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Much is being made about the so-called “nuclear option” that has been taken by the members of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate, who last week abruptly changed the rules of debate for the first time in many generations in that lofty institution, removing the ability of rival members of the Republican party to block certain appointments placed before the Senate by the White House for confirmation.

Previously, members of the minority party in the Senate could slow down, or completely hold up, an up-or-down vote on a nominee for appointment (to a judgeship, for instance, or a high level government position) sent over by the President — which affirmative vote is necessary for the appointments to go through and become official, because of the advise and consent function of the Senate that it built into the U.S. political system.

Under the long-standing rules under which the Senate operated until late last week, the party of the minority could filibuster any nomination, extending debate interminably and thus effectively blocking any action, any forward movement whatsoever, on the appointment, because the old rules called for a 60-vote margin to end a filibuster, and the party in majority of a 100-seat chamber rarely could muster such a “super majority.”

Last week, the Democrats — having the majority votes to do so — voted to change the rules, making a simple majority, rather than the so-called “super majority,” all that is necessary to end a filibuster. This effectively prohibits the minority party from slowing down or blocking any Presidential appointment that the majority party supports.

The lengthy description of those political events was necessary to create a backdrop to the discussion of today’s topic: Is it time to end the worldwide ‘filibuster’ blocking any action on global warming? Or on obscene income maldistribution? Or any action that could change the fact that 650 children die every hour in our world of starvation?

How about the fact that millions of people continue to raise barrier after barrier to people who love other enjoying all the legal and societal benefits of marriage because they are of the same gender? What is that all about? God’s will?

How about the fact that 2.5 billion people — one in three people in the world — do not have a toilet or access to sustainable sanitation? Is that also God’s will? Or is it because humanity does not have a will of its own….?

(Frances Cha reports for CNN that diarrheal diseases are the second most common cause of death in young children in developing countries, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Cha’s report says that “in many countries girls stay home during menstruation days because of the absence of a safe place to change and clean themselves, and many drop out altogether.”)

Have we had enough yet? We haven’t even listed one-tenth of the problems facing the world today — problems which should have been solved dozens, if not hundreds, of years ago by any truly advanced civilization. Is it time for us to civilize civilization?

What would that take, do you think….?

We can’t even end hunger in the world, we can’t even end killing. Can we find a way to end the “global filibuster” that keeps us talking, talking, talking about ending the violence in Syria or the oppression of gays in the world or the build-up of nuclear power by many nations or the utter political stalemate and impotence in Washington D.C., or…or….

Must there be nothing but talk, talk, talk, and no action?

Speaking of sanitary facilities, according to the World Health Organization, open areas are the only toilet option for an estimated 625 million people in India. CNN reported in September of 2012 on a government census showing that nearly half of India’s households do not have a toilet, but more people own a mobile phone.

Many people couldn’t build a toilet even if they wanted to because there are no sewage drainage lines in their area. Out of 7,935 towns in India, only 162 have sewage treatment plants, the 2012 CNN report said.

Today even a casual observer can see that not one of the systems, institutions and devices that our species has put into place to create a better life for all is functioning in a way that generates this outcome.

Our political systems clearly are not working. Our economic systems clearly are not working.  Our ecological systems clearly are not working. Our health care systems clearly are not working. Our educational systems clearly are not working. Our social  systems clearly are not working. Our spiritual systems clearly are not working.

Nothing that we have created is producing the outcomes that were intended. It is worse than that. They are actually producing exactly the opposite.

Our political systems are creating nothing but disagreement and disarray. Our economic systems are actually increasing poverty. Our ecological systems are generating environmental degradation. Our educational systems are failing to educate enough people in enough places to bring our species anywhere near the reaching of its full potential. Our health care systems are doing little to eliminate inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services. Our social systems are known to encourage disparity, prejudice, and injustice. And, perhaps most dysfunctional of all, our spiritual systems are producing intolerance, righteousness, anger, hatred, and violence.

What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see even as it looks at itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot?

Might it be time to ask: “Is there be something we don’t fully understand here, the understanding of which would change everything?”

Why is nobody in high positions, positions of authority in governments, religions, and even in business and industry, even asking this question, much less answering it?

What will it take for you to ask it? Will you become part of the Evolution Revolution? Can we have a meaningful discussion — a discussion leading to action — about all this? Not more talking that delays action by focusing on everything else but the real problem, but discussion that produces action by highlighting and publicizing and placing before our world leaders the real problem? If your answer is yes, click here.

