What do you think America, and the world, should do about Edward J. Snowden? What should society’s response be to someone who forces us into Total Transparency about everything governments, and we, are doing?

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  • Susan Knights

    I think it comes down to his motivation for doing this. If his motivation comes from a genuine honest place then I would like to shake his hand and thank him for his bravery. I would then pray that he will be protected and not persecuted. If, however, his motivation comes from a place of ego or personal greed then that would be a different matter. It’s an interesting time to see how different countries are behaving towards him. It’s clear that many of them are probably carrying out the same activities and can’t afford for that to get out, hence they won’t offer him sanctuary. I would like to think that society should be grateful for what he’s done, but right now I’m not sure that is the case. I am very disillusioned with governments. My fear is that the majority of people who are involved in government are pursuing their own agenda to feed their own ego and they are not pursuing the agenda for the greater good of the people they represent. Let’s pray that this individual is allowed freedom. He will have paid a high price for speaking out. Bottom line I think we should be grateful to him.

    • Joyce Derby

      I agree with you about the motivation. Only problem is no one know what that is except for Snowden. At least he hasn’t asked for money.

  • Anne-Marie Bland

    why is he being condemned for speaking his truth? unfortunately it seems in the USA this is becoming common.

    • Joyce Derby

      The ‘truth’ does not always set us free. When dealing with the government it can sometimes get innocent people hurt or killed. Not good, just a fact..

  • Marie-France Emond

    We should give the guy a job. For the first time in history, someone is in a position to bring some unity to this world. There is no talking of privacy when all nations can’t get along and pratice love, justice and peace. Snowden should be responsable for his action and pay the price for the role he brought on himself. He can’t hide when nations are looking for trouble. There no more time to decide if he is right. Snowden got madness over his own gouverment and now he rely on other countries to be saved in order to get even, or worst to win this war. Does he care for the world peace at all ? Has technology the power to bring peace to this world or is it a new way to set battles ? I wonder… Snowden has the whole world to his feet, how could he choose a single country ? I suggest to set himself in the country of the Neverland of thecnology where the hearth has no meaning what so ever.

  • Rick Vornbrock


  • Neal James

    He should have the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Erin

    Honestly, did Eddy ‘tattle’ on something We, the Little-Peeps, did not already ‘know’? Really? Sad if that is true.
    Simple fact: If We, as humans being, were of higher thinking, this would not be an issue to begin with.

    Dear Mr. Snowden…Thank you for raising the awareness that We are not yet of the mind-set of intelligence to behold Our specie in All-wellness. Blessings on your journey ahead & may you deeply touch many.

  • Charlotte

    I think he should be brought back to the USA. He appears narcissistic – and I worry that he could or already has breached the trust of the USA – and others could harm us -in many ways. His motivation appears to be of interest to him – not the whole. We all know that each country spies on the others…..but……..he was in a position of trust.

  • Zach

    Snowden is a hero. People should have the choice to share what they want or not, not have the state spy on them without permission and against the law. I really feel the people should have ultimate privacy and government should be transparent. That’s why we have a 4th amendment and checks and balances, because governments in the past would just barge into your house and take and look for what they wanted without accountability. The government is supposed to be for the people, by the people, and so they should be seen and held accountable by the people. When they are not held accountable and are allowed complete secrecy, it just allows for criminals and corruption to run a muck. I could understand some things needing to be kept secret, but they must follow the law and constitution. Whistleblowers should not be persecuted for exposing corruption, they should be applauded. They are what will keep the system authentic. I would encourage more people like Snowden to come forth and speak out.

  • john erickson

    Marie Emond you should wake up . For a person who calls her “self” a journalist ..hmm i wonder where it is you learned to write nevermind your opinion..