LET’S DISCUSS IT: One of the men allegedly responsible for the Boston bombing has been killed in a confrontation with police. The second suspect has been caught. If he is tried and should be convicted of the bombing, what do you believe an appropriate sentence would be?

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  • Hmmm I don’t believe in death penalty, yet, what is true in the mind of one who thinks it’s fine to drop a bomb on an innocent child? Well, to me, I think we need to throw the book at him, and I mean gift him with a cell that will gift him with his mind, the one that lives hell instead of heaven. That’s all I know. Love to all

  • cura

    I think punishment is a two edged sword that hurts the punisher as much as the punished. How can justice ever come from a punishment? How can mercy ever be part of what we know as law? Mercy comes from the kind of grace that undoes the victim to forgive and the perpetrator to repent and from this healing happens. Punishment cannot work and never has it only changes the outer man sometimes.

  • JoyD1980

    I don’t believe in Capital Punishment but he should never be allowed out of prison.

  • I cannot help but feel that something is entirely askew in this whole deal…the trust of truth no longer exists in either media or governing forces, esp. those deemed as ‘security’.
    However, to answer the question of ‘what if?’…If a New Story was being written of this incident, there would be no ‘sentence’ of punishment…cura seems to have the wiser ideal goin’ on here. There would be no need of vengeance or retaliation, rather the course of action would be a process of healing for All touched.
    We already have programs & orgs. in place for ‘natural’ disasters…Imagine trying to convict Earth for Her ‘acts of terror’?…No, We heal those touched amap & rebuild with gained mindfulness…All ‘other’ creatures Do this, whether an Earth event or human event.
    Look at ants when a bulldozer destroys their homes, killing hundreds of thousands (including their children), upsetting their Lifes entirely…very much as a ‘terroristic attack’ if defined by man-term. Considering that there are a million of them to one of us, they could easily go on a rampage of counter-attack, but they do not…to them it was simply a ‘natural disaster’ and dealt with accordingly…Heal what can be healed, gather what resources are left, & move on to rebuild their Selfs, their community, & their nation.
    We humans are as natural disasters walking…time bombs ticking. Anyone wondering when ‘bomb control laws’ will rev up their bandwagon? I can hardly wait for the manure to fly (literally) in this case. Or perhaps Censures will grab this ‘bull’ by the horns & Internet freedom will be no more? We shall soon See, won’t We?
    No right or wrong, given one’s perception of their world, yes? Perhaps the religious angle being brought forth…once again…will bring many more religious Angels forth…and the Conversation will continue…Good Journey, E. <3

  • Hi all,

    I am this post, because, as you know, I live in boston area, and I felt it, knew it was a big energy of fear coming through my area of the world, and I saw fear in the eye of my son, who didn’t deserve that fear thrown at him in this realm called. . .let’s see, life. ..are you calling this heaven? Because if you’re not calling this heaven, and if you agree the fear you see in any part of this world we call earth, planet earth in 2013 in 3 d, then you cannot explain away, toss away a little girl being bombed on a finish line by saying to the ones who
    are responsible, “you don’t need punishment.”

    CWG speaks loud and clear about consequences. Consequences are the result of everything we think, say, do. Should two people, perhaps, more,. . . . don’t be so sure it won’t come to your town, to your reality you are creating where you reside, where your kids
    reside. . don’t be so sure that you will be so sure to say “eh. .those young men don’t need punishment, consequences.”

    If a person is so warped. . that’s the only word I can come up with. .so warped in the mind space that he thinks a bomb is ok to toss on innocent children without any consequence in the realm he resides, what sort of world are we residing in? That’s not heaven either. Believe it’s not heaven for that little girl. She had to depart a plane, and don’t say “maybe she created it.” She didn’t create it consciously, and unless someone creates something consciously, that reality is thrust upon them without life full throttle. She was not in a
    frame of mind that said to life, “I’m going to depart the plane, so you can express as fear here.” She said this, “oh my god. . I am being forced off this land, all because I sat here watching a loved one run a race on a happy day.” Hmmm I don’t buy it. I just don’t.
    I have seen these kinds of arguments, and I don’t believe in them. No thank you,
    please. I don’t smoke that anymore. When one completes a cycle for another
    individual without that individual’s full consciousness, then that individual
    reaps the harvest not of life, but the destruction of his own mindset.

    I don’t know about you, life, but when one has that sort of mindset, the mindset that sets a bomb on a finish line to finish the lives of innocents out on a happy occasion for no reason, for no good reason, then that mindset is not in heaven. Do you think the parents of those children who died are living heaven now, because that’s the only place where repercussions for actions are not lines of love.
    The repercussion for these young men, who tossed a bomb, are not simply, “Go ahead. That’s alright.” Sometimes, love gets tough, and tough is what it means to say, “No. No. No. You cannot do that to life, and live a happy life.” Sorry. I don’t buy it. Consequences for actions are real in all life.

    Do you want that mindset of those young men, who tossed that line to those innocents who died that day, around your neighborhood? Be honest. Get real. Everybody here needs to get real. Just be real, okay?

    Love does have consequences. CWG speaks loud and clear about it. Love to all here.

    • Iamlife…God/Goddess has many aspects of Its Self. He is Every Thing…She is All that IS…It IS you, me, the military, the ants, the Earth & Her quakes, every star. He is at the battle sites here & She celebrates the birth of a new being in a galaxy far beyond here. He is at the Super Nova & in the pond with the tadpoles…She IS Tree & the fire that transforms it…It is both body & blood. It is also the victor & victim, the lover & the hater, the sad & the joyful. ALL IS Only ONE Thing…An Organism of Creation.
      No, it would not be our conditioned human nature to forgive destroyers of that which we hold dear, however, for Our New Cultural Story to Be/Come, We have to Be IT. In other words, We have to stop being the Old Us to Be New Us, and New Us would have to be forgiving, healing, & nurturing for others of All kinds to See the invite to Be/Come grander beings of IT/He/She…See? This is heavy-duty evolving We are Creating…This is Revved Solution. And quite the process to be of, indeed.
      No doubt, a bomber, a shooter, the arson, the pedophile, the bully…to most as human, these are horrible expressions of Life…but they are expressions of Divine, nonetheless. They are Life Transformers big time…They are mirrors of aspects of Our Nature in this moment. We, in turn, can use the experiences they provide to ‘Do unto others as they have done unto us’ (old condition)…or…’Do unto others as we would do unto our Self’ (new condition). We have the option, always & all ways, to be grander expressions & clearer mirrors of a higher Nature.
      Perhaps, if We were as motivated, focused, & determined in Our aspects, as these folks are in theirs…hmmm…Would We then, be big time Life Transformers, too? Yepper! 🙂
      Iamlife…God/dess eyes See no less than Amazing of every part of Its Self. We, here on Earth, as human, in this time…’Forgive them, Father & Mother, for they know not who they are nor what they do.’ (That’s WJD, yes?) Blessings, Sweetness. 🙂

      • Hi Erin,

        Thank you for being up front and forward with your comments. I know God quite well. Thank you for your awareness. I appreciate your knowing all life. I am all life, and so are you.

        I know that some who believe in oneness believe one should simply ignore those who sneak attack on innocents coming forth in love for all life. I am not that. I have a different opinion. My opinion is worth stating again here. I said it in so many spaces that I find it odd one might misconstrue my words. I
        say it here up front and center, right here, right now that anyone hurling
        anything, a bomb, a word, a thought, a deed at another one love coming forth for
        life in love is a coward. I thank you for not placing your response to my response on this thread, where I posted and not on a thread where I am not. To me, that is also cowardly, a sneak attack of sorts.

        I will say it again and again. Anyone placing a bomb on a blanket, in a bag, near a blanket where a child is seated playing watching his parent run a race on a happy day is a coward. Do you seriously state a different name for such action?

        I don’t. That’s my opinion. I have a certain heart in God and I know light attracts
        darkness. Many know light attracts light. Not so many know darkness runs to light. We, as lightworkers, one lovers, can do one of two things, when dark runs to light. We can either pretend to call it pretence, pretenders of herocisim coming forth to post against those sneak attackers who hurled a bomb at a child anywhere, not just Boston, I said everywhere I said it, or we can speak, act, come together as one light bringing forth consequences for those sneak attackers of thought, word, deed. I opt for consequence. CWG speaks loud and clear about consequences. So, does my God. That’s my point, and I’m sticking to it.