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  • Richard Robinson

    Aaahhh, …once again Neale ,Oneness solves it all….how do we get there? how do we convince the Unconvinceables 🙂 sorry about the sarcasm/humor…. We’re so close….the choice is obvious to me…to them……a shift in focus…’s become , what keeps them in power…what keeps the vote coming….it hurts to think about it, give me a moment… Ok a Oneness campaign! sorry to say it , but the general population of america is prone to trends….what if Oneness became Trendy? What if we as a group practiced Oneness as individuals, and people see that maybe there is another way , and all my friends like the idea so why shouldn’t I? The media broadcasts it all…east follows west….the new hip thing around the globe is Oneness, and off we go right? Input…feedback …..
    Always,Honestly,Sincerely,Love Rick

    • Kristen

      Any form of one-ness is a disaster, for anything that becomes a mass mind of humanity then becomes ignored by The Universe and The Source and merely something that must be conquered and past in order for any form of individual progression. It is self thinking, personal responsibility, manners and individualism that need to be promoted. I run from any form of ‘WE’.

      I fail to understand how I, or anyone else is responsible for the hygiene problems in India. My ancestors came to NZ dirt poor and illiterate from the work houses of London to colonise NZ as they were deemed good hardy breeding stock. What did they do – everything they could to help themselves, ended up with housing, food, friends and TOILETS within two days of their ships to a hostile barren country in the late 1800’s. Surely if it bothered those in India they would do something about it. Cold hearted yes, but we cannot always look at things through a ‘white man’ perspective and make assumptions that we are all the same with the same priorities. And there are very wealthy Indians living all over this planet with relatives still in India – my area is probably 20% Indian. As a race they have enough money to fix their own problems. The fact that they do not is unfair to children, but definately not the Wests responsibility or problem.

      Forever the Unconvinceable Goat!

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Neale it is down to taking action as an individual. Each of us are responsible for our thoughts, actions, and choices as well as not standing up for what we know in our own beings is the right, loving, human thing to do. We allow our power to be taken over by our government, authority figures(religious, etc.) and this is the real stumbling block that the individual must overcome. Each of us must speak our hearts knowing, act upon our knowing and Love one another unconditionally. Action in our individual lives is the key that will show others what life is about, by helping those around each of us that desire help, that are hungry for food/love and seek self expression of Ourselves. We are all One, so embrace others as we desire to be embraced, openly and without judgement, as part of the whole of existence.
    None of us are perfect, and yes we will stall and fumble but we can get back up and make another choice. That is what we must do NOW, make another choice for ourselves and our world, based upon acceptance of our Oneness, rather than our differences. I, personally, make that choice on a daily basis, and even though some days seem tiresome and stressful, each day has its’ own blessings and growth for me. Doing nothing is a choice just like doing too much. Whether we act, think or change, existence will continue to move all of existence forward, just like the earth around the sun, the sun though the galaxy, and the galaxy through the Universe, everything changes. By being proactive with our thoughts, and actions that express our highest good for ALL we are helping to create a world built upon Love and not upon isolation/separation. Isn’t this our ultimate goal, a world where life/existence honors ALL forms of Creators expression within our physical plane of being. Namaste’

  • mewabe

    The problem with those well meaning souls that strive to change the world for the better, to end suffering, is that they are asking humanity to grow up rapidly simply because doing so makes sense.

    If humanity had common sense, most relationships would be successful, most families would be united, most children would feel close to their parents, and all acts of self-destructiveness would end.

    The conversation Neale proposes, although it is the idea that makes the most common sense at the present time (let’s look at the foundation of everything, at the root cause of all our actions), is like attempting to speak with an alcoholic or a drug addict who is under the influence.

    Humanity, who is extremely addicted to its belief systems, to its behaviors and lifestyles (including addictions to suffering, to guilt, to fear, to class systems, to injustice, to authority, etc), will have to sober up a little before being able to actually hear the news of an alternative way of being.

    This sobering up will be accomplished by the earth itself…the natural environment will severely humble our blindly arrogant global civilization and sober up humanity, through greater and more devastating natural disasters (believe me we ain’t see nothing yet!)

    Nothing else will in the present conditions. It is when the addict is on the verge of loosing EVERYTHING, including his own life, when she comes to the powerful realization that this is IT, there are no more tomorrows if change doesn’t take place immediately, it is ONLY then that the addict might consider change, or die.

    When everything is falling apart, is being swept away in a great physical/spiritual storm, it is then that the voices of change must make themselves heard above the worldwide screams of panic and despair and of fundamentalist religion, so that whatever can be salvaged of our humanity does not attempts to recreate the same culture that brought us to disaster.

    • Kristen

      Exactly. For most people the only way up is when they reach rock bottom, when up becomes out. Great made for TV drama last night on America attacked in a cyber attack and losing electricity, or more to the point power. The people aspects of these shows fascinate me. I cannot comprehend anyone other than those in a state of poverty not having at least a two week supply of food, water, cash and supplies at home, plans and provisions for their household AND the brains to stay at home and lock up the house well so the psychos, addicts and crims target eachother rather than targetting you. Scripture teaches when you see the wrath of God stay inside for a couple of weeks and close your doors behind you, surely this would apply to anything we should be expecting life to bring.

      bring it on Earth and The Universe!

