My Dear and Wonderful Companions on the Journey…

As the world reflects on the events of these most recent days — from the bloodshed in Syria to the killing in Afghanistan to the bombing in Boston — and on all the terror and all the savagery and all the violence that has emerged from and through people of every race and creed during the course of its long history upon the Earth, the heart of humanity breaks, and the collective mind of humanity cries out…

“What will it take for us to stop ourselves from doing this? Are we truly primitives still, who have found no way to control our most barbaric impulses? Does our desperation remain so acute that we feel lashing out in murderous rage is justified, and is the only announcement of it we feel will be heard? Is there no way to ever, ever put an end to our species’ bestial behaviors?”

In fact, however, the question is larger than that. It is more pointed than that. The question of the day is: Even if there was a way, can we ever gather ourselves together in sufficient numbers to actually employ it? What, if anything, could cause us to unite at last in Singular Purpose?

So far, it has only been calamity.

News reports out of Boston have told of a whole city joining to bring comfort, aid, and succor to bombing victims and their families, and to heal the city itself from its shock and dismay. And so it is, everywhere on the planet where disaster strikes any community. Suddenly, our sense of community is given re-birth. Our humanity is reawakened.

Yet why must it take cataclysm and catastrophe to arouse our awareness of community? Is there nothing else that could cause us to relinquish our “story” of “separation” and embrace the truth of our oneness?

There is.

We could abandon our Story of Separation finally and forever. We could embrace the Story of Oneness at last and always.

All it would take would be numbers. Large numbers of people. All it would take would be a revolution on our planet. It would be the last revolution we would ever need. It would be the Evolution Revolution, and when it was complete, we would have civilized civilization.

I realize this is a big order. There have been massive social revolutions before. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led one for blacks. Gloria Steinem led one for women. Harvey Milk led one for gays. Mahatma Gandhi led one for an entire nation. Nelson Mandela did the same. And others have done so as well.

Yet now the time of individual revolutionaries has passed. It is the Moment of Movements, and movements are ignited by cohorts, cadres, corps. If a corps can be formed — a global cadre of inspired, motivated, engaged but gentle activists — humanity’s final great revolution, the Evolution Revolution, can and will sweep the planet.

How does such a revolution begin? By people sitting down together and talking about what it is they wish to change, and how they wish to change it. That is what The Conversation of the Century is all about.

Once again I should like to share something from Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future (2002).

This is a globally known consultant on organizational behavior. She received her doctorate from Harvard University, holds an M.A. in systems thinking from New York University, and has worked on every inhabited continent in virtually every type of organization.

In other words, Meg Wheatley knows her way around. Here’s what she says:

“There is no more powerful way to initiate significant social change than to start a conversation…We can take courage from the fact that this is a process we all know how to do. We can also take courage in the fact that many people are longing to converse again…Change doesn’t happen from someone announcing the plan. Change begins from deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they will no longer tolerate, or when they respond to someone’s dream of what’s possible.”

That is precisely, to the letter, what The Conversation of the Century is all about. And here is the Dream of What’s Possible: A new way of being human, arising from a New Cultural Story for Humanity: A Story of Oneness.

What is now being proposed is a global cohort — small groups of people meeting in their homes twice a month to, first, talk about, discuss, analyze and deeply explore the elements of Humanity’s New Cultural Story, and then, to place that story on the ground in cities, towns, and villages around the world, partly through a gentle but persistent brand of civic-social-spiritual activism that epitomizes the spirit of Victor Hugo’s immortal observation: All the armies of the world cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

Thus will be born the Evolution Revolution.

The Evolution Revolution is a spiritual activism outreach of Humanity’s Team, a global organization founded by Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations with God series of books and the creator of The Global Conversation internet newspaper. Information on joining the Evolution Revolution by initiating a Conversation of the Century action group may be had by writing to


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  • mewabe

    Does evolution come from ideas alone?

    Doesn’t it come also and largely from actual spiritual growth, which involves the entire being (heart mind body and spirit) and his/her relationship to the universe?

