Will you be a statistic?

The Greatest Wealth is Health – Virgil

Having a conversation with God just makes sense when facing any challenge, and health challenges are no different. Given that most of the human race die from preventable chronic illnesses, what if anything might we wish to look at and potentially change in our lives to circumvent us becoming another statistic?

God has much to say on health and healing, and the Conversations with God Foundation is hosting an event to address recovery through holistic health. This conversation will be powerful yet practical, providing a new way to look at yourself and your life that could change everything. It will also look at common sense solutions to everyday living problems, like all good Conversations with God do.

You need not wait until symptoms appear to benefit from recreating yourself and your health anew. For example, were you aware that heart disease manifests itself for 10 to 30 years before its first symptom appears? And unfortunately, the first symptom is a heart attack! The really bad news is that 50 percent do not survive the heart attack to make the changes that would have changed everything.

Waiting for symptoms to appear makes no sense as the example above demonstrates. So what to do about it?

First, here is the top ten list from the CDC of the leading causes of death in 2012:

You will notice that all but 2 are diseases and preventable ones at that!

Heart disease: 597,689

Cancer: 574,743

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859

Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494

Diabetes: 69,071

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476

Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

Hold on though, this list is not accurate. There is one missing! A new number 3!

Every year tobacco kills more Americans than World War II did — more than AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vehicular accidents, homicide and suicide combined!

Approximately 440,000 people die from their own smoking each year, and about 50,000 die from second-hand smoke annually!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22,073 people died of alcohol, 12,113 died of AIDS, 43,664 died of car accidents, 38,396 died of drug use — legal and illegal — 18,573 died of murder and 33,300 died of suicide. That brings us to a total of 168,119 deaths, far less than the 440,000 that die from smoking annually.”

While untimely deaths of any kind are sad, those related to lifestyle choices – like smoking, poor eating, and drinking or other drug use – are especially tragic!

“Three decades ago, public outrage ended a popular American automobile model – The Ford Pinto – whose design defects allegedly caused 59 deaths, yet close to 500,000 people a year die from smoking alone. Where is the outrage? Or better yet, the common sense to change our minds about what we are doing to ourselves every day.

Is it just a lack of knowledge? Or could it be that the way we look at certain issues that cause them to remain in place? Could a shift in perspective hold the keys to seeing solutions to problems that have been left unresolved in our life?

A shift in perspective always creates a new point of view, a view that sheds light on things once unseen. And the seeing of this new view presents new solutions that could change everything. (and will change everything if you use them).

Is it time for you to take another look?

Here is a place where making an assumption is actually a good thing. Assuming that you have one or more of the top 10 chronic illnesses developing within you right now is prudent, as the only real defense is prevention. Will you?

On June 23rd, I, along with a host of other holistic healers, will shed light on how to create wellness in the face of any health challenge…or better yet, as a way of life to prevent them.

Sounds like a tall order, but in truth the understanding and solutions are not that complicated. It is often as simple as taking another point of view, another way of looking at the current problem, a new view that would change everything.

While we call it a Recovery Retreat, and many who have signed up are dealing with the chronic illness known as addiction, we will show you how the same or similar protocols for dealing with addictive and compulsive disorders can also create a new path to healing for the other top causes of death on the planet today.

We will take a holistic point of view as we walk down the path of recovery from dis-ease, that is, look from the perspective of the whole being and our connection to all of life. In fact, we will show you why so many remain stuck in illness and how to begin to shift out of that immediately.

When you apply the wisdom shared at this event, you will set in motion the power of your beingness to heal the imbalances causing the problems that create the symptoms of dis-ease, which as you have seen about are currently causing so many to die prematurely.

Will that be you? Or will you answer the call within to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held of who you are.

We have a seat for you. It is waiting and you already know if you are suppose to be here.


A Path to Peace

June 23 – 26 Medford Oregon


Regular price $395

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $295 if registered before May 26


The “CwG Recovery Retreat” ends right before Neale Donald Walsch’s next “CwG Spiritual Renewal retreat” held June 26 – 30. Why not consider participating in both? Come spend a life transforming week with us!

 Sign up by May 26th and you can do both retreats for only $492. 


The retreat is held at the Rogue Regency Inn, 2300 Biddle Road, Medford, OR 97504. Hotel accommodations are not included in the price of the retreat registration. There are rooms available at the Rogue Regency at the discounted rate of $89/single or double. For reservations, please call 541-770-1234 or 800-535-5805 and request the “Conversations with God” group rate. Reservations must be made by May 25th, 2013.

The Rogue Regency features a full service restaurant offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, beauty salon, barbershop, massage therapist, indoor heated pool, spa, terry bathrobes and feather pillows in all guest rooms, with optional two-room suites with hot tub and fireplace at a slightly higher price, plus free transportation to and from airport, five minutes away.


For more information contact: Will : 1-352-442-2244

or will@cwg.org

Join us in this most important conversation with God! I look forward to seeing you there. To your health! – JR

J.R. Westen, D.D., C.A.d. (J.R. is a Holistic Health & Spiritual Counselor who has worked and presented side-by-side with Neale Donald Walsch for over a decade. He is passionate about helping individuals move beyond their emotional and spiritual challenges, transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs. His counseling and coaching provides practical wisdom and guidance that can be immediately incorporated to shift one’s experience of life.  As is true for most impactful teachers, J.R.’s own struggles and triumphs inspired him to find powerful ways of helping others. Sober since June 1, 1986, J.R.’s passion for helping individuals move through intense life challenges drove him to also specialize in Addiction and Grief Recovery. J.R. currently shares his gift of counseling & coaching with individuals from around the world through the Wellness Center, Simply Vibrant, located on Long Island N.Y. In addition, he operates “Change House” a place where people come to transform. He also works with Escondido Sobering Services and now serves as the Executive Director of the Conversations with God Foundation.)

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