Pope Francis made a breathtaking and extraordinary statement on July 29 about homosexuality. His remarks have reverberated around the world.

During an impromptu exchange with reporters on a transoceanic flight back to Rome following a triumphant week-long visit to Brazil, His Holiness was asked about the presence of a so-called “gay lobby” in the Vatican. His response: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Elaborating on the statement, he said: “When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge them?” The pontiff allowed as to how the problem regarding any gay lobby that may or may not exist within the Vatican was not the sexual orientation of its members, but any policies they promoted that would be opposed to the church and its traditional teachings.

His comments represent a radical shift from previous statements by all the men who had headed the world’s largest single Christian denomination over hundreds of years — and signaled once again that this new Pope may be taking the Catholic Church in startling new directions in which it has never traveled before.

Francis also told the press that the church needed to demonstrate a new degree of compassion for divorced Catholics. Presently, divorcees within the church are not allowed, by papal decree, to receive communion, and are marginalized in other ways in local parishes worldwide.

A CNN report on the Pope’s informal interview session on the return flight from South America quoted Francis as saying, “I believe this is a time of mercy, a change of epoch,” regarding divorce.

“He said the group of eight cardinals tasked with reform will explore the issue of whether divorcees can receive Communion,” the CNN report added.

Yet even as the pontiff’s statements brought new hope to gays around the world that religious oppression may be lessening, and just as laws in the United States banning gay marriage are finally loosening, new developments in Russia over the past week indicate that the laws in that country are becoming more and more oppressive regarding homosexuality, leading to a piercing question: Will we ever be able to civilize Civilization?

A law has just been passed in Russia that makes illegal to “spread information about non-traditional sexual behavior” to minors (defined as persons under 18). In Moscow recently, members of the Moscow Gay Pride movement were detained by police for holding a rally that has not been authorized, and for “promoting untraditional sexual relations,” according to reports from NBC News.

And on Sunday, July 28, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church,  said that legislation in the United States making same-sex marriage legal “is bringing the apocalypse closer.”

The situation has become so volatile in Russia that the U.S. State Department has issued travel warnings for gays who had hoped to visit there. The State Department’s statement said that “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is widespread in Russia, as harassment, threats, and acts of violence have been targeted at LGBT individuals. Government officials have been known to make derogatory comments about LGBT persons.”

Over 80% of the Russian population is said to support stringent anti-gay attitudes and laws.

It seems terribly sad that such conditions should prevail in one of the world’s largest nations and most visible and prominent cultures. The attitudes of both civil and religious figures — endorsed and openly promoted by such highly visible political and spiritual leaders as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill — have long been part of the nation’s social outlook.

The basis of all this appears to be the centuries of teaching by sects within the Christian tradition that sexual relationships involving persons of the same gender are a violation of the Will of God. That’s what made the remarks by Pope Francis on Monday so striking.

The Russian Orthodox Church is the world’s second largest Christian denomination in terms of numbers of followers. Only the Roman Catholic Church is larger. The theological influence of the ROC in Russia runs wide and deep, with, by some estimates, over 70% of the population declaring themselves to be adherents.

The statements about God’s Will with regard to homosexual behavior is yet one more area in which the theology of Conversations with God presents spiritually revolutionary messages. There is no manner or way in which the expression of a love that is pure and true is inappropriate or spiritually objectionable, CWG states unequivocally.

It is difficult to comprehend how a spiritual community which holds that God is the epitome of love, compassion, and forgiveness — which the Russian Orthodox Church presumably does —  could espouse, endorse, and support a view that would culturally, spiritually, and even legally oppose, restrict, and condemn the expression of love between human beings, with this opposition based on nothing more than gender.

Such opposition and condemnation feels to be the social expression of a primitive and backward culture; a species that does not understand the true nature of the relationship of its members to each other and to God.

Ours is a species that, in many places, roundly approves the death penalty, and that throws people in jail for years for simply growing, distributing, or smoking a particular plant. So perhaps it is small wonder that segments of it could disapprove of love simply based on gender.

I believe that the decision to legislate morality is the first sign of an uncultivated society. It occurs to me that advanced civilizations do not create oppressive laws as a means of suppressing private loving behaviors with which some of its members — no matter how powerful or influential they may be — personally disagree.

While I deeply admire Pope Francis for his conciliatory statements about gays — and for all the moves he has been making, large and small, since assuming the papacy to bring the Roman Catholic Church into the 21st Century — I am sad to see what is going on in Russia today. I dearly hope that all of human consciousness will one day soon grow beyond such barbaric demonstrations of limited awareness.

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  • Christopher Toft

    “I am sad to see what is going on in Russia today. I dearly hope that
    human consciousness will one day soon grow beyond such barbaric
    demonstrations of limited awareness.”.

    This sums up my view very well.

    • Michael L

      Hi Chris,

      Growth will help, but reeducation of Bible based
      religions teachings is the only way the change is going to come. They
      believe that things in the 3d world are still right or wrong. Once each
      new child is educated with that, the illusion continues.

      • Christopher Toft

        Yes our religious ideas still centre around the idea of a separate creator god that made people to only express love in certain proscribed ways. Neale’s book “Tomorrows god” said it very well-that our ideas about god are currently expressed at a very primitive tribal level & simply do not express how things really are.

  • mewabe

    We have to understand our own myths in order to advance and heal our own cultures. These myths are not just fairy tales for children, they come directly from our subconscious, and Christianity is one of them (see Joseph Campbell, The Power Of Myths).

    Myths have power because the subconscious has power, and it is too often completely ignored in our western cultures.

    If you look at all of the world cultures, most of them, particularly the near east (Asia Minor) and European, tell of the birth of civilization coming with the slaying of some primal dragon by a hero or saint.

    What does this mean?

    The mythological dragon is described most often as being female (significant), and in terms of the language of the subconscious represents the primal forces of nature, which are indeed associated with female energies.

    It is also called the serpent, and in more spiritually evolved cultures such as those of China and India it is endowed with powerful spiritual qualities, understood to mean a form of spiritual energy, such as the Kundalini, which is indeed said to be female, and which also encompasses sexual energy.

    More primitive and fearful cultures, such as those of Asia Minor and Europe, associated this primal energy with evil, and the rise of MALE civilization or patriarchy to be dependent upon the “slaying” (meaning the suppression) of this form of universal female energy which marries the sexual and the spiritual and UNITES ALL OPPOSITES.

    Sorry but we have to dig a little deeper than the surface if we are to understand how we got to where we are, so bear with me.

    The slaying of the dragon is usually followed, in myths, by its dismembering, which clearly signifies the destruction of its power to integrate, to unify, as in the example of the rise of the serpent within us, the Kundalini, that is said to awaken and UNIFY, INTEGRATE the 7 chakras or spiritual energy centers, leading to SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (inner unity) and a union with the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY some know as God.

