CWG dared to bring humanity a New Gospel. Can we believe its words?

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Conversations with God dared to place before humanity what it has called “The New Gospel.” That gospel has been referred to as “15 words that would change the world.”

We’re going to explore that New Gospel here. The New Gospel is:

We are all one. Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.

That gospel was first introduced in Friendship with God, the fourth book in the CWG 9-book cosmology.

If the first four words of that gospel are true, they carry with them an important implication—a remarkably important implication—that would amount to a major expansion of humanity’s previous understanding of the relationship between God and Man.

The implication, of course, is that if everything is One Thing, and if we are part of everything (which we obviously are), then we are part of God, unless God is not part of “everything,” but stands outside of “everything”—in which case “everything” is not everything at all.

This is, in fact, what many, many people believe. They believe that there are, essentially, two things that exist in ultimate reality: (1) Everything That Is, and (2) that which created Everything That Is.

In this cosmology, God stands outside of Everything That Is. In order to conceive of this, many people define “everything” as only that which is physical, and define God as that which is spiritual. Yet this is an unfair delineation, because it gives an altered meaning to the word “everything.”

It also forces us to assume that we are not spiritual . . . or that if we are spiritual and physical, the part of us that is spiritual is not part of “everything.” Because, by simple logic, if the part of us that is spiritual is included in what we call “everything,” then a God who is spiritual must be part of “everything” as well.

This leads some of us to take all sorts of twisted pathways and to use every kind of tortured logic to explain how a God who is spiritual is not part of “everything,” even though the part of us that is spiritual is.

Presumably, God’s spirit is a different kind of spirit, a different type. Not simply grander or bigger or more powerful, but a different type altogether—a type that does not fall within the category of “everything that is.”

It is the first big challenge of the New Spirituality to coax us away from this fractured reasoning and gently guide us into considering that there may be a pattern to life’s Essential Energy (that some people, including myself, call “God”) that allows it to express as both physical and spiritual at the same time, even as we clearly observe that we, as humans, are doing.

In other words, we may wish to consider the possibility that what we can do, God can do, and that even as we are both spiritual and physical, so, too, is That Which Is Divine.

This would make Humanity and Divinity one and the same, except as to proportion. God is All Of It, whereas we are part of that which comprises All Of It.

Does this not make much more sense?

And have not major religions declared that we are “made in the image and likeness of God”?

We will continue our exploration of The New Gospel in upcoming installments of this front page feature in the global conversation. I invite your contributions in the Comments Section below.

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  • Richard Robinson

    I Am a Sequentaneous Individuation of All That Is, Being the Process, Calling You to remind you of who we are,and how much you are loved 🙂 When I understood the concept of Oneness , it all made more sense. But I had to keep choosing that reality and reminding myself of who we are. The Perfection in the process is so perfect, the ability to forget (even though you might have an excellent memory 🙂 ) a wide variety of “things” enables you to re-choose what you need to experience in a new way. A New Gospel allowing All that is to Experience the Greatest Version of All that Is. I have many ideas about how to proceed, I’d Love to hear your ideas 🙂

  • Contentttt

    First of all you are attempting NDW to combine the old ideas of God and Gospel or as I see the word (Go-Spell = casting a spell of………..!!). Anyways, Christians already use the words…..New Gospel, since you are attempting to revamp and not start anew, this is going to confuse many and turn other’s off.

    Second of all the first 4 words…..”We are all one,” is nothing more than conceptual if it is not felt at our core of Self. One person says to another….”I love you.” the other person responds, “Well, I don’t love you. infact I can even stand to be around you”. One person says to another……”We are all one,” the other person responds, “Well, I don’t see it, I don’t feel it and I don’t believe it, because we have nothing in common.”

