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Can the people of our world transform and “shake free” the consciousness of the past and enter into — through the creation of it — a New Era for Humanity? Can we do it before it is too late?  The remarkable essay on the life and times John F. Kennedy re-printed in the current What Others Are Saying column of this online newspaper from a blog at, concludes with the asking of that piercing question.

Its author, Peter Gabel, who is the editor of Tikkun magazine (an online publication of enormous intellectual and social value), offers us this observation, among many…

“There is no way for the forces of good to win the struggle between desire and alienation unless people can break through the gauzy images of everything being fine except the lone nuts, a legitimating ideology that is actually supported by our denial of the pain of our isolation and our collective deference to the system of Authority that we use to keep our legitimating myths in place.”

In other words, nothing’s going to change unless and until we let go, at last, of our collective notion that “everything is fine” in our world except for a few crazed people or groups who just don’t ”get” how to behave. The fact is that nothing is working. I mean, nothing.

It’s time to be honest here: Not a single major system that we have put into place on this planet is functioning correctly. Not our political, not our economic, not our environmental, not our education, not our social, and not our spiritual system. None of them are producing the outcomes that we say we want.

In fact, it’s worse. They’re producing the outcomes that we say we don’t want.

And not just on a global scale. It gets down to the personal level. It gets right down to you and me. All but the tiniest percentage of the world’s people are caught up in struggle. Daily struggle. Struggle not merely to be happy, but to survive, to get by, to just stay afloat.

And now, it has gone past even that. Because now, even those people who are living the “good life” are not having a good time. Not even them. Personal happiness seems mysteriously and frustratingly elusive. And even when people achieve it, they can’t hold on to it.

Now that’s the greatest clue, that’s the biggest hint, that’s the surest sign that something’s amiss. When even those who should be happy by any reasonable measure are not, there’s got to be a serious systemic problem in a society’s culture. You can tell that a social formula is askew when even if the formula is working, it’s not; when even if everything’s going right, something’s desperately wrong.

That’s where we are today, and I think it’s time for a New Message to guide humanity. I think it’s time for a brand-new cultural story to be embraced by our species.

The question is, what will that take?

It will take the combined energies of all of us. It was take nothing less than an Evolution Revolution. It will take you. And me. And all of us. Each becoming involved directly, each participating in a visible way.

To learn more about how you can become part of this global shift, click on the blue box on this front page labeled EVOLUTION REVOLUTION. President Kennedy died 50 years ago this week. Isn’t it time that we stepped into the “opening of desire”, as Mr. Gabel so wonderfully put it in his essay, that John F. Kennedy created in the hearts of all humankind?

I remember, to this day, stirring words which President Kennedy’s included in his inaugural address, in which he placed before humanity a new vision for a new kind of world:

“All of this will not be accomplished within the first 100 days. Nor within the first 1,000 days. Nor perhaps within our lifetime. But let us begin…

“With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

If God’s work truly your own? Then consider finding out more about The Evolution Revolution, and joining in that effort today.

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  • Awareness

    God’s work is my own and I am already part of “The Evolution Revolution” 🙂

  • Victor

    Oh no! It can not be true that Neale is saying this so negative stuff…!

    Oh! Why, why Neale are you son consistent in spreading negative energy all the time…?

    He, he, he, a little of ironic humor here…

    Yes, Evolution Revolution…

    I can´t wait to read that article by Peter Gabel…

    Let´s see…

  • Victor

    Yes, I read it… Very good…

    The myth of the ´organized-brilliant-perfet´ EEUU, was in part shaken by Kennedy´s assasination (followed by King´s and Bobby Kennedy´s), but started to collapse, with the hippy generation, the 60´s contraculture movements, and destroyed partially, by the Vietnam war and the Nixon affaire.

    The bottom line, nevertheless, is still alive, as we can see with the 9/11 events. The very same forces, the very same interests, the very same paradigm…

    Evolution Revolution will require a true revolution of Truth and Awareness, that overcomes the denial-alienation state of mind and culture that flows everywhere, from schools to universities, from TV to newspapers, media, entertainment, from religion to New-Age new opium, specialized in manufacturing consent, as Chomsky says, perpetuating fallacy-myths, as these described by Gabel, and by-passing accurate observation, and actual critical thinking and ethical and spiritual awareness.

