Look, the problem is simple. The honey bees are dying. Look, the cause is obvious. It’s us. Honey bees had no problem living and multiplying until we came along. Even then they had little problem until we decided to fill the air and cover every flower and foliage in sight with pesticides and poisons.

The honey bees are dying all over the world, and we are killing them. And if we don’t turn this thing around, that is going to kill us. Many of us. Because, you see, humans depend on the Earth’s ecosystem to survive (whether you believe it or not) — and the Earth’s ecosystem is going to be irrevocably damaged if the bee population drops at the rate that it is now dropping.

Why? Because honey bees are responsible for nearly 80 per cent of all pollination across our planet. So what? So this: More than two-thirds of the world’s top 100 food crops are pollinated by bees. So what? So this: those bee-pollinated crops supply almost 90 per cent of humanity’s nutrition.

Okay, here come the naysayers. Nonsense! You eco-panickers are all the same! Everyone knows that grains are primarily pollinated by the wind.

Yes, that is true. Everyone knows that. But vegetables, fruits, and nuts — arguably the healthiest, best food — are pollinated by bees, writer Rex Weyler tells us at the website Nation of Change. You do not want to miss the article, which contains a great deal of important information.

“The bee collapse is a challenge to human enterprise on the scale of global warming, ocean acidification and nuclear war,” Weyler says. And he’s right. There is a way to stop the collapse, he says. There is something that humanity can still do. But we all have to give a darn. We all have to care.

I hope you care enough to read the article at Nation of Change. You’ll find it here.

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  • Christopher Toft

    It’s interesting to see that there are practical solutions here & that the problem is, once again simple human greed. I used to think that the “fuss” over GM foods was luddite hysteria because as a well known scientist pointed out everything is “genetically modified” anyway. It is sadly obvious that this does not factor in the ecosystem & that clearlythe world as a whole does not yet understand ecology. Actually I think this is symptomatic of a more fundamental incomprehension of systems & interconnectedness that underlies our separation consciousness.

  • Jay Jadeja

    If only because self preservation is truly a human trait – we must stop the use of pesticides and poisons!

  • Michael L

    “Even then they had little problem until we decided to fill the air and
    cover every flower and foliage in sight with pesticides and poisons.”

    Just want to add some more information. The cell phone waves which cause cancer in humans with prolonged use, totally destroys the hives of bees in the vicinity. So as the pollution of pesticides will take generations to repudiate, and poisons takes a lot of self discipline to change life styles. Running from the cell towers is something you can do right now.

  • Michael L

    Neale I read the article….We need more research than that article.

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    For many years I have been attempting to spread the word about poisons, insecticides, defoliants etc. and for me it is personal, ie agent orange. Friends have passed from being exposed to this chemical warfare, and now research is showing that our ADHD children, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and mental illness, and many other physical disease is primarily due to the chemicals our society accepts as “normal” and beneficial to humanity. Yes this is a big lie our own ignorance has allowed us to accept as truth, “better living through chemistry”, remember that phrase?
    Yes bees are a warning signal of the damage humanity is doing to our environment, and to change societies attitudes about how we can exist is the big question. We like our easy lifestyle, and we do not want to think about what we are doing to the rest of the environment, which will and has come back to harm humanity as well as the bee. Who cares? It is time we all care….isn’t it? Time to do our own research and see for ourselves how we are connected to Everything, the ALL. Then and only then will we truly “see” that when we destroy one part of the environment we are in fact destroying a part of Ourselves.
    Sing your song out loud, Love is the answer. Change starts within us, and when we are willing to honestly look within our own egotistical self we will begin to find the problems core. Start at the heart and seek your own solution to living in harmony with the ALL.

  • chrissy

    But what can I as an individual do about it? 🙁 Sign a petition to save bees? Try and get bees to live at my house? Maybe I should go read the article…I’ll do that now.

  • chrissy

    surprise surprise…Monsanto! I’m furious.

  • Jaz

    No I disagree, Bees are not dying because of few unconscious human actions They are being annihilated with Chemtrails, it’s a planed effort.