    Do you follow the thread and its many meanings and implications?

    in terms of the language of the subconscious, the female power is seen as one of integration, unity, oneness. That is why it is associated with LOVE. The male power is thought to be one of separation, that is why it is associated with civilization and progress in our myths, as in the concept of MIND OVER MATTER, or civilization attempting to CONQUER and MASTER nature and all life.

    So what is the dominant civilization about?

    Civilization is not just about the alphabet, the wheel and shopping malls, as most believe. It is a process that originated in the subconscious, to SUPPRESS the PRIMAL FORCE within us and all around us (in the so-called wilderness), a primal force that was mentally associated with evil or the devil and chaos, to replace it with the fruits of the CONQUEST and of the SUBJUGATION of our own spiritual energy, WHICH INCLUDES SEXUAL ENERGY.

    In other words, civilization is the attempted REPRESSION AND SUPPRESSION of life most fundamental identity and expression, which is oneness. CIVILIZATION IS SEPARATION, in spiritual terms.

    It is for this very reason, because of this process, that women were AND ARE STILL horribly oppressed and often PERSECUTED, and that THEIR SEXUALITY was/is controlled and suppressed, and it is for this very reason that what is perceived to be the “feminization” of the masculine (as in the case of homosexuality) is perceived and described to be abhorrent in Christian myths.

    If you think all of this is far fetched or irrelevant, do a little research in mythology, and connect the dots.

    • Therese

      I couldn’t agree with you more…and what better way to control the feminine energy than through that which brings us closer to One another and to Divinity…sacred sex.

      • mewabe

        Thanks Therese!

        • Therese

          I like all that you said, and I think it particularly important to emphasize that word “balance’. We do not need a society where anyone dominates. There is a reason for both, and both in balance will create a better way of existence for all.

          The current masculine/dominator world is doing no one any good. It may appear that the men have all of the advantage, but when you remove the balance, the burden gets unfairly placed on one or the other aspect. Men are just as culturally/spiritually brainwashed as anyone into accepting this burden. Men do not get the softness and nurturing they require. Men never get let off the hook and have stress they should never have…and on and on.

          I also agree that chaos is sometimes the only way to find the center. In a time such as ours, where it is not appropriate to not agree, where thoughts have been ingrained in our past data for centuries, where peace really means subjugated and complacent, I think we require some chaos to wake us up! Something, anything, to make us feel again…and when we feel, we may just begin to think again, and connect to what our spirit is speaking to us.

          Mewabe…just as a totally curious question…are you male or female?

          • mewabe

            Thank you Therese, I really agree…

            Even thought they may not always realize it, men also hurt themselves when keeping women subservient, not only because denying/betraying their inner feminine, but because they need to relate to women in a way that their soul can recognize as whole, a whole relationship, not a partial, distorted one. Everything they take away from women, they also take away from themselves at the soul level, but they don’t see it this way, because of their conditioning, and because of physical advantages.

            Men are indeed also prisoners of the prison they create for others. Whatever we take from another, we deprive ourselves of it as well…whatever we give, we also give ourselves.

            Yes, chaos can be good, because the world is currently upside down and needs to be put right side up in our consciousness, so that will require a whole lot of shaking…and chaos is here, and it will get a lot worse, but there is a great light at the end of the global tunnel…a kind of a new world. We are birthing it within ourselves, all of us.

            I welcome chaos with open arms and a smile on my face! And I do see it as the feminine energy coming back to restore order (balance) after having “rearranged the furniture”, because men have made quite a mess.

            I am male…but I do not identify with gender roles. I see myself as a human first, who happens to be male. I act human first, and whatever is male in me just cruises along the human in me. In other words I am not concerned about what being a man is supposed to mean, only what being human is. And of course whatever is female in me is also in for the ride…so hopefully there is balance.

          • Therese

            Smiling here! It is actually an affirmation of progress that I see so many men lately seeing what quashing the feminine has done to this world. I am the oldest of 5 children, and the only girl, so I knew the reverse in my life. My strength was my greatest asset, until I learned to combine that strength with my gentle feminine, and then I got truly strong! Balance is, indeed, the key here. As long as there is something being subjugated, there will be a fight, won’t there?

  • Mike Brown

    Soon the global catastophe of weather disturbances will be so widespread and

    common that as the earth tries to correct itself, none of us will have time to oppress
    anyone. We’ll be trying to get the crops in, and save people. Sorry to be Dr Doom

    • Christopher Toft

      I think that in difficult times, people tend to scapegoat more.

  • Susan Knights

    I’m a Catholic and I’m currently watching Pope Francis with avid interest. I believe he will make a significant difference to the way individuals see Catholicism. I was divorced 22 years ago and came under the ‘no communion’ rule. I was offered an annulment but refused this as I felt I was being a hypocrite saying my first marriage was a non-marriage – not true. Fortunately I had, and still have, an extremely compassionate priest who allowed me to take communion and I now play a significant role in my parish, again thanks to the priest. I was blessed recently to be able to take part in one of your programmes and it resonated with so many of the beliefs that I now have. It was refreshing to hear you talking about God in the way that you do. On the surface it can appear as this conflicts with the traditional upbringing of a Catholic but I now understand that it is just the way that individuals choose to interpret God’s word. I’ve since had regular conversations with good Christians in my parish who condemn many of the things I now sincerely believe. I am enjoying have those conversations. Right now Russia are in a dark place but they will come out of this as more people feel brave enough to see there is an alternative path.

  • Trisha

    This comment is interesting as they don’t understand what they say. It is bringing the apocalypse closer, but they don’t know what the apocalypse actually is. It’s a GOOD thing.
    And on Sunday, July 28, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, said that legislation in the United States making same-sex marriage legal “is bringing the apocalypse closer.”

    Why do we believe God, our creator, would create someone that God wouldn’t love?

  • Christopher Toft

    I love that this new pope expresses his role as a holy leader so well. I do feel that there is still a long way to go though. The pope still expressed the view that homosexuality is a sin, that having a sexual relationship with a human being of the same sex is somehow immoral or destructive. Nevertheless, well done your holiness!

  • mewabe

    Whether a given pope is more or less progressive in his outlook, I feel very sorry for people who depend for their own spiritual life and development on the authority of any church, or anyone for that matter.

    This pope may appear to be good news to some, but what a sad world it is where people do not trust their own inner being and divine soul connection, and feel the unnatural need to place a symbolic authority figure between them and the Creator, and then become jubilant when this authority doesn’t quite OPPRESS them as much as before, and slightly relaxes the tight chain that keeps them in mental bondage!

    Am I the ONLY one here to see the absurdity of this situation? What kind of person would seek this bondage? (Don’t remind me…millions!)

