Should there be armed guards in our schools? Is the NRA right about that?

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  • Erin/IAm

    While there are many veterans of police & military willing to volunteer such services…Much thanks for that, btw…I See another ‘symptom’ being quelled into a ‘comfort zone rut’.

    Yes, it may seem ‘protective’ at it’s beginnings, and perhaps schools will be less likely targets of the moment…However, in doing the math…adding in all public places of ‘probable cause’ (libraries, arenas, bathrooms, stores, restaurants, parks, resorts)…this would eventually, & quite cleverly, put entire cities into ‘police state’…once again, to the chagrin of those supportive of such.

    It is not guns that are cause of the dis-ease, ergo, guns cannot be the cure.

    This could, though, be seen as a means of dismantling the entire educational structure…not a bad idea, Home schooling…I’ve noticed that schools once opposed to this notion, are now actually promoting it.

    This could lead back to restoring Family, in that a Guardian would be required to supervise such process…which, in turn, could ‘force’ folks to live by one income again, which could cause a revamp of both economic & Corporate structures to ‘answer the call’ of their markets. Teachers could become as private tutors, program designers & community organizers to enhance this type of education…job loss would be minimal. CwG, Waldorf, Sudbury have Amazing programs already performing quite well in this direction.

    Are ‘The People’ ready to indulge in this idea? I suppose we’d find that out soon enough if presented with the closing down of schools, now wouldn’t We?

    Lots of People stuff could be sorted out, for sure…guardians who don’t care about their children, children who don’t care about themselves, leaders who don’t care much about any of them. Opportunities to See…how nice!

    mpo…Have fun with this one, Kids! 🙂

  • Kathleen

    I guess that would be about the direction most diametrically opposed to where I want to go!!! Ramping up the killer mentality in order to protect us from the killer mentality? No thank you!

  • Kathleen

    Oh, I just found my way to the comment before mine. Very interesting possible fall-out described there, in regards to our education system! 🙂

  • Jayne

    It seems like a large, expensive and unnecessary(not to mention potentially terrifying) band-aid to me. Why not instead take big and drastic steps to care for those who need it, nurture those around us. Stop separating ourselves from ourselves with non human entities. Guns, computers, phones…they aren’t solving problems. While I also believe people have the right to own all of these things I do not believe they are the our Highest Choices. They are means of separating ourselves from our problems by creating the illusion that we’ve already done something to fix them.

  • David

    Shouldn’t the question be “does having armed guards outside our schools bring us closer toGod? If yes then yes and if not then no…. only each individual can answer for themself

  • Tina

    Absolutely not. there should be 24-7 Psychiatrists and interventionists…sets of “Big Brother” volunteers on the playground.