Worldwide Discussion:

Should there be a Mimimum Wage, set in each country, for workers across the planet? Is the solving of economic inequality around the world an economic issue or a spiritual issue?

Virtually the entire world sees these questions as economic issues. Pope Francis, on the other hand, has now set the planet’s people to thinking: Might this, in fact, be a spiritual issue?

In a written statement to the world’s billions of Catholics late last month, the Pope asked a searing question: How could it be that it’s not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?

U.S. President Barack Obama has likewise recently brought the issue to widespread attention, calling the combating of growing inequality and lack of upward mobility the “defining challenge of our time.”

Perhaps it is time to look at economic inequality as a spiritual, and not merely an economic, matter.

First, let us look at a few facts.

Let us examine the U.S. economy (picked because it is one of the largest economies n the world, in a country that freely and often boasts that its citizens have “equal opportunity”). Since 1979 the economy in the United States has more than doubled in size. That’s the good news (presumably). Yet most of that good fortune has been experienced by those who already have a fortune.

Second in a series of articles on economic inequality and spirituality, at the crossroads of the two

In the U.S., statistics show that the top 10 percent of the population in terms of wealth no longer takes in one-third of the country’s income. It now takes half. The average Chief Executive Officer of a major company made about 20 to 30 times the income of the average worker in the past. Today the CEO makes 273 times more.

This, proponents of the capitalist system say, is perfectly okay. Because it is the big companies and their owners and leaders that create jobs for the rest of us. Yet, in fact, fewer jobs are being created by the Big Corporate Machine, thanks in various parts to automation, consolidation, and the sending of many jobs out of the country — where wages are even lower.

This is perfectly okay, proponents of the capitalist system say. It’s only “good business” — and it brings economic opportunity to people in poorer nations around the world. Except that people in some of those poorer nations have to work 50, 60, and sometimes 70 hours a week to make productivity goals set by their employers, and, as well, to earn a living wage.

There is been a huge disconnect between productivity and worker income in the past 25 years — and the disparity is growing.  Statistics from the International Labor Organization show that between 1999 and 2011 average labor productivity in developed economies increased more than twice as much as average wages.

In the United States, the ILO says, real hourly labor productivity in the non-farm business sector increased by about 85 per cent since 1980, while real hourly compensation increased by only around 35 per cent.

In Germany, labor productivity surged by almost a quarter over the past two decades, while real monthly wages remained flat.

This is perfectly okay, proponents of the capitalist system say. Productivity will increase as technology makes it possible for fewer workers and fewer hours per employee to produce the same or a greater amount of goods and services than ever before. This, too, is only “good business,” they say.

But is it good for people? That becomes the central question. That becomes the spiritual issue.

Your comments, observations, and insights are invited below.

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  • Adele Hollis

    What’s good for business is rarely good for people, unless of course you happen to be a forward thinking business, that invests in its community. Corporate business has nothing whatsoever to do with people and is a corrupt and illegal system that should be avoided at all costs. That means if you work for a corporation, you are a number on a spreadsheet, no one cares about you. You exist only as a reference number. You are an easily removable/replaceable pawn. If the morals of Man kind are a spiritual matter, then, yes, we do need to look at the spituality of the planet and ask some very probing questions. Questions like, how can we accept starvation in the 21st century? And, Why war? Why fossil fuels? Why, with all we know about Tesla and other great minds and their plans, are we still paying for power? The trouble is, sensible, intelligent people will think about these problem’s and come up with fantastic solutions, share global ideas to free mankind from it’s insane delusion. Unfortunately, the people who placed themselves, in charge, are not sensible or intelligent….ain’t tho the saddest truth you’ve ever heard? I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry.
    Is good business good for people? Not in the 21st century, no.

  • Michael L

    Since 1979 the economy in the United States has more than doubled in
    size. That’s the good news (presumably). Yet most of that good fortune
    has been experienced by those who already have a fortune.
    Your fact is too ambiguous Neale as usual. “Most’
    You think of size of the economic pie as being finite not growing. It is all growing, all of it.

    This is Just my take on the Abundance of this country.

    Our poor are so rich, it’s time to realize what a global living wage really means.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      What does your last sentence, above, mean, Michael? I’m not sure what you are saying here. Is anybody else? ;o)

      • I’m afraid I don’t fully understand although perhaps Michael means that if there were equality for all, a global living wage would equal less than what the living wage is currently for an average American. Those who are poor in American terms are still ‘rich’ in comparison to those without energy, water and food.

        That said; our economic system ‘grows’ yet Nature does not ‘grow’/ become more abundant and this is what most of it is based upon. The economic system is reliant on natural resources in order for it to grow, and therefore it uses these resources faster and faster, and unfortunately these beautiful gifts do not grow over night like the economic system appears to do.

    • Stephen mills

      Baa Humbug Michael , nice to see that Ebonezza Scrouge is still with us but that’s what the Con,s want take us back to the Victorian era .

      So we have masters and servants the economic royalists and the rest of us slaves to the monied elite ! The problems in society are not created by having some rich people it,s the level of inequality within the system .This has been proven ,read The Spirit Level .The question one must ask is when is enough enough and how many people must be squashed in the drive for bigger ,better ,more .Is this our purpose trash the planet to have more stuff with no responsibility for our choices .

      I am reminded that all actions have consequences ,but what are the consequences for increasing inequality .Have a look at the Great Depression I assure you we are well on our way to the next one and It will not be good for any of us ! Wealth inequality is now greater than it was just before the great crash of 1929 . Economic cycles come around every 80 years or so as this is about the time that the next generation comes along and forgets about the past .The Great Forgetting .So we must remember the mistakes of the past and this experiment in the free market system is the mother of all mistakes !

      I,am reminded of the Victorian era through the writings of Charles Dickens ,let,s not go back there ,let’s mature as a species and give everyone on the planet a level footing and playing field just a chance at living a happy fulfilled life with everyone above Maslow,s hierarchy of needs .

  • Colin Millen

    Conversations with God, Book 2, Chapter 8, has quite a lot to say on this subject, in particular, pages 211 and 216-218. But I’ve never heard anyone discussing these dares, these pointers, these suggestions nor how they might be implemented. I wonder why that is?

  • Ferry Verhoeve

    Ín the end good business will be that all created equal can benefit from all the goods earth has given us.
    In the Business sense If all created equal have a fair share of the wealth the economy will probably really grow because they will all become the so much wanted consumers….

    Of course there is nothing wrong with differences in income but the differences in wealth and income we see today are far from what is comprehendable, I think the ones that are into these Big money games will be gaining much more when they realize we are all in it together. (without loosing their wealth)

  • Oh how I dream of a world where we create for all; just to give to all out of the wonder of giving and receiving with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts. A world where one could not ‘have’ so much and see another ‘have not’ because it would feel so bad – based on the intellectual knowing and inner feeling and wisdom that is We Are One.

    Utopian maybe, but definitely a potential reality and one that I will spend my life contributing to via my fervent belief in it being what we all truly desire, and action to share this with as many people as I can.

    Thank you for writing about a topic which I think about a lot – my partner being a business man with a desire to become ‘financially free’; a desire which sometimes makes me squeam a little inside. How can one be free when others are enslaved by a system we have all created?

    Love to you Neale and to all of your readers,


  • Carina Aduddell

    Good business is only good for the people at the top of the totem pole. They would like for us to believe they are treating and paying everyone fairly..but really they are just stuffing more and more into their own pockets. And if you disagree? They can simply fire you and hire someone else who is willing to do the same work for less. Greed has taken over this world..people have forgotten that others aren’t just a name on a piece of paper. We are all living beings who deserve nothing less than the next person. We all have the same basic needs. How sad that so many go without because the people at the top are too concerned about how many billions of dollars they can put in their bank accounts..don’t they know that all that money will do them no good when they leave the planet Earth behind?

  • mewabe

    Thank you Neale for telling it like it is!

    We should be reminded that capitalism does not just approach business as competition but as WAR, complete with COLLATERAL DAMAGE (among the poor and the losers), which makes reading the book “The Art Of War” a must for all business-minded individuals.

    The fact that this book has been so popular should send a chill down the spine of any human being…because it reveals the mindset of the business world: it demonstrates that the business world considers society to be a BATTLEFIELD, a place where EMPATHY, MERCY and COMPASSION have NO PLACE if one is the “succeed” in this “war”.

    So it should come as no surprise that people are treated either as a resource meant to be ruthlessly exploited (production and consumption), or discarded as an obsolete piece of machinery when no longer of any use.

    Indeed the heartlessness, brutality and cold cynicism of such a system reveals that of any bloody battlefield.


    “…Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and all round beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shapes of all shapes AS THEY MUST LIVE TOGETHER AS ONE BEING.

    And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter ALL THE CHILDREN OF ONE MOTHER AND ONE FATHER. And I saw that it was holy.”

    Black Elk Speaks
    The life story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Lakota
    as dictated to John Neihardt in 1932

  • Colin Millen

    OK, further to my previous post – which I bashed out rather quickly (maybe, out of a sense of frustration!) – let me be more specific about the ideas being presented in CwG, Book 2, Chapter 18, on the subject of the increasing, unhealthy disparity between the rich at the top and the poor at the bottom of the pyramid of wealth, power and influence.

    Amongst many other ideas for the restructuring of the current world order explored on these pages (also worthy of discussion?), it is proposed that a limit should be placed on all financial earnings and that any earnings above this limit could be donated to a
    World Charitable Trust in the name of the contributor so that all the world
    would know its benefactors.

    And so, the question must be asked, “Is this a good idea and, if so, how might it be implemented?”

  • Adam Wolter

    “Value” is a verb. I think we have given our creative power away to the symbol of the dollar (note: a necessary tool). Valuing our personal experiences of connection with divinity and community is an important key to our new economy. The end of poverty is within reach.

  • Contentttt

    “Good Business”? That term is very subject and open to interpretation…..So “WHAT” is Good Business to You NDW? You asked the question?

    Exploitation is Exploitation! The price I paid for the CWG books was as far as I was concerned over priced. Were you exploiting me? Or was that price I paid just “Good Business”?

    If a person cannot/could not afford the CWG books to read them, are they then being discriminated against because their poverty level restricted their ability to purchase the CWG books because they had more important places to spend their money?

    “Second in a series of articles on economic inequality and spirituality, at the crossroads of the two” YEP YOU ARE RIGHT

    Has any one else besides me seen the increase in “Spiritual” related materials and “Spiritual Experts/Wannabe’s” exploiting the need people are experiencing to find the “More” that is lacking in their lives? Well, that must be just “Good Business that is Good for People”!

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
    All the kings horses and all the kings men,
    Could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    People do not like it when their world falls apart……that is not “Good Business that is Good for People”! That is why the status quo is so popular! So big business being the “Drama Queen’s” they are, will do anything to keep from falling off that wall!!!! Currently that wall is so high for many they can’t even see the kings horses or the kings men standing below as anything but scavengers ready and willing to steal their wealth and bring them down!

    Before you create a window for other’s to be scrutinized through, look in the mirror…….CWG has become a “Big Business” too!!! How many does the CWG “Big Business that is Good for People” employ and earn financially through the process of exploiting under the disguise of “Spirituality”? How much money have you…NDW been able to accrued over the last 15 years?

    NDW, you keep making this about everyone else in all your questions! I keep bringing it back to YOU! YOU keep ignoring me!!!! How are you really any different than everyone else? When an individual focuses their finger pointing at other’s……there are still 3 fingers pointing back at the person. Finger 1 = “What about YOU”! Finger 2 = “What about YOU”! Finger 3 = “What about YOU”!

    Okay everyone blast away! I like a good and spicy exchange…..after all it is, “Good Dialog that is Good for People”!

    Neale my anticipated response from YOU is Silence…..again!!
    You are right……you do not have to answer to me………these questions are to change the focus from a window to view other’s to a mirror to view our own SELF!!

    • Anonamo

      Dude, there are so many things I want to say about your comment, but I’ll boil it all down to one obvious fact: The world is simply fucked up, in many, many ways more than one, and that fuckedupness stems from a single problem. Individuals have lost themselves in their egos.

      A spiritualist may become super rich by publishing his ideas, and he can’t help that. Do you expect him to give it all away and live under a bridge? He’s trying as hard as he can to help, but the people on the bottom have a huge role to play in by changing their own sponsoring energy as well. Read about the 100th monkey effect.

      The problem is, if you try to help, people will start to become jealous of you if you start to become really successful. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Comments like yours don’t help anything because they reek of the same energy that is tearing this world apart. I don’t CARE about how famous/powerful someone becomes in their endeavor to do WHATEVER. The only thing I’ve ever wanted is total, absolute control over myself because I know this will enable me to become unlimited and never bound to anything this world throws at me.

      So seriously, it’s time for people to stop responding with anger to everything they see that they disagree with or bothers them. However, I do have a whole lot of compassion for those people that are struggling with this issue because I’ve been fighting it myself. I know these old energies are almost like their own demon and have to be exorcised through persistent effort.

