The biggest mystery of life has to do with what human beings call “reality.”

What is “reality,” anyway? It is a static thing, based on “facts”? Or is it a fluid thing, based on individual interpretation of those “facts”?

Most people agree that reality is fluid, changing from person to person. This is captured in the ancient observation: One person’s treasure is another person’s trash.

If two people can look at the same set of facts and see entirely different things, then what is “real” and what is not?

A great many politicians in Washington D.C. are trying to figure that out right now. Most of the world knows that there is a huge squabble going on there right now over what is called Obamacare — or, more formally, the Affordable Care Act.

A cohort of highly conservative members of the Republican Party in the U.S. claims that the new health-care-for-all law passed two years ago will be the ruination of America. Most Democrats, meanwhile, believe that it is long since past time that such civilizing legislation was passed and such a humane program put into place in what both parties claim to be one of the greatest nations on Earth.

Members of both parties are looking at the same data and the same country and coming up with entirely different realities. Yet if “reality” is a subjectively created thing and not an objectively observed thing, the solution to this present political conflict in Washington would be to be collaboratively creative.

So, too, would this be the solution to all the conflicts — armed and unarmed, political and military, economic and social/spiritual — all over the planet.

Such a thing appears, however, to be too much to ask of people who feel they have too much to lose by stepping one inch away from their staked out positions. People remaining stubbornly and utterly inflexible in their views and absolutely unyielding in their demands make collaboration impossible to achieve…and that is pretty much the nature of things in our world today. We are a species lingering at stalemate.

Is there anything — anything at all — that can change this? An entirely new Cultural Story could and would do it. A New Idea about Who We Are (Humans, that is) and Why We Are Here (on Earth, that is) and The Purpose of It All (Life, that is) is the answer — but from where would such a new idea emerge? And who would help spread it? And who would listen to it?

The answer to the last question is: everybody. Everybody on the planet would listen to it if they felt that it offered a New Way to Be Human that was possible, viable, feasible, workable, practical, and achievable.

I believe that the 1,000 Words That Would Change the World from Conversations with God — found lower in the right-hand column of this online newspaper — would be a good place to start. Will you take a moment to read those 1,000 words? Will you then consider becoming part of the Evolution Revolution?

Let me know. We can do something quite extraordinary here. People have done extraordinary things before. Let’s go. Let’s do it again. Let’s start A Conversation That Could Change The World.

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  • Contentttt

    Is not the interpretation of those 1000 words also fluid and subjectively viewed according to an individuals environment? Are these 1000 words any different than the 10,000 words of the military and political and business community? You Neale, like everyone else is standing behind their words, believe you or these words are the answer! 1000, 10,000 or 1,000,000 words… is not and never will be about the WORDS! It is about the energy BEHIND the Words!!! It always has been and it always will BE!! When one’s reality is fear based, the energy behind the words has to have the ability to dissolve the fear based energy associated with the one whom hears the word(s)! The words alone….are just words!! Nothing more….Nothing less! Just Words!!

    • Awareness

      “When we try to speak to each other—Me to you, you to Me, we are immediately constricted by the unbelievable limitation of words. For this reason, I do not communicate by words alone. In fact, rarely do I do so. My most common form of communication is through feeling.


      If you want to know what’s true for you about something, look to how you’re feeling about it.

      Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover—and often even more difficult to
      acknowledge. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.

      The trick is to get to those feelings. I will show you how. Again. If you wish.”

      “I also communicate with thought. Thought and feelings are not the same, although they can occur at the same time. In communicating with thought, I often use images and pictures. For this reason, thoughts are more effective than mere words as tools of communication.

      In addition to feelings and thoughts, I also use the vehicle of experience as a
      grand communicator.

      And finally, when feelings and thoughts and experience all fail, I use words. Words are really the least effective communicator. They are most open to
      misinterpretation, most often misunderstood.

      And why is that? It is because of what words are. Words are merely utterances: noises that stand for feelings, thoughts, and experience. They are symbols. Signs. Insignias. They are not Truth. They are not the real thing.

      Words may help you understand something. Experience allows you to know. Yet there are some things you cannot experience. So I have given you other tools of knowing. And these are called feelings. And so too, thoughts.

      Now the supreme irony here is that you have all placed so much importance on the Word of God, and so little on the experience. In fact, you place so little value on experience that when what you experience of God differs from what you’ve heard of God, you automatically discard the experience and own the words, when it should be just the other way around.

      Your experience and your feelings about a thing represent what you factually and intuitively know about that thing. Words can only seek to symbolize what you know, and can often confuse what you know.

      These, then, are the tools with which I communicate, yet they are not the methods, for not all feelings, not all thoughts, not all experience, and not all words are from Me.

      Many words have been uttered by others, in My name. Many thoughts and many feelings have been sponsored by causes not of My direct creation. Many experiences result from these.

      The challenge is one of discernment. The difficulty is knowing the difference
      between messages from God and data from other sources. Discrimination is a
      simple matter with the application of a basic rule:

      Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. Anything less is from another source.

      Now the task of differentiation becomes easy, for it should not be difficult even for the beginning student to identify the Highest, the Clearest, and the Grandest.

      Yet will I give you these guidelines:

      The Highest Thought is always that thought which contains joy. The Clearest Words are those words which contain truth. The Grandest Feeling is that feeling which you call love.

      Joy, truth, love.

      These three are interchangeable, and one always leads to the other. It matters not in which order they are placed.

      Having with these guidelines determined which messages are Mine and which have come from another source, the only question remaining is whether My messages will be heeded.

      Most of My messages are not. Some, because they seem too good to be true. Others, because they seem too difficult to follow. Many, because they are simply misunderstood. Most, because they are not received.

      My most powerful messenger is experience, and even this you ignore. Especially this you ignore.

      Your world would not be in its present condition were you to have simply listened to your experience. The result of your not listening to your experience is that you keep re-living it, over and over again. For My purpose will not be thwarted,
      nor My will be ignored. You will get the message. Sooner or later. I will not
      force you to, however. I will never coerce you. For I have given you a free
      will—the power to do as you choose—and I will never take that away from you,

      And so I will continue sending you the same messages over and over again, throughout the millennia and to whatever corner of the universe you occupy. Endlessly will I send you My messages, until you have received them and held them close, calling them your own.

      My messages will come in a hundred forms, at a thousand moments, across a million years. You cannot miss them if you truly listen. You cannot ignore them once truly heard. Thus will our communication begin in earnest. For in the past you have only talked to Me, praying to Me, interceding with Me, beseeching Me. Yet now can I talk back to you, even as I am doing here.” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Contentttt

        Hello Awareness!

        You shared some very nice thoughts and words! But what struck me is the following you wrote!

        “Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. “”””Anything less is from another source.””””
        Now the task of differentiation becomes easy, for it should not be difficult even for the beginning student to identify the Highest, the Clearest, and the Grandest.
        The Highest Thought is always that thought which contains joy. The Clearest Words are those words which contain truth. The Grandest Feeling is that feeling which you call love.
        Joy, truth, love.”

        So Awareness, this is what I gather from what you wrote. You read the words from CWG and then you incorporated it into your personal process of differentiating what is and what is not for you.

        Those words: “Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling.” Those words are just absolutely, horrifically, incomprehensibly an effort for “God” to take credit for what I know without a doubt, and if you were more aware, you would realize also, that anything that Grand, Highest and Clear can come only from a persons own SELF! The fact that in the words: “”””Anything less is from another source.”””” Immediately I Am aware is a ploy to tell Neale and each individual that reads the book CWG, what their TRUTH should be, because it came from a presence, even Neale cannot prove is God, just one that says it is God!

        So if Neale has had all these unusual events that have taken place for him in his life, and that all of a sudden, that God would come forward and talk to him……of course he is going to believe it! Especially because it was it seemed to make so much sense, so then he takes on the truth of what is now in the books. And now he daily regurgitates CWG and has become a so called expert on what God is all about, because he wrote books that were channeled to him! The fact that the information was channeled, immediately tells you, it was a wannabe faction attempting to BE GOD or fill the concept of God for those that had never known or understood what God was. Why? Because the true essence of the Original Source NEVER CHANNELS….NEVER….EVER! I am surprised Awareness, that You were not Aware of this already!

        So a much as you place Your Self on this high plateau of profound “AWARENESS” through your senses that you seem to believe are so accurate and acute, I would encourage you to step back just a little and look at the words of CWG, NOT as they are presented through the book, but as they state a clear truth, when you do not listen to the words, but rather question the words!!!! Then you will feel the energy behind the words differently! Whether you or anyone else can feel, sense or are aware, the words of CWG mislead in directions that were desired by the channelers!