  • Erin

    As with the ‘Giving Pledge’, started & supported by the Billionaires of Our society…Why not similar support for a ‘Truth in Reality Show”…If you think about it, ‘Sesame Street’ has been running for umpteen years solely on donational support, right? With few or no commercial ads to interrupt the learning process of the show, I will add.
    So here, we have “Make the Nation” or “America–The Grand Experiment” or Whatever rings the ratings chimes.

    Host presents personal ‘research projects’ to the public. Each part of the project presents a Crew collecting international data on subjects of ‘interest’:

    * Relationships: “How do other cultures ‘do’ relationships well?”
    Take a poll, on-line, on which was found ‘Most Functional’.
    Show results of poll at the beginning of next show.
    Onto next ‘topic’.

    * Education: “How do other cultures ‘do Education well?”
    Etcetata, etcetata, etcetata 🙂

    * Wellness Care: “How do…”, etc.
    * Parenting
    * Celebrations, Farming & Food Sourcing, Water-Care…You get the pic.

    Let People SEE each Other…For ‘Real’…Let them SEE Functionalities…Let them SEE Solutions…Let their voices be SEEN.
    Create ‘Mirrors’ for each to look into…for only Then, will many SEE their Selfs as the vast numbers that they are. End of Season wrap-ups could be celebrations of what became of the previous seasons of changes afoot. Perhaps with ‘comments’ of viewers.

    Each Crew would be made up of an area’s own peeps, thereby keeping travel & expenses to mins. Neale, you got peeps everywhere, yes? You know peeps in the ranks of the GP, yes? Hmmm???
    Just a thought that came to mind the other day. btw, Ted Turner is a supporter of the ‘Giving Pledge’, as is Mr. Zuckerburg…Hmmm???

    This could be considered an ‘action/adventure’. There IS ‘action’ producing action, plus the adventure in expanding on the techs available to produce positive Change & more realistic connects, faster than other venues.

    Your thoughts? 🙂

    • Awareness

      “Let People SEE each Other…For ‘Real’…Let them SEE Functionalities…Let them SEE Solutions” 🙂

      Let there be TOTAL VISIBILITY. Nothing hidden with full autonomy for every being based on Cosmic Laws 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • “We can’t even end hunger in the world, we can’t even end killing. Can
    we find a way to end the “global filibuster” that keeps us talking,
    talking, talking about ending the violence in Syria or the
    oppression of gays in the world or the build-up of nuclear power by many
    nations or the utter political stalemate and impotence in Washington
    D.C., or…or….”

    “Must there be nothing but talk, talk, talk, and no action?”

    There is action it’s just not advertised or medi-ized because numerous small pockets of people, groups etc. are below the radar who are making a difference. Good news is everywhere it’s just hasn’t caught the attention it deserves. Mainstream news actually does present good news all the time every day.

    It’s just that most of the time, it receives smaller attention to the more flamboyant negative news.

    Negative news is good! It creates awareness of challenges that need to be addressed. News is that which deviates from the norm. My go to example is, millions of kids get on the bus go to school, come home with little incident. It’s normal, so it’s not news.

    Our evolutional mentality at this point is shaken more by bad news to wake us uP, that too is good. This, like our movies, stories, books, videos, comic books, media reflect the flamboyance & high negative drama that many are conditioned to hearing. I’ve heard it my entire life of 50 plus years. So it’s obvious that we see these powerful messages reflected in society all over the place as a result.

    Sometimes it’s best to get on board with what we feel is the best solution & just do it & tweak as we go along. That’s less talk & more doing, even if imperfect. We still talk, we just do more than just talk.

    Here’s one solution. The Global Visualization Project Experiment. It’s not “The” answer or the only. However, it’s a start, a powerful possibility of creating and tipping the good energy already moving & giving it appreciation, growth & expansion to create more.

    We need to emphasize solutions that people will get behind with enthusiasm & consistency.


  • Awareness

    “any action on global warming?”

    I took a test drive today in a zero emission electric vehicle in order to experience the feeling 🙂 It is a unique and pleasant feeling. That FEELING is important, I am sending a message through the language of the soul that I wish to energise this approach to transportation. I suggest that everyone including Neale Donald Walsch switch to Electric Vehicles wherever possible (nothing that serves life is impossible). You can set up solar panels in your houses to recharge the electric vehicles for free 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • mewabe

      Yes, personal actions are important, because they demonstrate an understanding of the power of the individual. It is not just about walking one’s talk…or leading by example. Ii is about overcoming the widespread, disempowering belief that the actions of one individual are insignificant and without actual consequences.

      We who desire to see the world change on a global level must also show that individual actions matter, or else how are we to convince those who think otherwise, and who wait for leadership from above or for a mass movement in order to change their lives, because they do not believe in their own power?

    • Michael L

      Just don’t plug it into you electric grid.

    • Stephen mills

      Hey Awarness I,am in .I would switch tomorrow ,trade in my Toyota IQ for an electric one but currently they are still too expensive !

