It sounds too good to be true, I know — but could it be true anyway? Is it possible that July 23 really was the actual and “official” beginning of 1,000 Years of Peace?

That’s what some astrologers and prognosticators (including long-ago predictors, such as Nostradamus) have said. The world, they’ve declared, is now in for a Great Upheaval — but not a destructive one. Rather, a reconstructive one.

We’re talking here about a complete re-make (what I called the Overhaul of Humanity in my book The Storm Before the Calm) designed to create the most joyous, efficient, effective advancement in the Human Story ever conceived.

It’s going to involve — according to the predictions — a complete restructuring of our political, our economic, our cultural, and our spiritual ways of being. According to astrologers, it’s all about the Full Moon shining through the 7th House on the morning of July 23nd, and Jupiter aligning with Mars…or something like that. (I may not have all the details right.)

In any event, I believe it is true that all of life is nothing more than energy vibrating. I have always been told that energy impacts energy. That is, one energy source has an impact on another energy source, interacting in such a way that a third energy vibration is produced between the two of them.

This process of energy intermingling and interacting is going on all over the Universe between all of its interconnected manifestations of Life. We live in a cosmic cosmology that feeds itself, sustains itself, and recreates itself anew in a single simultaneous process occurring ubiquitously unilaterally. Do stars and other heavenly bodies, therefore, have an impact upon life on Earth? If the cycles of the moon can affect the tidal waves of our oceans (to say nothing of the tidal waves of our emotions), what do you imagine the entire night sky can do?

We have just now concluded a thousand years with Saturn in our sphere of energy influence on the Earth, because of its position relative to us generation after generation. Now, a new thousand-year cycle has begun, with the Sun as our highest energy influence as of July 23. This calculation is based on the Cycles of 7, which is said to apply in the cosmos.

Observations across history have revealed this cycle, with a seven-millennium cycle having begun with the so-called Moon Millennium starting in 4000 BCE. Those days are now behind us. With the Sun Millennium having been inaugurated, we will be experiencing what is, quite literally, a New Dawn. It is the dawning of a new civilization — or, perhaps more accurately, the beginning of the “civilization of Civilization.”

If this is indeed the true beginning of a new cycle in human history, how fast this new cycle takes hold is going to depend a great deal on us, of course. The spiritual activism movement that has been created — called the Evolution Revolution  (see info box elsewhere on this website’s home page) — is part of the Twelve Spheres of Life Initiative of Humanity’s Team. This and other outreach endeavors will go far toward determining if the long predicted 1,000 years of peace and prosperity is upon us.

Question: What role, if any, do you wish and plan to play in getting this 1,000-year cycle going? Have you looked at the Evolution Revolution information page on this website? Are you “in”?

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  • Krystal Bass

    I’m in…

  • Zach

    Playing pop rock music in just intonation (tuning to the natural harmonics of sound). People hearing music that is in tune will promote them feeling in tune within themselves and Life. As of now something like 99.999% of guitars and pianos, and music based around them, are out of tune. At one time this was for convenience, but now it is just out of laziness. The time to bring music that is in tune to the masses is now. I am working now to make this a reality.

    • Erin

      This sounds like an amazing movement of endeavor…puns intended.:)
      Some will be drumming to a different beat, strumming harmonic melodies from deep within…tuning into wiser vibes.
      I’m excited for you & can hardly await to hear your new grooves!
      Play away, Zach! 🙂

  • Im in!

  • Marilyn Kettle

    I’m in, too!!!

  • Horst Gutekunst

    „Unser Vater/Mutter-Prinzip!“

    Er/Sie, in uns


    Ganz, vollkommen und allmächtig,

    ist der NAME!

    Der Name ist das SEIN, das Leben!

    Des Lebens Wille, zu verstehen.

    Es ist das Licht, die Wahrheit und das Leben,

    Hoffnung, Liebe!

    In uns selbst, mit fühlend Denken!

    Im Körper Lust und Freud empfinden!

    Leben lieben, Liebe leben!


    Das gibt uns die Kraft, als Nahrung, im Augenblick,
    und immer!

    Das ist’s, das uns versteht, in aller Zeit und jetzt!