  • Awareness

    “This is a very pressing and major issue, one that a majority of individuals, especially in North America, do not yet fully appreciate or understand. The genetically altered plants that the bees once fed off are a contributing factor, but they are not the sole factor, nor are they even the most prominent factor as to what is occurring in the disappearance of the bees themselves. It is true that some of their food sources have been altered and they can no longer partake, but they are adaptable creatures and they shift their attention to other sources of pollen, especially other traditional sources that have always been available to them.

    The matter of the genetically altered foods and plants is not the entire reason. It is simply part of the Overall problem. Other problems that are very pressing and also contribute to the disappearance of the bees are such things as the microwave towers that are being used to beam microwaves around the country and around the planet. These microwave energies are very disrupting to the bees also, and as this Awareness has spoken on this matter on previous occasions, there is a need to adjust this technology to find a different way of allowing cell phones to be used, other than the microwave technologies that are currently being used, this too is seen as a contributing factor in the death and destruction of bee populations.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!) 🙂

    “Why a mobile phone ring may make bees buzz off: Insects infuriated by handset signals

    Signals from mobile phones could be partly to blame for the mysterious deaths of honeybees, new research shows.

    In the first experiment of its kind, a bee expert placed a mobile phone underneath a hive and then carefully monitored the reaction of the workers.

    The bees were able to tell when the handsets were making and receiving calls, and responded by making the high pitched squeaks that usually signal the start of swarming.

    Dr Daniel Favre, who carried out the experiment, believes signals from mobile phones and masts could be contributing to the decline of honeybees and called for more research.” By DAVID DERBYSHIRE, UPDATED: 14:45, 13 May 2011 (MailOnline) 🙂

    I have been having some feelings for sometime that there is something “odd” about Mobile phones. Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!) and Dr Daniel Favre seem to agree 🙂

    Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for bringing this up 🙂

    Blessings to ALL 🙂

  • Theo Tomlinson


    Thank you for reminding us of this crucially important issue today.

    However, I ask you: When have problems ever been solved by focusing on them? We can only focus on positivity, on what we Love, if we really want to help. While practical solutions are vital and must be put into action, I think you must be very careful about contributing to spreading a negative picture of the world.

    I find your words and your books very positive and inspirational and they have the potential to cause revelations in people. However some of the articles I’ve seen you share here are focusing on the problems. I find this a turn off, because I have to question your commitment to Love and inspiring REAL solutions. I find your words empowering, but I ask you, how is sharing more information about problems empowering? Are you not just subtly buying into society and the media’s obsession with lack and fear.

    The REAL cause to bees dying out is not the practical/physical/external factors. These are just surface manifestations of the global collective state of consciousness. The real cause is each of our individual state of mind/being. So can you see that, as seen in some of the other comments, focusing on these so called ‘problems’, may just inspire more fear and sadness and even despair in people? Along with a feeling of not necessarily being able to make much of a difference, because these practical solutions have to happen FAST and they have to happen NOW and be orchestrated by TPTB.

    People need to realise how much power is within them to BE the change. If somebody has a cold, or flu or cancer, one cannot simply give them some medicine and hope that they will be completely healed. There is a deeper transformation required if one is serious about wanting to really heal oneself and one’s world.

    ‘If you’re not happy, you’re not helping’
    ~ Bentinho Massaro

    Neale, going by conversation 4 in Part 1 of your book ‘The Only Thing That Matters’: You wrote this comment. I’d be interested and really look forward to hearing what you have to say in response to it.

    Thank you.

    Deep wishes of joy, love and fulfillment,

    • Victor


      It’s the first time I see you write over here, so, perhaps you’ve not seen that this issue of “spreading negativity”, iy’s all a topic…

      I hope Neale will answer you directly, but in my view, the core is this: you can’t heal anything if you can’t observe it.

      You can’t solve a problem if you can’t even see it as a problem. You can’t fix a wound if you can’t see it as a wound in the first place. From there you can change your mind, your perception about the problem, and the apparent reality of it as an illusion, and move to the next comprehension of it in a new vision and a new decision. But if you don’t understand the most fully possible the nature of the problem even in its illusory form, or moreover, you deny that there is a problem, or a situation you don’t enjoy, it’s very possible that you could not change it or transform it. If the denial goes further even discarding very obvious and huge non beneficial situations that affect our entire world, that cause huge suffering and missery to millions of human beings, and/or a collapse of our ecologic conditions, then we’re in an even deeper problem. It’s called denial and negation syndrome.