        • Awareness

          I must admit I am impressed by your highly questioning nature (I even felt a change in my feeling after I sent the reply to your first message, it is a pleasant feeling). This is encouraged in “Conversations with God” in the following dialogue between GOD and Neale Donald Walsch:

          GOD: Had people been following My instructions—left with you through hundreds of teachers over thousands of years—the world would be a much different place. So if you wish to disagree with Me now, go right ahead. Besides, I could be wrong.

          NEALE: What?

          GOD: I said, besides, I could be wrong. Oh, my goodness… you’re not taking this all as gospel, are you?

          NEALE: You mean I’m not supposed to put any stock in this dialogue?

          GOD: Oops, hold it. I think you’ve missed a big part of all this. Let’s go back to Square One: You’re making this all up.

          NEALE: Oh, well, that’s a relief. For a while there I thought I was actually getting some real guidance.

          GOD: The guidance you are getting is to follow YOUR heart.

          Listen to your soul. Hear your self. Even when I present you with an option, an idea, a point of view, you are under NO OBLIGATION to accept that as your own. If you disagree, then disagree. That is the whole point of this exercise. THE IDEA WASN’T FOR YOU TO SUBSTITUTE YOUR DEPENDENCY ON EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE WITH A DEPENDENCY ON THIS BOOK. The idea was to cause you to think. To THINK FOR YOUR SELF. And that is who I Am right now. I AM YOU, THINKING. I AM YOU, THINKING OUT LOUD.


          • Contentttt

            “The idea was to cause you to think. To THINK FOR YOUR SELF. And that is who I Am right now. I AM YOU, THINKING. I AM YOU, THINKING OUT LOUD.”

            For me, the I AM….I AM, thinking is an activity of the mind. Promoting thinking is promoting remaining in the old energy of the mind.

            If the purpose was to encourage an individual to BEcome AWARE, then I would say the intention was to encourage a connection to Self, that goes well beyond thinking. Thinking with or thinking through another only creates a flow of a thought that is enveloped within the thought flow. But awareness is a simple moment when beyond a thought(s) exists that which is beyond the mind. My advice…..”STOP THINKING….BE AWARE AND THEN CHOOSE ACCORDINGLY!”

            A popular statement is: “I think, there for I AM!” That statement does not work for me at all!
            I like. “I AM, I AM Aware….there for….I AM!! NO THINKING NECESSARY!!!! Everything else is experienced in the details of that which is and is not! The more aware one is…the more there Is and the less there is Not! 🙂

          • Awareness

            Indeed “Conversations with God” also says:

            “Love and Awareness are your True Friends” 🙂

          • Contentttt

            I have always been a bigger fan of Acceptance and Awareness!
            Because, love does not always accept! The premise is it should, but the reality is, it does not always! But acceptance is acceptance, it can be nothing less and nothing more. Love can be both less and more! Awareness, well it is when it is and is not when it is not!

          • Awareness

            Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) offered on 13th October 2013 the following acronym for the word FAITH:

            “FAITH is Following AWARENESS Inside Towards Healing. That one can also understand faith is Following AWARENESS Inside Towards Home, one’s spiritual home, one’s spiritual Helios or Light.”

            “Therefore this Awareness does say: Follow the inner AWARENESS inside towards healing, your healing, your enlightenment, your freedom. Have faith, live in faith, be of faith, and IT WILL SERVE YOU WELL” 🙂

          • ahhaee

            light dark, war love, hot cold are opposites yet come together and become whole when the do. This is a continuious process. The clasic story of star wars or many a religous belief that of good and evil. It is what you percieve yet is what it is. I prefer where they meet in the middle with sometimes one leads and the other the next yet it is going on at the same time. To imagine otherwise is imagination with the rest. Neale’s article posted by a friend brought me to this conversation to meet with others that enjoy/hurt in the experiance. To want unbalance is curious; this place is curious which makes it so interesting.

          • ahhaee

            Good words, awareness, healing, enlightenment, freedom spiritual… May you all find what you need, hear what is music to your ears, have comfort and challenge have time to understand that which you have learned. May you find balance in your life if you choose and if not understand that you will need to be comfortable and familiar with difference of potential. Of course we face unbalance most often because of others and their efforts to balance or polarize their position. One word for all is clarity. It is a wonderful word and allows good observation. Most often we look through fog in life hoping we don’t run into something or miss our mark.

        • João Poupinha

          My truth is totally different, from your truth. And yes, in my case I ask myself, if some or all of CWG was truth or not. In my own experience I can honestly say that for example: when God said to Neale, that he experience through us. I can asked since the firs Man and Woman didn’t I get enough experience yet? But I think about the definition of time and see the truth. ” There are those who will say that this conversation is from the devil”. I do not possess your special power of communication with other realms, as you do, but I can see that not all spirits that communicate with us, are kind and loving, also in the CWG, there is part when God says “you are being defended”, the natural question is defended from what or whom? The only logical answer I can find, is that some spirits are more loving, than others. Regrading the devil part, read some philosophy, and you find it all there, not at plain sight, but read it between the lines.

          • Contentttt

            Joao, I cannot begin to put into words some of the very dark entities that has been a part of this universe, that I have experienced first hand. I had a presence come forward to me last night and I was sick for 3 hours, I transitioned and transformed it’s energy and consciousness until I began to return to a normal energy balance for me. Many would be afraid of what exists as a dark entity/essence. I have not fear, so they cannot play on the energy of fear. In fact….I often say…….”Here I AM….if you choose to possess me….no problem….I AM not concerned, because when it is all said and done, I will still be here and you will not! Come on bring it…..lets see what you got.” Sometimes I can feel the energy building and then, they attack. I AM an energy transformer!
            Kind of like what comes in, does not leave as the same energy it was! This is an ability I have grown into over the last 15 years! So, what is normal for me, is not scary for virtually every other!! 🙂

          • João Poupinha

            Hello again,
            I can see that you are, more a sort a person that likes the Allan Kardec writing. But again I have to point out that “God” said to Neale that for good to exist, evil must also exist, for “God” and ourselfs, to have that experience. Because of this statement, I try to imagine evils, that exist in the Universe.
            I can tell one thing for sure, what happen to you, did happen to my I would completly lost my mind.
            But I am feeling curious, what do you see about me. If you want you can publish it where, I do not have secrets.
            I can’t see the difference of the CWG, being transmitted by “God” or by the contingent of “God”, if we are all one, what is the difference?

          • Contentttt

            I have never heard of or read any of Allan Kardec’s writing. Actually I do not read other people writings. I quit reading what other people write, except in smaller posts like this. I Am all about interacting, not reading another truth from the limited perspective of what is! When I get into another’s writings, what happens for me is where there is inaccuracy, I become aware of the inaccuracy instantly. Drives me crazy to read what I cannot enjoy. Besides interacting with the writer is far more enjoyable.

            Okay, now what do I sense about the energy of the one going by the name Joao Poupinha!

            As I reach out my right hand to you this is what I shows up!
            1. You would rather look at this world through your heart not your head.
            2. You encourage those around you from your heart and encourage them to see, feel and know others from their heart.
            3. You are an idealist in a realistic way!
            4. You do not desire to share how another should see this world, but encourage them to view it in their own personal way! You like to ask questions of other’s that challenge them to share what they see and how they see it. This is your way of getting to know where another is in their evolution of Self. I sense a VERY strong connection to children and how you can help to shape their lives, by inviting them to share from their heart!
            5. What keeps showing up for me…very strongly is HEART….HEART….HEART!!
            6. You set standards for your Self that holds within those standards, the valuing of others.
            7. You feel there is more for you yet in this life, that you have not yet accomplished, come to know or have yet to understand. You are very patient, accepting and yet gently challenging. That is something you like about your Self.
            8. You generally believe other’s are more capable than they believe is so for their Self.
            9. You would like to experience more people in your life that are like you, in all the ways you value and desire to expand and explore!
            10. You are an encourager of other’s, but often miss that encouragement coming back to you! You are often a mentor, but have never really known or experienced a mentor that is in a similar place you know your Self to Be. Although I do feel your family roots have been a source from which you have realized your own growth of Self. And so you are grateful for those with whom you have shared this life.
            ####YOU are comfortable with Your Self!!####

            This is what showed up in the energy I felt in connection to you Poao!!
            I Am not saying it is so, it is only what your energy revealed to me. So I do not interpret the energy, I only present it as I experience it.
            So there you go….Friend!!!

          • João Poupinha

            Well, to be perfectly honest, with you I was expecting, something else. I would like to know your real name, because you could describe me, better then myself. Thank you, from the bottom of mt heart. I would like, even if it was for a second to see the world trough your eyes, this would be quite an experience. But I quite curious about two things what do you mean with the statement “you are comfortable with Your Self” and about my life porpuse, how could you kwno that?

          • Contentttt

            what do you mean with the statement “you are comfortable with Your Self”?

