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Some 30 to 40 children at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City were told as they came to the end of the cafeteria line last Tuesday that they could not have their lunch because their parents did not have enough money in their school account.

The children’s lunches were taken out of their hands and thrown into the garbage, according to a report from CNN affiliate KSLStudents and parents reported the incident, and school officials confirmed the astonishing events.

Parents pay for school lunches by placing money in their child’s school lunch account, officials explained, and if the account runs dry, the school cannot provide the child lunch.

A fifth-grader name Sophia was met by a school district nutrition manager, she said, who took her lunch and threw it away and told her to “go get a milk.” When the child asked what was going on, she said she was handed an orange and told: “You don’t have any money in your account, so you can’t have lunch.”

The lunch was thrown away because once it is on a tray carried by a student, it can’t be retrieved and given to someone else, but must be discarded, cafeteria employees later confirmed.

More than 30 children faced this experience at Uintah Elementary School on Tuesday, all of told in front of other students and staff that because their parents hadn’t kept their accounts paid up, they were having their lunches taken away.

Some students and school staff members were reportedly in tears over the incident, the KSL news story said.

Two Utah state senators who visited the school on Thursday said that the employee responsible for taking the action against the children should be fired if found after due process to have acted as it has been reported—and as school officials have confirmed—because that person “used (their) power to humiliate and embarrass children.”

But it isn’t the first or only time such a thing has happened in U.S. public schools, according to a story on Jan. 30 by Annie-Rose Strasser for the website Think Progress.

“In November, a Texas middle school student’s lunch was thrown away because he was 30 cents short on payment,” the news story said.

Strasser’s story goes on to point out that “depriving children of food — and embarrassing them in front of their peers — isn’t the only option. In Boston, for example, public schools provide all students with cost-free breakfast and lunch no matter what their financial situation.”

“Boston is the largest city to participate in a national program called Community Eligibility Option that waives meal fees for all students. It’s also being implemented in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and parts of New York City,” a September story at said.

Utah school officials this week did not deny that what students reported last Tuesday is exactly what occurred, and they told students and parents they were sorry. “It was wrong. It should not have happened, and we apologize that it did,” Salt Lake City School District spokesman Jason Olsen said Thursday.

Another way needs to be found to deal with lunch accounts that have fallen to zero, parents, school officials, and state political leaders agree.

It feels to me that in a spiritually evolved society it would be incomprehensible that a child would be denied food for lack of money. Why all school systems don’t do what Boston does is unclear — except that in America’s increasingly “every-man-for-himself, you’re-on-your-own” society, the Boston example may be simply going out of style.

What’s the great American saying? “There’s no free lunch.” Apparently. Not even for a fifth-grader — or a middle school student 30-cents short.

All this, in a world where 85 people hold more wealth than 3.5 billion — half of the rest of the global combined.

Enough, already.


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  • Michael L

    For clarity sake,
    in the Utah case the school forgot to notify the parents that they were short on their lunch money. Once the process was started without the transparency for correction, this was the result.
    But I have been in the a school system before and there are ways to help children and parents over the lapses in payment. This story just brings to light that once a system is in place without a shocking jolt it stays that way.

    This could be a catalyses to change as in one school I witnessed: when a person can’t pay, a bagged lunch is ready to ease that gap. And why the system is back ended could be changed so that each child would know before they got to their food that they were lacking in payment.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Whether the school forgot to notify parents or not is beside the point. There is no excuse — simply none — for the school having handled the situation in this way even if officials thought that parents HAD been notified. Under no circumstances should the children have been publicly humiliated. Boston schools provide free lunches for every child. C’mon America, put yer Big Boy pants on. We can do this. If Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago can do this, so can Utah, for heaven sake. And every school in every state in the nation.

      We can spend billions every year for war and we can’t even give our school children a free lunch? We throw it away rather than give it to a kid who is 30 cents short? Ohmigosh…is this really who we are now? Really?

      You all saw the report: 85 people in the world hold more wealth than 3.5 billion — half the world’s population — combined. I mean really. Really.

      • Jeani D

        just horrible. I worked at a small town school in one of Boston’s suburbs, where the kids were given tickets if they had no lunch, some came to me in the office and asked if they could borrow a dollar so they could have a “better” lunch, I happily gave out between $10 and $15 dollars a daysometimes, if I got $2 back the next day I was thrilled. Until one day one of those beautiful 4th graders told his mom and she came after me the next day, screaming at me, for giving her child a dollar. I think they just didn’t want others to see them with that ticket, they wanted to be like their friends.. That was also the day I quit. I miss the children, even the ones that were in the office every day to see the principal, they were all good kids. God Bless all our Children.

      • mewabe

        Yes, it is very cold and getting colder in America, and I am not talking about the weather.

        I am actually surprised that theses schools do not direct kids from poor families to the nearest dumpster to get their “lunch”…perhaps they haven’t thought of it. Rush Limbaugh probably has.

        • Michael L

          Your not helping here mewabe.
          Whats your solution?
          Each school district is autonomous.

          • mewabe

            I was trying the help the schools with a Rush Limbaugh type of “idea”.

            You know, the same type of “idea” as a crowd had when responding “let them die” while asked about the uninsured.

            That kind of “idea”, which is becoming popular in certain American quarters.

            My solution?

            Stop trying the dominate the entire world militarily to emulate the Roman Empire, and direct all funds now wasted on military adventures, weapons research and development, military bases worldwide and other obscenities towards FULFILLING HUMAN NEEDS.

            Not that complicated…all the money spent by all nations towards militarism would be more than enough to solve all of humanity’s basic problems, such as food and basic shelter, clean water, basic education, and basic medical care.

            It would not even take a “spiritual” society or culture to do this…it only requires an intelligent society.

            We are not even intelligent yet as a species.