      You may respond by trying to attack this comment in a variety of ways; go ahead, I don’t care. I may or may not respond. But like I said at the beginning of this post, this world is fucked up in many, many ways more than one. And I’ll end by adding one more thing, that it is only by examining these types of issues from a standpoint of simple, peaceful non-judgment that you can address them. Otherwise you get in a cycle of self-sustaining arguments with your own ego.

      Also, for the love of God, I’m REALLY not trying to start an argument here. Maybe I misinterpreted the tone, or whatever… These are just my observations.

      • Contentttt

        Thanks for your response Anonamo! There is never any anger in what I share…..Only Passion!

        You stated: “The world is simply fucked up, in many, many ways more than one, and that fuckedupness stems from a single problem. Individuals have lost themselves in their egos.
        A spiritualist may become super rich by publishing his ideas, and he can’t help that.”

        Anonamo do you realize CWG was not NDW’s ideas? They were channeled by the spirit realm! He did not have to share them, but he did and they encouraged it. CWG did not originate with NDW! He did not make first contact!!

        Do have any idea how many books are written by those in the spirit realm engaging the human they choose when they choose? The human they connect to then benefits from what is channeled to and through them and become the resident expert? Yet all they often do is regurgitate what was written in the books and defend or support it because their name is on the book.

        There is a woman here in the Twin Cities that was told by her guides it was time for her to write a book and she did and it has sole many copies. So she was given exactly what to write in the book, then she benefited from what those in the spirit realm told her. Then she became the so called expert in the topic her guides shared with her.

        Do you realize how many books are written through human’s?

        96% of spiritual material written in books is channeled in a variety of ways from those in the spirit realm and Do NOT originate with the human associated with the book they are given credit for writing! If the CWG books were initiated by NDW, I would say…kiddo’s Neale. But they did not originate with Neale….even many of the questions within the books were initiated in a properly sequential manner as to allow for the material in each book to take place as those in the spirit realm were choosing!!!!!!!!!!

        I communicated directly with the guides of the woman (Tiffiany) that wrote the book her guides told her she was going to write. I told them step away from her, you are creating for her an energy that is not healthy for her. They told me unequivocally they would not!!!! I shared this with her guides at least a year before she experienced a very disabling stroke at age 35!!! Now she is physically effected for the rest of her life! They did not see t coming….but I did!!

        To question is not directly associated with disagreeing!!!

        To question is often to encourage viewing or looking at something from a different perspective or viewpoint! I am not jealous of NDW or anyone else! Change does not take place because you see that another needs to change. Change takes place when you see within Your Self it is time to change! That is why I referenced the Mirror analogy.

        I don’t even care about money! I have a couple hundred of dollars right now and that is the most I have had in years……like 10 years! But if you need it, give my your address and I will send ALL of it to you! I Promise!!

        Anonamo you stated: “Individuals have lost themselves in their egos.”

        What I see you saying is they are exhibiting the “False Self”!
        If you were to ask anyone if their choices exhibited the “False Self”, they would have no idea what that meant! Do you have any idea what the false self is?

        Anonamo you stated: “I do have a whole lot of compassion for those people that are struggling with this issue because I’ve been fighting it myself. I know these old energies are almost like their own demon and have to be exorcised through persistent effort”

        The problem is……This Earth and this Universe is a HOTBED of False Self energy! You call it ego, which I simply am aware is the Absence of Self. Ego or the False Self is the manufactured or energy created to fill the void created by the Absence of Self!!! This energy is usually associated with accomplishments and the need to succeed at something, to be valued by another, or anything that can increase value through significance associated with making a difference for other’s or for one’s own Self.

        Before I ever did or accomplished or failed at anything…..My Value of Self was unlimited within My Self!! I don’t value NDW any more than I value John Doe! If we as human’s are ever going to be successful on this planet, it will require us to stop listening to other’s as though they are so wise, and begin to listen to Our Own Personal Insight, Clarity and Awareness and question more completely, and follow less….much less!

        What I am saying is…..HUMAN’S READ TO MUCH CRAP WRITTEN BY OTHERS AND HOLD IT UP AS TRUTH AND TRUE, YET UNABLE TO PROVE ANY OF IT!!!!!!!!! I know people say, well take from it that which rings true or has value for you and leave the rest!

        I actually cannot read any book written by any other any more. Why? Because as soon as I run across any statement that is inaccurate or partially true or even totally false….I become aware it is not accurate and bells an whistle go off and the railroad cross arm comes down and I cannot read any further without torchering My Self horrifically!

        I was a marginal student when i was growing up, earning good enough grades just to get by. I never understood this until I got older. Then I realized what I was being taught, even in geometry and algebra and chemistry, was not accurate or correct! The principles of science and mathematics as they exist here on Earth are not the same principles that exist and are true and accurate in the larger universe. I have essentially forgot everything I was taught growing up. Yet this has allowed me to become more aware and see and understand so many ideas and concepts many have never questioned or even realize exist.

        If anyone would like, if we were to come together as a discussion group, I could go through the CWG books and point out the inaccuracy associated with many ideas and concepts written into the books. They stand out like 1 black sheep in a flock of 100. BUT HEY, WHO AM I TO QUESTION NEALE AND GOD!!!!!
        Unless that really was not God, just wannabe God contingent of impersonator’s who caught the imagination of human’s who are spiritually aware equivalent to a 1st grade student!!

        Like it or not…..I AM just saying it like I see it!!!!!

        The CWG books have some nice topics and concepts to discuss further. But really how far will the topic for discussion associated with the question Neale proposed above get anyone! Not far really, mostly back into the world as you stated it Anonamo, “fuckedupness”!

        That is why I never really address the subject presented by Neale. It is a waste of time and energy and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING….NOTHING….NOTHING!!! Just more noise!


        I AM Passionate about the Growth of Self!!!

        This is why I change the subject back to Neale….for the growth of Self!!



        • Anonamo

          You can’t teach a world that doesn’t want to learn. True. So that’s why my solution is simple; transcend it all. I don’t think about all the fine points and philosophical stuff anymore. I’m sick of that crap. Simply put, if you want my solution, just don’t think about it.

          My approach has been to stop questioning and start clearing. I’m tired of all this talk of polarity, red/blue pills, and approaches to the discussion. So really, if you strip it ALL away, that’s when you begin to get to a particular kind of zen that is so far away from being prone to pettiness, it’s like you’ve stepped into a new Earth.

          I still engage in the discussion sometimes just because it’s something to do. But ultimately, I try to eliminate all the filler and skip right to the simple state of peace I know already exists.

    • mewabe

      It is always good to walk one’s talk, to lead by example…but does any of us need to be lead by Neale, and if so why?

      Is there something lacking within any of us or within our lives that a perfect, “saintly”, absolutely righteous, “Godly” person could fulfill? And what is lacking? Why are so many needing a messiah?

      Must a person be totally perfect, without blame, without any fault, before s/he can say anything about the world?

      Personally, if a message is good, timely, if it sparks a dialogue, I do not care if Charles Manson himself delivered it, or if it came out of a cow’s rear end…I look at the message, not the messenger.

      Remember that it is lonely at the top…whenever you expose yourself to an audience, people no longer see you as a human being like them but as a symbol…one that they either love or hate according to their beliefs, prejudices, expectations and psychological projections, without knowing the person.

      • Contentttt

        Thanks for the response mewabe!

        IT IS ALSO LONELY AT THE BOTTOM TOO, “whenever you expose yourself to an audience, people no longer see you as a human being like them but as a symbol…one that they either love or hate according to their beliefs, prejudices, expectations and psychological projections, without knowing the person. ( What is the difference? The top has more money than the bottom!)

        • mewabe

          True…prejudiced views (prejudice meaning to judge before knowing) can be directed at anyone…the poor as well as the rich, the brown, black and blue, the tall and the short, the fat and the lean…anything that seems to stick out from the average can potentially be cut down by the average.

          But what really matters is not what another thinks of us, but what we think of ourselves. Neither poverty nor wealth are diseases or virtues, and neither reflects on the nature or worth of a person.

          The real worth, the wealth is the soul. The other form of wealth is having one’s basic needs met…a roof over our head, healthy food and clean water, some form of adequate clothing, clean air, and the means to stay healthy. We can be very grateful when we have these things. Everything else is superfluous, and soon becomes as a burden, as extra baggage.

          There are two kinds of poor people in our world: those who do not have their basic needs met, who die from hunger, thirst, preventable and treatable diseases, or from living in slavery, abused by their masters. And then there are the other poor, those who have everything and do not appreciate any of it, and because they cannot appreciate any of it always want more, like would a starving individual who could not digest and assimilate his food. Some of these poor people include the very rich.

    • Kristen

      Save the planet and buy books 2nd hand. Our library sells unwanted books in an annual sale – a friend got 3 of Neales for $1 each!

  • Sean Gardiner

    Having worked in the European automation sector of the manufacturing industry for some years (I still do part time), and also more recently in the personal development and spiritual fields as a coach, mentor and adviser, I’ve gained some useful insights into how companies operate, both commercially and psychologically, as well as people.

    The main drivers for increased productivity are competition and the desire for stability, the current paradigm for “good business”. Efficiency and increased quality beats the competition and ensures the company survives and/or thrives by ensuring products are more desirable, cheaper and more readily available. So people are pushed harder for less reward, or rewarded more to create more for less. It’s physics, which will ultimately be twinned with spirituality as it will ultimately prove its existence, in my opinion. This is the general trend in the markets, more for less, or less for more. Where products must get less expensive to satisfy demand, or they must become more expensive to satisfy the need for luxury.

    Perhaps we also need to consider that what we value, refers to what we place weight on. Our values drive us internally like the very gravity pulling us toward the earth. How much value we place on ourselves is also an internal belief system, often based upon our experiences which culminate in a reference to our own “self esteem” or self-esteemate (geddit?!).

    So when we look at the subject of minimum wages as a spiritual or economic issue as you say Neale, it is and it isn’t . . . . perhaps it’s physics and maths, both of which really combine to form an aspect of spirituality. Economics referring more to what’s possible. There’s the added quantum component of desire which will cause the universe to keep empowering the creation of what we think we need through our free will.

    Any practical system to implement any uniformity of worth could be seen by most current ruling classes as a threat to their value, in the context of their careers and future security. The possibility of not fulfilling that in which they invested so much to achieve (a common dis-ease). It would create a fear of lack. Also an imposition of failure onto them.

    What is needed is a deeper understanding, through learning, by the folks who are earning the big bucks as to the overall impact on society that this has. Also a more level method of educating the masses, so that, once a more balanced distribution of knowledge, a large part of inner wealth, is achieved, then people are more empowered to make their own choices, rather than being driven by the unsustainable supply-demand-supply-demand hamster wheel of consumerism, or marginalised by their social circumstances. For this it would be necessary for us to return, over a period of some years, to smaller communities which interdepend. The smaller size prevents the critical mass from getting too large, and the winner taking all. A degree of autonomy. In the interim though, as we progress to a more equal society, education is the main driver, and so we would need economic law to reflect the intentions of commercial law combined with educational reforms to enable the change.

    Don’t ask me how we would get this through quickly, we’re all encouraging people we know to meditate and open their hearts and minds for starters, and we’re talking about it, which is where everything begins, right?!

    Sean Gardiner (UK)

  • Klara Maučec

    Thank you for this Blog post for my Birthday. I can observe that separation is still present in all fields of our life, but I can also observe that this separation is making all of us suffering as well. The poorest and the richest. The well fed and the hungry ones in equal way. The question that arises for me is: What is the real intention behind creating a financial empire or a big fat account? I believe that in past the intention to create an empire was the fear to lose own power or desire to be respected, or similar dis-empowered states. For this reason the creation of all those economic, political and “health” empires hasn’t brought fulfillment and happiness to humanity. Because only when something is created with pure intention and love, the fruit of this creation can lead toward feeling of peace and wholeness.
    Is your intention to express creativity, to express who you are, share it with others and embrace with gratitude what you get in return or is you intentions to get that financial “security” in order to be happy and feel safe?
    I would invite all of us to stop chasing the promised lands, to be aware that nothing and nobody can steal our own power except ourselves and let’s start picturing the world we want to live in.

    • Kristen

      Happy Birthday Klara.

      • Klara Maučec

        Tnx Kristen!

  • Erin

    “Good Business” used to include ethics…integrity, quality of craftsmanship, & community forethought…’The buck’ was a consequence of being able to deliver worthy service. It took the toil & sweat & passion of the originator to grow enough to become employee-able, with hopes that some employees, even only one, would continue the originator’s efforts with same ethics. Neale, as many others, still operate ‘this way’.

    The U.S. would be a fine place to reconstruct operations of many defines…It is the Earth’s melting pot of ‘civil-ization’. However, this country has been advocator & forcer of the tearing down of many walls of other places, with little mention or attention given to their own walls of separation…They are not “United” by any means. They remain as dual-nationed-societies…The states don’t abide by same laws, and their Big Business & Governance are held by those laws conveniently, at best. Perhaps, a We the People’s initiative to tear down these barriers would be a wiser exampled move?

