In the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II has given her approval to gay marriage, granting royal assent to a bill legalizing same sex marriage passed by Parliament, and making it law. Is it time now for all countries around the world to simply allow people who love each other to marry, regardless of their gender?

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  • Yes, that is the vision I hold for all beings. I look forward to seeing that happening. In the meantime, I am celebrating the wins we are seeing, including in my own state of Washington. Yay for love all across the spectrum!

  • Marie-France Emond

    Love has nothing to do laws. Marriage is a contrat between two parties; men or woman or between who ever is willing to engage in a mutuel arrangement. Since the beginning of the world, we don’t seem to have enough imagination other than to put two people together. When we will know what love is not maybe we will be able to discover what love is. To make gay marriage legal is fine but it won’t bring us out of the confusion about sex, relationships, obsessive desire and dependent behavior.

    • Erin

      Lol…Love the line “we don’t seem to have enough imagination other than to put two people together.” 🙂

  • Christopher Toft

    Sadly not according to Mr Putin & others who think like him. When it is time, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more changes to group consciousness than on just this one issue. I am very pleased with the situation here in the UK though. Yay for us!

  • Therese

    Of course it’s time!

  • Erin

    Obviously, this is the trend o’ the day…the international bandwagon of the century…And there will be those that will not ‘follow suit’ for the free advertising & distracting entertainment factors that doing so will surely present.

    “Is it time for all countries (governance) around the world to simply allow people…”

    …Hmmm…Is This what time it is??? For people to finally be ‘allowed’ a legal & binding contract of relationship status for the ‘benefits’ governments only allow to those who register thusly? The love part really has no never mind in this sector, it’s actually about ‘rights’ to body vehicles & stuff created of the partnerships, isn’t it? Who gets ‘say’ in what happens when the other moves on, who gets the S.S. monies, who goes on & collects from insurance policies, etc…Important aspects of consideration when a couple melds their lives in world today.
    Blessings to those who find these measures to be as boat floaters in their seas of Love…I truly hope this serves them well…I hope it serves All well toward grander futures.
    Namaste’ 🙂

  • I don’t feel this is anyone’s business. I am not here to tell anyone else what to do.

  • cecilia

    Of course… Freedom is our right. To choose whatever we want in our lives. Who can even pretend to know better than ourselves what is best for us?

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