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There is a New Thought teaching going around — actually, it has been going around for years — that can be both misleading and disserving (to say nothing of being dangerous) if it is not thoroughly explained.

This teaching is that “everything is perfect,” and that our job is the “see the perfection” in things being just the way they are, and not look at any condition as “not okay,” or as being negative in any way.

This disservice of this teaching has been exacerbated by some of the writing in one of the most widely read and best-selling books on contemporary, New Thought spirituality — namely, Conversations with God.

That book talks about the so-called Law of Opposites, asserting that certain conditions, situations, and circumstances arise in life that appear to be unwelcome, that appear to be opposing us, but that they are actually supporting us on our soul’s journey — and that should therefore not be judged as “bad” or condemned as “evil.”

I think it’s important at this stage — given where our species is today in its planetary experience — to go over this teaching very thoroughly, and to invite your reactions to it.

I want to begin by saying that what brought this all up for me was an entry in the Comment Section under the last article to appear in this top-of-page headline space on The Global Conversation — a story having to do with violence in our world, which asked if humanity would ever see or create an end to it. The Comments entry came from a reader named Tina Ashe Brown, and is republished here:

“I am wondering simply why we are judging these actions as good or bad? I have been so confused on this since reading the CWG books. There seems to be a message that either I am not understanding correctly or we are having a hard time understanding here.

“I understand that we were sent here because God wanted to experience herself and could not do that because there were no contradictions… opposites. In heaven, or at least in God’s world, all there is is love. Are we here to return this plane to the same? To a place where only love exists or instead are we here to remember and see love even in the face of the violence?

“To love those beings unconditionally even in the face of the thing we are calling bad. Can we experience if we turn this world into a place where there is only love? Isn’t this place just as much a part of God’s world as any other plane? Is there only love here, too, and we are not able to see through our ego and judgments surrounding good and bad?

“I long for home and for that place where there is only love peace and joy, that place inside of me. I do my best to create this here in this plane each and everyday despite the pictures I see. I know we are all one and connected and I send my love to all regardless of the pictures that I see that do not resonate me with me to the best of my ability.

“I chose to focus on this and not on perceived imperfections that might be happening in this world, for I have the faith that everything is just as it should be even if I don’t understand how!”

I would like now to respond to these very sincerely asked questions, and in so doing perhaps bring some clarity to the New Spirituality teachings about Perfection and the Law of Opposites.

Tina, you have said…“I am wondering simply why we are judging these actions as good or bad?”

I experience that simply observing that something is undesirable is not judging it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ and it is important to be clear about that. I personally find butterscotch flavored ice cream to be undesirable. I much more desire chocolate or vanilla. This does not mean that I have judged butterscotch as a flavor to be “bad.” It merely announces my personal preference in the matter of ice cream.

Speaking of violence as something that I find undesirable is not a judgment that it is “bad.” It is merely an announcement that I find it undesirable. Others may disagree. Others may actually desire violence as a part of human life, or think that it is in any event necessary, or natural to the human condition. Still others may think that it is required in order to create a Contextual Field as part of the Law of Opposites as described in Conversations with God.

It is my belief that the violence we see on Earth is neither natural to the human condition, nor is it necessary in order to create a Contextual Field within which we can experience nonviolence. This latter knowing arises out of my awareness that the Contextual Field within which the Law of Opposites plays it effect is much larger than the environment known as Planet Earth.

But let us return to Tina’s entry, so that I may ‘contextualize’ my observations within her inquiries.

Tina, you have said…“I understand that we were sent here because God wanted to experience herself, and could not do that because there were no contradictions…opposites. In heaven, or at least in God’s world, all there is is love. Are we here to return this plane to the same? To a place where only love exists? Or, instead, are we here to remember and see love even in the face of the violence?”

Your first understanding, Tina, matches my own, as given to me in Conversations with God. We were sent here because God wanted to experience Herself, and God could not do that in the Realm of the Spiritual, just as you point out, because there are no opposites there.

The answer to your question is that we are here with an invitation to produce the experience of a world of Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Wisdom and Divine Oneness, so that God could know Itself experientially as all those things and more. Yet it is not accurate to suggest that we can only remember, and allow God to experience, those things “in the face of the violence” that we now see on Earth. Indeed, God invites us to create “peace on Earth, goodwill to humans everywhere.”

Yet how can we experience this in the absence of a Contextual Field that holds its opposite? Simple. As explained in Conversations with God-Book 3, all we have to do is understand that the entire Universe is the Contextual Field within which the Law of Opposites operates. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to place on Earth and endure, create or suffer the opposite of Peace and Love, Harmony and Joy, Wisdom and Clarity in order to experience it here. We merely need to know that it exists elsewhere.