      • Peace thru Peace

        Yes, the truth is, we DO have enough. I’ll expand on mewabe’s comment below. We (the U.S.) spend so much on military expenses – over half a trillion a year not counting war expenses. This is more than the next 20 nation’s (combined) military spending. What we spent on the Iraq war in one month (~$6 billion) would have educated the entire world’s population of elementary-aged kids for one year. And then they wouldn’t have had to go to the free fundamentalist madrasas and get indoctrinated in extremist religiosity. It’s true. We just need to “choose” as g-o-d says. In this case, between policing U.S. “interests’ (read: oil, palm, gold, chocolate, banana etc., etc. interests) and the welfare of our kids. Look at your tax bill coming up in a couple of months, 1040 line 61 (Total Tax Bill). One-half of that goes to war and war debts and that’s not even counting all the mischief the C-I-A and the N-S-A is up to. What could we do with that money?

        • mewabe

          I totally agree with you…and the numbers back up these statements.

          But these statements are way too realistic for new age thinkers and for most people on this site, who would prefer not to be bothered with too many unpleasant facts, and just send “love and light” at the world problems, without having to change their lifestyle or criticizing the government, because criticizing the government and its policies would be “polarizing” and “negative”, and actively standing against the war machine as do many grass root movements would require…let’s see..I think it is called “a pair”.

  • Susan Knights

    You really have to question what was going on in the mind of the person who did this to those children. Were they acting under instruction and at risk if they didn’t do what they were told to do? Or were they acting without compassion or reasonable thought? Or were they acting through a form of power or control? Whatever the answer is, it’s a very, very sad state of affairs indeed. It also makes me question why we’ve let our health and safety bureaucracy mean we throw good food away. I’m struggling to understand how we can let people across the world go hungry but have a surplus that is thrown away. When did we let it go so wrong and why do we accept that as OK? And why aren’t we all doing something about it? If it was on our doorstep would we act differently?

  • Carina Aduddell

    As a mother of 4 it saddens me to hear about these children being rejected and humiliated. Growing up relatively poor..many times did my lunch account run into the negative. But NEVER did we get told we got no lunch that day. I have accidentally let my own children’s lunch accounts go negative a couple of times..but they were still served lunch no problem. Now..I’m not sure what the policy is in Utah or why the parents didn’t pay..but why are the children being made an example of? Why didn’t they call the parents instead? Is it now a child’s responsibility to pay for their own food and own survival? Maybe the school district or even state should look into putting some kind of meal funding or late payment allowance into the system so this doesn’t happen again.

  • Jimmy Hammer

    Don’t you understand, it’s compassionate conservatism.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Yes, of course. What’s the matter with me…?

    • Michael L

      Nice joke.

  • Leslie A. Neilson

    Neale: You said, “It feels to me that in a spiritually evolved society it would be incomprehensible that a child would be denied food for lack of money.” The truth is . . . we do not live in a spiritually evolved society. If we did, money would not exist, nor would it hold any value. It seems to me that society is lacking in love . . . <3

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      It seems to me that you are correct.

  • onewomansworth

    This is absolutely ridiculous! This is the example we set for our children? They should be ashamed of their behavior. Not only did they humiliate and deprive these kids of lunch, but they threw the lunches in the trash! No excuse for this! Stories like this are what make it so hard to imagine there will ever be a better world. How are we to bring peace to a world that can’t even find compassion enough to feed their own children? Greed has overcome empathy. A great awakening is needed. I do my best to try to light a spark within others, although I know each will need to do so in their own time. It gets so frustrating and sad, when you just wish for kindness and love to be shown to all. I know I can only keep working on evolving to the highest version of myself. Thank you Neale for all you do!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      One idea: Send a letter to the school and let them know how you feel. Only when people begin to have to look at themselves and feel the consequences of their actions will changes in their behavior occur.

      • Alexander

        Can you tell us the address please? Thank you.

  • mewabe

    Such a story makes a big impact on America’s consciousness…

    Which, in spite of some progress, still remains a completely dormant, zombie-like consciousness in the mainstream, and this is a generous understatement.

    On a Native American reservation a few years ago, a Lakota grandmother froze to death as a result of being forced to choose between feeding her grandchildren or spending money for heat, to keep warm during a typically brutal South Dakota winter.

    She choose to feed her grandchildren.

    She froze to death.

    If it had been a white woman, such a story would have been all over the media. But she was Native American, living in the IGNORED AND FORGOTTEN AMERICAN THIRD WORLD: an Indian reservation.

    Native American children as young as 9 years old commit suicide EVERY DAY because of the desperate conditions in which they live.

    This does not make the news.

    If you think you have a good answer as to why it does not, please let’s hear it!

    By the way when it comes to recruiting cannon fodder, America never forgets to target American Indians, who have contributed more than any other people to fighting America’s wars!

  • Steve Kostov

    What we just taught these children is: “I’m only as significant as the number of all-mighty dollars to my name. I could be stripped off my dignity as a being at anytime and denied life sustaining essentials (food) by the very society I live in, which teaches me at school that I can be anything I want to be, and all I can be in this life…and what I’m being now is…hungry. Something is not adding-up here, I better buckle-up for a bumpy ride in this lifetime…”

    They wouldn’t phrase it that way yet, but worse, their subconscious will imprint a permanent memory of the feeling such an ordeal produces. We have just provided them with yet another building block for the mosaic of Life they are to piece together: “how things are”

    These kids are tomorrows leaders. If we keep this up, do we really think they will be part of the future solutions, or another extension of our distorted view of how things ought to be?

    Not identical, but similar childhood experiences had me as an young adult to be an introvert and, instead of having posters on my wall as a teenager of beautiful women, I had Bruce Lee and images of lone wolves, symbolizing my then world-view constructs of a cold, unfriendly reality, in which one had to be strong, fit, witty, selfish, ready to fight and expect to do it alone and against the Whole World…

    The good news: It was all an Illusion.

