumption.

    I, too, have made a tremendous effort to refrain from judgment, to accept what is presented before me, to remain open to whatever learning or healing the situation may present, and to come from a place of love with my responses.

    This HAS made a big difference in my everyday life. There are less discernible conflicts even amid what appears to be conflicting situations, and less personal stress.

    However, people are stubborn, and yes, even by witnessing our grand loving examples, there’s resistance to accepting this flowing way of existing. All we can really do is communicate, communicate, and network as we have been doing, and pray for the light of awareness to reach those who seek it.

    And the others, well… they will go their own way, and eventually, the truth will show itself to them when they are ready. It’s not our responsibility to change the world, but it is our desire to improve our connection to Creator. If we do things out of a sense of desire, our actions will have more impact than if we are working from a sense of urgency or feelings of the need to fix things.

    Who are we to know what is really needed, anyway? Maybe God likes everything exactly how it is…

  • Erin/IAm

    Blessings to the CwG crew…When beloveds move on, even more than when they come, do they present the opportunity to See clearer & feel more connected than the moment prior. Words seem futile in comforting conditioned pain & feelings of loss in such circumstance…so all I can do is send you Love. <3


    Butch, ya pretty much said it all…perfectly, I will add.

    Personally, I Am in an Amazing & perplexing experience of the moment. Stuff that was part of imagination is be-coming right in front of my face. 'Awe' would be a good word right about now.

    Where I once walked, seemingly alone & quite content with that, I turned around to enjoy the panorama…Lo & behold! A crowd!!! A sea of walkers flooding the road!

    The realms that I play in, and have diligently maintained separately of each other, are melding…new & old playmates are uniting…Ach! What does one Do with this??? I resolve to be quieter in the New Year, and a boisterous parade appears. heehee…This is wonder-filled & crazy! I have to giggle, because "Who would have thought?"

    What's especially Amazing are the sparkles…Here I was, skipping along, wafting glitter of my own without much ado…I turn around & all these eyes are just sparkling back at me…Wide-eyed, crystally, little-kid, smiley faces, putting on their own skip as they near.

    This sooo rocks! 🙂 It's not even Feb. yet! Can you imagine what the year has yet in store? OMG!!! (in a nut shell)(!) heehee…if what's going on now is any indication…I believe We're about to know what 'image-in-nation' looks like.

    Works for me! Good Journey, indeed! 🙂

  • Lloyd

    Laura, my legal name is Lloyd, and Butch is my nickname, given me by my grandfather who passed before my birth. My family only called me Butch and it wasn’t until about age 10 or so before I knew I had another name. I have nothing to hide, as I am an open book for all who wish to read as much as they are capable of handling.

    I agree that many in society will resist in life what they currently do not hold as their own “knowing”, ie they have not yet made it part of their truth. Many feel confused about their own connection with Source Energy, and it may and does present itself in different manners to each of us. The important thing is that Source Energy does exist for ALL, within ALL and regardless of their or my interpretation, each of us constantly swim within this flow. Nothing exist without Source Energy, so we each become a mirror for one another to reflect this Energy back to the world we have helped create. I am not saying to create a struggle attempting to “change” anyone, we can only change Ourselves. What we can do is Love unconditionally, to the best of our ability, speak our own truth of Love, and live in Love to the best of our ability, and allow others the freedom to do the same.

    Does any of this resonate? Love with an open hand, unconditionally, means we respect others enough to allow them to be exactly where they want to be, until they want to be somewhere else. Being a mirror just helps others to see for themselves what they may choose as a better way to think, feel and act. “Do what you will but harm none”, and I can accept where you are, but do not expect me to stand by if you are harming another verbally or physically. Lovingly speak your truth, listen to others and Self, and walk your path without regret when it differs from the “normal” concepts of our tribes.
    Whatever the question Love is the answer, but we must humblely listen to receive the answer. Namaste’

  • Laura Pringle

    Thanks, Butch, for clarifying the name thing 🙂 I guess I was being a little sarcastic about the pseudonym thing, and that wasn’t warranted in your case.

    I’m just in a mode of being transparent, in the spirit of true acceptance of my own identity, and I don’t really understand why people would be commenting on this site without being willing to reveal their actual identity.