Just as I experience and appreciate, more than ever before, the good things in life that I enjoy today by noticing that its opposite exists elsewhere on this planet, so, too, can I experience and appreciate the wonderful aspects of life by noticing that its opposite exists elsewhere off of this planet.

That is the reason that the Universe is so unfathomably large. And Highly Evolved Beings in highly evolved societies in our cosmos (yes, they do exist, CWG confirms) eventually create environments on their Home Planet that provide for the experiences of Oneness of All Life and the Reality of Unlimited Joy, Abundance, and Love by removing its Opposite from their local environment — and simply noticing that this Opposite exists elsewhere. (Including the planet Earth.)

All of this is explained in CWG-Book 3, Tina, and with your review of that material your confusion about humanity needing to continue experiencing violence locally in order to experience its opposite globally will disappear.

Tina, you have also invited us…. “To love those beings unconditionally even in the face of the thing we are calling bad. Can we experience if we turn this world into a place where there is only love?”

The answer is yes, by knowing that lack of love, the opposite of love, exists elsewhere in the Universe. Also, Tina, by using another remarkable device — a magnificent tool revealed to us in CWG-Book 3: Memory.

Our memory has been given to us, Tina, for a singular purpose: To create a Contextual Field within ourselves, allowing us to know about the opposite of what we wish to experience without having to recreate the experience of that opposite condition, situation, or circumstance physically, over and over again.

This is why we create memorials to the Holocaust, Tina, with signs on them saying Lest We Forget. We do not have to recreate a holocaust in order to experience humanity without one — and that is the whole point of these memorials, erected around the world.

Going on, Tina, with your very wonderful and soulful letter, you’ve asked… “Isn’t this place just as much a part of God’s world as any other plane?”


“Is there only love here, too, and we are not able to see through our ego and judgments surrounding good and bad?”

Yes. All there is is Love, and human beings have simply not yet learned how to express it in ways that produce pleasure and joy, peace and happiness, without the additional (and unnecessary) experiences of pain, suffering and violence. It is possible for humans to do this, however, and that is what the process of Evolution is all about. And it is why I and others call now for an Evolution Revolution on our planet. (For more information about this, see the special Blue Box in the right hand column on the home page of this global newspaper.)

And then, Tina, you have said…. “I long for home and for that place where there is only love peace and joy, that place inside of me. I do my best to create this here in this plane each and everyday despite the pictures I see. I know we are all one and connected and I send my love to all regardless of the pictures that I see that do not resonate me with me to the best of my ability.”

Wonderful, my friend. That is simply wonderful. It is through such intentioned choices that our world will be changed into one of those places in the cosmos where only peace, love, and joy are experienced.

Finally, Tina, you have concluded by saying…“I choose to focus on this, and not on perceived imperfections that might be happening in this world, for I have the faith that everything is just as it should be even if I don’t understand how!”

Ah! Now this gets us to this notion of ‘perfection.’

It is true, Tina, as Conversations with God tells us, that ‘everything is perfect.’ And God does invite us in this remarkable dialogue to “see the Perfection.’ Yet God makes it clear that this does not mean never seek to change anything.

God tells us that the very reason that everything that exists is perfect just as it is, Tina, is that it presents us with a condition, situation, or circumstance that allows us to know and experience Who We Really Are by expressing and creating whatever we wish to express and create in relationship to those conditions, situations, and circumstances.

This could involve changing a particular condition, situation, or circumstance in such a way that it reflects and demonstrates, evidences and reveals Who We Really Are. We don’t change it because it is ‘bad’ or ‘imperfect,’ but rather, because it simply does not represent (that is, re-present, or present again) Who We Are in the world and in the cosmos.

The famous injunction “Judge not, and neither condemn” did not say, “Change not, and neither alter.” It said judge not, and do not condemn.

The Master, therefore, is one who sees all of Life as perfect, because each moment and every experience, each condition and every circumstance, allows her to respond in a way that reflects and demonstrates every aspect of Divinity that she chooses to reveal, express, and experience in any given moment.

Again, Tina, so that it is very clear: Everything is “perfect” does not mean everything should remain “unchanged.” It merely means that the very existence of a situation or condition provides us with a wonderful Contextual Field within which to embark upon our next creation. The trick is to do it without judgment.

Now, Tina, I hope and pray that this somewhat lengthy response has helped to remove you from any confusion around the messages in Conversations with God as they relate to what you are seeing on this website. I hope you will share this remembering with your friends, so that soon, all the world will understand why the world is the way it is — as well as the spiritual reason we may have for changing it.

