We shake our heads in sadness and dismay. And we ask: Is there any way to civilize civilization? Are we, as human beings, simply unable to resolve our differences in any way other than through the use or threats of force? Is violence just plainly a part of the human condition, built into the barbaric psyche of our species, having to be expressed one way or another whether we like it or not?

The terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon — even as the bloodshed continues in a seemingly endless civil war in Syria, in the same moment that North Korea insists on threatening the entire global community daily by brandishing atomic warheads on ballistic missiles, while the U.S. flies stealth bombers dropping ammunition-free bomb casings over the Korean Peninsula in a display of its own military prowess — raises the question among all thinking people:

What would it take, and how much more is humanity willing to endure, in order for the largest number of the People of Earth to gently but massively rise up and say to all humans everywhere — leaders and rank-and-file citizens alike: “No! Enough. We are through, finished, done with this. We will no longer harbor terrorists, we will no longer sanction violence, we will no longer encourage, threaten, declare or support killing at any time in any place for any reason. We will find another way to resolve our differences.”

I know what it would take, of course. We all do. And it is not a declaration, or a pronouncement, nor a futile and impotent protest. It is a change in the very way that humanity sees itself, understands itself, defines itself, and experiences itself.

There is a way to civilize civilization, but it will more than just a few of us to do it. It will take the lot of us. A huge swath of us. An overwhelming majority of us.

And what, if anything, could produce such a collective cohesive cohort? Do we have enough time left to gather our energies together in such an effort before the forces of violence overtake us completely and destroy us utterly?

Is Boston enough? Is Syria enough? Is North Korea enough? Have we had enough? Are you — you reading this right now — willing to take the first step in forming a collective cohesive cohort?

If you are, let us gather now in cities, towns, and villages around the world and ignite The Conversation of the Century. Let us inspire a global Evolution Revolution. Let us work together, let us mobilize, to “civilize civilization” at last.

And let us begin by stopping trying to solve the problems facing humanity at every level except the level at which those problems exist. Let us invite, urge, inspire humanity to write, and then to live into, a New Cultural Story; a new understanding about ourselves, about who we are, about why we are here, about our True Relationship to each other, to Life, and to the Source of Life Itself, which some of us call “God.”

To create an Evolution Revolution action group in your community write to  You’ll get a response telling you how to can do something, and not just talk about it, regarding violence in our world.

Also…please, please take a moment to read the article in this edition of The Global Conversation in the lower right-hand column, headlined:
OF ADDITIONAL INTEREST: One Possible Response to Violence in Our World

This is A Message to the World that I wrote on September 12, 2001. I believe it has major relevance today.

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  • Great article! Let’s civilize civilization… people have to take their responsibility and act now. Simple because we all can.



    Well Neale, I want you to post something that God right now says about all this crap going on in the world. What happened to the Golden Age coming, and a new earth? We can all talk about this till we are “blue” in the face, but it will take a higher power to fix this world with all the nut cases that live on it. And, oh I am judging, instead of observing, but its pretty hard not to judge this world and some of the crazies in it. This is the real world, and it is starting to really suck…and I seriously want to read a posting that God talks about now and what he is going to do about it…

  • Neale, how can we do it? I have been reflecting on this for a while, I have tried to look at everything that brings us together and all the things we have in common as it is only based on that we can start building up something else

    . ABOVE ALL WE ALL WANT TO BE HAPPY.. We are now capable of communicating through internet but how can we choose for others, how can we really put this energy into ACTION? God seems at peace with all this, but i am not.. I am not ok to see what happens in Korea, and with all the other wars all opver.. I am not ok with violence and with crime and with guns and all this CRAP. I am not ok, everything we see happening is the result of pour own thinking and of our won way of being. obviously we gotta change something.. But how can I? i asked this so many times, how can I CHANGE this world? if there is anything, ANYTHING at all,we could do, please share it with us.. and, LETS DO IT..

  • Guest

    we can start looking around ourselves. dont forget after the bombing all the dozens of actions of good from people to people. beautiful. if a lot of us do something around themselves at the same time, it is not so important to gather on a big place, we can work from home, connected (also through the internet). if say tens of thousands took the same specific action of compassion say visit old people in care homes – it would be the reverse of terrorism. it would be on facebook …. and you can also do it in your own way, just happy that others also do something consciously. 🙂

  • Politics – the deadly theatre

    April 15, 2013

    On this date sadness walked across our
    collective hearts and souls again. The deadly theatre of politics wound its
    venomous spirit – again – into a venue – the Boston Marathon – where the human
    spirit is celebrated.

    Across the stage of life the very ethos
    which ties us together is trammeled under the ruse of political posturing. For
    whomever is found accountable their actions will have their founding’s in the
    political mysticism that favours separation and difference. It is a story as
    old as time and as memory serves – but the problem is that the story does not
    serve now and in review never did. In a world united by the simple click of a
    mouse there is no longer separation.

    Our common humanity revealed through
    instant communication on the World Wide Web has shattered the myth of
    separation or difference.

    Our ancient prejudices have been exposed
    and have been shown to hold no more truth than a colander holds water.

    The problem is that the prejudices are deep
    and they ARE ancient. And forgiveness does not easily come to those who nurture
    these old agonies.

