Worldwide Discussion: The People Join In

Is changing the world all about changing what people “want?” Or is it about changing why people would want one thing rather than another?

This is a major question facing Planet Earth’s politicians, business figures, spiritual leaders, and social scientists right now — although very few of them have “framed” it in this way…because, regrettably, very few of them have deeply understood the nature of humanity’s current problem.

It is a problem of beliefs, not of behaviors.

There is a global conversation taking place on this website that is now heating up, with nearly 100 Comments posted beneath the last entry alone in this newspaper’s headline space, and I would like to direct its attention now to the nature of the challenge presently facing our species.

This has all come to the forefront for me because of a Comment posted under the last top-of-page story here. The Comment was authored by a person posting as Kristen.

“WOW,” she wrote, “this is a crazy thread. Are we still on Earth??? I feel I have been teleported to some weird no man’s land.

“A very simple thought — has it ever occurred to anyone that most people are actually happy with who and how they are and do not want to change? It is merely others that want them to change creating the illusion.

“A classic CwG train of thought I think. Perhaps just my perception?!

“IF people wanted to stop polluting, they would. If they wanted to stop traveling and reduce their carbon footprint, they would. If they wanted to help end the suffering of others, they would. If they wanted to be nicer, they would.

“Everyone is living as they WANT to, which differs greatly from how others want them to. This is not right, possibly not even wrong, merely the cold hard truth.

“I don’t think trying to convince people they WANT to change has been very successful to date, which is why I am pro law and consequences, including person carbon footprint ‘rations’, the illegalisation of many ‘non-foods’ (as Mewabe would word it), banning all coal mining, anything that causes animal suffering, executing peodophiles and torturers, letting addicts kill themselves, etc.

“I’m almost at the point where I think we need a full dictatorship communist world!!!”

My response…

Dear Kristen, I understand perfectly and completely the frustration you clearly feel with the state of affairs on our planet right now — although I must say that I am not in agreement with some of the “solutions” you’ve mentioned. Sidestepping those for the moment, let’s look at the central point in your thesis…

You say that people do what they WANT to do, and you “don’t think trying to convince people they WANT to change has been very successful to date.” On this I agree with you — but perhaps not for the reason that you hold this view.

My own awareness tells me that you can rarely (if ever) get people they WANT to change until you get them to change their minds about WHY they want WHAT they want.

In other words, peoples’ choices change when peoples’ reasons for making certain choices change.

Let me give you a very simple example. It has never been my choice to drink beet juice. It simply wasn’t a taste I enjoyed. Now my reasons for drinking any kind of juice have been two-fold:  to enjoy the taste (and usually, the sweetness) and to quench my thirst. So I’ve always insisted on drinking juices I liked — and beet juice was not among them.

Then one day I read that in preliminary research, beetroot juice lowered blood pressure, and thus may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the high nitrate content of the beetroot. I’ve had cardiac weakness since I was born with a congenital heart defect. As I have gotten older, I’ve wanted to pay more and more attention to my heart’s health. When I saw that report, and checked it with my doctor, I immediately ran out and bought two bottles of beet juice at my local whole foods store.

These days I drink one glass of beet juice a day. What caused me to WANT to drink beet juice? The reason WHY I was drinking it!

As soon as I altered the “why” of my behavior, the “what” of my behavior changed spontaneously and automatically.

Now, let’s get back to your commentary, above. You asked: “Has it ever occurred to anyone that most people are actually happy with who and how they are, and do not want to change?”

My answer would be that of course it has. But the problem has been that most people who would like to see things change on this planet are approaching the problem at the level of behavior, rather than the level of belief. They are trying to get people to stop acting certain ways, rather than trying to stop thinking certain ways and stop believing certain ways.

In the Conversations with God cosmology it is made very clear that beliefs create behaviors. If you want to get behaviors to change, you’re going to have to get people to change the beliefs that sponsor them.

Sadly, most of those in leadership positions in our world do not want to even get close to suggesting that people’s beliefs are the problem; that our beliefs are causing the difficulties and challenges and poverty and suffering and wars and violence and environmental degradation and weather and climate extremes in the world today.

