The rate of change has increased to dizzying speeds; are we ready to keep up?

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(This is Part II of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

The questions we asked in our last entry here won’t wait. These are, again, not: Will there be massive change in our future? The questions are: What will be the nature of that change? And…What role will you play in creating it?

These questions are going to be answered, because the rush of events and the speeding up of time is going to require that they be answered.  They are going to be answered by decision or by default.

Which one is up to you.

Years ago the questions would wait. In the time of my great-grandfather, change occurred very slowly. In fact, my great-grandfather lived his entire life without seeing even one of the major underpinning thoughts in his belief system challenged in any serious way. Things were they way they were, and they pretty much stayed that way.

In the time of my grandfather, the speed of change had increased to a crawl. He could live 50 to 60 years of his life without seeing any of the major underpinning thoughts in his belief system challenged.

For my father, that time was dramatically shortened. Cut in half, in fact. He could not live through 30 years of his life without seeing the major underpinning thoughts in his belief system challenged.

In my lifetime (and I am 70 years old at this writing), the speed of change has increased again, cut by more than half. I have not been able to get though 10 years of my life without seeing my major assumptions challenged and overturned.

My children have witnessed the rate of change increase exponentially yet again. They have not been able to move through more than 2 or 3 years over the past two decades without seeing everything they thought they knew about how things are challenged, and in some cases completely dismantled.

Now, as we move rapidly toward the second half of the second decade of this New Millennium, the rate of change has reached dizzying speeds, like a downhill roller coaster.  Science, medicine, technology, philosophy, even theology—that slowest of all tortoises—bring us new mental and physical constructions, new realities, every year, sometimes every month.

What we thought we knew for a fact just a breath ago now cannot be counted on. There is no reliable past data anymore. We don’t even have the luxury of seeing where the changes that are occurring are taking us, because the Changers and the Changed have become one.  This means we have to decide, now, not only Who We Are, but Who We Choose to Be, both individually, and as a species.

And in our next installment here I’ll ask you to consider the possibility that your arrival here on the earth at this time is no accident. Nor is it a coincidence. Nor is it happenstance or chance…

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  • Erin

    Through the goings-through of these moments do We See…Like WOW! and KaPOW!
    Shift is hittin’ the fans!
    I highly suggest grasping every thing that sparks Amazing & stay well clear of any thing that rings of dumb-ass, because seas are about to part once again! Wow!

    For some reason, the last bout of storms & quakes sent incredible surges of energy, & Holy Cow, What a rush! The ridiculous is on-surface every where…trembling. The cornerstones are rockin’ from all foundations. Peeps are opted to See & Be of Fear or other-‘wise’, with no in-between choices. Talk about “Light ’em up…(We’re) on Fire!”

    Recently I have observed that those who once felt ‘tired & done’ are getting their color back, rising from their pit-falls, rejuvenated or reaching for such. Youth-filled voices are emerging with vim, vigor, & vitality. And, Darlin’s, WE ARE DOING THIS!!!

    Yes, Yes, Yes!…WE have created the pedal & puttin’ it to the metal, with finger on the Noz! This is what consistent vision produces…This is Pure Magic…This is God-ness at Its finest!…Beingness, re-becoming!
    A bit too fast? Ooops! Sorry ’bout that! 🙂 But not good to stop a runner in full stride…they get cramps. lol

    Can ya Feel It??? Exhilarating to See the Changes afoot…Amazing to Understand the Web of Life, aside from Internet…Hope-filling to Know that the seeds resting through this Winter will soon Spring into a vibrant Season of Dreams…of grand imaginings. Yes, This is what I came to behold…This stuff answers all the whys, where’s, & how’s, of Yesterday’s iffa-shoulda-woulda’s. “Captain, the Phoenix has left the nest!”

    I’m just an excited little Soul…:)

  • Kristen

    You are so right Neale. As a non reincarnated person (first lifer), it is also very strange that even our existence on Earth at this time is no ‘fluke’. It is coincidence though as all coincidences are deliberate and orchestrated from above. There is a lovely lady who runs a website on Star Children and asks them to register with their stories, who confirms that in this period of time there are first lifer Star Children rather than the assumption that they are all via reincarnation. The same with light workers, healers, those reaching the Christ qualifications or Enlightenment levels etc. Or this is probably that these ones have always been around and were originally chosen first-lifers prior to reincarnation enmasse. There are also apparently 5 Christs on Earth at this point in time also who are all failing miserably in doing their job of introducing Law to Earth. In fact I have asked the two I am aware of if they would like my papers on Law to publish (with me or a straight purchase) and neither want to. They have both lost their Christhood and proven that like most people here, they are fake and just wanted the excuse to be here to party, attain wealth and have a great life whilst not fulfilling the dharmic path they committed to. Do you want to buy it Neale and teach the world what it’s really all about and what they are facing?. (I’m laughing as you have tried to get me to buy one of your books in the past!). I have no idea what your God keeps wanting people to re-member, but I can be sure that what they have forgotten and were meant to be doing has played a huge role in all the changes as good and positive are trailing very far behind negative and ‘bad/wrong/evil’ at the moment so we are on a tilt of unbalance.

    As I have said in year exactly a year ago, Climate Change is deliberately orchestrated from above as Genesis defines the Earth ‘enduring’ with four seasons and later scripture defines that God’s Laws will be in place over Earth whilst the Earth endures. It is deliberate to remove the clear distinction of the four seasons as an attempt to ‘kick God (the Biblical God) out’ so others may attempt to take over. This was achieved in many places on this planet and is what the post 21 December Changes were all about. We are now in the age of consequences, changes as we switch to Universal Law as the Governing body and the reestablishment of Earth as the main entity of Earth. We are now insignificant and not really wanted here and no-one will step in to intervene as we face a period of cataclysm. The Universe has allowed these changes to occur to allow it to embark on a major overhaul and ensure everyone and everything is sorted out once and for all. And God will remain in charge as He is also the God of Universal and All Law. It is now about the Earth and all physical life on it equally NOT us as people at all. Our physical bodies are actually deemed as more important than most as people as most Laws on Earth invcolve crimes to physical bodies and animals rather than the person, and physical suffering is to be kept to a minimum.

    With regard to everyone looking into why they are here as this particular time – that’s an easy one. The Afterlife or heaven for the Dead (not God’s heaven) is to be shut down by The Source withholding the energy required to maintain it so everyone who has any vague chance of proving themselves to be worthy of entering a higher realm, attain immortality or enter God’s heaven are now here working on it. Unsuccessfully. This is the very last shot at reincarnation anyone has. Ever. Mortality is the next step for most. First lifers are in exactly the same position.