    Third of all, it has been my contention for years, that words are simply words if they fall flat and do not spark in the soul of another! There has to be an energy….a strong and deep energy that supports the words…..We are all one! If it doesn’t have a strong energy that supports it, then the one saying it is not convincing the one hearing it, and it is not reasonating within! Some desire to hear the words….We are all one. Other’s do not! We are all one, is a concept you may believe, but until YOU feel ALL separation disappear and the illusion of separation is gone and you are not only each other, but you are also, the trees, the clouds, the land, the universe, EVERYTHING!

    Fourth, NDW, we are all one is even misunderstood by YOU! Going forward an promoting the ONENESS as only the connection our human body’s and spirit body’s have with each other is only One component of the term….”We Are All One”! YOU are thinking TO SMALL, You are teaching to small! We Are All One, means WE ARE ALL “ONE ENERGY”…THE SAME ENERGY….THERE IS NO SEPARATION. Everything and Everything within the Everything is simply “ONE”! How do I know? Because back in 2002, I felt it, I saw it, I was ONE with it, the illusion disappeared. ALL ENERGY became ONE ENERGY and I understood! I will never forget that moment! But YOU cannot separate Humanity from the ONE and anticipate they will embrace the concept as you have proposed teaching it to others. That

    Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way. That is not going to convince anyone and will entice some! What you are saying to another in this statement is……..”Your way is just fine to, because ours is not better than yours, it is merely another way, different than your way!” You may entice the roamers and stragglers, but you never get through to the hardened-core of those who are staunch in their belief’s and convictions. Like I said, YOU are creating another off shoot religion from the structure of what has been. So CWG is destined to BE stiffled in religeous mediocrity!

    Do what you want too NDW! But in a future moment, when your New Gospel is not getting it done……(I am not saying….I am just saying), are you COMMITTED to riding the CWG New Gospel to the very end even if other’s are getting off! When it falters or in an optimistic note, if it faulters, is this TRULY YOUR VISION, or the Vision of the God Contingent through YOU! YOU may live the CWG stuff everyday, but other’s do not! Will CWG be seen as the latest in a long line of Cults testing the other religions on this planet?

    Are YOU really sure YOU are absolutely and totally sold on this idea NEALE, because it will test YOU in ways YOU have not yet even imagined. It is one thing to write what has been written and put it all in books for people to read. “IT” is quite a different animal when YOU begin promoting it as the “NEW GOSPEL”! YOU are essentially telling everyone…..YOUR GOD, is the real GOD and they have gotten it wrong all of these hundreds of years. PERSONAL…..yes they will take it personally!! People are personally offended, whether intentional or not, when their religions and belief’s and teaching are questioned, and different conceptual teaching emerge out of the old suggested misunderstandings taught for hundreds of years!

    CWG….New Gospel!!!! Those words are a virus to the existing religeous structures! What I sense is people like to BLEND the CWG book idea’s into their current belief structures and they do it to the degree each is comfortable. But when people begin to be associated to the CWG books, and the CWG books are considered to contradict the current religious teachings, and CWG becomes it’s own religion…..THEN YOU AND CWG HAVE CROSSED THE LINE other’s have created to protect their own religions and belief structures!!

    AM I getting through to YOU or not!

    If YOU ARE 10000% COMMITTED and willing to risk your life and your integrity, then by all means move ahead with a determination, resolve and undying commitment because it will drain you in ways, you cannot yet even imagine! The SOURCE of the ‘determination, resolve and undying commitment’ must first BE a seed within YOU that grows, not an energy that captures YOU and carries YOU forward with it!! Some idea’s look great in the beginning. But with other idea’s, a person often says….IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN HOW EVERYTHING WOULD UNFOLD…..I WOULD HAVE….??…….!!

    For YOU NDW…..there will be no going back on your committment, once YOU Cross The Line!!!! ALL OF YOU, because you become the “Figure Head”, the CWG…New Gospel GURU!! Then even more than they do now… matter how You attempt to direct the attention away from You, they will lift You up and the more followers the New Gospel attracks, the more people will be drawn to the MAN, not the New Gospel. It has happened hundreds of times already. Then you become God Like….God’s Messenger….God’s Prophet….Saintly…..An Angel…..Then they will ask You to perform miracles…to save them… forgive them……to put in a good word with God… remember them in your prayers…..and oh my, oh my, oh my!!