God sends Divine Blessings to you, Tina…and to all of you reading this…and, indeed, to all the world.

— Neale Donald Walsch

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  • Blanca

    I am confused. The world is as we made it. But we are not of the world and are to use it merely to observe and experience. Do nothing, as all experiences are perfect experiences. Le them happem, let them pass. Attain the knowledge. Thus wisdom is attained and the whole world is gained by “doing “nothing.
    However judgment from interpretation and preferences derived from judgement come into play. Then we become the created and not the spectator. From this point of view I AM the creation and I experience pain. I limit myself and thus experience non being.ness. And as such, then many things are less than perfect.

    While I do the second, am I nor fogetting who I am really?

    • mewabe

      The answer to pain is to feel it. That’s what a healthy child does spontaneously…expressing pain fully, and then it is released and the child is free again.

      Suffering, as very distinct from pain, is however a mental issue, a creation of the mind.

      Example: A psychologically person who loves another and looses her will experience pain, open his heart and cry, seek support and eventually heal.
      A person in the same situation who begins THINKING that life is cruel and meaningless, that all he ever had he lost, that love is an illusion that cannot be held on to, will experience suffering, a mental creation born of thoughts revolving around judgments.

      • Guest

        Thank you for the feedback Neale…I don’t mean to paraphrase your writings, I did come to these same conclusions years ago through the path I chose in my life, which has been a sometime difficult journey back to my own heart and soul…The same journey you took, I believe, back to the truth of who you really are.

      • Fred Walker

        Hello Neale, this is my first post. I can not claim to have read you books so
        far, but have come to experience much of what you refer to as I understand it. After having been dead for 18 minutes at a dance and the over 100 individuals present forming a spiritual circle while two doctors worked on me, I came back over whelmed with knowing love is truly the answer. I have joined the few at trying to pass this exciting and important news on. It really
        is simple and the way for others to find and follow it is too. I become concerned with too much talk and not enough doing. Many ask me what I experienced while gone and I say nothing, it is not about me it is about the
        message, Love is the Answer. No not an over simplification. It is the message. I like to say, “find it, grow it, and give it” .
        This is my mission on the remaining time I have. ( I am almost 70). By the way the event I spoke of happened in 2005. No question just sharing, Not telling, just sharing. Thank you for the venue to allow me to do so.

  • mewabe

    In my opinion and experience
    there is only love here on this earth as well in the human
    experience…everything has love for foundation, even the most terrible
    acts of human violence and cruelty, whose origin is suffering, whose
    origin is the betrayal of…love!

    Whether we express love is a pure form (a healthy form) or a highly
    distorted manner (through fear, hate, suffering), we are still
    expressing the fundamental truth of our nature: we are love, and we seek
    to be what we are.

    Some manners of expression require healing, of course.

    Beyond the human experience love is life…beyond the human emotional experience of love, love is creative, expending energy.

    In terms of judgment, of “good and evil”, the divine is both good and
    evil in these terms, which are human perceptions. For example, human
    eyes see a storm that destroys “innocent” human lives as evil, and
    wonder how God could let it happen…they see nature as being immoral, a
    place where the strong eliminates the weak, and wonder how God could
    create such a cruel, seemingly indifferent, unmerciful environment
    devoid of any compassion.

    Trying to figure everything out means that the human mind cannot
    accept things as they ARE…and yet the nature of the divine is
    precisely this: I AM. God IS, and it is ALL, including “good and evil”,
    which exist only in the human mind as judgments. Life simply is…the
    wild African dogs that eat their preys alive are no more evil than the
    zebra that eats grass, or than a tsunami that kills thousands.

    The answer to the “problems” of life is to live life fully, embracing
    pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, life and death equally, without
    grasping one and avoiding, denying, suppressing or running from the
    other. The more we do this, the more human we become, and the more we
    understand, first hand, the infinite richness and beauty of the human

    Once we accept suffering and understand its true origin, we realize
    that we no longer need it, and it simply melts away. We then become who
    we truly are, our very essence, which is love, joy, freedom, creativity,
    delight, expression. But first, we have to open our hearts
    completely…and accept, without judgments, all that emerges from our
    hearts, and all that goes in.

    Perfection resides in the fact that every experience, even when seemingly devastating, is a golden opportunity to return to who we truly are, if we understand it.