    Politics is a game of power. And todays
    pathos is a cornucopia of opportunity for those who serve their political
    maestro to propagate their mystic and ancient message – that of separation and

    It will serve as a wedge – it will serve as
    a distraction – it will serve as a Trojan horse of righteous anger for those dancing
    in the arena of politics – diverting attention away from their collective
    failings on both a personal and a philosophical level.

    The blood that lies in the streets of
    Boston – is the same blood that has been spilled across the globe for the
    players of politics. It is blood spilled from the consciousness of limits. It
    is blood spilled from fear and lack. And the political maestros (elected or
    self-appointed) that manipulate the symphony of separation will look everywhere
    for a scape goat – will look everywhere under the subterfuge of magnanimous
    concern and righteous anger– to assuage the pain that todays events have

    They will look everywhere but into their
    own heart for the answer. Because if they truly looked into their heart they
    would know there is no difference and there is no separation.

    And just as surely there will be those who
    laud the events of the day as a righteous portrayal and response to perceived
    injustices – both ancient and current.

    And the blood of innocents will continue to
    be spilled – in America, in Canada, in England, in Russia, in all corners of
    the world – while political virtuosos continue to use the human spirit as the
    catgut that strings their instruments for their self-serving symphonies.

    It is time in our history not to be
    conquerors and xenophobic guardians of illusory borders as those who manifested
    today’s events wish.

    Mahatma Gandhi stated that the retribution of an eye for
    an eye will only leave the whole world blind. Today’s events were designed to
    blind – blind in rage – blind in anger – blind in grief – blind in immeasurable

    The politicos of the day will foster that blindness while
    using every opportunity presented to consolidate their own power and agendas on
    the blood that was spilled today.

    However there is an option (there always is). Rather than
    going to war again over spilled blood maybe it’s time to go to peace.

    The heroes of the day arrived after those who dance in the
    theatre of politics had dropped the curtain of fear and pain across the stage
    of our lives once again.

    The heroes came today to help – to repair – to give – to
    sacrifice – to nurture and hold and heal – to love unconditionally their
    brothers and sisters who were wounded and pained beyond our ordinary imaginings.
    The most sage of politicians would build on this energy – the energy of love
    superseding all other beliefs.

    Such a person would not need to cling to power as the
    ideologues of today are wont to do but alas love is not an emotion familiar to
    the extremists of today or sadly those politicians who struggle to hold and
    seize power.

    But it is to this old roughnecks way of thinking the only
    energy that will carry us past the nightmares that today’s events (and every
    single event that spills innocent blood in hostility – past- present and
    future) will surely bring.

    Love beyond all reasonableness – far beyond the
    aspirations of misguided politicians and zealots – and then love some more.

    Peace always

    • Very very well said Paul!

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        Yes, Paul. Will you be starting an Evolution Revolution Action Group, having The Conversation of the Century in your home every week? Please say yes. Let’s all do more on this particular front than simply posting on a website. Let’s get into ACTION on this, yes?

        To learn more about starting such a group, write to me at…

    • Linda

      Beautifully written! Blessings 🙂

  • deb

    seriously Neale, get real. violence has been around since the beginning of time and always will be. Gods not going to fly in on a winged horse and rescue us from the bad guys, just not gonna happen. free will, remember that? the more these things happen, the more we live in fear , the more the government steps in under the guise of keeping us safer, taking away more & more until they have total control…duh! wake up and see whats going on. this is how they control the masses…this is the story you should be telling…the truth will set you free but you wont like it!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Deb, nowhere have I suggested for even a minute that God is going to rescue us from “the bad guys.” I have not said anything like that, anywhere. So I am not sure where you came up with that. What I have said is that we — human beings — can begin an Evolution Revolution on the planet, so massive and so ubiquitous that not even governments can stop it. The Evolution Revolution would have as its focus the creating and the living into of a New Cultural Story for humanity — a story so radically altered from the story we now tell ourselves about Life, about God, and about Each Other. It is our present Cultural Story that is keeping us anesthetized and asleep in the face of many of the things that you yourself allude to…

      So I agree with you conclusion, Deb. Our challenge is to wake up to what is happening now…and the fastest way to do that is to closely examine our present Cultural Story, and to take a look at where it has brought us, and what it has created.

      • deb

        well some things we agree on…first, your right, no where did you mention God rescuing us from the bad guys…that’s just me being sarcastic at those who sit back and do nothing because they believe the old stories about how this is all suppose to end, sorry, I do need to be more carefull in how I choose my words , I didn’t mean to direct them at you. second, I do believe that a new belief system is what we need. it infuriates me and saddens me greatly how the stories of old have been passed down generation upon generation as truth, and are nothing more then a cleverly disguised plot to enslaves us by a government so bent on greed that they would destroy its own people…its happening, you know it as well as I do. so Neale, I do agree that what we need is a new story, however we need to wake up from the old story first…that’s where we differ I think…hey, and that’s ok! it was you who woke me up several years ago…cant thank you enough for that. now its my turn, im waking people up…I think my approach needs a lot of work though! 🙂

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Deb….you say: “I do agree that what we need is a new story, however, we need to wake up from the old story first…that’s where we differ I think…”

          I would submit to you, Deb, that nothing wakes people up from the old story faster than hearing a new and better one. That’s what CWG did for you, and I once heard a very wise man say, “If you want to convince someone of your point of view, don’t try to shake them or wake them from theirs. Simply show them an even better idea.