Saying such a thing would cause those leaders to lose their popularity almost at once — because our beliefs are very sacred to us, and the person who questions those questions the very basis of who we see ourselves as. The very suggestion that the basis on which we have laid the foundation of our culture might not be totally and completely accurate is far too threatening for most people, societies, cultures, political parties, and religions to even explore, much less embrace.

Now Kristen, you have said, “If people wanted to stop polluting, they would. If they wanted to stop traveling and reduce their carbon footprint, they would. If they wanted to help end the suffering of others, they would. If they wanted to be nicer, they would.”

This if true, of course. But the unaddressed question is: What could cause them to want these things? Simply telling them that they “should”? No. Obviously, no. That’s been tried.

Yet when people are willing to explore deeply the reason behind their choices, then change that reason, their choices shift immediately. To use my personal metaphor, they start drinking beet juice.

Why hasn’t this worked with more than just a fraction of the world’s population? Because the reason that people have been given to change their behaviors has not been good enough. Their behaviors appear now to be supported by their beliefs and their present beliefs generate their behaviors, so we have a circle.

As noted, most of humanity’s basic beliefs — about Life, about God, about who we are in relationship to each other, about how life works — have not been seriously challenged, or even questioned, within the global human collective.

Our opportunity, then, is to invite people to do what nobody wants to do: Question the prior assumption. And, once having done so, to entertain the possibility that many of humanity’s most sacred and fundamental beliefs may be mistaken. They may be simply inaccurate.

And that is where the screw turns, Kristen. We do not need, as you wrote, no doubt facetiously…“a full dictatorship communist world!!!” What we would benefit from the most right now would be “a full partnership community world!!!”

We need a Million Voices asking a few piercing questions:

1. How is it possible that 7 billion members of a single species could all want the same thing—survival, safety, security, peace, prosperity, opportunity, happiness, and love—and be unable to produce it, even after thousands of years of trying?

2. Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?

3. Is it possible that there is something we don’t understand about ourselves and about who we are, the understanding of which would alter our lives forever for the better?

And after asking these questions, those million voices might begin offering some suggested answers. They might decide to start a discussion; to initiate and to instigate an evolution revolution. Not just here on the Internet, in places like this within a virtual reality, but on the ground, in homes and meeting rooms, church halls and community centers, in cities, towns, and villages around the world.

And what could cause this to happen, Kristen?


You could decide to be among those who cause this to happen. We don’t need a communist dictatorship, Kristen. We need you.

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  • Erin

    Hmmm…so you had a problem (heart weakness), you were offered an age-old solution with new-age test results (beet juice), & you tried it & now like it. Fab marketing for the growers of beets, indeed!

    Sooo, why not use the avenue? Consumer-human are very conditioned to marketing strategies…in fact, this most often moves them with en-lightening speed!

    * Take a poll (a test research study): People who believe in a Oneness Way to Being Human vs. All Other Belief Systems.
    In what aspects of humanity are they most happy/unhappy with?
    In what aspects of themselves are they happy/unhappy with?
    What aspects of ‘their way’ are they happy/unhappy with?
    * Offer 3 choices within each & 1 ‘Other’ w/comment ability. (For sh*ts & giggles, add the 3 Qs from the above commentary w/50 word or less answer spaces.)

    * Compile the ‘stats’, release the ‘test results’ (no matter the outcomes), with a connect point to order ‘Oneness–A Way of Life’ (the 25 core-concepts, perhaps?).

    * Charge $5.99 (less would not attract credit card customers, as they are charged half of this just to use their card. A marketing note, if you don’t ask for pay, most peeps won’t play…No matter their income status!)

    * Send the e-mailed PDF with a p.s. note that they were ‘Never Charged…Their info was never processed nor retained’…that ‘This Way’ is FREE! (Perhaps a p.s.s. of “Blessings to your New Way of Life!” would be a ‘nice’ add…just sayin’.)

    (btw, make sure the usual FDA warning is fine-printed at the bottom of the ad…You know, the “This is not a cure for any dis-ease” (even though it most likely Is) thing…Covering one’s buns is also a fine market note to heed.)

    Rock with the process created! Should keep Humanity’s Team busy as bees, too!
    And, wouldn’t This be quite “initiating & instigating” toward local groupings?…by walking an avenue already well-paved, while ‘detouring’ walkers onto ‘Another Way’.(?)