  • Joerik

    Wisdom is knowledge put into action. Everything IS perfect. But ho hard it is to keep experiencing that. Feeling sad IS perfect for u in that moment because it will give u the oppurtunity to change, recreate yourself again and again. Feeling sad is just u saying to yourSelf u desire a change. Its not bad its PERFECT. Love Joerik

  • Melissa Shawn

    A much needed explanation, and well done too.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Thank you, Melissa. I am only happy if something I may have done has brought you benefit in any way. I appreciate your very kind words.

  • mewabe

    This comment was meant to come from me, no “guest”…I tried to delete it to reposition it here but it simply changed into “guest”:

    Thank you for the feedback Neale…I don’t mean to paraphrase your writings, I did come to these same conclusions years ago through the path I chose in my life, which has been a sometime difficult journey back to my own heart and soul…A similar journey you took, I believe, back to the truth of who you really are.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I know very well, mewabe, that truth comes to all of us, and that I am certainly not the only purveyor of it. As for possibly, if inadvertently, paraphrasing my writings, go right ahead and do it as often and as widely as you want! I was merely hoping to indicate my full and total agreement with you! ;o)

      • mewabe

        Thank you Neale…
        Yes we agree.

  • Blanca

    I am trying to get back on rhe thread of my own message, but am not sure I’m being able to do thst.
    Thanks Mewabe and Neal for helping me out.
    I think “doing nothing” must apply to not making an interpretation that leads to emotional attachment and on to judgement, justification, and the whole process of forgetting you are here to experience (feel, know) things as they are created.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Yes, that feels closer to it, Blanca. It is not about doing nothing, it is about what you do with regard to the event, situation, condition, or circumstance at hand. You’ll find an incredible and highly useful discussion of this in the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything.

    • mewabe

      Thanks Blanca…

      I think we need to look at emotionally healthy very young children (toddlers) and see how they behave, naturally and spontaneously, before their minds and emotions become distorted with endless judgements and unrealistic thoughts. It’s so simple…when toddlers are hurt, emotionally or physically, they cry. What could be simpler and more natural, healthier than this? They cry and express their pain fully…and then they are better, especially when their parents are loving and understanding.

      They don’t think “the world sucks”, “life is meaningless”, “where is God”, “why me”, they don’t go into these judgments. This comes later…for now, being still very young, they experience, they feel, they express, they release. Simple.

      And we can all re-learn to do the same, so that we don’t hold on to pain, transforming it into chronic suffering, perceiving life to be a problem and creating or supporting religions and ideologies rooted in this suffering. The only problem all of humanity has is direct, healthy expressions being replaced with distorted, unhealthy, self-sabotaging, destructive, self-limiting, struggle-inducing expressions.

      About “doing”…In my opinion doing is best when emerging from being…when being is the foundation. And being is best when it is healthy, clear, open, free…when being flows purely from the soul, without any acquired mental distortions. It is possible, it can be done!

      • Blanca

        Thanks, working on the last two paragraphs, they are deep.

  • Everything is perfect including your desire to change it.

    • Erin

      What a ‘perfect’ point!
      Funny, I was thinking about military leaders the other day. Not the inglorious genius of political ‘suits’, but the crazed uniformed butt-puppets they hire. The one’s that seemingly never tire of screaming “These lands are your canvas, and these bloods are your paint!” “I wanna see burnt bodies & decapitated heads…and artworks of them!” “A center-fold of destruction is what turns Us on, People!” Lovely cheerleaders, indeed! Oo-effin-Rah! Right? 🙂

      Then, too, are the ‘true stories’ of “based on a true story” movies like ‘Hostel’ & ‘Taken’…and let’s mention the headlines that motivate our daily news attentions that have proven most profitable when as gruesome as possible. Obviously, there are maaany humans who savor gore to their core.

      But, yeah…”until they outgrow it.” And isn’t it ‘nice’ to know that All stuff grows…when their season to do so comes around? 🙂

      • Yes, we all grow, it’s not that we won’t get there eventually, but when & how quickly? That is uP to us.

        We can evolve more quickly if that’s our choice on a personal level, from there we can inspire & influence others of alternative possibilities.

  • Kristen

    Hi there.
    I think so many of our teachings on Earth are confusing so many due to misinterpretations of specific words and terminology. As CwG teaches perception is everything – perception means our opinions are based on limited information, which does not make it fact.