    Unite the nations, put all states on One page, and rather than increase prices, lower them all…across the board…so that the weakest links are again part of the schematics. Right now, it seems that basic needs are priced at what a celebrity can afford, rather than everyday Joe. Every Doc wants to be a specialist to the Stars, every Biz wants to be Louis Vuitton, and every Joe wants to be the Next Big Thing…and when these possibilities are removed from their pictures, the lot of them become unhappy…with the ‘trickle down effect’ unto the masses. So, why not remove ‘this way’ of struggle? Why not truly ‘level’ the playing fields?

    Life Sees stuff on One plane…many dimensions, One plane…no thing more important, no thing above or below another. Life does not measure or separate Its existence.
    Hmmm….perhaps a wise ‘way’ for intelligence to See…to Be?

    idk…”Caps” gives me the feeling of ‘stifled’. Concepts that do not move easily is what we have produced so far & are proving dysfunctional, no?

    If We began, as an on-going grand experiment, a ‘Uniting Movement’ that produced of the Wisdoms gained to-date, not only might business return to ethics, there might be a fresh wave of spiritual uplifting as well in the combinations…An Aha! moment, so to speak.
    The U.S. would, at least, no longer be a misnomer…A fine example of freshened honesty that would surely be welcome by All.
    Namaste’, Beloveds.

  • mewabe

    I live in the poorest county in California…what people call poor in California is however wealthy compared to the third world, except of course for the homeless.

    Nevertheless and as a side comment, I have lived in many areas, different US states and several countries…and I can say with certainty that I prefer the companies of poor people. In Mexico, I prefer the company of the local poor than that of my compatriots, by far.

    As far as North America, give me a crazy redneck or an old hippie, or a mixture of both anytime, at least he or she may have some sort of imagination…The upper class totally repeals me with its pretenses and sense of superiority, its shallow materialistic values, designer clothes and designer lives, its complete lack of authenticity, and the middle class bores me to no end with its average ideas, average aspirations, average lifestyles, and its unbelievable uniformity and conformism. Hell is to indeed die and wake up in suburbia on a Saturday morning when an entire neighborhood goes for a walk or a jog all dressed the same, washes cars, mow the lawn and starts a barbecue all at precisely the same time, and ends the day watching the same TV program…or football game.

    The US in particular has very peculiar ideas about wealth and poverty…as money is, very oddly, entirely tied to self worth. Poverty here is seen as a disease…it is widely believed to be an indication that a person is either stupid, lazy or has some other personal problem…because in America, any psychologically and physically fit person is expected to buy into the plastic “dream” of materialism.

    I chose what I call voluntary simplicity long ago…to safeguard my freedom and dedication to a spiritual life. Living this way is living outside of the mainstream culture…it is considered to be an eccentricity, which I find flattering, for I would rather live outside of the circle (ex-centric) of the herd.

    • Kristen

      I’m a surburbanite!!! But an eccentric hermitty one. And my picket fence isn’t white but maybe I’ll paint it when I mow the lawns, wash the car and have a BBQ. In the rain which I think is actually hail and 5 loads of washing is drenched (ooooh thunder now, it’s getting exciting in the burbs, we had a storm warning which will mean two hours of normal rain). And the cats are wet but at least I’ll get some clothes mending done after being at the beach on a beautiful day until half an hour ago. Mite even talk to my neighbours over the fence about our trees and pets, and invite them in for a coffee when I’ve vacuumed the floor! Must remember to go to K Mart and finish Xmas shopping too. Given you nightmares yet!! Haha. It’s a life I choose for now, not a sentence, ten mins walk to work, half hour from a childs University she has just graduated from, ten mins drive to another childs work, ten mins walk to the local schools and 5 OK (just) beaches within a ten minute drive (piscies need to live near the ocean or clear water bodies or we feel our left arm is cut off). It’s where I need to be, and the lifestyle that suits many especially when raising kids. Yup mortgages and the trappings suck, especially with wealthy immigrants doubling our city size in ten years and real estate has sky rocketed but it’s better than paying rent to someone else and until ten years ago cheaper also. We are the worst in the world for real estate, a simple 3 bedroom home is around $450,000, ten times the average wage. And funnily enough in our recent census (cringe – dare I say the word) it was determined that in a city of 1.5 million we have more nationalities than there are countries in the world. How the hell does that work?! Please don’t stereotype everyone just for making different choices to you, they may still be similar to you on the inside even if the outer world differs greatly.

      You will like this one:
      In ‘cracking’ Laws, one of my Da Vinci moments was cracking the set of Traps Laws set up by The Source to ‘take the piss’ out of the wealthy and allows those with less to understand not to be jealous of them – there are heaps of these fun Laws. The Law of True Want defines that when we truly truly want something we will automatically want to be involved in the entire process and it is a part of the fun. This completely makes a mockery of those enlisting wedding planners (poor husbands as they really do not truly want a marriage), those who have to employ personal shoppers, chefs, are commissioning artworks and expensive cakes, personal assistants, caterers, architects and clothes designers to do things for them. They are actually publically stating to those in the know that they have poor taste on their own, are pretty useless and that they do not truly want the aspect they are partaking in, it is merely representing something else like to show off, to compete, to create a created image for the public or friends and family to see etc. I worked this out by wondering why I was tested so much on the Tree of Life and feeling telepathically that ‘they’ believed me. Why wouldn’t they??? Because a majority of people are frauds and con artists. They understood I am a genuine clothes freak cos they see me shop and be very fussy, and design a lot myself (and yes I and my kids do wear labels generally (not designer) as a part of Gods policy of wear the best you can afford within your budget which is $50 max per item but we get all our clothes from clearance stores or sometimes 2nd hand. I’m a walking billboard for Levis. And in Symbology (dream interpretation book) which governs most of our lives from The Source and abundance of clothes represents an abundance of potential and chameleon aspects to the personality as we are meant to be – able to fit in and dress comfortably in any situation from farming, a beach party to a formal ball. Again – don’t judge without understanding Mr Guru Mewabe!!

      PS – ploughing though required University of Life tasks I had to be an artist yesterday painting characters onto cakes as I refuse to cheat and print things out, customers were very impressed (dorks!), and hilarioiusly I also passed my poetry requirements with my worlds worst poetry. Sometimes it’s good to do stuff you are really crap at. You are so far behind your age on your credits you are holding yourself back. Unsure of age but at age 50 everyone should have at lease 10000 experience based credits, of which no more than 10% are of the opposite genders roles.Cyber kick up the ass!!!

      • mewabe

        Me, a guru? Ha ha…not my style, for one thing I would have to grow a
        beard, and that’s not me. And if anyone asked me a question, I would have to hit them on the head (okay that’s a Zen technique, so that would make it legitimate).

        Did not mean to be judgmental about suburbia (yes I did!) Actually there are very few places in the world where I feel at home, except in the middle of nowhere where no traces of civilization or mankind exists (wilderness, the desert, etc), not that I do not like people, I just do not really understand them, because I do not understand how they can be so disconnected from everything, including themselves, and act so insensitively and foolishly. Most human energy is disturbing because out of sync, out of balance, not in harmony with life and with the planet.

        I have always felt connected to everything, to all life, naturally, spontaneously, even as a child. It’s not easy to live this way, because you feel more than most, and you get the impression that you are living among zombies, among the dead (okay I did not mean to stereotype suburbanites again ha ha).

        I don’t know what you mean in your last paragraph, about 10000 experiences and credits. But I have never shied from experiences…even unpleasant ones.

        • Kristen

          Beards are cool, and hot! And natural. But then I’d have to be a hypocrite and say hairy pits on females are natural so I’ll retract that one!.

          You are living amongst the dead. Literally. Bar roughly .01% of first lifers who I think are all Isrealites as there are very new souls left in the stores, everyone on Earth at this point is reincarnated. Except the 5 Christed ones here (Deepak Chopra from the Hindu Heaven, Cat Stevens and Richard Branson that I can tell – other two will be famous but I’m unsure other than none are in America) all are those who did not make the cut and reach the levels required for immortality, a wisdom path or the real Heaven so ended up in the dumping ground for rejects, commonly known as the Afterlife. Also the gates from Hell have been opened (I know you don’t believe in Hell) so many evil ones are here due to illegal aliens and astral travellers damaging our protective matrixs). With that in mind have no expectations of anyone, understand and seeing why they didn’t make the grade so learn what not to do from them! And each and every latest hologram (the conscious person we speak to) is making their own choices so has the freewill to either follow reincarnation paths or make their own life.

          Again you have the impression people are fakes, and they probably are but you cannot see inside them. People like me with high functioning autism are expressionless and I generally facially look like Victoria Beckham with no expression, but trust me I completely play on this and my thoughts and opinions are a plenty and my emotions and humour are stronger than those of others, they just cannot see it on my face, just my eyes if they choose to look.

          I am at home anywhere, but especially on the Gold Coast in Australia (great shopping, perfect accommodation and great beach and good looking cool people to people watch) or in the South Island in small villages or huge sheep stations. Actually what is at my core is dry barren land like a ranch but I live in a green wettish country so not possible here – a cowgirl at heart probably).

          You don’t know of the University of Life?? Wierdo with a crap guide, no wonder he badgers my guide to get me to help him (it’s OK, they know they are useless and I tell them all the time – too much focus on new age mumbo jumbo and mental or academic education!). We are all enrolled in the University of Life and have certain experiences we have to go through and things we have to do, which is also a part of Jacobs ladder and the Tree of Life in every teaching. The old western education system was based on this hence art, religion, woodwork, sewing, music, cooking etc in all the school systems. If we do not have the required number of credits people cannot get further, and life depends on it for immortality. Basically at the end of it each person should be capable of EVERYTHING that anyone else on this planet is as most jobs and roles are a part of the core human aspects. I know you have a child but perhaps you have not lived with them and parenting gives a lot of credits. This is what aliens etc try to wrongly define as the Human Experience and are at the core of what makes us human. I’m at the top of the Tree of Life so have to do heaps and they are much harder as everything needs to be at a saleable standard so get some random things done before you get much higher and they are hard. You should have seen me learning crochet! My brain cannot follow abbreviated instructions so I am sometimes a disaster on legs, but I cheated and just did a collection of different flowers!

          I’ve never been hit or even smacked as a child, so just so you can hit me on the head for the experience I’ll ask a question.
          Ummmm. Have none. Oh yup I have one. Just to be nosy and not a groupie or stalker, do you have any of your art online?. Not an art fan other than sketches and perfect water colours.

          • mewabe

            I understand most beliefs, and their meanings, origins, and the systems built around them, and the need for many people to have them…but I have none of them…no beliefs, no systems. How can that be? I use my internal compass…always have, that’s all I need. The living universe is my teacher. The tree of life is within me.

            What I meant by zombies is not lack of expression or of a show of emotions…but the fact that in most people, the heart, mind, body and spirit seem not to be united, not to be in harmony…and the individual is not in harmony with the cosmos. This is not just something I know…it is something I fully FEEL.

            That makes many people act as zombies, because not conscious, not knowing who, what, where and why they are. That’s why they constantly bump into life and create endless disturbances and chaos, because they exist in a state of internal chaos, which comes from the mind that is not properly connected to the heart and soul and aligned with Life.

            I hope your Tree of Life is a fruit or nut tree, so you don’t starve…and that it is not owned by a timber company.

            About the symbol of a tree: most people look at a tree and marvel at how it draws its life from the sunlight, reaching into “heaven”…amazingly forgetting that a tree expends downward into the darkness of the earth and into decay as much as it reaches upward into the sky, taking its nourishment and strength from both the “dark” and the “light”, from death and life, and, as a matter of fact, having its FOUNDATION in decay.

            About art: I do abstracts…most people do not relate to that. As far as work, to pay bills (I am still paying my bills for some strange reason), I do illustrations…for food packaging, wine labels, etc…not as much fun, although it’s more interesting than selling life insurance to a turtle.

          • Kristen

            Exactly right about a Tree, and yes the Tree of Life is completely automated so most do not even realise they are on it but once you get halfway up, The Source meets you and it becomes a part of you, intuition develops, you become fussy especially with perfection for the senses (visual, hearing, food presentation, drinks taste, clothes, music, art etc) and quite judgemental about those who do not even try.It’s a macadamia which is why you said nuts instinctively and funnnily enough I have a huge one at home that I’ve only just found out is a macadamia. I thought it was just solid balls of rock with the purpose to give me bullet bruises on my shins when I mow the lawns! Don’t worry I won’t starve, people have lots of fruit trees in the burbs!

            I understood what you meant about zombies, and agree. But as a competitive person I am honest enough to say it suits me just fine. Changes the Laws of averages making my idea of normal look good! I was pointing out that I am one of those you would automatically classify as a zombie living in surburbia without knowing me, and would stereotype.

            Abstracts……………… comment other than I can understand why it doesn’t pay the bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Packaging art – that sounds like much more fun and a much cooler job than most have! When you said you were an intuitive artist I had wrongly assumed new agey heavenly airy fairy crock. Thank you for answering my question though, and for the hit on the head.