    There are solutions.

    Please scramble to find them 🙂

    These conversations will eventually lead places. People are having them all over the world. Sometimes the solutions are unique to a local culture or societal momentum and each need fine-tuning, but solutions are always present, accessible and available to the sincere hearts…

    Keep on the good work!

    And THANK YOU, Neale!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Steve, I consider this one of the most insightful commentaries I have ever seen posted on this site. I believe you are perfectly correct in your description of what we have just taught these children, and in your account of how all children are “programmed” to think the way they come to think of the world as adults.

      It is sad and insane that we do not see this from afar. It is incomprehensible to me that this school could and would have done this. I wish that everyone here would send a letter to that school and simply tell them what you, Steve, have posted here.

      • Steve Kostov

        Thank you kindly, Neale. I have my letter ready to mail first thing on Monday, though I am looking into new information as to whether letters should be sent to the Salt Lake City School District as well or instead, as they had dispatched their Child Nutrition Manager who’s authority seems to had overridden the Cafeteria Manager’s one, as one of the posts here points to.

        In cases like this, when adults scatter through the rabbit holes and channels of the bureaucratic system trying to cover their behinds by looking for loopholes and pointing fingers, the ones at the bottom of the ladder may end up taking all the blame (in this case the Cafeteria Manager and her staff).

        Even though this is an adult technicality, the reason it may matter is that when eventually all the dust settles, and all adults move on, the damage caused to the kids may be extended by association if some of them start carrying guilt on top of everything else, blaming themselves for having their “beloved cafeteria manager” (according to the Huff Post article) punished or removed, because they had spoken up. I had known kids like that, who later in life learned to bottle things up, subjecting themselves to unfair treatment and/or abuse as adults.

        Either way, after all is said and done, as we are conditioned to focus on peripherals, most folks would have still not connected the dots of what was wrong with the big picture, in terms of the impact on the youngsters psyche and the consequences on their world-view development. As you mentioned, it is sad indeed, and insane that we do not see this from afar.

        Most problems in society still boil down to lack of understanding the biggest problem Humanity is facing today, as you yourself pointed in your article from Aug 3rd, 2013: “ The chief problem facing humanity today is our absolute refusal to accept responsibility for the experiences that we, ourselves, are collaboratively creating.”

        Even many of those, who fully embrace your wonderful works, in my observation, and seem to be grasping the most important of messages that our biggest misconception about God was/is the fact that we see ourselves separate from everything, including God, even they still do not quite seem to connect that the very reason that we see ourselves separate from everything, is precisely BECAUSE we see ourselves separate from God in the first place (as you had abundantly explained by the trickling-down dynamics from Separation Theology – all the way down to Separation Pathology).

        In other words, as I believe you had pointed before, the problems we have are not political, not economical, not sociological, and so on – they are Spiritual.

        We fix that – we fix everything. Until then we will continue to try to eliminate problems from the level of “effect” – a bottomless pit. Until then, the experience of the Oneness with All That Is will continue to elude us, and that will continue to give those who almost violently oppose it, ammunition to desperately continue trying to discredit it, due to increasing fear of their own house of cards collapsing..

        Yet I still see people commenting on various posts that we can do without spirituality. Mostly, perhaps, due to misunderstanding of either what spirituality is or means in the context that is used, or simply missing the big picture by a mile due to conditioning.

        The same goes for folks who are neither religious nor spiritual. They employ the same pathological behavior of “separation”. This is where even Science hits brick walls also when trying to understand what Consciousness is, by having scientists continuously trying and fruitlessly assigning physical properties to a non physical phenomenon.

        If you can’t experience it, make it into something it is not.

        If you can’t experience it, look for it where it can not be found – outside yourself.

        Of course my own assessments may be askew as well.

        • mewabe

          “Yet I still see people commenting on various posts that we can do without spirituality.”

          Indeed you may have read one of my post. And because words are the most inadequate tools of communication, you may have misinterpreted the meaning of my words.

          Spirituality is such a word…I once knew a person who scoffed at the idea of spirituality, yet in action and behavior she was one of the most spiritual person I had ever met, very feeling, sensitive, very caring, very compassionate, and with high ideals. She was a good listener and everyone felt transformed in her presence. She never called herself spiritual.

          She was just HUMAN. Very few among us are…

          On the other hand I have seen, met, heard many who speak of spirituality ad nauseam and who are very egotistical, vain, uncaring, without compassion, very competitive, ruthlessly ambitious and selfish.

          We should be leery of words, of labels…they mean absolutely nothing. Ideas do not mean much either. What matter is the content, not the label. What means something is what is in a person’s heart, and whether s/he listen to that and acts upon that or not.

          The heart is what makes us human. To open one’s heart does not require enlightenment, and it does not even require a belief in what some call God. All beliefs are irrelevant. What opens one’s heart is the ABILITY TO FEEL DEEPLY…which leads one back to love, sooner or later, and without failing.

          God, love, life…it is all the same. Let’s not ourselves become hypnotized with labels, with words, with beliefs, thinking that embracing a specific label or belief is a prerequisite to improving humanity’s condition.

          If humanity FELT, it would not do what it is doing. IF it was able to DEEPLY FEEL, it would never feel separate to anything or anyone. The solution IS NOT IN THE MIND BUT IN THE HEART.

    • Carina Aduddell

      I was thinking this very same thing last night Steve. Well worded and thank you for posting this wonderful insight! God bless you 🙂

  • Leslie A. Neilson

    NEALE; Thank you for
    responding to my post. I appreciate your acknowledgement of my contribution to
    the conversation. We are raising global consciousness one heart at a time. Like
    you, it is my deepest desire to connect souls and to assist humanity in remembering
    their divine origin. You are so giving of your heart and I love that about you.
    I feel your passion and compassion toward the things that truly matter. I have
    a special gift for you from one spiritual heart to another . . . as a
    sincere thank you for all that you are. Is there a way that I can send it to
    you? Thank you. Love & Light ~Leslie

  • Erin

    Take a dish.
    Slam it on the ground.
    Did it break?
    Tell it you’re sorry.
    Is it the same as before you dropped it?

