As nearly everyone in the world now surely knows, the government of the United States has been shut down by the U.S. Congress after its House of Representatives and Senate failed to come to an agreement on a budget that would have kept it open for business.

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have said they will not approve an annual budget for the government unless and until the controversial Affordable Care Act (known more widely in some circles as Obamacare) is completely defunded, or its implementation is delayed for a year.

Democrats have said that, as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren put it:  “It’s time to end the debate about whether the Affordable Care Act should exist and whether it should be funded. Congress voted for this law. President Obama signed this law. The Supreme Court upheld this law. The President ran for reelection on this law. His opponent said he would repeal it — and his opponent lost by five million votes.”

Given the above, many Americans are left wondering, Is this fair? The law was passed, the Supreme Court approved, the American people voted against the candidate who said he would repeal it on his first day in office — what more is needed to end this debate?

Having lost in the previous Obamacare debate when the health law was originally passed by Congress, having lost before the Supreme Court where it unsuccessfully challenged the law’s constitutionality, and having lost at the polls in the last presidential election, the far right wing of the GOP has now decided to stop the entire government from operating if the Tea Party and its followers don’t get what they want anyway and see the new health law, which took affect today, repealed or delayed for a another year.

For their part, Democrats have said there will be no repeal of Obamacare and no delay in its implementation — but that they would be ready and willing to negotiate improvements in the law, including some of the ideas suggested by the GOP regarding certain taxes that are slated to be instituted to fund it. Yet Democrats have insisted that they will not negotiate “with a gun to our heads.” They have called the GOP’s forced government shutdown not negotiation, but “extortion.”

The spiritual opportunity here is for both sides in this debate to move toward the highest good for all people (it is questionable that shutting down the government would be that), and for both sides to see their particular approach as not the only way, but simply another way to resolve the Obamacare disagreement.

Then they might take a pure, clean, and honest look to see if they can find a method of resolution that is distinctly different from the ones both sides are now employing as they position themselves around the health care issue. Yet the larger question remains: Is it fair for a minority of those both in Congress and in the United States at large to push their country into fiscal chaos in order to advance their agenda even though they’ve lost the argument three times already in every other forum available?

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  • Ellen N. Rathbone

    The question is: Is this fair? Nothing in life is fair. And yet, in our attempt to be extensions of the divine, individuals look to find fairness in all relations. The men in government who have never walked in the shoes of the millions of people who have no health care options do not understand (or care) about equality or fairness. Their actions will force the American people to rebel, oust them, and find a better form of government where money cannot dictate power or influence. As long as money is the deciding factor in all our wants and needs, and as long as money is the Capitalist’s god, nothing in life will be fair.

  • mewabe

    Most politicians are former lawyers by profession. And the law has nothing to do with justice or fairness, all realistic lawyers know this, or at least discover this after having had some experience.

    Politics likewise have nothing to do with justice or fairness. They, like the law, have everything to do with power and manipulation. Both sides are applying power, and are having a tug of war. The tea party is a freak side show, what is really at stake might be that the health care industry may not be thrilled with this law.

    Some politicians denounce this charade of a health care program as “socialist” (It is a charade without a public option). But if they really want to look at a so-called “socialist” health care program, they should look at their own. Why is it that they have no problems with it?

    Some day, humanity will grow up…please do not wake me up until it does, I am napping under a palm tree.

  • Gina

    I got furloughed today, and my answer is no, it’s not fair. Actions of the GOP are those of a child, giving a trantrum when not getting his way. I come from a country where an affordable, nation-wide health care system has long been in place, and I currently don’t have health insurance here, and can’t believe what is going on. How can a nation and president encounter such insurmountable resistence when all one is trying to do is enable people’s most basic right to life? It is worse than in Middle age Europe when people believed that pest was transfered from foreigners, Jews, or certain minority groups, and cats were believed to be evil and killing all the cats, making the rat population grow and pest uncontrollable. This situation is like those people then realizing the true cause of the disease, but refusing to acknowledge it! Everyone sees the benefit, as they certainly will in hindsight, some are refusing to acknowledge it to defend what they think is more important. Maybe it’s money, maybe power, maybe being right, but their party or group interests and their agenda are more important than good of the many and life itself. When Obamacare is met with so much resistence I can’t begin to imagine Abraham Lincoln’s agony.