    Very hard to evolve this bottom line, but we´re in it, step by step, with hope in some moment of critical acceleration via critical mass…

  • Peggy Long Entwistle

    Very provocative; written with the humor we have come to recognize from you Neal! I totally agree than nothing in our social structure is working and am so so ready to manifest the new paradigm! However I am not finding the blue box 😉

  • Awareness

    “Transmission about the assassination of John F. Kennedy
    Transmitted from the Universal Mind (aka “Cosmic Awareness”)
    through Paul Shockley while in a trance state – April 15, 1988

    QUESTION: Speaking of President Kennedy, Joe A., in a personal note
    to me a month or so ago, mentioned an interesting theory regarding
    the killing of Kennedy. He said:

    “I personally think the two dollar U.S. Treasury note that Kennedy had printed on which the Federal Reserve bankers collected no interest, is a more credible reason for
    his assassination.”

    COSMIC AWARENESS (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!): This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that this Awareness has referred to this previously; that the entity violated the bankers in doing this and knowingly moved the decimal point so that he created a far greater number of these notes than was intended by the bankers; that the entity did it in a manner that would be perceived as having made a mistake, by moving the decimal point, but in fact it was intentional.

    This Awareness that this was not the only reason for his assassination. This entity had done several things of such nature, of such magnitude. The entity also had affected the oil exploration tax in such a manner as to create a greater taxation for the oil companies, and the entity was becoming more aware of many of the intrigues associated with the banking system.

    This Awareness indicates also the entity had made a statement before a student body; this appears to be Columbia University, although this is not certain. The entity had made a statement ten days prior to this assassination, that the office of the President had been misused by powers against the American people, and that he intended
    before he left office, to expose this evil.

    This Awareness indicates that the entity had essentially broken away from the establishment to which his father had belonged. That once his father had a stroke, the two sons, John and Robert, decided that they would go after the mafia and all of those others who were subverting the United States and see if they couldn’t put this country back on its proper course.

    This Awareness indicates that both were shown that they could not.

    This Awareness indicates that it is also the same with Lincoln; that when he put forth the Lincoln greenbacks, this entity managed to put off the takeover of this country for almost a hundred years because it affected the amount of interest available to the banks.

    The greenbacks prevented the banks from taking over on schedule; that Lincoln was assassinated in part, because of this; that Kennedy was assassinated in part because of his action also, which it too helped to change the timetable for the takeover of this country through economic bankruptcy; this as being planned for the near future, as this national debt has now reached such a proportion as to make this almost inevitable. It is simply a matter of timing.

    This Awareness indicates however, it is also a matter of whether or not the ones who perpetrated this takeover can feel comfortable in doing so, because the American people are beginning to catch on to who in fact is running the operation, and what the motives and purposes are. This Awareness indicates that if this awareness, and this exposure and the awakening of the masses continues, then the powers behind the scenes may not have the courage to take over.

    This Awareness indicates it is still a question, and there is no clear answer at the moment, but if they were to take over at present, it would not be an easy matter for them, and the likelihood is that if they do not take over immediately, it will become ever more difficult as time passes, for more entities will AWAKEN. ” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever work as long as people are working AGAINST each other (competitive SURVIVAL) rather than working WITH one another (cooperative LIVING).

    However humanity has come to LOVE struggles and strife. BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS equal GLORY in the diseased human mind. Love, peace, happiness achieved WITHOUT struggles or efforts are deemed worthless and UNDESERVED, they are not valued by most, and when occasionally occurring cause great jalousie.

    Bottom line: human guilt is one of two things that cause humanity to choose suffering through endless struggle. Human guilt is what causes Tibetan Buddhists to crawl on their belly around a sacred mountain for days to “expiate” their “sins”, it is at the foundation of the Christian myth of the crucifixion, and it is what causes millions to accept a life of slavery today rather than manifest their noble, legitimate dreams.

    Guilt and alienation from competitive survival are the only two ingredients needed to create hell on earth…which is what we presently have.

    Humanity DOES NOT WANT happiness UNLESS it thinks it DESERVES it….and it thinks it can only deserve it when proving itself WORTHY…whether through attempting to please a tyrannically demanding deity (a god-king-lord) or a tyrannically demanding society and culture, or both.

    Everything has to be EARNED, and the price is extremely high, prohibitive…the price to a finally “deserved” future happiness (on earth or in “heaven”) is ALWAYS our PRESENT happiness and present mental, physical, emotional health, our very LIVES.