    Yes, love unconditionally. Yes, be a mirror. I agree, We are all mirrors of Godself back to Godself, and the more interactions we have with each other, and with life itself, the better and more complete is the reflection, and God is pleased. (this is how it feels to me).

    To the extent you CAN mirror someone else, I truly wonder. We are all uniquely energized to express and experience things as we uniquely do, and one can only mirror back to another, to the extent that he truly understands the other person and his intentions.

    I am mirroring back to you what I have processed of you through MY filter, so it’s not a true reflection of you, only my perceptions and interpretations. However, one can never have a visceral understanding of himself if there weren’t others around to relate with. Another dichotomy, I guess…

  • Erin/IAm

    Ahhh, the need to be Right. Doesn’t really matter if Right holds Truth.

    Well evidenced in the fact that in process of shoving God Laws down the throats of ‘the uncivilized’, every one of those laws were broken by the ‘right’-eous. Same with Man Laws…ya gotta break them to enforce them. And with a ‘good’ lawyer & a few bucks, or the ‘right’ weapon, any one can be ‘right’ in their moment. How conveniently contradictory!

    Human is a funny entity to be…There’s a truth for ya! 😉

  • Lloyd

    It is easy to mirror another, we open Ourselves, ie our hearts, and allow others to view the Love within, and this Love is seen and recognized as what also resides within themselves. The difficult part is opening our own Self and for many loving our own Self and allowing our Love to flow. Our Love energy is recognized by their Love energy even at times while they deny their own existence of this Love. That is what Namaste’ represents, the willingness to show Creator Love, and to recognize its existence within ALL. Namaste’

  • Víctor

    Yes, we are particular expresions of Life-God Energy, but not just individuals…

    We’re also a collective.

    We also create group consciousness, groupS neworks and fields, ultimately, a global group called Humanity.

    This collective that we also are, is heading to a more aware and complex sense of what We Are. Interior work and development, I think, if genuine, doesn’t stay in the me, me, me syndrome, but realizes that as the ancient spirituality of Africa says, “I am because We Are”. This is called Ubuntu. And as Conversations with God, told us, “your life is not about You, but about everyone else”… Yes, I am part of the Whole, but the Whole, the All in All is not just me… WE ARE all One…

    Just for remembering…

  • George Thorpe

    Having recently read the CWG Trilogy, I consider myself as a CWG “convert” and agree with everything that has been written, especially that it has been RELIGIONS that have distorted God’s Messages, as taught by Jesus in the Bible, etc., etc. “LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU”, what could be more simple?
    However, for the major religions to admit their failures and to accept the CWG teachings would take a world-wide revolution, even though their grass-root members are crying out for change.
    “From small acorns does the large oak tree grow”, the new seeds sown by the CWG books have started the growth of a new personal spirituality that is becoming world-wide. Unfortunately, my attempts to meet up with fellow CWG members in the U.K. have been disappointing, to the extent that I do not think that I will see, nor be part of, the voice of change in my lifetime.
    Keep up the crusade and may God Bless you and all your endeavours to “Spread the Good News”.

  • Scott

    Hi George

    You are already the “Voice of Change” that you speak of. Your life lived is a message to the world & always has been.

    Keep moving forward in the development of your own awareness. By doing so, you have an effect on things that goes far beyond what can be observed directly.

    Everything we think, say & do, affects everything else, which means we are all a force of nature that has an impact on our world.

    There are others that believe as you do & will be drawn to you if your desire stays focused. Keep your eyes & ears poen & you will find those that will want to associate around the ideas important to you.

    “Seek & you shall find” is not just a platitude, it is a Divine Promise.

    Love always & in all ways


  • Lloyd

    Yes, collective human consciousness exist because individual consciousness exist. If we want to “change” our collective consciousness the work of the individual, upon Ourselves, is how it will be done, not by laws or religions, or even group rules. No one is an island unto themselves, and even as the change of our individual concepts and beliefs and perspectives take place, the collective consciousness can be seen to change. No one can force change, no group can demand change, it must be done on an individual basis, willingly, lovingly developed, and collectively exhibited. Like a wave in the ocean, when individual particals are acted upon they bump into another and another and soon it grows into a source of energy that changes rocks to sand, etc..