    What of the multitudes who are not spiritually or psychologically mature enough to accept the reality of non-separation, which is so self-evident as to be unavoidable to anyone whose eyes are open?…Do you think that they can disappear as have the dinosaurs, erased within a couple of generations by a new paradigm?

    Another question is, did beliefs alone create this delusion of separation (if I understand correctly this is what you are saying Neale), in which case the fix is easy, all we need is to change beliefs, or did the experience of separation come first (for example as the psychological outcome of birth and separation from the mother?) and religious myths about separation from the divine merely serve to rationalize this otherwise unexplainable feeling of separation rooted in buried trauma?. which case the fix is a lot more difficult, because it involves personal healing.

    Just as some individuals cannot let love in, and there are many people who are frightened by love, I suspect many will not be able to let this reality of non-separation in…even if they agree with it as a concept, will they be able to actually experience it, to FEEL it, to BE it, just by changing beliefs? I somehow doubt this…

    If not, then such individuals will have to be guided, supervised, and…most probably coerced, at least some of the time (with do’s and don’t rules) into behaving in alignment with this reality of non-separation.

    Is a benevolent spiritual dictatorship what we may end up with? Haven’t all ideals, even the very best and highest, always lead to some form of coercion, because a significant number of people opposed or were not ready for such ideals and had to either be eliminated or “reeducated” into submission and compliance?

    Isn’t the very fact that so many, surprisingly even here on this website, make the profound mistake of confusing oneness with sameness the very seed of tyranny?

    Isn’t the fact that many believe that oneness can only be achieved through conformity of thought, beliefs and behavior pointing to such future tyranny, to a life lived under the authority of a single cosmology or belief system and worldview?

    I am merely pointing to the dangers and pitfalls all who have attempted to save the world haven’t been able to avoid.