    Just a thought…:)

    • Tasha England

      Love it.

  • Awareness

    This reminds me, I was once in a store with another entity “browsing” around grocery . And then I saw Asparagus, suddenly I remembered BASHAR of the Sassani (Living Light) Civilization. BASHAR had indicated that “ASPARAGUS, AVOCADO and WALNUT” as CURE for cancer. I then told the entity what BASHAR had said about Asparagus, and just like “lightning” she grabbed hold of the Asparagus 🙂 She grabbed it because she had a very “powerful” WHY 🙂 The Asparagus became like her own “beet juice” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Kristen

      Those who are open and receptive to The Source feel this as intuition or instincts everyday, as a feeling or knowing without words. As do Israelites via God – the secret to Jewish and Israelite longevity and survival. God started this in the bible telling us not to eat shellfish and pork as they are dangerous undercooked and unrefrigerated amongst many hidden tips. I feel it as instructions whenever I am in a health food shop or fruit and vege store. Quite simply, if we eat seasonally we should all be fine, but imported produce has confused people on this!

  • iamiamlife

    niacin and beet juice go well for heart 🙂 Happy Easter All hi ho he 🙂

  • mewabe

    What is the difference between belief and knowledge?

    If I am blind, I need to be told about the existence of color, in order to believe in color, because I do not know color.

    If I am deaf, I need to read about the existence of sound, because I do not know sound, so I have to believe in sound.

    How long will humanity choose to remain blind and deaf, how long will humanity rely on beliefs because it has no spiritual knowledge, because it chooses to be spiritually ignorant?

    Must we merely change beliefs, abandoning old archaic beliefs and adopting new more practical ones, or should we begin a process of SPIRITUAL KNOWING?

    “True knowledge is not formed from the neck up; it begins in the soles of our feet and moves up through the entire body, bone by bone, organ by organ, circulating through the veins, the heart, the brain, the mind, and the spirit. True knowledge does not transcend or exclude the body; it is experienced through the body.”

    “The knowledge…is cellular, experienced in our bodies and our consciousness through an ongoing, direct, and experiential relationship with a living and interactive planet.”
    From the book Eros over Logos
    Salvatore Folisi

    “The man who sat on the ground…meditating on life and its meaning, ACCEPTING THE KINSHIP OF ALL CREATURES AND ACKNOWLEDGING UNITY WITHIN THE UNIVERSE OF THINGS was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. And when Native man left off this form of development, his humanization was retarded in growth.”
    From the book My People, the Sioux. Written in 1928
    Luther Standing Bear, Lakota.

    • Erin

      Love your reminders…in all ways! If only fore-folk did not carry with them so much ‘baggage’ with their run towards being ‘free’…Imagine if they simply embraced the ways of these lands that were already in process, instead of resorting to what they ‘knew’, but were running from…”Imagine” (J. Lennon).

      Is it not possible to ‘loophole’ through paper/law stuff to do so Now? Can I not sell/give-away ‘my’ properties/assets (back) to the Native Nations?…Can I not do personal & business dealings through the Native banking system, rather than those of present mainstream? If our governing wonders can sell parcels/products of these lands to China, Japan, & Arabs, etc., & launder monies through off-shore means, why would we, individually, not be able to do so within & toward the growth & prosperity of Peoples We co-exist on same soil with…those that ‘knew’ good ways ‘to be’ here?

      Can you provide a heads-up on such moves? idk…seems if the U.S. got a grip on what ‘United’ truly means, perhaps a finer example could be created for Our-kind everywhere. I, for one, will not believe that there is no hope toward undoing a travesty done. In fact, are not sites as this attempting to do the same, just using ‘another way’? Would so appreciate the capability to gain higher Understandings of such Natures…Stuff that might steer toward bringing ‘US’ together for futures. Thanks…as always!<3

      • mewabe

        Thank you Erin…
        Unfortunately most tribes are under the control of the BIA, to the point where they, and the tribal members, are totally paralyzed by Washington bureaucrats and the puppet tribal councils that answer to the BIA.
        When you approach a tribe, you have to deal with the tribal council, which is the same as dealing with the BIA. It is corrupt, inefficient, and meant to keep Indian nations down, dependent, and under government control.