    Humans can not wait for the collective to change before they begin their own responsibility for creating a new story. Yes it is nice to have company, to become distracted with the idea that others can do some of the work for us, but life doesn’t work that way. The individual tree is responsible for growing its own leaves, and humans are responsible for creating their own Life, sharing their Love, and being true to their own heartsong. Namaste’

  • Inger Lise

    NDW have certainly reached a new generation with the same truths many have tried of to foreward in “of to educate” the peoples(the fellow travellers) around in the world throughout the ages.

    And George, it is the same here in Scandinavia as it is in the U.K.
    But I have come to see of the americans are far more tolerant in of to axcept “otherwordly” appearances.
    When of me began of to study Paramhansa Yogananda, and Theosophy, and Edgar Cayce, and the Seth-books back in the late 1980thies(UFO-stories as well)…..then the husband of mine, and all of the peoples around, thought of I had become insane. And seriously it became….as of him almost asked the doctors in the white coats of coming for me.
    After the experience kept quiet about all of it, and kept the mouth shut, and did the “withdrawal within.” In particular did The Meditation and the Prayer exercises told by the teachings of Edgar Cayce and ACIM.
    And miracles above all miracles, the husband EXCEPTED it after many years, especially the teachings by Edgar Cayce.

    And now am unto the book “Living a Safe Universe.”
    Which is based upon “the teachings” in the Seth Books by Jane Roberts.
    P.S. It is the same as the books by Neales`

  • Inger Lise

    ….Correction….it is EXPECTED, because of the husband knowing me that much, of me never to give up on anything at large.

    Blessings to all of you dear fellow travellers.

  • Stephen mills

    Small random acts of kindness and compassion done when no one is looking!
    This creates ripples in the cosmic field.

    Has anyone read The Prophehets Way by Thom Hartmann ?

  • Stephen mills

    Sorry the Prophets Way!

  • Víctor


    I find myself not too much in agreement with this “The individual tree is responsible for growing its own leaves, and humans are responsible for creating their own Life”…

    For me is very much as that “everyone for himself” phylosophy…

    The individual tree is NOT responsible for growing its own leaves, on the contrary, it depends in every element that surrounds it, the land, the water, microorganisms, other trees, grass, animals, etc., and beyond them, on other conditions that are interconnected with those elements, the land, the water, other trees, etc…

    Similarly, any human being could survive without a lot of interactions with other human beings, and a myriad of conditions, that are interconnected with every aspect of that survival: what we eat, how we educate, how we speak, feel, think, the systems that provide for our physical sustaining: water, air, food, trash, etc., etc. Without others, what we are, we are not…

    Don’t get me ‘wrong’, I’m pretty aware of our ‘particularness’, our differentation, and a sense of authonomy, and ‘private’ life, our singularity; but in all case, this is a relative authonomy, a very partial independence, that is actually, an interdependence…

    So, I think this is a case of “divine dichotomy”: I am a singular being, but without others, I am not”. I don’t need others to be, but without others, I am not…

    But as other people have been telling over here, I notice sometimes that the ‘individual’ aspect of developing awareness is overemphasized, and the collective aspect is minimized…

    And that becomes another type of the ‘I. Me, ME, Mine’ attitude, and sometimes a total discard of very important aspects of collective transformations that are not beneficial to be avoided…

    The inidividual and the collective must be in my oppinion, very well balanced…


  • Víctor

    I’d like to re-tune my affirmation:

    “The individual tree is NOT responsible for growing its own leaves”


    “The individual tree is NOT responsible ALONE for growing its own leaves”…

  • Lloyd

    Ah, but where is the forest without the individual? Which came first the tree or the forest? I do understand the balance between the individual and the collective, from my point of view, and from yours. Everything is connected, yes, but the point I make is that change does not come from the outside in, but grows and spreads from the inside out. When someone says they want the world to change and “expects” others to make the change first, then it seems unbalanced in my mind. The is a song “Waiting for the world to change”, simply expressing this idea, how can I allow myself to change when the world around me isn’t changing the way I want, need, accept.

    I go back to the sage saying, “Be the change you wish to see” and then you will see a change. Can I respect another without giving respect for myself? Can I love another if I do not first Love myself, and can I make a change in the collective consciousness until I make a change within myself? I know we all add to the frequency of the collective consciousness, and in order to change to a more loving frequency of consciousness I must be responsible for being more loving and adding that to the total frequency of consciousness.