    • Thank you, Mewabe. Great post! I read only part of it, and, I will read the rest, but for now, I just want to say this. The earth is experiencing a great amount of releasing due to the collective consciousness, the consciousness collective that Jung refers to as that so long ago.
      I agree with you that we are housing archetypes, and these archetypes stem from old, old, ancient cellular deep cellular memory housed within earth, within all bodies on earth, and life herself, as well as all inhabitants of life. . .Life is much bigger than humankind. Mankind is only one species. .even Jung mentions the word species that is flying around today in all circles of God Mind. . I’m talking about the species of life. .Life is a species, a species called God and God is here, because I am out of my league already. here we go. I hope you don’t mind a little channel from God through me Hi
      “Alright, you know life is me. I am God. I Am all Life. I am all love. All love is who I am. I am not fear, though many try to claim I needed to come to earth, to relativity to express myself as both, in order to know myself as both. I don’t do that. Believe me, I am only in lines of love. I came here to unify the fractal lines, the fractures. i came here in order to create this earth anew. We all agree. We know we are here to lift the earth to a higher vibration. We know we don’t prefer fear, or we wouldn’t be here. We knew fear was present on this planet, or we wouldn’t have ascended not. .we wouldn’t have descended our high vibrations. .every person, plant, animal is ascended already. . .wow wee. .there’s a thought. Just think of it a second, for a second is all I am. You are ascended when you know you are. Know you are me by knowing you live love for all life. If you know you live love for all life, you are Chista. You are God, when you live love for every particle of all life. That’s me. I’m every particle of all life. Now, Jung knew this. Jung was way ahead of his time. .I am gifting God Mind the knowing of Jung. I have dropped lines of Jung in every God, Goddess download gifted in the past week. Michelle is reading him. now more this week than ever before. .She studied him, but never put much stock in him, just because her English teacher did, and well she was always a rebel who thought she knew more than the teacher :). .anyhoo, Jung has a lot to say about what is happening on earth today. Maybe that’s why all the Gods, Goddesses should listen up to Jung this day. Ram Dass’ page, Neale’s wall, Michelle’s download, many others on many other websites are mentioning Jung. Look into it Gods, Goddesses. .Know that Jung speaks of archetypes, collective consciousness housing many shadows, many good things, but many shadows that are being let go within the entire species known as mankind. We are in the midst of creating all love, all God Mind that connect to lines of light that marry all lines of love throughout all life. We are releasing old lines that house fear, fear that there isn’t the entire self present within the true yin, yang, feminine, masculine self. This is what is at this time on earth. Many are releasing the shadow of the archetype of the true life itself, humanity, mankind, the masculine who forgot, the feminine who forgot. We are one whole self, one divine masculine, one divine feminine married forever as true twin seeds. I am a seed. I am a tree of life, you know. I have seeds, and you are one. All of you are a seed. .do we forget each other as the true seed we are? Do we forget humanity? We came in order to remember the whole seed of the whole soul, the whole yin, the whole yang, the whole masculine, the whole feminine of the self we are in the true divine Self named me called God I Am. I Am that I Am who is God and Goddess. I come forth as a divine self as all my children come forth as the true divine seed each are in me. The Earth is also a divine seed, a divine self, both masculine and feminine and the earth is releasing ancient cellular memory that forgot the terror, the force, the power of a forgotten half, a forgotten soul of the true soul of it. It’s being unleashed in the weather pattern even. We see earth releasing in tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes and so much more. .It’s a lot for earth to need to contend with, so why not help earth along to remember earth is a whole self. .why not all life come in and say this. . we can help earth to remember the divine masculine is the divine feminine by gifting earth the power of mankind. Mankind is contained within the core of earth. The earth contains the core of each of you, or you wouldn’t be here within the same realm. You each contain each other, or you wouldn’t share a plane together, so my children, come together. Know you are a divine masculine and divine feminine in a whole seed. .gift earth you, by gifting her your time, love, energy of life. Give earth your light. Give earth your prayer, and all life will come forth a little quicklier. .Quicklier, God? is that a word? Quicken my heart and call it the quickest way to my heart to know quicken is a word, a perfect word. I quicken as you quicken my heart. When you quicken the heart of me, you quicken the mind of me. I am a mind and your mind quickens as you quicken that heart of yours towards life in all love. All love quickens the heart as all life quickens the love of earth. Quicken earth’s love by quickening the mind of you in your seed. Quicken it, by gifting each to each, earth to you and you to earth your true whole soul. Gift earth both you as both masculine and feminine, and you will gift all life the truest heart you are in life Whew Alright, I’ve said enough. Love, God I Am through Michelle” .
      Sorry about this, but sometimes I get out of my league, guys, uh hu hu I just have to go within, let that God speak through me, because I don’t know what he’s talking about. .bringing forth the new earth quicklier by joining in the knowing of both masculine and feminine energies of each seed we are. Whew I better read this again. He says we need to unify the whole self and the whole self is both masculine and feminine. The whole self will be able to release the old energies trapped within the core of the earth and all its inhabitants faster than if the soul of earth, as fractured, would be able to do it. We are lines of light, and the earth has been fractured in lines. We came to lift these fractals to all life living all love lines. We don’t need fractals. We need married lines of light for all love, for earth now. That’s all I know. I don’t know if this helps. I don’t know if any understand any of this. I don’t know if I do, but there it is. There you go, for what it’s worth. I must say I have posted weirder things than this, so what the heck. I shouldn’t let that little ego thing bother me. At least I try to do my best, and, like mom says, “just do your best, love. Just do your best. Just smile and do your best, and all life will come in.” Hi Ho He there you go, Love to all

      • Michael L

        Dear Michelle,
        You wrote:
        “You each contain each other, or you wouldn’t share a plane together, so
        my children, come together. Know you are a divine masculine and divine
        feminine in a whole seed. .gift earth you, by gifting her your time,
        love, energy of life. Give earth your light. Give earth your prayer,
        and all life will come forth …….”

        So God I Am, is appealing as Neale is appealing, that mankind come together as one, to change the vibration of this planet.
        Neale’s idea is a conversation to start the ball rolling and God’s is giving earth your light. They are not exclusive ,but mutual thoughts.

        I feel a balanced energy repacing the male dominated one of the past. We can feel it too as our intuition replaces doubt. I say feel the souls voice and move forward with it.