      A mass produced less expensive electric car that we can charge from off the grid is the future but how many people can afford to pay for the current available models ?

      Tax carbon level the playing field then we might see millions of affordable electric cars.


      • Awareness

        Great to know your enthusiasm 🙂 Start simple, take a test drive in an electric vehicle (EV) and familiarise yourself with it. Take as many test drives (free) from all the models of electric vehicles available in your area (including the most expensive EVs). What is important here is your feelings during these test drives. Pay attention to your feelings (your soul’s language). Enjoy those feelings 🙂 With those feelings you will be allowing your preferred outcome 🙂

        “how many people can afford to pay for the current available models ?”

        In this forum, I believe Neale Donald Walsch can afford to pay for the current available models of EVs (including the most expensive ones). I believe there are others visiting this website who can afford to pay for EVs (I suggest they switch to EVs) 🙂

        Remember, when computers first appeared only Governments and major institutions could afford them, but look today computers are everywhere and easily accessible 🙂

        I would like to quote the following from “TOMORROWS GOD” to illustrate the power of a few to change the whole.

        “Some people assume that critical mass is one more than half, but it is not. Nor is it 25 percent of the whole, nor even 10 percent of the whole, nor even 5 percent of the whole. Critical mass is reached when 2 to 4 percent of the whole is affected.

        Watch the surface of water as it’s brought to a boil. The boiling point is not reached at the point when over half of the surface is bubbling, but long before. The effect of critical mass is exponential. That’s what makes it so powerful. A few bubbles break the surface of the water…then, in a sudden rush, all of the water is boiling.” 🙂

        Change is here, change is constant 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          I totally agree with switching to electric cars…it’s just a matter of common sense…either that or riding a donkey.

          But I am not sure about this !% critical mass as it applies to electric cars. Computers proved to be extremely useful to business and for personal applications. They were something people HAD to have, because of their immense and immediate benefits.

          But electric cars are a choice, and will forever remain a choice unless we actually run out of oil….It is the same kind of choice as can be made between organic foods and chemically laden foods…between pure cotton clothing and artificial fabrics..between being a vegetarian and being someone who prefers to eat dead animals’ body parts..between being a Christian or being an atheist….or between being a gun owner or not.

          Critical mass could have applied to Christianity, or to the Islamic religion, if 4% was enough to transform the whole world. But as long as something remains a choice, people will choose whatever they want, even if their choice appears to make no sense to others.

          Sometimes, change must come from the top when wrong decisions were made by the leadership in the past, as those must be corrected, but no government today will have the stomach to stand up to the oil industry, especially not in North America.

          So where does this leave us? Doing the right thing while the ship continues to sink, dragged to the bottom by unconscious mobs who are still gambling on winning at the crap table while the water rises to their necks.

          • Awareness

            “Computers proved to be extremely useful to business and for personal applications.”

            “At Fruit 4 London we aim to find innovative and sustainable
            solutions to help us improve our operations and provide the
            best service for our customers. After taking part in EST’s Plugged-in Fleets Initiative we now know that we can go 100% electric. The review showed us that GOING ELECTRIC IS THE BEST BUSINESS DECISION when expanding our fleet, based on impressive cost savings. Since working with EST we have taken on our third Kangoo ZE and plan to adopt more plug-in vehicles as we grow.” – Laszlo Mulato, Director, Fruit 4 London

            “London businesses could collectively save £200 million by swapping just a tenth of existing vans for electric ones. So, are these the beginnings of the rise of the Green Van Man? The more businesses that get to know the benefits, the sooner it will happen.” – “Electric vehicles – driving home a capital case for firms” by Gary Hartley on 23 October 2013 🙂

            Change is underway, Change continues 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

      • Michael L

        Do it without taking Steve.
        Work on the technology until it is so loveable that everyone desires it.
        Don’t worry about the force against you, feel the force within you that gives.

  • mewabe

    I sometimes w

    • Michael L

      Have one more thought for you mewabe.

      Like the “Long Island Medium does, one person at a time.
      There is something beyond this 3d physical world.
      Change is coming.

      • mewabe

        Do you have some change?

        Change is always coming…the only constant in the universe is change. I love change…why do people fear it?

        Without movement, there is stagnation, and with stagnation comes rot. People confuse rot with security, it is a very strange thing.

        I welcome a total upheaval, and I can’t wait for it…although I feel very bad for those who get hurt in the process of this transformation.

  • Victor

    I just wrote an article in my blog (in spanish). I think it is very related to this, but I can´t translate now.

    I used Google translator and here it is. I think it does a decent work:

    The Sumerians also dealt with the speculators.

