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The State of Georgia in the United States has passed one of the most permissive gun laws in that nation — legislation that its critics are calling the “Guns Everywhere Bill.”

The new law sends America back to its old Wild West Days, when cowboys packed six-shooters, and the measure of one’s personal safety was not whether you carried a gun (everybody did), but who could get it out of the holster faster.

The U.S. is now returning to the days when the personally carried gun is once again The Great Equalizer. It used to be that laws, and the enforcement of them, provided equalizing comfort and safety in public places in America, but ever since Stand Your Ground laws came back into play — allowing people to think they can shoot-to-kill other people in places like movie theatres because someone threw a bag of popcorn in their face — the people of the United States have apparently decided that a loaded revolver, carried everywhere, is the only way to go.

Effective July 1, the new law in Georgia will allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms into more public places than at any time in 100 years.

This would include — as in days of old — bars. It would also allow guns to be carried into government buildings that don’t have security checkpoints.  As well, the law authorizes school districts to appoint staffers to carry firearms. It allows churches to “opt-in” if they want to allow weapons inside their houses of worship.

The law has not been passed without opposition. It has been criticized as being “the most extreme gun bill in America” by Americans for Responsible Solutions, the group co-founded by former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group started by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has also been highly critical of the legislation.

Law enforcement organizations hate it. “Police officers do not want more people carrying guns on the street, particularly police officers in inner city areas.” Frank Rotondo, the executive director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, has been widely quoted in the media as saying.

In a new twist on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the language of the new law prohibits police officers from even detaining momentarily any person “for the sole purpose of investigating whether such a person has a weapons carry license.” In other words, “I’ve got a gun, and you don’t get to ask me whether I have a permit to carry it. Take that, police people.”

None of the opposition from law enforcement and mayors, etc. has mattered in a country gone wild about its guns since the massacre of 20 school children and 6 adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012.

Apparently wracked with fear that the escalating gun violence in America would move people in that country to advocate against easy access to guns, a backlash has formed and grown enormously in the past two years, led by the National Rifle Association and buttressed by Second Amendment Rights supporters.

Nine states have now loosened gun regulations in the U.S., and the National Rifle Association called the new law in Georgia “a historic victory for the Second Amendment.”

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to “keep and bear arms.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in the past that this does not stop the government from regulating the sale and use of firearms…but Second Amendment advocates see it another way. Thus, even attempts to limit sales of guns to people without a background check, or place limits on the sale of semi-automatic combat weapons that shoot many rounds per second, have been vociferously opposed by an increasingly loud constituency in the United States.

So powerful has this constituency become that even the grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Democratic state senator Jason Carter, voted for the bill in the Georgia legislature. (Jason Carter, not incidentally, is running for governor in his state.)

Speaking to critics of the new law, Georgia state Rep. Rick Jasperse, the Republican who introduced the bill, said it is simply about restoring Second Amendment rights and allowing licensed gun owners to carry their weapons in more places. He said this was “not extreme.”

So the question now before the American people in an increasing number of places will be not, “Are you packing?” (most people will be), but rather: “How fast on the draw are you?”

And the new American motto?

“Smile when you say that, brother.”

And whatever you do, don’t throw your popcorn at someone if you find yourself in an argument in a movie theatre. You’re liable to get shot and killed.

On the spot. No questions asked.

Self defense, you see…

In America, you get to Stand Your Ground.

With a six-shooter. Like in the Old West, remember?

Have Gun, Will Travel.

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  • Michael L

    More access to a perceived life protection in more parts of our day.

    This is just a self preservation move. Fearful folks who need to feel safe.

    Thank you Neale for illuminating where the debate is heading in our fair country.

    How about those cowboys in Nevada, peace was restored. That’s how prayer works!

  • Christopher Toft

    Oh Dear. Epic fail Georgia! 🙁 It amazes me the power that history can hold over a culture. Is the “right to bear” arms actually a part of the US constitution? It seems to have created a situation where people feel that their safety and freedom is under threat if they can’t carry a thing specifically designed to maim and kill. Why not just allow everyone access to suitcase nukes if they get into a fight in a bar, over whose peanuts belong to whom. After all it’s all in the name of freedom and safety right??

  • mewabe

    Guns and alcohol…what a great idea! Who thought that one up?

    The second amendment is about the right to bear arms, but the kind of arms allowed is not specified.

    I think that they should go for anything they can carry…grenade launchers, bazookas (do these still exist?), anything and everything they can pack on their persons, including 50mm ammunition.

