I think my friend is stealing from our workplace. Should I confront her about it?

I don’t mind if you post this, but I’d like to remain anonymous. First, I don’t have any proof that my co-worker friend is stealing from our workplace. Having said that, I’m nearly certain that she is because suddenly she is spending a great deal of money. Until recently she has been struggling financially in a big way. Should I say something to her or just mind my own business? I really care for her and don’t want to see her get in trouble. I keep going back and forth on what I should or should not do. I’ve asked myself a hundred times, “What would Oneness do?”

Dear Anonymous… I can certainly see your predicament and understand your confusion as to what to do. Because you don’t really know whether she’s stealing or not, you don’t have enough information to know how to respond.

You ask, “What would Oneness do,” and in times like these, I find it best to go to my Higher Wisdom and ask. Your key word here is “Oneness”. Since we are all part of the One Universal Energy, we have access to all of Its information. It knows so much more than the limited information our minds hold, and if you had all of the information at your fingertips you would know exactly what to do.

So the question becomes, “How can I access the information I need,” and the answer is, through your soul. Your soul is the part of you that is always connected to the One. The way to do this is to get very quiet and still, center yourself, then ask, “Dear God, what is the highest and best for me to do regarding my friend? Should I say anything to her about my suspicion that she is stealing, and if so, what is the highest and best thing for me to say?” Have a notepad handy, ready to write down anything that comes through. Don’t censor it. Just allow yourself to write whatever comes into your mind.

Now, I’m sorry if this sounds like a cop-out from me, but this is honestly the highest and best advice I know of to give you. It is exactly what I would do if I were in the same situation. When I open myself to hearing what God shares with me, the information I receive always makes me feel so much better, and the advice never steers me wrong. When we know how to access the Higher Wisdom of The One, we never again have to wallow in confusion about anything.

If you need help quieting your mind in order to do this, please click on the link below and follow the process called “How To Have Your Own Conversation With God”:


If, after accessing your Higher Wisdom you feel guided to speak with your friend, I can offer three suggestions to help it go as smoothly as possible:

1. Come from Big Love during the conversation. Be determined to stay as loving as possible, no matter what happens.

2. Be impeccable with your word. Choose your language slowly and carefully, allowing the One to speak through you, as you.

3. Think from the end. Envision how you would like for each of you to feel after the conversation is over. This goes a long way toward creating the scenario the way you want.

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