    It is in this regard that I unfortunately tend to see no hope for humanity anytime soon, because of its propensity to act as mental slaves in need of a master, and loyal to such master regardless of abuse.

    • Blanca

      In reading a more complete report, the pope actually statet being gay is Ok, as long as you live a chaste life, so basically the statement means gays should hide their sexual desire and never act on it. Aceptance? I don’t think so.
      People who feel a (fabricated) need for an authority figure to connect them with Divinity are reading a different message in this statement, which shows how holding a symbolic authority between themselves and the Divine is destructive.
      You might like to look up “demiurge” as this word represents the figure that does not create bust shapes the Universe, and as such opresses the creativity of man.

      • mewabe

        Very good points, I agree!…however are not the oppressors mere opportunists, not unlike parasites who feed on a weakened host?

        What has originally weakened, frightened or confused humanity to such a degree that it SEEKS oppression and seemingly refuses to take responsibility for its own life and destiny, placing them in the hands of exploitative leaders?

        What came first, the oppressor or the oppressed, or did they emerge at the same time?

        Is there something fundamentally defective in the physical human brain or the human psyche that humanity has to play “follow the leader” at all times and can’t seemingly live without authority?

        I feel like I am from another galaxy, a difference species. I am sure others do as well…

        • Blanca

          Mewabe, I understand. It makes no sense to believe “I am a divine being”. “But I must obey the more divine than me other being because I will not take responsibility for my actions”.
          I think the oppressor and the oppresed are the same. They were both birthed by fear of consequences.
          And fear of consequences was born from rejection of what we dislike. It is Ok to dislike things. But rejecting them makes us grow attached to rejection.
          So we justify our attachment by blaming the “teachings” from the diviner than me. Then we hide the fact we are afraid.
          And so, we remain afraid now of being exposed to our first fear. And this makes humanity oppress itself.
          It will thake more than a good phrase from a “divine authority” to get us out of our own mess.

          Specially as humanity has all the mechanisms in place to hide the fact that there is nothing to fear.
          So many ages to build this house of cards…

          • mewabe

            Yes Blanca, and as rejection also causes guilt, it does seem that humanity has grown extremely attached to its own fears and guilt, and has constructed its world or house of card around these two curses which do act as “soul-sucking” parasites.

            It takes a lot to heal from within…and I do believe extreme and total rebellion is necessary, the same type of rebellion a stomach displays when fed something it cannot digest: complete regurgitation!

            We all need to regurgitate everything we have been force fed from birth and probably before that, to clear the way for own true divinity to express itself without any more distortions!

          • Blanca

            Totally agree. We are so used to being attached to guilt and fear, we cannot dare to believe there is life without fear and guilt.
            It’s like bungee jumping (and so many other things). People do it because the fear in the fall makes them feel alive… how about we start to feel alive in the security and peace of being divine, in each and every one of us?

          • mewabe

            Yes, so true! The exhilaration of feeling alive in love, peace, freedom and happiness, in the revelation of the divinity of all life, is so much more powerful than any adrenalin rush!
            But people do love to fear (see also the widespread popularity of horror movies) and they will as long as they stay in their mental prisons.

            Thank you for the conversation Blanca!

          • Blanca

            Thank you as well

      • Victor

        Let’s remember my own experience as a child, as a way to understand how all this works:

        I was born in a catholic family, not too practicant, but inmersed in that tradition: I was baptized at few months of been born, my first school was with a spaniard catholic female teacher in his 50’s (I am from Venezuela), and with her I learnt my first prayers and religious teachings: the Commandments, the ‘Our Father’, the Sacraments, and to pray to my guardian angel at nights before sleep. In that little school I learnt that God was a super Being in the Sky that was the creator and owner of everything, so, as creator and owner, he demanded obedience of his laws. Just a kind of Super Father, but actually the Father of fathers and the Kings of Kings, the ‘Number One’, so it seemed very ‘natural’ to obey Him like any child had to obey his fathers. After this, I learnt that he had a son that was crucified -in my natal city there are crosses in many avenues, and I asked all the time why that guy was hanging in that cross-, and crucified for us, for our sins, and we were in debt with this son, Jesus. If I didn’t obey the Father or the Son -the same God, but different person, I learnt a little after- I was exposed to their-His punishments, or to the traps of the Devil, another Super Being but a ‘bad’ guy, capable of all sort of evil things…

        So, there you have it, those were my very first religious assumptions, and as I said, they seemed to be very ‘natural’: a Father that imposses laws and commandments, he loves you, but as any father does, if you don’t obey you’ll be punished; obedience is the highest value. And all of it surrounded by fear and guilt.

        Of course I had millions of questions, and dozens of things I didn’t understand at all… Moreover when I had the opportunity of knowing about other religions in my childhood: I had friends that were Jehova’s Witnesses, and they gifted me with books which I read, my mother was very attracted to metaphysical literature which I also read, I knew other people of evangelical christian denominations, and then at my 10s, I entered in the most influential school in my city, owned by jesuitical catholic priests. Of course, the religious teachings, deepened and widened. And of course, the questions…

        Near 20 years more were needed to get free of all that stuff… Thank God, he,he…

        So, if these are the very first notions, no matter the religion, that are inoculated at the very first ages of a life’s person: there is a Father in the sky that demands Love and Obedience, and if you don’t obey, you are ungrateful and rebellious and you deserve punishment, and there are people who know well what God wants, and how God wants, so you better listen to them…; there you have it: since very early ages, and thousand of years ago, these are the psychic, the psychological, the cultural basements of all our societies around the world.

        So, it’s almost impossible for a wide majority of the world to get free of this ‘sheep’ condition: plainly, these are the ‘Chief’s Rules’ , so there’s nothing else to do… Who intend another thing are anarchic, stupid, dangerous, evil people…

        I find it very, very hard to change this state of the collective-global mind… All society is designed this way

        The big miracle is that some people can get rid of all this…

        The clue: God, Divinity is not like a human father. She has no commandments. He doesn’t demands obedience. She’s the Source of Unconditional Love and Oneness.

        Very hard to understand for the vast majority of Humanity.

        By now…

        • Victor

          So, for millions of people around the world, the Pope is plain and simply, the maximous REPRESENTANT of the Super Father, the Chief!, the BOSS

          In other words, the second in command. Designated for Jesus himself.

          The Commander-in-Chief in our Earth…

          Nothing least!

          • Blanca

            I was raised sort of Catholic as well: the family that will call itself Cathlic and “go through the motions” but will NEVER dare to challenge what is said.
            At some point, the cathechism itself goes crazy. That all loving god will throw us all into an abyss of fire for some dumb reason?
            I get the dogma on “infalibility of the Pope”, and all that. So I read carefully what he said.
            He may not judge homosexuals personally (as a human) YET, unless homosexuals abide by NOT ACTING on their sexual urges ever (chasate life) and never being openly homosexuals, God willthrow them into a pit of fire, because the Pope will not dare chalenge classic cathechism. It has been laid down for a long time. It will not be changed. He DID state the part on cathechism as part of his statement. The media just ignored it in the most part. Shameful on the media.