  • Victor

    I just saw this in Michael Moore´s Facebook:

    “Obamacare is not what we truly need, which is single-payer, Medicare for All. And
    people are going to be pissed when they find out what it’s not. But
    it’s a small step in the right direction. If you’re uninsured, go to
    healthcaredotgov right now and find out what your options are. (And if you
    ARE insured, go to healthcaredotgov just to enjoy that there IS a
    government website with that name that helps your fellow citizens get

  • Kristen

    Craziness, surely any democracy is based on the elected officials working FOR the people, or is the US government set up differently to this?. I have heard that the US government and the US dollar are both effectively privately owned and run as private businesses and have been from the onset, but I know nothing other than this offhand comment. Whatever the problem is, it is obviously nothing to do with the healthcare issue. Universally our politicians would be unemployable, we are the only realm that would have self appointed people doing anything in a governing or controlling position, others offer jobs to the best person for the job, and politics does not pay well to deter the very people that money attracts. Works well as I am sure it would here too, but it will never happen.

    Like most Commonwealth Countries, we have completely free hospital care in NZ (well, taxpayer funded) including all tests even if via a GP, surgery, counselling, chemo etc and generally all prescriptions capped at $5 each. We complain about waiting an hour or so in the hospital waiting rooms and having to pay $3hr for hospital parking! We also have extra benefits via a compulsary accident tax that replaces suing and covers all costs, compensation and up to $500 wk in lost wages for accident related injuries and GP visits are all free for under 5 year olds and subsidised for everyone else so are around $40. The downside of this free system is people are complacent, the balance has been tipped, so we are faced with a high population of obese, non working, injured people through stupidity and ill people who are in situations that are very expensive for the system and taxpayers to fund purely because they have no concept of self care or consequences. This obviously refers to some, not all, this is just a normal side effect of complacency and not having to think about the money. Any system where others clean up or fund the messes of others will always become unbalanced like this, just as freely handing welfare benefits to those who CHOOSE not to work tips the balance. We are a country and a world of a few supporting all, rather than all supporting a few, and we cannot afford to do so, it is driving us into chronic debt that those very few working will have to repay to the foreign vultures.

    The entire subject is unfair and sounds like it has been forever, since the early days. You should have stuck with England longer!!!

    • mewabe

      “…people are complacent, the balance has been tipped, so we are faced with
      a high population of obese, non working, injured people through
      stupidity and ill people who are in situations that are very expensive
      for the system and taxpayers to fund purely because they have no concept
      of self care or consequences.”

      Have you taken a look at America? I don’t mean LA and Hollywood, I mean main street America…Walmart America….the REAL deal.

      It’s actually quite frightening to see, I wouldn’t if I were you.

      There are more obese, seriously out of shape people, including children, here than anywhere else in the galaxy. There is also an epidemic of addictions, from drugs and alcohol to prescription medications.

      Having no government-funded health care system does not seem to cause the American people to become more responsible in any way, and to stay away from the corn syrup/saturated fat/caffeine diet.

      It is not so much that people become irresponsible because of “free” health care in nations such as yours, but that corporate junk food pushes its poisons on the entire world, quickly turning millions of human bodies into over-sized toxic dumps.

      • Kristen

        Interesting point. I would only have access to American TV programmes of toned people or docos deliberately discussing obesity/addictions etc, but thinking about it, the UK has a free healthcare system which also covers heavily subsidised dentalcare and they have huge problems, and often terrible teeth from what I see, so you are correct.