    I am surprised the argument has not been made by the NRA for this, but I am sure it will come up. Perhaps they could propose another amendment, allowed everyone to own a tank (one per family, let’s be reasonable).

    Of course the mentally ill should not be discriminated against, so paranoid-schizophrenics should have full access to all of this as well. This is America. Just because someone hears a voice telling him that lizard people are out to get him doesn’t mean that his constitutional rights should be eliminated, darn it!

    • Michael L

      Sounds like it’s time to move to ………..Switzerland. Nope they all own guns.
      We get all up in arms(oops) when we see our culture going down a path we started many years ago. So when folks stop feeling threatened, they may not go to the extremes.

      • mewabe

        Yes, unfortunately the mainstream media’s daily feed is fear. From the dollar crashing to the economy tanking, Yellowstone blowing up, a comet falling from the sky or a new virus wiping out humanity, not to mention WW3, the daily American menu has fear written all over it.
        It is a kind of hysteria that seems to reveal some sort of mass mental disorder. Who knows where it will lead? So far it is leading to more lead.

        • Christopher Toft

          You forgot the zombie apocalypse.

          • mewabe

            I already fell victim to that one and they ate half of my brain…

            but the other 70% still functions……I think?

    • Christopher Toft

      Dude you so win the sarcasm award of the day. Fantastic! 🙂

      • mewabe

        Thanks…but I was serious…not!

    • Michael L

      You will sure to win,
      Hmmm unless you head for the urban areas.

    • Stephen mills

      Hey Mewabe I,am going for that mini nuclear device they have just invented it just takes out a few blocks of neighbourhood that are a little bit annoying !

      The second amendment and other laws where never ment to stay still .Thomas Jefferson’s idea was to let the next generation write up laws and amend constitutions as they saw fit.This is not a static world we live in its fluid and ideas change about what society thinks of itself.Remaining in the Wild West is not sensible and indeed senseless.

  • Trisha

    I don’t believe we need weapons at all. I also think the Constitution needs to be re-written. The world moved on since the Constitution’s inception, its time to update it with a loving, compassionate stance.

    • Christopher Toft

      As we say in London. Spot on.

    • Mruss

      I wish that was the world we actually live in. Tell this to the home invaders that break into your house and threaten to take everything from you that you hold most dear. Be responsible. Get armed and get trained. The 2A is as relevant and necessary today as it ever was. You are naive to think otherwise.

  • Wendy Quenneville

    When I was the single mother of two my house was broken into 14 times in 2 years. My parents literally drove from Florida to Detroit to rescue me from my Hell on Earth.

    If I ever found myself single and living alone (now that all my kids have grown up and moved out) I would get myself a 12 guage gun and learn to be a responsible gun owner. I will get the necessary permit that will allow me to take the gun to work, stored in my trunk. I won’t be a target again.

    I can’t help but to think that the police detective was overreacting and possibly on a power-trip that maybe he had become accustomed to. The guy threw popcorn. He didn’t climb over the back of his seat and start pommeling the guy, which might have made he fearful for his and possibly his wife’s well-being, but to shoot him for throwing popcorn. Over-reacting.

  • Santa Cruz

    No thanks I will put my trust in source. No gun needed here!!!!!!

  • Mruss

    I love your work but have to strongly disagree with you on this. The new GA law will result in lives saved, assaults avoided and not the least , serves our sense of personal honor. I refer you to the classic 1993 piece written by Jeffery R. Snyder : ‘A Nation of Cowards’. Google it. It’s online and very much worth your time.

    As far as your concerns, the facts and data do not support them. As a group, CCW holders are obsessively law abiding. There are 11 million CCW holders in the US (2010 data ) and of this group, only 0.067% are involved in ANY firearms related crime/violation.

    Your claims of a ‘ Wild West ‘ environment are also not supported by the data. These same concerns were voiced by the gun control lobby back in 1997 when Florida went to “Shall Issue”.
    On the contrary, violent crime has decreased in the years since as gun ownership has increased.
    John Lott is the expert on these kinds of statistical studies showing net benefits to society from increased CCWs and legal places to carry.

    It is up to each of us to protect our own lives and the lives of our loved ones from violent attack. And we have a God given right to do so. A right established in our secular world with the 2A.
    Gun Free Zones are nothing more than signs telling the crazy people where to go for easy pickings.
    I’m glad to see Georgia take a stand.