    • Christopher Toft

      Yes most religions seem to teach this Idea that “spirituality” is submission & obedience to the will of someone or something else. It seems that the significance of Stanley Milgram’s famous experiments with obedience in the 50’s & 60’s are lost on humanity.

      • mewabe

        Yes, true…

  • Robert John Lury

    Humans treat animals absolutely terribly in all sorts of ways and naturally we get the consequences , animals eat sleep mate and defend exactly what we do.!!

  • Blanca

    Actually he said being gay is not wrong, lobbying about it is, in reference to the galy lobbyinf}g issue in the vatican. He then reffered to the Catholic Catechism, explaining gays are not rejected AS LONG as they live a chaste life (which means they are not free to practice their sexuality).
    So people are reading a more open mind in his statements than he actually presented.

  • Erin

    I have lost all understanding of this stuff…There is no sense in any of it. Truth is being distorted right before billions of eyes once again, & as usual, welcomingly accepted…silly sheeples, indeed!

    If one is of higher thinking than this ‘fad of the day’, they would also find such to be as meaningless distraction to Spirit, and move from it without worry or judgment. There are simply grander visions to create of & wiser experiences to be had of them.

    We have histories of a gazillion repeated eras exampling the demise of humanity by slaveries, abuses, disrespect, leadership misguidance, majority’s lack of personal responsibility…and this is yet another. Obviously, these scenarios of ruts have taught humanity little…Re-run seems to be the button of choice. Blessed be…I wish those involved well-being, if this is what serves their purpose.

    And still, there is an imagining that human is all there is in this process…that human is what matters only…that the few truly have control of this encompassing situation…Sooo not so!
    The Nature of here is a conglomerate energy of All…much more evolved than our sciences can theorize, than religions can adjust to, and that primitive minds could conceive in present state. It is in it’s own transformation process in these moments…no worry of consequence, nor of specie affect…Nature WILL transform for Her Spirit purpose.

    Humanity is about to experience Amazing…All IS One, All WILL Change. Personally, I Am All for It. 🙂

  • Victor

    I’ll repeat, in a some alterated way, a comment I put below:

    For millions of people around the world, the Pope is plain and simply, the maximous REPRESENTANT of the Super Father, the Chief, the BOSS!

    In other words, the second in command. Designated for Jesus himself.

    The Commander-in-Chief in our Earth…

    Nothing least!

    So, if the Pope says that gays are ‘bad’, or now, that gays are ‘fine’ -always and IF gays do not practice sexual intercourse- so be it, it’s almost the WORD OF GOD, or in practical ways, the words of God’s Commander in Chief in the Earth…

    As we continue living in this Patriarchal Paradigm, of fear and guilt as basements of obedience systems, and it is rooted in our collective unconscious-subconscious-emotional-psychic matrix, and pemeated to all society and ‘civilization’, it will be very hard to get rid of all this nonsense…

    Because the nonsense is fundamented in something that seems to make sense very much:

    We have a Father in Heaven, that is like any other father: he demands Love and Obedience, and if you don’t obey, you are ungrateful and rebellious and you deserve punishment, and there are people who know well what God wants, and how God wants, so you better listen to them…

    There you have it: since very early ages, and thousand of years ago, these are the psychic, the psychological, the cultural basements of all our societies around the world.

    The love-fear relationship with a father.

    If you add to this that for a vast majority of human beings, the father is absent, or is somehow dysfunctional… wow!, what a need of a ‘good Father’…

    The Patriarchal God is this ‘Good father’, and his representatives, in this case, the Pope, is the second in command.

    So, we are in a very nice mess if we want to get rid of all this…

    • mewabe

      I agree with you Victor, except that no, this patriarchal nightmare was not the cultural base of all societies around the world. It is now.

      The patriarchy rose first in the Middle East (to be exact, from the true Aryans, Ancient Persia).

      Before this scourge arose and spread, many cultures were matriarchal and matrilineal, including ancient Crete, and including many Native American cultures, such as the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederation that to this day is still led by the “clan mothers”.

      It has been say that the US Constitution is based on the Great Law of PEACE of the Iroquois Confederacy, except that the US founders omitted, and not by accident, the most crucial element: the power of a select body of elder women leaders.

      Neale is in my opinion mistaken in his assessment of a matriarchy that abused men…Nowhere can this be seen in historical examples of matriarchy, precisely because matriarchal power is NOT COMPETITIVE but COOPERATIVE, in symbolic terms NOT BASED ON THE AUTHORITARIAN PYRAMIDAL MODEL BUT ON THE EGALITARIAN MODEL OF THE CIRCLE where EVERYONE is included.

      The circle was considered a sacred symbol among many Native American and other Indigenous people…representing life and the UNIVERSAL, NATURAL ORDER of things from which they derived their CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS and SOCIAL orders, which led to egalitarian thinking.

      To put it in today’s terms, Many Native American cultures could have been called “anarchist”, powered BY THE PEOPLE, not by authority, with UNDERSTANDING, not obedience.

      That’s why many Native American societies were ruled by CONSENSUS, and NOT AUTHORITARIAN. No “chief”or leader could EVER enforce anything (which drove the US government crazy), the individual was sovereign, social harmony came from UNDERSTANDING, not coercion (isn’t this a characteristic of highly evolved cultures? Native Americans were not perfect or “saints”, but they had some understandings we STILL do not have!)

      But the world has become so confuse as to not see ANY difference between matriarch and patriarchy, as people have been made to believe that both are about dominant power, authority, control and abuse! Nothing could be further from the truth!

      It is also noteworthy that those Native American cultures that were extremely aggressive and competitive were ruled by the patriarchy, such as the Aztecs, who also constructed pyramids, a symbol of hierarchical power, and these cultures were very OPPRESSIVE and abusive as opposed to the individual freedom experienced within matriarchal cultures of the plains and the great lakes.

      As fas as a God, the Native Americans come closest to the Taoist definition of “The Unnameable Origin”, with the term “Great Mystery”. There is no hint of a male god in such visions.

      Again, the despicable patriarchy that has spread throughout the world like a disease originated in the Middle East, and it is not a coincidence that the 3 patriarchal religions that have the same root, Abraham (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) have caused immense pain and chaos in the world…and it is not a coincidence that many believe the Middle East is the most dangerous place for the world, and could be the cause of another world war, as the cycle seeks to complete itself.