        I know the modern teachings everywhere of ’embrace your body’, ‘enjoy your curves’ etc is probably being pushed and funded by the fat & money loving corporates but it is really hard to understand the headspace of people. Do they not care about themselves? If larger people or addicts read this, I am trying to understand, not be mean. Last year in here on an honesty discussion a lady said she doesn’t want an honest world where people would tell her in McD’s that she shouldn’t be eating that, instead of just giving her the look. I didn’t want to sound mean, but I wanted to say that ‘the look’ is automatic and if we see obese people with huge meals in a fast food joint then I am seeing them the same as any other addict ‘shooting up’, the same as drugs, or an alcoholic drinking and intoxicated in public. It is not singling out fat, it is a normal reaction to anyone with addictions having their fix in public that brings out ‘the look’.

        I don’t think we can blame the junk food industry any more than the consumers, although they pay huge amounts on how to sell their products. In my little surburbia in a tiny country at the bottom of the world within 10 minutes of home there are 2 McD’s, Wendys, 2 Pizza Huts, Carls Junior, KFC, 2 Burger Kings, Dennys, Dunkin Donuts, and most our gas stations are BP so I probably don’t need to visit Main St America, I probably live a lot closer to it than most Americans. Most of NZ is like this.

        Each consumer needs to use their brain and understand the basic concept of business and that is that every business is there to make money, and they want yours. Even your doctor and prescription drug industries, obviously there is no money in a well healthy population, and supplements are no better especially when full of artificial sugars. If it’s not grown outside it’s not food! We need to have self esteem and self control, both internally and expressed externally and take responsibility for our own health rather than letting others tell us what to do.

        Well off the beaten track, sorry. The situation still sux. I saw today that some parks are closed. So people can’t go to a park without the government paid lawn mowing man there to supervise them, or are they concerned about the rubbish bins not being emptied?

        • mewabe

          Hey it’s not so off the topic…as many live irresponsibly and then expect doctors and medications to fix them miraculously and instantly or treat them indefinitely, so they can continue to live irresponsibly, while driving the cost of health care sky high.

          I believe in personal responsibility. If I developed the habit of hitting my right hand with a hammer, I would not expect a doctor to fix the bloody mess, I would think “why am I doing this, perhaps I should stop hurting myself”.

          Living responsibly…what a novel idea! Unfortunately, most people are taught to know about their rights, not their responsibilities. To become free, we have to be responsible individuals, and responsible collectively. Because we are not, and because we choose the societal model of “everyone for himself”, government grows like an overbearing, tyrannical parent to monitor, control and regulate all our actions, as if we were 4 years old. And many of us are, 4 years old on a high sugar, low brain food diet.

          As far as closed national parks, If I wanted to go hike in a park or wilderness area in the next few days, no “closed” sign would stop me, I hate to say…is it public property or not? If so, what right has the government to close it? Absolutely none.

          Stupid laws are meant to be broken and stupid government decisions are meant to be ignored.

          • Kristen

            Nicely put, for once I am in complete agreeance. I love Law (those in place from above), but that is my quandry; most of us do not need Law in place as Natural and Universal Laws are natural behaviours like responsibility, remorse, self care and respect, not to harm others, taking care of that which is not ours……….that is in all of our souls – or meant to be. Most Laws from goverments should only be required to curb the behaviours of, and put consequences in place for those who do not have a brain, or conscience. That is exactly why there are so many silly Laws – you are forgetting that so many people are stupid and need someone to tell them that it is dangerous to drink/text etc and drive. It really sux that we need so many Laws in place because of these people, and that power hungry people take the jobs governing these Laws to feed their own sadistic desires. I am very pro the Laws of Natural Selection – ban helicopters and ambulances for those who make idiotic choices, let them die, and hopefully before they breed just as it used to be pre 1970s. our emergency treatments, free or not, are actually a huge part of the problem and we are overriding Natural Law. These guys are also the first to volunteer to join the military and other high risk jobs.

            Re the power pushers – Look at how normal everyday citizens turn into psychopaths or sociopaths if they get to put on a high visibility vest, especially retirees if they get the grand opportunity to tell people where they can park in an open field at events. You would think they were the President for a day with all that power the vest gives them!

            I know personal is ‘forbidden’ in here, but I do have to point out that you are in a good mood today! Must be the golden opportunity to enter a park through government tape and breaking a non-Law giving you a natural high!

