Do you believe the sentence handed down to Bradley Manning was appropriate? If so, why? If not, Why?

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  • Matt Ison

    Manning is an American hero. People are waking up and can no longer go along with the unconscious agenda of institutions like our military. The establishment is scared and will do whatever it takes to stop anyone who steps out of line.

  • Cal

    Manning should be given a medal of honor for his courageous act. Exposing war crimes showing an acute level of disregard for life and the harsh realities of this blood -for money war machine. Tragedy he got such a harsh punishment.

  • Ross

    My answer is a little more nuanced than what has been previously written. Private Manning knowingly broke the law and knew there would be consequences. However, she also did a great service to Americans and the world by providing a larger glimpse into how our government is undertaking horrible actions in our name. That has created a greater public awareness which will hopefully lead to changes. Her sentence is much too harsh. I think this was done to send a message to others. That, if true, is in itself unjust. She deserves sentencing as it was meted out to others who have done similar things, maybe a year at the most from what I have heard concerning similar cases of leaks, with the possibility of early release.
    And maybe the day will come when sentencing does not include incarceration, but some form of restitution for any harm that may have occurred. I think it highly likely there was some harm done with Private Manning’s actions as well as helpful outcomes.

  • imaimaglo52glo52

    I think he/she did what was he was led to do and knowing the consequences. So being without judgement he shone light on a problem but it was against the law so now he will face the punishment. We may not agree but it is the will of the universe and serves a purpose.