    So wir begreifen, fühlen Jene, die uns das Vertrauen
    in die Liebe Schulden!

    Sein Reich, die Kraft, sie ist in uns!

    Da wir bewusste, leuchtend Sterne sind.

    „So wird in uns, die Herrlichkeit, der Frieden ganz,

    für Ewigkeiten!“

    Selig sind, zu aller Zeit!

    Wir sind ihm nah und jetzt bereit zu lieben.

    Dies ist der Seele Waffe, die, die Macht im Dunkel

    Die Dunkelheit, Sie, kann und will es nicht erkennen?

    Doch Liebe_Licht im Dunkel selbst, wird Leben jetzt

    So sind Wir, und ich bin das, und Du.

    In uns geborgen ist die Liebe!

    P.S. Es ist die LIEBE die uns ALLE GEBOREN HAT!


  • Anastasija Osinceva

    I`m in

  • Wanilla Eyescream


  • Awareness

    Yes I have looked at the Evolution Revolution information page. Thank you for the uplifting message Neale Donald Walsch 🙂 I am absolutely and most certainly IN 🙂

    Peace and Blessings to ALL 🙂

  • Benny Sikter

    I am both in and out – in to be uplifted of the good spirit there and out to encourage people who are out to get in there. 🙂

  • Jeanette Traylor


  • Carina

    Neale, you are such an inspiration! God bless you! I’m in! 🙂

  • Lisa Tillman

    Age of Aquarius! I am in. <3

  • Mike Brown

    It sure can’t hurt to begin with personally promoting, living, projecting and asking 4 peace.
    The proof will be in the pudding, positive prognosticator !

  • Awareness

    Reminder: “From this year forward, as we have said before, your human race will create
    1000 years more for its existence on the Earth in which it will know PEACE, EXPANSION, CREATIVITY and FAR LESS limitation and will become true 4th density beings.” – BASHAR of the Sassani (LIVING LIGHT) Civilization 🙂

    “Let the miracle continue” – The Time Keeper (GREAT SPIRIT!) 🙂

  • Erin

    Never been “out”! 🙂 Sooo interesting!!!

    Horse & I will be moving in new directions with new directives…Dog & Cat to join in, too. They have been ‘enduring’ with Humanity for sooo long…perhaps soon they will be Seen for ‘why’. Can’t wait for ‘Others’ to be Seen, too. 🙂

    This sooo rocks! 🙂

  • Austin

    Humanity has the potential, to live up to its own name.
    I believe that it will do this.
    It must first take response ability for its own actions.
    The evil it does, is done by it. No by a devil
    The good it does is also done by it. Not by a god
    This accountability will show it’s maturity.
    The first step in the rise of humanity will be its ability to shed the old and primitive concepts of religion.
    If it is true that we are the children of a god or gods, then it is my belief that we should now leave our parents home and create a home of our own.
    Release the binds created by religion and know the sprite that is within you and create the world you wish to live in.

  • politics

    You have picked a very interesting topic to chat about, what makes it even more curious to me is that facts are abound when it comes to this dawning of. Are you aware of the implications of such a magnitude of what you are speaking of?

    I ask with concern when it comes to what could be called faulty conclusions, unless of course you are aware of the ” Precession of the Equinoxes”? If so, is there something you are trying to say?

    Is your Source of Inspiration calling out to you with this topic?

    My gut just tells me this is just a coincidence, but then I hear a little voice tell me about how Humanity has ignored facts for conclusions that could quite possibly explain misunderstandings of collective consciousness. Or perhaps be at the mercy of them?

    Collective consciousness can be blinded by it’s own insight if we are not careful, you know… get what you want. But who is getting something when it comes to wants? Presents can be deceivingly wrapped in cloaks of transparency.

    Maybe we are learning?

  • mewabe

    The prophecy of the 8th fire.

    “They will come to a fork on the road. One road will lead to materialism and destruction, for almost all living creatures. The other road will lead to a spiritual way upon which the people will be standing. This path will lead to the lighting of the 8th fire, a period of peace, harmony and a renewed earth where the destruction of the past will be healed.”

    Ancient Anishinabe (Ojibway) prophecy.


    “I think our prophecies with our Native people have indicated that there will be a time when we absolutely have to stand up, and this is that time.”