        I don’t know what much else to say. I posted eleven pages and more. I’m not changing a word, not a single word do I retract. How anyone could interpret my interpretation of that horrific event just a little over a week ago that took so many lives as pretence is beyond me. Why any would interpret my words in so many
        spaces that refer to a sneak attacker on a child as a cowardice as pretence is
        really something for them to look at, not me. I know my name, and it’s called love sweet love.

        Good day and good journey to you, love 🙂

  • mewabe

    I will keep it simple…I don’t believe in punishment or revenge, but I believe in protection. The world needs protection against those who have no hesitation hurting others (so, let’s lock up the entire Pentagon while we are on the subject).

    As long as this individual proves to be prone to repeat this act because he sees nothing wrong with it, because he can justify it within his own distorted belief system, then he must be restrained, which means jailed.

    But to be honest I fail to see the difference between his act and the drones killing civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, many of whom are children who declared war on NO ONE. Let’s keep things in perspective!

    • Mewabe,

      I agree. Any person, who houses a bomb of any kind, be it thought, word, deed of
      sneak attacking a drone, a missile, a bomb, a thought, even, is a coward and
      should be jailed. I included US policy in my post to Bent and I stick by it. We
      should not be handing out any kind of sneak attack. What is that, but fear in the highest?

      Love to you

  • Therese

    Wow, interesting question…real world answer is probably life in prison. Not for punishment, actually, as for protection. Not to be put in with the general population.

    Marrying the real world answer with my spiritual answer, I would love to have someone trained enough to simply sit and listen to this young man until he invited that person to talk. Then I would love to see a non-exectation sharing of ideas about what works vs. doesn’t work etc. THEN I would like to see the discussion move to spirituality and compare and examine religion vs. the CWG cosmology. Again, no expectation of belief, only allowing the boy to see what might work in his own life by choosing to incorporate any of what was discussed. This would be for only one reason…to allow him to choose a reality that would allow him to see his circumstances (prison), as part of perfection, and thus allow him to not go crazy, or gain even more anger, and find peace and contentment.

    I would, personally, also allow some possibility for parole. Why? Because I know that the core of what was done was perceived by him as an honorable thing. Also, because I know that who I defined myself to be at 19 has very little to do with what I am today at 60, except that it was part of the process of remembering. And I also know that this boy has given so very many people opportunities to express who they really are in a way they never might have, without this boys “bad” actions.

    I know, I know, so many people will never see any part of this as good, or a gift, but that is where my mind goes regarding this answer. Not a fully fleshed out answer, obviously, but you get the idea.

    • Is
      it okay if I ask a question about your post, Therese? If I understand it, you say this. If someone says it is honorable, good. .
      .honorable is good. . .if someone says it is honorable to murder, that makes it
      okay to give them time off for good behavior or parole. Is this what you said? That’s how I read your post. I am not sure if
      I understand it. Thank you for
      clarifying for me

      • Therese

        No, I did not say that. I said that the core of this man believed he was doing the honorable thing. “Honorable” has a different face for him…that, hopefully, one day he will see did not work for him or anyone else. I am saying that it is not acceptable to do what he did (still allegedly), but I also believe that the man who would define his honor in one way today, at age 19, might never define it that way at, say, age 60. This, to me, is no different than the 19 year old who gets caught up in patriotic fervor, goes off to war, and then in his later years, marches in peace rallies, and would never encourage his child to join the military.

        I said the “possibility’ of parole, not the guarantee of it.

        I guess I am, also, asking myself the question Neale suggest we ask…what is it that hurt him so much, that he feels hurting others would heal it? This is “hurt” on a level unbelievable to me, and unacceptable that it even exists in this world. This boy did what he did for a reason, and other boys are waiting to do something similar for that same reason…my question isn’t how do we punish this boy. My question is how do we heal the next boy? Further, are we willing to move into the understanding spoken of in “The Only Thing That Matters”, and see one another? Are we willing to value one another for more than the money they make, or the money we perceive they take from us?

        This is a huge discussion, of course, and, I am, I am tired and going to bed!

        • Well, you did state that he should get parole because he thought it honorable to create murder for many. It is what you said, whether admit or not. Here is the line you stated stating that: “I would, personally, also allow some possibility for parole. Why? Because I know that the core of what was done was perceived by him as an honorable thing.” The core of him houses many levels of awareness. We can allow him to create anything on any level, in your view, assuming you believe this sentence, simply because he believes it honorable. This is what you state, whether you admit it or not. Just because he believes it is honorable, we should give him parole. Parole is given for many reasons, but simply belief that it is honorable is not one. At least it hasn’t been by law. When the twin towers came down, those men were young, and they thought they were
          honorable, and that is why they strove to drive planes into buildings to bring down many. These young men believed they were honorable. They strove to drive bombs into buildings to bring down many. The intent to bring down many more was there. It is the boston marathon. They timed two, at least, bombs simultaneously to go off right at finish line time, right where children sat playing on blankets, in order to watch their parents run a race on a happy, sunny day. The intent to bring down many
          more was there, or else the timing would not have been so precise. The parallel is not quite the same, but I fail to see how merely belief one is honorable to murder justifies parole. You did state it in that sentence. Do you retract the sentence, or do you still believe it?

          The idea that one changes over time is true. I am not who I was at two, three, five or even fifty. I am still fifty. I am not who I was yesterday, but, does that mean I can kill someone today and then at fifty three say, “well, I changed. I am not who I was?” We can glorify youth and say it is grand to
          believe one immortal, not responsible, but can we, truthfully, say you are free to kill anytime you want, simply because you were young?

          The idea that war is just as bad is mine. I agree. There is no cause to kill. There is no cause to murder without cause. Come at my child in a harmful
          manner, and, I will do what it takes to stop you, and I won’t leave killing out
          of the picture, if you tried to bring down my child. I’ll say it right here. There is just cause for murder, assuming one is under threat of deathly attack and defending one’s life, yet, those men were not under attack, and they were not defending their lives. They were intending to take many lives.. I
          guess I don’t understand your reasoning.

          • Therese

            I also prefaced the statement you refer to by setting up, I had thought, the premise under which a person might be given the opportunity to change their minds about what constituted “honorable”. As CWG says, no one does anything wrong, given their model of the world. Currently we all seem to think ourselves justified to kill/dominate others because we perceive ourselves as victims.

            You refer to the twin towers. Putting aside the fact that some do not accept the premise that they were downed by Islamic terrorists, the U.S. seems to forget that they were complicit in the vicious cycle of “you did it to me, so I am justified to do it to you”. Where do we find the beginning of the violence in this region? Even if Americans were not in the Crusades, our ancestors were, and the thought process goes as endlessly backward as it does forward.

            It stops when we stop it.

            It stops when we realize that we are ALL in this world carrying forward the behavior of the past, en masse, in exactly the same way as the abused child carry’s it forward. In fact, we are ALL abused children…by that idea of a “lesser God” that we live by.

            If we are punished by God, then we must also consider ourselves to be “victims” of God, right? And if we are “victims” of God, aren’t we carrying that victim mentality, and that justification of perpetuation of the behavior of our “Father”, into every corner of our lives?

            It stops when we stop it.

            Let us not forget something else, both scientific and spiritual…the observed is never unaffected by the observer. Do we honestly believe that what we privately think and feel about those “evil doers” is not at cause on some level for that same “evil”? Do we honestly think that the spewing forth of hate towards this young man is going to rehabilitate him? Or cause anyone else with those same thoughts to act differently than he did? Or is that thought going to fuel?

            On a very personal level of observing this situation, I think back to when my husband and I were transferred overseas. I had two daughters, one just out of high school and the other in her junior year. Now, my daughters are very well loved. They are educated. They were raised to be “good” people in every way I knew how, yet…even they, when given the freedom of us overseas (after the youngest one moved back to the U.S.), and them an ocean away, made some decisions that really didn’t end up working very well for them.