    Have you really looked totally at what you are suggesting……or are you that Nieve???

    Just Asking!!

    • Erin

      Dearest Contenttt…Where have you placed your ‘content’? I See no happy here, though I do feel a bit(e) of con-tension. Hmmm…What’s up with that, Darlin’?

      ‘Commitment’…Now there’s a fun word! So many defines…depending entirely on the perspective of the committer. Much like what we engage before arriving here…We ‘commit’ to a lifetime.
      I have to honestly say that if there were to be a word to describe Neale, the ‘regulars’ here, and the crew that supports CwG…’Committed’ would be a fine one, indeed…with Heart, I will add.

      Funny, too…your last paragraph describes any big lottery winner who “crosses the line” of having their pics & name printed. Every celebrity-sort knows this pedestal & its consequences, as does Mr. Pope, as did Gandhi & Mother Theresa, & Elvis. You seem to imagine this particular state of being as a ‘bad thing’…That finding Joy in leadership is ‘not right’…That being a beloved Goddess of one’s realm is not Divine. Am I reading your write correctly? Because I thrive in great Joy within this state of beingness.

      Nooo, I Am not of material wealths, tho if I was, they would simply add to stuff I can share. At this moment, compassion, Love of Life, listening ears, Understanding of Nature, patience…of these I have abundance, & of these bits of magic do I present as give-aways. Funny, but in being this way, I have want of no thing, because as I Am freely giving there is a constant & continuous tsunami of receiving. The hardest part is pushing my lovely broom to re-direct the flow, which has actually become second-nature of every day…This creates ‘Amazing’ & never ceased to Amaze.

      Con, I wish you Contentedness…And Sight that delves deeper in Now, rather than the expanse you currently See…I wish you Amazing-ness. Blessings, Beloved! <3 🙂

      • Contentttt

        Since you do not know me Erin, there is not way you can even begin to understand who I AM and how I know My Self to BE, by the words I write here.

        Erin: “Every celebrity-sort knows this pedestal & its consequences, as does Mr. Pope, as did Gandhi & Mother Theresa, & Elvis. You seem to imagine this particular state of being as a ‘bad thing'”..

        ERIN, before being born on to this Earth Plane, I was a consumate observer of all within this universe. I witnessed more than 47,860,000 different individuals on multiple physical planes lose their Essence of ‘Self’ when they were lifted by other’s on to a pedestal they were unprepared to be on. Whether you choose to believe me or not does not matter. I share what I AM aware has been so. I shared out of concern for Neale and as often exists when an individual may be getting in over their head. Riding a pedestal is NOT a bad thing….I agree. Being placed on a pedestal in and of it’s self is just an experience. But the energy’s that pull an individual in a thousand different directions, will test an individual to be True to their Self or Be True to the expectations of the pedestal.

        I could write a book on this subject….but for now, this will do!!

        Erin: Nooo, I Am not of material wealths, I have want of no thing,

        Awesome ERIN!! I want for nothing….and I have nothing….because I AM of the NOthing! Everything is an illusion! Nothing is solid, except when within the illusion, because of the alignment of energetic vibrations, frequencey’s, resonation and retrecorcation, the No-Thing becomes solid! Everything is NO-THING! In the absence of Everything….there is Only No-Thing! There you will find the I AM..I AM, even in this moment as I write to you, I AM not this physical body, I AM the Essence of Self, experiencing the human experience, through this body, but not in this body!!!

        Erin: Con, I wish you Contentedness…
        Thank You Erin…..I AM ONLY Content!!

        Erin: And Sight that delves deeper in Now, rather than the expanse you currently See.