  • emma

    I think people become safe with an idea and don’t like change, but if you look to countries like the UK or Japan who have changed their gun laws you will see it has benefited them, here in the Uk I feel much safer now, knowing that there are less guns, therefore less shootings, it just makes sense

  • ruchir

    I also think its a step back. However the solution I propose is that each one of us should strive for personal power and self-discipline. We should have control of our mind, speech, and action, and make tons of money. If there are a few billionaires among us, we can also make the laws of our society.

    • mewabe

      Hey, I don’t mean to be critical, but do you realize what you are inferring? You are saying that we need to be billionaire in order to have enough influence to change the laws.
      Is this the kind of world you really want to live in, in which the rich has power and influence and others don’t?

      • ruchir

        What I wrote could be interpreted that way, but I did not mean that. Gandhi was not a billionaire, nor was Mandela. But I am not Gandhi. I am what I am, and influencing the world through money is something I can imagine. Those who can influence through other means are welcome to do so.
        Aside, the rich having power and influence is not a problem, There will always be differences between people, which is something to cherish. The poor have power over rich too, because they have greater numbers and not much to lose. But I wish more of our rich were compassionate and wise. Conversely, I wish more of our compassionate and wise were rich.

  • Christopher Toft

    Extraordinary. I have lived in the UK all my life and you don’t see people feeling that their liberty and safety threatened because they don’t own guns. Amazing and very sad.

    • Kristen

      I’m in New Zealand, it’s so hard to even comprehend anything associated with private ownership of guns that when I read these threads Ithink I go onto shutdown, I just cannot comprehend it at all. Just replied to you in an old thread I think that came through as a Disqus alert – no idea where sorry!!

  • iamiamlife

    Guns are meant to kill. Why do we need so many? Guns are weapons meant to kill people. Why do we need any?

  • No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it. We do not have a gun problem in America, we have a fear problem. We do not have a violence problem in America, we have a fear problem. We do not have a crime problem in America, we have a fear problem. We will not solve those problems by pointing out how angry they make us feel or how terribly wrong the thinking is that produced those problems. We will solve these problems, and all of our ‘problems’ when we lift each other out of fear, and not before.

    Neale, I Love You. Your work has inspired me to make changes in my Life I would never have dreamed possible 20 years ago. You have lead me to a place where fear has no hold on my Life or on the manner in which I choose to express my Divinity. Please do not choose to lend your voice to fear. I have read and watched the message you bring to us change over the last few years and it seems, from my limited view point, that some of what you write on these pages is increasingly coming from a place of fear.

    The Loving, gentle urging of our Souls toward Love has been slowly replaced by ever more strident descriptions of the injustices you perceive in our World today. Less often do I see solutions based in Love. More and more often now these articles hold a sarcastic, snarky tone that definitely spurs conversation, what seems to be missing is the Love based solution to those perceived injustices.

    The Global Conversation website is a treasure. It is an opportunity to expose a fear based Society to a message of Divine Love in a manner that is unique to our times. The number of posts that rally behind your clarion calls against injustice is impressive, but no more so than every other political site where battle lines are drawn on every issue and people whip out their most quippy rejoinders to defend or attack any given issue.

    Please, please may we use this opportunity to trot out solutions to the issues rather than engage in heated exchanges of vitriol? May we offer solutions to the fear that so grips our Country and our World rather than fanning the flames of that fear? Remember, we will not solve all of these problems at the same level of consciousness by which we created them.

    • Erin

      Right on, Rian! 😀

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Thank you, Rian, for your softly urgent plea. I will respond to you in my next headline story here. Your entry deserves a response as highlighted as the story which inspired it. And I shall offer you my response in this space next. I hope you will stay tuned — and I appreciate more than you know your sweet willingness to step up and be counted with your opinion and your request. Lovingly, Neale.

    • Amen, I say live in the solution, not the problem.

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        The solution to WHAT, Marko? Of you do not name the problem, how can you live into the solution?

        • Awareness

          The Law of Gratitude is Given for the following progressing solution:

          “Over 92% of Syrian chemical weapons stockpile removed, destroyed

          The international team overseeing the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile reports that 92.5 percent of the chemical material has been removed and destroyed. “I welcome the significant progress of the last three weeks, and I strongly encourage the Syrian authorities to conclude the removal operations as part of their efforts to achieve the June 30, 2014 deadline. Particular thanks goes to member states for their steadfast support,” said Sigrid Kaag, special coordination for the joint mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations. The mission’s website also reports that Syrian authorities also destroyed buildings, equipment and empty mustard gas containers, and decontaminated other containers in a number of chemical weapons storage and production sites.” – RT

          Bless ALL 🙂

        • Thanks Neale, I simply mean we as a whole can focus more on solutions than whining about the problems, it’s a general statement.