      Has anyone notice the Obsession of the western world, of Europe and America, with control and dominant power? It is the sickness of this civilization, and so widespread most people think it is normal. As Native Americans have said, “the only thing the white man understand is power”.

      • Victor


        I should have said “the cultural basements of our societies around the world”, not all…


      • Erin

        In maintaining/managing a balance, there are certain aspects that not all will find happy with…Ya simply can’t please every one, just a fact o’ Life…even Nature understands this.

        One of these aspects was the determination of who was most capable of siring able bodies for well-conditioned specie continuance, and how to wisely handle the situations where this ideal was not so. At first, this ideal was the forefront responsibility of those prior to intimate relations…If one was not of par to pro-create a fine spirit vessel, those involved did everything in their power not to…it was an ‘understanding’ of Life. This, then created defines of ‘beauty’ & strength’…Enter the question “What is the lower boundary to accept?” And the answer? “Let evolution through free will choice decide”.

        Beings decide both of individual & combined influence…motivated by their spirit force, subject to the environment each lives within here. iow…one will not please One. Not that it couldn’t, but rather that It wouldn’t…The notion stifles freedom to be, which is a very sacred beholding to all species. (just a Matriarchal pov) 🙂

        Then Behold! All that This specie has evolved to thusfar!

        The Matriarchy was as a phase, just as the Patriarchy, just as the one we are in now. (It is actually a continuance, but we’ll go with the dividing/naming thing that we like to do.) We can only Now See wiser directions in which to move between those we have knowing of, toward grander human experience.

        We are young, but We are evolving/choosing other-‘wise’…As We have been ‘doing’. It’s All moving as intellect does. I Am enjoying the ‘seasons’…for a change. 🙂

        • mewabe

          I am not sure what you mean Erin…natural “selection” happens among some animal species, where the most dominant males and females procreate, but it never happened among historical matriarchal human cultures such as Native American cultures. They were more evolved than lions and hyenas (on the other hand, it may have been a different story in Europe).

          The matriarchy was never about female dominance but about male-female balance. The fact that people associate matriarchy with dominance today is a cultural distortion that has patriarchal thinking as origin, as all we seem to understand today, again, is conquest, control, authority, domination and the exploitation of the so-called weak (in other words we have the understanding of an ape).

          It is true that not all would be pleased with balance…not all would be pleased with peace, with love, with spiritual understanding, with equality and justice, etc. Psychopaths, sociopaths, egotists and others will keep popping up here and there trying to establish a different order, but like viruses they are meant to strengthen us, to remind us of the alternative, until our spiritual understanding is complete and we no longer need them.

          • Christopher Toft

            “Matriarchies did not EXCLUDE men, they INCLUDED them and gave them power, but THEY KEPT THE BALANCE between men and women.”
            Then it was by definition, not a matriarchy.

          • mewabe

            It may be sexist, but then again all one needs to do is look at the world…and see that men have sought control and dominance, and have kept women down and oppressed for centuries.

            So yes it is sexist, but it is not the observation that is sexist but the very fact.

            Matriarchal leadership is INCLUSIVE, but it is still leadership, so it is still matriarchal. The difference between matriarchies and patriarchies is that patriarchies do not include women and keep them in subservient positions, while matriarchies include men.
            For example, the Iroquois Confederation has male leaders, BUT they are selected by the Clan Mothers, and can be dismissed by them if they really forget their duties to the people or become destructive.

            The balance comes with women restraining male aggression, so that they don’t start massacring each other, or setting everything on fire, or blow it all up, as men seem to like to do as a pass time (another “sexist” remark, but frankly, women did not wage WW1 and WW2).

            The balance comes with female leadership being necessary to stop men from being completely self-destructive. Women have a tendency to be more protective of life, probably because they know first hand what it takes to bring life into this world (more “sexist” thoughts!)

          • Christopher Toft

            “It may be sexist, but then again all one needs to do is look at the world…and see that men have sought control and dominance, and have kept women down and oppressed for centuries AND are still doing it in many cultures, including in North America to some degree.”
            Fair enough, It would be stupid to deny that patriarchy exists as a system of negative attitudes & destructive power seeking emotions & it would be stupid to deny the historical subjugation of women. That is not what I intend here. The “observation” that men are in some sense inherently violent, power hungry & hierarchical in their thinking & that women are somehow inherently peaceful, co-operative & egalitarian does not seem to fit with the historical & psychological reality of men & women. True men have behaved in an abominable fashion, but to paint a “four legs good two legs bad” picture of male & female behaviour is grossly simplistic & it is sexist. Sexist is anything idea that assumes the moral, psychological & spiritual separation of beings into castes based on gender. I am perfectly capable of kindness, co-operation & egalitarian thinking & I have a penis. I have never met a woman who is incapable of violence aggression, hatred & hierarchical thinking.

          • mewabe

            Any statement regarding feminine or masculine characteristics are of course generalizations…there are always exceptions to the rule, sometimes many. But I am addressing trends, not painting everyone with the exact same brush, except to make a STRONG point, because frankly the patriarchy and its behavior piss me off, it is in desperate need of a kick in the rear.

            I am cooperative, not seeking to dominate, control and subjugate anyone, and I am male (last time I checked anyway). So that makes two of us in the entire world ha ha!

            Seriously…I know there are many shades of male and female characteristics and behaviors…I have met very aggressive and competitive women…but the HISTORICAL male trend has been aggression, extreme competition and dominance, and the female trend has been more cooperative and nurturing. Trends, nothing cast in iron!

          • Christopher Toft

            “I am addressing trends, not painting everyone with the exact same brush, except to make a STRONG point, because frankly the patriarchy and its behavior piss me off, it is in desperate need of a kick in the rear.” This is true:)

          • mewabe

            Thanks…I like to make strong points very often…but the subtlety is lost. Yet when there is too much subtlety, the point is so watered down it is washed away, and then you can hear a lot of snoring.

            I guess there is a difference between Native or Indigenous cultures and Indo-European civilization. This is not “racist” but cultural and spiritual, a matter of consciousness development.

            Some (not all) Indigenous, earth-centered cultures were less aggressive than most European cultures, which were historically some of the most aggressive, war-like and competitive in the world, bent on brutally conquering every square inch of the earth and spreading their empires.

            To this day, most traditional Native Americans are very soft spoken for example, even men, as opposed to the assertive, aggressive countenance of the typical North American, male and also female.

            So it may seem that Native American males (as well as some other Indigenous men) accept and integrate their more gentle inner feminine qualities (anima) with their masculine qualities, to come to inner balance.

            But it seems to me than the feminine (or what is symbolically associated with the feminine) has been suppressed, both inwardly (anima) and outwardly in the form of the oppression of women, in very aggressive, patriarchal cultures such as European cultures (and now North American and almost the entire world).