    Blessings to those who example unwise beingness…May many become wiser thinkers & be-ers through the experience you provided. <3

    • Michael L

      Great creation Erin.

      Love your affirmation. What a loving way of seeing life’s “tragedies.

  • Gena Bobek Shappa

    And so it is~~~ what happened here is very hard to except indeed…But as God said, nothing happens by accident. This is our Que to make the changes needed right here right now. There are many in our country as well as around the world whom are still living in the great illusion of all time….. that we are all separate from each other and that means separate from God too. What our world needs from all of the ones who have already become awakened …… Is to pray for them in meditation… call upon the higher illuminated beings… the divine spirits in the higher realms of all that is…. To shine great light and awakening to our humanity… our brothers and sisters, so that we may heal our world for a better tomorrow…. for the beautiful children that stand to inherit our new world our new era…we can not let them down. For there is much to be done…and we MUST take our place, to assure that no one gets left behind. LETS LIGHT THE WAY TOGETHER as ONE.

  • mewabe

    I was being a bit negative about humanity, and overstatements are my specialty as you probably know by now…

    But I think that all it takes, really, is “good will”…an approach to life that expresses the understanding that every problem has a solution, and an attitude that seeks to find and apply these solutions.

    This is my personal approach to life…whenever a problem arises, I find and apply a solution. I actually love to do this, and watch problems evaporate.

    But I have witnessed the stunning fact that many people do not want solutions. They are blocked, very attached to their problems. Struggling and suffering have become an important part of their identity, and they won’t let go of that.

    There may be some deep psychological reasons for this. After all, beliefs influence our psychological make up, but it is equally true to say that our psychology forms and shapes the beliefs we choose and how we apply them.

    I suspect that a large part of humanity is still addicted to struggle and suffering, and even though all solutions already exist to end all our problems, there is such a blockage that humanity simply refuses to move forward with these solutions.

    I suspect that fear and guilt have much to do with these choices. Neale believes that religion is the cause of such fear and guilt (the belief in a wrathful God).

    But has he considered the possibility that religion did not create guilt, that is simply expressed, rationalized, codified an already existing guilt, an already existing fear, such guilt and fear possibly being primal, going back to the dawn of humanity?

    Is there something that we do not understand about OUR OWN HUMAN PREHISTORY, the understanding of which could change everything?

    It pays to question everything, even when such thing are said to originate from God, and to never stop thinking deeper that the most obvious answers.

    • Well just don’t confuse simplicity with not being deep & repetition is the foundation of art, music, math, nature etc.

      I tend to think that some of our complex problems have simple answers & that often simple answers require peeling several layers to get to the bottom of issues. But not always, sometimes it’s so simple we miss it’s obviousness.

      Sometimes deep psychoanalysis & peeling multifarious layers is the way to go. Sometimes some one can take the same problem, cut to the chase & save all that hard work.

      Each has merit & for me sometimes peeling the layers allows it to stay with you more deeply. But I would not require it’s necessity.

      I can make shifts instantly these days. Some things still take longer & that’s where acceptance, self love and the fabric softener of compassion come in.

      If things are too shallow here, you are welcome and invited to go as deep as you desire, I for one am all for it.

      I don’t think it’s necessary to turn over every rock to get to the truth, it just leads to more truths to find when we are ready for it.

      Sometimes however, it helps to go deeper it’s not an either or thing.

      Years back I would not converse with a lot of people unless they met me on a deep level. I’ve since lightened uP & realized there is depth even in the superficial, so it’s all kinda deep to me anyway.

      But I’d still encourage you to go as deep as your hearts content.
      I do like to put on the deep sea divers helmet on & jump into the Abyss. (movie reference intended)

      Be well with many magical blessings!

      • mewabe

        To question everything implies, ultimately, having nothing “firm” left to hold on to…no firm belief, no firm idea or concept, no firm perception or expectation…it means floating in a totally open space, mentally, so to speak, boundless and limitless.

        And even though this may well be the most spiritually gratifying experience one can have, and the nearest to God, because it means absolute freedom, it is not something many dare explore.

        • Very nice. And me? I’m just trying to maintain, sustain & continue peace, harmony as I work & play to move uP the next step of my evolution. Taking who ever wants to come along, with me.

          That’s enough for me at this moment. I do look forward to the next steps, and stages of even more freedom as I evolve & sharing it with those receptive.

          • mewabe

            It is all good, and as it is meant to be at this very moment, for each one of us.

            Love is the key that opens all doors. Anyone who follow the path of love, no matter how they call it or how they do it, is on a good path.

            And those who don’t, well…they know it. They know what is lacking. And they know, deep within, how to come back to love…because even a very young child can do it.

            No one is so lost in the world that they do not remember the doorway of love…at least not forever.

          • Rock on bro!

    • Kristen

      Lack of depth on this site…………………….thanks kid!!!! You really have some moments! Which is exactly why I asked to get to know the person you are earlier, in the ‘informal late week when nobodys reading informal chats’. Much nicer in person, relaxed as who you are, rather than in ‘work mode’.

      You should know that the outer layer of everything is exactly the same as the core. You can write a page, or ten books on all the information inbetween on any subject and even most words, but it will not change the core or outer visible layer. The sky appears blue because…………(working inwards to the core)………..the sky appears blue because. The core and outer layer will always meet at the point of a complete circle, we just don’t need to look at the entire information or circle all the time. That person is not a nice person because…………(information and psychoanalysis)…………that person is not a nice person because. Obviously because means ‘be the cause of’.

