It is time for the world to wake up. Most of the people on our planet think that humans have nothing to do with conditions on the Earth.

The inability to see, recognize, or acknowledge our own role in the producing of our own experience is the first mark of a still-maturing species — and the first obstacle in humanity’s path as the few who do see the connection try and try in vain to change the course of our species’ future.

Some time ago a humorist remarked that if we are not careful, we will wind up exactly where we are headed. And it was the late cartoonist Walt Kelly’s wildly popular character Pogo who gave us this observation: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Sadly, this is true. Human beings in largest number refuse — abjectly refuse — to see the link between their beliefs, their behaviors, and the worst of their collective outcomes.

The messages in the Conversations with God books have made it very clear that many of the unhappy exterior circumstances and conditions of daily life have been collaboratively created over a period of many years by the entire community of beings populating this planet — yet those beings refuse to take responsibility for their collective choices, actions, and decisions, preferring to believe that they have nothing whatsoever to do with any prevailing condition or circumstance.

The easy availability of guns with rapid-fire high capacity magazines has nothing to do with the increasing number of mass killings in the U.S.

The conducting of underground nuclear tests has nothing to do with the increase in earthquakes and tidal waves across the planet.

The degradation of our atmosphere by human-made pollutants has nothing to do with global warming. In fact, there actually isn’t any “global warming.” That’s all the raving of wild-eyed environmentalists. (And the World Bank, which just issued an urgent call to the entire planet to take immediate and decisive action on climate change or face multi-millions in poverty very soon.)

Our actions, let it be known, have nothing to do with our experience. Do not make us ‘wrong’ about anything. Bad stuff is happening, yes, but human beings and their choices have nothing to do with it.

Yet Conversations with God points out that unless and until we accept responsibility for the occurrences and events of our lives, we render ourselves utterly incapable of doing anything about them.

Case in point: a study released this week reveals that the increasing incidence of children born with autism is directly connected to the increasing pollution of our air.

A report from Bloomberg News says that researchers from Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that pregnant women exposed to high levels of diesel particulates or mercury were twice as likely to have an autistic child compared with peers in low-pollution areas.

In other words, chemicals in air pollution, inhaled by pregnant women, produce abnormal babies. And those chemicals are being put into the air by human beings.

Put more directly, we are specifically responsible for producing many of our own abnormally challenged offspring.

“No, we’re not! No, we’re not!” the scoffers will now no doubt come out to loudly declare. “We have nothing to do with it! The study is wrong! It’s those pointy-headed Eastern liberal scientists, again. Besides, we have to put those chemicals — which don’t hurt anyone — into the air! We’re talking about jobs here. We need to live the way we’ve been living! And only one of every fifty children is born with autism anyway. What’s the problem?”

In our next post: The problem with bees. Oh, yes, we also have nothing to do with that. And further…there really is no problem. Those liberals are making that one up, too.

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