      Denial and negation are not signs of awareness and consciousness.

      Best regards and blessings

      • Theo Tomlinson


        Thank you for bringing to my attention that this is already being discussed. Yes, I’ve only been on this site a few times because I choose to focus only on what resonates with me most. This is not a denial or negation of anything.

        What I’m saying is, if I have a pile of debt, I don’t believe it will help me to sit there worrying about the problem. I’m going to go and do something I enjoy, sing, dance, play pool, whatever! Then in my experience, either a solution will make itself easily known to me or the problem will dissolve altogether or will no longer appear as a problem at least.

        Be careful that your fears (or those of others) are not limiting you from really focusing on your joy and therefore hindering you from really getting what you truly want for yourself and the world. Please be open about this inquiry. I think you are open as, if you weren’t you would not have replied to my comment.

        Please forgive me for falling back on somebody else’s words, however right now I want to put my time and energy into other things, so I would like to offer these words for you to read through, if you’re interested in getting a sense of where I’m coming from. I really resonate with this message and feel that this man (Bentinho Massaro) communicates it in a very simple and clear way:

        ‘Don’t resonate with something in your reality, and like to get rid of it?

        Then don’t push it away, simply love it to death, literally, and it will stop appearing in your life unless you still desire to learn greater unconditional love from its presence.

        When your love for something that is out of alignment with your preferred reality is total, it disappears from view.’

        ‘Always remember when it comes to your idea of world-suffering and your sense of having responsibilities toward it:

        If you’re not happy, you’re not helping.

        It’s that simple, and it’s really really true.

        Contribute to yourself and ‘the world’ in a way that makes you overwhelmingly happy on a regular basis. Don’t just suffer ‘for them’, complain about ‘they’ and sign petitions. BE what you are meant to be by following your inner resonance guide.

        Joy is the signal that you’re thinking or doing something in alignment with your spirit’s original intention.’

        ‘When you stop taking the world so serious, love and lightheartedness take hold in your heart and a whole other world reveals itself.

        Every time you drop out of one world through forgiveness (love) of the entirety of that ‘world’, a lighter version of that world replaces the old one.’

        ‘The solution isn’t always found where the issue is.’

        ‘Sometimes it rains, but that doesn’t mean the sun is gone. Where do you focus your attention? Become a master of deliberate attention placing and you will greatly reduce your suffering.’

        ‘Count your blessings and you’ll receive more blessings. Dwell in your disasters and you’l get more disasters.

        This is not punishment from any higher power, it is simply how energy works, and everything is energy.

        Something is whatever you say it is, and then it becomes more of whatever you said it was.’

        ‘State of being precedes all action. Want to change your life, or even the world? Learn to master your state of being and let go of circumstances. Desire, by all means, but turn your desire primarily to direct your state of being rather than the when’s, why’s and how’s of your life.’

        ‘If you’re not impatient, you don’t have to be patient.

        There is only one natural and healthy way to stop the creation of impatience, and that is to genuinely desire and want your present experience and the life that you have/are.

        How do you expect to do that if you only accept that you are worthy of lousy to mediocre-at-best realities for yourself? No wonder we’re all seeking in future and past, creating terribly one-sided spiritual practices to further deprive ourselves of what’s natural…

        Not being happy with who you are is where all the conflict starts.

        Desiring your present experience is done through learning to find joy in every moment with your self, and acting on the things that represent that inner passion the most.

        It’s simple, and once you get started properly and get a taste for it, it will take off for you and you can never go back to the mind-set with which you are living and practicing now.’

        ‘You always deserve better than whatever you think you do.