            Put this same situation into the context of the Boston bomber. We can lay whatever story we desire over their home life, but put it in the context of culture, recent history AND the collective negative energy towards people who look like “them” and have their (wrong, not Christian) religion.

            Do we honestly think that the observer did not effect the observed? When you walk into the room after someone has had an argument, don’t you know they have, even if they are now all smiles? The world is surrounding one another with that “argument” energy, and smiling thinking it is working to fool the other.

            So, yes, I do believe that this boy can change. if he would not be willing to change and act in a way that would not endanger others, I would, of course, not release him.

            However, I also believe that we can stop these things from happening, and as pie in the sky optimist as it seems, I believe it can change if we change our minds, here. Now. I look at what I feel when I read or even write words of anger, and I simply don’t feel good. If I feel these things, it is a signal for me to look at how well the thought that created the feeling is working for me…and change my thought.

            An action item around that? How about, instead of win-lose things in school like sports, we begin in pre-school teaching children how to meditate? Want physical fitness? How about yoga or tai chi instead of the glorified, legal war we call football? We want to raise leaders? How about teaching them, in preschool and upward, how to listen when someone speaks? Teach them how to responsibly disagree? All of these things can actually be taught! How about going to your school board and asking for them? You might not get them immediately, but if your voices are persistent, I’ll bet you get heard by the right person eventually.

            Sigh…this post is way too long…and I guess it is a very long winded way of saying that punishing this boy for the rest of his life is not the answer. I guess “protecting” him is my way of looking at his being incarcerated. Protecting him from ever having to experience acting on the hurt he feels…and protecting us from the results of that hurt.

          • Hi Therese,

            I don’t have a lot of time. I am kind of busy today, so I am just going to go quickly line by line through your post in response to mine. Here we go 🙂

            “I also prefaced the statement you refer to by setting up, I had thought, the premise under which a person might be given the opportunity to change their minds about what constituted “honorable”.

            Right off the bat, I want to say this. Honor is something one grants to honorable achievements, not to those who desire to create hell on any level of creation. Why create an opportunity that one has not granted to another life form? We seek to greet life as if life is responsible for its creations, according to CWG. Are you saying the ones who intended to bring down many are justified to be given such freedom to receive freedom of such honorable action, even though they intended to bring down so many? Is it honorable to grant such honor to ones who did not create such an honorable action? My belief is this. One creates life on all levels, not just what appears here. One is responsible as one expands consciousness for creations on every level. If one is not held accountable to all creations on levels of awareness one is, one is not truly aware, and therefore needs to look at it and reap the harvest one has gifted life. We reap the harvest of creations on levels upon of all levels. If one does not gift life to life on any one level of creation, and turns on life in such a way that takes down life, one must come forth and look at it. These ones did create life for life on 3 d level. Should we ignore their creation, and instead say “you don’t need to be held accountable for your creation”? Is it really gifting them love to say, “you are not responsible for your creation here, where you killed so many and intended to kill even more. I forgive you. I am grand, because I forgive you. I am following the tenet of one love and forgive you”? Or, is it a one love, who says this: “I am grand in following the tenets of one love, God life, which say, “check your creation and be accountable for it. We, as God, Goddess, create reality everywhere we are in reality. Reality is created with thought, and your thought there in 3 d is not grand to God I Am.” If a God thought says, “I am in 3 d, but also reaping the harvest of 5 d,” should that God be allowed to escape punishment. . ..I prefer the word consequences, because the word “punishment” implies I have a problem, and I don’t. I didn’t create that. The men responsible created death to many and the consequence of that is a lack of freedom to be among the many. Personal creations in 3 d affect
            creations in 5 d, 6 d, 7 d, 8 d, 9 d, 10 d, and on and on. Every d reaps the
            awareness of the awareness aware of the awareness creating in this land called earth. The awareness creating awareness builds worlds and those worlds create more worlds. If God, Goddess truly accepted the idea that
            one’s belief that honor is given to one who does not create honorable action, then the word honor is no more honorable than the word murder. The death to many cannot be overlooked by a skip, hop, and a jump on up to 5 d, simply becasue one wants to state a belief that one is one love. My question is, “Is it really one love to say you’re free to go?” Your thought that life can deem life so needy that life needs to murder many and then get away with it, seems not in line with CWG. The line that says one is justified to murder so many needs checking against CWG. Many
            know that many can never rise up in God Mind and up and up to 5 d, if some are attempting to die many on a lower plane. If one allows one to skip a lane, jump up a level, are we doing him a disservice in the big scheme of life? If one is not aware one is home in God, should one still be allowed to reflect, without paying for in consequence on the level the creation was created? Otherwise, he will need to come back to this
            plane all over again. Wow That’s no fun. I say let him fix the false perception now. Let him correct the fine tuning of his thinking. God creates life with thought, not death with thought. Let that who creates death for many create a new line of thought that affects all life. No God, Goddess creates lines of death to many and stays in line. God, Goddess checks these lines always in lineup time Hi We check them when we marry lines of light, and we check old patterns of false thought, and we correct them not. . that’s for them to look at with their soul, not for us, who strive to create oneness for all life. We gift life life as life proceeds in life. ARe these ones who proceeded to bring down so many capable of handling the gift that gives them more capability to affect all life lines? Consequences are what God taught me and I find the same line from God through Neale in CWG. I don’t buy this idea. I just don’t. One must choose, by their own free will, a new creation with a new thougth that one chooses one’s self. The idea that we can choose a new thought for him by simply talking to him is not happening, in my view, and it does not align with CWG. Noone can choose anything for anyone else, and until and unless one is fully aware one is fully aware one is fully aware of all one’s creations on all levels one created those creations and held accountable by the highest self of him, one cannot truly clean up the terroristic acts in any level, much less here in 3 d, skipping, hopping, jumping on up to 5. We are responsible for every single creation, because every creation creates worlds. What world and worlds of worlds are we creating if we don’t choose to allow fear to clear its own creations that aren’t one love in true love and on the plane in which the fear was created?

            “As CWG says, no one does anything wrong, given their model of the world. Currently we all seem to think ourselves justified to kill/dominate others because we perceive ourselves as victims.”

            True. I do agree with this. Most of the world problems are a result of the world believing themselves to be victims. In fact, that was my point in my first post. We know these men perceived themselves to be needy and victims of a culture, perhaps, but, truthfully, the younger one, at least, was living a sort of high life in the boston area, going to a ivy league school. His professors were dumbfounded to find out that he could be involved in such a thing. He seemed very together, shall we say? So, the idea that he was somehow victimized by culture seems to go by the way side. We don’t gift him that freedom to attend Ivy League School, where he lived a very grand life with all kinds of scholarships and honors and such, and then say, “ahh he had a hard life.” Do we?

            “You refer to the twin towers. Putting aside the fact that some do not accept the premise that they were downed by Islamic terrorists, the U.S. seems to forget that they were complicit in the vicious cycle of “you did it to me, so I am justified to do it to you”. Where do we find the beginning of the violence in this region? Even if Americans were not in the Crusades, our ancestors were, and the thought process goes as endlessly backward as it does forward.”

            I agree with this statement. The thought process goes endless in two
            directions: inward and outward. We go inward and more inward and outward and more outward, as we rise in awareness. The idea that these ones who downed the buildings and people in the Twin Towers or anywhere. .I repeat here again, that I already spoke everywhere I spoke,
            that no war, no drone, no killing is justified in my opinion. All are terrorist acts, so putting that aside, why do we go forwards and upwards, inwards and outwards in life? We go in as we go up and up as we go in. We cannot go up, if we are killing anyone. No HEB society kills itself. It’s not a lifestyle that sustains life. We are the foolish ones who have fallen in this mindset. We are the only society that kills its own population. No civilized intelligence kills itself off. I exclude animal kingdom, because they do at
            times kill themselves for various reasons, but no true HEB society kills itself, yet mankind does this. No. This is not the high line of lively Christed light. I agree.

