It is time for the world to wake up. Most of the people on our planet think that humans have nothing to do with conditions on the Earth.

The inability to see, recognize, or acknowledge our own role in the producing of our own experience is the first mark of a still-maturing species — and the first obstacle in humanity’s path as the few who do see the connection try and try in vain to change the course of our species’ future.

Some time ago a humorist remarked that if we are not careful, we will wind up exactly where we are headed. And it was the late cartoonist Walt Kelly’s wildly popular character Pogo who gave us this observation: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Sadly, this is true. Human beings in largest number refuse — abjectly refuse — to see the link between their beliefs, their behaviors, and the worst of their collective outcomes.

The messages in the Conversations with God books have made it very clear that many of the unhappy exterior circumstances and conditions of daily life have been collaboratively created over a period of many years by the entire community of beings populating this planet — yet those beings refuse to take responsibility for their collective choices, actions, and decisions, preferring to believe that they have nothing whatsoever to do with any prevailing condition or circumstance.

The easy availability of guns with rapid-fire high capacity magazines has nothing to do with the increasing number of mass killings in the U.S.

The conducting of underground nuclear tests has nothing to do with the increase in earthquakes and tidal waves across the planet.

The degradation of our atmosphere by human-made pollutants has nothing to do with global warming. In fact, there actually isn’t any “global warming.” That’s all the raving of wild-eyed environmentalists. (And the World Bank, which just issued an urgent call to the entire planet to take immediate and decisive action on climate change or face multi-millions in poverty very soon.)

Our actions, let it be known, have nothing to do with our experience. Do not make us ‘wrong’ about anything. Bad stuff is happening, yes, but human beings and their choices have nothing to do with it.

Yet Conversations with God points out that unless and until we accept responsibility for the occurrences and events of our lives, we render ourselves utterly incapable of doing anything about them.

Case in point: a study released this week reveals that the increasing incidence of children born with autism is directly connected to the increasing pollution of our air.

A report from Bloomberg News says that researchers from Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that pregnant women exposed to high levels of diesel particulates or mercury were twice as likely to have an autistic child compared with peers in low-pollution areas.

In other words, chemicals in air pollution, inhaled by pregnant women, produce abnormal babies. And those chemicals are being put into the air by human beings.

Put more directly, we are specifically responsible for producing many of our own abnormally challenged offspring.

“No, we’re not! No, we’re not!” the scoffers will now no doubt come out to loudly declare. “We have nothing to do with it! The study is wrong! It’s those pointy-headed Eastern liberal scientists, again. Besides, we have to put those chemicals — which don’t hurt anyone — into the air! We’re talking about jobs here. We need to live the way we’ve been living! And only one of every fifty children is born with autism anyway. What’s the problem?”

In our next post: The problem with bees. Oh, yes, we also have nothing to do with that. And further…there really is no problem. Those liberals are making that one up, too.

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  • Christopher Toft

    I was taking a walk earlier & I had an unaccounted for feeling of pain in my tummy. On reflection it was clear to me that this pain was me expressing how I feel about the violence & insanity I see everywhere around me. I felt like saying “What are we doing? Why are we hacking off our own hands & feet & dementedly screaming “die hand!!” It’s not a question of intelligence or knowhow, it’s not a question of resources, it’s a question of courage, open minded consideration of the information available & simple compassion. Will we? What is the question.

    • Ali

      We are all forgetting we are all one, part of the same. Once we understand that we are all connected, surely things will change. We need to wake up to that realisation, the pulse of energy that travels through me and all living things is but one of the same. Some have woken up, others need more support, guidance and direction to understand that concept. We are all here, now at an extremely important time in our history and we need to pull together in that ‘oneness’ to allow the shift to take place.

      • Christopher Toft

        Thank you Ali for reminding me.

  • It’s good to point out our societal problems. Even better to offer possible solutions. Now it would be nice to get more people on board, more dialog and media coverage.

    For now, why don’t we of likemindedness get on board with our selves, peers, constituents, etc. , and decide what we choose to do and do it? However imperfectly & to the best of our ability?

    What are we doing to solve things? Lets continue the discussion, but lets implement some solutions first and then contine the talk from there as well. We are not doing this and that’s what is missing.