          That makes total sense to me. So the way for ME to wake people up is to make them AWARE that there’s a New Story out there that’s better than any story we have been telling ourselves these past several thousand years. And that’s why I keep offering a New Story….and will continue to do so.

          • deb

            I hear you loud & clear…Thank You

          • Linda

            Awesome response,concise advice!

    • Kierra T

      I think the most important piece is the Free Will part. Spirituality loves to talk about free will when it’s doing something ‘good’ and ‘spiritual’. But that kind of free will cannot exist without the Free Will of everyone else. As humans, we can’t decide free will is only good when it’s judged to do what other’s decide is ‘right’. It’s either free or it isn’t. For everyone outside of Boston, the reality is that it’s a place that is THERE…not HERE. People love to focus and fixate and be worried about THERE when there is so much that can be done HERE. Take the log out of you’re own eye before you attempt the splinter out of you’re neighbros….means there’s ton’s that could be discussed and do in everyone’s own community each and every single day. Acts of kindness possible everytime you walk out your own front door. Children, elders, homeless, orphans, troubled teens. Every town has them. What are we doing about those. I write this because it’s my own personal focus, what I value for my life. I cannot do anything about Boston, or Syria or N. Korea but I can do alot in my own house, my own neighborhood, my own community and really I focus on that because they need me not to be an emotional wreck worrying about the world I can do nothing about. Namaste

      • deb

        your right about doing what we can right in our own neighborhoods. how much do you (I don’t mean directly “you”) know about agenda 21 or iclei ? do you know what is being planned for your city or your neighboring towns? do you see the building going on around you? this “free will ” I speak of is not what you think, but then again It is….how aware are you that you belong to the state? that your children are owned by government? that’s crazy you say? look it up! what I am referring to as “free will” is that we have willingly signed away all our rights and yet we cry out to God to save us …he cannot interfere with free will. the government knows this and uses it to its advantage. we have signed ourselves over…its called social security, we are a number, a commodity, we are labor and nothing more. we have no rights period. so when we talk about doing things in our neighborhoods, I agree, really I do, but we need to be educated first. know who you are…know what they are planning..only then can we make a difference

        • Kierra T

          I understand Deb.

    • Stephen mills

      Deb this has not alway,s been the case violence might be normal but it is not natural ,many civilisations have lived peacefully many of what Thom Hartmann calls our older cultures lived egalitarian lives where violence was not the norm.

      They have been airbrushed out of history by our own cultural stories our children have to be taught from a different perspective so they do not repeat the past .Then again our younger culture is born of beliefs in an angry deity that uses violence to solve the problems of the day.And this is why Neale talks so much about re-writing our cultural story so our new beliefs create that space for a different kind of world that makes violence unthinkable as life is seen as prime value .

  • poobennaidoo

    I commend NDW for your work in raising global awareness of building a just and peaceful world. However the new cultural story was written by the coming of God as Lord Rama,Lord Krishna,Lord Buddha and more recently Prophet Muhammed Lord Jesus and in this century Sathya Sai Baba. The message has been the same, love all serve all. Be the change you want to be and see. Sincerity and purity and defending the truth and practising righteousness that is the essence of all religions. We need to connect to this cultural story whether we are christians,hindus,muslims or jews.

    We need to challenge violence whether through the media, at work,in our religious organisations or within ourselves. Ghandi said that poverty is the worse form of violence and it is the poverty of truth in our discourse whether in politics,religion,workplace and at home that is steering us away from living this new cultural story that all the advents of God embraced us with.
    In prayer, in meditation,in speaking the truth to power and acting sincerely to address the people who out of fear,hate,lust, and power control, we need to be uncompromising in defending Gods truth and teachings so that all will be accountable,each according to his or her contribution in perverting this new cultural story which is as ancient as Gods covenant.
    Jesus died for this and so did many great “cultural activists” such as MLK, Ghandi, Kennedy and Augustino Neto.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      With due respect, my friend — and I really do mean “with due and much
      respect” — I believe the New Cultural Story offered to humanity in
      Conversations with God offers a dramatically different take on life, the world, our relationship with each other and with God, than many of the spiritual traditions you cite above.

      Please read the 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God (see the
      right-hand column of the home page here, midway down) and I believe you
      will see what I mean when I speak of a NEW Cultural Story. This is a
      radically different concept of God and Life, our relationship to the
      Divine especially, and our relationship to each other, than is offered in the
      Jewish, Christian, or Islamic tradition, to be sure.

      Love, hugs, and oneness….Neale.

  • satu

    a global Evolution Revolution should start with banning all animal abuse Widerly going on today.. Every day, slaughter houses, farms, industri… it really is the most discusting act of HORROW.. “The king will answer them, ‘I tell all of you with certainty, since you
    did it for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did
    it for me.’

  • Karen

    It’s great to see the loving comments on here and to know that there are so many people working towards a collective consciousness of love, peace, compassion, and kindness. When we see such nonsense going on not only in our country, but all around the world, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed…that there really isn’t anything we can do. Some live in fear and become hateful, bigoted, cynical, and lose hope. I understand that.