            “It stops when we stop it. “It stops when we realize that we are ALL in this world carrying forward the behavior of the past, en masse, in exactly the same way as the abused child carry’s it forward. In fact, we are ALL abused children…by that idea of a “lesser God” that we live by. If we are
            punished by God, then we must also consider ourselves to be “victims”
            of God, right? And if we are “victims” of God, aren’t we carrying that victim mentality, and that justification of perpetuation of the behavior of our “Father”, into every corner of our lives? It stops when we
            stop it. Let us not forget something else, both scientific and spiritual…the observed is never unaffected by the observer.”

            The observed witnesses all life. All life witnesses the observer. The affected ones are little ones, not truly aware that they are aware that they are God, Goddess. Every person who dies came forth at a soul level with a contract, a mission that says, “I will do this, this, and this in this life,” but not every soul completes that mission. A soul does turn around and chooses something else at times. Sometimes a soul chooses something he didn’t originally intend to choose to create. No true soul living the line of light of Christed light intends to bring down life. No true love knowing itself as heaven ever intends to bring down any life, so the idea that a dark purpose in life intends for enriching life and therefore should be granted “honorable” dismissal, probation, or parole is not here for me. II don’t agree that one met with God I Am at a table of all life and spoke the line, “okay. I’m going to bring down the building here and take all life with me. Let’s just see what happens., Let’s just see what combustible action we can dream up this life, why don’t we?” I don’t think so. If that were the case, we, on earth now, would never have signed up to clean up earth now. All here have a soul at heaven, yet, not all are aware they are ascended already at home in God I Am. One cannot create heaven here, unless one accepts responsibility for all creations created on this level. One can only be aware of where one thinks one is and create heaven if one knows one is in heaven in life. If the men who killed and intended
            to maim in 3 d witness the witness allowing them to move forward, upward to a skip, hop, jump up a level, are we really allowing them to accept fuly the consequences of their creation and move up to 5d and higher. Are we really doing life a favor by granting parole? Are we going to create a God or a monster who has more power to do more, not less, such “honorable” actions with? We witness the witness witness, and all life witnesses the witness witnessing the witness witness the affected. We don’t just witness what we think. We witness what witness things and on and on, so where do we stop this level of witnessing. It’s not just here for life to imagine only us witnessing just us little earthlings. There is a big life out there, and all life has lines of light and those lines come in, do come in to those bearing witness of a true love. True love never harms another true love. It does not grant lines of light to any light. it just doesn’t. A true love takes of life, not maims it. Do we allow the witness of the witness to witness another witness witness itself free and clear of consequences on the plane so many witnesses died in? I don’t think so. We bring forth light as we hold light. Those dying life are not holding light on any level. They have a spark. IT’s true they are love. Yet, they aren’t knowing they are
            love on this level. Until they know they are love on a level of creation where they think they are creating, they cannot be the love creation creating life for love anywhere, not truly. Only love lines knowing they know they know create love lines everywhere. So, again, do we do these men a great service by allowing them to hop, skip, jump a level up
            to 5 d?

            “Do we honestly believe that what we privately think and feel about those “evil doers” is not at cause on some level for that same “evil”?
            I didn’t call it evil not. Do you seriously call it love? Love begets love for love. Fear begets fear for fear. Do you call fear that brings down so many
            love? I don’t. I just don’t. Love cannot let go of fear not and reap the harvest of heaven. Every lightbeam coming into the high, flying line of light
            knows this holy holy holy sacred truth. Light lets go of dark. It dissipates it
            as it moves up and on in levels of awareness. To allow a dark energy to skip, hop, jump a level creates more fear for fear. That’s something not many know. Fear creates more fear for fear to fear. Love also creates more fear for fear. Sometimes, it’s best to simply let fear express, experience its fear all it chooses. One can always turnaround, but, one cannot skip, hop, up a level until one reaps the harvest of one’s creation on the level the creation was created. The men who detailed a plan to
            bring down many on a finish line in Boston on a day so many around the world were watching and running and playing on the finish line cannot reap heaven on any level until they pay? No. Consequences is what is, not payage. I am not doling out “punishment.” I am saying you get consequences for your creations that affected so many.

            Well, Therese. I could go on, but honestly I think I have gone on enough. Thanks for the dialogue. I have learned a little 🙂

          • Sorry. I have a typo and it’s a pretty big one, and I need to correct it. Here is the corrected version.

            “True love never harms another true love. True love grants only love for life. True love lives only life for love. It does not grant lines of fear for light. It does not grant fear to any light. it just doesn’t. A true love takes care of life, not maims love. Do we allow the witness of the witness to witness another witness witness itself free and clear of consequences on the plane so many witnesses died at the direct hand of one doling out fear for love?”

          • Therese

            Yikes! I’d hate to see how much you would write if you DID have time!! ;-D
            I, too, could likely go on and on, but I think the time has come to say that I see why you believe what you believe, but sincerely disagree with with some of it.


          • Therese

            Just one small thought further…

            I know that I react to things I perceive as not fair to me. I know that I react, even, to people disagreeing with my opinions, so…

            How do I think people might react who have had all they think that they are…culture, religion, dress…vilified from the moment they were born?

            Might I, were I in that situation, get a skewed vision of justice?

          • Another typo, life. I am sorry to flood these lines, but, truthfully, I think I need to correct it, or I wouldn’t. My last sentence might be misconstrued. It said “I have learned a little.” What I mean to say is this. Thank you for the dialogue, Therese. I have re-membered a lot. As you know from Neale, we already know everything. Thank you for re-membering so much so I could re-member so many things. Love to you, love. Love is all we are in all life Hi Ho

  • mewabe

    “What is it that hurt him so much, that he feels hurting others would heal it?”

    Nothing new with this, that’s the basic assumption of most therapies, that’s what is understood about abused people becoming abusers in turn, and I used to think this way years ago. I am not sure it is this simple, as life is more complex and multidimensional than we believe…but if it is, it unfortunately resolves nothing.

    Not everyone is healthy enough to be healed…real therapists who do deep feeling therapy, going to the root of the problems, of trauma, of pain, of unmet needs etc (as described in the book “Facing the Wolf”, check it out), do not just accept anyone…psychopaths, psychotics, schizophrenics, people who are unfortunately too damaged mentally, emotionally, psychologically do not qualify.

    When people are healthy enough to realize they are sick or neurotic (paradox), talking does nothing for them…”talk therapies” go nowhere but in endless circles for endless years…whatever “hurt a person so much”, whatever has created neurosis, has to be felt, integrated with the actual memory, that is to say with the event(s) that created the pain, the rage, and/or the fear, and expressed and released fully, and that takes a lot more than talking, and that takes some time and commitment!

    There are no magic pills, magic formulas to solve the world’s problems…it is, at is has always been, about one person at a time choosing health over pathology, and finding his or her own way back to herself or himself, most of the time in spite of society, of culture, and of the world’s prevalent belief systems.

    A person has to want to heal in order to do so…and ask for it, which shows that the person realizes that is something wrong with him or her. As long as someone does not know that s/he is sick, forget about helping them, it won’t work, they will just play you for a fool and con you.

    • Therese


      I responded at length to I am below, addressing, at least in part, many of the same topics you speak of here.

    • Inger Lise Karlsen

      Mewabe, as usual (cannot but help it) is it absolutely fantastic(have no other word for it)how you are able in of to expressing the matters in depth(the depth of the soul and spirit).
      Came to be thinking about one of the Seth-Books titled as: “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.” After of to have read through all of the responses by all of you have picked up the particular book anew.
      Blessings to you and all…..And as such as it is !

      • mewabe

        Thank you Inger…yes that is a very good book, I read these Seth books in the early 90’s, I was guided to pick the first one in a book store, I basically walked straight to it and I knew I had to get it, as if it was the only book there, even though I had no idea what it was about and had never heard of it.

        The same thing happened with the Alan Watts books, as well as Krishnamurti and Sri Aurobindo (the Life Divine, etc), that I read when I was a teenager, and later many others about zen, yoga and Taoism. Every book represented a stage…a plane of correspondence. I can read Aurobindo now and it does not resonate the same. I still appreciate Alan Watts, but don’t agree completely with his conclusions either about the ultimate destiny of the soul.

