It’s the economy, stupid

Bill Clinton said that, and he was right.  So why do I bring this up now, almost 21 years later?  America has a new cash crop, hemp, also known as marijuana. Legal to farm for the first time since 1906, hemp farming is off and running.  Hemp is slightly different than marijuana, the difference being that hemp is bred to not include Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.  Cannabis, otherwise known as pot, is also being harvested for the first time in the US.


With the evolution of the medical marijuana laws now moving towards legalization for recreational use, we now have a new form of income that was previously only available on street corners and back alleys.  In theory, this should help to eliminate some of the drug-related violence as it pertains to marijuana sales.

So this begs the bigger question for our society: Why not legalize all drugs?  Why would we limit the huge profits being made to criminals only?  Could our bureaucracies come up with a system of regulation that would be acceptable in a civilized society?  It is my opinion that the way some municipalities, like Venice, California, for example, regulate the sale of pot is not acceptable.

The glamorization of drugs is dangerous to children.  This has been proven to be the case by the results of lawsuits against big tobacco.  Any advertising or “in your face” sale of drugs is not responsible for a society that calls itself civilized.

Commonsense spirituality would tell us any behavior that negatively impacts others is not coming from who we really are.  The economy can benefit from our allowing our fellow man to choose freely what he or she puts into their body.  The economy should not be the primary reason for legalization; our inalienable right to choose should be.  Ultimately, allowing for free choice in society will increase the speed in which we evolve into our next grandest form and vision.

Having a flourishing economy will also expedite human evolution.  As it stands, the wealth being created by the sale and distribution of illegal drugs is being hoarded by the ruthless, dark side of mankind.  Once mainstreamed, the profits and tax money will help our governments provide more services to more of the world’s people in need.

The financial impact from this alone could create the space for the majority of our population to experience financial security or at the very least giving us the upper hand in eliminating poverty and malnutrition.

Some will say that we are not responsible enough to manage this without it becoming the downfall of society and having everyone strung out on drugs.  May I point out that alcohol is legal and nobody seems to have a problem with that?

I trust that by giving the people freedom to choose and experience the results of their choice we tend to find our own power.  When we remember that we are the source of our choices and the resulting consequences, we begin to see the world in a new way.

Money is the method we have chosen to be our energy exchange for goods and services.  It is not the root of all evil, as some would say.  It is merely the means for us to experience some of the opportunities life has to offer.

Bill Clinton had it right, it is the economy. When the people experience abundance our happiness, the group is lifted.  When we are happy and abundant, we tend to be more giving of our abundance to others.  We have been in this period of greed and hoarding known as recession for far too long.  It is time to experience the truth – we have enough for everyone.

(Kevin McCormack, C.A.d ,is a certified addictions professional and auriculotherapist.  He is a recovering addict with 26 years of sobriety. Kevin is a practicing auriculotherapist, life coach, and interventionist specalizing in individual and family recovery and also co-facilitates spiritual recovery retreats for the CWG foundation.  You can visit his website here for more information. To connect with Kevin, please email him at

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  • Erin

    Just to hit on a few points, Kevin…Hemp is not truly the target for boosting the economy, although at one time, it was our largest cash crop, even more than cotton. (Thank you, to Our Native-kind, who had this rocking long before Europeans entered the picture.) However, a 25% tax on legalized Weed is…just like cigs, just like alcohol….with ‘permit’ sales for home-growing small personal-use amounts…much like guns & hunting. Stuff is okay, right, & dandy for the masses, as long as it is generating increasable revenue.

    This entire scenario is paving Recovery Road…Not just economically, but medically. It will shortly encompass every herb & spice known to be used for medicinal purposes, or shows a high sales volume of use at all, esp. imports. This, in light of mandating the use of unregulated private associations & businesses such as the AMA & Insurance, will, they hope, stifle those of alternative health care means by making their ‘ways’ just as expensive for General J.Q. Public to afford, thereby keeping most of the income within small walls with big hands & huge pockets…The usual. 🙂

    Funny, but the legalization of alcohol brought on an awareness of alcoholism that steered a great many away from its continued use. The enormous taxing of cigarettes brought about the health bandwagon of ‘no smoking, anywhere public’, which was highly successful in peeps quitting their needs of them. Hmmm…??? Right?
    Please note that these little avenues have proved that J.Q. is easily steered by the AMA & affiliates, since they heavily participated in each of these moves, with every shuffle feeding their own obese state of present. I See this as simply an example of “Inglorious Genius”. 🙂

    We shall Seeeee, Kev! Human is being picked apart from every seam…some will unravel of these events & move on, some will join quilting-bees & become as a new blanket for humanity, some will remain undaunted of any of it. If dirt were marketed as the new Life-thrill of choice, people would try to eat it, smoke it, inject it, & powerheads would be making laws & raising the taxes on it. (funny thought, huh?…because it’s sooo true! Ugh!)

    Love, Always & All ways, Sweetness…& No worries…This stuff is verrry interesting, indeed! 😀

  • Stephen mills

    Erin you are mistaken about the native Americans using Hemp before the Europeans ?
    Without Hemp sails Europeans would have never made it to America or developed there civilisation Hemp was used for everything back then .Without hemp the Europeans would still be in the dark ages we still are to a certain point due to our cultural beliefs but hemp again can restore balance and replace so many nonrenewable resource materials the natives have to take advantage of this small plant and grow it and use it to develop there local economies .Not just for medicine but for so many products 50 000 and counting this decentralising of the economy is necessary to level the playing field and end dependance for stuff produced in other countries ,not that trade is bad just not fair !

    The main problem with all this is misinformation and false education .I totally agree with Kevin we have sovereign right over what we put in our body and the right to education on the effects of our choices.

  • Ron Lawing

    Again,Kevin, I applaud you for your communication skills in this article. It strikes a vital chord in my thinking. I’ll be in touch, be assured!!!