    Neale – I like your wording of “so-called Law of Opposites”. I have said it before and will say it again, there is no such Law in existence. There are thousands of Laws but in order for anything to be Law is must be completely compatible with, and never opposing any other Law. In order for there to be a Law of Opposites then everything in existence would have to have an opposite, which it does not. There are probably 50 different Laws that cover what is misinterpreted as a Law of opposites, primarily the Laws of Spectrums and Gradients which will have related aspects on the same scale, for which those at either end could be deemed as opposites, and are probably opposites. Opposites exist but not as a Law. The only way true opposites are ever deliberately bought into existence is the Law that determines that when anything comes into existence as a new negative aspect, then a greater and stronger opposing aspect will also be bought into existence to either offset, neutralise or destroy the new negative aspect. Many teachings on Earth are from the required pre-law Papers of potential Christs and Enlightened ones, which entails a basic sentence or examples of a minimum of 100 Laws they are aware of. Y’shua, Buddha and many were doing this. These minimal explanations on their own are often incorrect or missing important information until they go on to the full papers of ‘understanding the workings of the universe’ ie Law, and understand the Laws more in depth.

    Can I be autistic for a moment with the language used –

    MASTERS – a master is anyone who is qualified, experienced and understands enough on the subject within themselves to qualify them able to teach on the subject. This definition from above, which is from the University of Life that we are all automatically enrolled in, and is one of the many aspects from above bestowed on Earth and us and was the original basis for our university system on Earth. Most book authors are masters in their specific topic where it is their own words and not the teachings of others as it is a requirement from above that all masters publish or at least type their work to be graded by those in the higher realms. Their papers are required to be at least 300 pages long and cover a minimum of 100 different aspects of the relevant topic. The reason they must understand the subject within themselves is as their own work or publications then become their personal texts they use with their personal students, rather than the work of others. Exactly as you are doing with your own books. I would be very careful who to define as a master of anything on Earth, especially on spiritual matters as spirituality by definition requires them to research into all the different teachings and religions in order to define what is correct information common to all bestowed from above as well as understand all the differences in religions and groups.
    Very few so called masters undertake this.

    PERFECTION – The Source governing all of existence can only withstand perfection, beauty and all that is good, in fact on the Tree of Life he only kicks into peoples lives when teachers can clearly see he would withstand people by noting clothing, taste etc and the main sign is that people will automatically spot perfection, which is why we all vote for the same songs to become #1 hits etc. The Source OWNS the word perfection, only he can define what is perfect and what is not, and will not recognise that which is not, including people who do not meet his standards or the literal word definition. Everything bestowed on Earth is perfection, it is us that is screwing it up and blocking it, especially those reincarnated with silly paths or those that cause suffering supposably for karmic purposes. This is not permitted. To understand perfection we need to step outside of ourselves and look at what is being bestowed upon us and the Earth objectively, rather than our own distorted perception. They know what they are doing perfectly. Is climate change perfect – yes -for it is determined that the weather patterns in any realm are always determined by the dominant life forms on it. We have done it, and deserve it. Fair to all no, fair country or area by area yes! Or the suffering over decades in Africa. Is this fair – no. But it would be defined as perfect when we only look at the big picture being bestowed from above. the Law of Attraction and The Source have been receiving for many years that the majority of people have no will to live and have determined that their suffering is more than they should have to bear so it has tried to humanely eauthanise the masses with diseases, droughts, short life expectancies to reduce populations etc so they do not suffer. This is the Universe working perfectly, mass lack of a will to live will always be responded to, it is us that has over ridden this as we always do. Which is a positive aspect of humanity where we help others and our manmade instincts are to always save lives. Natures instincts are to follow nature, The Source and our bodies will try to shut down when we are not producing the required levels of ‘happy hormones’ needed for a will to live which is the same basis for a positive attitude and love working as cancer cures.

    The Law of Synchronicity also works with perfection when we allow it into our lives and can see that it is not about us as individuals. I have inherited (fought for) a cat that was meant to be speyed but she is now due to have a litter of kittens. Is this perfect for me – no way! I love cats and kittens but definately would not want to bring more lives into the world, I did not want another, my bedroom where she has settled will stink, they are very time consuming, my other loved cats have moved downstairs by choice which doesn’t seem fair, it will cost me a fortune feeding them and getting them all fixed prior to adoption and I will worry constantly that I have ensured they have the best homes possible BUT it is perfect for the Universe and her that she is with us rather than a group of teenagers; they will get the best care and good homes and this is the best place for her to be as a very adventurous little cat. She would have been runover elsewhere and is probably too thick to care for her kittens properly. This is perfection via the Law of Synchronicity, I am merely a catalyst between the cat and the universe/The Source, as we all are many times if we look for it and just accept things as they are and can see the perfection beyond ourselves.