        Tribal councils get perks, the same way corrupt central and south American leaders got support from the US government, usually for the same reason: for letting corporations come in and take the resources very cheaply, while traditional native people oppose such theft and destruction but have no voice and no power except activism.

        But there are other ways to help…bypassing the puppet tribal councils and the BIA, by supporting Native American activist groups and causes, one of the best and most reliable being the Native American Rights Fund.

        Thanks for thinking of these things…

  • mewabe

    In his article, Neale uses the example of a choice he made in his life, based on knowledge rather than personal preference. He made this choice because he values his health, because he is a rational person.

    How many people are rational? How many people know that what they do to themselves, others or the world has nefarious consequences, how many even suffer from these consequences, BUT THEY DO IT ANYWAY, and keep doing it, often until they die or destroy everything around them?

    This could be a problem. The problem could be that even thought many SAY that they want survival, safety, security, peace, prosperity, opportunity, happiness, and love, many are driven to achieve the opposite of what they SAY they want, by something in their psychological make up that goes BEYOND beliefs, beyond ignorance, that PERSISTS even in the face of CLEAR KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING.

    How many, for example, say that they want love…yet, in practical terms, it turns out that they want everything BUT love, because love is the last thing they trust? How many say that they want success. yet when success arrives, it destroys them because they cannot deal with it?

    Paradoxically, the worst thing that can ever happen to most of us is that we get what we say we want, because then there is no place left, in our mind, for thoughts and feelings of defeat, victimization, hopelessness, pain or resentment, all thing that we previously projected on the outside world and acted out in our lives. There would be nowhere to run away from these feelings and they would have to be faced. That’s how success seemingly devastates lives. Most people would rather die than face difficult inner feelings.

    The human psyche is a lot more screwed up than we think, and rationality is not at all common. If it were, the answers would indeed be very easy.

    • Erin

      Reminded me of the line from “Avatar”…”We will teach you the ways of The People, and then we shall see if your insanity can be cured.” 😀

  • One Source

    Neale, the underlying feeling of self love or self concern generated in your awareness the thoughts, prividing the reasons, that led you to take the action of drinking beet juice as an antidote for your heart condition. Feelings (Soul)> Thoughts (Mind)>Body (Actions). Emotions and feelings generate thoughts and reasons. On this planet we also desperately need to redefine and enlarge the definition of the SELF. We can begin the redefinition by beginning to feel anything we are connected to.

  • Stephen mills

    Neale can I ask you a question would your doctor have given you this information about Beet juice being good for your Heart and helping your condition ? You said that you read an article about the juice lowering blood pressure .This is great and i am glad this is helping .What usually happens though is the Doctor would prescribe you some kind of pharmaceutical medicine before offering you a natural alternative .However if you went to a person trained in a naturopathy they might have offered you the Beet juice.

    My point is the information about the Beet juice is very important to the general public as high blood pressure is very common .But getting this information from the establishment is difficult ? What is the belief of the doctor in this case or do we just side step doctor’s and make our own decisions about lowering our blood pressure.There are millions of people on Pharmaceutical’s for this condition ! Who do we trust ?

    Perhaps the people who have the most responsibility to the public and sign the hippocratic oath are not as that informed as they could be in matters relating to the health of their patients .When they study medicine at university only a fraction of that long hard study relates to the effects of what we put into the our bodies on our health.

    Just a few of my thought’s sorry to get of topic a little .

    Wishing you perfect health and happiness .