      This is not criticism at all, but as a truth seeker and one who wants to understand things, you should understand why people are not discussing in depth, but I’ll do it for you in case you missed that class.

      – they do not need to because the core and outer layer give then all the information they need and want.
      – we only engage in things that serve a purpose to us, this is bestowed upon us by The Source. It serves a purpose to you in the form of self education but to many people it is as boring as physics as it serves no purpose in their lives.
      – conversations will always be led to matters more interesting to the involved parties – the work conversation means informal discussion with other.
      You can list another ten reasons because there will be many.

      Neil Cramer – New Dawn mag Jan 2014 “people want to see who walks it. How has their metaphysical study improved their life and relationships? How has it informed their humour and love? As ever, many can persuasively talk about it on youtube and podcasts and skype and television, but can they do it in real life? In their own domestic lives? 2014 resonates the primary of being; being over knowledge. Simply stated, the quality of one’s being is more significant than the depth of ones knowledge………………….”

      Forever a bimbo,

      • mewabe

        Hey Kristen…yes the outer layer and the core are of the same essence, but the difference is that the outer layer is complex, and the core is simple.

        The more you expend away from the core the more complexity you have.

        That’s why people give up on the world and its problems…they look at surface and see endless complexity.

        I like simplicity, being a simple-minded critter. That’s why I like to get to the heart of the matter, and not being distracted by the outer fuss, by the surface. And I am leary of ideas that, although appearing simple, do not actually go to the core, and consequently do not reflect reality but are a mental construct, built on shifting sands.

        About doing….yes, that’s why I have never believed in teachers, gurus, and other people who may not walk their talk. They may have their use as far as spreading some valid ideas occasionally, but no one should put them on a pedestal as if they were above us. Unfortunately, many are always looking to worship something, to be lead by something, because they do not trust themselves and deny their own greatness.

        There is knowledge, and then there is knowing…knoweldge is words. Knowing is part of being. I have always sought knowing….if I can’t feel something deeply, be transported and possibly transformed by it from the inside out, and become it, then to me it is nothing but words, and I have no use for any more words.

        I wish I could go on a hike, it would be a perfect day for it, but gotta work today (audio: insert sounds made by an angry bear).

        • Kristen

          Yes knowing is from The Source, and really the best route to understanding, and more trustworthy than anything other than honest observations and personal experience.

          “I wish I could go on a hike, it would be a perfect day for it, but gotta work today (audio:insert sounds made by an angry bear).”

          “………and I have no use for any more words”.

          Firstly you had to work today?! Are you ok? Need therapy? I hope this wasn’t too traumatic an experience. Selling T-shirts at Walmart?

          Secondly it really sux to be you today, cos I feel like using words. Yes, I do express my small part of onesself defined as negative, a mean streak or perhaps evil, (that we all have as a hunter/gather necessity and to ensure we all have the ability to fight back), in the form of really annoying humour, always endeavouring to give people the behaviour or responses from me that I know they do not want!. At least it’s only pea sized in a tennis ball, and manifested in a non destructive way, many manifest this as self destruction especially in obesity, as bullies or as unfair anger and cruelty targetted at a specific group or just anyone. Like the staff mentioned in this thread have done to the poor kids!

          So anyway, here are some words for you which is what I am sure you meant to say in this site, after all it is dedicated to the ONE obsessed with words, and the longest sentences possible. Your last sentence about hiking should have read:

          One, as an identity defining ones personification of an individual self, expresses a deep sub conscious developed into conscious impossible preferred desire to partake in a private purposeful short pleasureable journey as a freedom loving wanderer seeking wisdom in a communion with natural abundance, in an untouched paradise of perfection, containing within it natural imperfections, with their feet firmly anchored to the Earth, for The Source has this day provided an abundance of the requirements for partaking in this activity. Yet, the said one, thinking on a practical manmade Earthly plane, understands responsibilities and obligations in order to fulfil ones own necessities so shall not indulge on this particular day. The said one also desires to convey their strong emphasis on this matter to be clearly understood, and the relevant information processed from a strong internal yearning to ensure one is listened to with representation of the strongest for of feminine and masculine principles, perhaps symbolising either or both, but clearly as an overbearing or dominant urge or individual in a state of intense displeasure containing passionate emotions targetted at the felt necessity of offending ones own code of conduct or preferred freewill desires, felt removed in the taking away of ones self felt rights.

          OK? See how understanding the words you chose does make it really clear how peed off you are, even when speaking lightly! This is why I don’t need people to speak deeply, nor converse deeply on any matters, simple words can be understood just as well as the in depth version of the same statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people actually learn to read and understand words properly, taking each word to the core and back whilst reading and absorbing what people are saying. Comprehension is the problem, not depth. But shallow I shall remain.

          And even more boring than that, we don’t have hiking in NZ, only tramping as we are either manually cleared land, beaches or bush/forests. I do have some tramping boots funnily enough, still in the box after 5 years. They are actually very cute so hopefully when I read all the magazines on the clothing attire of celebrities someone will bring them into fashion soon so they can get a work out. Shopping! (No I don’t buy mags – but I do watch fashions). Do you know I had to wait 3 years for Pamela Anderson to wear UGG boots with skinny jeans and bring them into fashion so people stopped telling me I was wearing big slippers to work!!! See they have their uses.

          Forever a bimbo,

          • mewabe

            I don’t really hike, never following any trail…I like to go where no one goes, and to see only animal footprints, not human.

            I don’t dislike humans, I just try to stay away from the civilized kind, which today means everyone, when I go into the “outdoors” (I don’t need to hear radios or TV’s, dirt bikes, guns, ATV’s or snowmobiles, and all the other crap-can I say crap on this site?-that civilized humans can’t live without for 5 minutes).

            Thanks for translating my sentence into new age lingo…sound so much more “profound”, ain’t it? (sorry I picked the “ain’t it” from Native Americans, they like to use it in ways that are completely inappropriate grammatically, to make Americans squirm).