    I’m reading a book by the author Zecharia Sitchin entitled ” The 12th • Planet” , in which I found this:

    Long before Hammurabi , ruler of a Sumerian city-state of Eshunna
    (northeast of Babylon) made ​​a code of laws establishing maximum prices
    of groceries and rental of cars and boats , so that the poor were not oppressed. ”

    We’re talking about 3000 A.C …

    Any resemblance to our current reality , it is no coincidence …
    He continues: “Even before , Lipit – Ishtar of Isin sovereign , issued a
    code that are only partially readable on tablet presevada 38 laws ,
    dealing with real estate , slaves and servants, marriage and
    inheritance, vessels contract , the rental of oxen and penalties for not paying taxes ……

    … Still, even Lipit – Sumerian Ishtar was the first to make a legal code. Found fragments of tablets in which copies of a code promulgated by Urnammu , ruler of Ur around 2350 BC shows the – more than half a millennium before Hammurabi. – . The
    laws promulgated by God Nannar mandate , seeking to arrest and punish
    “those who snatch the oxen , sheep and donkeys citizens ” to ” orphans
    are not victims of the rich widows are not subjected to the powerful man is not a victim shekel man 60 shekels . ” Urnammu also decreed ” honest weights and measures and unchanging .” ”

    And again: ” But the Sumerian legal system and the application of justice goes back even further in time.

    Around 2600 B.C. already had too many things that have happened in Sumer to the ensi Urukagina had to institute reforms . Scholars
    cite a long inscription yours as a precious witness to the first man
    based social reform in the sense of freedom , equality and justice – a ‘
    French Revolution ‘ imposed by a king 4400 years before July 14, 1789 .

    The reform decree was , first, a list of the evils of his time , to then make a list of reforms. The evils were mainly abuse the powers assigned to supervisors, using
    powers for personal gain , abuse of official status , which involved
    extortion high prices by monopolistic groups …

    All these injustices , and many more, were banned by the reform decree . An official could not put the price that he liked ” by a good ass or a house.” A ” big man” and could not coerce a private citizen . Rights of the blind were restored , the poor , widows and orphans , and any divorced woman was granted the protection of the law – almost 5000 years ago . ”

    See you then since when we’re dealing with as a human race against the abuses of the powerful … Whether
    public officials , be they traders or exploiters, usurers and
    speculators traffickers separately or organized in monopolistic or
    oligopolistic mafias …

    And when you look at it from ‘communism ‘ , ‘socialism ‘ , or any attempt
    to promote the common good and the protection of disadvantaged originate
    society comes crashing attempts to circumvent all powerful protection
    legislation or principle of equity and justice …

    That is, it’s not like some cliches often repeat , ” is that these days have
    lost the values ​​and principles … ” or, ” in the past was not so …
    ” . Is that as humanity , took many centuries contending with the same
    problems , finding solutions greater , or , – recognizing – progress ,
    only few partial applying some improvements …

    Of course , systems like wild predators and unbridled capitalism of the
    past 200 years, they have only exponentially increase these evils to a
    level that would never have dreamed or Urukagina or Urnammu or Lipit –
    Ishtar …

    Now, a comment that I consider very important : none of this is due to
    something inherently evil or evil in the human being per se, is not due
    to any genetically determined constitution, or the ‘ original sin ‘ , or
    any other defect factory …

    It is a cultural paradigm that settled heavily , presumably precisely in
    these regions of the Near East around 10,000 years , which broke and
    replaced gradually ago and almost completely to an earlier cultural
    paradigm . I mean what the author Riane Eisler calls the cultural breakdown of a
    Paradigm Solidario – represented by a culture based on the power and
    principles of the feminine , peaceful coexistence and common – for good
    Paradigm Dominance currently valid – forming Power dominating, violent force and androcentric , or male supremacy .

    Currently, this paradigm of separation and domination is in a terminal crisis
    and no longer about ‘ decrees of the gods ‘ , or ‘ God’s will ‘ , which
    allegedly held the said break , but now it is so that our global civilization , as their specific manifestations are not sustainable on any level or direction.

    Therefore, not only with laws, regulations and political and legal systems is that they can ‘ manage ‘ the present situation. While
    obviously – well, not so obvious to some … – , at the current time
    these regulations are very necessary and useful , we’re clear on this . All
    political, economic , legal, constitutional system, that tends to
    Justice , Equity , the Common Good and all its implications , is quite
    commendable and is preferable to any ‘ invisible hand ‘, ‘ system
    self-regulated ‘ or ‘ free mechanism market ‘ , which always leaves the aegis of the powerful , final decisions , and decisive results . Even
    with its imperfections, it is preferable to protect the great majority
    and give them some degree – the highest possible – decision power and
    independence , which favor absolutely abject concentrations of power we
    see today , that make such a child dies starvation every 4 minutes in the world, or that the planet is on the brink of an ecological – environmental collapse . Not to mention a global military catastrophe. Etc.