    The fact that we all look exactly like ourselves is also perfect. Every part of our bodies and how we clothe ourselves can be easily read, as children always do which is a huge part of their natural ‘stranger danger’ aspects. So are crooked teeth in some people perfect? – yes, because your teeth read as you, and they may be due to a reduced jaw size as a part of the human progression to prettier faces over the years. Are your injuries perfect – yes because they are deliberate manifestations for YOU as The Source known your future and they will probably play a role in it, even leading to a retirement that few are entitled to. People may not look perfect, but perfection is also that they look perfectly like themselves so they still meet the criteria. This is why it is so hard to help people to change anything.

    Take care.

  • Marijana Tatarski

    Dear Neal
    You mentioned the Holocaust and memory … I do not know if it’s empathy but ever since I first heard about it, I dream myself in a concentration camp and experiencing the helplessness, fear, and despair … in dreams and in reality . It started when I was very young and my entire childhood was marked with the pain … Not only that but every pain that I stumble … it just poured on me. I do not know how to cry out. I do not understand .. is this compassion?Is this judging?. . sometimes I thought that I would crumble to pieces … I just want it to stop…

    • Maureen

      Hi Marijana,
      I was moved by your comment and if you allow me a question, it is this : were you born after World War II ? If yes, your “symptoms” most probably reveal that you experienced the Holocaust in your former life. And for sure, you can do something about it…
      Forgive my mistakes, but my mother tongue is French !

      • Marijana Tatarski

        I was born and I live in Serbia (I’m sorry for bad English) My great grandfather was killed in one of the camps (but I found out that when all this are already occurried)..So much pain and grief, here, in the Balkans, suffocating

  • Benny Hansen

    Menjadi suatu pemikiran mendasar,bagaimana dengan pengalaman manusia mendapat didalam menulis kitab suci dengan suatu perkataan “ciptaan yang sempurna”.Sehingga menimbulkankan suatu pertanyaan , apakah pengalaman manusia menulis seolah olah melihat langsung dari kejadian suatu pembentukan planet di bumi ini?Bukankah pengalaman menulis ini mengandung makna bahwa aksara terlebih dahulu terlahir mendahului kejadian sehingga pengalaman dapat berbagi dalam tulisan.Apakah kita suci diciptakan berdasarkan suatu ide yang terkadang penulisan kesempurnaan dikatakan menyesatkan sehingga menimbulkan pertanyaan siapa yang menulis kitab suci itu ? Suatu penulisan kata sempurna tentu mempunyai makna benar benar bagus hasilnya tanpa harus ditafsirkan sudut dari berbagai sudut pandang.Kalau pemaknaan kata sempurna harus melalui sudut pandang ,bahwa sesungguhnya kata sempurna tidak layak ditulis dan dapat diganti dengan kata yang lain sehingga tidak menimbulkan kontroversi.Apakah penulis kitab suci ada membuat kesalahan menulis sehingga perlu sudut pandang untuk menjadikan kata sempurna sebagai hal yang positif.?

  • Tina Ashe Brown

    I have a few comments to make. It wanted to first let you know that I love the opportunity to discuss these ideas with others online. I live in a very small rural community and so the forums for these types of discussions is very limited. I will,however,do my best in my everyday life to pass the ideas and knowing on to others either through words or actions as the love of God shines through me!

    I will reread book three and see if this time I can grasp the entire concept of what you are trying to reveal about the contextual field. However, I did not mean we had to experience violence in order to experience love. Instead what I meant was that for some reason that person has chosen their own path down that road and has chosen violence. Unconscious? Does not remember? It is not for me to say. However, I had always taken the path that I should place my attention on the soul within and know that perfection exists there, pure love, God is there. It is not easy and many many times I lose my way and hear words and thoughts that do not reflect my love and compassion. I push harder to grow bigger and allow more love in. I believe that this is how change will occur on our planet, as each one of us grows in love, peace, and understanding. However, I am willing to explore the concept of removing opposites from our planet! I am looking forward to rereading about it. Book three was so many years ago! I am excited to see what else I can gleam from its pages. It will have to wait a bit though about a quarter of the way into The 25 Core Messages.

    I totally believe that we are meant to be happy, not some of but each and everyone of us. There is nothing lacking nothing missing. All is possible and I totally resonate with the fact. I am so excited to move my consciousness to fully understanding that if we remember the contrast does not have to exist here. That is exciting and I must not have been able to conceptualize this at the first reading.
    It is a light bulb! An ah ha moment as Oprah calls it.

    Thank you again Neale for taking the time to answer my questions this day. I am forever grateful that God has given me this opportunity to explore and know the truth for myself, whatever that me be. I am also grateful for all of you here with me experiencing and co creating this journey!