          Complaining & venting has it’s place, but possible solutions should be placed along side our complaining to balance it out.

          Now for me to live that means, I visualize possible solutions even though certain problems don’t have readily apparent solutions at the moment.

          I can visualize that there is a solution to this gun argument, even though I’m not sure how that will look exactly. That visualization may also just be a feeling of resolution. I don’t know the mechanics of how it happens, I focus on the end solution result & let that energy be the instigating force to aid a solution.

          It’s moving beyond the intellectual to the soul level, nothing wrong with the intellect it’s marvelous, but it’s not been as reliable as working in concert with a soul knowing, like it says in the WECCE material.

          Often if I say, throw out something in the garbage that can’t be repurposed, reused, recycled etc. I mentally say “there is a solution to all this waste.” I can visualize and imagine near future solutions coming from this state of being I’m exhibiting.

          The good energy that I put forth at that moment can attach to other like minded energy & create a larger energy that creates an eventual solution.

          I see how utterly crazy society & government is acting in so many ways, yet, I don’t spend time shaking my head, okay maybe a little but not a lot. Instead I’m training my mind to respond differently.

          Like “I know we are smarter than this we have what it takes to usher in a new spiritual renaissance”

          Now, most people unconsciously just stay in the energy space of anger, frustration, and disgust at our primitive ways. That just reinforces what we don’t wish to experience.

          I use the power of positive thoughts & feelings to replace what is often unconscious contempt & condemnation in how our world works. I do this consciously.

          I can sit & have a cheese burger & coke and say I eat healthy. That’s not a contradiction, just because I make what appears to be at times unhealthy food choices, doesn’t stop me from declaring what I truly desire to experience.

          Guess what, more fruit & veggies get eaten with less effort simply because of the power of reliable repetition to quote a recent book TOTTM. 🙂

          We visualize & feel what we desire first, action will follow naturally.
          Visualization helps cement & superglue the concepts & feelings I desire to experience.

          This is how I currently approach life & live in the solution, not the problem.

          This also requires long term commitment. For years I’ve spent 1 minute a day at 12:00 noon to pray & visualize world peace. It’s called the peace clock. Sure I miss a few times, but I’ve made the commitment long term.

          Imagine the entire world doing this 1 minute a day? What might happen?

    • mewabe

      Rian, where is the vitriol? Honestly, perhaps I have become immune to it and can’t see it. Really, I have always witnessed people being respectful here.

      Strong opinions do not equate vitriol….unless a person chooses to get offended by something with which they do not agree. That’s a personal choice.

      I agree with the fear problem. It’s so obvious. It is a universal problem, but America is suffering from an unusually high amount of unnatural fear. Unfortrunately, it is not just that fear exists, but that it is EXPLOITED by those who profit from it, from the war profiteers to the political establishment, to those who control the economy from the top. It has been exploited by religion for centuries, to keep people subjugated.

      One cannot lift another out of fear, for fear must be faced, understood, and resolved inwardly, by the individual. No one else can do it for you. No one can walk through that door for you, you must do it yourself. It is a personal process, that comes with choosing love and peace and to no longer fear. But on the way to liberation, everyone must face his or her own demons. THAT is the spiritual way, and truly unavoidable.

      Sweet words can inspire, but they are not a magic wand. All inner fear, all inner negativity must be faced, understood, healed, and released by the individual.

  • Christopher Toft

    Okay here is my problem with gun culture(& knife culture in the UK). The problem with carrying a weapon is it sends a very specific psychological message, a subtext: “I am willing to maim and kill you if I have to”. The implication of this is obvious “I don’t trust you, human beings are unpredictable, potentially violent creatures and are incapable of rising above primitive fear and hatred”. Weapons literally foster mistrust, paranoia and misanthropy. If we all act like humans are rabid animals, we will behave like rabid animals. That’s it, in a nutshell.