            I AM GOING TO LEAVE THAT UP TO YOU TO PONDER! I encourage you to look at what you value….and know it flows from a deeper essence of Your Self, than you have yet discovered is present! Invite insight and clarity to flow through you and be within You! Invite it to come from YOUR SELF….not another source…..just YOU!! 🙂

            “and about my life porpuse, how could you kwno that?”

            OPPORTUNITIES COMING YOUR WAY, HAVE NOT YET REALLY BEGUN TO SHOW UP FOR YOU! Who you choose to Be and how you choose to Be, has created the potential for opportunity doors that have not yet opened.

            Poao…….It is all in your energy! Energy is everything! There is more within the Energy of Your Energy that I did not share! There is more to come…..and when it does…..then you can say to Your Self….this is what Contentttt was referring too…..Now I Understand!

            I AM! There is nothing else!
            Email me if you would like to @

          • Kristen

            OMG Contenttt. Why are you so self destructive? I know that you do not feel that you are. I am going to try something tonight, called into service I guess!

  • Yusuef Waheeda

    I believe that the Neal’s words are genuine & have a bundle of positive energy, and it make sense, the world is missed up as it is & humanity started to can see now that they have nothing to lose & everything to gain in trying a creative approach to move forward. People are seeing it, we just need to talk more & more & louder & incorporate the positive energy in everyday events & happenings.

  • Awareness

    I believe GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) is presenting us with a grand opportunity to evolve. In “Conversations with God”, GOD said:

    “ELIMINATE MONEY” and GOD also said: “I DARE YOU TO THROW OUT ALL YOUR MONEY, all your papers and coins and individual national currencies, and START OVER. Develop an international monetary system that is wide open, totally visible, immediately traceable, completely accountable. Establish a Worldwide Compensation System by which people would be given Credits for services rendered and products produced, and Debits for services used and products consumed.

    Everything would be on the system of Credits and Debits. Returns on investments, inheritances, winnings of wagers, salaries and wages, tips and gratuities, everything. And nothing could be purchased without Credits. There would be no other negotiable currency. And everyone’s records would be open to everyone else.

    It has been said, show me a man’s bank account, and I’ll show you the man. This system comes close to that scenario. People would, or at least could, know a great deal more about you than they know now. But not only would you know more about each other; you would know more about everything. More about what corporations are paying and spending—and what their cost is on an item, as well as their price. (Can you imagine what corporations would do if they had to put two figures on every price tag—the price and their cost? Would that bring prices down, or what! Would that increase competition, and boost fair trade? You can’t even imagine the consequences of such a thing.)

    Under the new Worldwide Compensation System, WCS, the transfer of Debits and Credits would be immediate and totally visible. That is, anybody and everybody could inspect the account of any other person or organization at any time. Nothing would be kept secret, nothing would be “private.”

    The WCS would deduct 10 percent of all earnings each year from the incomes of those voluntarily requesting such a deduction. There would be no income tax, no forms to file, no deductions to figure, no “escape hatch” to construct or obfuscation to manufacture! Since all records would be open, everyone in the society would be able to observe who was choosing to offer the 10 percent for the general good of all, and who was not. This voluntary deduction would go toward support of all the programs and services of the government, as voted on by the people.

    The whole system would be ALL VERY SIMPLE, ALL VERY VISIBLE.” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Contentttt

      “It has been said, show me a man’s bank account, and I’ll show you the man. This system comes close to that scenario.”

      I have about $70 total to my name and with my partner a total of about $110 with no jobs or potential income right now in this moment for either of u. So what is the difference between having and not having money or a consistent income? About 5″ of wall!!
      I have gone through 1 apartment eviction, 2 hours short of a foreclosure eviction, I have wondered whether the vehicle is going to keep working and how, if it does not, will the ability to fix it be possible. With the price of gas, how much can we afford to put in it. I have been living on this edge now for 10 years! I have even become comfortable with it and it has allowed me to live in the moment!
      I have had demons of darkness attack me and enter my body and then attempt to possess me, control me and choose for me! All of this without fear or concern on my part! Why? Because my energy is to strong and to balanced and neutral for my body to be controlled for very long.

      I see the and feel the energy of ghost/disembodied individuals! I feel and can transition dark energy that infects a person’s body causing sickness or illness or just pain. I communicate with the larger universe and hear their voices call back to me. When an individual communicates with me from the unseen realm, their energy shows me immediately who they are and what choices they have been choosing and how they are connected to others. It is ALL right there in a split second.

      I can give you the 79 individual names of the “God Contingent” that channeled the CWG books to Neale!
      If you are interested in really talking about “AWARENESS”, Awareness…..I Am ready! I can reach out to any human with a name and their energy will show me exactly what that person is all about and where they struggle in their life and who they struggle with in their life, in that moment! I could do this with NDW and his energy would reveal to me, what he is all about, even what he does not like to admit to others. I can create this same energy connection with any political person or any body else for that matter. Then you don’t have to wonder what they are going to do or choose next. I can connect with a government faction, dictatorship, etc. and when a question is asked about them, the answer is there immediately for me! Now that is AWARENESS! Can you go there with me Awareness or not? Because I would love to energetically engage with someone who is truly Aware like I AM!!

      Let Me Know!!

      • Awareness

        Well if you really do have these perceptive abilities then it is very useful and I would love to have them too 🙂 That means you know what I am all about and what my intentions are 🙂 How did you manage to achieve it? At the moment I suppose I have not reached that level (I am sure the potential is there). The name Awareness I use here was inspired by the energy “Cosmic Awareness” channeled by Will Berlinghof at “rainbow-phoenix”. I am ofcourse interested in complete Awareness. I would like to know more about President of the USA Barack Hussein Obama. What is he all about? What is the US government all about? 🙂

        • Contentttt

          “I would like to know more about President of the USA Barack Hussein Obama. What is he all about? What is the US government all about? :)”

          I can tell you immediately the man is different than the president! Yet the man is attempting to act and choose within the construct of a written constitution and government structure that does not allow the man to be the man, because he has to be the president and meet expectations of many, to garner support for what the man desires to accomplish! There in lies the dilemma!!

          Are you really serious about me writing down all 79 names? I mean I can, but I will venture to say, you may only recognize 1 maybe 2 of the names that might resonate with you! Of the 79 some have decided to no longer participate in this God Contingent Energy that channeled the information to Neale more than a decade ago.

          I will agree totally with one of the statements/ideas shared. “DON’T believe anything I share with you! It only exists as a possibility of holding some energy of truth, if or when you feel it does for you, then it does! When it no longer holds any truth for you, then you will be the one that knows it is not true for you any longer!” So when is a truth, no longer a truth? When it is not your truth!! Why? Because truth is not nor has it ever been absolute….it is always and has always been incremental and changing constantly according the each indivdual Self, each of us is or can be in the present moment!

          A side note to you Awareness! I actually will not, although I could give you all 79 names of the orginal God Contingent. The reason is for those that have moved away from energy connection to the God Contingent energy, would be pulling them back into it, by identifying them. I will not do that to those whom have stepped away from the God Contingent energy. It would be controlling them in a way they do not desire and I will not recreate that energy connection for them either. I this, I Am honor their choice to make a different choice and move forward in their Evolution of Self.

          • Awareness

            Ok what about the names of the “God Contingent” who have given sharing permission? 🙂

        • Contentttt

          Ok, of the 79 there are currently still 42 that make up the God Contingent that still energetically communicates in different forms to Neale. So here you go….because you asked for them!! these are all names they currently use or have used, because it is not uncommon for some in the unseen realms to periodically change the name/label The names my sound quite unique, but those in the unseen realms often desire to be the only on with a certain name or label, so they are often very creative I simply close my eyes and the names just show up for me, after I have asked the question…”Who are the 44 whom still remain a part of the God Contingent:”-)

          1. Corsenta
          2. Rotoma
          3. Lukesh
          4. Remtow
          5. Michaelena
          6. Zertish
          7. Portensa
          8. Mentasit
          9. Larenton
          10. Horacion
          11. Clemetis
          12. Larrissa
          13. Semsictonessa
          14. Harriston
          15. Granishish
          16. Kipron
          17. Susenshish
          18. Saralenta
          19. Morganth
          20. Remtilar
          21. Badoncious
          22. Frecklinnel
          23. Xaventia
          24. Sasha-ois
          25. Icelaysha
          26. Jerramesh
          27. Corrina-valay
          28. Victorr
          29. Amberishna
          30. Semsellissa
          31. Borishnah
          32. Jaradin
          33. Corris
          34. Venteriss
          35. Quantess
          36. Dorgomish
          37. Sara-scashis
          38. Zoomta
          39. Beth-carena
          40. Quareesh
          41. Instayish
          42. Romanta
          43. Veldagrey
          44. Simsue-tasha

          As I connected with them, I actually asked them how they would like me to spell their name when it was not totally clear, since most never spell their names, it was a question they are seldom asked. Then I asked if there were any more and the answer came badk to me….”Not any more!”