    I, too, have become overwhelmed. There are times when my heart feels so heavy that I don’t know if I can or want to go on because I tend to easily take on the weight of the world. I want so much to change the world with a snap of my fingers or a magic wand; whatever I can do to bring love and peace to the world. But as a whole, I can’t. But there is so much that I can do.

    I can send out loving, positive, peaceful, and healing thoughts to everyone around me and to everyone in the world. Seeing that small, inner light within, expanding outwards into my neighborhood, my city, my state, my country, and all around the world. Seeing my light (Spirit) touch everyone and everything.

    I can commit as many random acts of kindness that I can think of when I’m around other people. Saying a friendly hello, paying someone a compliment, taking a grocery cart back to the store, lending a shoulder and an ear to someone who needs someone to talk to, lifting someone up with kind words when they’re feeling down…. There are all kinds of things we can do. You would be surprised how just one act of kindness can change a life. Your friendly hello and/or hug may be the only one the person has received in awhile, if at all.

    We change the world by being the change we wish to see in the world. We start by being love…being kindness….being compassion…. It may sound simplistic and we can’t imagine how just doing this can make a difference, but it can and does. I’ve had people tell me how something I said or did made a huge difference in their lives, including a friend who was going to kill herself before we met. All I did was become her friend. Most times, I don’t even remember what I said or did. It’s all very humbling.

    Yes, we can be cynical and think the worst of people and our world, but if that’s what we’re thinking, then that’s what we’re going to experience. We need to be very careful what we think because that will be the reality we create for ourselves.

    It’s a choice. Personally, I choose to see our world as a wonderful world with many more beautiful, wonderful, kind, and compassionate people than not. I choose to send love to those who are in so much pain that they feel they have to inflict their pain on others. And I’m grateful for all the good that is in my life, and I bless the not so good as I know that it will make me a stronger and better person in the long run. I choose love.

    Thank you Neale for all you do.

  • Pausha

    I think there is a way to change the bloody mess, otherwise called human history, and it begins with seeing clearly what is so, right now.

    America is at war, right now. In war, people die. Americans are very used to OTHER people dying when they are at war. War means some dramatic TV news watched in the comfort of one’s own safe and cosy living room and some heated arguments in the FB comment sections. Even those who’s family members are out there somewhere killing and dying do not see war as something that can kill them, bomb their house, burn their town. But this is what war is – people die. People of all the countries involved in war die. Americans are not poor innocent victims. They are not unjustly attacked by evil terrorists for no reason other than envy or religious fanaticism. Americans are at war – killing people is what happens during war.

    I think there is a way to change this bloody mess, but it must begin with dropping the poor hurt innocent victim act, with the “o my God what a tragedy” cries at bombing, when at the same time your countryman decimate populations and destroy entire cities, killing hundreds of thousands. I think it also needs to begin with dropping the: “we are good, it’s the bad guys doing all the bad things” delusion.

    I think there is a way to change this bloody mess, and the way begins with opening eyes and seeing how exactly have we created this mess for ourselves. For we created it, we keep creating it.

    There are no innocent victims here. And there are no easy ways out. Saying “why can’t we just love each other and play nicely together” is not going to help.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      With due respect, my friend — and I really do mean “with due and much
      respect” — I believe the New Cultural Story offered to humanity in
      Conversations with God offers a dramatically
      different take on life, the world, our relationship with each other and
      with God, than many of the spiritual traditions you cite above.

      Please read the 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God (see the
      right-hand column of the home page here, midway down) and I believe you
      will see what I mean when I speak of a NEW Cultural Story. This is a
      radically different concept of God and Life and our relationship to the
      Divine than is offered in the Jewish, Christian, or Islamic tradition,
      to be sure.

      Love, hugs, and oneness….Neale.

    • Have you been in my brain?? Beautifully said. On the same day, a series of early morning explosions
      across cities in Iraq: 50 dead and nearly 300 wounded. And the
      US bombs an Afghan wedding: at least 30 killed. 120 wounded or killed in Afghanistan on the same day as the Boston marathon. My Nan used to say, be careful when you point your finger….there are always 3 pointing back.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I agree with you that the whole human race needs to take responsibility for this mess, including U.S. citizens and leaders. It would not be accurate for U.S. citizens to say, “We created this mess for ourselves.” It would be accurate to say, “All of us on both sides of the issues which separate us created this mess — and we are among them.”

      • Pausha

        I disagree. We create our own messes for ourselves with our own choices. My choice is my choice, not “our” choice. If I choose to split reality into right and wrong, for example, if I choose to sort people into good guys and bed guys and then proclaim the need to force the “bad” guys to do what I want them to do, to think and be the way I think is right – I create war. “I”, not “us” do this.

        And when I stop doing it the world changes, life changes, reality changes because I stopped – not because we did.

        And yes, millions of other humans might be doing it too, but that is irrelevant as it in no way detracts from the responsibility for what I choose and what I create. To diffuse that responsibility might seem comforting, but it is not accurate. It is “I” who chooses, not “we”. And it is “my” choice that creates reality, not “ours”.