  • AngelaMooreDuck

    With all my deepest respect for you. I have been inspired and deeply touched by your books and website. I am a volunteer for Humanities Team and I love the things we are doing, but I disagree with your viewpoint on this.
    I have lived all my life in Alabama, where we are just like the people in Georgia. We believe owning guns is our right and a practical way of protecting our family. I have known people all my life who owned guns and there was only one who actually shot a person. He was a small store owner in my town who prevented an attempted robbery and probably saved his own life by shooting two strangers bearing their own guns. I don’t know any that ever had a shootout on the streets of town or perpetrated drive bys. The type of people I know that own guns are a different breed from either of those characters.
    We submit to licensing that includes background checks, gun registration, and most people actually take some kind of gun safety class. The police I know are not afraid of having this type of armed citizenry. They are however, very concerned about the unregisted, unlicensed gun carriers that do have shootouts in the street and do drive bys. These are the guns that are the problem and there is no way to legally control them because they are not legally procured. Any gangsta will know more than one source for a ‘disposable’ gun to be used on someone, sometimes anyone, then thrown away. And from some of the police brutality cases all over the internet there might be your reason for them to be afraid of armed citizens. The police aren’t above the law and they should act appropriately, as our children are taught from a young age that policemen will help you. Not so in some cases. The only problem is, how to tell the difference between the good ones and bad ones. Ironically, that’s the same situation you say they are afraid of.
    As I understand this law, it allows guns in places that were previously restricted, court houses, schools, bars, etc. but leaves the management of these various establishments with a way to opt in or opt out, whichever is appropriate. Which brings up the question, what would have happened had there been one of my type of gun carrying persons in the schools or theatre?
    It is almost a sure bet they would have been able to lessen the death toll in most cases. Remember we are talking about responsible, trained adults with a specific focus.
    Now, I agree that what is termed ‘assault’ weapons as personal defense is a bit of a stretch. Until you remember that our armed services have also turned on the people that they were supposed to protect. I guess the most memorable one was Kent State, where 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the national guard. The incidences at Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian, and now Bundy Ranch have all been contaminated by spin and inuendo. It’s hard to see the truth in these situations but it is clear that the citizens all lost; family members, friends, children, homes, and land. They had weapons, which was one of the reasons they had problems, but they didn’t choose to turn their weapons on the governmental forces even to save themselves and their families. One officer was killed at Ruby Ridge, but a wife and son were lost, father and friend put on trial, which actually turned against the federal agencies involved. These were the same agencies and some of the same agents that were involved in Branch Davidian at Waco. It remains to be seen how this standoff at the Bundy Ranch plays out but hopefully no lives will be lost.
    It appears to me that law abiding citizens might be the only ones that deserve to own any weapons.
    And I have to say………please don’t jump on the ‘bash the south’ bandwagon. We are some of the most genteel, good hearted, and loving folks you will ever meet. We are the least likely to ever return to the Wild West Days. So please don’t characterize us as such.
    But make sure you don’t appear in my home in the middle of the night without an invitation. I sleep with my pistol under my pillow and I will use it!

    • mewabe

      The facts demonstrate that Bundy is NOT a law abiding citizen, If he were, he would have paid the grazing fee for his use of public land (grazing fees instituted by Reagan by the way), and he would have complied with the courts’ decisions after having lost repeatedly. That’s what being a law abiding citizen means, you obey the law, even if you would rather get a free ride at the expense of the American taxpayer.

      He and his “militia” weekend warriors pals’ use of guns was a bully tactic, not an act of self defense. Incidentally they definitively demonstrated their irresponsibility by letting women and children be there in the middle of a potentially explosive confrontation. Not to mention the former sheriff militia weekend warrior dude who wanted to put the women and children, including his own wife and daughter, on the front line, to dare the feds to shoot them.

      Is this how gun owners show responsibility?

      I would say that your example was a very bad one.

      Now what are your thoughts on guns being allowed in BARS? Alcohol and guns? Sounds good to you?

      • Michael L

        Dear mewabe,
        You are just regurgitating what you have heard.
        Angela is just speaking from what she has heard.
        And the deference is one of perspective not worst case scenario’s.
        Remember this is a fear problem. You fear guns in bars, she fears for her families safety.
        Can we both come together and see the solution as one of raising the vibration of fear to one of love, love of folks. Then when safe is just a way of life, protection of it won’t be a thought.

        • mewabe

          True, I was regurgitating (sounds disgusting) about Bundy.
          I know everything I wrote to Angela was not the main point of the conversation, just a bit of a digression.

          I don’t fear guns in bar. I have never been to a bar in my life and don’t intend to start…I just think that alcohol and guns are a very bad idea (it is against the law to drink and drive, it is not recommended to drink and operate dangerous machinery, it is probably not a good idea to drink and carry a tool designed to kill, particularly in bars where fights can occur very easily).

          I am not fearful about this, just practical. I think the idea of guns in bar really absurd.

          however I have a live and let live attitude. I express my opinions. relate my experience, but I believe that everyone should have the right to make their own mistake and learn from them, including me.