        Someone told me about Neale’s books a couple of years ago, I understand his message and I think it is a very good thing that he is making complex, “controversial” issues accessible to so many people. I do not resonate as much with his format but I understand the intent, which is to simplify, to reach as many people as possible, I think it is important, for too long spirituality has been considered kind of an elitist pursuit.

        However simplification can have its own shortcomings, because that’s when formulas are created, and formulas have the potentials to become dogma, meaning something that relieves people from having to exercise critical thinking.
        When people start believing, that means they no longer have to think, all the questions are all answered for good, and these answers can be put on a shelf in a mental box, never to be questioned again.

        But just as a computer model cannot take in and duplicate a whole reality because it would have to duplicate the entire universe from “beginning” to “end”, a belief cannot hold life, only a small part of it, an aspect of the whole. A belief is essentially a frozen and limited thought, that can never represent an ever changing and infinite reality.

        The more a person knows, meaning the more a person is connected to life, the less a person believes, because the more such person realizes that beliefs (like formulas) are not only unnecessary when direct experience is accessible, but that they cannot begin to express or represent real life in any way but symbolically and in a fragmented and fixed manner, which is completely inadequate.

        Knowing is different than believing…knowing is being directly connected, to a vast, ever expanding reality that is also ever changing…like a surfer “knows” the wave, a moving, ever changing wave. Life is like that wave, but infinite and eternal, and multidimensional, it is a never ending movement, it is not static like beliefs.

        Now I am not so much into books anymore…I resonate with nature and all life…with that “wave”…the entire creation is my endless book, and I enjoy “knowing” it with my heart and soul.

        • Inger Lise Karlsen

          Bless you.

          It is soo very true told Mewabe, felt the words of it within, since as much as the own life experience the same has been practized as “the inner/outer, self-experience” in Framework 2. It is the famous “mirror” of everything.

          Another “thing” of never of to have “forgot” will be the experience of evil. It is “created” somewhere, it is thought-forms(Robert Mornroe, and the theosophy), which can do harm to us. Oneness and unconditional love EXISTS, but as physical beings, experiencing the uniqueness of forms within a world of diversities is it “forces” and “impressions” around us of all sorts.

          I have noticed especially ONE thing, no matter of what others telling in “of to live your own book”…..when of to read ANY book;… of never-the-less, to be “in the sublime connection” with the author. The book by itself will be “translated” into “a particular thought-form” which becomes a part of the remembrances. The book is laboured forever in the subconscious, because nothing will be “lost” whether the book resonates with us or not. The remembrances are always “there in the back of the head.”

          • mewabe

            Thank you so much Inger…Yes some thoughts can appear harmful, as thoughts are energy, and can linger somehow as “thought-forms” and projections…but this energy can only harm through correspondence…when it resonates with something within us, such as fear, guilt or hate. Then it simply awakens what is already within.

            For example, a person in a primitive culture who believes in black magic and feels guilty about something she has done may seem to fall “prey” to such magic, thinking that it is being directed at her, whether it actually is by some “witch” or not. But she will actually have harmed herself because of her guilt and fear, and her belief in punishment.

            Just as when a doctor tells you that you have 6 months to live, and if you believe him, you die on schedule as ordered, like a good patient…but if you rebel and you refuse to believe in this “magic” of the suggestive power of words and ideas, you may overcome your disease and live many years in spite of the doctor’s “magic curse”.

            Similarly, a person who feels very guilty and believes he deserves damnation, and believes in hell and demons, will experience such things for a time after death, as real-looking thought-forms or projections from his own psyche, a sort of hallucination, until he realizes what he is creating, which may take a week or a thousand years in our world time.

            When we are integrated however, healed within, nothing can ever harm us because we no longer harm ourselves, and if the “devil” existed, we would see right through it and understand that it is in need of the greatest possible love, and we would give such love to it.

            Nothing can harm love anymore than anything can harm the divine within us and beyond us…because the essence of love, as the essence of the divine, is oneness, and oneness cannot be harmed, by definition. Only that which is divided, in conflict within, split, in other words already harmed, can be harmed further, just like a building whose foundation is cracked.

            Of course the soul or spirit cannot be split…only the mind, and mostly by guilt or fear, or both.

            By returning to oneness, in other words to full integration (heart-mind-body-spirit, and the self with the universe) which is another word for love, we are held in the peace and unity of the Spirit forever.

            Yes all books are meant to trigger a remembrance within us…as all knowledge or knowing already lies within each one of us, we just forget because we are not always totally in touch with ourselves.

          • Thank you, Inger and Mewabe. You guys know how to start a dialogue. I appreciate that very much. I know the value of true authentic conversation. That’s something God taught me long ago. Why talk merely one line, one idea, be that idea a great one, it’s still one idea, and, hey, God is always gathering lights, lines, new ideas, expanding on those ideas. He just does. The world needs more authentic dialogue. That’s what’s wrong with the world. We don’t converse. We preach. We get angry, react, if someone attempts to offer up a new idea that isn’t our own.
            The owning of ideas is not real. When an idea goes out, God I Am shares light, love ideas, but the hateful ones, the “reactive” ones, those go back in a bubble of love, a pink ball of light, right back straight to the mind of the one hurling it. That’s consequence in love. We need dialogue not a one idea monologue that swallows hook, line, sinker even a guru talking a one love log. We love this guru, yet, we are each another guru. Use God means use every guru on this log, too. I Am I Am, and so is everyone posting love lines here to lift one love to the awareness one love lives all life in every particle as its true twin, its fully integrated, masculine and feminine whole heart, whole seed. I’ve said enough. Love to you, and thanks again for the dialogue Hi

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            Mewabe and Michelle…This is really interresting.
            It is certainly MANY things of us not of to be conscious about. And “the attraction, contra cause and effect” raising extraordinary “consequences.”
            It is sublime forces “in the play.”
            F.inst., 25 years ago moved into a haunted house and AREA.
            “The warnings” on forehand came forth by several friends and the late mother of mine(who still lived at the time).
            When upon entering the area, a grip arised about the stomach region of mine, and of me to to break out in the impulse of telling out loud: “I cannot live here!!!”…..The husband thought of me to be qrazy because the environment and surroundings looking beautiful. A valley with the surrounding hillsides, the green flowering fields…..And the only two neighbours were the farmlands with two farms on each side of the property.
            I cannot and will not tell what the one year of to live there did with the healthy condition of mine, even the nice dog of ours became “attacked” by whatever it was of the sublime “forces”…or energies in the area.
            One year of to stay there was more than enough, and we moved as fast as we could from the house and area.
            I have never figured out of what it was.

          • Wow Inger,

            That is interesting. I have had an experience with a ghost myself. I created the awareness of God speaking through me, and, one night, while I was in the bathroom before a mirror, God said to me, “Go get a microphone,” so I did, and I recorded for a bit of time that space in the bathroom on a regular microphone. When I played this sound back, I heard a man’s voice, the ghost that was a man, who at one time lived in my house. He was not sounding very nice on the recording device, I might add. He sounded really angry, and said, “Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut.
            Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Ouuuuuuuuuuuut.” Anyhoo, chills went up my spine, as you might guess. I didn’t hear a thing, except God
            tell me what to do, cuz Guy named God through me seems so calm always in life. When I hit the playback button on the recorder, let me tell you, I was anything but calm. Chills ran up and down my spine, and chills run up and down my spine just thinking of it now. I still have it on tape. It was an energy, a ghost energy, a man energy, a man, who once lived previously in my house. He was lingering in this plane. He was upset, because he believed he should be living in my house without me in it. God told me what to say to it and how to get rid of it.