        Expand your sense of worthiness to include you AND the entire universe as One and The Same Being of Bliss. ‘

        ~Bentinho Massaro

        Thank you Victor
        You are so blessed 🙂

        • Victor

          Thank you for your answer, Theo, and for the beautiful link…

          I´m referring to a different thing, I think…

          I´m referring to that attitude that some call the ´Pollyanna world´, a world where everything is beautiful and wonderful and nothing is unconvenient nor disharmonious… And if somebody appears and says: “hey, please notice this: we´re polluting our environment, we´re letting one kid die every four seconds in the world because of starvation, there are wars occurring for the sake of oil for the benefit of tiny elites, or the bees that guarantee our food are dying!”. etc. then the answer is: “hey you!, don´t you break my beutiful image of the world, do not spread negativity, don´t you dare to spread your fears around, don´t focus that negativity because, if you do, you´ll be reinforcing it, get your ass out of here, and don´t interfere with my happiness…”

          It´s an attitude that Neale has called also “The New-Age by-pass”: don´t even notice ANYTHING, NEVER, that is not going well, because it will be a sort of ´terrible sin´ for some people in the New Age community…

          Of course, I´m not suggesting that the contrary is what I´m for: the ´dark cloud´ attitude: “hey, don´t you ever never dare to smile or be happy, or something, how can you ever be happy with so much hunger in Africa…?!”

          But observing and noticing is not the same thing than dwelling.

          This Pollyanna attitude is something that every time we have to deal with, as this kind of new New-Age dogma that all the time arises when somebody tries to focus an important issue that requires, yes!, attention, clarity, awareness, and something more than just big beatitude smiles, and OM praises…

          If your brother or sister gets hitted by a car at big velocity, and jumps severily injured in the street, I think that it won´t help very much if you just sit aside to smile, to invoque happiness. and tell him/her what wonderful this accident is, and sing Obladi-Oblada… “don´t focus in the negative, this is not happening, it´s all an illusion, don´t you dare to feel pain, nor cry, nor ask for an ambulance, that would be focusing in the negative, and we don´t want more of that, isn´t it…?”. Or as some people would seem to suggest: DON´T EVEN NOTICE THAT HIS BROTHER/SISTER HAS SUFFERED AN ACCIDENT!!! No way! “There´s nothing ´bad´in my world”…

          And if someone says: “hey, your brother has suffered an accident!”, then the answer will be: “shut up!, don´t bring negativity into my life… go away in peace, I love you, but I will not focus anything negative…”

          Soooo… This is more or less what happens in some of this New-Age by pass, and ok, we are dealing also with that, surely for a good reason…

          But surely too, it is the entire world and almost the entirety of its population who is being hitted by an uncontrolled car…

          Yes, Love is the solution, Love is the Way, but Love is also, Awareness, lucidity, good sense, and Truth. Love is also Observing-What-Is-So; not pretending that something less than wonderful is not there, though it is…


  • politics

    I have a question related to the topic at hand. Can any one of us come up with a solution on how to feed the enormous growth of our population in a way that is very beneficial to our ecosystem?

    Knowing very well there are ways already being implemented, but what about the abundance of food we see every time we go to the store? Plus the fact that healthy is expensive. Hmmm..

    Seems to me that the answer would be clear if we look at what the real problem is.

    • Erin

      politics…Excellent question. This is mpo, of course, considering that We would like to be fed well & healthfully while being eco-friendly in the nearest of futures.
      We will keep in mind that humans have the ability, unlike most creatures here, to raise their desired nutrition.

      * Do not eat of flesh food or vegetation that you or a trusted other has not raised for you, or that you have hunted/wild-crafted for.
      * Be more vegetarian than carnivore in fuelling the body vehicle…It’s simply made to run best this way.
      * One’s main diet sources should be of the environment one resides…hones creativity & maintains good immunities, btw.
      * DIY if ya don’t like what someone else is plating you with.

      This could be a wonderful call for Community to re-member…with each other, with technology, & with wise ways…Perfect, indeed!!!