    • Erin

      Solutions…The quickest way to re-model Our kind (mpo, of course, sitting in a U.S. seat):

      1. As do shelters of unwanted animals, euthanize all people who have chosen not to be adaptable to existence…those who will never again be placed back into society (high security prisons). Create naturalized, self-sustaining properties of these housings for those who do wish to adapt in a functional environment…i.e. orphans, Elders, homeless families)

      2. Disban government as it exists presently. Place into effect that ALL government employees, including military, & research funded by them, on minimum wage…all the same. They are a servicers to a humanity, and should be in positions called to by heart & soul, not by expectation of power & money. Bonuses can be portioned by productive example, & donations by the public for jobs well done.

      3. Included in the above, would be health-care servers, resource providers, education servers. They are paid a wage to perform & produce & maintain for the society they live in. Each individual wishing to partake of such services pays a same contribution to these efforts, which is where these wages come from…They must produce well for the added funds.

      The above 3 will sort out the useless almost immediately, disbanning the present Constitution for wiser beingness to be explored. Corporate World will have no choice but to be adjusted in process.

      4. Depending on population concentrations, community farms will be re-created to grow vegetational foods…Each co-operative member of the community will pay a ‘fee’, including the same amount for each child All creature sources will be FREE…one simply must hunt for them, after paying for education & permits to do so.

      5. All guidelines produced by the majority will effect All…period. ALL will be on the same page of Life possibilites & opportunities…irregardless of kind, creed, or status.
      6. Wiser technologies exist & can be. If a tech is even questionable of it’s consequence, it will not be employed…ie. microwaves, gas, coal, aerosols, GMOs, etc…no ‘toxic’ chemicals will be in use any longer, no expellants into waters or airs tolerable. That which we will no longer find useful, functional, or sustainable will be ‘dumped’ into volcanos, not to be reproduced…Corp. World will adapt in process.
      7. Human bodies left behind will be cremated or donated to research…period.
      There’s a few suggests…I know numero uno should spark up some hairs, but all is open to adjusts, based on how fast one would like to ‘bring on’ a more peaceful living environment.
      Good Journey! 🙂

      • Christopher Toft

        Hi Erin,

        Regarding your points:

        1: Bloody hell, you want to murder convicted killers in their thousands? Am I hearing you right?? Who defines adaptable anyway?!
        2: This is sounding to me, more & more like Stalinist style totalitarianism.

        “sort out the useless”. Who defines who is “useless”? What is “useless”???

        Sorry Erin a mean no disrespect but to my ears your suggestions sound like the kind of politics that naïve 1930’s eugenicists casually spoke about, blissfully unaware of the utter horror that that kind of thinking led to. In all honesty, I am horrified & appalled by your suggestions. It is one thing to love the earth, support the diversity of life & promote green issues, but please bear in mind humanity is not separate from nature. What you do to the “useless” you do to the earth & to yourself.

        • Erin

          heehee…you did not make note as to “how quickly” change wishes to be seen, yes?

          This option of humans sorting themselves simply gives ‘Nature’ one less thing to adjust of Our previous beingness. We, as a ‘just’ people, have already ‘defined’ this category of Us, have We not? and We don’t seem to have a second thought of doing this for other species, now do We…sending them to “a better place”? Hmmm…??? And not saying that it wouldn’t take an arch-Angel-type to actually pull such a Freedom movement off.

          I offered a ‘humane’ (also as We, the people, defined) alternative to keeping the caged, caged for their lifetimes…with recyclable possibility for the very secure & well-built properties so conscientiously invested into already.

          Do you imagine that volcanic eruptions, meteors, or wild fires & famine, may not accomplish the same ends? I hear that Fire will be the elemental of choice this go-round…eeewww…what a way to go, huh?! But, there would be no regard for ‘who’ was being left, if any, to survive…no ‘humane-ity’ considered in this process. It would simply be about re-balancing numbers & kinds for well-existence of All, here.