            I wear real Navajo leather moccasins when in the outdoors…they let the “prana” or “chi” circulate from the body to the ground and back, unlike artificial materials most shoes are made of…and through them you can actually feel the ground. Americans are discovering this, they call it “earthing”, something Yogis have known for thousands of years, and I have known since I was 112 years old (not really…since I was 12).

          • Kristen

            Yup, 11 would be a bit young for Yogi bear kind of stuff! 12 sounds much more mature. Age 12, so long ago…….um……….still climbing trees, using my bike as a rally car so covered in grazes and bruises, and being the same as I was at 10. Then started college, and turned 14 real quick.

            Were your moccasins a gift for the work you do on behalf of Native Americans? You don’t have to answer that, I’m just snooping about blessings etc.

            Ain’t – as long as you realise you used it, and don’t say ‘innit’ like trashy British people do. They make Walmart Americans look fantastic, intelligent and classy. Accents fascinate me, yet most annoy me.

            Shoes are really interesting to analyse people with, they are always an indicator of peoples ‘home’, soul race, belonging, personality traits, immediate future and journey path they are on. Being an Israelite is quite tribal, people don’t realise it is almost like ‘non-white’ people, mainly as Jewish people and Kabbalist are so secretive. I didn’t read that memo. We are all different in tribe groups based on the OT blessings. I didn’t know what tribe I was until my teacher kept directing my eyes downward to me feet. I have automatically worn Levis sneakers for many years, mainly as they are not very common, but look like Converse chucks. This also explained why when Moses was my teacher he said he had no choice but to ‘donate’ me to God. Levites are the priest tribe and we are almost like an offering. This is also why I stated earlier that I would always rather live on the outskirts of a village – this is a Levite thing as they were disestablished as a tribe on their own so did not have tribal land in Israel (for being naughty and so Law abiding they were huge executioners and almost murderers). God re-establised us with each tribe having to donate land on the outskirts of their town, followed by Moses blessings which are still in place today. My sub-tribe is the Hebrites/Hebrews which is a visual thing. I am also part Judah as I can see these blessings in place in the way I tackle anything and have to fight all my own battles, and fight damn hard, as soon as anyone tries to help or teach me I walk away.

            With shoes being a Kiwi is also hugely in my blood, and I can tell that The Source defines us as Islanders rather than like other Caucasion people. In summer us Kiwis wear jandals most the time, (flipflops, thongs, Islander workboots or whatever you may know them as) which are a representation of barefeet – the closest we can get in public! Most kiwis will have a range in most colours, and we are label snobs with them – have to be a reputable surf brand!

            See you can start a thread in depth about shoes. but no-one else here will comment as they don’t like to talk about people, just stuff. You can talk indepth with Marko about that as well, he has spoken about himself a little below this! Intelligence used to be his ‘identity’, just as yours is in here, but he has now established a new ‘identity’ (trademark, easy recognition factor etc) in his life so no longer needs to use academic intelligence as his main identity. It’s a common one many people use to establish their own personal status to differentiate them from other people and to say publically ‘I am special, important and noticeable’. This is more prevelant in males since most shave and clothes choices are kind of limited in a mainstream world. Females can do it with make-up, fashion, hairstyles, more ‘fun’ jobs etc. Like I said to Gina the other week, minority groups will often know our identity as they notice more, and deaf people are good to ask as they may have a sign language identity for you rather than spelling out your name if mentioning you to others. Mine is the sign for cupcake and a high ponytail. Native Americans will also provide this identity with the name they call you, which is sub-consciously why you work for them a lot letter writing etc; to single yourself out from all others.

            Shallow chat that you can take in depth. Even shoes will work!!


  • Elbin Cenisev

    Oh God… That is terrible. I think we should shift our focus away from the fact that there is a ‘money problem’ involved, however, and instead focus on how there were actual adults, people who lived on this planet for so long and have had countless emotional experiences, who simply denied these children food without, seemingly, any sort of doubt.

    I wonder, what made these adults act that way? Why would they act so harshly and un-lovingly? It was not money that compelled them, I would say, but instead some sort of bitterness toward life that has nested and developed deep within them for years on end. I hope the children that were affected by these incidents will not develop such bitterness themselves…

  • Kristen

    This is really sad, and shocking for me because I had never thought about the school lunch situation in America. I always see them getting lunches on TV but I guess I would have assumed they were included in compulsory school fees, had I thought about it, or that they paid at the cafeteria and I just don’t happen to see the register.

    In NZ and Australia we take our own lunches to school. There are ‘tuck shops’ open once a week in primary schools, and daily in intermediates and college, selling pies, iceblocks, filled rolls, drinks (soft drinks are not permitted in any schools here) but no eating areas. We just eat ‘wherever’. Warm yucky milk was provided for free until the 60s, and this is just being reintroduced into schools in poorer socio-economic areas, who also have breakfast provided for free for all in their schools, as a government initiative with sponsorship and done by volunteers. Most schools now also have a water only policy and zero lunch waste – all packaging must be taken home with the kids.

    I am curious, why don’t people take their own lunch to school, as a generalisation rather than that ‘they can’t afford to feed their kids’, or is it cheaper to eat the school lunches than take your own? My kids have always bought their nice lunches home uneaten once probably age ten, it isn’t really cool to eat much at school, they just want to get onto the sports fields or gossip. One theory milling around the headspace is that maybe Americans eat their main meal of the day at lunchtime rather than a hot dinner?? We aren’t really lunch people in NZ, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it other than Xmas day. Any help with this??

    • Michael L

      Hi Kristen,
      Pretty simple here. Most kids do bring there own lunches, because the institutionalized ones at school are less then tasty.
      So the Government subsidizes some food in some ares of the country, but a minimal fee is set up for those who would prefer some warm stuff.
      My children in a “subsidized” area never ate school lunches. Even though they could have. They felt that they could get a tasty, balanced meal from home for about the same price.
      My school had a lunch eating period for 20 minutes and 30 minutes of play time.
      Hope this helps.

