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Here’s the situation regarding Ukraine: Everyone is “right.”


From their own point of view, everyone is “right.”

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is right. Acting president Oleksandr Turchynov is right. Russian President Vladimir Putin is right. U.S. President Barack Obama is right. The Ukraine parliament in Kiev is right in claiming that the election in Crimea to determine whether that area of Ukraine will secede and join the Russian Federation is illegal under the country’s constitution. The parliament in the Crimean Peninsula is right in calling for the election and declaring that the people there should have the ability of self-determination.

Everybody is “right.”

How can that be?

It’s simple. As Conversations with God tells us: “Nobody does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.”

Mr. Yanukovych absolutely believes he was forced to leave the country by an unruly, out-of-control, threatening mob of “fascist” ultra-nationalists. Mr. Turchynov absolutely believes that this “mob” was comprised of citizens of Ukraine exercising their right to protest, and that the Parliament of Ukraine was right to vote to remove Mr. Yanukovych from the office of the presidency after he fled the country, appoint a caretaker president, and move forward with the forming of a new government.

Mr. Putin absolutely believes he is right in doing what he can to protect the Russian majority in the Crimean Peninsula, who he claimed said they feared that the same kind of mob that forced Yanukovych out of office in Kiev would take over Crimea as well, and route the Russian speaking majority there. Mr. Obama absolutely believes he is right is telling Mr. Putin that Russia is, in effect, invading the sovereign territory of Ukraine, that the Russian citizens there are under no threat from anyone, and that international sanctions against Russia are going to have to be imposed if Russia does not move its troops out of Crimea.

Everybody is absolutely right from their point of view.

What, then, to do?

We have been saying in these from the beginning of this online newspaper’s publication that the problem in the world today is not a political problem, it is not a financial problem, and it is not a military problem. The problem in the world today is a spiritual a problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means.

What has to happen in Ukraine is that all of the leaders, all of the human beings who are deeply involved in what is occurring there, are going to have to ask themselves a simple (yet remarkable for its simplicity) question: Can we all find a way to be ‘right’ without hurting each other?

It is seem that a civilization which declares itself to be “evolved” would be able to answer that question in the affirmative. Our civilization, however, has not so far been able to figure out a way to do that. We hurt each other. We kill each other. We use “force” — because we apparently know no other way to resolve our differences.

And so, on it goes — our Crisis Civilization moving from one flare-up to another, from one conflict to another, from one killing field to another.

Can we avoid more killing in Ukraine? Can we find a way for everyone to be “right” without hurting each other?

What proposals would you lay on the table if you were a global leader right now? Please offer your ideas below.

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  • Michael L

    When the wolf wants to eat your children do you just let it feed on them?
    When you open the gate and say come on it, doesn’t the hungry animals come on in.
    And when you finally see what is coming through the door way, is your response then to say stop after you invited them in, whether consciously or even unconsciously.
    You have kind of lost your chance for a conversation.
    I suggest next time you just feed and make friends with the hungry wolf before he is at your open door. Cause you really do want a conversation.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      My question was: What would you suggest, right now, in the Ukraine situation? Fascinating and wise as they may be, I would invite us now to dispense with the allegories and offer straightforward, what-we-can-do-now suggestions. Anybody got any? If you were a global leader — let’s make it up…if you were President of the World — what would you offer, what would you do? Anybody…?

      • mewabe

        Let wise women lead for a change…women who have empathy and compassion…mothers, grandmother…a circle of elders from every nation in the world…less testosterone might be a start (avoiding the Margaret Thatcher type….avoiding women who think that they have to be as ruthless and brutal as men in order to compete with the big boys).

        Then: listen to the real people’s real concerns and real human needs, disarm, cooperate, and share the world resources.

        As long as social structures are hierarchical and pyramidal, and patriarcal, people are driven, by coercion or brutal force, from the top, and very often manipulated into conflicts by rulers who have a specific geopolitical agenda, or a desire to control resources or strategic territories, in other words who play chess with the world and its populations, because all they know, understand and pursue is POWER (not power of, which is a spiritual state, but dominant power, power over).