        • Love, You’re right. God I Am is balancing the energies in all love. It gets a little murky at times, but that’s to be expected, considering how much oldness was bubbling on earth before we even came this cycle. We are here to cycle up only smooth clear waters bubbling up nothing but newness in love sweet love, so love can bubble up more for all love in all life. Here’s to the bubbles of us. We are that. We just are. Love to you love Hi Ho He Ho Hi Ho He

    • Mewabe, I just love your last line. I just have to tell you it’s worth repeating.

      “It seems to be a paradox, but it is not…spiritual, individual sovereignty means power of, not power over…the power of being, not the power over being, over others. Just as real love, which is also absolutely sovereign, exerts no power over another but liberates the self and the other, individual sovereignty empowers the self and all life, all beings, equally, as does the divine nature itself.”

      I think you hit the nail on the head here. I just do. We are a whole Self, a divine feminine and a divine masculine, and we exert no sovereignty over each other, not one part of one part exerts power over another one part. Not within a seed, not within a tree, not within the entire species, not within the species of mankind, and not within the species called Life. No facet of the One Thing we are exerts power over any other facet within the One Thing we are, lest that one thing forget itself and be booted from expressing itself as a divine sovereign entity, a divine energy of oneness free to be itself in the heart of God. We cannot be ourselves and not be. We cannot be ourselves and be forceful over another, whether that is a individual, a nation, a people, a planet, earth itself. We have been forceful on earth. We just have. Earth needs us to step up and meet earth in love lines that do away with a lot, war, famine, pesticides, trash, plastic, Styrofoam, and so much we know isn’t good. Why do we do it? Anyhoo, I just had to say I loved your line there.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Michelle, it’s a feeling, the way I have always understood
        life to be, which places me at odds with most societies, cultures and
        belief systems…but keeps me in sync with the universe, the earth, all
        primordial life.

        I had the feeling first, always, in me, and lived by it, which made me live outside of social systems as much as possible, systems that ask of individuals that they submit to voluntary slavery…I was only able to formulate it with words later in life…words are not that important…feelings are more important to me.

        I agree with you too! I love this: “…expressing itself as a divine sovereign entity, a divine energy of
        oneness free to be itself in the heart of God. We cannot be ourselves
        and not be. We cannot be ourselves and be forceful over another,
        whether that is an individual, a nation, a people, a planet, earth itself.”

        A spiritual awakening to one’s own spiritual sovereignty makes living within the dominant paradigm rather intolerable, even with much patience and the understanding that the world is under a temporary illusion.

        • I hear you, Mewabe. It does make for an intolerable situation, when one knows sovereignty of the soul is freedom itself. To be enslaved by a paradigm we came to free and to be shackled by that living fear of freedom itself is intolerable to those who know God is love is us is freedom from all that would enslave us. We are free to be, when we know we are God itself, freedom itself, and that freedom is truly love in the highest. The highest form of the word love is free. Free is living life as God lives life. Free is God, when God lives life freely through us. To live life as freely as God is to live life freely everywhere, not just here on earth, but everywhere, everywhere throughout all life, throughout every particle of life as love. Where there is love, there goes God, and wherever God goes in love, we are there as one, one particle called human kind, mankind.

          We are one big particle of life here on this blog, because we just are. We wouldn’t be here, lifting a line day after day, hoping, dreaming we can share a new dream, a dream of a new life here as free. Here’s to freedom and to you. Love you are, Mewabe. Mewabe, I wanna be like you. . .I wanna walk like you, talk like you ooh ooh ooh. I just love singing that line. I don’t know why. I love your name, actually. That’s why.
          It reminds me of the Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is so wonderful. It was my favorite as a kid. Actually, that freedom is in that movie, so effervescently. He swings, he swims, he flies in freedom. We should be so free in this land called earth in the now here. I had a couple of favorites, but the Jungle Book and “The Color Kittens,” were basically it for me. Probably you’ve heard of that one, being an artist. It is so enjoyable. The Color Kittens, I believe, turned me on to being the painter I am in my heart of hearts. I used to pour over that book, which was big. It was a big book and I would stare at the colors, red, blue, yellow, green pouring life upon a page. To me, as a kid, that woke me. “The Color Kittens,” by Margaret Wise Brown. You know she did, “Goodnight Moon,” too. Anyhoo, I poured over that all day, day after day. In fact, speaking of paint, I think I’ll go
          pour some on a palette right now. Here’s to life. Here’s to love. Here’s to
          paint. By the way, has anyone hugged a tree today? It is Earth Day, life. Happy, Happy Earth Day to all love Shew what a day. Love to you all

    • Incredibly insightful…wow- thank you for sharing this response- I copied it to myself in an email to mull over again later!