          I would not fear people who would carry guns in the street, I would just find them ridiculous.

        • AngelaMooreDuck

          Exactly! And that is the more important work of our generation. That’s why I believe that all this other ‘stuff’ is just meant as a distraction. We shouldn’t be poking at each other,we should be ushering in the new paradigm.

  • iamiamlife

    My issue with guns is that it stems from the same mindset that led to massive compilations of weapons of mass destruction. Billions of weapons to bomb people cost billions of dollars. Why? Guns amassed all over the world. Why? Do we truly want to use them? Then, why build them? Why buy them? Why allow them? To defend? Against who? We are one.

  • mewabe

    Many people are fearful of their own shadows. It’s simple: the measure of your FEARS is directly PROPORTIONAL TO THE SIZE AND NUMBER OF YOUR WEAPONS. By this measuring yardstick, America is the most fearful nation in the world.

    Why be so fearful of everything?

    When I go hike in the wilds, I do not bring as much as a toothpick with me. I was once “confronted” by a mother bear with 2 cubs, about 20 feet away. The cubs fled, she got aggressive and stood up. I felt NO FEAR. I just sat down, looked away (keeping her in my peripheral vision but not staring at her), and mentally communicated to her that I was no threat.
    After 10 minutes the cubs came back, and the 3 went on their way. Simple. No fear. Animals AND humans RESPOND NEGATIVELY TO FEAR.

    The average armed redneck would have peed his pants and would have started shooting.

    Same scenario with a mountain lion, and with 2 doberman dogs that charged me. I stopped them dead in their track by not moving, NOT FEARING, and not being aggressive or agitated in any way. Inner calm WORKS MIRACLES.

    Same scenarios with people, including someone who wanted to rob me. CALM, no compliance and no fear.

    What is there to fear exactly?

    Besides, if you are truly peaceful inside, you will not find yourself caught in any violent situation. Your INTUITION will simply guide you to AVOID them. You just won’t be there, because you do not RESONATE with violence.

    • Kristen

      Nicely put.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Kristen!

        • Christopher Toft

          Bang on again. Love your story about the bear!

          • mewabe

            Thanks Christopher! I love animals and understand them…

          • Michael L

            Hi mewabe,
            Could you illuminate, on what you meant by this….”However when you choose to have a weapon, energy-wise you INVITE the possibility of violence.”
            I would think if you choose to have a weapon you already believe that the violence is upon you and your either reacting to that fear or you couldn’t care less because you have no fear and just like be pro active.

            But if the thought you have is that humans can communicate in a telepathically way and make their non threatening thoughts known, well lets all get to that point.

            I once met a mother moose and kid in the wilds of Arcadia National Park, while hiking along a path.
            Since I had no hostile intent, only wonder, we parted amiably.
            With humans it could be hit of miss!!!

          • mewabe

            Hey Michael, I guess you could look at it this way: everything happens at the level of consciousness before it becomes manifest in the physical.
            The example you gave of the moose shows the power of consciousness. Had you been afraid, the animal would have sensed it and reacted differently.
            A person who carries a gun makes a statement, in consciousness: to be open to the possibility of finder himself or herself in a life and death struggle. This alone is a very powerful statement that can attract danger. Of course many who do not carry any weapons make the exact same statement, in consciousness, through their fear.

            It’s like this: we either believe in the power of the Spirit, and in the power of our own consciousness, or we don’t. Carrying a guns says, for a spiritual person : “okay, I know I should believe in the power of the Spirit, but just in case I am not taking any chances.”
            So it is setting ourselves up for failure at the consciousness level. This is why I do not possess a weapon, and why I do not carry anything for self defense in the wild. I rely on the power of consciousness and of thought.

            Yes, telepathy also works with people. For one thing, if you are sensitive, you can read a person’s intention before they take action, and thus avoid a bad situation. If you are sensitive, if you rely on consciousness, you won’t even be there, where a problem would occur. Your intuition will direct you.

            You can’t use that part of the mind that some call the left brain though…you have to develop “antennas” so to speak, a “sixth sense”. It’s easier that people think. Then you don’t have to worry about fear, because you can “read” life from within and before it happens.

          • Michael L

            Thanks mewabe,
            I thought that’s what you meant, but it seemed a little less spiritual as you wrote it.
            Like you touch a gun your looking for violence. Instead of a thought that if I pick up a rock and try to throw it into a bucket, I’m looking for violence aganst the bucket.
            I’m an expert shot with weapons, but have never owned one, and probably won’t in the future, unless the lights go out and we and my fellow “beings” animals are dependent of the same food source.Hopefully we don’t both like apples!!