  • Where is it being reported that the “U.S. flies stealth bombers dropping amunition-free bomb casings over the Korean peninsula.” ….? I would like to know where to find unreported news. Namaste.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      This was not unreported, Rebecca. It was all over the news — internet, network television, etc. — a week or more ago. You must have missed it, but every major news source reported it.

    • Michael L

      South Korea, exercises..

  • Wow, I would like to be part of this collective, cohesive, cohort!

  • Seb

    Great idea Neal!

    And to all the people saying, “What can I do? I’m just one person, and there is so much fear in the world, so how should I be able to make a difference?” Well, have you ever heard about the butterfly effect? A butterfly flaps its wings in one place, and starts a hurricane some place else. Now be the butterfly my friends, and start a hurricane of loving change.

  • Stephen mills

    People we have to know what blocks the way to peace and harmony.One of the main problems is right in your own backyard .I watched stunned a few nights ago as a republican politician stated on television that global warming is not happening and we should burn as much fossil fuel as possible ! Why ? Because in the Bible it says there was a great flood and god is the decider of humans evolution ,humans basically are at the whim,s of life.

    I,am 100 percent certain that the beliefs and thoughts of these perhaps well meaning individuals are the problem ,but the bigger problem is not to challenge them .What I mean ishow come these kinds of ideas get all the air time on main stream media.

    We are not even challenging these ideas in public yet ,how can we expect anything to change when the fault lies with us all of us !

    • Michael L

      Hi Steve,

      Just read your point of view.

      I would like to add one more point in the mix if I may.

      Who do you think voted for this politician? A majority of the folks where he lives.

      parrots the folks who elect him. They really believe these views and
      you challenging it, isn’t going to change that, unless you have
      something common with them that is of higher vibration of love then
      their strongly held belief.

      So Steve what you Got?

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        Michael, Steve…it is not as if this question of an Alternative View has not been answered. The entire cosmology of the Conversations with God material offers one possible alternative view “of a higher vibration of love than their strongly held belief.”

        I have been encouraging people here to begin an Evolution Revolution Action Group, in which what I call “The Conversation of the Century” may be ignited.

        But sitting in our living rooms talking about our world’s challenges and how to meet them (or posting about it on the Internet) is not enough. It is important, because it raises consciousness and awareness around
        humanity’s problems, and tends to increase peoples’ desire to do something
        about them — but the real power of such regular conversation about our
        challenges us that it sets the stage for specific actions leading to specific
        outcomes in cities, towns, and villages around the world. Those of us at the
        core of the Evolution Revolution — members of a global organization known as
        Humanity’s Team — will send Suggested Action Items to any ERA group that is

        And…if six or more people promise to be present…the group may
        regularly join a global conference call, speaking and interacting personally
        with others around the world undertaking the same mission. I, too, will be on
        the call, to talk with you and your group directly.

        If you are ready and willing to do something about the realities you are
        talking about here, then join me in this. Just write to me at

        Our project coordinator will get right back to you, helping you to establish
        and get moving with your Evolution Revolution Group. And I will connect with
        you as well, live, in real time, through the calls.

        Let’s go! Let’s get about the business of civilizing civilization,
        offering the extraordinary spiritual tools of The New Spirituality!

  • Insecurity-individual and collective insecurity causes all the violence. The ability to love oneself should come naturally and probably does, but if your parents are insecure, you become insecure and so it goes.
    I also believe that Organized Religions and any other insecure groups just compound the collective insecurities which produce the hate, competition, predjudices etc., Insecurity Feeds on others Insecurity.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      And the pain, Judy, arising from that insecurity. It is the pain of feeling utterly unable to change or alter exterior conditions, circumstances, or events creating the insecurity that produces anger — and then the mounting anger that produces violence. If you want to see a normally tame and peaceful animal become violent, just back it into a corner. The outrage of impotence is what produces extraordinary acts of violence — even as calamity produces extraordinary acts of love. Extremes produce extremes. Both negative and positive. The question before humanity at this juncture: Is there anything other than calamity that could produce Extreme Love?

      • mewabe

        Isn’t security an illusion? What is secure, what is permanent in this life, what is truly predictable, except change?

        The way I see it, violence and the underlying pain come not from insecurity but abuse…and abuse is extraordinary widespread.

        Abuse is practiced by all who attempt to impose their will, their ways, their wants on others…it is practiced by all institutions and forms of authority, parental, religious, governmental, educational, and by nations towards other nations or populations…by majorities towards minorities.

        It is also unleashed by those individuals who have much pain but do not know how to deal with it, and suppress it. And multitudes of people have suppressed pain.

        The key to a return to love is to feel, to come to terms with one’s wounds, with one’s suppressed pain.

        However the world’s culture usually do not allow this. A child who cries is quickly consoled (or punished) so that the crying stops. A woman who gets emotional is given a medication in order than she may no longer express her feelings (this could be seen in so many 1940’s movies). A man who feels too much resorts to drinking or drugs to shut himself down.

        The priority is to feel…having compassion towards oneself, meaning feeling and healing one’s pain, spontaneously leads to compassion and empathy towards others. The truly open heart is open to all.

        The path to love has to be retraced within, to return to the loving child and restore the original beauty, integrity and innocence of the self. Then, and only then, can the adult finally emerge and express love as s/he was meant to, not in a neurotic way but in a way that frees the soul.