          I typed out the names in about 8 minutes, allowing the spelling to show up for me took the most time! They even told me where to put and when to insert the hyphon.

          There ya go Awareness, as the names flowed to me!

          • João Poupinha

            No foreign name?

          • Contentttt

            Joao changing a name to match the moment is not unusual and the energy of the moment is quite common.
            They have gone by many names, some of the previous names they have used in other moments are:

            Also some names they have used do not lend to being spelled and being able to the slur of the pronouncing to get the true sense of the name.
            Like Garaaashay is pronounced with a gurgle in the throat on the aaa’s. They are not given names like we are when we are born, so they select a name and then see how it reasonates for them for a while. If it does not work, they choose another one. :-0

          • Awareness

            Interesting names. Thank you 🙂

          • Awareness

            Do these names have any meaning associated with them? And also, is it 42 or 44 that are still active? 🙂

          • Contentttt

            As I began to question those who were a part of the group, I became aware that two that had stepped away had decided to return to the flow of the group. Remember everything is fluid and a choice in one moment, does not reflect the choice in the next moment.

          • Fritte

            Is the name Zirkion familiar to you?

          • Contentttt

            Zirkion:This is what shows up.
            Muskasis (language)
            Many children
            Ruler, Seer, Dictator
            Struggles with false value other’s willingly give to Zirkion
            Perspective has been created by it’s experiences within that “all that is”, of which Zirkion is aware is far less than other’s believe is so for Zirkion.
            Humbled by the realization there is so much more to learn and understand.
            Drawn into the dependence Zirkion has created for other’s that Zirkion is not sure how to step away from and be free of in tthis present moment.
            Is attempting to step into a place of isolation and silence for the growth of Self, but keeps being pulled on by the neediness of others. Attempting to be true to the Self Zirkion desires to be, but is not realizing the success desired.
            Tired and exhausted carrying the weight of the struggles of others.
            Discouraged but determined, Zirkion realizes the choices made in a previous moment at effecting the choices of this moment.

            That is what show up in the energy associated with Zirkion!

          • Fritte

            Thank you.

          • Kristen

            Huge differences earlier, I still stand that our Gods exist and that reincarnation into human bodies is not permissible for non humans. And that you deserved me to karmically abuse you for your earlier posting about Neale and our Gods but…………..I was probably a bit OTT to make my point about peoples feelings and aliens being in human bodies. For this harshness I apologise unconditionally.

            You have proven your gift enough for me. I do not believe these foreigners beyond are who Neale is channeling but I do believe they are a group making up the False God Collective which was the wording used in my teachings, many of whom are known tricksters and impersonators using the grey area technicality of ‘we are all of the same Source/God energy’ as their point of validation. Very common. Have you asked their names 3x, tricksters are supposed to give a real identity on the third time, I feel a few are false names deliberately to cover up their true identities that you and others will recognise. I would hate to think how many Michaels there are out there, although Yshua only seems to channel to the internet and known schizophrenics. Is there a difference between the two? Very close line I would say. With regard to spiritual attacks – congratulations, it’s a compliment when you are chosen for attacks, evil attack out of fear and yes, personal strength kicks their butts and the compliments of the situation will drive and motivate us. Fools.

            Be very very careful about the privacy act both on Earth and Universally, and I assume you would know that this site is closely observed both from above and the US military. What we do not know cannot harm us when it comes to delving into anything regarding other people, information on others on Earth will never be available via intuition, and there are also Laws in place to ensure that those fighting true evil will never endanger themselves so it will generally always be wars with those in other realms, never on Earth. The true structure above Earth for humans (nothing to do with the afterlife and the dead) has complete blocks in place, true psychics would never find information on others on Earth without their careless guides in the afterlife. I am very intuitive but only on matters above us on Earth and Cosmic Law which I am studying (500 cracked and mastered so far), and would only ever have information on anyone here if their higher guides in the Christ realms needed me to know something – this is much safer. Take heed of this advice and be safe, no-one is worth it and nor is curiosity or using a gift. Taking this conversation further with others could really endanger you physically as a person, I know nothing more than this advice which is completely intuitive.

            But anyway, as I read your post my heart goes out to you, as a literal feeling. Glad you have no children to support, I have 4! Although not wealthy by any means, I could not fathom the financial concerns of unemployment or insecurities of not knowing if my bills will be paid on time, and I am a tighta.. so have very few bills, and I get angry with myself if I do not manage to save a little every month for no reason other than ‘just in case’. How can you function with uncertainties or the worries? Why is the Universe not providing for you? Do you feel you chose this financial uncertainty? Do you not have an unemployment benefit system where you are? All rhetorical if you chose.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen: “I still stand that our Gods exist and that reincarnation into human bodies is not permissible for non humans. And that you deserved me to karmically abuse you for your earlier posting about Neale and our Gods ”

            Contentttt: “Interesting Kristen, a Self Appointed user/abuser of the Karmic whip! Judgment is mine saith Kristen, 50 lashes my my tounge and words”!

            Kristen: “Have you asked their names 3x, tricksters are supposed to give a real identity on the third time, I feel a few are false names deliberately to cover up their true identities that you and others will recognise.”

            Contentttt: “Kristen if you reread what I shared, I said I connect with the energy of each one, I did not ask them what their names were, that leaves deception up to each one. Their energy and the energy associated with each one cannot lie! It just is and when it shows up, after I ask a question, I simply share what shows up. This was not about communicating with them, although I did ask for clarification on the spelling, and as I did I felt for the first time, they has really looked at how they would spell the name, so it came through stronger. Energy does not lie, conscious entities lie attempting to deceive lie. Energy in a neutral state just is what it is….that is what flows to me.”

            Kristen: “With regard to spiritual attacks – congratulations, it’s a compliment when you are chosen for attacks, evil attack out of fear and yes, personal strength kicks their butts and the compliments of the situation will drive and motivate us. Fools”

            Contentttt: “Thank You for the compliment, but this was my destiny! This is why I was born into this physical world. To energetically deal with what no other was dealing with on a universal level for the eventual freedom of Self. The “False” Self energy and owned the “True” Self energy and now is the moment that ownership and control is coming to a conclusion as ALL awaken to the Truest Nature of Self. I have NO FEAR…..just purpose and determination with the resolve to accomplish what I know I can. My Destiny!”

            Kristen: “I am very intuitive but only on matters above us on Earth and Cosmic Law which I am studying (500 cracked and mastered so far), and would only ever have information on anyone here if their higher guides in the Christ realms needed me to know something – this is much safer. Take heed of this advice and be safe, no-one is worth it and nor is curiosity or using a gift. Taking this conversation further with others could really endanger you physically as a person, I know nothing more than this advice which is completely intuitive.”

            Contentttt: “Thank You for the concern! I AM completely Self-Evolved! I do not study what others have written, it is mired in the very same concerns you express above and in THEIR truths and teaching and limited understanding also. I don’t have teachers, I don’t have guides, I do not require them, that would mean I believed they had an ability to know that I do not! They do not!! Concern for my physical person? If I give power to the concerns you express, then they would have the power I gave to them. Why would I do that??? Your concerns, uncertainty, fear, apprehension you are placing/dumping on me! WHY!!! To live without fear, is to be without fear, is to experience no act that creates fear, man made or otherwise! The so called rules of this Earth and the Human Experience, only apply to those whom buy into them and believe they cannot be changed. ANYTHING is possible and it begins with the I AM……I AM!”

            Kristen: “How can you function with uncertainties or the worries? Why is the Universe not providing for you? Do you feel you chose this financial uncertainty? Do you not have an unemployment benefit system where you are?”

            Contentttt: “Uncertainty creates possibilities I AM not interested in experiencing. Worries creates the opportunity for the grey to sneak in where I do not desire it to be. Give power to uncertainty and worry and uncertatinty and worry will OWN YOU! I AM not interested in BEing owned! The universe is providing for me! What is abundance? Do the birds have an abundant supply of food to gather each day? How does an individual know or not know when the universe is the provider? Even to have nothing, is the universe is providing the opportunity to understand what it is like to own very little and live on very little money! Is that not the universe providing to me, the opportunity to understand what it is like to walk in the mocassins of another’s journey? How better to understand when I have been there, than when I have not!!! To not work in this world through employment, to not be told by another what I am worth per hour, to not be held captive by anothers restrictive work expectations of me, is to free My Self from the energy constraints created by having more and more ad more money! The more you get, the more you need! Live simple, live free! Everything else will unfold accordingly.”