    So my question is “if I wish to change do I focus upon what others in the collective exhibit or do I focus upon what I am exhibiting”? Do I judge myself by others standards or do I follow my own knowing of what is Love? Do I listen to outside authorities, or do I trust in my own authority to become authentically the best I know how to be? Do I respect the Creator within me and honor that connection or do I yield my power to another to direct me about who and what I am? So if the individual tree is NOT responsible ALONE for growning its own leaves, who else is responsible? To me this thought means blame misfortunes of situations upon the collective because I was mistreated, miseducated, misthis misthat as I would not have made that choice if I had known better. Well it is being responsible to assume the responsiblity for our choices and actions, regardless of whom we may have followed, even if it was Ourselves. Humanity is about making mistakes, learning from them and then moving forward while making new mistakes as we learn to Love more unconditionally. Being responsible is not blaming another for our own choices and creations, but accepting the results in our lives and making better choices in the next moment. “For now I see as through a glass darkly”, but as we progress along this evolutionary path we learn to make different choices which teach us again. Enlightenedment is the knowledge that we are not perfect, but change happens because we are evolving into a more Loving existence.

    I understand none of us are an island unto Ourselves, we are ONE, but we can not save another, only Ourselves in the collective sense. Namaste’

  • Inger Lise

    Victor? What you are telling will be the same as one of the readings by Edgar Cayce(see? the knowledge laboured within all of us), and sitates E.C. “Know Thyself to be Yourself, yet One with the Whole.”

    It is told of The White Brotherhood of Man, came throught E.C. while of him “sleeping on the coach.” And several other Sources from “The Most High.”
    It is the same “White Brotherhood of Man” told about in the Teosophy as well.

    Note: The White Brotherhood meaning “The White Light” of God…..or coming from the Light of God.
    And to repeat another E.C. Reading: “The earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds.”

    E.C. stressing(and underlines)The Cooperation will be a fundamental “thing”
    of us to learn…..or rather of to Recall where we came from.

    Nothing, absolutely NOTHING can be “left behind. “We are the sum total” of us ever has been.

  • Laura Pringle

    Well, Ye Of Great minds , I’d like to step in here with a mundane little tale of my own personal conundrum, maybe ye wise ones can help me out.

    I have found, for the entirety of my life, a feeling of disconnect with my fellow humans, a feeling of having little common interests or understanding of anyone I come into contact with. It’s not for lack of trying on my part, honestly!!!

    This is what prompted me to go within myself in the first place, and seek out someone to communicate with, who could relate with me, and who cared enough to give me feedback and dialogue. Sounds dysfunctional, but it has helped me through some rough times. I feel very whole within myself, and really only have problems when it comes to networking with other humans and trying to relate on an individual basis. (ha ha, that’s pretty much every day;)

    I am deeply spiritual, have never been religious, but most of the people who have “friended” me, (on Facebook), are Christians, that is a lot of the problem. I have recently closed my Facebook account, and decided it’s time to stop banging my head on the wall trying to communicate with people who are on a different wavelength.

    I came here, to this website, and haven’t found anyone who seems to want to communicate either. It’s like I don’t exist, or more likely, from what I write, it appears I don’t have anything valuable to contribute. I must say the wrong things or not sound evolved enough, or who knows? But I am finding it harder and harder to relate with people in any meaningful two-way dialogue, in any aspect of life. This has been the theme of my entire life, and it is extremely disheartening and frustrating.

    Today before I closed my Facebook acct, I saw a blurb from a mother who was worried about her 12 yr old son, who’s been depressed and almost suicidal because of being bullied. She asked that anyone who read the post please send her son a birthday card and some well-wishes to boost his spirits and help him have a happier birthday. I have no idea who these people are.

    I jumped on that with glee! I gladly went and bought a card, and sat down to write a note which expressed care and hope and love. It made me feel exquisitely good to make a contribution, to be asked to do something nice for someone, and to have an opportunity to share from my bottomless well of love which hardly ever gets expression, because of my apparent inability to relate with people.