    • Erin

      I didn’t see this as “off topic”, Stephen. You actually brought up good points of how easily ‘conditioned’ humans can be, esp. through ‘geared’ education that produces ‘better than everyone else’ attitudes.
      Modern Medicine has literally taken over a vast majority of bodies & minds through it’s Pharm counter-parts & government intertwines, with consistent bashings of medial ads onto JQ Public. What was meant to move as a ‘Service to Humanity’ has chosen to pave it’s own road with highly guarded gates at every entry. In other words, they have combined their efforts & become Big Biz, seeking to move World-wide. Sad, really, but true.
      What is sadder still, is the ‘fall’ Humanity is taking enroute. Legally (lol), sciences are not supposed to experiment on live humans, but if people are given the possible effects & they ‘volunteer’, science has use of a grand loop-hole (of their design, btw).
      Having been into both fields of endeavors, I found that Modern Med grads walk away with very little knowledge, motivation to explore, or much care at all, of the simplicities of body mechanics, though they are chock-full of business sense, human psychologies, & intimidating arrogance. It is not easy to not be so, either…much like military basic training graduates small-minded peeps into big-headed, well-conditioned grunts. Comes with the process of ‘professional’. Funny, but both elements are certified with Death Cards to play as they see fit…and isn’t Death the trump to make a human move well-conformed vs. well-informed.(?) Inglorious genius, indeed!
      Naturopathy is a new name to an old mission…Wellness of Humanity…Our specie’s quality continuance. Much like what Neale & sites as this are seeking to re-mind Us of. None are looking to create attractive names of dis-eases for others to define themselves with, nor wish to behold complicated procedures toward finer existence, but rather provide opportunity to think other-‘wise’, & live in ways that are more beneficial than what has become the previous-to-present ‘condition’.
      Not so easy is this, either…is it? I doubt it will not continue to boggle my mind when even someone who knows me well will choose radiation/chemo therapy as first move over a simple dosing of Iodide or a Candida cleanse…much like choosing to believe in a vengeful beast of a God rather than one that is All-minded & simplistic in Nature. But, Bless them all we shall, nonetheless, yes?
      Wellness back atcha, Stephen! 😀 <3

      • Stephen mills

        Thanks Erin I appreciate your response and your play on words .Always interesting to read your post’s.


  • Kristen

    Sorry I haven’t processed this properly Neale so can’t really reply properly tonight, but I will address the three simple things:

    Your beet juice – those who allow The Source, God and The Universe to be in charge of our lives allow complete intuition into our lives, much of which is felt as instincts. Since a child I have eaten unpeeled raw potato with raw garlic, eaten beetroot, red onions and many other things a child would not normally be exposed to, purely instinctive behaviour (thats how we spell it in NZ – proper English). Turns out all of these things are preventatives or cures for medical problems I would have developed had I not taken these God driven potions. And be dead. In a health food shop my Teacher from above drew my eyes to Olive Leaf Extract, Iodine and Colliodal Silver. I just obey, and know they will keep anything life endangering at bay for myself and the sproggs, and if it tastes yuck it’s sure to be good for me! Funnily enough I have the same instincts to not eat egg, chicken, any raw nuts or seeds, pate, drink tap water and many other normal things. I don’t need to know why, faith and trust doesn’t need explanations. One of my many BELIEFS, that is Law to me because it is technically others, with my consent, controlling what I can and cannot do in my best interests!!

    7 million peoples wants – everyone is driven by only three things. The necessities of life for survival, to provide for and protect those in our care primarily our children and FREEDOM. This is based on the same fundamental as me post in the last thread – everyones idea of freedom is different, but they will all have the commonality of wanting a ‘living life’ rather than a mere existence.

    “We need you” – I know what you mean, and this world has me. Random Acts of Kindness everyday, crime free, a contributor in my community etc but I will choose to reply differently to make you cringe. Why, just because I can! If you want me Neale then I only ask a few things things and I am all yours as a new recruit……… ditch CwG, your fake God, and the entire concept of ‘we are all one’ and all the other CwG aspects that are completely against my Kabbalic TEACHINGS and beliefs. Then I can be an asset, I have done my Christ Consciousness training and papers that would be very handy to you when you switch camps (all typed up for you as your new book and manual), you can even be a Christ if you want to and have the Universes support in whatever you want. But hey – that means LAW since Christ Consciousness is understandings the workings of the Universe, and the workings of the Universe are governed by Law!

    Just thought I’d make things a little more lively for you since your heart is stable at the moment. Said with a smile.

    xx (Kabbalic for a forehead kiss bestowing blessings).