            I will not hide! I have nothing and no one to fear!
            I have a destiny and My destiny will be completed!
            Everything else is in the details of what has and has yet to unfold!
            Oh Kristen by the way, those in the universe cannot lie to me, they can only lie to their own Self and a lie has yet to be stated 3 times to me! By the 3rd time the lie has transitioned to their truth!
            I know how to play the 3x game very well!! Often it only gets to 2x and sometimes, they cannot even lie 1x! So….I AM good to GO!!

            Thanks for the oppportunity to share!
            I AM

          • Kristen

            You noticed the opportunity to share! Smart.

            I too have a built in lie detector, and in a past job when actively fighting evil, I noticed that they will often not even be able to lie once, or you can feel a smile with a comical or prankster trickster when they try. Although these comical ones are often testing the waters for the stronger ones who are more cowardly. The bigger the ego the smaller the inner confidence, it is a psychological trait many of them have. Although as a girl I would never get any that could possibly be stronger than me. No-one ever will, that is a part of the reason why good will always win over evil.

            Listen to me – I was warning you for a valid reason, that I do not know. Your alien or invisible traits are of no help when you put yourself in silly physical positions. This was mainly related to someone questioning you in regard to Obama. Listen, rather than be defensive and egotistical. Sometimes others know information that may actually be of some use to you.

            I agree with not working for others, I have always been, and will always be self employed in my physical job, even when being enlisted into service for my teacher or Y’shua. And they pay, especially when defending God with the truth, even the bible determines that ‘you will earn what you are worth’ in conjunction with ‘do not worry about money for God will provide what you need. I questioned why the Universe may not be providing for it is Law that those working for the greater good will always be on the Universal payroll. Again, perhaps this is just the structure for humans and those above us. Faith is a part of what we all need. This eliminates all worries and stress. It was a genuine psyche question trying to understand being able to function with a non consistant income.

            You called being on Earth the human experience. Perhaps you should be a bit more human using the words under human in the dictionary including humble for a human experience. It irks me, and many others who are too cowardly to speak up, when those from other realms and species come here, help themselves to our relatives bodies then just be themselves or their own species in a physical human body. If you want to use the human trait of understanding then think how your own people would feel if we did it to their offspring. At least try.

            If you can be less egotistical by understanding that there are many working and doing good here without the ego, including those who toil to grow the very food you consume since it is a requirement for all those who can work to work, and we all must contribute or to try to work on this planet, then rewrite what you have written about the False God Collective and send it to Nexus Magazine or New Dawn for publication. You now imply you do not work a physical job by choice, rather than circumstances! Work brings money and a sense of contributing to society, money brings freedom and freewill options, freedom and freewill options bring us all to the forefront of our own lives. You will receive $200 which is the maximum people can work with for random acts of kindness or non trades. If you want to try this, and want it to work do not use the word ‘I’ once and be humble remembering you are in a world of many others who also have gifts and doing their bit and most of the contributors in those magazines are not from Earth. As as Kabbalist I can only give you a tool to help yourself with. If you choose to.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen: “Listen to me – I was warning you for a valid reason, that I do not know. Your alien or invisible traits are of no help when you put yourself in silly physical positions.”

            Contentttt: Valid for you I understand. But that does that mean it is valid for me? But your concern is appreciated!!

            Kristen: “You called being on Earth the human experience. Perhaps you should be a bit more human using the words under human in the dictionary including humble for a human experience. It irks me, and many others who are too cowardly to speak up, when those from other realms and species come here, help themselves to our relatives bodies then just be themselves or their own species in a physical human body.”

            Contentttt: “I Am as human as I choose to be! Humble? For what purpose? Your assumption is that the human experiece only exists and first existed here in this universe! This is not so! What irk you does not necessarily irk another, so please speak for Your Self, without including those whom you cannot prove have the same dislike as you do. You speak as though YOU Own the human experience! Far from it, and even though you seem to believe you hold, at least in the energy of the word you share, a connection to the beginning of the human experience, you are not even close to being an original energy of the human experience. I am NOT helping My Self to your body….you can have it…I AM not interested in it!”

            “Also Kristen your original experience of Self was not even in this universe. So for you to attempt to create a structural concept around what is appropriate and what is not, is not for you to decide or establish as a standard for others.”

            Kristen: “If you can be less egotistical by understanding that there are many working and doing good here without the ego.”

            Contentttt: “The term ego is a highly used but little understood experience. I share from a place of Self-Assuredness! Yes, it is possible for many to interpret Self-Assuredness as ego, but Ego is based on “Lack” and the need to demonstrate there is no “Lack”! I keep sensing you are attempting to control me by telling me who I should be, how I should interact, what I should share and what is and is not appropriate! So WHO gave ou this authority or responsibility? Either accept or do not accept! It is not about ME….if you struggle in any way, that is Totally About YOU, Not Me! You shared with me suggestions, but they are based on your perception, why would I or should I listen to YOU? I do not tell you or any other how to act or what to do, or what to believe……BECAUSE, I do not care! Yet is not caring so much, more about You than Me! What I create for My Self, I will deal with! But I Am not going to take on your concerns forme……as I see them….they are not valid for me….maybe for you they are, but then I AM not You where you are….I AM ME….where I AM!!”

            Thanks the concern… concern is necessary!!

          • Kristen

            I was helping you to get an income, and I am referring to physical human bodies originally made for the firstlifer human experience for new souls instead of how these bodies are now used by other realms to access Earth as their own bodies cannot exist here.

            I would not ever want you to be anything like me, nor would I want to be more like you. Man you are grumpy and cannot see that I am merely one person trying to get another to understand the concept of different in a calm manner, and I feel for you that you cannot understand when someone is offering you a titbit of help. Understand is the key to existence with so many differences, you should at least try. Your defensiveness and anger does not scare me, and if I knew you as an individual I would have no fear of you for both manmade psychology and universal psyche-ology are both very transparent. As you are. My references to ego were generally in context of how to get job/income if you want it.

            I am closer to the human experience than you would like to think, it is called the Tree of Life, with a God and under The Source. I am well aware that as a non-reincarnated/first lifer person I am just a baby in years universally compared to 99.99% of others, but this also makes it clear how others have failed on the journey and ended back on Earth to get it right. For the thousandth time. This is the last chance for everyone anyway. I do feel I know very much more than you about being human and many other aspects, but will let you be right as I am generally a pacifist and I can tell you are getting wound up by all of this and becoming irrational.

            I have no vested interest in how you act and if you choose to delve into matters giving indications that you can mentally access people on Earth which is very dangerous then that is your concern, I can only tell you that is dangerous in a physical manner and those above most of us on Earth would never give these abilities as to do so would endanger us. Thinking I am trying to control you is merely paranoia perhaps??! Loving and caring people never endanger, they protect whilst giving every possible freedom. I know you have not stated you can ‘read’ people on Earth, but others may assume you can especially when someone has stupidly questioned you re Obama. Your life! First you discuss a lack of funds, I try to help, you then state you are unemployed by choice then go ballistic at a hint of humanity. The complexities of those who have become complex astound me.

            I feel for you and do hope that you get to experience the calm nice aspect of yourself perhaps lost within. I won’t be engaging in this anymore but do feel free to define your experiences and views (oops – not my website) as you have a lot to let out that others may want to be responsive to. I cannot believe I would ever say this as it is something I am really opposed to, but I really do hope that someday you find God or someone high above who will love and nurture you and oversee your endeavours rather than leaving you to fight wars on your own. Perhaps this is why you are in this site – to fill your God shaped hole as many are?

            Take care.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen: “I am closer to the human experience than you would like to think,”

            Contentttt: “Within that statement is the core issue! You experience the human experience from the 1st person alignment. I experience the human experience from the 2nd person alignment which is more detacted and not as caught up in the experience, even while experiencing the experience!”

            “The 1st person alignment means generally everything is important! The 2nd person alignment, observes the 1st person alignment and recognizes through the 1st person’s choices and belief structure, what choices are and are not of value and important! The 1st person participant cannot see through the 2nd person’s aligned eyes. But the 2nd person aligned with Self, not the experience can see what the 1st person participant is generally unaware is taking place!”

            2 totally different levels of conscious awareness!! It is like 2 different universe coexisting simutaineously in same energy venue/experiment!

            I can see and fell ghosts/inbetweener’s/earthbound spirits, can you? I experience this physical plane and the unseen plane simultaineously! I just can’t Be, just here on this plane! I AM also in the Heaven’s energy also, simultaineously! To me, it is ALL the same energy like different rooms fo a house! Each room unique, but each is held within the unversal energy structure!
            I AM multi-dimensional simultaineously! To Be any less would be to deny My Self!!

            Have Your Self a Jolly Good Day!!
            I AM Contenttt to BE ME!!

