Demand MSNBC retraction of false info re: Social Security

Last week, Abby Huntsman, MSNBC news anchor and daughter of millionaire former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, went on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” to spout anti-Social Security rhetoric.

Her talking points ranged from flawed life expectancy data to claiming that there would be “nothing left” in Social Security for her generation. The two solutions Huntsman offered were to either cut Social Security benefits by 20% or to raise the retirement age to 75.

These are the same talking points dreamed up by right-wing think tanks and used time and time again by politicians and Wall Street billionaires who are trying to create a phony generational war, pitting young against old.

Click here to join over 75,000 Social Security Works members in demanding that MSNBC issue an on-air correction. 

When Huntsman says that our options are to either cut benefits or raise the retirement age (which is simply another form of a benefit cut), she ignores that today Social Security can pay out 100% of benefits through 2033 and 75% of benefits through 2087.

The simplest solution to the problem that Huntsman overstates is to ask millionaires and billionaires to start paying into Social Security at the same rate as the rest of us.This would not only allow Social Security to pay out 100% of benefits owed for the next 75 years, but could also result in a benefit increase by as much as $800 per year for the average recipient.

Please join the over 75,000 Social Security Works members calling on MSNBC to issue an on-air correction to Huntsman’s false claims. 

We won’t stand by and allow right-wing talking points to serve as legitimate evidence for the need to cut our earned benefits. Stand with Social Security Works today, as we fight to expand, not cut Social Security!

Thank you for all that you do.

Michael Phelan
Social Security Works

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