    But as I was saying , laws and political systems are not enough. You should go to the cause and the cause is CULTURE, PARADIGM BASE our culture , based on Dominance – Spacing Paradigm . It generates , nourishes , promotes , and perpetuates recycles a variety of belief systems that make up our entire world view, of life, of human
    beings, God , the Universe, and how – think – that – works – the-world …

    And that goes to the heart of human being . A nuclear conception of what we consider HUMAN . So we conclude that we must perform a full PARADIGM REVOLUTION to take
    down a lot – most – of our beliefs and dysfunctional belief systems and
    erect a ‘new’ , which in fact are very old and ancient – , which oddly enough, still survive in many communities and social systems we call ‘ primitive ‘ . In the Americas, Africa, Oceania, and elsewhere. Where survives a paradigm Cooperation , Solidarity and Community.

    Of course , updated and adapted to our present circumstances . It is not return to live in huts, or reject absolutely everything achieved in time. But trying to understand this Revolution of Consciousness , Culture and Spirituality should and can be done . And silently , from various areas and places is being done .

    It is understood that as a known judgment of the Venezuelan sociologist
    Carlos Lanz Rodriguez , or perhaps not entirely known , says : ” The
    Revolution, is cultural , or domination will be reproduced.”

    But meanwhile , yes , it is perfectly logical, reasonable , laudable ,
    proper, advisable and appropriate, that ” inexorable laws ” will do, and
    you try to observe and enforce . To
    drop the full weight of the law on powerful abusers , those who exploit
    others, who fleece others , take advantage of their weaknesses ,
    ignorance , or naivete , that the Act applies, – yes , respecting the
    rights and human principles , but with all his weight , speculators , usurers,
    profiteers , corrupt, and protect the disadvantaged , that ” orphans are
    not victims of the rich widows are not subjected to the powerful, the man
    is not a victim shekel man 60 shekels , and human – rights – also of
    the blind, the poor , widows and orphans are protected and any divorced
    woman granted the protection of the law and that the poor are not oppressed by the powerful. ”

    And for the gradual establishment of a Culture and Civilization of
    Conscious Solidarity in the understanding that we are all One Being One ,
    go even eliminating the possibility of existence of any kind of misery
    and poverty .

    This is essentially the Revolution of Consciousness.

    One by one, person by person , yes, but also in social, political, economic , collectively , what progress can be made .

    • mewabe

      Yes, matriarchal cultures (based on cooperation, equality, compassion and rule by consensus, symbolically represented by the circle) versus patriarchal cultures (based on competition, dominance, hierarchies and rule by coercion) symbolically represented by the pyramid.

      The path towards dominance never ends, as it creates never ending fear and anger and feed on these as a bacteria feeds on rotting matter.

      Some people are aware that the patriarchy is the problem…particularly women, who have and still are made to live under the rule of men and to endure their abuses in many cultures.

      When will men understand that their true power is not one of dominance?

      • Victor

        Thank you Mewbe, for the effort of reading that ´tarzanic´ english, he,he…

        I found this valuable quote:

        “The cure for poverty has a name, in fact. It´s called the empowerment of women”.

        Christopher Hitchens


        • mewabe

          So true! An organization such as care dot org does just this…empowering women worldwide!

  • Contentttt

    Neale You asked this question above!
    “What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see even as it looks at itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot? Why is nobody in high positions, positions of authority in governments, religions, and even in business and industry, even asking this question, much less answering it?”

    Neale, Neale, Neale!! When the timing is right and not before! Changes taking place are NOT just a planet Earth and humanity thing!

    The same question could be asked of YOU NDW……”Why are you blind to what you cannot see?” The simple answer is You are not capable of seeing what you are blind too, because it is not time yet! From your perspective it is obvious, you can see what they are not capable of seeing yet. This same thought can be true of some, who can see what you are not capable of seeing yet!

    Maybe, just maybe the question to really ask is…..”What has yet to take place before those whom cannot see, begin to see?”

    I encourage you to keep learn from history.
    “Out of the ashes of Rome…..Rome was rebuilt, not “reorganized”!”
    So it will be for Earth…..”Out of the ashes of what once was, that which was to BE….came to BE!”

    You are asking meaningless questions and getting involved in the political arena and it will lead to NO Where!! Can’t you see that??? Although many ask the question…..”Where is ALL of This going”?

    It is not possible to see what will come to BE, with one eye on what can be and the other on what still currently is! One eye looks to the New and the other eye is focused on the changing or understanding the Old!

    This is like seeing the stars of the universe and attempting to get to them, by walking around this Earth. You are just going to go in circles!

    Someone could say that I AM blind! Yes maybe so, there are varying degrees of blindness! When it is possible to see the more we currently cannot see…..then each of us will see what we did not understand and everything will become clearer. Blindness is both a personal experience and sometimes a community or societal blindness too!

    This is a BIG PICTURE universal energy shift! Earth is a part of it, and in due time those on planet Earth will begin to awaken….when the timing is right for it!

    Just like a person driving a semi-tractor-trailer! He/She works through all the gears one at a time, that way the engine does not get bogged down!

    Asking so many WHY questions can bog an individual down! Asking WHAT questions are far more insight filled!!!!!!!!!!

    Sincerly…I AM Contentttt!