          • mewabe

            Thanks Kristen! Personal is allowed, and even if it’s not, that would be another rule to break 😉

            Yes I love breaking stupid non-laws, particularly when the government assumes to tell me how to behave in relation to the natural world, which, as far as I am concerned, is my world, my element.

            I also go by Natural Law, which is a superior form of law. And there is the Law that is written in our soul, as you mention…but many are deaf and blind to it.

            I very much agree with everything you wrote. Yes, give a little uniform or a symbol of authority to a regular person, and he or she won’t know when to stop…why do so many crave authority and power, I will never understand. Perhaps it comes from low self worth…

          • Erin

            So many jokes about on ‘hall monitors’…heck, Cartman turned into ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’ on South Park! LOL

            I have family members who refuse…outright refuse!…to care for their bods outside of WebMD or their welfare-paid docs & meds. They and/or their kids are in doctor’s offices every week for ‘something’…the pill cocktails they have going on are colorful & rivals any well-stocked bar shelf. Everything they do, and I do mean every thing, revolves around their dis-eases, their meds, and appts. regarding both. Conversation of intelligence is moot, as they are on constant defense mode of their what-have-yous. Healing is not an option, as they are ‘chronic’ of this lifestyle.

            This type of thinking & being (epidemic in the U.S.) is what puts the thought of tax-payer-paid healthcare in constant litigation with no resolve. Especially because the people of such thinking only contribute within the boundaries that maintain their welfare & disability status, which is ‘What can I get for nothing?’ However! This is a dying generation…literally. It is becoming passé to evolve in ‘this way’…And that is nice to notice.

            If leaders were wise enough to use that 10% military input toward stronger & healthier populace output…We would then See at least an 80% return on the buck spent. Talk about a true investment toward Our future! Hmmm…if leaders were wise enough…if peeps were on the rise to wise…??? Hard sometimes to maintain great optimism on that…but I do! 🙂

          • Kristen

            Erin, Hi.
            I’d like to trade information here, spiritual teachings are supposed to be traded for as spiritual dept manifests as debt on Earth. Completely unrelated to the topic, as per usual for me.

            I have a missing little cat at the moment. I cannot link up to anyone or anything anymore, past a certain point on the Tree of Life progress you have to completely bypass the Afterlife and Spirit World so are losing access to some things, in order to gain access to more. The higher teachers and Guides are Y’shua, Michael etc and they will never permit anyone to be able to link into them. A friend of a friend who is a animal whisperer has told me she cannot link into the cat as she is in a different state of mind so her energy is now different to how it would normally be. She was correct with visual information, including pregnancy dammit, and with my other cat whom is very close to her that was able to tell her she had the wrong cat but his ‘family’ was not at home and he was worried as he can feel her hiding and scared but cannot locate her. Descriptions of both cats are correct so she is not a con artist. Does this energy shift sound right to you?

            I will help you out with your family. Under the core of the Language group of Universal Laws it is determined that any dominant words used to define people will also involve every aspect of them. Spiritually, physically, personality, actions and soul. Keep a very observant eye on the language used by intuitive people, including yourself, as you already have the answers with your family. The dominant factors you defined are grouping them together constantly as a ‘they’, and speak of dependancy a lot. Look deep into these words and you will probably find the problem is that they are extroverts who are feeding off eachother so absorbing the energy, opinions, advice etc of others and do not yet have the ability to make informed decisions independantly, which will manifest into every aspect of their lives and bodies. Can each of them individually provide all of their own personal needs? They are also trying to involve medical professionals into their ‘they’ so they feel experts are involved in their personal lives as they are without self trust. Some positive aspects of this single word core are the word strong – strong mind, strong spirit, strong soul, strong body. Or fast – fast thinking, fast body, fast metabolism, fast leaner, fast reactions, fast actions (thats my main word) or peaceful, gentleman, perfect, determined. A common negative is lazy – lazy mind for those who refuse to think for themselves, lazy slow bodies that are slow to heal and a slow metabolism, lazy personal lives, too lazy to learn to perhaps get a job. Others are competetive, infected, perfectionists, demanding etc.