            I am talking about archetypes, and natural tendencies…again, because women understand what it takes to bring life into this world and to NURTURE it, they TEND to have a tendency to approach life differently, in a more cooperative and nurturing manner.

            Because the man role has been, for thousands of years, to PROTECT life with his muscles and weapons, his approach to life is more aggressive and war-like, even to this day.

            But there are neurotic and imbalanced people everywhere, of every gender, race and culture.

            In my personal opinion dominance is a form of pathology in humanity, or perhaps it could be said that it is the mark of an unevolved consciousness.

            I do not think that male dominance is exclusive in nature, but it seems to be more frequent.

          • Christopher Toft

            Thanks for the clarification. Nothing I disagree with here:) I try to be passionate & subtle, but not I hope, boring!

      • Victor

        Yes, Mewabe,

        I think that what you’ve said, that I’ve read in books such as “The Chalice and the Blade”, by Riane Eisler, and in the work of Fernando Maturana -he talks about the ‘matriztic’ and gynecentric cultures based in female energy-, is very, very important as a tool for cultural and psychic transformation of the world.

        Because it knocks down those misconceptions that tell us that “the History of Humanity is ALL the history of violence, oppresion and crime”, or that men have always ruled, or that force is the ultimate power…

        I don’t remember very well at this moment if Neale in CWG book 3, actually talks about a dominant matriarchy in ancient times… I remember that he mentions that men were considered in some cases as some clumsy or not too smart, but anyway they loved their not so wise male partners…

        Anyway, yes, I think that the myth of ‘since forever Patriarchy’ must be widely and consistently overthrown.

        Just that would be very revolutionary by itself, in my oppinion, though, of course, not enough to heal this sick culture. But a very important part.

        Thanks again, dear Mewabe!

        • mewabe

          Thank you Victor, yes, not all of the world was all mad all of the time…they were pockets of relative sanity.

          For example, have you read the description of Taino culture by Columbus himself, when he first met them in Hispaniola? They were said, by him, to be gentle, peaceful, generous, honest, and happy, laughing etc…

          Of course, being the product of the patriarchy, Columbus and his thugs repaid the Taino’s kindnesses, generosity and welcoming attitude with enslavement, rape, extreme brutality, and with wiping them out within a few years (from one million to nothing…”extinct” as historian say, who don’t like the words genocide or mass murder).

          And the current patriarchies of the world (America, Spain, etc) obviously think that is great behavior worth celebrating, as they honor him as a hero every year!

          We have a very long road ahead of us, since our dominant cultures CAN’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE AND HONOR THE TRUTH and chose instead fairy tales!

          • Victor

            Yes, I am very aware of what you say, my friend… I am a latin american; a Venezuelan guy, who has studied a lot the history of his people… I know deeply the massive genocide and destruction committed by the Spanish empire here. The nazi Holocaust is just like a stupid thing besides this… But unlikely the jews, that have compromised to “not forget”, and “never again”, many people in America -I´m referring to ALL AMERICA- has forgotten a lot, and don´t know anything about what really happened here, and much less, about the nature of many cultures that aroused here…

            And many of that occurs today yet. Remember the Evo Morales affair some weeks ago. (For whom don´t know, Evo Morales is the President of Bolivia, a South American sovereign nation; some weeks ago his presidential plane was blocked for landing in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France, with the pretext that he was transporting Edward Snowden, breaking all sort of international laws…). Some think that we still live in colonial times…

            That´s the reason because the former Venezuela´s President, Hugo Chávez (QEPD), intended to stop this ´cult´ or honoring of Columbus in very firm terms, exactly for the reasons you´ve explained so well, Mewabe… You´ll imagine the reaction of european nations…

            Yes, euphemisms and denial is still almost the whole rule… To alnowledge what…? You´re crazy or dreaming, dude… they´ll tell you…

            Thanks, my friend!

          • mewabe

            Thanks Victor…Yes, as long as these dominant cultures refuse to acknowledge the truth (about Columbus for example), it can only mean one thing: they would do it all over again if they had the opportunity and could get away with it. In other words they haven’t changed a bit.


            About the pope…I think they should turn the Vatican into a museum, and he could be working as a guide, with his nice costume and funny hat, welcoming the tourists and explaining how the Catholic church protected pedophile priests for decades, among other things (and still does, see the law in Canada that was just recently passed, forbidding Native people over 40 years of age to sue the churches-Catholic and others-that sexually and physically abused Native children in residential schools).

            Then we could turn Wall Street into an aquarium for live sharks and the Pentagon into a day care center, with the same spirit of truth telling, explaining how war has always been a racket, and how Wall street gave America a casino economy while privatizing profits and socializing losses.

            I think I will write a letter to our dear President with these suggestions (not).

          • mewabe

            Yes Victor, the bullying of Evo Morales by Obama and this European rear kissing “allies”…interesting events that tell us A LOT about today’s America.

            Not only didn’t Portugal allow the Presidential plane to land to refuel, but the French refused to allow the plane to even fly over France! The plane almost run out of fuel and had to ask to land in Vienna!

            Vienna had orders (from the US) to search the plane and check everyone’s passport, ALTHOUGH THE PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA HAS INVIOLABLE IMMUNITY, being a President (and democratically elected by the way).

            Then the Spanish Ambassador wanted to check the plane as well before
            allowing the plain to refuel in the Canary Islands. When asked “Who is
            so concerned about who is on my plane”, the answer by the ambassador was
            “Friends of Spain”. Guess who this friend is…

            Those are MAJOR diplomatic issues and VIOLATIONS, or should be, if the bully nations of our world (Europe and especially the US) did not consider any other nation to have no rights.

            America’s POWER is now way over the top, bullying ANY of its “allies” and being able to force them to treat the elected President of a SOVEREIGN nation as if he was a common criminal. I am VERY SURPRISED they did not call on the TSA to feel his underwear, in case he was hiding a whistle blower down there!

            By the way the US is NOT AT ALL concerned about the criminality of what Snowden revealed, that the activities of the NSA are TOTALLY ILLEGAL under section 215 of the Patriot Act. But this is only a MINOR detail for this law breaking government, and WHO IS PAYING ATTENTION ANYWAY?

            America stopped caring about the rule of law (domestic and international) so long ago, plus it has the power to bomb any nation back to the dark age, or to arrest and/or assassinate any individual ANYWHERE whenever it feels like it, so why not harassing the Bolivian Presidential plane?

            Evo Moralos took off from a different airport in Russia than Snowden is in. Anyone with 1/100th of a brain could not have thought that Snowden was on the plane.

            Bottom line…this little bullying exercise was not meant to find Snowden. The US KNEW it could not be on that plane…It was meant to HUMILIATE a President who DARED express the idea that he would be open to give asylum to Snowden, OPENLY DEFYING our world TOP DOG, the US of A.