  • mewabe

    “…Why is nobody in high positions, positions of authority in governments,
    religions, and even in business and industry, even asking this question,
    much less answering it?”

    Authority itself is an integral part of the DOMINANT paradigm. Those “in authority” are not there to change the structure that placed them there and that is supporting them, on the contrary, they are by definition there to sustain this culture of dominance (and abuse, exploitation and injustice) and defend it from all profound, real changes.

    They may originally have their own private convictions, but they play the ongoing games of power everyone else has always played and learn to “compromise”, to sell their souls one piece at a time until there is nothing left but the drunkenness of power and lies.

    This is why it makes no difference whether a man or a woman is in power, of a person from a so-called minority ethnicity. Anyone who accesses power, whether in the corporate word or in government, is molded to abide by the rules of dominant power and to perpetuate the abuse and exploitation of those who are kept politically and/or financially powerless.

    You won’t find too many peace activists in the Pentagon, vegans working on factory farms, social justice-minded people in government, or freedom-loving people in bureaucracies.

    The answer to your question is within your question Neale, within the word “authority” and its current meaning and applications, which usually imply abuse and the exploitation of those who have no power or authority within the social jungles we insist on calling civilized, because we are indeed very civil, we stab each other in the back with a handshake and a smile.

    • Victor

      Neverheless, there are people in places of ´authority´ that understand it radically different.

      For example, the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, due to his indigenous inheritance says it so: “to rule obeying the people”.

      In Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and other countries, to talk about “representative democracy”, is not an issue anymore. Representative democracy is intended to be sustituted gradually, yet deeply, by “Protagonical and participative radical Democray”. That people can be empowered to manage increasing levels of decision making, power management via education, economic, political, social, cultural power, to increasing levels of self-government in many spheres, in a synergistical relationship with the different structures of the State.

      Of course, nothing of this is perfect, and it is a beginning process, but it has achieved many successes, and you can guess why those democracies are heavily attacked by the US and its allies…

      Authority not as ´power over´, but more as an ´authoritas´, shared power, armonically distributed power, more as ´power with´…

      • mewabe

        Yes, I agree…and this type of shared power, of people’s true participation, of “obeying the people” is indeed very unpopular in America!
        Some Americans are so totally brainwashed they call Native American cultures “communist” cultures.

        As you know what is happening in South and Central America is an awakening and rising of the Indigenous (Indio) spirit…Indigenous leaders come from a totally different cultural background.

        There is a prophecy of the Eagle (the north) and the Condor (the south) joining forces among Indigenous populations. My hope is and has always been, indeed, in Indigenous people…Euro-Americans are generally way too lost (so lost it seems totally unbelievable) to be able to grasp reality and think and act clearly.

        By the way I have thought of moving to Ecuador or Argentina…to live among authentic human beings, meaning Indigenous people!

        • Victor

          Yes, I know that prophecy…

          And I agree, It’s happening…

          Indigenous spirit + empowerment of women + focus in social common good of all more than focusing in financial benefit of elites, + collaborative and cooperative economies between countries (ALBA, CELAC, etc.) more than competition + historical integral awareness, etc., are doing the difference…

  • Awareness

    I would like to bring the following to general Awareness so that Global prayers can be offered:

    “Defiant flights: Japan, S. Korea military planes fly into China’s air defense zone” – RT

    “Japan and South Korea defy China air zone rules” – BBC

    In the name of GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!), Yes to world peace and global disarmament and NO to war 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Awareness

      UPDATE by RT Published time: November 28, 2013 16:57:
      “China sends warplanes to newly established air defense zone”

      “China confirmed that it had flown warplanes over the country’s newly established East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Thursday, state media reported.

      The zone roused controversy when it was announced last week, as it covered disputed territory claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

      Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a daily press briefing that civilian flights have not been impacted, Xinhua news agency reported. China has said that all planes flying through the zone should submit flight plans and identify themselves, or their operators would end up facing “defensive emergency measures.”

      “We expect all sides, including aviation companies, to actively coordinate with us and jointly safeguard flight safety,” Qin said.

      Earlier Thursday, Japan and South Korea, key US allies in East Asia, sent their own military aircraft into the zone’s airspace in an act of defiance.

      Both countries’ air forces flew planes into the disputed area following a similar flight Monday by two unarmed American B-52 bombers. Neither country informed the Chinese of their plans in advance, in an apparent snub of Beijing’s claims to the airspace.

      Japan’s ANA Holdings and Japan Airlines said Tuesday that they would stop submitting flight plans to Chinese aviation authorities. Both carriers had been previously informing China of flights through the recently established zone.

      Both said that they would cease to do so as of Wednesday, after Japan’s Transport Minister Akihiro Ota called the declaration of China’s defense zone “not valid at all” and urged noncompliance.”