      I have lived in the city, woods, & now little-town,USA…both south & north. We have found ways to supply the foods of a fam of 5, while providing for others as well…So it is a can-do thing…whether in 5 gl. buckets indoors or out, or as the summer landscape, or in a community built plot. It takes planning, effort, & understanding (labors of Love)…valuable skills to acquire for any one, and the Love energy put into one’s food is invaluable (“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food”)

      Healthful eating does not have to be expensive…actually just the opposite, considering that in fuelling up with Premium one avoids much ‘norms’ of dis-ease & need for increasingly costly care by others. And you would be Amazed at how much can be produced in a verrry small area, any time of year. Once established, you are producing your own seeds for self & exchange/barter, & you know the best hunting grounds. It’s a process that becomes nearly free, and what does cost is an investment in Selfs…See? 🙂

      Mange’, Bella ami! <3

    • Stephen mills

      Good question Politics ,a good place to start is the books by John Robbins ,fantastic information on the choices we make for food and a way to a more sustainable lifestyle .I really enjoyed The Food Revolution .But generally if we eat low on the food chain ,vegetarian ,vegan type diet this is good for the planet and our bodies and good for all the other species that inhabit the Earth.
      On the important Bee issue ,here in the UK we also have this problem as 97% of the grasslands have gone and 75% of our main food crops are pollinated by Bees according to Freinds Of The Earth .Without Bee,s food prices would rise costing the farmers £1.8 billion a year .
      Freinds of the Earth UK have been doing a save the bee campaign and a pack full of Information about what we can do as individuals is available for a donation of £15 .This might be as little as planting some flowers in a window box or campaigning to leave fields as nature intended to encourage natures life cycles .

      I do believe nature has the capacity to heel if given time but we must work fast and educate ourselves as to what can be done and spread the messages as far and wide as possible as this website is doing.


  • Erin

    The article was a good read…the repliers were even more interesting.
    The commenters here are tons more respectful of each other…Thanks to All for that, btw. 🙂

    The loss of beloved species is part of Change. The fact that it is by humans being that the losses occur proves misuse of the intelligence so adamantly boasted.

    Perhaps an opt to adjust the beingness of humanity to reflect a higher understanding of Nature? This, however, would define one as Magical, & Amazing, & webbed within It’s entirety…and what a non-conforming notion that would be!

    Solution: Be no less than Amazing…always & all ways! <3

  • mewabe

    Thank you Neale for telling it like it is…

    And, honestly, in regards to the critical comments you receive every time you point to a world problem, I do not understand this new age mindset that defines spirituality to be a means of denial or avoidance of anything unpleasant or “negative”.

    Those who conceive of such spirituality as a new, sophisticated form of self-delusion simply reveal something about themselves, about their psychological needs…something they should perhaps become aware of, conscious of, and consider healing within themselves…namely a psychological or emotional fragility, an inability to handle the truth when less than absolutely positive.

    For me, spirituality means primarily truth…or at least it requires truth. But many today have such deep personal problems, wounds, issues, that they cannot handle their own lives, let alone the world.

    The following doesn’t seem to be understood by most: when a person is inwardly positive, a state that comes with inner healing, such person can face, acknowledge, discuss and handle any amount of exterior negativity or problems. But a person who is inwardly negative (who has unresolved issues, unhealed wounds or trauma), such a person cannot face any outer negativity or problems and is desperately seeking outer positive stimuli, often at the cost of the suppression of reality.

    Some use alcohol, other use drugs, others use what they think is spirituality.

    They use what they perceive to be spirituality as a coping mechanism, and like most coping mechanisms this so-called spirituality is basically geared towards denial.

    That, in my opinion, is why you get so much criticism Neale when addressing world problems…many unfortunately do not have the necessary foundation of psychological health and maturity to cope with reality.

    These words may sound a little harsh, but the world situation is harsh and we all need to grow up very fast.

  • Stephen mills

    Freinds of the Earth Uk are doing a campaign on this very important topic .For a donation of £15 they will send you a save the bee pack with information that helps us implement solutions this might be as simple as planting some flowers in a window box to campaigning to save wild growing fields and grasslands as here in the Uk over the last 60 years we have lost over 97% of our grasslands .
    According to Freinds of the Earth it would cost the Uk farmers £1.8 billion per year to do the work of the bees perhaps this is what agribusiness wants dependency on them ! 75% of the main food crops are pollinated by Bees so I guess it,s up to us to solve this one .Nothing is more cruel to nature than mankind as we are finding out year after year ,doing nothing that harms the environment and ultimately ends up harming us is a step forward in our evolution.

  • tiago

    change the culture!!!!! education for the childrens….. love to world!!!!!only it