        Thanks for the encouragement Erin. But what I write does not demonstrate where I AM… is shared because of where other are! Your response may be…..that is quite arrogant Contentttt. Not really!
        I have worked with many, many people. The response I often get from those individual’s is…..”You know me better than I know My Self!” I put into words what most have never considered putting into words about their own Self. Easily and with little effort….it is ALL right there in an individuals energy….like a map….like a flower, nothing is hidden….NO-Thing!! It is a bit presumptuous on your part to make a assumptive statement as to the depth of My Awareness! If you gleened that assumption from what I wrote to Neale, and you assume that is the extent of the I AM….I AM…..well, I have many whom would quickly respond to you, on my behalf, if it was necessary and share what they know about …the I AM….I AM!!

        Rin:..I wish you Amazing-ness. Blessings, Beloved!

        Thanks Erin and also thanks for challenging me….I LOVE IT! Oh by the way, don’t believe anything I have shared! But then don’t believe anything any one else has shared either. After all, just because you or even a trillion you’s believes something is so….does not mean it is….it only means you believe it is! Hey, even that works for me….if it works for you….until it does not work for you…..then even that works for me too!!

        PS: Did Neale ask you to defend him, the work he does, the books written through him, and the message he shares?
        Or did you just make that choice on your own, because NDW seems to be a NO SHOW after he plants the seed! Oh I know…..he probably has more important things to do! Right Neale!!!

        You see NDW is already aloof in the persona he projects through planting a seed of thought and then letting everyone else engage in the discussion and saying nothing more!
        There is more about the man NDW than he would like many to know!
        You may ask Erin…”How do you know that Contentttt?”
        Well…….BECAUSE I FEEL HIM, I SENSE HIM, I AM IN TUNE TO THAT WHICH IS BEHIND THE IMAGE HE PROJECTS! iT IS ALL IN HIS ENERGY! READ IT IF YOU CAN…..THEN YOU WILL BE AWARE OF WHAT I AM AWARE OF ABOUT THIS MAN NDW, AS I “DELVE DEEPER IN NOW” AS YOU PUT IT!!!!! We are ALL an open book! But many have been able to hide much…..this too is changing…..this too is changing!!!!

        Even Neale has skelton’s in the closet he has not yet dealt with!!! IN many ways Neale has neglected his Self, and given the CWG books and message/gospel a higher priority than his own Self! Neale struggles in ways he would be happy no one else knew about.
        I can see all the struggles, I can feel them, sense them, and they just reveal what they are to me!! So how deep would you like me to delve Erin?


        In the end, it is not how any other looks at, or thinks about, of value’s higher any other. Because when every one else is gone….and all You have is Your Self…..(believe me it happens to EVERYONE) if you have never learned to value Your own Self, because Your Value of Self has always been based on the appreciation of other’s, in that moment of isolation each faces when he/she leaves this Earth only those with a strong sense and value of Self are able to survive! When ALL there is….is YOU…..then YOU will be experiencing the BEGINING moment of Everything…..from the Nothing!!

        Thanks for th einteractive conversation!!
        You are AWESOME!!
        Me…the I AM…I AM!!!
        (Food for thought)+ In the absence of Me… don’t exist! In the absence of YOU…..I still exist! In the absence of both of us…..nothing exists…..except Self….aware!! See ya in the nothing!! TTFN!!

  • Francesco

    Hello my name is Francesco Rigillo are a young boy of 28 years and are performed by an Italian country province of Avellino. I have read a lot of passion involved the book written by her and I like it here with all that he wrote. I strongly believe in God and I realize very well for some time that this world should change as it goes the retort. I write songs and prorpio from reading his book was born a beautiful song which is called flow from God I think that the song gives a strong message about the fact that man alone importannza aldenaro, the fact that the man many disasters , and other sins that are now on the agenda. I believe that this song is not truly born of God, and I think also as you say in the text that God wants to change the world. I wish I had the pleasure to put this song on the site. Among the many songs I wrote I think this is the most significant and which gives a strong message to young people. Sincerely Francis.

  • Benny Hansen

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  • Benny Hansen

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  • Benny Hansen

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