            If you do want to try and heal do it on Earthly frequencies as they bypass the Spirit World and the stupid rules from there also. Use your eyes for strength or brow charka rather than crown chakra for full grounding. If it is known under the automated Law of Intent that you have good intentions and are working for the greater good then you, and everyone, are permitted to bypass their freewill, personal choices and no-one or nothing is permitted to block you etc. Visualise the individuals inside a huge white light cross, representing the Christed/Enlightened Realms, righteousness and many virtues. This will help to dispel any negativity from external sources and if done at night will show up any darkness or areas. Set these on fire. It is safe to visually set the entire cross on fire, it will only harm negativity not them as a person. You are then free to heal as you choose to or can fire hard balls of white/aqua healing energy into any problem spots or their heads. You can also set their medications on fire visually if you choose to. Nothing done with good intentions will ever cause harm, The Source governs this. When finished bless them again with a white cross, or blue if you choose. This will also protect from any external negativity. If you KNOW the meds are not beneficially you could also visualise a blocking energy door infront of the pharmacy to try and prevent them going in but I cannot determine if this is covered under the good intentions Law, and could possible be dangerous if the meds are working.

            Don’t worry about optimism, it’s draining and false hope. Try a more active form of Buddhism “Change what you can, and tolerate what you can’t change until you can”. A circle of life is more progressive and productive than a stagnant thought pattern. Hope this helps. If not, I’ll await the wrath. It’s fun in the lions den!!

          • Kristen

            Yes I think it is low self esteem or lack of a personal sense of self or purpose in the world. But I think this is from over strict parenting and probably more past life issues than anything else. Doesn’t matter, people in vests are fun to torment. If you pretend your window doesn’t go down, get close enough to run over their toes or give them something to rant and rave about at least they can help to fulfill our daily requirements for laughter and joy.

            In my learnings on the business aspects of Cosmic Law I learnt that if someone needs to wear a suit anywhere other than a wedding or a funeral, owns more than one tie per suit wearing event and has a briefcase or a lot of paperwork then everything he is calling a job is a complete and utter waste of time. It is merely his mind and society coming up with as many different ways to pretend to look important to avoid work!The important things will get done in an hour at home in jeans. Big picture – if the major cities of suit wearers on this planet disappeared into the oceans I don’t think anyone would notice they were gone.

            Whilst you are a person not a machine at the moment I cannot resist telling you of my breaking YOUR law of complete health – I had coffee and ice cream for lunch today! Gulp. Hide. That level of self loathing will start a whole new thread!

          • Kristen

            Mewabe, I was trying to convey a clear message with my use of the word machine. Look up the word human in the dictionary – one definition discusses the factors that seperate human from animal or machine. Compare it to the word man, and see the differences. And observe the words under each of these next in the dictionary. Many of the words commencing with hu prefix are human related – humour puts the hu in man, understanding and looking into this will open 4 new doors for you, and no, you will not have to close any you currently have open. I know nothing about you other than what you have mentioned in here and definately do not snoop on people, I would not even be able to determine an age or race other than I know you are a lot younger than your wisdom would normally define. Awkward moment – this is completely via intuition as I am ‘working’ today as we are all on call 24/7 but someone high above with a name to do with the word ‘weather’ wants you to look at what runs deep through your blood and help yourself, most things or family paths skip a generation. Perhaps help yourself in both language contexts contexts, and a clue may be that anything easy gives short term gain, struggles give long term gain. We all need a balance of both. Also to look at a painting with eyes of a similar structure to those of the little mermaid in a slight side profile and to alter the eyes as you understand brown and blue eyes, but to remember about green. Sorry to do this in here. Uphold your mana (maori word you may want to look up as the english definition would take pages) and learn to laugh more, especially to invite The Source and those higher above to laugh with you, and at you as this also opens many doors. You can open 7 new doors by the end of the year if you want to, I can only show you the keys (a true Kabbalist at heart).