      I suggest ALL to offer the following prayer:

      “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. In this higher level of Christ Consciousness I AM able to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. I respond to China, Japan, South Korea and the United States of America with Divine Love and I easily perceive viable solutions that will result in the highest good for all concerned.” 🙂

      and also the following prayer by Neale Donald Walsch:

      “Thank you, God, for helping us to understand that this problem has already been solved for us. Thank you for the peace that will prevail, and for the perfection of the process that leads to that peace.

      Thank you for the comfort of knowing that All Will Be All Right in the History of Humanity, and that every living creature returns ultimately to reside in Perfection Itself, in the paradise that is the Presence of Divinity in, as, and through us, completely and absolutely, forever and even forevermore.” 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    I can’t wait for the world to change……I feel it is my responsibility to change my environment and touch as many hearts as I can and allow the world to catch on to the power of Love in action. How do I do this? Well I live in a retirement community of RVers here in Northern California, and I am deeply involved with everyone. I know the names of most of them, and they know me and my wife. We have been here for three years while my wife was going through treatment for cancer. At first people were skeptical of us, because we fly Tibetan prayer flags, do yoga, support Universal Health Care, and most progressive programs that benefit society. Most of the residents are Republican, Tea Party, etc. but now they have found us to be open and loving members of this community and many seek us out for advice and assistance. I do propane pickup and delivery to their rigs, maintain the laundry machines, clean the clubhouse floors weekly, recycle programs, repair issues in their rigs, etc. and never accept any payment for any of these services. I simply ask that they do something to help another, and I have watched as this has grown and grown over the last three years now.
    There are over 500 members, and almost one hundred are single now that their mates have passed away. Over the last year there has been several of these who have fallen and lay there for a couple days before anyone discovered them, and one passed away. I have been elected to the Board of Directors of this park and am in the midst of starting a group who will committee a contact your neighbor daily project. A small thing I agree but it will help in drawing members closer together to aid one another. There is a need for a ride program to assist those that have doctor appointments and need help getting back and forth. So many small things each of us can do to help one another in our daily lives, so why am I or anyone waiting for others to take charge of what we know needs to be done and we can do it?
    Life is short, and for me to touch the lives of others in some small way brings me great joy and reinforces my beliefs in the power of unconditional Love. I do not ask others to believe as I do, but it just seems to rub off on those that spend some time around me, and others of like mind. Love moves the world, and the illusion that power belongs to others is a hindrance to the progress we can make in the our lives and the lives of those we contact. Do not hide your light under the basket of others having power over you, just speak your heart and let your deeds show the way of Unconditional Love for all existence. Namaste’

    • Awareness

      NEALE: “What is the solution here? Assuming this all is an Illusion, how do we deal with it? How do we function within this illusory world and still find peace, harmony, and happiness? What is the “secret formula”?

      GOD: “Service to Life Itself.
      When you serve Life, Life serves you. That is because you and life are one, and service to Life is service to you. This is why God’s job is to serve you.” – quoted from “TOMORROW’S GOD” Chapter 14 🙂

      I Pledge Myself in Service to LIFE 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    On this American holiday of Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to all these activist organizations and people’s movements that do more than talk…those who courageously risk imprisonment when standing up to corporations and governments, those who are on governments lists and monitored by surveillance agencies, intimidated and often infiltrated and harassed, such as Greenpeace, Peta, Friends of the Earth, AIM, UCS, NOW, Adbusters, Idle no More, WWF, AWID, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, and many, many more.

    Yes, there is a war out there, and we all need to pick a side…the war is, as it has ALWAYS been throughout history, waged by the rich against the poor, by the powerful against the powerless, by the majority against minorities, by the technologically advanced against the less technologically advanced.

    These grass root organizations and people to me represent a walking spirituality…rather than a sitting down spirituality that watches the world go by and muses on its meaning, or a neurotically driven type of spirituality that focuses on attempting to bring personal “happiness” to the richest, the most spoiled, the most confused and ungrateful people in the world, such as North Americans and Europeans.

  • mewabe

    “What is the solution here? Assuming this all is an Illusion, how do we
    deal with it? How do we function within this illusory world and still
    find peace, harmony, and happiness? What is the “secret formula”?

    Neale, the world is not an illusion…it is not “maya”. Our PERCEPTION of the world is the illusion. The only mistakes are within our minds, not in the world, because everything is at it CAN be at the present time. Everything is a lesson…that we are not learning, because of false assumptions, false expectations and false perceptions.

    As far as peace, harmony and happiness…does anyone ever bother looking at the natural world? Assuming this natural world was created by some sort of God, aren’t there very valuable lessons to be learnt from this kind of observation? (this would be the Native American way).

    Is there anything permanent and intangible in nature? No, even mighty mountains become sand. Does a storm last forever? Does spring last all year?

    Why should anyone seek permanent peace, permanent happiness? This would not be in harmony with nature. Everything is in a state of flux…everything comes and go, and comes back again, and goes again.

    What is wrong with the human mind that it seeks to grasp and hold tightly to everything, and cannot let go and learn to live harmoniously with the only thing that is intangible: change.