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  • We can change things by getting up every day and doing one more thing for another person, being love and compassion in action. As one person there is so much to do. Just one act of kindness, just stopping long enough to actually SEE someone, see who they are, listen to them instead of telling your story. As a collective we have a lot to do, as one we can make a decision every encounter, every thought to make a change for the better. Some days are more challenging than others to show we are love but that is what in the end expands us and makes us victorious and courageous enough to do more. We can do this don’t be discouraged.

  • mewabe

    It is one thing to preach to the choir…but there are many kinds of different people in the world…who have traits that show up even in early childhood, traits that are impervious to change.

    There are, I regret to have to say it, many, in the world, who can only envision getting their “happiness” in two ways: taking something from another (or many others), or outwardly hurting another (or many others).

    Usually, such people hurt others when they cannot take from them. Their drive has nothing to do with beliefs, it is a psychological disorder, and it is unfortunately very widespread.

    I would love to see proof to the contrary…but take a look around. Very few people take responsibility for their happiness, for themselves, for their lives. They think that in order to have more, others must have less…in order to be above, others must be below…in order to be in control, others must be controlled…in order to have power, others must be order to win, others must loose, and in order to have what they want, others must give it to them, willingly or under coercion.

    You might say that if you see “evil”, you will experience “evil”…I do not see evil, or wrong, or bad…I only see health or disease. And I think that our world is pathologically insane.

    You cannot treat unhealthy psychological make-ups with a change of belief, anymore than you can clean a dirty body with a change of clothes.

  • mewabe

    It has been said that love is all there is…songs, books and movies have carried this theme for ages.

    Yet modern societies, and the people who live in them, act as if love was the very last on their list of needs or priorities. Many speak of love, few live their words.

    If such truth was actually lived, not in part, not within limits or boundaries but fully, most cultures and social structures would dissolve to be replaced by FREEDOM. Indeed only in love can freedom flourish, for LOVE IS FREEDOM, as well as true intelligence and knowledge, or more exactly knowing.

    Nothing else needs to be known but love. Yet everything else is sought but love. Power, wealth, status, fame, all of these are consolation prizes for the loveless. These prizes are sought by a loveless society, a loveless world, a loveless humanity.

    And we wonder about violence and war…why wonder? These are nothing more than cries of distress, screams of pain surging from a humanity that does not trust itself, that does not trust love, that fears love and embraces suffering as if it was a long lost lover.

    Love…nothing is simpler, more direct, purer. Everyone can do…no one does it, not without limits, boundaries, conditions, that is to say not without including everything that opposes and eventually defeats love.

    Do not even look at conflict, at war, at the world’s crazy conditions…instead look at your heart. Do you see and feel love, and if not, why not? What else do you think, today, is more important than love, has been more important than love for the past 250 million years (or however long humanity has existed)?

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    I am inviting people to begin an Evolution Revolution Action Group, in which
    what I call “The Conversation of the Century” may be ignited. But
    sitting in our living rooms talking about our world’s
    challenges and how to meet them (or posting about it on the Internet) is not
    enough. It is important, because it raises consciousness and awareness around
    humanity’s problems, and tends to increase peoples’ desire to do something
    about them — but the real power of such regular conversation about our
    challenges us that it sets the stage for specific actions leading to specific
    outcomes in cities, towns, and villages around the world. Those of us at the
    core of the Evolution Revolution — members of a global organization known as
    Humanity’s Team — will send Suggested Action Items to any ERA group that is
    formed. And…if six or more people promise to be present…the group may
    regularly join a global conference call, speaking and interacting personally
    with others around the world undertaking the same mission. I, too, will be on
    the call, to talk with you and your group directly.

    If you are ready and willing to do something about the realities you are
    talking about here, then join me in this. Just write to me at
    Our project coordinator will get right back to you, helping you to establish
    and get moving with your Evolution Revolution Group. And I will connect with
    you as well, live, in real time, through the calls.

    Let’s go! Let’s get about the business of civilizing civilization,
    offering the extraordinary spiritual tools of The New Spirituality!

    • mewabe

      Neale, I would like to know what Humanity’s Team Community Outreach specifically does for Native Americans, many of whom live on reservations that are America’s version of the third world, with extreme poverty, low life expectancy, and an intense despair and hopelessness that cause children as young as 9 years old to commit suicide.

      Some Native communities are in desperate need of stoves and blankets every winter…of proper medical care…etc etc

      Shouldn’t we care about the First Nations before attempting to save the rest of the planet, particularly since we are all guest here, living on Indian land? Or, at least, shouldn’t we care as much about Native Americans as about people, say, in Africa?

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        You may find it useful to address your question to Humanity’s Team. Their internet location is:

        I have nothing to do with the admin or program aspect of this organization. i founded it many years ago, but it was turned over to a global governing body and a global coordinating director nearly a decade ago. I am involved on a personal level only with the Spiritual Sphere in HT’s current Oneness in the Twelve Spheres of Life campaign. But do jump to their site and ask the question. I am sure there is a contact point for HT admin there.