    • Tasha England

      I’m currently re-reading Neale’s book, Communion with God, in which he discusses the ten illusions of humanity. Two of those are: Need Exists and Disunity Exists, and they came to my mind as I was reading this comment. I realize that these illusions of humanity are True for me, and may not be True for everyone, as our lived experiences are not all the same. However, it seems to me that even if we all, just for fun, assumed and then acted like we are all one, even for a few days, we might just all discover that there is always enough of the “necessities of life” with which “to provide for and protect those in our care” and ourselves. Right now there just seems to be a distribution problem, and I think that ties back into what people want and why they want those things and the first question Neale asked up there. If everyone, all 7 billion people, are driven by and want the same things, why do they not all have them?

      • mewabe

        I haven’t read Neale’s book, and I am not sure what he means when he states that need is an illusion. There are different kinds of needs…the emotional needs of a child, the need to drink water, and the neurotic need to manipulate and control other people, as examples of various needs, some of which are valid, some of which are not.

        But we may opt to differentiate between need and want. For example I need to breathe fresh air. But if I decide that I will only breathe fresh air from the balcony of a 5 stars hotel in Acapulco, and that nothing else will do, that’s not a need, that’s a want. That’s where the illusion is. We all need some form of foot wear to walk outside, to protect our feet. But if I say I will only walk in a $500 pair of shoes, that’s not a need, that’s a want, and furthermore a neurotic one, because I then associate my sense of self-worth with pieces of leather meant to cover my feet that have a price tag that is more than the average person can afford, and this is supposed to make me feel very special, because I would otherwise feel ordinary. The feeling ordinary or empty is the neurotic problem. It is the problem that drives individuals to want, and want more and more. That’s why we have a consumer based world economy that is destructive because rooted in neurosis.

        The world is screwed up in part because many people confuse real human needs, which do exist, with acquired, neurotic, artificial wants, which are superfluous and actually destructive to the environment and to human relationships.

        Now on a deeper spiritual level, it may be true that we ALMOST do not need anything, because we are a part of everything, and everything is a part of us…so we need nothing but…EXPRESSION, which is the drive of all life forms, for we can only know ourselves when we express ourselves, and the ultimate pursuit of all life and of the divine itself is self-knowledge.

        • Tasha England

          You hinted at the meaning in your last paragraph. What he means is that since we are all one, including one with God, and we are all individuations of God, and since God needs nothing, we ultimately need nothing. Not even food, not even water, because it is impossible for us not to live. We will not always live in the form we are now (human bodies), but we will always live in some form.

          We use the Illusion of Need to get about in our day to day life, because to survive in our present form on planet Earth requires food and water, but when we don’t see the illusion for what it is, we begin to think we might fail to meet our “needs.” (That’s another one of the illusions, by the way – Failure Exists. In our present human bodies most of us think of death as the failure to live, but as I hope I explained up there, death is not the end of life, which would make death as we consider it, an illusion.)

          When we think we might “fail” to meet our “needs,” we become fearful that the outcome of life is in doubt, fearful that we won’t be able to continue to live. The only way this might be possible is if we were not all one, hence the Illusion of Disunity. And from this illusion comes every manner of mistreating others.

          • mewabe

            Thank you for explaining Neale’s meaning. Yes, his approach is very logical, and I think meant to show people how, when we identify exclusively with physical life, we get caught in the illusion of believing that physical death is the end of existence, and all that illusion entails (such as a “need” to survive at all costs).

            I have never thought death was the end, and had numerous psychic experiences that demonstrated to me that some people on the “other side” are actually MUCH more alive and vibrant, radiant, than we usually are in this dimension.

            The divine is all there is, all that was, all that will be, and all that exists as a potential, as a dream, as a thought, as a desire. Within the divine dimension all happens simultaneously. The divine is all, and nothing exists outside or apart from it, because there is no outside to it, no possible separation from it. I saw this in a vision when I was 17…

            The only illusion of separation is in the human mind that believes that it is separated. And indeed, death, as seen as the end of life, is the ultimate illusion of separation, that would be possible only if a separation from the divine was possible, I agree with Neale.

          • Kristen

            What you refer to as the divine, is what I refer to as The Source.

          • mewabe

            Yes, that is the Divine Source, that is also the way I experience it, and that is the only power I am relating to in my life…by choice, and totally through intuition. Nothing else matters.

            Even my own ideas and concepts or beliefs do not matter to me, as they change, and my relationship with this Source keeps transforming me from the inside out.
            The world itself is as a blank canvas for evolutionary and transformational spiritual expression and manifestation. The Spirit is at the center, and all life is meant to revolve around it.