    • Victor

      “We are a country and a world of a few supporting all, rather than all supporting a few, and we cannot afford to do so”…

      I had not read a more inaccurate sentence since long, long time ago… Totally distorted perception, wow!

      • Kristen

        Feel free to explain if you choose to, I’m fine with being wrong. Imagine a fully funded American healthcare system without the private hospitals and insurance companies so all the healthcare bills are being funded by the taxpayers. Or how many people worldwide are dependant on charities, welfare benefits, aid etc who are all getting their funds from the public.

        • Victor


          By what you’ve written, I observe you sustain the beliefs that ‘there is no enough’, ‘every one for himself’, and ‘the poor are poor because their own fault’. From that point, to say that this is “a world of a few supporting the all” and beyond is just to carry on.

          Those are very paradigmatical thoughts, and it would take an amount of time to explain, that I don’t have right now.

          I just will say this: if the governments of the world, specially the US government could divert just, 10%, JUST 10% of their military budget to social issues, there would be more than enough for social care, medical care for all their citizens. And this would be a case of THE ALL SUPPORTING THE ALL, because the budget of a nation belongs to ALL their citizens… At least if we believe that it is a Democratic nation, funded in freedom and justice for all, with certains rights guaranteed, etc…

          For not mentioning spiritual issues, which we could suppose are obvious for ‘spiritual’ people, but as we can see, they’re not very obvious at all for all…

          If anyone else, Mewabe, Neale, etc. want to comment about these things, very welcome, please…

          My best regards…

          • Kristen

            No, those are not my views at all, very far from it, my views are closer to yours than what you have assumed, I am speaking of the cold hard reality of how things are in place by governments at the moment.

  • Erin

    I have only heard grumbling from Western Med World on the subject of ObamaCare. Seems this ‘law’ will stifle their paychecks & quake the echelons of their esteemed careers.
    I have observed that the Insurance Industry is fully loaded for this event…many once rival companies have bonded over the years in preparation of its coming…They are now quite a conglomerate to behold.

    I have also noticed that U.S. doctor groups are separating from their hospital backers & exploring ‘alternative/preventative’ sciences that were not provided them in their high-paid educations…as well, they are hiring out-of-country-educated ‘professionals’ with such knowledge. Seems the drug-induced-society route is no longer appealing to those who remain passionate of their Life-skill choices.

    In talking to some of the youth in my realms who are contemplating this avenue of career, most are seeking funds to learn in other countries, rather than here. Needless to say, I have noticed that Universities here are not happy campers about this ‘trend’…Their new ad campaigns should be visible shortly…Should be interesting, too, especially after seeing how the military ployed out (not a typo) theirs when in need of war-game bods.

    This government shut-down thing? Perfect! What a perfect time to install ‘a new way’ of beingness for Our society. Let them all go home & contemplate on how not-so-skilled they are in business, if that is what they imagine themselves to be. Haven’t heard of any car makers or banks collecting funds to keep this biz alive, though, or did I miss something?

    Just observes…Would be nice to See stuff come back down to Earthiness…like insurance being dissolved as dysfunctional BS, medical wonders serving their specie with refined wonder, and peeps making their bods & brains a priority in their Life quality standards. Would really like to See education in reality-check mode, too.
    It could happen! 🙂

  • mewabe

    By the way while many federal employees are being furloughed (no pay), the politicians responsible for this fiasco and who refuse to do their job are still getting their paycheck…talk about fairness!

    But these considerations are so timid and far removed from the bold thinking that is required to change the world!

    To question the “fairness” of the current political paradigm is like questioning the moral virtue of a psychopath…or, as some would put it, to attempt to force open an already open door.

    We need to steer away from open doors, from the OBVIOUS, and focus on closed door.
    The entire paradigm has to shift, and that will require some revolutionary thinking, and to create a new reality from the ground up, from within each one of us.

    Stop looking at the puppet show, you are being distracted into forgetfulness and confusion. Instead concentrate on defining what a fearlessly creative, peaceful, gentle, kind, just, free world would be, and don’t let anyone tell you that it is “just a dream”, because our present reality is just a nightmare.

