The biggest mystery of life has to do with what human beings call “reality.”

What is “reality,” anyway? It is a static thing, based on “facts”? Or is it a fluid thing, based on individual interpretation of those “facts”?

Most people agree that reality is fluid, changing from person to person. This is captured in the ancient observation: One person’s treasure is another person’s trash.

If two people can look at the same set of facts and see entirely different things, then what is “real” and what is not?

A great many politicians in Washington D.C. are trying to figure that out right now. Most of the world knows that there is a huge squabble going on there right now over what is called Obamacare — or, more formally, the Affordable Care Act.

A cohort of highly conservative members of the Republican Party in the U.S. claims that the new health-care-for-all law passed two years ago will be the ruination of America. Most Democrats, meanwhile, believe that it is long since past time that such civilizing legislation was passed and such a humane program put into place in what both parties claim to be one of the greatest nations on Earth.

Members of both parties are looking at the same data and the same country and coming up with entirely different realities. Yet if “reality” is a subjectively created thing and not an objectively observed thing, the solution to this present political conflict in Washington would be to be collaboratively creative.

So, too, would this be the solution to all the conflicts — armed and unarmed, political and military, economic and social/spiritual — all over the planet.

Such a thing appears, however, to be too much to ask of people who feel they have too much to lose by stepping one inch away from their staked out positions. People remaining stubbornly and utterly inflexible in their views and absolutely unyielding in their demands make collaboration impossible to achieve…and that is pretty much the nature of things in our world today. We are a species lingering at stalemate.

Is there anything — anything at all — that can change this? An entirely new Cultural Story could and would do it. A New Idea about Who We Are (Humans, that is) and Why We Are Here (on Earth, that is) and The Purpose of It All (Life, that is) is the answer — but from where would such a new idea emerge? And who would help spread it? And who would listen to it?

The answer to the last question is: everybody. Everybody on the planet would listen to it if they felt that it offered a New Way to Be Human that was possible, viable, feasible, workable, practical, and achievable.

I believe that the 1,000 Words That Would Change the World from Conversations with God — found lower in the right-hand column of this online newspaper — would be a good place to start. Will you take a moment to read those 1,000 words? Will you then consider becoming part of the Evolution Revolution?

Let me know. We can do something quite extraordinary here. People have done extraordinary things before. Let’s go. Let’s do it again. Let’s start A Conversation That Could Change The World.

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