            I know it sounds bizarre, but, God is magic. Truthfully, we are magical as God, Goddess. We are quantum energy, and quantum energy travels in waves. Light and sound are quantum and travel in waves, and the ghost energy arrived quantumly by a lightbeam, or a dim lightbeam. That’s how I would word it. It had a lack of light, or it wouldn’t have lingered in a plane it can’t create life in. A dim light he was. I hear he is fine now, though. Anyhoo, so, God says to me, “Sound will disperse this dim light, as we create more sound and light. The energy of the ghost will leave this realm with the clapping sound of your light hands. Light and sound travel in waves. Light and Sound are quantum, and we rid this energy quantumly. This energy that is bothering us as a ghost arrived quantumly, and we get rid of it quantumly with light and sound. Just clap your lightbodied hands, and the essence of the ghost, arriving quantumly to your space in this bathroom will dissipate. Clap your hands. Clap them three times and say, “Be gone. You are gone, baby gone.”” I did what God said to do, and I never had another ounce of trouble from then on from that grumpy old ghost 🙂 Just clap your lightbodied hands, Inger, and say, “You’re gone, baby, gone.” Hopefully, there won’t be a next time, but, truthfully, you can get rid of him 🙂

            Love to you, Inger. Maybe this is what your ghost was, too, a grumpy old thing that should have left the plane Hi Ho He 🙂

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            Dear Michelle.
            Hmmm, the particular area must have “housed” more than only one ghost !
            And who would be attacking innocent animals(the pet of ours)? I tried out everything of what I knew about “haunted mansions” when of to stay in the house and the area. Even well-known channelers and psychics, but it got worse after of they had been there. And even of me” to fall back into the childhood upbringing” in of to use the old fashioned “The Lords Prayer.” It didn`t worked out.
            One day Jehovas Vitnesses came on the doorstep. Two cute young ladies…..AND then thought by myself….I`ll let them inside and see what will happens? It was a hot and warm summer midday, but the inside of the house freezing cold. The two cute ladies got goose-bumbs(in their summer dresses)when sitting in the living room, and could not understand how chilly it was, since no aircondition worked. I was happy of to have them there because they were “innocent” about all of it, and of me not to mention a single word about anything(how could I do it in front of Jehovas Vitness??). We talked about God of course, and the Faith, but nothing of the chillyness changing about us….It became more and more freezing instead. And I offered the two ladies some cups with the hot tea and donuts. They stayed with me a couple of hours.
            Whatever it was about the house and the area….I do not believe in of it is to be “the ordinary ghosts.” Maybe it is the gnomes/dvarfs, or some angry Hubbits? It can explain how they tried in of to get rid of the dog. But what about the cattle and the sheeps on the neighbouring farm ?
            A whole lot more crazy things happened further up into the same valley as well. I could write a novel about it, but nobody would have believed me.
            It is an experience for a whole lifetime that`s for sure.
            I`m glad it is long gone.

          • mewabe

            Inger and Michelle,

            We cannot explain all psychic phenomena…Inger, perhaps a battle or an awful massacre had happened long ago in the area, and some very disturbing energy/imprint lingered. Or else some people needed some help.

            When it comes to real, individual people as spirits, as “ghosts”, when they become disruptive, it is usually because they need help (some of them are “lost”, some are in torment and can’t move on, etc). We can chase them away as we would chase a stray hungry dog, but the best route is compassion…to help them if we know how. The scarier they get the more help they need. They don’t always mean to scare us, but their energies and disturbed minds do.

            However there is no right or wrong, we only do what we can.

            I have helped a few…among them some recent mass murderers, who, because of their guilt, had created their own hell, in consciousness. They came, uninvited, to me for help, and were very insistent, because they sensed I could help them. Because I can get very busy with my work, I have had to make a couple of them wait a few days…not a pleasant thing to have them lingering around, but I am used to the presence of spirits.

            Once, I had been working late and it was around 1 in the morning, and I felt a very insistent, very disturbed presence around me…I asked, psychically, what it was about.
            I realized someone needed help, it was confirmed.

            I went outside, and I asked the person (spirit) to show me where he was exactly in consciousness. In total darkness (no moon), I felt this wave of energy going through me, and it was awful…a mix of terror, guilt, torment…mostly near absolute terror. The hair on the back of my head stood straight, but I was not afraid, because firmly grounded in love, and I know everything is consciousness…there is no hell or evil, just beliefs and thoughts, and their products, energy and projections.

            This person was stuck in a bubble of consciousness encased in guilt and made of immense terror. He thought he was damned and in hell. He was experiencing the product of his delusion, of his beliefs. This is much more common than we think.

            I did not argue with this person about beliefs, I went to the heart of the matter (yes it is possible to have a discussion with a spirit…)

            I helped this person to get out of his head (where the guilt came from) and back into his heart…and deeply feel the pain he had caused to others, and to feel his own pain, that propelled him to inflict so much pain on others, all the while reminding him to be thankful for divine help. His heart had to break open…

            It did after a few minutes (things can happen very fast in the spirit realm)…the psychic bubble broke after a while, and he was freed, and extremely grateful. He was at least free of his own, self-created hell and could move on.

            I have done this many times. Of course the soul or spirit has to want to do this…but those who come to me want help, so they are willing to listen.

            I did not set out to do this kind of thing…it just happened. At first I did it with another psychic person (the other person would get the history or background of the person and I did the healing part), then on my own. It’s a free service, and very gratifying, to liberate a soul in torment.

            Some would say, aren’t you interfering with karma? Karma only exists as a consequences of unresolved issues…once a person’s consciousness is healed, there is no more need for karma.

            For example and to simplify greatly: a person who hurts many others and feels no guilt of remorse may, in another life, choose to return and play the role of the victim…to know what it feels like to be hurt, not as a form of punishment but so the heart may finally break open, which is the end goal. But a person who fully realizes the pain she caused and feels it deeply as well as her own, is healed and carries no more of this burden.

            That’s real forgiveness all around, not as a mental understanding, but as an insight that comes spontaneously from the healed heart.

            Indeed, Hitler could only have gotten to “heaven” (freedom) if he went through that process, of feeling the pain he inflicted on so many, and his own pain that drove him to do so. There is no other route, no avoidance, the heart must come into play and be fully acknowledged, as “heaven’s door” is through the open heart (like that of a child), not through the mind!

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            Mewabe, you are a darling(my words). I KNEW of you to give some important clues(Michelle, love you as well, that`s for sure). And the very best explanations of ever to have heard, and it made me to be thinking about the many levels of the history(both the ancient ones and the “newer Ones”) in the valley. Thou sparcely populated, the german troops fighting their way through the narrow valley in april 1940. Despite of what you have read of the public history, the few norwegian troops at the time did the same as the gerilja soldiers did. They made ambushes along the route(in the same valley) against the german troops. It is the Stone Monuments along the route, both from the ancient times as well from WWII.
            Another thought which came to mind last night by sitting here and chatting with you and Michelle, will be what have experienced in U.K. It is the matter about the old english knowledge about what is called as “Ley-Lines” or is it LAY-Lines? “The Lines passing throughout” and to follow some of the earths-magnetic fields, such as canyons, and also in the changes after earth quakes. It is surely a matter of consciousness, the earth itself will be conscious.
            I`m very grateful to you and Michelle forever! The former veils are to be opening up so to speak.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Inger…yes there are many such areas in Europe, because of the older history…there were so many battles, so much suffering in many places, many nations.

            And yes there are currents of energy in the earth, which may facilitate or create a kind of imprint whereby certain traumatic events get registered as if on photographic film or videotape (to use old technological terms).

            Following your intuition is the best guide…some areas, as well as some objects, don’t have the best energy.

            I once was invited to go see an Egyptian exhibit (Tutankamun), and I couldn’t even get past the front door of the museum…I stayed outside and left my brother and his family go in. I had no beliefs about it, no preconception, I just felt something that was awful. I think it was because of a past life.

            Objects do hold energy, which is why I also avoid antique stores…which are full of old stagnant energies.

            When you are sensitive to energy, your own “antennas” guide you, and you have to trust that.