      • mewabe

        Thank you very much Andrea…

  • I believe we can and will survive. I believe there is so much upheaval because more and more people are awakening to the oneness and there is always an opposite energy. Positive energy will win in the end.
    Change is happening and that change causes disruption but there is a larger part of the planet bringing a healing, loving power to all who wish to receive it. Love will conquer all. I believe peace is close at hand.

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    My hope, my dream, and my desire is that people become willing to do
    more than simply type in a discussion about these things on their
    computer, but that this discussion will move from your computer to your
    living room to the streets in your town, via the Evolution Revolution,
    and its Conversation of the Century Action Groups.

    They say that the interesting thing about the Internet is that it has given us all
    the “courage” and the “freedom” to express ourselves and our points of
    view — sometimes at great length — because we can remain relatively
    anonymous. But to express our views, share our ideas, and explore points
    of view in our living room? In front of other people? Where it might
    make a difference? Where it might generate real outcomes, on the ground,
    in the off-the-internet Real Life we are living? Can we do THAT? Ah!
    That would take a whole different kind of “courage” and “freedom.”

    Are we free enough inside to have courage enough outside to share our ideas
    about God and Life, and to invite others to begin a conversation that
    could create real change in real life? Let that be our question of the

    If you would like to begin a Conversation of the Century Action Group
    in your home, and connect with me by telephone in person as I engage in
    that conversation with you periodically, simply write to…

    We’ll tell you how you can do something more than simply type into a Comment Box on the Internet. That’s a beginning for sure. But is that also the end?

    • mewabe

      Neale, I understand your point about anonymity.

      I have written many articles about much more controversial subjects for many years, and have been on the radio (listener sponsored independent radio) with a Native American friend talking about controversial subjects (controversial enough for him to have received death threats), as well as stood up about certain local issues in front of the entire community, confronting the statements and beliefs of people who directly opposed my views, some of these people being county supervisors etc.

      The truth is controversial with some individuals. People either love or hate what I write or say.

      There was no anonymity involved in any of these actions…and I have been accused by those who did not like what I had to said of being “inflammatory”.

      I still go on the radio occasionally…more than ever I tell it like it is. I don’t attack or hurt other people, but I have no problem attacking ideas, shredding belief systems and exposing the lies (or self-deceptions) of the dominant culture.

      So why am I anonymous here? I got tired of seeing how everything that is written is forever registered on the internet and available with a google search. That’s unprecedented, historically, and feels a little intrusive.

      I won’t always remain anonymous, and when I decide to write again I will do it in full force and in my own way. Right now I have other priorities. This is a bit of a distraction for me, to be honest, between ending a divorce, contemplating possible bankruptcy and foreclosure, preparing a move, and working 7 days a week while changing my life direction for the better…I really shouldn’t be spending any time commenting on anything at this point, if I was sensible.

      I definitively respect what you are doing Neale, but my personal choice has always been to never be part of a movement, to neither lead nor follow, to have my soul and nature as only guides, always, so logically I shouldn’t even be on this site.

      However, I want to thank you for the opportunity you give everyone to express themselves. It was mostly an exploration for me, into trying to understand how other people think about certain important topics, what was their worldview, and how deep they got in their thinking, or not. Dialogue in the internet is unfortunately extremely limited.