  • Kristen

    How ’bout going back to the true wild west ways. Allow an area for those who WANT to own guns for violent means (not presumably for animal hunting, self defense, protection of property and family etc), set aside a week, provide as much ammo and drugs as you can round up, and just leave them to it. Perhaps area 13 may be good?? Raise the IQ of America, lower the population, rid your country of gang members and most drug runners, create a safer environment for everyone else AND make huge amounts of natural fertiliser in the process.

    Problem solved. This is how the God Hades runs one of the areas of Hell (yes hell is a real place although not as dramatic as people would believe). Give them all freewill and leave them to it.

  • Erin

    Drug & booze ’em up, disarm them, keep them sick & fear-ridden, & under enough stress to keep them occupied amongst themselves. Give them Wal-Marts, with lots of garbage to buy from China, and games & sporting events to vent with. Keep the majorities in close confines of area, put communications & resource powers in grids that can be shut down at will, & put military anywhere we want.

    Destroy Family, reduce education to minimum creativity, poison food sources & waters, & keep a red dot on the heads of any up-starts of The People. At the same time, if any rise with ‘special gifts’, grab them. “Let them eat cake” (or Cannibis brownies), while we discredit every natural healer & illegalize every other plant of good use.

    Control their monies, hold deeds or trusts to their properties, keep them separated & aloof of realities, and give them fast cars to drive thru Mc D’s for the dollar menu. Who honestly cares about Happy…This is Human Management we are doing here!!!

    Really? Guns? You are in fear of guns? I do believe I See a lot more in the workings here than “What do we do with guns?” Perhaps it is the one control issue that the Powers that Be have not found good solution to, except that now the lovely minds of science have somewhat harnessed nukes to only take out ‘small areas’ with ‘minimal’ after-effects…Hmmm??? How ‘nice’!

    Thank you, Almighty Patriarchal Human Management Staff, for your fabulous ‘ways’ of running Our Show! Blessings toward your inevitable demise…I hope your ‘fall from Grace’ is easier than the Life you have provided others of your kinds.

    If you really want your minds blown in these regards, check out how the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) is running the Native Show…Talk about keeping Nations at bay!!! These folks are verrry adept of their doings!!! (Thx for the keys, mewabe…I stand floored in previous ignorance! Blessings to a re-rise of wise.)

    Please stop being ‘steered’ into ‘issues’…They are ploys you are playing into…distractions from the bigger pictures…both politically & spiritually. Please, Neale, you have truly exhausted this one particular aspect, haven’t you? The New Story does not include weaponry of gun-sort, or any sort, why do you keep ‘going here’? Let’s get on with moving the Story thru such Storms, rather than making little turbulences of stuff that will naturally pass in process. Makes more sense, No?

    Love you guys…<3

    • mewabe

      True Erin…people debate endlessly about guns, gays marriages, and abortions, the same old issues used as part of a circus act to distract and divide populations along false ideological lines.

      Meanwhile, the US is still at war, the longest, most expensive and most unwinnable war ever, some bank executives are rewarded with over $10,000 an hour for having destroyed the world economy while some of the same elite wants to abolish minimum wage (isn’t this the stuff revolutions would be made of in a real world?), the laws that were meant to protect the people against the powers of government have all but been abolished in the name of the war on terror (now that the battlefield has been defined to be everywhere, even in your backyard, and the executive branch has claimed king-like powers of indefinite imprisonment and life and death over anyone), the US has been transformed into the most powerful oligarchy in the world under Reagan, and I love the way you portrayed human management. It reminds me of the way cattle is managed in factory farms.

      All we have left, truly, in our relationship with a world gone absolutely mad, absurd, is humor, satire. That’s why I love The Onion.The world is so absurd as it is, very little needs adding to a situation to achieve satire, because it is already all there.

      Are there enough of us to try to stir the world back to sanity? Should we even try? I mean, if an alcoholic or a drug addict is determined to die, can we stop it, and should we attempt it?

      Isn’t the world totally addicted to madness and suffering? Doesn’t humanity dearly relish these things, in spite of claiming the contrary? Doesn’t the world love the intense drama?

      • Erin

        Ya know, mewabe, I have read & reread The Declaration of Independence a gazillion times…and not for nothin’, but the list sent to the King of England as ‘atrocities no longer tolerable’, can very well be re-sent to the Kings of America. To-date, one can check off just about every one that has re-emerged as “Let’s do it again, and see if we get a different result”.(?) Yeah, insanity of high-form.