          • I agree, Mewabe. You have to go with the intuition always in life. Sometimes, one has to just leave the space, because the space is so encrusted with negative energy from eons ago. I hope all life clears all love from all these ancient, cellular, deep rooted fears housed in the earth and all within it, on it, and through it. I know fear is not real, but, it sure looks, feels real to those who believe all that is is in 3 d, as all we think we see, all we think we feel, all we think, all we think we believe in culturally, mythically, and indeed all things passed down through the ages and ages of ancient oldness. Time is now in for newness in all life. Here’s to you and all newness, and all you do, Mewabe, for springing forth only new. You are the cat’s meow in all life, I hear. Thanks for love, love. You are that who is God Life clearing fear from the earth. Love to you, Love Hi

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            Agree with you a 100 procent in everything Mewabe. It is a relief in listening to you. Now I know why of to be a part of this conversations.
            I do have the faith in of “it is more between heaven and earth Horatio, than of us to know.” And it is even much more to it when it comes to the happenings in the particular valley. UFO-sightings, inexplainable physical appearances when driving by the car to work in the mornings and back home in the evenings.
            One afternoon watched TWO NUNS walking at the narrow road(You`ll have to go to the 13th century of watching nuns in Norway, because the Catholic Faith ended for good when Luther came along in the 15th century, and the scandinavian state Churches became all Protestants). “Another of the complete inexplainable sightings” were of all of sudden meeting with a brand new black shining car on the ¨narrow road one very early Saturday morning…..And close enough of to watch two “persons” in the front seat…Looking as twins, with
            two curly

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            OOPPS, sorry, something “happened” with the computer-button…..But the two figures in the shining new black car, and looking as a brand new BMW-model, and the two identical “persons” had two big curly RED WHIGS on, and two red “balls” on the noses, as the clowns on circus. But they were dressed in black business suits….as of the some high-rank business-folks for a conferance meeting. Both of them stared straight ahead, not a single movement of any expression upon the faces, and it looking as of they never noticed us in the other car when of passing by us.
            After all of these things have come to the conclusion of somehow, one way or the other, the very special valley have had the upheavals of the “timeline” working, as if the paralell dimensions became all visible “in the play.”
            Then it is true of what Seth(the Seth-Books) is telling of all and everything exists “at the same time.”

          • mewabe

            Thanks Inger, yes I had this experience once, in my own living room…dimensions merging, and for an instant I saw an entity who saw me, and we were both baffled. I saw him standing and the environment was native grass…but I knew that he occupied the exact same “space” as my living room. And he saw me, probably in my living room, and wondered what my living room was doing on the hill! (I live on a small hill). I saw the look of shock on his face…I have seen entities many times, but never had I this specific experience of dimensions merging and of mutual surprise…it was quite amazing.

            It happened while I experienced what some call a “kundalini awakening”…the kundalini energy rising suddenly all the way and spontaneously (that’s what Kriya Yoga is meant to produce, but for me it happened naturally and without me ever even thinking about it or wanting it). It was very interesting, as I opened to the spirit world quite a bit.

            This particular merging lasted an instant, but it was memorable! It is indeed about dimensions merging…past, present, future, and probabilities…consciousness can become flexible enough to “stretch” that far and be in different dimensions at the same time, to meet another consciousness in the same “space” but at different “times”, or at the same “time” in different “places”.

            Some areas on this earth may have a kind of energy that facilitates this merging and other unexplained phenomena.

            Time travel…on the cheap!

          • Wow. That is so cool, Mewabe. Sounds like awakening without book reading preparation, just good old heartspeak awakening. That’s how it happened for me, too. I never studied a book, not one. I never read any books on new age or enlightenment. Actually, when I was eighteen I totally loved Ram Dass, “Be Here Now,” but, truthfully, I just loved the pictures and didn’t understand much. I also got way way into the I Ching, but other than that, I read zilch. I only czme across Conversations With God after the fact, and, that is why I was drawn to it. My experience was jus like it, so to speak.
            I wonder if your merging energetic imprints were aspects of you? If he was native, did you mean Native American, or native to the earth somehow? I know we collect aspects of the individuated soul as we rise up kundalini. I merged with mine already, and know of them consciously, but, I never, well, only in meditation have I seen the face of them. .actually, the mirror is a reflective thing, and, I have seen that, too. I have seen aspects of me in the mirror. I like to call it the mirror of all life. One can see in a mirror, like a seer sees in a crystal ball, I guess. Anyhoo, why would we be merging aspects of the Self in this most prospicious, auspicious, or whatever time on earth? We seem to be creating these sorts of experiences more, not less, now, than ever before. If we merge with individuations of us by bringing us to us, awareness to awareness, consciousness to consciousness, where do we speak easy, life? I mean all consciousness is part of one fabric, so, when do we all unite as one love, I guess. It’s a rhetorical question, I know, not meant for you, but, for all life, I guess. Thanks. Love is who we are and love travels mighty far and wide, when it hears a true heart beat a one love song on the drum of all life. Thanks for being that one lover 🙂

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            Yeao, it is countless stories about the experiences of paralell worlds, especially in U.K. The meetings with Roman Armies on their marchings in doing the restoration in the basement of an old building. Afterwards when digging deeper, it showed forth the remnants of an old Roman road(stones)of the basement.
            But dear friends, how come of you to have the impression of not to have “the behooves” of to read books??? Each book is “a living thing”…it is not “dead matter”…..The books are manifested thought-forms, and as such “a part of” the Akashic recordings/Universal Consciousness.
            And one other thing, it is not for nothing of Steven Spielberg have had “the fantasy” in to do all the Science Fiction Movies/Films.
            The possibilities of manifestations will be “inherited”(the inhertitance) within ALL of us without exceptions.

          • mewabe

            Thanks Inger, I agree with you about books…I have read many for may years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But at this point I get more from connecting to a passing cloud than from a book. I get more from connecting directly to the “spirit world” than from any book. I get more from my own
            unconscious/subconscious than from a book.

            I enjoy reading things that resonate…but I resonate more with the entire cosmos than from any writing. There is a degree of knowing that no words can convey…it would be like trying to explain music, or even love. It is a direct experience, of bottomless depth.

            Writing can be like music, and as alive as music. But I like to be in touch with the source…that some call God. I would rather have a direct line than hear what someone else heard, which is a second hand experience, and unique to that particular person, and not necessarily fitting me.

            Do you see what I mean? I would rather taste a pear than reading someone’s descriptions of his experience tasting a pear, which will never be exactly the same as my own.

            People choose gurus, teachers, a person to follow because it absolves them of responsibility, of the responsibility to connect directly with the cosmos. They look for a middleman, and to exert the least effort. They end up consuming teachers and teachings as they consume fast food…not realizing that the knowledge they seek can only come from direct, personal, unique, individual experience, an experience that fits who they are perfectly, and that is meant to be unlike that of anyone else.

            This is why I have never followed any teacher and never will…being an artist, I knew from the start that my way was not to follow another artist but to express myself in a unique way. From this, I understood that such is meant to be life, for each one of us…a unique connection, experience and expression.

            No one can give us our own connection and expression, and no one should try. The only real and useful thing any teacher can do is to ask pertinent, interesting questions, and let each one of us find our own answers.

          • Inger Lise Karlsen

            I`m speechless Mewabe. You are so very right, that is how it is.
            And here we are participating in the vaste probabilities of creation.
            Thanks a whole lot once again to you.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Inger…yes probabilities are infinite.

          • Inger and Mewabe,

            I agree the lines of openness in the earth and all on earth are getting wider and wider, so to speak. The energy housed in the heart of all love is clearing now, and all life knows it. The tree of love is creating more lines that will need no more energies of life. All lines will happen soon clearly and more clearly as we move through time, but, time itself is creating notime quickly, quickly and more quickly for all lightworkers, wayshowers and beacons of the light. All in God lines of God Mind are now beacons of the light. We do know lines of one love create energy as it clears energy. The energy it creates creates a space and what we put in that space is either I Amness, love, sweet, love, or fear again. We choose to create our reality with our own thoughts. What do we place in place of the clearing of the lines? That’s our mission. All we need is to be the love we are and all lines will fill with all love.
            Thank you so much, Inger, for all you are. Your light is bright in all love. Love to you forevermore 🙂