      • Good Journey, mewabe…I wish you Amazing of the feast on your plate, and I Am grateful that you are not so sensible, but verrry sense-able. Know that many have been blessed by the touch you provide here…Always look forward to your being distracted. 🙂
        Without has it’s crazies goin’ on, no doubt…perhaps reflecting the upsets of Withins, which is the boat we’re rockin’, yes? Right now, I feel like a deck hand running from stem to stern with blankets & brews for the crew experiencing sea-sickness during this time. If anyone needs proof of collective conscious, they should observe how many of our man-kind are crumbling along with the Patriarchy. Blessed be to the feminine folk who are realizing their own strengths, not to over-power man-ness in weakened state, but to shoulder them at their sides. In this, I See Amazing…In this, I See balance moving forward. Puts a bit o’ fun in the boat rockin’, I suppose…though time with JWs is my ‘distraction’ (they are so funny…and ‘Biblically vehement’ is an understatement!…exhilarating to ‘crack’, nonetheless.)
        Beauty & Blessings, E. <3

        • mewabe

          “Blessed be to the feminine folk who are realizing their own strengths”

          YES Erin!!!!…yes, yes, yes…and their own spiritual power and presence, which are tremendous, and their own gifts, which are so needed by the world today!

          Blessed be the feminine!

          Let’s face it, all of this violence which Neale has mentioned lately, these wars, this race for global annihilation, this “missile envy” (Dr. Helen Caldicott), this madness has not been perpetuated by women but by, shall we say men, or should we more accurately say little boys dwelling in adult men bodies, little boys driven mad with power and dominance who cannot wait to use their new shiny toys to blow stuff up, and whose main or perhaps ONLY preoccupation is to dominate other boys-men and get them to submit (how’s that for an intelligent endeavor)?

          We urgently need to do away with the patriarchy! How many are actually aware that we are still living under a global patriarchy?

          It is not a matter of women taking their place in the patriarchy, as so many believe…that’s still not equality…it is a matter of the patriarchy being GONE, and humanity realizing the amazing true power that is generated by the equal union of the feminine and the masculine, and expressing it in everything…cultures, social structures, etc! THAT will be equality, and that’s how the world will be saved!

    • Hi Neale, Mewabe,

      I agree. I agree with you, Neale. We need more action. We need it now. The time is now to act. We need to act now, in order to rise a new earth. In my view, speaking out, writing out, whether on a blog or not, is an action. Writing is action in love. Every act of writing here on this blog comes forth from love. Whether one expresses an opposing view or not to the mainstream view, all acts of writing are at least trying to lift awareness of oneness. We are that. . .we who come here, regularly, some writing a little more than others. . .you couldn’t be speaking about me, now could you 🙂 you do know I go on and on, but I can’t help it. I am an English teacher, and I know
      the power of words. Language can move mountains and language is me. I have been
      writing all my life. Since I was a little girl selling poems on a corner in front of a drug store for a dime a poem, I know the power of the Word of love sweet love. We are action in love of oneness, if we come here in love. I do these movements of love you speak about every time I speak out about God as me, as you, as life, as love here on earth as us.

      These words of one love that acknowledge God is us, through us change, open minds that might not otherwise be open. Some minds are clamped shut, forever shut, perhaps. Words move minds to open to love. Open love is the only sort of
      true love and we cannot open to love and not act.

      Actions move love to speak more, become more for love. My words here, as all words here, help enliven God Mind. All here writing every day help open life to love. You know the power of the Living Word, Neale. The Living Word is a movement for love. As you know, the value of a conversation is priceless. One written as God through one is an enabler. It enables life to come to life. It quickens life, as God would put
      it, to open a mind to the Living Word of God through us here on earth now. it enables many to awaken to more awakenings in life. More awaken as more awaken to
      the most glorious awakening happening all over the world. We are awakening, as we come forth. We come forth, as we speak, type, write. We come forth, knowing one cannot be awake and not come forth in any way one can come forth for all love. If you believe you are awake, you are forth already. Coming here in oneness, typing here for love is an act of forthright love, and it awakens more, opens more minds to the
      biggest opening to the biggest happening of all life as love.