      • Kristen

        Thanks Michael.

    • Erin

      I’m in the U.S., where a high-security prisoner is awarded better quality foods than public schools. Last I checked, $1.42 is gov. allotted per meal at 3/day/prisoner. The school breakfast program is free, if children arrive on time to participate, otherwise a whopping $.53 goes to the lunch program/child, which totals about $2.00 at the register if a salad is included. McDonald’s would be a finer resource of quality, btw. And yes, for many, this is the main meal of their day.
      When I was in school (’60’s thru 70’s), parents cooked the meals & served them. When they were meant to be hot, they most certainly were. The quality was extremely higher nutrition-wise, and the portions were a real meal for about $.50/day.(which, if I recall, my parents thought this was a lot…I think my allowance was about that for the week!…anyone recall ‘allowances’?:) ) Foods were not as heavily processed just 50 yrs. ago, and meal processing plants with delivery did not exist so prevalently. What schools get now are scrap foods…literally.
      The chain of food quality runs from fine dining & their markets, and ‘trickles down’ to gov. funded programs. Community shelters put out better quality foods than schools.
      FYI: For those that run on a morning to evening ‘work’ schedule, eating a big meal after the fact is not the healthiest thing to do…You needed the fuel before/while working, not right before rest time. In such instance, our bods start rockin at about 4am producing the need for fuel, which usually ends about 4pm, where it goes into rest-heal mode, when digestion is slowed to bare mins. Unused energy is usually stored in fatty tissues, and the remains ‘ferment’ in the intestines. Just sayin’. 🙂
      Foods for thought…heehee!

      • Kristen

        Thanks Erin.
        Asked my Nanas bout this a couple of years ago – everyone just used to have a hot drink for breakfast, men would work from early until 11am then have a hot cooked main lunch, then dinner at 5pm was lighter than lunch, often soup or leftovers with supper snacks. Obviously they were pre-electricity but our original DNA/programs would be akin to this allowing for evening natural light etc. Which indicates to me that we are meant to have two meals a day, which we would now define as brunch and dinner.

        I stripped myself back to as close as I could to the hunter/gatherer origins a few years back when studying law – sometimes you have to be a mad scientist to work things out, by eliminating any teachings, routines, cravings and societys influence over three months then doing a complete detox. Since then I only desire a coffee in the morning, drinks every two hours, no food until around 2pm when I feel hunger from my brain not stomach which would be about a cupful of anything at all, then a light dinner at 6pm and 9pm snacks. I’m one of those people everyone loves to hate, always around 53/55kg which has never changed in 25 years other than 8kg gain per pregnancy.Skinny yes, but I just do not get hungry and never have, and my kids and paternal relatives all have the same build and the boys have to have smoothies etc to bulk up. It all gets down to input=output, and unless out for dinner when we want to really enjoy a meal, we need to get back to the point that food is just fuel out bodies need. Oddly raw potato with raw garlic is a snack I’ve liked since a kid, and I now know is a combination with huge anti-cancer properties, as does the combination of tomatoes with vinegar, and coconut oil which we’ve used since kids as my dad is a ‘wannabe islander – he forgets he is white!’.

        Although kids definately need fruit or a nutricious drink in the mornings breakfast is more of a problem for fat and stored rotten waste than dinner. When working in the mornings our bodies should be finishing digesting dinner and working off the kj’s and getting rid of it – TMI but I would say that until last nights dinner is ‘gone’ don’t shove more in! And everyone should do a 3 monthly colon/bowel detox (no I don’t mean a hose up your butt). I made an overweight foster child do one for a week as she didn’t believe me about rotting residue, and build up. She was horrified at what was still coming out after 5 days of an organic clear liquid diet only and the bathroom smelt like it had a rotten carcass in it after day 3, for about a week. I think something was last years Christmas dinner still slugging it’s way through, maybe even older. Point proven!!!!

        Food for thought, straight back at ya!

  • mewabe

    “It feels to me that in a spiritually evolved society it would be
    incomprehensible that a child would be denied food for lack of money.”

    Some animals take care of their young better than this. Are these animals spiritual, enlightened?

    There is nothing wrong with wishing for the spiritual enlightenment of the multitudes. And it will happen some day.

    But what is clearly missing here is not spirituality but BASIC HUMANITY. We may want to become HUMAN first. There is an abysmal lack of humanity among humans. As a matter of fact many animals display more “humanity” than we do.

    Then, perhaps, we can work towards becoming somewhat INTELLIGENT. After that, we could aim at being “spiritually evolved”.

    What does it mean to be human? Let’s look at the obvious: not acting as a cold, unfeeling, insensitive, indifferent robot.

    What does it mean to be intelligent? It mean including the HEART in one’s thinking, decisions, and actions. The highest intelligence is the one that includes love.

    Let’s start with the basic requirements of what it means to be a two-legged critter on this planet.

    • Erin

      You always seem to add more ‘precious’ to my day, mewabe! Thanks! <3

      • mewabe

        Thank you Erin 🙂

    • Kristen

      Hi ya,
      This is exactly why I will always try to find the person behind the words. mask, reactions or anything. We are in a work, money, time and obligations based world where most people do not even have a personality beyond the robotic actions of day to day life, let alone know the person within.