          • Kristen

            Much calmer tone and energy, thank you.
            I no longer see ghosts/spirits etc unless I deliberately change frequencies as I do not like it nor them (I have had a ghost stalker that took a while to shake, hard lesson to learn about eye contact and tuning in), but I can feel/sense them and see shadows on my normal frequency especially those shadowing people, often guides. I generally fire white light blasts at them or if evil fire energy fire at them. I cannot go near haunted places as I am also sensed but have learned the difference between imprints and reality so can visually scan so see what I can feel first. Oddly enough God has obviously determined that I am not to get my own way all the time as in spite of very strong protection and a bodyguard Angel a lot of the time I still sometimes get cat ghosts and child spirits in my house as their pure energy is drawn to us, which I can see but no sense. I guess I would see purity, but only sense negativity if I thought about it. Which I am not.

            I completely understand living on two planes. I love physical life and Earth, my beloved home and would hate to not be a physical person but I completely understand living in two worlds as my headspace is more often than not tuned into the Da’at position frequencies on the Tree of Life as this is the universal base for Law, and Law is my love, hobby, core of my soul and sometimes my job. So like you, I can be at work talking to customers whilst mentally working out Laws to receiving or giving telepathic messages to those in this very high level if I am studying or pondering over something. If watching TV or with people socially or around my children I am completely grounded other than a few seconds pre sleep when I pass through the brain frequencies that tune us in, as we all do. or can sense a teacher. I can completely ground when I choose to, often for weeks by closing my crown chakra, then a teacher or someone has to prod my foot to tune me in. Mentally just a physical life is not quite stimulating enough and you have to read so much material to get correct information, via intuition there are myriads of information if I ponder it first and meet the rest of the information or cornerstones halfway. This is a form of Alchemic thinking as well as Kabbalah, for Kabbalah does not teach you information, it only teaches you to learn (as Einstein did), with the belief that there are no real problems or questions, only things not yet resolved or the answers worked out. IF this meets your criteria for being in two planes at once, yet both working simultaniously together in complete harmony, then again you have assumed wrongly. But that’s ok.

            Thank you for speaking in a normal manner rather than defensiveness, which is why I am replying. And I know you are probably being rhetorical with questions but I feel it is good for you to actually express interest in others so I am divulging information that I otherwise wouldn’t, especially in here. A test in faith and trust NB – I can afford to be complacent with Karma and confrontations as I am at a level where the Law of Harmony is mandatory and automated so no matter what is said or happens, peace or neutralisation will naturally occur so if you need a punching bag, bring it on!!! Another warning – don’t switch to nice or show a hint of humour or humanity as I just may well win the battle that is my job.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen: “I no longer see ghosts/spirits etc unless I deliberately change frequencies as I do not like it nor them (I have had a ghost stalker that took a while to shake, hard lesson to learn about eye contact and tuning in), but I can feel/sense them and see shadows on my normal frequency especially those shadowing people, often guides. I generally fire white light blasts at them or if evil fire energy fire at them. I cannot go near haunted places as I am also sensed but have learned the difference between imprints and reality so can visually scan so see what I can feel first.”

            Contentttt: “This is one of the ways we differ. Since I embody the energy of “Unconditional Acceptance”, ghosts or shadow energy’s do not bother me. I do not believe evil exists or good exists as an opposite energy. That would be the Duality Experiment having it’s way with me and it cannot. I simply reach out my hand and I transition all energy and associated consciousness. My body is a portal through which energy flows easily. Energy that flows through my portal body only remains for a short moment before it is transformed into balance. My energy balances all energy that flows through it and transitions energy to the various places in the universe it has choosen to go or destined to go. I willingly step into haunted places to transition what is often stuck their. I often watch TV shows that investigate haunted buildings just to connect with the ghosts and other energy forms that are there, to free that building of it’s unseen residence. I also do possess people ALL the time! It is VERY simple for me, and when I AM done, they are all gone, they have moved on.”

            Kristen: “Another warning – don’t switch to nice or show a hint of humour or humanity as I just may well win the battle that is my job.”

            Contentttt: “I AM not sure why you show this propensity to believe there is a need to “Battle”? You say you are not the one that is confrontational, yet you suggest that a battle with you would be won by you! Unusual bahavior for an individual that says she is consciously very advanced…..or are you just attempting to convince other’s you are?

            Kristen: “IF this meets your criteria for being in two planes at once, yet both working simultaniously together in complete harmony, then again you have assumed wrongly. But that’s ok.”

            Contentttt: ” I assumed nothing, it does not really matter to me what you are experiencing or what you are capable of physically or energetically as a competition. Your experiences are your experiences! Your conscious and energetic abilities and talents are yours! Enjoy them! This is not a competition for You and I. Or is it for you? It is what it is for you and it is what it is for me, this is what I believe! Nothing less and nothing more! To BElieve One is more than another and have a need or desire to prove it, if it is necessary, is only to BE less than, not more! An apple cannot be more than an orange! Both are fruit….both have their unique traits!”

            “If winning and being wiser and able to do more, know more and tell another where they are right and wrong, or hold a significant connection to this God you refer too, and I can in no ways come close to the destiny you hold in this life! Well, YOU WIN!! Congratulations!! You attached me originally! I was not sure for what purpose! But this theme of winning, battles and confrontation and comparison….has shown me much about you!

            Thanks for revealing your Self to me!! Again….YOU WIN!!”

            “Now you may come back and write as to why you wrote what you wrote! That you did it for me! But when one needs to justify what they say or did then it obviously is not demonstrated in the words that have yet to be explained further! I AM NOT interested in changing YOU. I AM NOT interested in changing what you believe. I AM NOT interested in changing your perception of your Self or your value of Self. I AM NOT interested in changing your perspective of what is and is not or the laws you believe are so important. I “Unconditionally Accept” you and your choices and what you believe! They work for you!! GREAT!! They will until the don’t or forever! They work for you!!! GREAT!!”

            I AM….I will not change for another, that would mean I was true to another. Yet I will change for My Self, when I AM aware of a value associated with “My Grandest Version of MY SELF, I AM choosing to BE!” Then…I WIN!! Yea for ME!!

            IN Silence….I AM!

          • Kristen

            Ha ha ha. You really do not understand others and misinterpret so much to a way in which it suits you. I am in no way claiming to do more etc. You win hands down with any energy based abilities and gifts. You asked, I answered. but as a human, with humanity and all the human traits I win if you want to see it like that. I am way more interested in people, psyche-ology and psychology and physical aspects of life rather than the ‘invisible’ aspects, they are merely a small part of it.

            This thread was regarding humanity, I defined earlier that you were not in my comprehension radar. I tried to do my job and find humanity within you. Which I knew I would not. And who we are – human – and all the words associated with it, therefore human behaviour. Other than answering your questions I have stayed within context of the thread. You may have missed that.

            Neale. I don’t know the answer to your question. I only know to find the spark of human inside nearly everyone, and ignite it one person at a time with people and human aspects rather than words or doing anything enmasse. Are we all human. I do not know.

          • Kristen

            This is posted just after the comment below. My ‘boss and teacher’ has indicated me to mention this. You mentioned destiny earlier and fulfilling it so may understand this. My destiny is that I work for the Christed realm and under God, primarily involved with Judgement Day and the last stop before peoples determinations if they can end up in an Eden zone as a righteous person, have to undergoe Karma (much better done on Earth so it is out of the way), go to hell etc which is why I have studied Law for so many years; so I can clearly understand every Law people are bound by and what they are aware of or how they are deceived. As a female the main principles are understanding and helping males which is why we were made in the first place (as I do for my bosses are all male), the female rainbow of life starts with pink and does not progress through to the spiritual colour of purple so we are completely different genders, each with ideally 10% of the other both consciously and sub consciously. You are 100% male energy, and combatitive from being in a warzone for so long. My speciality is to find the spark of human nature in people or get them above the mass mind or beyond deception so they can then go onwards and upwards to a positive journey rather than face consequences. Males are generally easy, often by having to break them completely as occasionally the only way up is from rock bottom or to use female manipulation on those normally perceived as grumpy old men to allow their true core to shine or to follow the telepathic instructions received from above when I am working. I have also worked with special needs people quite a bit, to help develop that human core and undertaken exorcisms my remote, and healing. I am as well trained and experienced as you are, and as much self taught as you. This is my destiny, this is my job, just as you do yours, but for the first time ever I will give up as you are not in a headspace I can comprehend and will have no concept of this chosen path of finding peoples ‘nice’ core for those above to work with, but if you do sense a white cross it will be me, or my boss who in this particular case is Y’shua as I guess he received your message that you think OUR father is dead! This is not me trying to control or help you, just to explain my destiny just as you have explained yours.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen, I can sense your concern for me. Thank You!
            As you read what I wrote, understand there is no anger! Capital letters and exclaimation points are merely used to EMPHASIZE!