          Sorry for the giggle, Christopher…This suggest has yet to cease to bring out ‘something’ in folks…I find their expressiveness of this matter interesting indeed…it causes thinking, it stirs Soul Sounds…about how We have ‘managed’ Our kind previously, & what We behold as ‘sacred’ & save-worthy now…What exactly IS ‘Justice’? It is in the ‘intent’ that creates both the directive & the direction, No?
          Here’s a few brain & heart morsels: Would not such a ‘movement of Freedom’ be as a grand gift of Love to entrapped energies? I do believe Neale provided the quote, “Freedom is the grandest gift of Love, and Love always seeks to give the grandest gift.” See? Stalin did not have this intent, nor did Hitler, nor does the U.S. governance go to wars with it…Hmmm??? Is this a quote meant for only body vehicles, or for the Essence which they house…or both?
          Sooo, what of the other points past this? Did I at least hit on some main aspects to ponder…if ‘NOW Change’ is what is being sought, of course?
          It’s All Love, Christopher…To ‘Us’ there is no other thing…Yes? 🙂
          Blessed be. <3

          • Christopher Toft

            Hello Erin,
            Thank you for discussing this with me. Here’s how I see it. “Natural disaster” even if caused by human thoughtlessness is just not the same thing as deliberately & intentionally murdering people. Killing people against their wishes-that’s called mass murder. Where is the “freedom” in being murdered by the state? Human created earthquakes, flood, volcano, famine or whatever is simply consequence & it is true that we may yet face those consequences. Voluntary death in the face of starvation-that’s a choice we may be faced with if we’re not careful, but that is not the same thing as death camps. As I read your post, it seems to me that you are saying that “the ends justify the means”. This is not a concept you will find in CWG. This idea, as far as I can see is rooted firmly in “doingness” separation & fear. If people say that the ends justify the means, they are saying that it is okay to murder, okay to rape, okay to molest children if it somehow leads to a better world. NOW change starts now, I agree with you there. I think it is as Gandhi said: You must be the change you want to see in the world-if we want a kinder, wiser world we have to be kind & wise in our lives from moment to moment. Destruction cannot be healed with destruction.

          • Erin

            Hey, Chris! I kind of touched a few bases with a reply to mewabe on the same subject…You really started a great conversation here! 🙂

            However…If, We are ALL One…We, God, Nature, etc….Why does it seem so harsh to make moves as such? If We truly know that there is ‘no death’, does it matter how one ‘goes’? Is it ‘better’ to be kept alive in a body, rotting in a hospital (or cage), until one moves on ‘naturally’…or to free their essence with dignity & blessings? Was this not Kevorkian’s thoughts…and sooo many came to him for their freedom, yes? Oh, never mind…We locked him up in a ‘temporary’ cage to discourage people from having such “voluntary” choice of their matters.

            If We are Creators, can We not be Re-Designers? Ahhh…but there will always be critiques of methods, yes? Some like the idea of just ‘redecorating’ one room at a time, while ‘Extreme Makeover’ entertains others.

            What did you think of the minimum wage thing? I saw an fb joke about this & thought it was actually not such a bad idea. 🙂

          • Christopher Toft

            Hi Erin,

            You raise some good questions i think. I read Mewabe’s post. We seem to be on pretty much the same page;) Erin, i don’t think death is the issue here. Death is natural. The issue is about who we choose to be, what we choose to demonstrate. No life is “useless” or “wasted”. To my mind, a humane system locks up dangerous killers, rapists & sexual predators to protect the public. How they are treated inside that institution is another thing. If a killer is surrounded by kind, responsible & compassionate people, what effect might that have? Is the killers life then “wasted”? Suppose the killer is abusive to a warder, who then demonstrates compassion, courage & responsible action as a response. The warder has been given a chance to demonstrate his grandest vision of himself, with the killer as a point of context. Is the killer then “useless?” Your idea seems to start from the notion that a killers life is “over”, the moment they are incarcerated.

            Kevorkian(I just looked him up!) appears to have been a euthanasia advocate & to me that’s different. Voluntary death is not the same as death forced upon you, which is murder.

            Regarding ‘Extreme Makeovers”, are you aware of the results of the French revolution, the Russian revolution, Cambodia, China? History does not look favorably on “extreme makeovers”.

            I have no problem with a minimum wage, we have that over here in the UK. An individual ceiling wage may be a good idea too. Or it might just cause untold trouble.

      • mewabe

        Erin, ideals, of any kind and even the most beautiful, can never be forced on people when expecting real, fundamental change.

        Actual growth does not happen from the top down, but from within, as with a seed.

        Coercion might control behavior for a while, until there is a revolt, but it is always a spiritual violation, and does not lead to real change, which happens within the consciousness, not when forced to change behavior by human law.

        We can see this with “political correctness” and “sensitivity training”: such things do not end racism or sexism, they simply drive them underground, to resurface today in full force in anonymous blog comments.

        If God herself does not impose her will on us, who among use should dare doing so?