          • Tasha England

            Mewabe, thank you for sharing a bit about your past. You describe the divine beautifully and the analogy to the sun has given me a neat image and idea to consider on Earth Day.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Tasha…
            I read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo when I was 17, and it lead me to having this spontaneous, vivid dream/vision.

          • Tasha England

            I will check this book out for sure.

          • Awareness

            Excellent Tasha England 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Tasha England

            Thank you, Awareness.


        • Kristen

          Mewabe – everything can be explained and is defined by Law. The aspect that is governing expensive shoes, to use your example, combines many (and all as all Laws must by perfectly synchronised and compatible with all others or it cannot be Law). In the most simplistic of explanations, although I know you would prefer the long version, it is dominated by the Law of Equality which defines that everything must be available to everyone, no matter their budget or resources. This means that those defined as poor will find shoes at a very low cost or for free whilst those on higher incomes will WANT to spend more on a higher quality of shoes. This helps to ensure the disposable income of the wealthy is kept under control as they will spend 10x more than the average person for the same item, if their income is 10x more. The same with housing and every item. In effect this then means that the wealthy are also the driving force behind Kmart and all the cheap asian junk shops, cheap label knock offs etc as the Universe must ensure similar looking items they have are also available to the ‘poor’. A very obvious example of this in the past ten years is with interior design – look at how the standards of cheap items has risen as the wealthy’s wants have raised the bar with the new silly job of employing interior designers when you are too useless or do not have enough good taste to even design your own interior. The shoe aspect is also a part of the group of retail Laws overseen by the Job God that ensures high end shops are sparcely stocked, therefore they have fewer customers and higher rent, to keep generated wealth for a few under control.

          All of this is driven by The Source deliberately. You watch, if the world economy crashes, which it will, especially in the entertainment industry and they stop redecorating etc, then the parallel cheaper shops will also fade away.

          Just for the record though, females with skinny legs have to buy expensive boots or they are too wide, as do females with high arches as cheap shoes give cramp and do not offer support under the arch. No I don’t have expensive shoes as I don’t look after them and wear Levis sneakers to work anyway. But in saying that, I do look at the brands people wear as it tells me a lot about them especially shoes as they will always tell a story of our current path. Barefeet and Ugg Boots are quite high on the Universal scale when you learn to read them. And guys must wear cool branded underwear since the style of clothes now means their underwear waist band is showing half the time anyway. No brand undies means your mother or wife don’t love you enough or grandma buys your undies for Xmas from Walmart or Kmart. Unless you highride your pants of course, then I won’t be inspecting!!!!!

          It is probably the way you word things, but you come across as very jealous therefore judgemental of those who have more than you. Scripture states clothes maketh the man and everyone above encourages people to dress well and look good, especially the Source who drives perfection and beauty and will not acknowledge anything less. Quality will always generally look better than cheap.

          • mewabe

            I understand the laws that govern this world…in some ways Taoism also explains these universal laws (especially the infinite intricacies of polarity, which governs much of the physical).

            It is useful to know these things, but I am not that interested in them, because I am not that interested in the present form our world has taken. It is very easy to navigate the world purely by intuition, without a need to learn these laws in detail. Also, I am here, in the world, but I am not at the same time…I am not of here. The games of the world are old to me…been there, done that, probably many times…I am not here for these games, but to explore and manifest something else in my life that has nothing to do with how the world has been or is today.

            No I am not jealous, I simply deplore the greed that is in part destroying the world, that causes people to place so much importance on the material and on outer appearances and artificial status, and that often comes from an experience of inner emptiness, from a lack of spiritual connection. I could buy $500 shoes If I wanted, today, without having to think twice about it. But I have no interest in these things, I find such choices ridiculous and irrelevant in the face of the infinite wealth of the Spirit that comes with a life lived truly close to the Divine Source.

            Buying “stuff” is all about seeking to feel good…while defining your happiness in the world terms. I don’t define myself or my happiness in the world’s terms, I am free of the world, in another space, so to speak, a space beyond space and time. Yes, it can be done 🙂

        • hempwise

          Thanks Tasha that is completely my understanding of Communion With God’s illusion of need.