    • “I am so excited to move my consciousness to fully understanding that if we remember the contrast does not have to exist here.”

      Dear Tina there will always be contrasts. You won’t get away from that nor would you want to.

      However, I would add & offer that we can get rid of as much “negative contrast” as we choose & desire & move into contrasts of good, great, fabulous, transcendent & blissful etc. These too are contrasts, but they are contrasts & varations of good.

      We are very programed , conditioned & steeped into negative drama & it’s amped up cousin violence & dysfunction.

      We first outgrow these things as individuals. Second as likeminded groups, friends, families & third as the larger collective.

      Magic & miracles,

      • Sheryl Leger Puracchio

        Thanks Marko for pointing out that there are good contrasts!

        • Your welcome Sheryl. I’d also point out that the system of life as in the LOA or Law of Attraction is perfect, i.e. perfectly set up for us to experience free will.

          When we complain about life, we don’t understand the system. If for instance we create buildings but our calculations are off the buildings will reflect that. It’s not the fault of the buildings breaking down, it’s not understanding or using the system in they way it’s designed.

          We have free will to experience it all. The good the bad, the horrible & the transcendent & sublime.

          When we tire of all the bad we out of a greater understanding of free, will choose to actually limit our free will freedom to experience only good things, good contrasts. That is, we simply outgrow our desire to experience what we call bad stuff & decide to limit ourselves to only good, great & beyond.

          Magic & miracles,


    • Erica Bates

      Thank YOU Tina for asking the questions I wanted to ask myself! And thankyou to Neale for the answers. I am re reading book 3 after many years of it sitting on the shelf but am not into this section as yet. I am also in a rural community Tina, in Australia, and trying to explore within myself ways to understand and create the conditions the communities here want rather than those that corporations and govt want for us with Unconventional gas extraction. They want to turn the country into a gas field and we are resisting in a non violent manner…….so we are “anti gas”…….it impacts on a number of levels on agriculture, environment, health and communities……….and so we resist. ………and yet I keep wondering how best to deal with this invasive destructive industry in a positive way. How best to change this situation. As Neale has pointed out change it so it better reflects what the majority of the country want for the country. We do this by lobbying, by non violent peaceful actions, by silly creative things like a bunch of middle aged women Knitting in front of politicians offices every week or sitting knitting as a blockade at the gas fields, or by theatre, concerts etc. all aimed at educating others and raising awareness about the issue through media. It is easy to get overwhelmed in the face of what is happening but understanding it with the Contextual Field sure helps! Thanks again

  • Awareness

    Great 🙂 Thank you Neale Donald Walsch 🙂 Thank you GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

  • AminaGrey

    THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL EXPLANATION. Faith without action is dead.
    Even if we ‘believe’ that everything is as it should be and everything is borne out of love, we are not one with God if we are too lazy to create or re create what is desirable to us spiritually.

  • Richard Robinson

    Wow, these Conversations are getting better all the time 🙂 When All the pieces are put together the Big picture is Clear, We Are All One, Experiencing Ourselves as Individuals trying to work as a whole despite our differences. An example of the perfection in the Process regardless of the event? Reading the “thread” what came to mind was….All is perfection,All is part of the Process, No-Thing is Unforgivable, Reincarnation is part of the Process, We All came here for a Higher Purpose, and No-one “dies” at an imperfect Time.
    ….it was my understanding that humans reincarnate as they choose ,as they travel through the cycle of Spiritual-physical-Spiritual….evolving into the Grander versions of Themselves. Now put Hitler into that equation….We can Discuss this right? All of the perfection I don’t know at this moment, but I do know that if Hitler went to Heaven ,and could reincarnate if chosen…why not?What if his Purpose here in that Now was purely to show Us who we choose not to be, what the World will not tolerate, how to unite in times of trouble for the common good? what if God Forgave him,and maybe even he has forgiven himself,but “the World” currently has not forgiven him, Would you want to come back? I can See part of the Perfection in the Process there….What if we will keep experiencing violence until we choose not to? What you resist persists….so let us discuss this together so we can accept it, and let it change into whatever grand moment is next:)

    Oneness, Forgiveness,Peace, Progress, The Process

    • We eventually out grow violence & other forms of primitive thinking.

  • Terri Lynn

    Wow! A lot said but very clearly written. Thank you!

  • mewabe

    There are different levels of being, of functioning in this world, this reality.

    One level we could call the human level, a level that is not conscious of all of its potentials and abilities, or even of its real, spiritual nature. It is somewhat blind, often using and developing other abilities and technologies than those of the inner soul.