        A failed idealist has been defined as one who uses force to implement his ideals in society. The failure comes from A LACK OF FAITH IN PEOPLE and in their ability to grow and change on their own and in their own good time.

        Nothing is more destructive than a failed idealist. Look at what religion did when failed idealists became its leaders, such as during the Spanish inquisition.

        Spirituality and ABSOLUTE freedom are, in MY EXPERIENCE, inseparable. I would go further: spirituality and INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY are inseparable. Without reclaiming one’s sovereignty, there is only a faint spirituality.

        Religion, on the other hand, does not require such freedom, quite the opposite.

        So what is your aim here towards the world, actual spiritual growth or a new religion?

        Your topic is “change now”…that is an impossibility.

        Attempting to implement change through dictatorship, by ruling the world with an iron fist, which would require the physical elimination or the incarceration of all who would object, who would number in the hundreds of millions, such a thing, again, would not be change: it would be a continuation of the same old paradigm of top down power, control, violence and coercion, in other words of PATRIARCHAL THINKING and PATRIARCHAL MEANS OF ACTION, even if done in the name of saving the earth and humanity.

        • Erin

          Thanks, mewabe…the ‘topic’ was not originally mine…I do believe you & I have had this discussion a year or so back…People seeking immediate solutions to their upsets in Life Now…not necessarily that All would agree with any of them, not necessarily that Any would, but I brought about a thought…and fabulous response & thinking is born & brought forth.

          I pretty much based my reply on a ‘hit the refresh key’ thing…Yes, very much keeping in ‘time’ with Patriarchal Now…which seems based in power & money at the moment…then twisted the scenario with spiritual aspects of Freedom/Love. Talk about controversy, yes? 🙂

          Would it be deemed an ‘okay event’ if Jesus or Ghandi returned, in previous form, just to flip such switches? Would We question their motives or intents, or trust that they knew what they were ‘doing’? Would We call them murderers, or saviors? And would We see Ourselves as wonderous as these, or raise them up as was done of their past lifes? idk…We’re a pretty habitual bunch.

          But why IS This sooo fabulously controversial?
          Like I asked…We have already defined these peeps as “dangerous & horrendous criminals, Never to be released into Life again”…they are as ‘dead’ to Us already, no? Why do We ‘keep’ them in their bodies if, in fact, there is no ‘death’ of their true being? Would not the monies & efforts going toward their bodily upkeep ($billions) be more useful toward Change of human society, Now? Education, wellness, etc.?

          If seen from a Homeopathic analogy…the Patriarchy created these dis-eases, ergo Patriarchal methodology is also the cure…not necessarily the continuance thereof. If one is cured of a dis-ease…a cancer…does one wish to have it back? No, you do whatever it takes to not have that experience again, yes?
          Just askin’…:) <3

  • mewabe

    Yes, strangely enough, civilization spits straight up in the air, then wonders where the spit comes from when it falls back on its face.

    Million dollars studies are required to figure it out…the link between civilization’s flatulence and the bad smell in the air. It’s very hard to figure it out indeed!

    It must be the devil, ha ha…

    • Christopher Toft

      Hi Mewabe,

      Your post reminded me of my experience a couple of weeks back. I did an ecotherapy day in the woods. We went into the woods & did a series of meditations, visualization & exercises with the aim of connecting with nature. By the end of the day I had an insight. I felt that my fears surrounding intimacy with others was echoed by my fear of getting close & intimate with nature. I love nature & have a deep reverence for life. I also fear this love & do not want to get too close to it, because truly feeling this love will involve making some kind of ecological commitment to do something about humanity’s environmental insanity. I think this illustrates very well what you are saying.

      • mewabe

        Yes Christopher…nature is our element, we fit in it like fish in water. It has a lot to teach us…the divine creation is the only “holy book” worth studying, in my opinion, and I have since I was very young, because I knew it was my way of knowledge, my path, some would call it mystic.

        The whole thrust of civilization is to deny this reality, that we are primarily EARTH CREATURE, we came OUT OF THE EARTH as an apple comes out of the apple tree. We are as the earth having a human experience, just as it has mountain experiences, and ant experiences (the earth does have a consciousness, and we are one with it as we are one with the entire cosmos).

        I would go as far as saying that little of any worth can be done, achieved, learnt, understood without a direct connection to the ground under our feet, to the air around us, to all of nature.