          • mewabe

            I hate anything new agey…and I am saying “I hate” on purpose, as it is so NOT new agey!
            I don’t stereotype people, usually, most times, but I avoid some environments…I did live in the burbs once, in Canada, by a mountain. It was not so bad…a burb with eagles, coyotes, bears, and deer flies, in other words Canadian style. But I did not get to make maple syrup in my backyard…

            Is the symbolism of the tree of life in any way mirroring that of the kundalini?

            Are we off the topic again? We will get kicked out!

          • Kristen

            Hey how cool is that, can we get kicked out??. I got blocked for a week last year but that’s the best I can do! I’m jealous if you’ve done better than that, but then is that illegal if you are on a set minimum wage as the resident non-guru guru. I’m probably going to get removed for abusing Contenttt again anyway. I HATE ALIENS MORE THAN POETRY!!!! Should unpublished poets and all artists get a minimum wage?

            We don’t have native animals. How funny is that. Mind you with a minimum wage I guess we could make some up, Australians will believe anything as would Americans in all their gullibilities. We just have pets and bloody sheep and cows. A few wild horses and goats I think but that’s about it. Should dairy cows get a minimum wage?

            If you make maple syrup and sell it are you entitled to minimum wage?

            I don’t know of the kundalini but I wasn’t paid to study nor in my work for the greater good, so I had no boss paying me to study everything. On minimum wage. Enlighten me if you choose. I’ll pay you minimum wage!

            See how easy it is to get what you want and stay on the subject if you try (or not try in this case). With laughter and sheer stupidity anything is possible. On a minimum wage.

            Google Guide Hill Tekapo. My family managed it for 50 years. Probably for less than minimum wage. My plan E (for escape) which will require selling my soul for a hell of a lot more than minimum wage. Closest we have to Canada and it is sheer perfection and my idea of Heaven.

          • mewabe

            Kundalini is a new age Italian dish, most excellent I must say (must I?) especially when prepared and served by artists and poets on minimum wage.

            No, it’s the name given in India for a universal energy that is said to be coiled, like a snake, at a base chakra, and to either slowly or rapidly rise, ready or not, through the chakras all the way to the 7th or crown chakra above the head, to finally settle back into the third eye, the center of all knowing, the temple of the soul, Christ consciousness, etc…

            Kriya yoga is said to facilitate the smooth rise of this kundalini.

            Its rise corresponds, usually, to a rise in consciousness, and to the awakening of certain abilities (such as “paranormal” abilities, which can be temporary) as it moves through the chakras. That’s why I though of the tree of life, through which a person rises.

            Yes Guide Hill Tekapo is incredibly beautiful, and I am sure very expensive…Hey I can spend several weeks in the wilderness every year and not pay a dime, and be in heaven all that time! Of course I have to rough it…and share my campfire with brown bears and listen to their tall stories about the biggest fattest hunter of them all who got away.

          • Kristen

            Do new age Italians eat snake? Really? I knew the new age movement was a bit loopy. Or maybe it’s just the artists preparing it. Maybe with a high minimum age they could afford fish?

            I worked for below minimum wage today, $3hr to be precise as Law defines you cannot overcharge on food and via intuition I know the maximum for a cookie is $3, so my perfect gingerbread men won’t make me wealthy for a while. Should ring the labour department, I can get jailed for not paying myself minimum wage but as least God won’t shoot me!!!

            I owe you $13NZD (USD$11ish) so I’ll get your guide onto it. You do realise you answered a question, for minimum wage, and forgot to hit me. Again.

            Yes the pasta snake is similar, but a very simplified version. Caucasions have chakras to their feet, going feet, knees, tailbone, solar plexus, heart, pineal and crown. We bypass the throat to avoid spirit world communication, possible possession etc, and are to use the crown chakra not a third eye. God, The Source, Intuition, true telepathy, visualisation etc are via the crown and pineal. Christ Consciousness is nothing to do with the third eye but there are a lot of mis teachings on this planet, more half teachings rather than deliberately wrong. The chakras should be all linked up and free flowing as one unit via your meridian lines, energies etc. Teachings to keep them separate are incorrect, and cause problems. If flowing and healthy they will heal the others. visually this looks like a column of light with each chakra being a different glow and size within the one moving column of light.

            The tree of life is complex, but in its simple forms covers chakras, the progression of child to adult, a rainbow, jacobs latter, our thinking processes etc, peoples universal status etc but i the context I speak of it it is as a journey. A seed is planted (egg meets sperm/soul) and we grow. Before I knew what Kabbalah was a year or two ago, (after being one for ten years and having climbed the tree without knowing what it was DUH) I had drawn it as a tree trunk and written us/Earth at the bottom, and God & The Source/Heaven at the Top. Then put a picture of branches on transparent paper over this with markings up the trunk and basic human roles and traits from crappy to good on each branch. I then overlaid another sheet on top with many branches from each and wrote sub roles on them like on mother I did sewing/cookings/feeding/loving unconditionally etc. On another sheet I then drew leaves and wrote little tasks on them. This was very accurate as to how it is, but if you look at a Kabbalic pic of the tree of life it is also like our souls travel down to us on a lift then we have to zig zag back up with new aspects of us formed in each position and on each path. Its completely automated and this fitted over my stack of pics perfectly. IT IS BASICALLY THE JOURNEY OF EACH PERSON IN THE RESTORATION OF HOW WE ARE ON EARTH NOW BACK TO HOW ADAM & EVE WERE INTENDED TO BE SO THAT WE MAY BE IMMORTAL AND RIGHTEOUS. And on minimum wage. All the leaves are the different University of Life stuff we have to do along the way.

            An honest environmentally fine and contributing job is the first requirement at the bottom, and it is defined that if people choose to do a ‘hobby’ rather than a job for income they will financially struggle but this choice is fine. Hence the term struggling artist. Be greatful to be broke, your guide knows you must be as an artist. The wealthy cannot get to the top as their carbon footprints are too high as it is the game of snakes and ladders, but you also have to avoid consequences from the biblical God along the way or you get kicked back to the bottom.

            Whomever is at the top of each persons tree will have a huge influence on them. I have God so Law and understanding are my things. You have Creator so nature and indiginous people are your things. You are a natural person as Creator is your main influence, I am aligned to Gods traits to I am more into the human relationships with nature and what we do with it. So I love landscaping, log cabins, verandahs, sculptures, barns, handmade antiques, clothes etc. If people have no-one at the top for them since there is no hope in hell of them getting anywhere then they do not have anyone at the top so will completely be into manmade stuff like cities, apartments, plastic, synthetics, the gym, energy drinks, loud bars etc. The Source knows everyones future so knows who to invest time in and who is basically a waste of space.

            Guide Hill isn’t expensive, its $125 a night to hire the house and have full run of the place. For me thats after a flight, four hour drive of which the last hour is gravel road. My old nana likes it when I use her little car like a rally car when we go on a pilgrimage roadtrip. Clears out the old lady cobwebs for her.

            Sorry Neale. It is about minimum wage and why the so called poor or those of average income are much better off long term than the wealthy. It’s either luxury on Earth OR luxury in Heaven. You cannot have both.

          • mewabe

            I don’t have much time to write as I am preparing for a trip and will be gone a couple of weeks…But I agree with your statements about the chakras…and the funny thing is that the energy, for me, is indeed in the crown chakra. It has been this way a few years now…I feel a very strong connection there, even something like an electrical or magnetic current, so strong it at times feels like an intense jolt of electricity, but with a different characteristic…it is a spiritual “current”, not a physical one. I recognize guides according to their energies, which I feel through the crown chakra.

            So yes I have psychic abilities and can get answers very easy. It feels almost unfair…compared to others I have an advantage, but I never use this to take advantage of anyone, as I also live according to my heart. I also never probe into other’s lives, unless they ask a question. And I do not ask too many questions directly, as I prefer to use my own intuition.

            Yes, the Kabbalah is a great source of knowledge and understanding…but you are right, I am a nature person, purely intuitive. I ride on intuition, I fly on it, it is my power, my wings, and I love it as it grows stronger and unites me with what you would call Universal Law. There is a joyful feel to be in “sync” with the All.

            I know you are on a great journey as well. And I agree with your understanding of consequences (in your other posts). It is a mistake of the new age to think that there are no consequences to anything. Consequences as I understand them do not mean punishment, they mean learning lessons. There would be natural physical consequences to bathing in gasoline (petrol in New Zealand?) and striking a match. There are also spiritual consequences to everything we do, all that opposes natural and spiritual laws. Hitler did not go to heaven, because he not only was already in his own, self-created hell in his life, and did not magically pop out of this state of consciousness when leaving his body, but he would also have had some very long and hard lessons to learn before he could even access the possibility of an opportunity to realign himself with universal law.

            The Christian belief that death equals enlightenment is the most dangerous, damaging, childish belief of them all…consciousness is our “home”, our world, our reality, that’s where we are, whether in this realm or the next. Some “teachers”, although they may be well-intentioned, dispense simplistic beliefs, dangerous ignorance…

            Toksa…(it means “see you later” in Lakota Sioux)

          • Kristen

            I understand everything you have said and can relate. Same soul batch remember. Eleventy four! It is fair because The Source knows everyones known future (based on our own freewill choices), and only The Source, so we all have our own potential and the tools required attain it. My is definately intuiton as well. Except I have had to take a vow of do no harm, although I am intuitive 24/7 and like you, speak with intuitive thought and just wing it, even if I look or sound like a dork every week or so I can feel like a really tight beanie had on my head to re ground all my thought energy. is usually lasts an hour or so. Much easier than self grounding when I can feel gremlins or others guides lurking and snooping. i told you a couple of weeks ago to have a safe trip, and remember to be careful of motorbikes.

            Have a great Xmas – you tragic old Grinch.

          • mewabe

            Thanks for the warning…and a great Xmas and happy new year to you!… Hey speaking of gremlins I felt small nature spirits around me once in an ancient forest in Europe…they were neither good nor bad, just very mischievous and playful, and very active. I was not looking for that experience, it surprised me…

          • Kristen

            Oh a friend and I have our own new age thing going on. We have to use age as a suffix as much as possible, or as many age words as we can. Thats our contribution to the new age!

  • Contentttt

    Does anyone remember do the CWG books address censorship?
    Because it appears to be happening on this website, postings are disappearing!
    NDW are you deleting postings or is someone else?

    • Anita Schaelin

      Sorry, I am the first time on this page. I can’t really say something to this.
      But I’ woudn’t wonder, if it is like you say.

    • Kristen

      Neale’s site, Neales right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like everyone, he has every right to his own opinions and is not obligated to agree with his God on everything.

      Not a CwG fan, but I’m definately a huge supporter of every individuals rights, which includes employers to be able to pay their staff whatever they choose. As a small business owner, I cut down my business as paid holiday leave, sick leave, 10 stat holidays and God knows what else so that I no longer need any full time staff, just casuals ona agreed paid hourly rate with no benefits. Half the turnover, half the stress and the same take home wages for me! I know it is hard to live on a low wage but we need so stay in the neutral middle aspects at all times and look at both sides (as CwG teaches along with all other religious and spiritual teachings. The core is that employers are choosing to develop their businesses to the point where they need to employ people to assist them with THEIR workload, and pay them what they choose. Employers also need to remember that every minute they are at work they have SOLD their time to their employer so should be working to the bosses directive. Not on the internet, personal phone calls, chatting or bumming around. That is theft. You cannot sell something then help yourself and take it back when the bosses back is turned.

      Earth is the only realm with the concept of employees. Everywhere else all ‘staff’ are employed as self employed contractors, only paid for the hours actually worked with no paid leave etc, but at a decent hourly rate. Until probably 1850, other than factory workers and the occasional part time retail assistant everyone was self employed, often working together as a group.

      Businesses own their business, not any government or other body and people need to remember that and be grateful that these business owners are CHOOSING to create jobs for others, rather than bitching about it! (in the west).

      • Kristen

        Oops – that was meant to be employees need to remember they have sold their time.

        • Contentttt

          So employers who own their own business, own their employee’s body, energy, time and life as well. While they are working for a pre-identified amount determined by the employer. The employee should be thankful for the wage given by the employer no matter what that wage amount is. If the employee does not like their wage, they can go find another job. But if they cannot find another job, the job can be akin to slavery, which generally leads to discontentment, which can lead to people doing things while at work that you stated above you do not approve of them doing.

          When people stop calling it work and start calling and enjoying as fun….then I will be the first to go look for a fun job. Until then, every employee has undervalued and underpaid me. Got by with paying me what they could, until I was ready to leave, then they were willing to give more!! Ah….to late!! BYE BYE!!! You had your chance!!

          • Kristen


            I was pointing out the reality of what employers may do if governments and others start controlling their businesses, but with your lack of reading comprehension you missed this. We have a minimum wage, I pay people $2-50hr over it, my cleaner is the highest paid as I value her more than a cake decorator, and provide breaks, lunch, fun and a good job BUT I will not tolerate people doing personal stuff on my time. That is theft!!! I own their time, nothing else.