    Then there is a “higher” level, a more subtle level, a level that has seen the Light so to speak, that is in touch with a more ethereal reality, with the multidimensional aspect of life, with the Spirit.

    This level is so much richer and more expended, and matches the true nature of the soul perfectly. In this “higher” reality, the soul is at home. It is “heaven”.

    The soul, the inner Spirit may never feel totally at home in this world, whose very fabric is less subtle, denser, slower, more opaque than what the soul truly needs to resonate and express itself freely and completely, UNLESS our vision expends to seeing the spirit of all things, of all life, to seeing the Spirit within all things, the Light within all life.

    Many spiritual schools teach to seek the Light beyond this world, “above” it.

    The Light within is the path of enlightenment, literally speaking. To see heaven on earth is to restore the soul in its true dimension, transcending the mind and the senses that tell us that all is limited and dense and opaque on this earth, and piercing through the veil to see and know life as it truly is: infinite and eternal, and forever perfect here and now, and complete.

    The soul is playing hide and seek with itself, in order to better know itself…we come in this world to hide, and seek. We come to an understanding, eventually, that there is no place to hide left, there are no shadows…ALL IS LIGHT. The soul knows this…the mind does not. Listen to your soul, it will set you straight.

    • Erin

      mewabe…you are on an Amazing roll of expression. Thanks for setting my Soul Sounds singin’ today! <3

      • mewabe

        Thank you!

  • mewabe

    On another note, but still about the perfection of life and imperfection of our world…

    The earth, the entire cosmos, the visible and invisible universe are as the song of the Creator, its dance, its living dream. This is why all life as it was and is originally created is sacred and holy, and why so much can be learnt from it, and the learning is without end.

    And yet there is a war against nature, against life, that has been waged by a civilization created by those who fear life, because they are lost, because they do not remember who, what, where and why they are.

    They act as would strangers, as do arrogant, aggressive conquerors, as enemies of life, determined to bending it to their will, as if the natural world was a frightful enemy to be vanquished and subjugated, enslaved, put in chains and worked to death, and replaced with an artifice called progress mostly lead by toxic technologies and toxic beliefs, by thoughts that are not in harmony with life.

    Nature, our planet, life are indeed under assault, a life we have to protect throughout the earth, not merely because of its practical usefulness, such as clean water and clean air, but because it is a divine gift, a spiritual gift, a holy gift, and a living medium of endless divine creation and expression.

    And yet, perhaps only when all is lost will humanity understand and feel the sacredness of all life, for today humanity still thinks that its artificial wealth, its religions and belief systems, its governments and institutions, its ideologies, its cultures and global civilization are more sacred and more important than the soil, the water and the air from which it draws its very life.

    “The great lie is that this is civilization. It is not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the great lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.”
    John Trudell, Lakota activist/poet

    • Erin

      Perfectly & poeticly put! Thanks for sharing those 2 quotes…they speak volumes of wisdom in few words. <3

      • mewabe

        Thanks Erin! Meegwetch (thanks in Anishinaabe)…pilamaye (thanks in Lakota)…

        • Michael L

          I agree mewabe,

          A desire for a balanced planet where we(every particle of DNA) all live in harmony is…All there is.
          I have only one thought. Will force accomplish this balance?

          • mewabe

            The force of ideas…and the strength and power of non-violent, heart-centered, problem-solving individual and collective actions!

            We are all responsible…each one of us has the responsibility and the power to change everything, by changing our lives and helping others do the same, leading by example, walking our talk, which is the most powerful form of leadership (if we don’t walk our talk, who in their right mind would listen to us?). Thanks Michael…

  • mewabe

    Most people do not like to hear about the worlds problems, so overwhelmed are they by them and by struggling in their own lives, so they basically say, “yeah, there is no doubt that we are completely screwed, so let’s see what’s on TV and forget about it.”

    Others say, “If you have anything negative to say about anything, stay away from me.”

    Yes, we can get overwhelmed by facts, and there is no shortage of very alarming facts concerning the human world and our planet’s conditions.

    But we should not let facts prevent us from dreaming. A people or a person who have no dream have no hope. If you feel hopeless about the future, yours or the planet’s, the world, it is because you have let someone or something, a thought or a belief, shatter your dreams.

    “Hard facts” do not represent all reality…there are only what stands in front of our noses…when we have the perspective of a mouse, a myopic vision. We should be aware of them but not be blinded by them to the point of loosing our greater vision, which is as that of the eagle…seeing the big picture.

    The big picture is the dream of the soul. We are, at all time, only one thought away from heaven on earth…here and now.