Real Conversations With Teens (Part 1)

Teenagers, blessings and congratulations for making your voice heard. By commenting and submitting your messages to me, we are another step closer to Oneness and Beingness. So to bring forward that light into our world, here is our first teenage conversation, lovingly thought out and created:

From iamlife iam~

I have a subject I would love to hear your thoughts about. Do you perceive the dark images in the video gaming industry, the movie industry, actually, in much of the imaging of the whole entertainment industry as somehow impactful on culture? Some argue that these dark images do not impact youth, the perceiver, in any way, while others say they must. What are your thoughts?

 Dear iamllife iam,

In culture, many things are perceived as light, dark, good, bad, right, and wrong. What one person can describe to be a wonderful contribution to society another can disclaim as a major setback to the entirety of the human race. So just to note, dark, bad, and wrong are HIGHLY suggestive terms that are solely determined by individual values and beliefs. Though it may seem as though these are collective labels, they are still determined on an individual basis. And through the choice of free will, YOU get to make that decision.

So to go right along with that….

These images – and the impact that they have on us – are determined by us alone. Society is full of artists (those who create and spread ideas and consciousness), and their messages they send to the world. In such a matter, we are all artists, trying to express ourselves on the largest canvas available. What images we send out into the world may not even be understood by us – but it’s something that needed an outlook, that needed to be shared. Basically, it’s an energy pattern that needed to be resonated.

So, sometimes, when we encounter images (sometimes even created by ourselves) that we don’t initially like or understand, we at least can know that those images are someone’s way to express themselves in their highest understanding possible. It may seem dark, and it may seem dreary, but it is still an expression that can be related to. As a part of our human condition seems to be the need to share our stories and our experiences, sharing these images and messages only seems to be a natural extension of who we are.

So the next time you see something in film, in video games, in the entertainment industry, know that it’s all art. And just like art, we chose how much it moves us or inspires us. So if something in the entertainment industry does resonate with you, let yourself explore that impact and understand why you have that impact. Perhaps your own journey, unbeknownst to your mind, is actually resonating in the same energy, and is able to make that larger connection of understanding. Your understanding is your choice, but you must be open to that understanding, regardless of whatever lightness or darkness you have heard about the subject before.

So in a nutshell…

There are many people out in the world with many ideas and visions to express. Though we may not fully understand all of them and initially perceive them as bad, dark, or evil, we must consciously understand that it is still someone’s highest understanding of themselves. How much we let this impact us is left up to us to decide. It can change your world, but only if you chose it to resonate ever so deeply within you.

Thank you, iamlife iam. If this message makes conscious sense at all, I would love to hear your response. If this message still doesn’t make any sense at all, I would love to continue this conversation next week to clarify anything that needs further explanation.

So, teenagers of the world, let’s continue our discussions next week. Leave a comment, send an email, or just put that energy of conversation out into the universe to be received. I can’t wait to get your messages!

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  • iamlife iam

    Hi Lauren,

    I just wanted to open the line. I didn’t want to define it. I understand art has dark
    imagery at times. I know many artists who create some pretty dark images.
    These are statements about culture, politics. In these carefully thought out, well presented works, there is an overriding principle or statement being made that justifies
    the dark imagery. They are not merely dark images projected for the sake of creating dark images. They do more than project dark images for no reason. There are moral statements, thoughts of love behind the imagery, something more to say about culture, politics, something greater than the mere projection of darkness. I’ve created a few in fact. They were more political art pieces than personal, so, it was the culture, politics that inspired them.

    The first question I ask is more along the mindset these images tend to create. The images inspire one to create fear, darkness, whether that fear, darkness is eventually projected outward and as a mirror reflecting what it perceives in the world is a choice,
    as you say. If one has a mindset that is out pictured in other creations then the fear mingles with it. The darkness imagined in these imaginings mingles with the love creations, if one is afraid. Thereofre, the dark imaginings of imageries create more darkness and more dark imagery, more dark fear for all life on this planet and elsewhere. To me, the difference between these video games and art is the dark imagery in art was inspired with love, in order to inspire more love. With the video dark images, these games don’t appear to me to be inspired with love, nor do they appear to inspire more love. They are not inspiring thoughtful responses, global concerns, cultural reflections on a daily basis. Most of the video gamers out there do this not two hours a day but more like six to ten. . .we are talking many many hours in front of darkness visible, and, to me that creates a mindset that there is nothing to be gleeful about. Not all respond to the dark images by holding the fear in the body, but, many do. We have seen some commit heinous crimes and there have been investigations that show these ones were actually watching, doing certain of these videos for many hours on end. Most don’t commit heinous crimes, thank God, but, still all absorb the energy reflected in these images as negative energy. Negative energy sticks to the body and creates more negative energy if one encounters life a certain way. I know lightwork and know many lightworkers who believe these dark images were inspired by dark energies. These dark energies were previously embedded in the planet and other life forms, and some believe they have impacted earth itself for eons. Some believe these energies move and groove within the cellular structures of many on the planet. They believe certain video
    games, movies, etc. simply shouldn’t be watched. One lightworker, Doreen Virtue,
    who Neale interviewed right on this blog came forth to say on this blog that
    parents simply should not allow children to watch them. I don’t have the exact quote, but that is the gist.

    I tend to believe some, not all, but, many, many of these dark videos create more fear than love for youth. Whether they respond to the fear with love or fear is always an option, as you say, a choice to make, yet, these images only inspire fear. To me, there is no overriding political statement, no cultural statement that is a statement explaining, justifying their existence. It’s just a game of fear moving fear. The fear is real energy. Neale has stated many times that one should be careful about what one views, what one
    eats, what one hears, what one speaks, because energy moves energy. He is one that understands running one’s hand over food is a way to tell if the food has been prepared with love. Are such dark images prepared with love? Do they inspire love? In my view, many are not created with love and some tend to create a belief that fear is a game and fear is all there is. These are my comments, but I would love to hear what others have to say. Thank you for opening the dialogue. I don’t have the answer and that’s why I posed the question. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks for responding.

    Love to you