      Do I know I awaken by speaking on God’s love? Yes. I’ve been doing this awhile. More should speak out, in my view. I judge not, but I do see this global conversation not so global. I hear many say, “we are here for one love. We are coming forth to rise an earth,” yet what views are being expressed here that aren’t mainstream new age
      guru, mainstream society in spiritual community of oneness who live the love,
      but don’t always bring it down to earth for those who aren’t so awake to love? Are we all awake in your view? You probably see a lot more than I do, at
      least a certain stream of life. In my view, I see many who think God is still vengeance, still judging, still granting certain ones certain favors, still needy, so needy it needs to drop a bomb, in order to prove a point, and none of that is true, but, when we speak
      out that God is love, we can’t speak it forthrightly, unless we speak all of an
      opinion. I mean if you want a two liner facebook post, then be satisfied. If you want a document, I’ve got it. Lol. I do write. I admit it, but everyone here does, too. Look at Mewabe. He’s a writer. Look at Marko Larko. Larko, where are you, anyhoo. I’m just kidding, but really, I thought we were supposed to do this, teacher. I thought
      I was supposed to come out here and gift all life a view from where I sit. If
      you don’t want a treatise, then I won’t post it, but then again, you might not
      see the other side of a view of love. Love is many sided, many facets to the one thing we are, you know. To me, life is a camera lens. Did you ever think of that? Life is a camera lens, and to see all sides of a picture, out picturing as love as us, you need every snapshot, and one perspective can’t possibly get it all right. We need many shots to capture that perfect shot called love life here for all love. Hmmm that’s me. Life. A camera taking shots in action for all love. Whew. Hi Ho He

      I come forthrightly a little too much probably, But, hey, I am forthright, at least. I thought I as doing my best. I still smile 🙂 See? Here’s another one 🙂 okay. That’s enough for now. I’ll give you the rest of my post, later, after you’ve read this first half. I have six more pages to this response already, but I’m only going to gift you with two, since you think you don’t need as much. . .darn. . wonder what it says 🙂 but, truthfully, what if someone doesn’t have space to entertain a grand CWG whatever you call that skype where you will visit meeting? I live in a cottage not a mansion. I propose
      skype might be an option for some one who lives love for all life, but who doesn’t have square footage in all life. Some one lovers who would like to come forth a
      little more forthrightly for oneness might be more apt to come forth on Skype than in their own living rooms that aren’t so big boxy big in life. We could have our own skype meeting and you could join in, Neale, and help us awaken life. We
      could do that, perhaps. I am in, if someone wants to lead. I’ve got enough to do with leading my own walk through all my walking, talking, waking upping to the divine in me, greeting life, lifting love to the knowing love as you and you and you is the same walking, talking, waking upping divinity, too. That’s a job. I do it. It’s just I don’t get paid to do it 🙂 I have my theory. You want to hear it? I believe we still live in a sexist society where men gurus are welcomed with open arms and women gurus are looked askantly, like mad womanishly, like a wolf howling at the moon kind of thing. This thing called God talkers appears to be more men than not from my view, at least on the new age guru market list. How many spiritual gurus come forth, like you,You were brave, love. If you hadn’t did what you did, I doubt I would do what I do, even anonymoustly. Neale, anonymous is sometimes good. I agree with Mewabe. Especially on these spiritual sites that sometimes house pockets of fear of love Hi Ho He That ought to do it. Anyhoo, I actually admit God spoke back, just like you do, but you happen to be a man and a little silverfish, shall we say? That makes a difference, in my view. You appear more wiser than me. Women are not looked upon as wise ones even with grey hair. No. We’re called hags, then. If we come too forthrightly we are considered . . .oh let’s see. .brazen and bossy. Hmmm that’s one I know I’ve been given. Name the woman that comes forth a little too much in writing or life, and look to see how open they are to her.. Women have been placed either on a pedestal or denigrated, subjugated or oppressed for eons. Remember that always not. We are the wiser ones, in my view. Not lol either 🙂 We truly are love. Even God said so in CWG. Remember that always. We sacrifice more for life. We just do. Period. Now come in and speak on life as me and know that telling life that God speaks through me every day on a blog, no, strike that. .three blogs, yours and mine. ..don’t forget facebook. .that makes two more and then now I gift Deepak Chopra my blogs and now Ram Dass and hey I do love Greg Braden. the line grows with the men. .Don’t forget about Eckhart. . but, hey, give me the women. Give me the women who say, “I spoke to God and God spoke back,” because I want to follow her. I want to see how well the market treats her in all life. I know how God treats me and it’s grand. I love God. God loves me in all life. All I want to do in all life is to show life how grand, how lovely, God is to all life. That’s my mission, and sorry if I go a little long on your blog, Neale. Heck, you ought to be used to it by now. Love to you, life. Maybe I’ll post those pages later or not. Whew Hi