            How dare a sovereign nation’s President have INDEPENDENT THOUGHTS! We will teach him HIS PLACE…and who is boss.

            Again, the patriarchy run amok.

  • petwar83

    “It is difficult to comprehend how a spiritual community which holds that God is the epitome of love, compassion, and forgiveness — which the Russian Orthodox Church presumably does — could espouse, endorse, and support a view that would culturally, spiritually, and even legally oppose, restrict, and condemn the expression of love between human beings, with this opposition based on nothing more than gender.”

    This is exactly why this can’t (and won’t) last forever. The hypocrisy runs too deep and eventually more people will accept it for what it is. The Pope’s more-accepting-than-usual statement (more accepting as in Pope’s in general, not Francis specifically) is a good start, but we can’t wait for him or someone else in an authoritative position to take the ultimate action and say “Gays are okay.” If we do that we’ll be waiting much, much longer.

    Like any global change, it must start with individual action. We must live our lives as lovingly and openly as possible. Our children will see this, our friends and family will see this, and strangers who pass us on the street will see this. Their lives will thus be affected accordingly. THAT’S how change happens. I know it’s frustrating to see a law like Russia’s be implemented, but it’s their country and their laws and there’s nothing a 20 year old sitting on his bed like me can immediately do to change it. But what I (and all of us) can do is look at this and say, “Wow, I don’t agree with that” and then live our lives in a way that expresses that sentiment (living with acceptance rather than judgment; love rather than fear).

    Russia’s law bugs me. I’m sure it bugs a lot of people here. But we can all use this as a checkpoint to remind ourselves of how we are living our lives and expressing our being. A mindfulness bell if you will.

  • Awareness

    “That many entities in this lifestyle are in transitions between lives, wherein as male or female they are switching, and although in a male body, or in a female body, may have either just arrived in that particular sex, or may be in preparation of changing to a different sex in the next life experience.”

    “This Awareness indicates that when the male comes in close intimate rapport with the female, masculinity of the soul of the male is shared by the mingling of auras with the female, and she takes on some of the male energy, and her own masculinity is enhanced. Likewise, the female, coming in close proximity to the male; her aura, magnetic energy of her feminine parts mingles with the male, and tends to assist the male’s feminity to grow and develop, this leading the male to become more tender, more feeling, more sensitive, and more sympathetic and caring; ‘qualities associated with feminine energy.

    The female, having taken on male qualities, then tends to become more sensitive, more capable of initiating action on her own. In this manner, the male becomes more wholesome, in that his feminine parts, his feminine energies develop, and his masculine energies are more pacified. The female becomes more wholesome in that her masculine energies grow and develop, and her feminine energies are pacified.

    This Awareness indicates that male and female coming together tend to balance each other out so that the androgynous spirit can occur within these entities; that the polarisation tends to diminish.”

    “This Awareness indicates that in actuality, the purpose of sex is to balance an entity so that the entity does not need further sex, and can put the energies into other, more constructive activities; that this is in reference to sex other than that of childbearing.”

    “This Awareness indicates that in terms of homosexuals, whether male or female relationships that these energies tend not to balance the male and female aspects of an entity, but rather tend to enhance those energies, thus the male homosexuals may find themselves becoming more polarised in their masculinity, or if playing the role of a female, may become more polarised in the female role, whereas the homosexual females find themselves likewise becoming more polarised in the role which they play, either becoming overly masculine, or overly feminine; thus, homosexual relationships tend to create an imbalance in the psyche of the individuals involved.”

    “The entities involved in such extreme polarities, in this life or in the next, will need to have relationships with their opposite poles, so that those strong polarities which were created in this life can be neutralised and balanced in the next.”

    “As far as the natural order of things, men having sex with each other serves no purpose other than some physical expression and need that does not enhance the species, nor does it benefit the species in continuing the growth of population for women to have sex with each other. It is not part of the overall scheme of things. It is no more nor no less of value than having sex with a bottle, or some other apparatus.”

    “Sexual orientation is not something inherent. It is a chosen behavioural pattern, an accepted behavioural pattern, wherein an entity accepts a certain sexual orientation.”

    “This Awareness indicates that homosexuality is that choice of an individual and does not need to have special privilege. It is enough that entities are protected and allowed to have their orientation.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!) 🙂


    • Victor

      It seems as if this Cosmic Awareness states that the main function of sex is childbirth, or growth of population, besides this “balance of polarities”…

      About the first thing I think that this is not the case…

      And in the second… sounds very strange: two males in love develop too much masculinity or feminity? Two female in love develop too much feminity or masculinity…? Wouldn’t occur just the same in heterosexual couples, or even more enhanced yet…?

      Very strange…

      • Christopher Toft

        Yes exactly victor! As I discussed with Mewabe a few days ago, my view is that masculinity symbolises certain ways of being & so does femininity. Key word symbolises. I do not for one minute believe we live in a dualistic universe where separate substances called male & female exist.

    • Christopher Toft

      “As far as the natural order of things, men having sex with each other serves no purpose other than some physical expression and need that does not enhance the species, nor does it benefit the species in continuing the growth of population for women to have sex with each other. It is not part of the overall scheme of things. It is no more nor no less of value than having sex with a bottle, or some other apparatus.”
      Awareness, are you sure that this is the case? You do realise that you are explicitly labelling gays such as myself & lesbian women as unnatural & deviant in their sexual behaviours? If this theory is true, how do you explain the honest, open & deep intimacy that I share with my boyfriend? This is not “impersonal having sex with a bottle style masturbation” & I find your statement to be a grossly bigoted & ignorant assumption that is rooted in heterocentrism(The assumption that heterosexuality is the only “natural” expression of intimacy & holy union & that all other behaviour is a distortion of this.) I used to believe this myself until I actually experienced how it feels to be homosexual & express love tenderness & intimacy as a homosexual. It feels holy & sacred, not like ego driven mindless, loveless greed as in your disgusting caricature Homosexual behaviour serves the “purpose” of any other sexual relationship barring reproduction: To express kindness, compassion, courage, intimacy & sharing & to experience the self as divinity. Your post reads like homophobic ignorance dress up as “new age wisdom”.

      • mewabe

        Frankly Christopher, you are totally right, and don’t worry about “cosmic awareness”.

        There is nothing cosmic about it…it’s the same old dogma wearing new age clothes…there is A LOT of this type of repackaged old dogma in the new age movement. It’s pure horse manure (excuse my French).

