We shake our heads in sadness and dismay. And we ask: Is there any way to civilize civilization? Are we, as human beings, simply unable to resolve our differences in any way other than through the use or threats of force? Is violence just plainly a part of the human condition, built into the barbaric psyche of our species, having to be expressed one way or another whether we like it or not?

The terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon — even as the bloodshed continues in a seemingly endless civil war in Syria, in the same moment that North Korea insists on threatening the entire global community daily by brandishing atomic warheads on ballistic missiles, while the U.S. flies stealth bombers dropping ammunition-free bomb casings over the Korean Peninsula in a display of its own military prowess — raises the question among all thinking people:

What would it take, and how much more is humanity willing to endure, in order for the largest number of the People of Earth to gently but massively rise up and say to all humans everywhere — leaders and rank-and-file citizens alike: “No! Enough. We are through, finished, done with this. We will no longer harbor terrorists, we will no longer sanction violence, we will no longer encourage, threaten, declare or support killing at any time in any place for any reason. We will find another way to resolve our differences.”

I know what it would take, of course. We all do. And it is not a declaration, or a pronouncement, nor a futile and impotent protest. It is a change in the very way that humanity sees itself, understands itself, defines itself, and experiences itself.

There is a way to civilize civilization, but it will more than just a few of us to do it. It will take the lot of us. A huge swath of us. An overwhelming majority of us.

And what, if anything, could produce such a collective cohesive cohort? Do we have enough time left to gather our energies together in such an effort before the forces of violence overtake us completely and destroy us utterly?

Is Boston enough? Is Syria enough? Is North Korea enough? Have we had enough? Are you — you reading this right now — willing to take the first step in forming a collective cohesive cohort?

If you are, let us gather now in cities, towns, and villages around the world and ignite The Conversation of the Century. Let us inspire a global Evolution Revolution. Let us work together, let us mobilize, to “civilize civilization” at last.

And let us begin by stopping trying to solve the problems facing humanity at every level except the level at which those problems exist. Let us invite, urge, inspire humanity to write, and then to live into, a New Cultural Story; a new understanding about ourselves, about who we are, about why we are here, about our True Relationship to each other, to Life, and to the Source of Life Itself, which some of us call “God.”

To create an Evolution Revolution action group in your community write to  You’ll get a response telling you how to can do something, and not just talk about it, regarding violence in our world.

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This is A Message to the World that I wrote on September 12, 2001. I believe it has major relevance today.

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