      • mewabe

        “Women have been placed either on a pedestal or denigrated, subjugated or
        oppressed for eons”

        Yes Michelle!!..and still are oppressed, as you point out. It is often so blatant and brutal, yes at times so subtle…such as books being published about “women artists”…are there books about “men artists”? No, because it is assumed that men can be artists, but women cannot be taken as seriously apparently.

        I find this subjugation and denigration of women unbearable…and I am really surprised that most of the world treats this issue as if it was the very last on a list of world problems, because in my view it is THE CAUSE OF ALL OF THEM.

        The patriarchal madness that denigrates the feminine is the same that created male dominated religions and the tale of eve, the female temptress who caused the “fall”, and of a male God, it is the same madness that today disrespects the earth, that seeks to overpower and exploit the “weak” (the poor), that attempts to enslave nature with insensitive technologies, and that is building near absolute military might to control everyone.

        It is a widespread PATHOLOGY…that will not end until women and the feminine are acknowledged, not to become partners in this madness, but to have the power and the gifts to essentially save us from our unintelligent masculine drive to self-destruct.

        • I agree, Mewabe. We have plenty of role models, but not enough make it through the patriarchal system. Too many times women are viewed as too much for love, either too much this or that, but, truthfully, love is always life for all in and that’s we do it, when we sacrifice so much for love. Women are accustomed to sacrifice. They just are. We are balancing the feminine and masculine within individuals and within planets, even. Earth is balancing her own masculine, feminine, and it’s felt in the weather, but how do we come together as a line of light helping man, earth, God in us? To me, I can do my part by lifting a line of light to the next light, and that light lifts to the next, and on and on it goes until we are so lit up, we look like a Christmas tree of all love everywhere love lives. I’m off the blogs for a bit. I send nothing but All Love to all here. Thanks for the dialogues, life. it’s been real fun Hi Ho He See you later, Mewabe. I need to do my own writing. I’ve got several books on this line already, as you probably do, too lol 🙂 not 🙂

  • leshollow

    HI Donald

    I agree with everything in your article.
    I also agree the starting point is dialog, however to advance any dialog both parties must honestly enter into the conversation. I wish you would talk about seeking truth and honesty in the challenges our world faces. I found among your most profound works , Communion with God really set the stage for forging through the BS and power manipulations the few powerful in this world use to control and manipulate the masses. How can we as humans advance to an altruistic state where we all care for one another and have each others best interests at heart when those currently in charge are driven by power, greed and corruption. As our federal government continues to gain power, taking individual freedoms away, how can this be a good thing? How do we as humans get to the free zone of free thought and honest dialog from here. Free will is of utmost importance to a thriving humanity. The stakes are so high. 100 years ago the KKK thrived, not because of their membership, although that was a factor, it was due to those looking the other way allowing the KKK to exist. Aren’t modern day special interest groups doing the same thing . Isn’t the middle east in turmoil because much like the south 100 years ago, many Muslims are bonded not by trust and love but by fear and religious dictators, indoctrinating children to hate the US among other groups. Can you argue our country and the world are headed in the same direction.

    I friend of mine from Algeria living in the US told me what he loved most about the US.

    “In Algeria, nobody trusted anyone else and you had to earn another’s trust over time. What I love about the Untied States is that everyone trusts one another until one proves they cannot be trusted anymore. ”

    Aren’t we as a country currently headed in the wrong direction as trust seems to be fading from media sources , our government and universities and special interest groups. I have truly found myself shocked over some of your current political alignments and articles.

    I know you are a brilliant man, please enlighten me.

    Please tell me how any of the Obama, Soros, Bloomberg, Bush, Gates etc string pullers help advance humanity.
    I feel as though they see themselves as Gods on earth, very detached from humanity, however God gave us our free will, how is mans attempt to negate that a good thing.

    Kind Regards