      • Awareness

        If you wish to take this up directly with Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!), you can do so by contacting the current interpreter for Cosmic Awareness Will Berlinghof. You can speak to Cosmic Awareness about any issues you like via the interpreter 🙂 Email the interpreters wife Callista at and arrange a session. Cosmic Awareness will tell you how it sees things from it’s perspective and not what you want to hear. You do not have to agree with Cosmic Awareness. You all have free choice. Cosmic Awareness does not Judge 🙂

        Alternatively if you wish, you can learn to channel (recommended) Cosmic Awareness and get your own answers 🙂

        • Christopher Toft

          “Cosmic awareness” can go jump in the lake. I trust my experience.

          • Awareness

            Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!) agrees that you trust yourself and your own inner (HEART) guidance 🙂 In fact Cosmic Awareness says:

            “The way forward is to always query, always question, and always be open. And finally this Awareness would add: ALWAYS GO INTO YOUR OWN HEART, TO YOUR OWN TRUEST CONNECTION to God Divine and ask to be shown the way. ” 🙂

          • Christopher Toft

            Perhaps Cosmic awareness is correct & I am somehow expressing something primitive & degrading. All I can say is that this is simply not my experience & there was even a time not so long ago when I wanted to insist that this form of expression was indeed primitive, distorted & degrading. It feels real, pure & holy to me & no amount of my saying otherwise, or someone else saying otherwise, however wise they may be, changes my honest experience of this. It is what it is.

          • Victor

            Ha,ha…! Yes, I agree…

    • mewabe

      “This Awareness indicates that in actuality, the purpose of sex is to
      balance an entity so that the entity does not need further sex, and can
      put the energies into other, more constructive activities”…

      Such as ?…

      Same OLD dogma in today’s pseudo-metaphysical packaging…sex and spirituality DON’T mix, and if you want to evolve and be spiritual, it would serve you well to “transcend” sex, to “elevate” the sexual energy, to channel it into “pure” light etc etc etc etc…

      Truly evolved people don’t have sex. No sir. That’s disgusting!…such a primitive activity!

      Sex in ITSELF can’t be good…no, it’s BAD, nasty, unless it can be PROVEN to have a HIGHER purpose and function than what it is. Then it can be TOLERATED, with your eyes closed and in the dark, until we can replace it by something more suitable.

      And don’t you dare enjoy any of it unless it passes the USDA PURE grade requirements. It has to be PURE, you understand?…organic…no artificial ingredients, no fillers, no additives, and preferably grown locally.

      And it would not hurt to chant OM while having sex, or read aloud from the bible if you can manage it, and drink holy water before and after.

      Hmmmm…puritanism and sexual guilt and shame are all still raging in humanity’s collective mind.

      Amazing to watch! And sad, because so completely absurd!

      • Awareness

        “This Awareness indicates that essentially, the sexual union between entities as being capable of the deepest form of communication, the most intimate form of communication possible, but only when that communication is automatically evolved from other, more sensitive forms of communication as foundation, such as the foundation and communication based upon love and harmony between entities which eventually expresses itself in this manner.

        This Awareness indicates that it is not necessary for entities to have sexual relations in order to love one another, nor does sexual relations in any way prove or even indicate the possibility that entities love one another.

        This Awareness indicates that love and sex are two different things: that love is an energy which passes between entities as concern and sensitivity and consideration for that other entity whereas sex can be nothing other than mere personal gratification, unless it is expressed with that same concern, consideration and sensitivity toward that other entity.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT!) 🙂

        Blessings to ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          Thanks for the input but, truly, what is new about this? Most people know that sex is not love, and that love doesn’t necessarily require sex as expression.

          • Awareness

            As far spiritual information is concerned there is nothing new. In “Conversations with God”, God said:

            “Everything I have brought you in this dialogue you have known before. I have given it to you before, all of it, through others whom I have sent you, or to whose teachings I have brought you. There is nothing new here, and you have nothing to learn. You have only to remember.” 🙂

          • Victor

            Yes, but CWG doesn´t have the dubious points of view and actual prejudice that this “Cosmic Awareness” has shown about sex… At the contrary, it says “throw away ´decency´ “, “infringe decorum”, “have fun with sex”.

            By the other side, this ´Awareness´ seems to be very prudish…

            Again, it seems as you´ve been channelling St. Augustine, Paulus of Tarsis, or some as that, he,he…

          • Awareness

            Do what serves you Victor 🙂 As I have said in my previous reply here, you are your own ultimate authority 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          Again, why this problematic obsession with sex?

          Using sex for personal gratification is a no no, bad, unloving, really unspiritual, but completely destroying the natural environment, trashing the earth, messing up the divine physical creation in the process of personal gratification, of manufacturing, consuming and trashing ever more toxic junk that no one really needs but everyone wants is not as much of a problem apparently!

          When the spiritual seeker becomes as obsessed with loving the earth, with having pure intentions towards the earth as s/he is about having such towards sex, we may have a bit more of a chance to survive as a specie, because it will demonstrate a bit of an increase in intelligence!

          • Awareness

            Personally I have no issues with having Sex for personal/mutual gratification and fun 🙂

          • mewabe

            Glad to know :)…sorry I got carried away with the irony in a comment above, I just find it funny how most of humanity has had a problem with sex, and specifically how many spiritual teachings, old or new, from western and eastern traditions, cannot reconcile sexuality and spirituality.

            Some think sexuality is a primitive form of union…so is eating, digesting and eliminating. That’s very primitive, if we look at it superficially, from the physical perspective.

            But it is the heart and soul that give the true dimension to life, to everything we do. And yes, the heart and soul like to play and have fun as well, and celebrate life.

      • Victor


        It’s so sad and absurd, but what you’ve said is SO funny, he,he…!

        • mewabe

          Thanks victor…I love satire 🙂

  • Princess Merriam Kiram

    There is nothing wrong to LOVE a person with the same gender, as long as the intention is pure.

    • mewabe

      Is it wrong to love a person of the opposite sex when the intention is not pure?

      What is an impure intention?

      Is the work most people do to make a living pure work? Is the personal desire for money from pure intentions? If not, what is the difference?

      In other words, why this obsession with sex, while most people do not give a second thought about trashing the earth, this divine creation, so they can have instant gratification and a ton of things that they don’t actually need.

      Why is sex such a problem with so many, but not having pure loving intentions towards the natural environment, the divine creation, not a problem whatsoever?

      Is playful, light-hearted sex impure? Is passionate sex impure? And who decides what is right and wrong?

      Must not individual express themselves according to personal abilities and development? Are those who are yet not able to express the purest, loftiest, most ideal loving intentions 24/7 wrong, and what does wrong mean?

      Does it mean wrong according to society, to culture, to church, to God?

      • Michael L


        Nice words for the repealing of the ideas of right and wrong in our primitive society.

  • Mike Brown

    Remember you said this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius or aquariums or something
    I sort of recall /:)

    • Awareness

      The GROUP (GREAT SPIRIT!) channeled by Steve Rother mentions August 19 2013 as also significant 🙂