    Recently, I published a book, (which is being largely ignored,) in an attempt to verbalize and personify what it feels like to live this way. At first, it really hurt me when most of my “friends” blew it off and wouldn’t take time to check it out or offer feedback. It still hurts, but I know it’s all for a reason, though I may never understand it til I’m not in this body.

    My point in all this babble is this: Maybe my whole miserable existence was only to give that kid a ray of sunshine to keep him from killing himself at this moment in our reality. Maybe the rest of my life will be apparently meaningless.
    Yes, I am over-generalizing, but you get my gist.

    If you feel whole within yourself, is it UN evolved to just stay within yourself, knowing that so many past attempts at two-way communication have been fruitless and disappointing? ? I’m guessing, YES. But does anyone REALLY know??? The more I try to share, relate, and connect with humans, the more alone I feel. Maybe my real mission is to remain an anonymous entity… Or maybe I’m just an alien.

  • Marko

    Laura try this:http://changingchange.net/


    P.S. I’ll be there to help you along with many others.

  • Víctor


    It is not a question of this/or, but of with/both…

    I say it again: The individual and the collective must be in my oppinion, very well balanced…

    The clue, as Inger Lise noticed: Cooperation.

    All the best of Love…

  • Víctor

    Thank you Inger Lise…!

    I’m not too much aware of the teachings of Edgar Cayce.

    But yes, I agree with the Cooperation Paradigm, very much beyond of Ego-Selfness/Competition Paradigm…

    The collective is not without the individual, and the individual is not without the collective. The one can’t be without the other.

    Yes, I am responsible principally of myself, but I’m also responsible in many grades for some aspects of the collective. And the collective, and many instances of the ‘others’ are responsible, in some way, of myself. Ultimately, there is no ‘me’, nor ‘others’, there is only one thing in the room as CWG says… And in a groundly sense, we are all responsible for all, and yes, mainly too, of ourselves-myself…

    “We are all our brother’s keeper” is in my understanding a step beyond of the “I. me, me, mine” thing…


  • Inger Lise

    Agree with you Victor, thanks.
    Actually, by the last answer of yours, came to realize how very important the Cooperation really is !

    And it is funny how the remembrances of the Edgar Cayce readings of “to reappear” in the memory-bank lately. But of course, in the commonnes with others have studied the E.C. readings in approximately 20 years of time(besides all of the other good Masters).

    Another one of the old proverbs: The Flesh is weak—The Spirit is willing, as it is indestructible-invincible.

    Was it not the Master-Mind Jesus who told: You can crucify me, beat me up, deny me, but the Spirit and Soul never dies….or something like it.

    Another question will be: As it is the simultaneous time, and the paralell worlds(which do believe as of have come to realize of it is no death)…..THEN it is obvious of us will be able of “to change everything” by the twinkling of an eye.
    BUT, it is a Choice. I cannot make the same choice for others who will not.

  • Inger Lise

    Hi all.

    Lately have come to the see the many cliche`s about love. But the main purpose IS love. When leaving out all of the fundamentalistic “faith”….is it what Jesus(the Christ) told: Love each others as of I have loved You, the main “command,” and until of us to have learned the lesson ….supposingly of us to repeat “The Merry-Go-Round.”

    Wonders if anybody have noticed the words in the bibles(it does not matters of “which” bible) where it is told of The Son of Man became “The Son of God.”
    And “everybody” have been taught of what Jesus told ….of ALL of us are “One in Him and of The Father.”

    How amazing it is of to make it (the same) into many diversions of “Faith.”
    It is but One God.
    Nowadays it seems of to be many Gods, and of us “Dancing around The Gold Calf.”
    Only by the watching of the sports everywhere can make one to wonders(all of us praising the sports-atlethics especially within the own country): In the sports the public behaving as “in the olden days”…as in the ancient times. The Gladiators(the sport-atlethics) fighting while the public behaving as “Bloody Mary”. It is almost the same as in the times of the Roman Empire(maybe it is the same?).
    And on TV is it MANY of the socalled “idol” programs. Competitions all the way.

    “All is well ?” The Illusions? All of it manifested, as “Mind is The Builder?” The reality is what you make it to be as a fact.