      • Kristen

        Hi Tasha.
        I cannot be any part of ‘we are one’. There is no we in me, and no me in we. Karma, consequences, judgement, success, entitlements, the Tree of Life journey, education, every Law, qualifications and everything in existence is based on each individual separate from each other. This is a new age con to make it difficult for people to be judged, and also for The Source to actually be able to know people as individuals. Kind of how gangs work.

        Neale knows the answer to most of his own questions. And the answer is reincarnation although he appears to have missed this in his own books or I have missed the discussions on it in here. The CwG books and the other seemingly 5 million books I have read on it all say the same – that each individual chooses their own path pre rebirth and has guides and those in the Afterlife overseeing this for them until they choose their own death. If people choose to be homeless and starving to death riddled with leprosy, then that is their problem, not anyone elses. Let them rot if thats what they chose. My problem is that I am opposed to what reincarnated souls are arranging for childrens bodies when they inhabit them, and hope they undergoe karma for this for it is not their body, merely one they are accepting responsibility for. I am completely opposed to reincarnation, I am not reincarnated as this is my first life as there is no reincarnation into Israelite bodies for it carries an execution as God deems it kidnapping and possession, the same as I do.

        Also note that Neales God is not the Biblical God. He just impersonates Him to get Neales attention and groupies (go you) and is the God that rules the Afterlife, therefore reincarnation and the dead. Y’shua (Jesus) stated that the Biblical God is a God of the Living not the dead. Do not get the two mixed up, two completely different Gods ruling two completely different realms (Afterlife v heaven which are different) and two completely different groups of people (the living as first lifers and righteous enough to get into the Biblical Gods or The Sources Heaven v the dead as reincarnated people). I get a $1000 bonus everytime I say this in here. LOL!!

        • Tasha England

          Kristin, my experiences do not lead me to the conclusions you state here. But that’s okay. Muhammad Ali wrote this untiled poem:


          Isn’t that neat? Mirror images of each other. You say there is no me in we and vice versa. I say they are two different perspectives of the same thing.

          My only encounter with Kabbalah has been through Tarot, so I am not prepared to converse with you at this time on the intricacies of that belief system. Perhaps some other time.

  • AngelaMooreDuck

    In my experience WE can’t change what people believe or what they want. Only they have the power to change anything about their belief structure. To truly change the world we must change what we ‘know’, our clairsentience. What our soul shows us to be true is the only impetus that will make us change what we want and this must be done personally, one person at a time. We can offer them a new thought to ponder, and we should do this, but only each person can make the decision to accept that view and let it change us from the inside out. Offer it with love and then leave it with them. This works….. I am living proof!

  • Angela

    What a beautiful response x Thank you Neale x Love to all x

  • mewabe

    Interesting lively discussion.
    “My God says this… God says that!”
    “My Law says this…hmmm…my Law says that!”
    Will we ever get anywhere?

    What interests me, personally, is not what people know, think or say, but how they act. I am pragmatic. I want to see how a person relates to the earth (yes, nature, our primary element, our present physical AND spiritual universe), and with other people and animals. This is when I see whether a person’s heart is open or closed, and whether the soul has a voice. If the heart is closed, if the soul is silenced, I am intrigued, I want to know how and why, without being intrusive.

    Talk is cheap, as some say. Conversations are interesting, but when all is said and done, how we treat people around us, how we treat perfect strangers, and how we treat the natural environment says a lot about a form of belief that is the most powerful, and rarely examined: unconscious beliefs.

    For example, a person might say that they believe in love. That’s a conscious choice and belief. Yet, all in their actions towards others might express just the opposite, because the unconscious belief is that they may think love is frightening and might destroy them.

    Humanity’s actions reveal much about the collective UNCONSCIOUS, as well as the unconscious beliefs of individuals. No matters what anyone says, the truth “comes out”, the truth being that which is hidden WITHIN the deeper layers of the individual psyche.

    In other words, humanity has some work to do, on itself! Know thyself should be the first order of business, for anyone who seeks any kind of consciousness (higher or average).
    And it is very easy to know ourselves, as everything around us is a mirror reflecting our state of consciousness, particularly within intimate relationships, which are the clearest kind of mirror there is.