        • Victor

          To promote dialogs, conversations, in different levels and areas, and to create agreements for the benefit of all.

          • mewabe

            Exactly…and wise, compassionate women are good communicators…and seek to resolve conflicts without using their fists or cluster bombs, usually, and by listening to all concerned, finding common ground and consensus.

          • Victor

            Of course, there is still the question: what do we do with those who have and use cluster bombs (and other forms of violence and coercion)…?

            An intrincated question…

          • Victor

            Part of my answer: to create a massive critical mass of change and awareness in some point would neutralize those who have and use cluster bombs…

          • mewabe

            I think that if a vast majority of people were truly happy and empowered, and rejected all top down patriarchal type leadership because living cooperatively and peacefully, governing themselves and fulfilling their own needs at the local level while sharing knowledge and resources, in other words living in “oneness”, they would not be so easily lead into fear and conflicts by those who seek to divide them to gain power over them.

      • Awareness

        If I were “president of the world”, I would disband ALL militaries 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Awareness

          “A government that moves power to the people, wherein those who are on the upper tiers can act only as advisors, giving advise and recommendations; that those on the lower tiers have the decision power over their superior boss.

          This Awareness indicates that each of the tiers of this organization, wherein twelve persons come together as a Council, and each of those electing twelve beneath them, turn over their power to those whom they choose in that next tier down. That once they have turned over their power, the tier below has the right to remove that tier above. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, from one tier to another, moving down the pyramid, whereby twelve elect twelve beneath each of these, making a tier of 144 entities on the second tier; and each of these 144 entities on the second tier elect twelve; and each of those elect twelve.

          This Awareness indicates that in the action of moving the energy down the tiers, it begins to spread throughout the land; and those who are on the upper tiers turn their power over to those who are on the next tier down as the energies spread.

          This Awareness indicates that within ten years there shall be a profound change upon this plane, whereby the power of the people shall be felt, whereby the power of the people shall be seen as that which brings about an understanding of the nature of governing from within. For WHEREIN ENTITIES CAN GOVERN THEMSELVES FROM WITHIN, THERE NEEDS BE NO GOVERNMENT FROM WITHOUT.

          This Awareness indicates that through understanding and cooperation there needs be no government based on competition. Whereby the arms which are so valuable to entities upon this plane at this time–these great battleships, these great submarines, these great nuclear weapons capable of destroying the planet in a SINGLE STRIKE–this Awareness indicates these pieces of machinery and violence may be places into museums to allow children to wonder about the generation that lived at this time.

          This Awareness wishes to address entities upon this plane again whenever an opportunity is made. This Awareness asks that you love one another–for in love and in service you shall grow and be prosperous on all levels.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • First I don’t hear people saying we are “evolved” Technology wise yes, politically, spiritually, socially etc. a little but not much. I don’t hear anyone really saying we’re evolved as a species or society, in fact just the opposite. We are very primitive.

    The answer to the question “Can we find a way for everyone to be “right” without hurting each other?” is “No, we can’t.” If we could, we would have by now. If there’s any truth to that, now what?

    The next question to ask is “If we thought we were evolved enough & thought we knew the answer what might it be or possibly look like?”

    Let the people of the world, the media talk shows, newspapers, magazines, internet ask this question too. What would an evolved society do? How would they handle it? Again if we don’t know, we ask this: If we thought we knew, what would we do?

    Do we want to be a more evolved society? If the answer is yes. Let’s ask these questions.

  • Gina

    A way to be right without hurting each other is to agree ahead of time, and on a world wide level, not to hurt each other, to preclude violence as a means of conflict resolution. Cause people to be aware that as long as you mourn for a murdered family member you remain a sufferer, but the moment you kill the murderer in revenge, it shifts the whole paradigm and frame of the matter, it self-defeats the purpose, and you are no longer a sufferer but just another murderer and perpetrator. Likewise, we can make not using violence the main premise and the only rule of the game and let the talks continue. As long as you remain non-violent you remain a valid electorate, but the moment you use violence, it shifts the whole paradigm and frame of the matter, you self-defeat the purpose of problem solving by creating more problems. You are forfeited all your rights and get kicked out.
    We would agree to ban the use of force altogether, be they military, economic or political( legal, demographic). I would propose that everyone remove sanctions, soldiers and constitutions from the negotiation table. We would agree to use only persuasion and negotiation via conversation. Just like in a business deal there is a common goal, a definite upper limit to compromises, and options. All parties involved would have to fairly benefit and fairly give.