      This came up in maybe December, and unfortunately I had to be mean and push to find the entity within someone in here to prove my point to Neale, there are many on this planet who are not human, who are void of compassion and empathy, and as the one in here said of themself “I care about noone or nothing, I do not even care about myself”. We cannot look for humanity and other traits in those who are not human, for various reasons, and it is not reasonable to ask everyone to behave as a human. Many of these people, which I think to be quite a high percentage, simply do not have these capabilities, it is not in their DNA or soul. It is akin to expecting an orangutan to behave like a human, or a human as a gorilla. Yes we look similar, but the insides of many are very different. Many of these I am speaking of were once human but with severe past life trauma which cannot be repaired, they are now completely void of many aspects. Aside to this group, I once read an online article by a self professsed ‘demon’ stating they and quite a large group of like minded entities were reincarnated here to deliberately cause suffering to children AND as they age, then work as counsellors and therapists, or doing past life regressions on others so they can hear all the details of abuse and suffering, with the implication of sexual gratifications. These entities are not underground either, they are open in organised groups of like minded others.
      Sick!! You cannot find human traits within non humans.

      At the end of the day nice people do not take jobs where they dominate and are mean to people all day, this applies to quite a few school teachers, police and military, workplace supervisors and many other professions. A persons job will tell you a lot about them, but some will be both options so don’t assume. A fire fighter will either hate or love fire, police will either want to protect society or be paid to be cruel, teachers will love kids and want them to succeed or be paid to be mean and dominate all day.

      Hard facts to accept, and it is definately not an excuse for anything, but as a fellow truth or answer seeker, you will know that there are reasons for everything, and a lot of the time they just suck big time!

      • mewabe

        Yes, it is rather mind boggling to realize how many humans lack basic humanity (sensitivity, empathy, compassion).

        I would say that this is probably the main problem of this world…the most serious problem is not having unrealistic beliefs or ideas, but being unable to experience and express the most fundamental of human qualities.

        Love, compassion, empathy, sensitivity do not come from ideas, concepts, beliefs or theology. They come from much deeper than that, from the core of one’s spirit, one’s heart.

        That so many are out of touch with their hearts, with their feelings, is a massive problem that cannot be solved so easily or rapidly. Even spirituality cannot heal this. It is not something I can understand except in psychological terms, but the usefulness of such widespread pathology still escapes me…if people cannot be in touch with themselves, they are as good as dead, spiritually and every other way.

  • Bonnie J Mheshe

    From a friend: (copied from Huff Post)
    Shirley, our children’s beloved Cafeteria Manager and her staff are being publicly held responsible for the unfortunate situation where lunches were taken from students and discarded at Uintah Elementary this week (January 28-31). Shirley has always done her best to provide for, care for and love our children. She was not at fault in any way for the situation that the Salt Lake City School District now finds itself in.

    By all indications, this entire situation started with the school lunch online payment plan not notifying parents that their automatic payments were no longer being honored. As a result, the District decided to send their Child Nutrition Manager to the school and take the students lunches away, rather than notify the parents so that we could simply update our online payment plans. My fourth grade daughter and others described the scene with Shirley in tears as she realized she could not prevent the District Manager from doing this. Now the District is trying to place the blame for their actions on Shirley in order to protect themselves.

    This has rapidly escalated into a national story with many people misinterpreting what has happened. The District on Friday, January 31 suspended Shirley and another staff member “pending further investigation”.

    We we need to show our support as parents for Shirley and the cafeteria staff, as they were not behind the decision and in fact did everything they could to protect our children from this mean-spirited act. Please sign this petition of support for Shirley so that she does not end up the ultimate victim of this act.

    • Erin

      Not “at fault” for this? Everyone in that cafeteria & school were responsible for this event! Including the children! Each was given, in this moment, an opportunity to be other-‘wise’, yet did not See it, nor opened the door for it.
      NONE came out of their conditioned Fear-mode & ALL went right into ‘victim-mode’. Such is the state of public educational systems in the good ol’ US of A! This SHOULD go Viral…It SHOULD be a National Incident!!! ALL involved were as abettors to the bully…ALL ALLOWED the event to become what it did…ALL!!!
      And it should EFFECT Us ALL, as well.
      May WE become wiser of this event…May Our children See that this is NOT what They wish to Be! Blessings for Shirley & staff, the District-peeps, the Children…may their spirits be comforted in the transformations to follow. <3

  • Benny Hansen

    Adalah malapetaka bagi penduduk global ketika sistem ekonomi kapitalis dan ekonomi liberal semakin banyak digunakan negara banyak di dunia.Karena sistem ekonomi ini memberi kebebasan yang besar kepada invidu untuk merampok kekayaan masyarakat global.

    Melalui bursa saham, dengan leluasa para spekulan mengeruk keuntungan besar dengan membuat perusahaan fiktif dengan menyerap uang masyarakat banyak tanpa menciptakan lapangan kerja.

    Dengan memindahkan uang dalam jumlah besar , para spekulan sengaja menciptakan fluktuasi ekonomi untuk mendapat keuntungan besar dalam waktu singkat.

    Kemiskinan masyarakat global semakin bertambah ketika harga barang kebutuhan hidup masyarakat global ditentukan oleh mekanisme pasar.

    Diprediksi negara besar dan maju penganut sistem ekonomi kapitalis dan ekonomi liberal dalam waktu yang akan datang akan hancur perekonomiannya ketika masyarkat miskin semakin malarat dan bertambah banyak.

    Hanya ada cara yang terbaik untuk penyelamatan,rubah sistem ekonomi,hapuskan bursa saham ,peran ekonomi dikendalikan pemerintah untuk kemakmuran rakyat,batasi kebebasan invidu dan hapus sistem monopoli.

  • Benny Hansen

    Saya tidak bisa mengerti mengapa kasus seperti ini bisa terjadi pada negara Amerika yang kaya dan mempunyai kekuatan ekonomi nomor satu di dunia.?????????.Sungguh memalukan…mungkin bangsa Jerman akan menertawakan bangsa Amerika…Mungkin negara Amerika hanya sebuah negara yang angkuh,kelihatan besar dan hebat tetapi kenyataannya kacau balau dan tidak sehebat yang dibayangkan…seperti sebuah negara omong kosong..