            In New Zealand we (not me) abolished the minimum student/youth wage which I think was $8 hr for under 18 year olds, $4-50hr lower than the adult rate. I knew this was a huge mistake, started by McDonalds workers who felt underpaid so the weak government caves and surprise surprise – no-one employs students anymore as why would you employ a 17yr when you can get a 40year old with experience and commitment that will generally do the job better due to age for the same pay rate. A minimum wage over this planet will shut down factories, abolish student jobs and do more harm than good.

            Contenttt – you are oblivious to your work problem and that is your attitude and that you are unemployable. Put what you wrote in your CV and listen to any potential employers tell you to fugg off. Work is work, not entertainment or fun. Get over it like everyone else has to, and get some man cards and grow up. I have never encountered anyone with such a bad attitude to life as you. Are you going to now play your silly games and attempt to psychically attack me again by using the negative energy you acknowledge you are absorbing from others, or try to curse me like you do with anyone who stands up to you, including employers and co-workers??? Won’t work but those much higher than you could ever fathom do enjoy collecting evidence of your evil distorted acts! Grow up!!!!

          • Contentttt

            Kristen, what I simply did is what present a potential response to what you wrote!
            Then you Blasted Me! Oh by the way, thanks for that, but that was really not about me….so I did not take it to heart or personally, it was about you being slightly irritated with me, was my take!

            So much of what I write, I have no real connection to it.
            But Kristen it is really easy to get you going! You react so emotionally…..kind like a drama queen! I am saying you are one, although……I sure get a kick out of your responses! Keep them coming even the Kristen, your attacks on me personally is quite revealing! I am quite amused by them!

            Actually my attitude towards life is GREAT! I just like to Stir the Pot and you at the easiest one on this site to get stirred up!! You take life way more serious than I do….like a hundred times more serious! Mellow!! Enjoy and maybe next time you won’t get your tail feathers in a knot!!

            TTFN…..Love Ya!!!

          • Kristen

            Not possible to wind me up, nor do I do anger or grumpy. Drama Queen – no room for that in working single parents lives sorry. Maybe later thought.
            Later. And glad you are now in a great place in spite of complaining a lot! Have a great Christmas and may Santa visit not the Grinch!.

  • Contentttt

    Human’s have been arguing, discussing, ranting, promising, lying, manipulating, warning, fearing, using, abusing, making speeches, writing books and articles, promoting, diminishing, whispering, conniving, spying, hiding or sharing information on a need to know……and You Don’t Need to Know, for thousands of years.

    A person lives for maybe 40, 50, 60 70+ years followed by generation after generation after generation! Technology changes, the world has through communications grown smaller and travel is not common place around the world.

    The one ingredient through all of these thousands of years has been mankind. As much as so much changes around each of us as people, what has changed very little is what is going on within each of us!! Human’s are still barbarian’s, only now they wear suits and fancy clothes to impress or create an image of being successful to the outer world as they support their actions and words with big gun’s and lots of money. Yet within each one, what has really changed? Nothing!! Absolutely nothing…..except for the details, because as barbarian’s mankind has become very shrewd and calculating. Yet human’s are very insecure within their own Self…..very insecure!

    There are topics shared and questions asked! Yet nothing changes! On this website so much is written and yet the words written hear, are like a breath exhaled, it is gone as quickly as it is let go!

    Look at all the books that have been written and no one reads any more. Are the CWG books any different? For books to be read 300, 600, 1000, 3000 years later, then must be associated with a religion. Within religion’s human’s hold onto what their religious books say, even if they do not apply to their lives everyday. What is the current course of choice? CWG worldwide!!

    The solutions of and for the dissolving of the dysfunction on this Earth plane, do not exist in words or books. Trillions and trillions of words have been shared, they all accomplish the same result. They either divide or they polarize!

    It has been stated and I have read it many times….”We are the solution”! Even this statement is open to a thousand plus one interpretations! HOW??? Many promote activism and getting involved. What has this really solved, because even Mother Teresa could not carry on her work for more than a short life time. Mandela is now gone too! Even before his physical body expired, his successor’s reverted to old dysfunctional patterns and choices in South Africa.

    If YOU really believe YOU can make a difference! No problem… is your illusion. But what happens when you are no longer here on this Earth? This is BIGGER than mankind can deal with. Like a grass fire human’s are attempting to put out by rolling in it. All you are going to do is get burned!

    For mankind to currently change what is taking place hear on Earth. 10 million people (in shifts) would have to be continuously and constantly holding and creating a meditative energy that emanates peace and contentment focused within Self, for ALL other’s to begin to benefit from here on this Earth. This would have to then continue for the next 19 years to accomplish what many believe is possible. Remember, it is not just about changing the outer energy pattern, it is about changing the inner energy pattern also. As long as there is resistance, the process takes longer.

    What am I saying? Unless You can walk on water, intervention on a level well beyond your beliefs and concepts of what is and what can be will be necessary. All the prayers over thousands of years and yet look around you……just what has changed? Not humanity, for humanity is either not very humane or the concept of Being Human is very skewed and no one see it or understands why!!

    This blog and it’s subject matter are just an example of the old questions being asked and the old solutions being embraced!

    Do I have solutions? Yes I do!! But my solutions do not match the old questions still being asked. The questions have to change! Why because whether you do or do not recognize it, your asking the same questions and attempting to apply the same answers as the generations and generation before you have attempted to use and apply!

    I still hear it today! “If you really want to make a difference, get involved!” That is like attempting to clear a field of rocks by picking them up and throwing them on the other side of the fence! Just because they are not in the field you cleared, does not mean they are gone! So it is with bigotry, white supremacy, slavery, racial issues, ignorance etc.

    These are energy issues rooted in the CORE of mankind, the human experience, the human body that is and has become rooted in the DNA of isolated and segregated groups of individuals according to at least one common thread to connect them all.

    I would like to say to you, “continue to pray and get involved”, if it was really going to make a difference, but it would be a lie, Thousands and Thousands of years have proven that and you don’t even need to read it in a history book to recognize it!! But maybe you have the same illusion as your forefather’s and fore-mother’s and maybe you will until you leave this your human body behind, along with all the solutions, that never answered the “real significant questions”……because no one understands what questions to ask!!!!! But don’t stop trying….only don’t ask another, ask Your Self!!

    Okay I AM done for now!! 🙂

    • darrelf

      While at face value your assessment is, in my opinion, accurate, I would say that we need to go deeper. You have stated a couple of things are the issue here and to that I say dig deeper.

      You say we are asking the same questions and getting the same answers, I agree. The downside of this types of site or movements (shudder) if you want to call them that, is they tend to think that minor modifications to the norm are changes. That looking at the way things are done and adjusting them to change how they are done to match a new thought process is change. It is not, that process is the same as pulling down an existing office building and using the materials to construct a housing development. Little has changed beyond the superficiality of it. In this example, we missed our opportunity to throw away the building materials and do something new, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

      You allude to the fact that a single lifetime is not long enough to effect real change, possibly because generational influence trumps the efforts of a few. I agree here also. To watch any of the world leaders at Mandela’s send off, to see how people observe holidays annually to commemorate those very few who had an original idea about us humans, makes me cringe. The hypocrisy is palpable, we try to bring peace while honouring war, and it goes on. However, to me that is the point of all of this.

      I think it a waste of time to try to fix things if we do not know what the problem is. But I think those few wise ones or wise peoples throughout history have tried to point out to us what the root cause of all this is. I see them telling us that this thing we have decided to call the ego and our misunderstanding of it is the issue we face. My observation thus far cannot disagree with them. Everything that I see that we tend to label an issue is due to us placing an inordinate amount of trust and giving too much attention to our egos.

      A thorough education into the ego would threaten materialism, consumerism, and any mainstream society, which is why I doesn’t happen, yet it is what we must understand if we are to attempt real change.

      There are a couple of things that we must know if we are to be sincere on this journey. One; free will is paramount and must never be negated if real change is to manifest. Changes brought about by politics, revolution, protest, coercion, enforcement, or on any way against the will of any individual, brings conflict and can never sustain of its own energy. Two, the results we say we want, those changes referenced on this site so regularly, will not completely arrive in our lifetime beyond the individual. All we can expect is to see the seeds planted and then nurtured with subsequent generations reaping the rewards of what we do. Unfortunately human ‘do’ for reward, which means we say we must see quick results to be satisfied with our sacrifices. This isn’t going to happen without a crisis.

      In conclusion, while there is a forum to discuss the issues we face, there is hope. Even without a forum there is always hope for the individual who wishes to step outside of society and live optimally, for that person there is no requirement for others to also do so, that person has taken it upon themselves to do the optimal thing regardless as what the masses do. To succeed in changing the world, if we need to do that beyond changing ourselves, we must identify the root and then educate everyone. This means have the courage to dismantle the conditioning process that masquerades as the education system and starting again. It means having the courage to remove the normal way for our children to have a secure financial future in contemporary society and trusting that a love driven education on intelligence and consciousness will see them through their lives perfectly well.

      I do not pray nor do I get involved. Prayer is contrary to where we need to go and my being uninvolved ensures my commitment to change. While it is exceedingly improbable that the world will change, it is not impossible because we have what is required to make the changes, and while it remains possible I remain obligated.

      • Contentttt

        Thank You for your response darrelf! Very nicely stated!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • “Human’s are still barbarian’s, only now they wear suits and fancy
      clothes to impress or create an image of being successful to the outer
      world as they support their actions and words with big gun’s and lots of
      money. Yet within each one, what has really changed? Nothing!!
      Absolutely nothing…..except for the details, because as barbarian’s
      mankind has become very shrewd and calculating. Yet human’s are very
      insecure within their own Self…..very insecure!”

      Just to look at this one point in your post. First it’s inaccurate to say nothing has changed. That’s such a monstrous generalization as to be laughable.

      There is more peace on earth now than ever.

      In the often romanticized time of hunter gathers violence & being killed by another human was around 50 percent according to psychologist Steve Pinker who extensively studied this & shows mathematically how this is true. See his book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” (2011)

      • Contentttt

        You missed the point Marko and saw from your perspective which is fine. But many of the same choices then like now are made from the same place and within the same energy’s. To protect one’s life and to take another’s if necessary! Inaccuracy is in the eyes of the reader, when they do not see what was intended to be shared.

        Which brings us back to a point presented before. Why can’t they see killing each other is killing your own Self and your brothers and sisters. Why are the not hearing the cries of many and the growling stomachs of children starving? If you are not capable of seeing it or hearing it, there is nothing another can do until they are and until they can.

        More peace no on Earth than ever? That just proves my point… just don’t see it!!

        • Yes Contenttt & you don’t see my point either. We agree to disagree & that’s fine with me.

          “Why are the[y] not hearing the cries of many and the growling stomachs of children starving? If you are not capable of seeing it or hearing it, there is nothing another can do until they are and until they can.”

          Many do hear & have been doing what they can for decades, because they haven’t solved the problem, doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. Many corrupt countries don’t allow the goods to even come in or re-sell it to their own people.

          It’s sad, it’s bad, but I believe progress has been made & further progress is coming in the awakening of the world. It’s not as fast as many of us currently would would like, but that should not stop us from doing what we can.

  • Robert Mason Estes

    People who care about themselves and their survival should care about others who care about themselves and their survival, quite especially if they live in close proximity.

  • Colin Millen

    In the context of this discussion, I think that the introduction of a maximum salary would be a good idea. Do you?

    • Kristen

      Under Universal Law that covers every realm other than Earth, everything is controlled. The current set wage for everyone is about USD $50k a year for those working fulltime with maybe 10% approved on higher wages than this, but capped at $100k. these are life savers like medics, priests, doctors, surgeons etc. A garbage collector is paid the same as a politician, teacher etc. The highest Angels working are on the highest salary bracket of $100,000 and God does not go over this, that is all He takes in His Universal role as God of Law. This works perfectly and everyone knows the deal and all are self employed contractors working glide time and jobs that suit them. How stuffed up capitalism is!!!!!!

      • Colin Millen

        I might agree with you about your last statement but what concerns me is what is happening now in this world, not ‘every realm other than Earth.’ So my question to you is this: Coming from a place of love and concern
        for the whole of mankind, how can we create in practice a new and better
        society on this planet?

        • Kristen

          I thinks it’s too late. Our ancestors and relatives now over 70 allowed the selfish driven people to seize control and the generation of those in their 60’s are the ones now wanting power, money, capital gain on housing, high salaries etc, and getting exactly what they want, and have raised their kids (my generation) to want exactly the same unfortunately.