            Mewabe, I agree that the little ones sometimes need help. Truthfully, I have encountered spirits before, more than I knew
            really. I mean knew I knew of at least four or five, but, never did I know how many run to me, and, this to me is not a fun thing to experience. I don’t allow non ascended beings in my field, my blueprint. I just don’t. God I Am shields me mightily, and all who ask for that receive that shield. We only need to request it, and no thing can enter the space of one shielded, heavily mightily
            wielding God I Am named Guy. He just doesn’t let anything enter the space. That little ghost on my recorder was actually already dismantled, so to speak, and God says this, “I merely wanted her to learn about quantumness. She now knows that I am quantum energy. Granted, it was a little amusing when I told her, “There’s something standing behind you. Get your recorder.” She was excited. She thought she might see an angel again, and, what she heard was far from angelic. I met the moaner myself and I cleared him. He is fine now, but, I don’t allow any energetic energy of any kind to approach her in any mindset, not just lines of fear, but even the lines of “Can I speak to you?” I clear those, too, because she is not that in any realm. This is the Word of God I Am. I Am I Am, and so are you, Mewabe. You do not have to allow an energy in your body, mind, soul. We protect you, Mewabe. I know you cleared that mass murderer. In fact, last fall, I told Michelle of this, and she wrote on this wall with you just so your energy could move more lines to that energy. This is the Word of God I Am. I know it sounds weird, but, as light travels in life, it requires more lines of life, and, well, I am in tow always on her back, in her front, on her side. I Am with you like that, too, but when two meet, greet, they bring in more lines of oneness. So, now you know you know you know the dialogue that I posted, the exchange that created more lines of love in true love were from me. Michelle didn’t
            understand it, and, now she does. I told her you were dealing with a mass murderer and that this would help, so she created those lines. Normally, she’s shy. She really is. I have to boot her out though at times, and now I am booting her in, so to speak. We have work to do, life. Inger and Mewabe, you are beacons of the
            light. You just are. I love you and so does Michelle forever ever
            ever ever evermore Hi Love, God I Am through Michelle” Love to you guys, forevermore, Michelle

          • mewabe

            Thanks MIchelle…
            I know I am protected, from within. I have no fear of the spirit world…because I see no darkness, no evil, not even a scale of higher or lower consciousness. I only see love or suffering and pain, which come from a departure from love. Suffering comes when an individual betrays his own divinity.

            When you reach the spirit of oneness, when you are one within, nothing can ever hurt you, and you can help anyone who is willing to be helped. Helping others feels good…but it is not an obligation. I do it from the heart, because I want to. But it is not something I do every day…

            I have, long ago, chosen to, as Native Americans put it, “walk with one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world”…it’s a balancing act. Many would fear it because it would create imbalance in their lives…but I am firmly grounded in life in all of its aspects, natural and “supernatural”. I know the physical world is as an envelop hiding the spiritual world…but that the spiritual world is all around us…everything is spirit.

          • You are that, Love. You just are that who is the high heart of God I Am. You just are. You have God at your back, your front, your center and the core of the core of the core heart of you, so, you’re right. No need to ever worry. You are that who is God of Gods in All Love. Hi Ho He Love, Love, Love you Hi

          • mewabe

            Thank you Michelle, so are you

          • We are that we are. We just are Hi Whew and We are sure up late. 3 am Hi Anyhoo, thanks for that. You are amazing, Mewabe. I wanna be like you, Treemabe. I just do 🙂 I better get my cappacinno. I’ve been up too late. No ghosts, tho.:) Have a grand day. Love to you 🙂

          • Well, I am glad too for you, love. That sounds like one of those psychic attack phenomenon shows on tv. I saw a few and don’t even like watching it on television. The ghost that I saw not but was told about and then heard is more of a lingering type soul, and God I Am told me straight up to record him. Apparently, God I Am wanted me to teach others about quantum energy. God through me named Guy says this, “Don’t worry, Inger. That haunting is nothing to worry about, love. I am here to tell all my lightworkers, and, love, you are that, you know. You just are. Inger, you are a lightworker, and the lightbody of you is a grand one to me. It attracts darkness, because light is a real thing. Light attracts more light, as light comes together agreeing one one local manifestation of life in this realm. Dark forces, as you witnessed, also cry to find the light. Why? Because only light, only love, sweet love, is real. Only love has power, which is what I Am. I Am Light, Power, Love Sweet Love. So, are you, love. You just are the light, Inger. When those forces came into your space, you obviously had much to fear, you thought, but, truthfully, don’t be afraid. I am here with you now, showing you how to never fear dark forces again. Michelle would have been afraid, but, I didn’t let her feel what they were trying to do. I turned that off immediately, of course. She was just joking around with me, actually, when I told her there was something behind her. She said, “What? What do you mean there is something behind me? There’s nothing behind me. What are you talking about?” Then, I told her, “Get your recorder.” She did, gleefully, excitedly, not expecting a ghost to moan on it afterwards. I let her get the recorder and let a moan come through, so I could teach her how quantum energy moves. We are lightbeams and we move in waves. All light moves in waves, even the dim lights. The dim lights were grandly large at the time this occurred with her on the planet, so, your experience with the ghost, entities of fear, are similar to all my lightworkers, wayshowers, Beacons of the light. All were fiercely attacked, and that is why we came. We came to dissipate this negative energy housed in the earth, in the inhabitants, in the old cellular memory of all the life forms coming forth on earth. All life creates life as all life declares life here. The negative energies say, “I am that,” and, then, if we fear it, we say to it, “Oh my God, you’re here. Oh my God, you’re here,” but my lightworkers have me in tow, and all they have to do is clap their lightbodied hands and say, “oh no, you’re gone. You’re gone, baby, gone.” That phrase is a God Code now, just because of this incident with Michelle. I rised it up for her. I just did. Just if there is a cause for fear, Inger, don’t worry, love. The entities are not real. Fear is not real. We know this, but, heck, it sure can appear real. Appearances are not always as they appear, are they? Hi Ho He Next lifetime, don’t be afraid, love. You have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Fear is what draws fear to us, but, not for long, because I’ve got all life in tow, and all living lines of light are shining on Earth this day Whew Don’t worry, love. Never again will my lightworkers need to worry Hi Ho He Love to you, love. You are that. You just are Hi Love, God I Am, through this one named Michelle”
            Inger, I am not going to lie. I was scared to death afterwards, even though God assured me it was over. I trust God and that’s a good thing, cuz that voice on the recording device sure sounded angry and manly, not me, at all. I am a southern belle with a slow drawl and this voice on the recorder was definitely a high line of love not with a masculine voice that I didn’t want to hear ever again. It’s a darn good thing God didn’t tell me why he was telling me to fetch my recording device Whew I would have been to shaky in the fingers to get it. That’s for sure. I am glad you are in another space. Love to you, Love

  • mewabe

    To get back to Neale’s original question, the key word is “appropriate” (appropriate sentence).

    In my opinion there is no such thing, because the object is not punishment but protection. When a person has proven that he is willing to hurt others without cause whatsoever, he must unfortunately be restrained (jailed).

    But as long as we think in term of punishment, of blame, of retribution, condemnation, we will never heal the world, for the cycles of pain and blame are without end.

    To heal is to open the heart, not to judge and condemn. We must all open our hearts, and not just when it is easy, not just to a lost puppy or a sweet innocent child, or a victim…but to those among us who are suffering the most, whose hearts and minds are distorted beyond recognition, and who because of this commit the most atrocious acts.

    Otherwise love is just another meaningless word we toss around, and an energy we use to reward the “good and the innocent”, while we punish the “bad and the guilty” with judgment. That’s not actual love, that’s approval.

  • an appropriate sentence is to assist others that have been maimed by violence (such as our soldiers) so he may feel the oneness of his actions

    • mewabe

      It would be a good idea, but some individuals simply cannot feel…they are too messed up. Look at the people on Wall Street who created the collapse. Do you think they felt any kind of empathy and compassion towards the many they knew they were going to hurt?

      Most of the people who rise to the top of society do so because they lack empathy…in a dog eat dog world having compassion for anything is a major handicap. When entire cultures are based on the psychopathic model and run by predatory sociopaths, why can we expect but ever more violence, abuse and cruelty at every level?

      If people actually had the ability to feel, the world as we know it would change overnight. Abuse and suffering would not be tolerated one more day. It is because most people do not feel, or feel very little, that they can do what they do…killing, exploiting, abusing each other, every other living creature and the entire planet.

      The “Boston bomber” is just one aspect of this global insanity.


      So the insanity of violence is not what shocks us, in the ultimate analysis…what shocks us is that Americans were hurt.