            I do not listen to that which does not value Me. Yet, in choices I make I have learned before joining this human experiment, from teh choices of others. That when any any individual chooses according to how another tells them they should be or do, they are being then true to another’s truth and not listeing to their own inner Self.

            You under estimate who I AM and why I AM here! I did not come here to live by the rules established by others. I came to transform and transition the energy of the rules created by others! I do not need to look for work! In fact I will never work within the associated money valued bondage rule on this Earth ever again. That suggests I have value when I work and contribute through the energy of money! My value of Self is totally associated with who I AM, not what I DO! You seem to be promoting the Human Doing over the Human Being!

            Can you see Kristen…..ALL of this stuff is small potatoes! I don’t think small. I would have to BE less than I AM for that to happen! In fact, I don’t even think any more! I only come from Awareness!
            I AM AWARENESS! No need to think, I have observed it ALL already!!!

            Calm? If you truly connected with My Energy, instead of what your teacher and you believe and practice in your life, you would understand so much more about Me!

            You believe in some way I AM a first timer with no previous experience with the human experiment. YES Experiment! I AM what I refer to as a “Consumate Observer”! What that means is for a very long moment, more than 300 billion Earth years, I have been observing choices, actions, the why, and understanding energy in ways, very few can or do recognize.

            You almost suggest I have in some way come here unprepared for this human experience. I guarentee you I NEVER enter into any choice, UNPREPARED….EVER!! THAT is not true of the I AM…I AM!! I AM FULLY AWARE, when it is appropriate for the that present moment!

            I have stood toe to toe and face to face with your God(s), and each One then understood. Not I understood, they understood! It is yor energy that is coming between us, not mine!! It is unfortunate that you cannot yet see this, but you will.

            It is obvious to me You are a product of the human experiment that see through the eyes of those whom have choosen to create the rules for this experiment, but were not given permission too! They took it upon their selves to determine who things would be and created Energy Laws to support what they promoted.

            Many speak or write of Laws. Like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Gratitude, the Law of Abundance! They are really not Laws at all, but energy venues through which those who created the Laws control and reward those those who follow the Laws. They are really not Laws at all, but simply energy streams of potentiality! I AM not sure why I AM sharing any of this with you, because You have told me I AM not in a Headspace you can comprehend, which means you are in a headspace that will not understand what I AM sharing. I GET IT TOTALLY, what you are sharing and encouraging….I UNDERSTAND! It is for Counter Productive to step back into this Earth experience as You are promoting it.

            My destiny and My purpose for coming onto/into this Earth Plane Experiment, is to transform the Energy of Duality from the extremes in ALL the ways that it has and does exist within this Universe and here on Earth! The extremes of the Duality Experiment are the most dysfunction and counter productive here on this Earth, but also within this Universe! This requires a VERY Strong Energy of Self, to BE the balance associated with the Neutral space between the extremes of the Duality Pendulum swing! I AM!!

            I did not come here to live by the rules, I came here to change the rules. To transform the energy that holds ALL captive within the rules you see as having so much value, probably because you when you are not taking on a human form, created the rules, so you stand by the rules, as though you have so much invested!

            God/Y’shua is gone, all you are experiencing is the old energy pattern that you and others keep alive by holding on to the concept and supporting and promoting it accordingly. Just like the heat from a heating pad left on a counter. When the heating pad is removed, the heat still remains as a residual effect of the Source of heat that was the heating pad. So it is with Your God and Everyone elses God!

            I have already had visions of some who on this Earth will attempt to take My Life and end it so they can continue to promote the power and control they so joyfully embrace and need in the name of God. Yet, I have no fear, no concern, no apprehension, no uncertainty, no doubt, and no need to alter my choices according to your concerns or the potential of that which I AM destined to experience death or abuse through the hands of another. I AM not concerned, because I know the Human form is only solid for those whom encounter it as solid and exploitable and expendable. My human form is now fluid, and although subject to the solid experiences when they happen, it is not subject to ALL solid experiences when they are done towards ME! Kind of like NEO in the Matrix movies! 🙂

            I will assume at this point that you do not beleive me! That is okay, because I AM not interested in convincing you of anything, like you are me through your term, “Caring”! Please DO NOT CARE for Me or about Me…..I AM GOOD!! No Worries Mate!!

            I AM Intimately more familiar with the Human form than you can even begin to accept or believe is possible! Kristen, I understand you are attempting to help me live by the rules of the human experience. Yet this is exactly why I lived by the rules for 44 years and now as I have awakened, as I intended to do before coming here, I will never live by the Rules or Laws of another ever again.

            I honor and value My Self and I honor and value every other Self!

            This does not mean I honor and value what you write and share! I understand you are NOT what you write and share or believe! YOU are the Essence of Self experiencing the experience of those experiences and choices! BIG PICTURE….this is who I see everything!!

            That does not mean I Am ruleless or lawless! You write of Earth rules, but I did not come here to change just Earths rules and laws. I AM here to change and transform the rules of the Entire Universe Earth is a part of and participating in!

            Who AM I? I AM Everything and I AM Nothing! I AM the Beginning and I AM the End! When ALL that is currently, IS NOT, the I AM, I AM will still hold within MY Energy that Awareness of and continued understanding of what was learned and will share it according to each individuals desire to expand in their Growth of Self.

            I AM SELF and I AM Self! Everything else is just an experiment, creating experiences for the Growth and ever Evolving of Self!

            I AM NOT INTERESTED IN A JOB (I have one, it does not pay very well, but is the only one for Me)!!! I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MONEY! I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR GOD! I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR DESTINY(But You are so Live it until you do not). I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU. I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT ME! I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT ANYONE!!!!!! NO FEAR………………and as Calm as can BE!!

            Enjoy Your Day and Life!!

            I AM!!

          • Kristen

            See outside yourself and you will understand what I am saying more. I choose Law. You have chosen non Law. My God and Y’shua and many are alive and well. I know this completely just as you completely believe they are not. When people have such differing opinions that they both believe then the only resolution is to agree to disagree.

            You are lying about not using anger energy by the way, but you are calm today.

            I do stand by that fact that anyone working for the greater good WILL be financially supported or paid by the Universe, and do have to bring up that you bought up money and having $70 to your name and worrying about petrol prices or car repairs.

            The Laws you mentioned, yes they are Laws but only a couple of them with very little information about them, much of it incorrect especially the Law of Attraction. Try 500 different laws all working completely perfectly together which is the Masters papers requirements in the Tree of Life Da’at position. Maybe 20 are published here so how would I be able to do this if the Laws did not exist? You are the stating that I must be some kind of insane genius with an IQ of 300 to even make such stuff up. I know nothing of many of the things you are an expert in, but you know nothing or very little of the things I may be an expert in. Again agree to disagree if you choose to.

            I am well aware that human is an experiment, you will also be aware that there are many different people and experiments at this point in time primarily with people born 1969-1971. Like myself you will have noticed in the school system that within these three years there were more elevated classes and if your country based classes on IQ’s it would show worldwide a spike in IQ’s over 120. My school had over 3 classes full, when there would normally be 20 kids. Who are you to say that older souls and different sub-species of human are more superior to me, as a newby? And we are in the same experiment. And I am competative (with a smile). I have certainly got it right to progress past the point that others take may hundreds of reincarnations to get to, and now be able to step straight into any Eden zone. Prophecies define that on Judgement Day new people will do better than the old souls, even without having Laws taught to them for the newer souls are vastly improved from the old.

            I know you are not interested in my destiny any more than I am interested in yours or anyones, the entire point was to try a different way of getting you to understand that others may have a worth as great as that you place upon yourself, but you are definately right about one thing – you are not concerned about anyone. Again this is back to the beginning – concern for others is a basic human quality so surely a part of the human experience or experiment for anyone being human.

            Just to make your day, I will point out that my most hated statement EVER is I AM. That is what The Sources name means in English but to see people write it is like fingers on a blackboard. Almost as bad as all the other CwG lingo like SELF blah blah blah. Insult – you speak the lingo well!

            You enjoy your day and life too, said with a smile. I am always smiling.

          • Contentttt

            Kristen: “See outside yourself and you will understand what I am saying more.”
            “You are lying about not using anger energy by the way, but you are calm today.”

            Contentttt: “You keep telling me what I AM doing, what I AM not doing, how I see things, how I should see things, what I AM projecting, how I AM in a place of denial, how I AM grumpy, I should at least try! YIKES!! YIKES!! YIKES!!”

            This is not a conversation for exchange, you are attempting to teach me something according to how you see things exist! YIKES!! YIKES!! YIKES!!

            Kristen: “When people have such differing opinions that they both believe then the only resolution is to agree to disagree.”

            Contentttt: “AND THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS!”