          I am a Kabbalist (not affiliated to any religion or ‘church’ or group) so my view is very unCwG but it is freewill and peoples belief they can do and have what they want that is the problem now. And that teachings like CwG tell people there are no consequences from above etc. Telling people to use the Law of Attraction to get what they want completely out of its real and honest context is also a huge problem. There are consequences, there is no way around it. I think the only answer is for us to call on the Christed Ones whos role it is to bring Law upon Earth to take control and sort it out for us.This realm includes Angels, Higher Guides, Gods, Y’shua, Higher Hindus etc so covers everyone equally and is overseen by The Source, and the biblical God in His role as God of Law. They will be taking control whether we ask them to or not, but with out blessings and support is much better for all to ensure do-gooders do not accidently block them. I have a masters in Universal Law though, so I know a majority of people would hate it as many Laws determine incomes, carbon footprints, entitlement, eye for an eye karma and especially jobs permissible etc. Neale and many others would fight 100% against this as people would lose wealth and their freedom and we would be back in the 70’s when all the Laws were generally in place. I do think this will happen at some point soon, as they are all redoing their Law exams and being trained in weather manipulation and the finer details of physical acts showered upon us. The catalysts for change will not be pretty and can be read about in a dream interpretation book. Cancer, viruses etc will also increase hugely as they are now doing, as will death. Share markets will collapse and especially investment companies as the funds in these are all deemed ‘spare cash’ which no doubt will be used for travel, building and other non enviro friendly aspects. This is probably what all religions and teachings have defined as an apocolypse, end of times etc. I hope so as I believe people are exactly as they want to be, if they wanted to change they would, if people wanted to save the planet they would, and help others they would. No-one can convince them to change so it will have to happen for them.

          Love and concern for all is great, and for me wishful thinking, I can only have love and concern for animals, children, the abused and anonymous physical bodies being raped etc rather than the person that they are, as every adult needs to grow up and make every effort to help themselves and those who are dependant on us.

          By other realms I exclude anything alien, only including the human/God structures above Earth.

          • Colin Millen

            Hi Kristen, You obviously feel very strongly about the current state of the world. So let me ask you, “What is the one thing which you think might make it better?” Colin

          • Kristen

            Two words.
            STOP SUFFERING.
            This covers everything and everyone, and is in both contexts to teach people to stop causing their own suffering as well.

            I absolutely hate suffering in any way shape or form, and nothing even comes close to being of vague significance to stopping this NOW!

            If anyone wants to take this on I can write them a very simple campaign that will go viral very quickly with a famous person or someone with a huge internet presence behind it and cost nothing other that one persons wages to run it from home. Neale may be interested as he already has staff if you aren’t. It would be compliant with every Law so would have the Universes full support and the Christs, The Source, all Gods and Creator would definately give their blessings. I’m intuitive so I know it would work, I don’t to blind faith or waste time. The only glitch is that under Universal Law it is illegal to profit from the suffering of others SO whoever is behind it will have to commit that they would only make $20hour if they choose to take it on as a paid job.

          • Colin Millen

            Hi Kristen, You keep talking about the ‘Christed Ones’, as if they were a special group of people. But I thought we were all becoming ‘Christed’ – by taking on board the new information that is emerging from both mainstream Science and the New Spirituality Movement about ‘Us, God and The Universe’, as a
            consequence of which we are being enabled to raise the level of our consciousness to one of ‘Love, Unity and Abundance’?

            And, isn’t this how the Christian Church and other religions are going to move forward and bring themselves up to date? (See, for example, the website of the group in the UK called ‘Christians Awakening to A New Awareness.’)

            Also you use the word suffering. But is it not true that only pain exists to which suffering is just one of any number of possible responses we can make and that such an emotion can change, once we ‘enlarge our perspective’?

      • Contentttt

        “The highest Angels working are on the highest salary bracket of $100,000 and God does not go over this, that is all He takes in His Universal role as God of Law.”

        I don’t know whether to laugh at this statement or just shake my head because of the profound absurdity of it. Okay….honestly I am going with both responses! Are you smoking a little whacky tobacky Kristen? Who prints their dollars for them, the US Government?

        Haahhaahaaahhhaaaaa!!!! Wait you are serious aren’t you!! Now it is even more funny!! 🙂

        • Kristen

          Some lead by example and are Law abiding. It’s not like they need the money after thousands of years working as slaves to us. God is the largest property owner on Earth when you tally up all His churches, schools and other religious assets. They are all owned by Him no matter what the churches think. As I have said before, I cannot access what is above your species and realms you are from, just as you cannot access what is above Earth, our species etc. You believe our Gods are dead remember so you could not pretend to have any facts on this matter.

  • Darlene

    The silent Ones are here and we are working with our families, friends, and neighbors bringing a sense of self love and oneness that this world is now seeking. We are answering the call of many who want more love, peace and happiness. The changes we seek begin within, love yourself as we are all one in the same therefore we love all. Be compassionate to yourself and watch how that compassion moves outward to everyone you touch. Your love and compassion affect everyone, as we are all one in the same. The way to change the bigger expressions in this world has to begin within each and every being. There is no seperation, you/me, rich/poor, good/bad, right/wrong. We are One. Love you Neale and love you all.

  • mewabe

    In America, the richest and most advanced nation in the world (supposedly) 20 000 KIDS ARE FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION every year, and nearly 50% of these kids are homeless, living on the streets.

    Another tragic aspect of the devastating consequences of REAL poverty. Could this single FACT be enough to MOVE people into ACTION? What will it take, must we still be living as in Victorian England in this 21th century?

    If we are all one, why is it then that most of us are safe and living in comfortable warm houses that are essentially too big for us, with extra rooms, while minor girls and boys sell their bodies and live in a cardboard box on the streets? I am not talking about the rich here, I AM TALKING ABOUT ALL OF US!

    ARE WE ALL ONE, REALLY? Or is it just a nice concept that we (all of us) are not ready to apply in real life?

    Once, I faced the very real possibility of homelessness, down to zero money and with a mountain of debt, and I would have been happy at the time to live in someone’s garage or shack!

    By the way, I did open my house to young homeless people, and they stayed several months…they were American Indians, and they were HOMELESS ON THEIR OWN LAND (what an irony!)

    • Michael L

      Dear mewabe,
      Sending you the “spiritual stuff”.

      Be happy in those feeling of giving you have done. I do.

      You call to action.
      Just know that each of us in our own way strive to give the best of themselves every moment on their evolutionary journey here on earth. With time we will co-create the most wonderful place we have desired.
      It can not, not happen because…. we desire it.

      Happy gift giving season.

      • mewabe

        Dear Michael,

        Thank you…I understand. I was trying to redirect attention to the fact that the problem is not exclusively the so called 1%, the elite, the rich bankers and CEO’s etc…we are all rich, compared to one who has nothing. If we do not share anything, what right do we have to suggest others do so?
        Each one of us has the power the change the world today, rather than wait for a global awakening of consciousness tomorrow.

        happy giving and receiving season Michael!

    • Kristen

      Agree with you, and the self righteous comment. It’s really annoying when you mention your own ‘normal’ which includes giving acts, and those caught up in their own little world almost judge you for it. Every day must be a day to try or do a little act for someone or something else. Yesterday I went to the gas station to grab a coffee and paper and there was a little old lady, probably in her 80’s trying to put air in her tyres. There were at least 8 males at the gas station including two filling up expensive boats and a couple of teenagers on the public footpath by the air machine thing. NOT ONE of them helped her, I thought I could step back and assume a burly male would do it, but no. As per usual I have to trot over and do it for her including removing wheel trims that the mechanic put on crooked so she couldn’t even get to metal bit over her valvey bit. I don’t mind at all, and I’m used to it but WHAT THE FUGG IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE that they don’t even think people need help?????????????????? After fostering for 18 months, and being stolen from I am now being extremely selfish and having a vacant spare room in my house for the first time in ten years and NO-ONE is moving into it for 6 months. The current stray teenager with crap parents is sleeping on a pull out couch downstairs well away from me!!! In my house that is now essentially too big for me. And I’m loving it!

      • mewabe

        I remember walking on Market street in San Francisco and watching and hearing two older women, who looked relatively well off, fussing about their precious pet dogs, while about 2 feet from them a homeless man was digging in a garbage can, and as far as they were concerned he might as well have been invisible.

        I thought it was a sad commentary on humanity…yes I agree…I can’t really tell what is wrong with people…something is not connected in the human brain.

        No amount of new teachings, old training, new ideas, old ideas can render people conscious and sensitive, and responsive, when they are not. There is a basic lack of sensitivity in humanity that I cannot explain, as if most were on really heavy medication.

        Yes it can be risky to open one’s house to strangers, of course. Some people have too many problems and need some other kind of help. I guess we have to use intuition and judgment…and even then there are no guarantees.

  • Colin Millen

    In the context of this discussion, do you think that the introduction of transparency into all financial dealings would be a good idea?

    • Awareness

      Transparency (complete visibility) in ALL financial dealings is definitely a great idea 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Colin Millen

        OK, so how and when will it be put into practice?

        • Awareness

          Dear Colin Millen, GREAT question 🙂

          The how:

          “ELIMINATE MONEY.”
          “OR AT THE VERY LEAST, ELIMINATE ITS INVISIBILITY.” – “Conversations with God” chapter 16 book 2 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

          1. Resource Based Economy (The Venus Project):

          “All socio-economic systems, regardless of political philosophy, religious beliefs, or social customs, ultimately depend upon natural resources, i.e. clean air and water, arable land and the necessary technology and personnel to maintain a high standard of living.

          Simply stated, a resource-based economy utilizes existing resources rather than money and provides an equitable method of distributing these resources in the most efficient manner for the entire population. It is a system in which all goods and services are available WITHOUT the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of debt or servitude.

          Earth is abundant with plentiful resources; today our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is IRRELEVANT and counter productive to our survival. Modern society has access to highly advanced technologies and can make available food, clothing, housing, medical care, a relevant educational system, and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy such as geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, etc. It is now possible to have everyone enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities that a prosperous civilization can provide. This can be accomplished through the intelligent and humane application of science and technology.

          To better understand the meaning of a resource-based economy consider this: if all the money in the world were destroyed, as long as topsoil, factories, and other resources were left intact, we could build anything we choose to build and fulfill any human need. IT IS NOT MONEY THAT PEOPLE NEED; rather, it is free access to the necessities of life. In a resource-based economy , money would be irrelevant. All that would be required are the resources and the manufacturing and distribution of the products.

          When education and resources are made available to all people without a price tag, there would be no limit to the human potential. Although this is difficult to imagine, even the wealthiest person today would be far better off in a resource based society as proposed by The Venus Project. Today the middle classes live better than kings of times past. In a resource based economy everyone would live better than the wealthiest of today.

          In a resource based society, the measure of success would be based on the fulfillment of one’s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property and power.”

          2. “Conversations with God” (chapter 16 book 2):

          “This is not a suggestion, it is a dare. I dare you to throw out all your money, all your papers and coins and individual national currencies, and start over. Develop an international monetary system that is wide open, totally visible, immediately traceable, completely accountable. Establish a Worldwide Compensation System by which people would be given Credits for services rendered and products produced, and Debits for services used and products consumed.

          Everything would be on the system of Credits and Debits. Returns on investments, inheritances, winnings of wagers, salaries and wages, tips and gratuities, everything. And nothing could be purchased without Credits. There would be no other negotiable currency. And everyone’s records would be open to everyone else.”

          “People would, or at least could, know a great deal more about you than they know now. But not only would you know more about each other; you would know more about everything. More about what corporations are paying and spending—and what their cost is on an item, as well as their price. (Can you imagine what corporations would do if they had to put two figures on every price tag—the price and their cost? Would that bring prices down, or what! Would that increase competition, and boost fair trade? You can’t even imagine the consequences of such a thing.)

          Under the new Worldwide Compensation System, WCS, the transfer of Debits and Credits would be immediate and totally visible. That is, anybody and everybody could inspect the account of any other person or organization at any time. Nothing would be kept secret, nothing would be “private.”

          The WCS would deduct 10 percent of all earnings each year from the incomes of those voluntarily requesting such a deduction. There would be no income tax, no forms to file, no deductions to figure, no “escape hatch” to construct or obfuscation to manufacture! Since all records would be open, everyone in the society would be able to observe who was choosing to offer the 10 percent for the general good of all, and who was not. This voluntary deduction would go toward support of all the programs and services of the government, as voted on by the people.

          The whole system would be all very simple, all very visible.”

          Number 1 approach would be “ideal” and number 2 an interim approach towards a “money-less” resource based society 🙂

          The when:

          According to the GREAT GENIUS Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project, the new system will take hold when the present paper based money system collapses (there are already signs of this). And according to BASHAR of the Sassani (Living Light) civilization, new systems are already in place which will take over when the current financial system collapses 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Colin Millen

            Yes, I am aware of the Venus project and it does contain
            some interesting ideas and thinking but one thing that worries me about this whole scheme is its apparent lack of democratic accountability. For example, who exactly is going to decide
            where, when and how this ‘brave, new world, based on science and technology’, will be implemented?

            Also I feel that pinning its hopes on a collapse of the
            existing system is a bit negative and fatalistic. Capitalism is very resilient!

            As for the ideas presented in the CwG quote, I agree that they
            could provide some intermediary steps on the way towards the creation of a more advanced society, in which ‘a world of free access’ would probably be a major feature. But, again, the question remains, “Where, when, how and by whom will they be implemented?”