        • mewabe

          Thank you Neale, I will ask the question…

          • And I will look forward to the answer received on this topic. I hope you will post it right under here…thanks in advance! 🙂 <3 Erin/IAm

      • hempwise

        Mewabe i feel deeply shocked and saddened to here of the desperate situation of the first nation peoples ,although i live in Scotland i have often read about their lives on the reservation,s and the problems that many of our Native American brother,s are facing.

        There is no question that a special fund that is accessible to them only has to be set up ,this money has to come from the government of the UNITED STATES and acknowledge the past and the part they played in the terrible treatment of their culture so reparation,s and a full sincere apology would be a start to heel the deep wounds that have and continue to be caused.

        After reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown my eye,s where opened and i feel your pain my friend.


  • Dear Neale and everyone else. I can’t find a relevant place to post this, so I might as well post here.

    From my lookout point of the world, which is in Norway, I am awestruck by the fear, hatred and anguish with which the US seem to respond to anything. What happened in Boston is but one example, and tragic as it is – it is not the greates.

    I do not for one second pretend to have solutions, nor do I sympathize with the persons who bomb innocent people in a Marathon or anything else. Actully I LOVE the USA, the North-Americans I know personally, and the achievements you as a country and society have reached.

    But I can’t help but be equally negatively awestruck by your ability to bring your incredibly excellent technology into action by bombing remote villages and other places with your unmanned drones – mainly in countries ending with -stan. If I was a house owner in village x in a -stan country, and an explosion from a drone erupted in the house next to me … what else could I call it but terror? The US has named it “war on terror.”

    Yet, what is terror? Isn’t a bombing as I mentioned in the above paragraph terror just as much?

    Please do not send me hate messages. I sincerely want to discuss this matter, and to adress what I experience to be the key issues: The malevolent use of force, rather than the opposite.

    In all respect for the victims of any terror.


    • mewabe

      Hey Bent, I agree with you…in such conflict between different forms of terror, such as terror by the state (war) or terror by individuals, I cannot take sides. I feel no loyalty to brutality or abuse of any kind, no matter under what flag, ideology or religious dogma.

      I understand responding to tragedy with pain…I do not understand responding to it with hatred, with a desire to hurt someone or something, to attack nations that never attacked us (Iraq, Afghanistan, and before that Vietnam, the Philippines, etc), to ostracize people of different ethnic groups or religious persuasion. I will never take part in such things, and would rather die than take sides in such displays of insanity.

    • I agree, Bent. We can do more to stop the insanity. the fear gifted to any nation, person, place with force, violence is cowardice and it should be halted, not talked about, halted by all life. This is where we can step up. We named the one love group we are. We are one love and know it. Who, but us, can stop the tyranny of governments, the fear gifted to all cultures they are supposed to be protecting. it is the political insanity that allows governments to stockpile weapons of mass destruction, in order to construct a feeling of security? Does that make sense? no. not in my view, and the ones to stop it? Where are they, if not us? love to you

      • Thanks. I heard on a BBC reportage today that only 1 … one … out of fifty drone attacks actually hits a “militiant.” How does that count by any standtard? To me it is ridicoulous. Wake up US of A!

        • It is ridiculous. Who is running this show? It is insane showing of nothing. It is not a force of life. It is not might. It is not love to land any missile, any bomb, any drone anywhere. Wow What has humanity become? Where do we go from here. Thanks, Bent, for your awareness. love to you hi

  • All of this belovedness is Absolutely wonderful toward wiser & more reason-able human beingness!
    But few of you have yet to feel the urgency that Neale is trying to also convey.
    See, the grander dealeo is to be able to have enough of a ‘collective/connected mass’, that is not only capable of bringing balance to the Human Shift, but can also provide assists toward the ‘protective cap’ & the ‘directive push’ during the coming Earth Shift…See?
    Many have been conditioned not to know the power-full You…the power-packed We. During adverse moments of struggle do many cling whole-headedly to the comfort of condition rather than free their Selfs Whole-heartedly with the inner strength they, & We, possess. This is a sorting process that All creatures are invited to experience in this moment…and in such process, some will opt in, some will opt out…Recognize that those opting out are doing so to best fuel the energies that will be needed by the ins when called upon to ‘Be Oneness’.
    We have been in rehearsal for this production for centuries…The show WILL go on…’Ready’ or not. I say, “Let’s Be an Amazing-One Show for All Divinity to Know!”…We have no thing to lose & every thing can gain.
    So mote it be. Namaste’. Erin/IAm

  • ‘When the dark night rises let our only response be to love more……for it is in these small acts of conscious loving that a new world will be born’ (from a poem Dark Night Rising by jannietta) I can think of no other way to respond to violence and killing that to love and to spread love as best we can. I hope this will be enough.