  • João Poupinha

    Hello everyone, in my modest opinion, I think that phrase 23 of the 1000 words, is the one that apply better, to the text that Neale wrote.

    But also I think that the common people are afraid of the unknown, that is the first reason that must people fight the change. If all the people of world stated that ” we as a people or civilization do not know every thing about God”. I can’t imagine the repercussion of such a statement, can anyone of us imagine?

    In must Countries in Europe the right to have “free” access to medical assistance, is a reality, for same time now. But again their are those that state, if a citizen uses a service, that same person such pay a small fee for using that service. By the way, this is the manner, that Portuguese Healht system works.

    But, yes, I think that the world is in the need, of a change, we are coming to an Abyss, at “Warp speed” and it seems that we are not slowing down, or starting to reverse.

  • ahhaee

    Neale, I have read your book and yes it will help some. Your words your book are an extension of other beliefs words ideas from earlier works. The great debate of there are many gods or only one continues and you have chosen. Many years ago i made my best effort to discuss and you refused as your right to do so. I ask you to be brave and be bold and walk within and with others to find that we do not and know and see where that leads us. The old ways and those that associate with it have lead us to where we are now. How is that working for us as a planet? Conversations is a continuation of the past. Wish you well.

    • Contentttt

      Yes! Nicely stated!!

  • Contentttt

    Maybe the larger question is:
    “Neale are you in a stale-mate within Your Self?”
    I believe you are….but then that is just what I feel in your energy!
    One’s personal truth does not always match their energy!
    What the mind believes does not always match what our energy reveals!!


    • ahhaee

      Neale from my observations has determined that his story is correct and he is sticking to it. Stale-mate with himself and others. He has developed a following that has placed him on a pedestal who several friends of mine may see that as appropriate while i do not. What Neale has written has helped but is static and cast in stone by the written word. Can Neale imagine that it is any other way? Could he be right or have made a mistake? This shell/mind/body is as we call human yet it appears most often we make a grand story before we know many of the details. From my readings and understanding our story (planet’s) has changed in some ways but has remained the same for hundred of thousands of years; that within its self is of debate. Our symbols, icons, money are more important than how we treat ourselves and others is an issue that continues. The age old idea that we will have a better life in the after life is an illusion because this is life here and now. Be clear that I believe that the essence of our individual/collective knowledge memories, awareness is for lack of a better word recorded.

      • Awareness

        The way I see it, “Conversations with God” leaves room for questioning. It does not demand loyalty to it (I like that approach). For example as quoted in one of my previous responses here, God said in “Conversations with God”:


        And also in the following dialogue with Neale Donald Walsch, God allows for questioning and finding your own “truth”:

        NEALE: How do I know that what You are saying is true? How do I know this is even God speaking, and not my overactive imagination?

        GOD: You’ve asked that before. My answer is the same. What difference does it make? Even if everything I’ve said is “wrong,” can you think of a better way to live?

        NEALE: No.

        GOD: Then “wrong” is right, and “right” is wrong!

        Yet I’ll tell you this, to help you out of your dilemma: BELIEVE NOTHING I SAY. Simply live it. Experience it. Then live whatever other paradigm you want to construct. Afterward, LOOK TO YOUR EXPERIENCE to find your truth.

        One day, if you have a great deal of courage, you will experience a world where making love is considered better than making war. On that day will you rejoice.


  • Erin

    Love your 1000 words…It is nice ‘to be’ within such ‘terms of endearment’.

    ‘Reality’…fun concept.
    ‘Politics’…a funny, tho presently useful, concept.
    ‘Humanity’…Universal comic relief…much like observing a kitten.
    ‘Fluidity’…Our bods are 98% water…if we were any more fluid, we’d be puddles! (just a fun thought) 🙂

    A ‘stalemate’, though? Hmmm…perhaps an ‘apex’? Our beingness, which momentarily is reflected by Our politics, is reaching a summit of redefines, yes? Are We not in process of redefining ‘functional, adjustable, sustainable’? Is Our politics not wide-open/transparent for majority to view its Nature, therefore, mirroring Our own?

    I find all of this ‘stuff’ exciting…transforming, moving…A-effin-mazing, as a matter of ‘fact’!
    I cannot help but recall, “Magic is essentially a higher Understanding of Nature”…so, with this ‘fact’ in mind, these are magical moments, indeed!

    And, by all means, Neale…Motivate the movement of the political summit! What finer moment than while they are precariously pouting in their time-out corners? You’ve been rockin’ socks so far…Now get them to dance! BE Magical! (can I get an “Amen!” on that, Marko?) 🙂
    Namaste’…to all the little kitties of the world! <3

    • A BIG AMEN Erin!!! 🙂

      P.S. have 3 cats named Mo,

      Mojo & two adopted Monk & Moby.

      • Erin

        How cool…I have 3, too. (More like ‘they have me’) One, a new kitten, who was the inspirer of the analogy…funny, focused, energy-plus…brings out the youth in everyone, including the 2 older felines.
        Obviously, it’s often the small things that make Life so enjoyable & re-new-able. 🙂

  • Richard Robinson

    Neale, I know you are right, this is the perfect time to do this…why not….why would you delay choosing the Grandest version of yourself? 🙂 I tell my friends and those around me , “No Judgement, just an Observation” and it’s true. It’s not about right or wrong, or right or left, it’s about what do we choose to do with what’s presented to us. We have so many issues to deal with we need a condensed truth to awaken the world , a summary of truths we all know but have forgotten. Global Oneness Day will be everything we choose it to be.
    I’ve said , why can’t it be Global Oneness Week, or Year 🙂 ….It could if we raise our collective awareness and choose it….My God , It could actually happen….Imagine that….Believe that 🙂

  • ahhaee

    Neale where do you weigh in? What resonates with you today?

    • Contentttt


  • ahhaee

    Contentttt I am curious what do you see/feel/hear of ahhaee? This has been an interesting journey and we have the answers yet it is filled with disinformation. These conversations are filled with those who are caring yet frustrated as the shell/mind typically uses emotions to cloud the situation. Third dimensional thinking/ dimensional thinking period does not use full interaction with others. There is only one if we believe there is only one then it is believed yet there are many.

    • Contentttt

      ahhaee, this was and is not my intention to come into this discussion group to do energy readings! It happened, but the more I step into it the more I am asked to again and again. So I respectfully decline your invitation!!


      • ahhaee

        This offer is for you if you choose to do the energy reading and you can keep it to your self. I offered this opportunity for you; it may lighten your spirit and give you hope. Follow your heart.

  • Victor

    Wow Neale… This thread really got to another place, isn´t it…?

  • Stephen Davis

    I agree with your sentiment here Neale, however the situation being presented to the American people is phoney.

    Just like here in the UK, you have no democracy. When Obama and Reid get together behind closed doors they can complement each other on their performances and get their next orders from their masters.

    The real issue is the impending collapse of the global economy due to living beyond our means via our debt-based fiat monetary system (aka a Ponzi scheme, aka fraud.)

    These theatrics are simply noise to keep the masses engaged whilst the real geo-political game is played out.

    However you are right, in the end it is still all based on fear and trying to manipulate. It is the old paradigm of Duality which, thankfully, ended on 21/12/12 (or 12/21/12). Now the human race just needs to catch up with The Universe.

    We will all have to learn the lessons: either the “easy” way, or the “hard” way. Your books beautifully espouse the easy way… 🙂

    In light,


    • Contentttt

      Yes, Stephen!
      I have been saying for years now…..Demoncracy is a failure! Americans just are not willing to admit it to their Self. It is not that the concept cannot be successful. A majority of mankind is like a boat, on an ocean with no sail and no rudder, when they finally wash ashore, they have to claim it for their own, with a total disregard for what has or who has been there before them. Humans do not show up as visitors, they show up as conquerors! It is the conqueror mind set that has prevailed and is in control……for now!!

      This to is changing!!
      This is how I view it ALL!!

  • ahhaee

    If god is all of all what part of god is not? There is no good or evil only perspective and reference point. Humanity is interesting in the reguard that percieved connection or disconnect. The fight between the good the bad is a choice just getting along. A prime example has played out in American politics the past few weeks. Both fringe sides see themselves as good and the other as evil when there is non only differences. For this planet to flow with others it will realize this and truely begin to work toward common goals as a planet. Money as a tool is valuable yet when used to enforce differences and class it creates distance and seperation from all. Generally those who agree with the seperation while there are exceptions. Utopia does exist and humanity can achieve it through acceptance. Bill and Mylinda Gates are a prime example of what money that can help this planet yet many are bitter and hold grudges. Yes there are the greedy and those without mercy YET look to the fruitful caring examples. Balance is a task that is worth while and takes practice. If one must think in evil or good they can balance each other or fight for control and destroy. I ask how does that further humanity?