        If I was to “teach” as do teachers like Neale, I would take people outside, ask them to take their shoes off, to feel the (holy) ground beneath their feet, and to sit directly on the ground, in a circle. I would ask them to feel the earth beneath them. There is no mystery to this, no method…just be PRESENT and OPEN, and hear, see, feel, and know. It all happens in due time, it can’t be forced.

        I understand your hesitation…it is not easy to become fully human in this world, because awakening to reality causes much discomfort while living in an unreal world. Ask a Native American, she will tell you. But THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO BE BUT AUTHENTICALLY HUMAN, meaning totally connected to the living, divine creation.

  • Marcia Cor

    Thank you sir! But honestly we humans deserve to face the brutal consequences of our collective bad choices.

    • Stephen mills

      I,am sorry this is not my choice ,I did not choose to create and use hydrocarbons to fuel society .Progress through the use of Du ponts chemicals was not my idea .

      Using carbohydrates would be more sustainable like hemp it can be made into almost anything and replaces all of your hydrocarbons in oil,this is the big secret the oil industry do not want you to know.

      Time to raise that ruckus !

      • Christopher Toft

        It’s a tangled web humanity has woven. We use fossil fuels to live as we do, yes. I personally don’t think a return to pre-industrial society is the answer. I don’t really have a clear answer to environmental problems, but I do think that one sure way to create the space for effective environmental solutions is to work towards removing the ignorance, hatred & greed to stops us from seeing the situation more sanely.

    • Stephen mills

      Who gets to choose what gets made and what materials to use anyway ! Do you get to choose ? The consumer really has little say into what gets produced so your choices are made by someone else ,a corporation perhaps who owns the resources and has the same rights as a natural human being but does not need clean air to breath or fresh pure water to drink!

      Nature has rights corporations are artificial constructions and in a sane world would have there charters removed if found to damage living breathing life forms in any way !

      • Christopher Toft

        Stephen, who is buying the products the companies sell? Who is the consumer?

        • Stephen mills

          Hi Christopher,I guess we are all consumers of products of some kind.However markets respond to whoever has the cash but the money itself is unequally distributed,only 16 percent of the worlds population purchases 80 percent of the world,s material .So most of the people of earth are left out when it,s one dollar one vote.So the markets reflect the desires of those with the most money to spend.
          Our choices of consumption have been disproportionately shaped by corporate power who have tremendous power.There are 40 000 transnational corporations and among them the top three hundred firms account for 25 percent of the worlds productive assets .For more on this Michael Lerners book Spirit Matters helps us see the bigger picture.But your right Christopher we do have responsibility to educate ourselves on threse matters and then make informed choices .But as cwg tells us there are always consequences to our collective and individual choices !


          • Christopher Toft

            Stephen, thanks for the education. It makes sense that the world market would reflect the desires of those with the most money. Wouldn’t the market reflect the desires of the richer countries of the world, not just the people in the top richest percentage in those countries? Just to clarify.

          • Stephen mills

            I think it does but for most corporations there bottom line is the most important not consiounce ,maximize profit is everything ,externalise costs .Again markets are creations of government so with some help by the people change is possible ,but I guess then it comes down to who owns the government ,corporate power and their bidders or we the people natural human beings not artificial creations .

          • Christopher Toft

            I guess I still think the key thing is to begin with reducing greed in ourselves. Give that everything is interconnected, I think that people power is stronger than we think. Heard about the Microsoft xbox back peddle? People power;)

  • John Sapp

    I ain’t so sure I understand where you’re coming from brother. Mother Earth always seem to know how to adapt to her changes. Every moment I listen to the Divine she keeps explaining that everything is as it is meant to be. A collective consciousness has always been leading to the events every living thing experiences Neale. There is a deep awakening happening and I experience it so m,any times every day it makes me dance.

    • Christopher Toft

      John, I assume you are not saying “It’s okay to mess up the air, pollute the water & destroy the environment because it’s gods plan for our evolution”? It’s true, if we ruined the earth & killed most of the life on the planet that the earth would recover. Like 65 million years ago & 230 million years ago. But do we want another “reboot”? Is that necessary? We are whether we like it or not responsible for our actions. I think you’re right that whatever happens is meant to be & everything is okay as it is, but that no reason to go “new age bypass” & pretend that fire isn’t hot.

    • mewabe

      The problem is not so much the practical consequences of our foolishness (destruction of ecosystems, global toxicity). We could recover from all this, eventually.