    • mewabe

      This is why caring and wise, compassionate, empathic older women (not the Joan of Arc or Thatcher type) need to take the lead or at the very least to participate equally, to balance the testosterone driven “my missiles are bigger than yours so shut up and submit” male attitude.

      The world is completely imbalanced when it comes to the feminine and masculine, and the patriarchy is leading us to destruction (global specie suicide by hormonal imbalance…testosterone, adrenaline…that’s funny when you think about it).

      That’s another very obvious aspect of the equation that is not often looked at, so conditioned is almost everyone to be lead by a patriarchy that would rather use force and violence than common ground, and bombs rather than talk, because to put it simply fighting is manly and glorious and talk is not, according to obsolete yet persistent cultural beliefs.

      And even talk need temperance…a need not to jump in and react, but to listen and reflect.

      • Gina

        Set up a committee of the whole composed of an equal male-female ratio wise elders from the countries directly involved and a conference arbitration commission composed of Wise elders from farthest removed countries in terms of interests vested, whose mission is solely to watch over procedures according to the modi operandi. All the agreements and conclusions are immediately open to the public and implemented.

  • Cate Grieves

    If I was the President of the world, I would get all the People together sitting around a large ROUND table. They would then have to stick a large white piece of paper to the front of their clothes. On this piece of paper would be their name – in LARGE black ink in capital letters. Then each person hands the person on their left, their name badge. They then put it on.

    Then, each person has to believe they are the person whose name they have. They then explain to the group, to the best of their ability, why they believe they are right. They are only allowed to speak for the name they have on.

    After they have all spoken, they move the names along again, one more person to the left.When they have all had a turn at each name badge, they can then discuss an outcome. The other rules for this event are: that no-one is allowed to interupt or criticise what anyone has said. They are all allowed to speak for as long as they want. They do not get to speak with their own name badge.

  • Stephen mills

    As a world leader you would know that everyone,s point of view is valid and deserves to be heard .The outcome that creates the most harmony and leads to the least amount of violence has to be the agreed way forward .As we know violence in any form creates more violence as has been demonstrated by our species through millenia .

    We have to transparent in the desired outcome of all parties ,what is it that they want ?or perceive to want ? How can this be achieved within the context of keeping all people’s safe from aggression and violence.

    People want security and safety and a vision for a better tommorow without vision the people perish ! Countries need to be stable and have proper functioning people lead democracies where the people that live there have a say in their own future .

    No world leader or the worlds most powerful countries has a right to alter or interfere in another countries plight .A more powerful United Nations must be created to oversee problems arising in smaller nations .Unified in its mission to serve all countries at the same level.

    As Mewabe said in his post we have to get more women running the show with decisions being made long term that work for the highest good of all .

  • Yana

    Dear Neale, you are absolutly right telling that everybody is “right”. Besides, huge corporations are interested in war. It is true that the war is very profitable for those who sells weapons. Thats why america and russia always seek for the places to make a war conflict. And unfortunatly the voice of big money often becomes the most “heard” by politicans.
    Any way, those information we get from massmedia is not absolutly correct. I know that world wide politicans have already agreed about Crimea. They only try to get their own profits from this situation now.
    However, what is happening now – it is the result of our social thinking, of our spiritual and mental level of evolution. I am sure that we all are responsible for what is going on here. And while we think that we people are separarted from each other till we ll not find the way out.
    If I would be a world leader I would make everybody read books instead of watching TV, play with there kids instead of drinking alcohole, do sport instead of eating meat, etc.
    As to Ukraine, I would ask people who live on the territory of Crimea to decide. And it is true that most of them really want to be a part of Russia. Then all leaders have to sign up an agreement which declares the right of crimean people on self-determination (under international law each nation has such right).
    A bad peace is much better then a good war!