  • Boston. hmm I was just there, in fact, on that night. My plane landed around 12:30 am Friday morning, just as all hell started breaking forth. Sigh. Wow. What a difference a day made. First, I am in Florida living a dream, a dream that has been on my bucket list for awhile now, and I finally did it. I swam in paradise on the back of a dolphin amidst perfect weather, sand, surf, sun, and the cutest dolphin you could ever see named Madeline. Wow. Everything was heaven on Tuesday. On Thursday, my plane landed in hell around the time hell started breaking forth in boston. I don’t know who to tell you how difficult it is to look into the eye of your child and say, “honey, we need to hurry to the car, because. .well. .and . .um. . .well. .we just do. . .let’s hurry to the car.” That’s tough, life. That’s tough. I am here to say on a collective level, we create a reality as mankind. On an individual level, I can breathe prana all I want, and I do, but, let me tell you, on that night, I couldn’t think of prana, but I did think to talk to God, and I said to him, “Is it safe to board that plane?” God said to me this. “Love, get on the plane and know I am with you. I am with you always. We will let go of fear, as we travel through fear.” That was encouraging. I knew I would be safe, because God said so, and I trust God. God tells me the truth, and he said it’s safe for me to travel. He said it was safe that night, so I travelled. I live the word of God. I trust the Word of God I get, and his Word to me that day was “go ahead and fly, you will be safe, yet I knew there was fear, because he said fear is present. You will be safe, though” he said. He didn’t tell me about the chaos brewing below, and I had no clue until I got home and turned the news on. Actually, my mother was on duty that night calling frantically and alerting all life that I better hurry home, and, well, we made it, but, did we?
    You see, my attitude is greatly altered just because. Here I am knowing God so well, I think, and here I feel bliss, I know, whenever I remember to ask for it, but never could I remember to ask for prana that night. I was too worried, too on edge trying to get the children to safety to even consider any sort of meditative stance in life. I hurried everybody to the car and sped out of boston as fast as I could, and I wondered about all the sirens sounding, blue lights, not the good kind, but the police cruisers everywhere man, I mean everywhere. I said that’s weird. . .wonder what’s up. Anyway, nothing can be oneness, if it believes prana for one is life. Prana for one ain’t happening. Prana is all life. Prana is I Amness. I Amness is Chista breath. Now, do we achieve the state of nirvana by saying, “hey give me some prana for me today or do we say I must do more for all of me. Do we say let me lift my little individual thought to my individual heaven where I happen to think I am at this little moment in mankind’s history, or do we say we must come together and help all of mankind have a decent life? Do we say, “See my heaven here, God? Can I feel my personal bliss now?” or do we say, “I think I will enjoy life more, when more life has more. I think I’ll be enlightened, when I know all life truly knows they need nothing in life.”
    Right now, I believe many of us on this planet believe themselves to be pained by life, by culture, by economy, by something. Therefore they think they are justified to act like cowards. Truly any that perceive life to be so needy that they can justify dropping a bomb on someone is nothing other than a coward with a bit of insanity thrown in. No. God doesn’t house such fear in heaven, and heaven ain’t here if all of us aren’t in it, in my view. I can’t be heaven where I am if one leaf blowing in Camboida is not expressing its oneness as heaven, can you? We came here to lift a land. We didn’t come here to bliss merely for one individual life. We came to lift all life to the highest vibration. We live the higher vibration when we gift life to all love, all love to all life, and come forth for all life. Do we go on acting as if what we do in mexico doesn’t affect what happens in Arizona? what we do in boston doesn’t affect new Zealand? what is happening in australia doesn’t affect north korea? what we do in America doesn’t affect Chiana? no. we are connected. We are one life. We are God, Goddess living love, if we know we are one life. Every beetle bug crawling across a sidewalk in phoenix Arizona affects the wind swirling the sea that houses the little dolphin named madeline, the little dolphin I rode the back of only on tuesday breathing life into this word here now for you to ponder, to live, or not.
    Do we forget what happened to the innocents in boston, simply shrugging it off, saying “well, they captured them. we can move on now.” In my view, it’s time to act as one. I Am I Am never sat back, kicked back breathing prana for one individual. I Am I Am named Gandhi, Christ, Neale. . .I do believe Neale does not kick back. . I do believe he steps up. He is walking the globe telling all life to come together.
    How do we come together as one voice speaking love, peace, joy in all life, when so many fear the needs of so many and the fear of so many needing to need so many? Who is it that thinks they need? It’s not us. We know God provides. But, what of the ones who feel hurt, pain, anger? What do we do with them? Do we talk to them? Do we forget them? Do we band together? Speaking of that, what the heck is the United Nations about? Aren’t they supposed to be here for a reason? What do they do to educate all life, all nations that supplying nuclear weapons only builds nothing but destruction? What do they do? Can we not form our own group? We all know love, the sweetest kind of love, or we wouldn’t be here speaking out for all love, all life as love, now would we? I’ve said enough. Love to all here
    Do we think that’s the end of that story? No, not in my view. There is no end to what fear can bring. We are God, Goddess. God lifts this line to this room, who knows itself as God, Goddess Hi “Life, you are me. I am you. We are one. Do come forth in a one, two, three. I am here as you. Do come forth to lift life in you as us. I don’t house the fear of boston or anywhere. I am not the coward that cowards love into departing a plane. They who lifted the bomb to my children cowards they are. We know this, but what are we, who know ourselves as power named God, Goddess, if we don’t step up and act in the face of such fear on mankind? Do we gift life to love? Do we fear gifting life us? You are me. You can do something. Action is what God named my son, named Christ, named Chista always did on this plane. He is here. He is you. Be him. Love, God I Am” Well, that’s my take, guys. And, that’s all for now, I guess. We must act now. We must stop imagining fear will disappear without us coming together as one strong, loud voice of love Whew Love to all life