            And, of course, while considering all of these possible
            adaptations to present conditions, we must not forget that, throughout all of the CwG books, it is emphasised that there can be ‘no fundamental change of circumstance without a change of consciousness.’

          • Stephen mills

            So the invitation is for us to change our consciousness (raise consciousness).Consciousness raising is not an overnight thing it starts with us raising a ruckus !

            I find what,s going on intolarable but people like me must be in the minority as change is kind off slow .We need a bigger push to get to critical mass .

          • Colin Millen

            “raising a ruckus” hhhmm that’s an interesting way of putting it! But aren’t we already doing this by having these conversations on-line? But, perhaps what we need now is more face-to-face meetings in our local neighbourhoods, as mentioned in my posting to Awareness, perhaps called Time To Move On Discussion Clubs, in order to speed things up. Even so, I am sure you also recognise that the required adaptations to Life on this planet, once agreed, are not going to take place over night but will take some time to implement – say 6 or 7 decades?

          • Awareness

            ‘no fundamental change of circumstance without a change of consciousness.’

            Correct, Consciousness is ultimately the key in any change. At the highest level circumstances don’t matter:

            “Circumstances Don’t Matter Only State of Being Matters.” – BASHAR channeled by Darryl Anka 🙂

            So the question is “which state of being do I/we prefer?” 🙂

            We are already right Now facilitating change in Global Consciousness towards the direction of our preferred reality through our discussions here 🙂 We have already witnessed the amazing results of our efforts here in the outer world (remember Syria). Change is already underway 🙂

            I interpret Jacque Fresco’s statement regarding the collapse of the financial system as merely meaning that a new way is adopted readily when an old way is clearly seen not to work any more. So in my view Jacque Fresco is not “hoping” for the collapse of the current paper based financial system. He is merely suggesting that there is another way that will take us to where we say we wish to go 🙂

            “Who makes the decisions in a resource based economy? No one does. The process of arriving at decisions in this economy would not be based upon the opinions of politicians, corporate, or national interests but rather all decisions would be arrived at based upon the introduction of newer technologies and Earth’s carrying capacity. Computers could provide this information with electronic sensors throughout the entire industrial, physical complex to arrive at more appropriate decisions.” (Source: The Venus Project FAQ)

            And everyone will have free and complete access to these computers 🙂 To my understanding, the Venus Project advocates a completely visible system based on the meeting of human “need” 🙂

            Capitalism depends on LIFE in order to function. Ultimately LIFE is most resilient and infinite 🙂

            “Remember, Life is obedient to Three Basic Principles. Life is functional, adaptable, and sustainable. When it moves toward the edge of functionality—-when it cannot function much longer the way it is going—-it adapts. Life on earth is about to adapt. It cannot go on like it is. Something is going to have to change, and it will. Life will not let Life down. It will adapt.” – “TOMORROW’S GOD” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

            At the level of consciousness all possible realities exist now including your preferred reality. It is not the outer world that is changing first, it is you who is changing first. The outer world reflects changes within. You shift to the reality earth you prefer after you first change within. BE the change you wish to see. That is SELF Government 🙂 You are in full control 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

    • Yes it is, it’s been discussed b4 here & worthy of more discussion. Now many do not want it. In I believe CwG book 2 it states that when initialized it would cause a great stir. That is, for about 90 days or so & then, we settle down & see the benefits & move on.

      • Colin Millen

        Yes, of course, it is a good idea when thinking about the
        transformation of our primitive society into one which is more advanced (and, therefore, I wonder why people might not want it.)

        And there may be many consequences and repercussions, once
        it is put into practice (although, in the run-up to such a move, people, companies and nation states will surely be given an opportunity, a period of grace in which to put their affairs into order?)

        But, once again, I ask, “Where, when, how and by whom is the
        introduction of transparency into all financial dealings going to be initialized in practice?”

        • mewabe

          I am not sure that transparency is unwanted but by those who are dishonest…however there is a HUGE distinction to be made and understood between transparency and government agencies spying on the population. That’s where the discussion started here, that was the context, and it seemed to be completely misunderstood that the “total surveillance” program implemented by the US government had nothing to do with transparency.

          Surveillance is not transparency, for a couple of obvious reasons: it is unilateral (meaning the government knows everything about us but we know very little, and less and less, about it), it was implemented secretively until whistle blowers told the world (and they are being harshly persecuted for it), and it is coercive rather than voluntary.

          Nevertheless, the misunderstanding and confusion, and lack of intellectual clarity, persisted “I have nothing to hide, so why should I care?” and the points above were totally missed.

          What is coercive has no spiritual value for the person being coerced. If someone forces you to give to charity, that does not make you generous. If a government forced the entire population to become vegetarian or vegan, in the name of compassion for animals, that would not make the population compassionate. If a person goes through your personal affairs, your email, all your stuff, behind your back or even openly but without your permission, that does not make you transparent.

          The divine gave us free choice. Who are we to take it away from one another?

          People who use force to implement their ideals have been correctly called failed idealistic…they do not trust human nature (that’s their failure) and consequently believe force is necessary. Invariably, their ideals become distorted with the use of force, of coercion.

          So you asked about implementation…the implementation can only be voluntary, otherwise it has nothing to do with spirituality, it is simple tyranny.

          • Colin Millen

            Many thanks for this reply. It has made me think a lot more about implementation! So please bear with me as I push the boat out here!

            My first reaction is that, if we wait for implementation to
            be voluntary, we could be waiting for a very, very long while and, in the meantime, the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

            So we have to start from where we are which I would think for
            most people responding to this discussion page is living within a liberal democracy.

            Imho, therefore, in order to bring about peaceful and successful change, we have to use the existing parliamentary process because this is where the power to do so lies.

            (Yes, I know there are activist movements which run
            alongside the status quo, involving protests, demonstrations and the emergence of grass roots organisations, such as The World Social Forum, Occupy and The People’s Assembly but, valid as these are, what have they achieved in practice?)

            My suggestion, therefore, is that we form a new and very
            different, freethinking and innovative, spiritually and scientifically informed, cultural organisation – perhaps called The One World Transition Club (or OWT for short) – one of the main purposes of which would be to gain centralised power in order to get rid of it by introducing throughout the land a more advanced
            form of arranging human affairs, called ‘Self-Government.’

            For, surely, once it is recognised that ‘there is only one
            of us here’, i.e. ‘One Self’, then ‘Self-Government’, the organisation of our own affairs for and by ourselves without recourse to hierarchy and domination, will be seen as the next step in our evolution?

          • Awareness

            “‘Self-Government’, the organisation of our own affairs for and by ourselves without recourse to hierarchy and domination, will be seen as the next step in our evolution?” – Colin Millen

            Correct, SELF Government is the next evolutionary step 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Colin Millen

            OK, it’s agreed, this is going to be our long term, big picture aim. But how are we going to arrive at this destination? As already hinted, maybe we could start getting together in small face-to-face gatherings in our local neighbourhoods – perhaps called ‘Time To Move On Clubs’? – in order to discuss this goal.

            Topics could then include the new information concerning ‘Us, God and the Universe’ which is emerging from Science and the New Spirituality Movement; transforming our education system into one which is more ‘self-regulatory’; and exploring more advanced and enlightened methods of organising society?

          • Awareness

            Great suggestions 🙂 I recall Erin suggested on a previous discussion topic the formation of “Another Way Alliance (AWA)”. There is an Evolution Revolution Group on facebook. And there are local “Conversations with God” groups all over the world where members meet regularly to have discussions on a variety of topics. Have you joined the evolution revolution group on facebook? If not, you can write to with the message “I’m in” and you will be added 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Colin Millen

            Many thanks for this ‘tip-off’ which I will definitely look
            into. Cheers! Colin

          • mewabe

            This used to be call ANARCHY. Yes, Anarchy is about self-government, it always was…yet the term has become synonymous with CHAOS, because order, it is believed, must come from the top, within a hierarchical social system that is built like a pyramid.

            Anarchy is not new, as we all know. Self-government is not a new idea…and if you look around, you will see that most of today’s INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES (what was called “communes” in the 60’s) are formed around self-government and rule by consensus.

            Intentional communities are TOTALLY under the radar of the mainstream medias and culture…and that’s a good thing, otherwise they would be raided and persecuted for being a threat to the status quo. Nevertheless they are growing everywhere, and all represent EXPERIMENTS in SOCIAL CHANGE worth examining.

          • Colin Millen

            Is not a more accurate and positive meaning of the word Anarchy ‘that ideal state of affairs where there are no permanent leaders because they are not necessary.’ (They are not necessary because people will have been educated to ‘regulate themselves.’ Hence the need for ‘A Re-Schooled Society’?)

            Imho, the commune movement is very important, not because it
            will bring about change by itself but because it could provide possible models for a future, ‘Community-Based, Self-Governed World’?

          • mewabe

            The problem with all ideals, is…what do you do about the opposition?

            You speak of gaining centralized power to introduce self-government…

            I am totally for it, always have been. But what of the opposition? The actual, REAL Russian revolution was initially started by anarchists and nihilists who had the exact same idea. Then they got run over and actually killed by the Marxists who wanted power, and got it by force.

            All ideas are opposed by someone or something. So within such polarizations, how do you propose to deal with the opposition?…Repression?…Communist style “reeducation”?…Brainwashing?…Heavy medications?…Jail?…Killing? We must always look ahead for bumps on the road…when embarking on a specific path, we must look all the way to the horizon, to see where this path will lead, given the best AND the worst scenario, rather than walking blind and becoming a victim of “circumstances”, and victimizing others because “it was regrettable but it could not be avoid”….that’s how human history reads most of the time.

            This topic is rarely addressed here. The idea of “critical mass” seems to imply that a person like Limbaugh for example, who thinks that poor kids should eat out of dumpsters and feminists are Nazis, and his ditto-heads followers, will magically be transformed and become human beings, or that they will vanish, like the dinosaurs.

            That’s unrealistic. These people reproduce and have little dinosaurs whom they train to “think” and act, and believe, exactly alike!

            So…again, WHAT OF THE OPPOSITION, that will continue to exist for a very long time, until all of humanity evolves naturally and spontaneously (rather than under the whip)?

          • Colin Millen

            You have raised a couple of very important points here which
            need answering.

            Yes, in the past, during attempts to change the way things
            are (sadly not very well thought through), things did sometimes go horribly wrong but the examples you give are of ‘political revolutions’ which were imposed overnight and became violent because, once the previous regime had been overthrown, new and equally autocratic leaders – in the absence of a new social structure to fill the power vacuum thereby created – were required to take their place and impose

            But what is being proposed here is the democratic
            introduction, over a period of time, of a spiritually and scientifically inspired, ‘social r/evolution.’

            So, put very simply, any opposition it might give rise to
            can be out-voted. (Hence, it is vitally important for democracies to become established throughout the land, as is
            being demanded in many despotic countries at the moment. For, as somebody once said, liberty is the mother of order, not its daughter!)

          • mewabe

            Democracy is still coercion (of a minority by a majority, and at time a slight majority that can easily loose its power). It still leads to the unhappiness of an important percentage of a population.

            People could be “schooled”, from infancy, to think in a new way. But I am not sure that this kind of conditioning should be thought to equate evolution and enlightenment. Wouldn’t it be just another form of programming meant to stamp out individual thought and replace it with collective thought, but without actual inner evolution?

            There is a difference between a belief and an insight. Spontaneous insights come from actual personal evolution, from some form of individual enlightenment. Beliefs often come from an outside authority or powerful influence. Insights could be called spiritual, while beliefs are often religious or ideological.

            People can be “educated” to believe a certain way…and shown that this way can produce good practical outcomes for them and for the world. But in this scenario they are still living under some form of outside, top down authority, what would probably pose as a “spiritual” authority, a spiritual system, but originating from the intellectual authority of a new THEOLOGY, it will actually be a religious authority!

            I am for natural individual evolution giving rise to a new world from within, from the inner self, not for living under any form of authority whatsoever, not even a “benevolent” one, and not even the authority of IDEAS!

            I choose patience and absolute freedom for all…even when I seem very frustrated. I believe in liberation and enlightenment from within, not in outside conditioning.

            Evolution, enlightenment never come from giving people preformed answers to life’s big questions, telling them how things are…it comes from triggering something in them so they come up with their own answers from within!

          • Colin Millen

            Many thanks for this reply which lets me know where you are
            coming from, i.e. ‘waiting for the moment’, but which also suggests that you are not open to new ideas, otherwise you would have wanted to find out more about a term such as ‘Re-Schooling’ before jumping to your own conclusions?)

          • mewabe

            Thank you for your response, but it is a “shut down” response, not a dialogue as I made some specific points which you are not addressing. Furthermore, I am not suggesting that I am right, on the contrary I expressed the thought that I choose a different approach, and I explain why, at length. It is only a matter of choice, and I choose absolute freedom. I come from the very real fact that all things created and born in this world are born free and sovereign, and only mankind attempts to enslave it all. To trade one form of tyranny for another does not lead to freedom.