    Faith Spotted Eagle,
    Ihanktonwan Nakota (Sioux) Oyate


    “In term of the spaceship earth, the wrong crew is in command, and it is time for a mutiny.”

    Anonymous Mayan Indian


    “Just look at the dominant culture. Everything is backward. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the media destroys information, religion destroys spirituality, and what is intended to make life better destroys life (the earth).”

    Anonymous Native American


    “We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to exist and we are only a small part of it.”

    John Trudell
    Lakota (Sioux) activist/poet



    IDLE NO MORE (google it)

    It was started in Canada by Indigenous women.

    • Erin

      Sending Love mewabe…your presence is ever-inspiring beyond words. I was unaware that INM was truly in the works…This has given my heart & soul a ‘rush’…mind-full, heart-full, spirit-full…Amazing! Soul Sounds are ringing away & feet want to dance!

      Thank you…very much.
      ‘Good Journey’ has just expanded with this connect. 🙂 <3

      • mewabe

        Than you Erin! Let yourself dance and be in blissful harmony with the natural heartbeat of the creation, and with other hearts who also hear it! (:

    • Victor

      A pair of comments:

      – Radical, means, and derives from “radix”, in other words, from the roots. So, let’s be no afraid of being ‘radicals’. Let’s feel, think, remember, inspire, act, from our very roots, from our core. ‘Radica’l sometimes is erroneously understanded as ‘extremist’.

      – I don’t know which astrological source Neale is using. I am an astrologer myself, and I didn’t understand what he meant with “We have just now concluded a thousand years with Saturn in our sphere of energy influence on the Earth”, nor “the Full Moon shining through the 7th House on the morning of July 23nd”, nor those cycles of 7000 years he mentioned.

      Of course, there is mayan astrology that tells us about near 26000, 13000, 5125, 2150, cycles that coincide with cultural changes in humanity. But, though I can observe very notable ‘coincidences’ in diverse astrological events in different astrological systems, I can say too, that astrology, as many other sources of symbolic knowledge, can be used, and is used for meaning almost anything. As always, it depends on the interpreter.

      However, if we want to use some astrological event in this week or so for ‘pointing’ any sign of change, I wouldn’t use July the 23rd, but monday July 29th, when in our Solar System there will be an alignment of ‘planets’ -including the Sun and the Moon- drawing two inverted equilateral triangles, in other words, a David’s Star…

      Astrologically talking, it is an unusual event; what does it mean…? It’s an alignment of ‘positive’ forces (trines and sextiles), and ‘difficult’ ones (squares and oppositions), configuring a nice geometrical figure ‘at the sky’, from our Earth perspective. So, many things could be said. I only hope that some don’t try to convince us that it means the arise, triumph, and prevail of Israel Zionism, he,he…

      But in the other hand, yes, I believe that there is or could be Sinchronicity in many types of symbolic interpretation systems, such Astrology and others, with human events or processes.

      • mewabe

        Victor, I agree, extremism is the right word. I love the word radical. We indeed live within a civilization whose wet dream of the total “taming”, domination, control and brutal enslavement of the physical creation is extremist to the point of clear and present danger to all life forms.

        I know we are connected to all life, including the stars and planets, the entire cosmos, and that every life form responds to every other life form in terms we do not yet always understand.

        My point was that some individuals (not Neale) expect a cosmic event to bring enlightenment…as they did regarding 2012. This is the exact equivalent of expecting a messiah to save us, or waiting for the second coming of science to rescue us from our mistakes, while being dispensed from having to do the inner work and willingly undertake the growth in consciousness, to acquire the deep understanding (insight) that change actually requires.

        This naive belief works well for people who are culturally conditioned to expect that they can heal their bodies with a pill without having to change their lifestyle, or heal their mind with a pill without having to change their thoughts. It is believed that the change will come from the outside (such as from within the center of the galaxy) without having to change anything within the self, it will be all taken care of by forces beyond our control, and one day at a precise date and time we will all be transformed.

        This is a destructive belief because just like the Judeo-Christian messiah belief, it causes people to think nothing needs being done even as the ship (the earth) is sinking and life is disintegrating before our very eyes (if we keep them open).