      The problem is our belief in separation, our DISCONNECTION that is the cause of all this. IT IS A SPIRITUAL ILLNESS, primarily, that causes us to have no respect and no love for the earth, and to simply see it as “something to be used” for our own gratification (as in the idea of dominion) and discarded when used up (as in the idea of establishing space colonies, colonies on other planets).

      Where there is no love, there is ignorance. Love IS knowledge. Treating the earth like a whore is not love, no matter how we rationalize our actions.

      • Theo Tomlinson


        It’s so great to hear others like you spreading this message. This is what I love to see more of. I’ve been leaning toward this way of thinking for some time and now it is starting to come more into fruition as a trust more and more and become more convinced of this, which is already the case.

        There is no lack. Only belief in lack. Everything is perfect. We are perfect.
        Yet of course there is room for improvement.
        But we can only BE the change.

        ‘If you’re not happy, you’re not helping’
        ~ Bentinho Massaro

        Yes! Love is knowledge and only Love.


    • Therese

      I feel it, too, John. However, there are still too many people who do not, and still way too many people who do not see that THEY are also part of Mother Earth (remember man that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return). We still feel that we have “dominion” over the earth. So, this type of article does not feel to me as though it is forgetting on Neale’s part, so much as his reminding others.

  • mewabe

    Research the song “White man’s dominion”, by Wil Numkena, a Hopi Indian, from his album Hopi Son. It’s says it all perfectly and clearly.

    • Michael L

      In what high spiritual world view would I believe in Neale’s “Bad” news?

      Mewabe has so many hopeful paths to the less darkening of this world.

      does Doom and Gloom get such a rise out of the populous. That reaction
      is natural when you attack their core, beliefs with wishful thinking as
      Neale thoughts bring up.

      It just amazes me that we Know we are
      Awake and we listen to others who know we are awake and we still get the
      fear message here.

      • mewabe

        Thanks Michael, the way I see it, there is no need for any kind of fear. It is not about fear but about love. Do we love the earth?

        Do we love the natural, Divine creation? Or do we just use it up and discard it when we are done with it, as does a rapist with his victim?

        We can only hurt ourselves, in the end, not just physically, but more importantly spiritually. By not loving, not respecting the natural, divine creation, we demonstrate a lack of love and respect for ourselves, we diminish our being, we wound our own spirits.

        The earth needs our love right now, more than ever. This idea seems crazy to most people, but a Native American would understand it. We take from nature WITHOUT GRATITUDE, and we discard WITHOUT CARE.

        We take because we can, because technology gives us this power, so we come into the natural world as CONQUERORS, and we treat life as an ENEMY to be subjugated and enslaved.

        Native Americans understand that there is no love, there is no respect in this. This has been the way of civilization for centuries, it is not new. And it HURTS OUR SPIRITS.

        When we degrade the environment, we degrade ourselves…when we attempt to subjugate nature, to make nature bend to our will, we end up enslaving ourselves. All we do to the divine creation, we do to ourselves, because we are an integral part of it, physically AS WELL AS SPIRITUALLY.

        We need to start showing gratitude towards the natural world, to really appreciate all its gifts, and to love the earth as the divine, miraculous creation that it is. When we do, we will also love and respect ourselves and each other (hopefully).

        • Michael L

          Thank you mewabe and Therese for agreeing that fear will not get us where we say we want to go.

          The only way this article is not fear based is if you believe all its words, written…. are all universal truth..

          Take it from a another point of view, that every assumption made here is not very true, would the article seem fear based then?

          I believe you guys are stellar in your actions, forging hope and love, expressed into life’s current, creating oceans of joy around the world.

          Deeply Thanking you.

      • Therese

        Michael, I don’t read this as fear. I read this as noticing something isn’t is, and letting people know what is being noticed. There is a difference. If you get fearful reading this, that is your individual response. I read it as a call to action. I read it as a call to stop being complacent, to remain determined to share what I feel is a way that works better for all, not just for a few. I see it as letting me know I am not alone.

        For instance, I immediately read this aloud to my husband and my 16 year old grandson. I turned this article into a moment in which I could demonstrate that our own small actions (such as not using chemicals in shampoo, and using baking soda and water instead!) contribute one tiny part of the collective action. I told my grandson that his “small” part is not insignificant or without meaning.

        This, my wonderful Michael, is how I read this article. With a sense of urgency and passion, yes, with fear, no.