  • Sandy

    From my reglious journey I do not believe in a right or wrong. I believe in no hell, which my family is having trouble with right now. When my husband was leaving this world from cancer, before he passed into another world, I ran into your first book on a road trip to see our son. I could not put the book down, I read him many parts of it. I had alot of questions and had been alot through my life, but why this now? In my journey the God Or Universe what ever you want to call it could not burn anyone. I could not and he or she or neither is better than me so thereofroe that is impossible. But tonight when I cried The Sandy Lane Choire singing at the game brought tears to my eyes I wonder why this could happen. We use to take care of our metal ill people. Why are we not now? We are all talking about gun control. ( by the way I HATE GUNS!) but I don’t think that is the problem. We are not taking care of people who have issues.

  • Inger Lise

    Sandy, thank you.

    ACIM “ringing true” to me. The Insane State of Mind.
    The aftermath upon the young soldiers(and the civillians)whom have participated in the many wars throughout the ages, have the images and “the pictures” imprinted upon the sub-MIND of their experiences; it is in the cell-memoirs of the body(the memory-bank). It is imprinted upon Time and Space in the Akasha recordings, and all of us have to “deal with it.”
    The Akasha will be the universal “imprintings”….in the modern language….a digital recording of the frequencies in “The Library.”

  • Erin/IAm

    I find it funny that to explore the “Divine Dichotomy” there has been not one mention of Good ol’ Satan…Refreshing, no doubt, but funny, since this ‘aspect’ has come up lately…seems the JWs are on a blame rampage with this entity being the brunt of their woes with present life.

    Is this what Lucifer represents? Someone or something to ‘blame’ when one cannot See of their Selfs?

    Here’s the scenario as expressed by 2 lovely ladies who found their way to my door the other day:

    “Satan was an angel of God who’s ‘sin’ was the desire to be worshipped.”

    They went on to quickly explain that he was ‘cast out’ of Heaven because he wanted to know himself as God. UGH! Isn’t that what We are being/doing? Are we not All God/Goddess expressed…including Ms. S.?

    Gotta giggle here…There are many things of Life that bring Joy…one of which is getting a JW to celebrate them. 🙂

    What say you, Beloveds…when ‘the devil’ comes to play?

  • Laura Pringle

    All I can say, is, “Bless You”, for opening your door to the JW’s, and entertaining them by listening to their views:) How big of you! I’m sure you made their day!

    In times past, when I wasn’t so sure my own unique spirituality was “ok”, I let them into my life a tiny bit, to hear what someone else’s religious pov sounded and felt like to me.

    I found that their ideas about satan felt just as incorrect to me as the others’ had… I had never found the concept of an evil entity to feel true. In my life, I have never felt that evil has a separate entity, only as an ignored and hurt child who never grew up spiritually.

    When I go into the woods and touch the trees, and feel the source energy flow from them, through me, and into the ground, I see the sun-rays sparkling through brilliant green leaves, I just KNOW there is no evil energy, no entity who wreaks havoc in an intentional way. There is only the pure energy of nature and US, who channel energy and direct it based on the mental capacity we embody in a given time-space.

    Humans possess evil qualities to the extent that they repress, deny, judge, and project their own latent urges and damaged memories. All those who appear to reject love and freedom are subjectively viewed from our own collective misinterpretations of past experiences.

    (These things come to me, I know not from where….;)

  • Inger Lise

    Okay folks…..We are living within a dual world right here and right now.

    Not One of us would have been here if not, dear friends.
    And our world is One of a third-dimensional expression which is going to be at the fourth-and fifth dimensional “level” soon.

    And as time will be “a trick” of the consciousness….is it a tiny speck of us(the consciousnsess of us), to believe in of to be within this particular “level”(the consciousness of matter)as SOLID.
    Clairvoyance is nothing less then the ability(each of us to have the same “built in”)of to see through the socalled solid forms of the material world.
    Amazing as it is.
    And that is of everything will be about…..of us to be awakened from “the sleep,” or the dream if you wish.
    No death, no diversities, no dualities, back to the future.

    In the meanwhile of us to make “the shadows” of ourselves such as the peoples of Iraq,Palestine,Afghanistan,Africa,The drug-countries in South America, The poverty, etc.etc., of to become (to be) as happy
    as ourselves.