    • Awareness

      “creating a new life based on natural law and universal spiritual principles.” GREAT “mewabe” 🙂

      “This Awareness indicates that this can be explained in an introductory
      paragraph, that a principle generally is defined as a rule. A rule is but a
      lesser law. That there are Laws which are Cosmic in nature and cannot be broken. That entities looking at these Cosmic Laws will see that they cannot be broken because they do not dictate, they simply define. This Awareness indicates that they define the way things are. That anyone who simply attempts to break the Law, will simply find that they are trying to defy reality. This Awareness indicates that it is like an entity trying to break the Law of Cause and Effect; How does one do so? How does one break the Law of Love?”

      “This Awareness indicates that these are not designed as Laws to dictate;
      these are principles. But to call them “principles” gives them less respect, because they are Cosmic principles. It is possible for entities to name whatever they desire. It is possible to call them “Cosmic Principles”, if that please the entity.

      “The word “Law” itself is not sacred in this regard, but this Awareness wishes entities to understand that man-made laws are subject to Cosmic Laws. That Cosmic Laws have a superiority over man-made laws. That the Law of Cause and Effect is not a man-made law. It was simply discovered and defined,
      or put into words as a definition of a Cosmic Law. This Awareness indicates
      it is the same for these other principles.”

      “A true Cosmic Law is one that is inevitable accurate as a definition of the way things are.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      “Guilt and fear are the only enemies of man.”

      “I tell you this: Guilt is a blight upon the land—the poison that kills the plant.

      You will not grow through guilt, but only shrivel and die.

      Awareness is what you seek. But awareness is not guilt, and love is not fear.

      Fear and guilt, I say again, are your only enemies. LOVE and AWARENESS are your true friends.” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • mewabe

        Thank you for the feedback Awareness…I did mean spiritual laws, I used the word principle to avoid repeating the same word in the sentence…I do not believe in rules. There are no divine rules except those invented by man, and I never agree with man made rules, as all rules indicate an absence of love…since love is and should be acknowledged as the only LAW, which is “written” in our hearts and souls.

  • Awareness

    “25,000 leave homes in South India as cyclone approaches

    About 25,000 people have been evacuated from coastal villages in southern India as a strong cyclone approaches from the Bay of Bengal. The cyclone is expected to hit four districts of the Andhra Pradesh state on Friday with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, AP reported. A storm surge of up to 1.5 meters and heavy rainfall are expected to flood low-lying areas, India’s Meteorological Department said Thursday.” by RT 21st November, 2013 🙂

    Remember 🙂 We each are part of the “Worldwide Emergency Weather Event Monitoring Center (WEWEC)” which I previously suggested after the Philippines event 🙂

    In the name of GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!), I Am Now Sending LOVE and LIGHT to South India and the entire Earth 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • NealeDonaldWalsch

    I invite you all to read THE ULTIMATE STATEMENT ON HOW LIFE WORKS, found a bit lower on the right hand column of this newspaper’s front page. I would be vastly interested in your comments.

    Best, Neale.

    • Awareness

      Thank you Neale Donald Walsch. I read it and it reminded me of the following:

      “NOW HERE IS A GREAT SECRET: It is not necessary for an opposite condition to exist right next to you in order to provide a contextual field within which the reality that you choose may be experienced.” – “Conversations with God” 🙂

      I find it fascinating 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Victor

        Yes, I also find very, very important this secret you´ve brought to remembrance, dear Awareness…

        I find also, that this is very little commented, including the very same author, Neale Donald Walsch…

        Thanks and blessings…

  • Erin

    Mr. Obama said in an interview the other day …”This experiment called America.” I loved that! An ‘experiment’ can be adjusted, played with, rearranged…to produce alternative results, yes?

    Although I always saw America as the branches of Trees of the World…I had not thought of Us as an experiment…But We Are! Nowhere else does such a melting-potted nursery exist at the moment. Beauty of everywhere, grafted to roots of these soils, are sprouting creative new hybrids. What a lovely time to Be a Gardener in the Lab of Life!

    Me? My Home is my Greenhouse, my Family is the warmth there…my community contains the outdoor beds. I Am simply a ‘Nice’ Seed-sower & Greens-keeper…and I sooo love to play with the plant-life! 🙂

    Sincerely, Your friendly neighborhood biologist/florist.