        The wordings of our legalities always leave loopholes open for future play…I simply cannot see how English-worded treaties that clearly state mal-intents & seriously inequitable trades, can be signed by non-English speaking peoples in their times, and still hold water today. I do not See a means of Understanding that we reduce Hitlers to ‘madmen’, yet the whole world has not put ‘sanctions’ on the U.S. for being the same…& for many years longer than Hitler & his regime was allowed. This, to me, would be something ALL should find ‘intolerable’. I doubt that even the Jewish community assimilates with this plight, perhaps because it would ‘steal their historical thunder’.(?)

        Sad…it’s simply very sad. A rage in my heart with no Band-Aid of sense for healing. It is this disrespect of Life that created the disrespect of governance that I feel today…I compare every move they make by this single scenario, yet to even be addressed wholly or openly. Ahhh…perhaps content for a whole ‘nother Conversation site! Perhaps time for ‘We, The People’ to truly mean ‘WE’, The People, in effort.(?) There HAS to be a way to move this matter past it’s present forms, else I do not See Peace having clear passage to any one/One’s future.

        Blessings, Beloved…Always & All ways. <3 And blessings to the 'other critters' who are ever-ready to re-mind us of Common Sense-ability.:)

  • Christopher Toft

    The more I think about this, the more complex it becomes. I think in a VERY small percentage of cases(when a hypothetical person who cannot be reasoned with attacks you and/or others) a certain amount of physical force is necessary to halt the violence. However, if you bring guns into the equation, the potential for truly destructive violence is magnified(And the well connected criminals buy rocket launchers). Force is only ever a last resort and human beings have a horrible tendency(due to the feelings of “power” weapons create) to look for “easy I win you lose” solutions to violence rather than seeking harder won win/win solutions. (Did the second world war really need to be so destructive? Could we not, in theory at least have used minimal necessary force against the Nazis?)

  • Andi Pindell

    I come from the “forever West ” state of Wyoming. I believe in our second amendment rights and I believe in carrying a gun if one chooses. As we all know, we do not live in a perfect world, far far from it. Back in the old days, there wasn’t methamphetamine, heroine, cocaine ect. There wasn’t the population of people there is now or the amount of governmental fed citizens that are complacent to hard work and morals. We live in a society that has a few people who like to attack schools and children. Why is that? They are vulnerable! Sadly it’s gotten to where it is in our best interest to pack for self protection to protect our students. Were not just dealing with issues about a persons morals, were dealing with people taking chemicals, people who don’t have responsibilities to us or themselves. I don’t like violence, I hate it, but given our circumstances of today, we have the right to defend and protect ourselves. I believe the majority of those who choose to carry a gun are not carrying with the intent of using it for the quickest draw, but to have a signature by their side that says think twice before you choose to hurt me or my family.

    • mewabe

      When did people have “morals” exactly? I apologize for being so blunt, but I am curious, what year, or month, or week, or day, or hour was it that people had “morals”?

      Was it in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries when they were busy taking the land and resources from the original inhabitants of this continent through lies (broken treaties), starvation tactics (extreme depletion of game), forced relocation and actual genocidal policies? Was it when they grew rich from slavery? Was it when they kept busy lynching African Americans and others, up to 4743 and into the late 60’s (1968 to be exact)?

      When was the world much better than it is now, more “moral” and “peaceful”? Was it during the dark ages? The Roman empire? When did “morality” reign supreme? When children were working in factories and coal mines? When women were not allowed to vote? At the time of the rubber barons? Or was it in the wild west, when they made shoes out of the skins of outlaws?

      I would like to know the period of history that I missed, the one that was “moral” and “peaceful”, so I can feel some appropriate nostalgia missing the good ol’ days.

  • DisqusID45362

    Most of those new Georgia laws are merely new for Georgia – they have existed in countless other states for many years and have caused no significant problems.

    The concealed-carry population in this country has a better, more law-abiding and responsible track-record with their gun-behavior THAN POLICE DO.

    You are spreading the fear-mongering media-hype w/ overly dramatic insinuations that things are now going to go to ‘wild-west’ hell – despite things NOT having gone to hell in all of the other states with similar laws. In many cases those other states have had DECADES to go to wild-west hell, and yet for some reason they are just fine.
    And where in this country do we ACTUALLY have wild-west hells? Those areas with the strictest gun-laws.