            I come from understanding the fact that only love can liberate, not man’s law, old or new.

            To obtain centralized power to progressively establish self government is a very idealistic and, may I say, very naive approach, as those who obtain power NEVER relinquish it voluntarily, no matter how sincere they are at the beginning.

            Yes, I am analyzing Neale’s approach and offering some criticism…is this taboo in your view? Am I threatening your new belief system? I did not mean to do this, or to make you uncomfortable…all I sought was to go a little deeper than the surface.

            As far as having an open mind, if you think that my “conclusion jumping” is based on errors, then it is up to you to demonstrate why, rather than walking away. This is what a dialogue consist of…redefining terms that may have been misinterpreted or misunderstood by another.

            Walking away, on the other hand, can be interpreted as either having run out of ideas, feeling personally offended, and/or being only comfortable within the context of agreement.

          • Colin Millen

            OK, point taken! So, in response to these comments, I am posting this brief description –by no means complete (but, maybe, a little grandiose?)! – of one way in which I think we,
            the human race, could bring into existence a more elevated and enlightened civilisation on this planet, followed by some questioning of your own position on this matter.

            Its starting point is the increasing understanding – being
            brought about by the new and rediscovered information concerning ‘Us, God and the Universe’ coming into the public domain from both science and The New Spirituality Movement (especially the CwG material) – that ‘there is only one
            of us here’, i.e. ‘One Self.’

            This re-cognition, once it becomes widespread, will have a
            number of major consequences. In particular, it will be realised that ‘Self-Government’, the organisation of our own affairs
            for and by ourselves without recourse to hierarchy and domination, could be the next stage in our cultural development.

            But how might we get there? For this more advanced system would not possibly work within our current primitive system, with its remote and distant bureaucracies, led by minorities
            and ruling elites, and its pyramids of wealth, power and influence.

            It will, therefore, require for its effective operation the
            construction of ‘a new social framework’ into which all people everywhere can then put their own details ‘using direct, participatory, democratic methods.’

            This ‘new social framework’ might well involve the
            re-creation of ‘The Community’, the establishment in each of them of an administrative ‘Community Centre’ and, in place of public and private ownership, the introduction of ‘Community Ownership.’

            These new forms of social organisation, in which the purpose
            of life would be the doing of the greatest good, not the accumulation of the greatest wealth, would then become interconnected over a period time into horizontally linked, regional networks of mutually aided, ‘Self-Managed

            However, it would also soon be realised that this more
            mature way of arranging human affairs could not possibly be supported and reflected by our current authoritarian system of education.

            The existing provision in this area for all children and
            young people would, therefore, also become transformed over a period of time into one which is ‘libertarian and self-regulatory.’ (So this, very, very briefly, is what is meant by ‘Re-Schooling.’)

            But neither of these long term goals – the introduction of ‘Community-Based Self-Government’ and ‘The Re-Schooling of Society’ – are capable of being achieved spontaneously on this scale.

            Following much debate, they would require, should they be
            agreed, a temporary, democratically established, ‘Transition Government/Administration’ in each country in order to put them gradually and carefully into practice. (Hence, the importance of democracies becoming established in those places which are at present autocratic.)

            Thus, a new and very different, innovative and freethinking,
            scientifically and spiritually informed, political organisation, a probable outgrowth of existing and future time-to-move-on discussion groups, would first need to come into existence throughout the land.

            For, like it or not, making use of the current parliamentary
            process is the only way in which these radical and concrete ‘Ideas of Change’ could be implemented peacefully and successfully.

            And, while all of this is going on, in line with the general
            re-cognition that We Are All One, it may also be considered wise and expedient, in the initial stages of ‘The Transformation’, to bring all of the nations of the world together.

            Consequently, for example, it might be decided to establish
            a temporary, democratically constituted, ‘One World Transition Government/Parliament/Administration’; to dismantle all national armies, including all of their weapons of attack and
            defence; and to introduce transparency into all financial dealings along with a new ‘One World Transition Currency.’

            But, of course, all of the above are just thoughts and proposals at the moment. Nevertheless, I would like to ask: In what ways might they be said to involve any kind of ‘conditioning’ or ‘the trading of one tyranny for another’?

            And is not taking the proposed course of action outlined
            here a more preferable way of bringing into existence a more advanced society, while tackling the current dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet, rather than just ‘waiting for the moment’?

            For, in the case of the latter, could not this option endure
            for a long, long time, while the world goes to hell in a hand basket in ever more disruptive and harmful ways?

          • Stephen mills

            If you do not go within you go without .Now I wonder where I heard that from ?

            So meditation lies at the heart of transcendence .So this in sight will emerge .This is called conscious evolution .A great book by the way by Barbara max ford Hubbard and defiantly not old mother Hubbard !

            This is where we are headed if we consciously control our own Evolution .So putting limits on what people can earn or having a liveable wage have to be put in place for our own highest good until we naturally do what highly evolved beings do .

          • mewabe

            Thank you for your answer…
            Meditation is not the only path…it is a good path for some.

            As far as limiting this or that by law, that is the same old game of paternalism, of an authoritative government treating people as children who do not know any better. Unfortunately, doing so makes people more and more irresponsible, not less.

            Again, evolution cannot be forced. To attempt to implement what should be the outcome of evolution by force is a very misguided approach. It is what the world has always done, so it is a very old approach, and we can see the results everywhere, it hasn’t work too well.

            Using old tools to implement new ideas is the very pattern of history.

        • Stephen mills

          I practice it right now every day ,in my own small business I tell everyone what percengage profits I make on the items I sell .They can even see the original invoice if they want.

          Honesty has to start somewhere it maze well be with yourself . If I can not be fair myself how can I expect others to be transparent .

          • Colin Millen

            I could not agree more with your statement that “honesty has
            to start somewhere, it maze well be with yourself.”

            But, generally speaking, under the conditions prevailing in
            our current hierarchically organised society, honesty obviously does not pay. So, while being honest and truthful ourselves, how about also thinking and talking about transforming these
            pyramids of wealth, power and influence into ‘horizontally linked, regional networks of interconnected, mutually aided, self-managed communities’ in which awareness, responsibility and honesty is the norm?

            PS. I have just caught a programme on Local Radio discussing and advocating transparency concerning how much people are paid, admittedly over a certain limit and for public servants only, but at least it’s a start! But what a coincidence!?! (I know, there aren’t any!)

          • Stephen mills

            Who wants to go first ! I will go I have nothing to hide .I have nothing to gain by not being transparent and honest .Who else is there ? If you want the world to change you have to be the change you wish to see .

            The point I,am trying to make is that I’m not trying to get ahead by ripping people off or using them for cheap labour to make as much profit as I can . How does it make me feel when I,m honest and transparent and being fair to others (fair being a concept) .I have to go with what makes me feel good about being human .

            Perhaps I will never make a good business man but if the only way I can make huge profits is at expense of the many does this make me good !

            Cwg book 2 talks a lot about transparency relating to our economy
            so does Neales book Tomorrow s God this is where we are headed I only wish tomorrow was today .Why not make it today it all start,s with you..As Thom Hartmann says Democracy start,s with you Tag Your It !

          • Colin Millen

            Of course, “being the change you wish to see” is important in
            bringing about wider evolutionary change but so too are new ideas, new thinking, new ways of doing things. Simply “being
            the change you wish to see”, imho, is not enough.

          • Great Stephen, you are one of the leaders who goes first. How do people respond to your transparency? How’s it working & playing for you?

          • Stephen mills

            Hi Marko,
            Your right it is almost like a game we are playing Isn,t it .Being in a very competitive industry and austerity times I would say people do not know what to make of it . I think a lot of people are old school and kind of like secrecy in financial dealings and matters .

            But I really just put it out there to test the water,s so to speak . I have no desire to rip people off or get ahead at all costs .Perhaps this is a Character flaw but I would gladly share all that I have with anyone .

            Profit comes in many forms as you know but I like what you say about being an emotional millionaire .I think I have searched for truth all my life but why not start with being the truth or at least start on that journey .

            Have a good day master

          • “I think I have searched for truth all my life but why not start with being the truth or at least start on that journey .”

            Yes, let us be the change we desire to see. Thanks for the share & carry on!

        • I have no idea of the when where & how, but first you have to bring in the discussion before it becomes a larger reality. It can be forced on us, just as the digital television conversion was. That’s not always a bad thing if we all know it’s for the greater good.

          Technology forces people to change to gain more possibilities, or they simple go without it.

          Spirituality may do the same? Who knows? What I do know is, the reality you want to see and experience, practice to be that, as best you can, those receptive will appreciate it & so will the whole world. Well eventually that is. 🙂

          • Colin Millen

            I could not agree more with your comment about the need for
            discussion, especially face-to-face, as well as on-line – hence the suggestion that we hold Time To Move On Clubs in our local neighbourhoods?

            As for the use of force, especially concerning any intermediary measures we may wish to take in order to render the world a safer place, would not making use of the existing parliamentary process in liberal democracies avoid this problem?

            I agree, technology can bring about change – for example, the
            soon to arrive, more ready availability of 3D printing. But under the conditions of capitalism, it will be used to make a profit, whereas in a more advanced, Community-Based, Self-Governed
            World, it would be employed to meet the needs of people and the planet.

            As for ‘being the change you want to see’, again, I say, Yes
            this is very important but we also need new ideas, new ways of thinking, new
            ways of doing things.

          • Well there is a concept called conscious capitalism. Where the idea is still to make a profit, just not obscene profits & to take profits give at least some of them back to workers & to helping the world.

          • Colin Millen

            Yes, there are businesses which are run in this way, e.g. within the Cooperative Movement, and, of course, charity has always existed in a capitalist world (but have you heard of the saying that it is a poor substitute for social justice?) and I am pleased that such generosity is often displayed under even present ‘selfish’ circumstances.

            So, be charitable (while understanding its limitations.) But let’s also be creative and start looking at new ideas for bringing into existence a more advanced society (in which charity won’t be required.)

            Surely, therefore, it’s not a question of either/or but both/and?

          • Yes I agree!

          • mewabe

            Sorry to barge in Marko, but I have to say that I vehemently disagree with your suggestion of force, even if you present it as a mere possibility.

            In my experience, all acts of coercion totally oppose spirituality. For one thing, a coercive spirituality is no longer such, it becomes a religion, and not a good one.

            I think there is a lot of confusion among the followers of Neale’s approach, which can only come from their own interpretation of his material, or the fact that Neale himself is not very clear as to the means he would choose to implement changes in the world, and may consider coercion.

            If it is the latter, I believe he is on the wrong track.

          • Thanks Mewabe feel free to barge anytime, always appreciate your input.

            I don’t think CwG teaches coercion in any form.

            As for force, even in the summer time you may have to force a stuck door open. Even in nature, you are forced to change as a result of storms, fire & wind damage.

            Even it personal growth, a person may get into a car accident if only to slow them down & think about life. This example is seen in people who often over work in business. It’s the proverbial getting hit in the head with a 2 x 4. Make sense?

          • mewabe

            Yes and no…there is a difference between applying force to an object and to another person. To force another person to act a certain way is coercion. There is a place for it in society, at this time, because people are not yet enlightened.

            But it is not a spiritual approach, and it will not lead to evolution or enlightenment. It will only address behaviors, not change our fundamental nature.

            For example, human law say that killing is wrong, so most people do not do kill, because of a fear of the law. But when the law against such a thing is lifted within the context of war, very few people refuse to engage in killing, and it could be say that some seem to enjoy it. The law has not enlightened them, it has only controlled their behavior.

            Similarly, many support the death penalty. Supporting killing is not a problem for them, and they want it, and some want to witness it. The law says that we should not kill, but it does not take the killer out of people, it only controls behaviors.

            To apply force or will power or shock to your own self and your own life is a free choice. To do so to another is a trespass, in purely spiritual terms.
            People have to decide whether they want to follow a spiritual path or just seek to change the world in worldly terms, which include coercion. A spiritual path can only be taken in absolute freedom and lead to total liberation. Everything else is just ideology.

          • “A spiritual path can only be taken in absolute freedom and lead to total liberation. Everything else is just ideology.”

            Absolute to me creates rigidity which is rarely good. You make some great points. Yet nature & our own spiritual path often forces us to change, unless,– we stay rigid & that either breaks us more or may kill us.

            Now, since a new topic on the gay issue has come up I’m sure we can discuss it there or at another time if you wish.

            Your response as “Yes & no” most reflects that we each have good points, none absolute, but part of our own evolving selves, yes?

            Be well my friend.
            Smiles, -M

  • Benny Hansen

    Banyak manusia mengaku sebagai mahluk spritual yang merupakan ciptaan TUHAN,,,,,tetapi sangat ironis sekali ketika sekelompok manusia dari negara maju menciptakan sistem ekonomi yang menyebabkan ketidaksetaraan pendapatan penduduk global….apakah mereka pantas disebut manusia spritual yang mengakui adanya TUHAN tetapi membiarkan ketidaksetaraan pendapatan penduduk global berlanjut…?