    • Lilia Angelova

      Few years ago I asced my teacher Shun Fey : “If the live is a dream, can we make this dream happy?”. He earnestly said “Yes, we can but it is very hard”. It looked realy hard indeed…But recently something obviously changed…More and more people share their feeling of inner freedom. This certainly will bring to general change in the near future . I was so glad to read your comment wich coincide with my own sensation even though it is still not so easy for me personally 🙂

  • poniesnpaint

    My guess is that we have become so overly obsessed with medicines and drugs and doctors and procedures (ad nauseum) that this has become a huge stumbling block to getting anything else done. When I was growing up, we didn’t know people who had insurance and those who did were sort of looked at in a funny way. That was something that just wasn’t “done” — it was a needless expenditure that said they were really not responsible people. It implied that they couldn’t or wouldn’t pay their medical bills should one arise.
    Going to the doctor was a rare and serious thing—you didn’t go running to seventeen specialists and four therapists if you got a hangnail or bumped your head. Mom’s kisses cured a lot of boo-boos (along with a little mercurochrome and band-aids) before we went back outside to play. But in those days people paid attention to each other, they actually talked face-to-face and knew what your name was (sometimes you wished they didn’t!!!) but we had a community at some level. Nowadays, people are so disconnected, disenfranchised and invisible to their families and neighbors that they rush to clinics saying, in effect, “PLEASE SEE ME!” and not entirely in a medical way, they want to be seen as being human with human needs, wants, pains and joys—and in our world the only way that seems to happen is if you pay VERY large sums to someone to care about you for approximately 15 minutes.
    Enter Congress. They add to the problem because they do not want “us” to see them doing what they do, because then they would have to be accountable for their rip-off ways and the huge sums they scam from all of us. They want “us” to be unseen masses who obediently do what they say, keep our heads down and send in our money on time. They WANT to been seen, but not in a truthful light, They want to be seen as saviors, wise men and demi-gods, but they do not want to be seen as human—that would destroy their power base.
    My take on it is that we need to revolutionize the world by going back to a cultural norm of SEEING each other, hearing each other and then actually caring to give a little boo-boo kiss, a hug, a kind word or a cup of soup (sometimes literally). Then we could stop the insanity of having to invent diseases for ourselves in order for someone to notice we’re out here. I can promise that the fall-out effect of actually SEEING each other would be massive. I’m convinced the whole world would benefit immensely from having its vision adjusted.

  • Awareness

    These happenings in the US government (shutdown in 2nd week) seem to be in line with what THE KEEPER OF TIME (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) channelled by Steve Rother has said previously:

    “Currently on Earth there are many leaders, whether you call that a leader of a collective
    over here that you may call a government. Over here you may have a leader of a
    collective that you call a church and over here you have these different leaders of
    collectives and the reason we are speaking of the leaders at these moments is that they
    have just lost control over what they were leading. ALL OF THEM HAVE JUST LOST CONTROL OF WHAT THEY WERE LEADING. One of them has just stepped down, the first one in 600 years. Very interesting to see. He was aware that he was no longer in charge in doing what he was supposed to be doing. So what has taken place here? Why has this happened and what is ahead for all of you? Well, there will be some leaders who are able to reignite and land and reaffirm their leadership, but it means that they must re-anchor and that is what is taking place on this Earth at the moment. Everyone who thought they were directing something in a certain area, must now reevaluate every part of your own grounding on Earth, your own personal effects of how your safety is on Earth, what your abilities are, what your physical needs are, and what your new spirits’ needs are of the physical body on Earth for you are now starting to carry MORE LIGHT in the physical body ever you have ever held before.” 🙂

    The disarmament process in Syria is proceeding smoothly so far 🙂 Well done and thank you Neale Donald Walsch and everyone 🙂 We must continue praying for World Peace and Global disarmament. And Thank you GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • “One of them has just stepped down, the first one in 600 years. Very interesting to see.” Who is this referring too?

      • Awareness

        It is referring to the previous Pope, Joseph Ratzinger 🙂