    The life is far too interresting of to be dull that`s for sure.
    We are a formidable creative human race.
    But it is just ONE Stage of the Journey.
    The Earth is only an atom in the Universe of Worlds.

  • Erin/IAm

    Thanks, Laura! 🙂
    They are a funny lot, indeed! But I took on their visit to ‘test’ my resolution to be a quieter listener…Go for the gusto, right? Because I knew that these folks only listen to find opening for their ‘replies’, and they are so Bible rote & seem quite educated in human psychology…I find this fascinating to encounter.

    I ditched the devil idea sooo long ago (I comically call myself a ‘Catholic Survivor), & when Neale gave me “I send you nothing but Angels” that was icing on the cake. (Yummy soul food, indeed!):)

    Anyway…I gave them a bit of my time, was happy with my resolution, & waterfalled them in Love & Light (thanks, Marko!). And they left ‘thinking’, which seems to me a lovely way to ‘go’…

    …btw…Thank you, Neale, for those 7 questions…Didn’t get to them all, but they are perfection!!! ;D

    Laur, I sooo know that ‘conductor’ feeling that Nature supplies so freely…energizing & peaceful at the same time. Ever see the movie ‘Powder’? 🙂

  • Laura Pringle

    Yessssss…. Loved that movie:)))) ‘Twas very moving for me…

  • Laura Pringle

    Neale’s webinar encouraged us to ask for our soul’s agenda. My soul answered that the only thing that really matters is to coalesce.

  • Laura Pringle

    Well, I thought that was kinda neat,how a one-word summary could pop into my mind so spontaneously. I admit, I have never actually used that word in my speaking or writing, so I immediately looked it up in the trusty Webster’s dictionary to get an exact meaning.
    Coalesce- 1. to grow together, as the halves of a broken bone. 2. to unite or merge into a single body, group, or mass.

    Cool huh?

  • chris

    Thank you so much for offering your thoughts on this Neale. I’m at a place now where I am beginning to truly understand this whole “Divine dichotomy” thing. I have noticed something that I find very surprising and exciting. An experience that feels painful and unpleasant, like fear or despair, when looked at simply as it is, is okay. It is what it is. Even more surprisingly, I observe within the experience of fear or depression elements of pleasure, happiness, even joy. It seems that even those experiences most of us call bad or “negative” are more multidimensional, more nuanced than is widely believed.

    I found Nova Wightman’s article on dealing with co-workers similarly thought provoking. If everything is the same stuff, a complex mixture of “light” and “dark”, then it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that we can choose what we wish to focus our attention on, the the light or the dark.
    Many thanks.

  • Laura Pringle

    It has gradually been becoming apparent to me that Creator is not nearly as concerned as we are about eliminating the negatives from our existence, and rather likes them in the repertoire.

    Yes, we can program ourselves to react to things or not to react, to perceive them a certain way. However, I believe it is naive and one-sided to think that we are not meant to feel emotional pain.

    I have personally FELT the revelation that grief/pain is welcome and appreciated by Creator, for it is not judged as a negative.

  • nicole

    Humanity lost its sense of their primary nature, which is Creation thru Love.
    We hardly spend any energy and efforts on creating something, it’s a world where we have everything ready-made… even our kids have nothing to do, but accept ready-made toys…
    So then the inner flow of energy is somehow forced into other directions, which should not even matter… or we start to have lesser and lesser energy… see how many people feel most of the time exhausted!
    This is the result of globalization, not only that this process creates extremely rich people and larger and larger amounts of people entering poverty level… the biggest damage it does is on our energy level and capacity to create.

    Before, there was a shoe-maker around the corner, a tailor, you could smell the fresh bakery in the neighborhood and people used to cook all meals at home, make cakes, don’t ever buy ready packed ones…
    That’s why Waldorf education has such a good result with its students, because they learn thru creation, they use their hands and senses to experience, they learn to stay present in the experiencing new things.

    I believe that learning to be in sync with nature and learning again to do things with our bare hands will literally save many people’s lives… especially our teen’s lives… not saying throw the mobile device, but learn how to do it alive, not just in an app…

    Just an example, in Dubai, i see there are clubs now for cooking, knitting and embroidery… isn’t it funny, in such a high-life oriented city??? why? because they feel they need to do this to express their creativity in something.