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Very few people are going to believe what’s in the extended series of articles that begins today with this first entry in the headline story column at The Global Conversation.

The articles that will appear here over the next two weeks will answer the most important question in human history: What does God want?

For many people that answer will be startling.

These headline stories will be excerpted and adapted from the book What God Wants—and should, in my opinion, be the headline story every day in every major newspaper in every city the world. This news is that important.

This is because humanity’s ideas about God produce humanity’s ideas about life and about people. Dramatically different ideas about God will produce dramatically different ideas about life and about people. And if the world could use anything right now, that’s it—because nothing in our world is working.

Now I know it feels very “not okay” to some people for a spiritual messenger to talk in any way negative about life, about how things are, about what could be made better in our world, or anything that does not point directly to positivity and joy and loving solutions.

Yet one cannot discuss or explore joyful and loving solutions if one is not at least allowed to describe the problems. So we’re going to begin there, and then we’ll talk about solutions. And you’ll just have to have some patience with this if you among those who believe that “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” is the only spiritually valid approach to life.

The problem in the world today is that none of the systems we have put into place to create a better life for us all on this planet have produced the outcome for which they were designed.

It’s worse than that. They’ve actually produced exactly the opposite.

Our political systems — created to produce safety and security for the world’s people – have produced nothing but disagreement and disarray.

Our economic systems — created to produce opportunity and sufficiency for all — have produced increasing poverty and massive economic inequality, with 85 of the world’s richest people holding more wealth than 3.5 billion…that’s half the planet’s population…combined.

Our ecological systems — created to help us produce a sustainable lifestyle — have been abused so much that they are now generating environmental disasters right and left.

Our educational systems — created to lift higher and higher the knowledge base of the planet’s population — have produced a drop in global awareness and sensitivity that each year sinks our intellectual common denominator lower and lower. We can’t even remember our own telephone numbers anymore.

Our health care systems — created in hopes of producing a good and long life for an increasingly higher percentage of people — are doing little to eliminate inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services, thus actually providing top level medical services each year to a lower and lower percentage.

Our social systems — created to produce the joy of community and harmony among a divergent population — more and more generate and even encourage discordance, disparity, prejudice, and despair…to say nothing of rampant injustice.

And, most sadly dysfunctional of all, our spiritual systems — created to produce a greater closeness to God, and so, to each other — have produced bitter righteousness, shocking intolerance, widespread anger, deep-seated hatred, and self-justified violence.

This article is Part I of an Extended Series of headline stories in The Global Conversation

We stand today on the brink of a global cultural war. The opening volleys have already been exchanged. The really major clashes, the unthinkable FutureWorld battles, may be yet to come.

Given the direction in which humanity appears to be moving, it may seem as though this larger conflict is inevitable. It isn’t. There’s something very powerful that can stop it: dramatically different ideas about God and dramatically different ideas about life and about people.

Such ideas, if accepted and adopted, will produce dramatically different ways of living and being. Values will change. Priorities will change. Power structures and power-holders will change.

Of course, as we know, change can be a dangerous thing to suggest, not only around people of power (to whom change is the ultimate threat), but also around ordinary people (for whom change is threatening simply because it leads to the unknown).

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore had it exactly right in a September, 2004 interview in The New Yorker:

“In a world of disconcerting change, when large and complex forces threaten familiar and comfortable guideposts, the natural impulse is to grab hold of the tree trunk that seems to have the deepest roots and hold on for dear life and never question the possibility that it’s not going to be the source of your salvation.

The final part of that sentence (italics mine) tells the tale of humanity’s belief about God and life in 15 words. Mr. Gore confirms this with his next statement. “And the deepest roots,” he says, “are in philosophical and religious traditions that go way back.”

Al Gore’s insight leaves us all facing a thunderous question: Is the way forward to be found by going way back?

The answer is, no.

And while, as the former Vice President notes, we never question the possibility that our philosophical and religious traditions are not going to be the source of our salvation—presumably because we feel threatened by such questioning—could there be times when not to question those traditions presents an even larger threat?

The answer is, yes. And this is one of those times.

(Part II of this extended series will appear in this space soon. Watch for it.)

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  • Thank you Neale! I am truly looking forward to this conversation. The message of What God Wants needs to be sent out in every possible means of communication. It is a message that is sorely needed right now and this is the perfect vehicle to begin the conversation that needs to happen everywhere.

    It is not up to us to judge who is ‘ready’ for a new idea and who is not. I have joined the Evolution Revolution and will send this message out to everyone I meet, not by lofty preaching but through my actions and the who I choose to be in every moment. I know the manner in which we speak will sound very pretentious to some; it is what it is. After more than 15 years of reading and working with the CWG material this has truly become the manner in which I think. It is who I choose to be.

    It is not important to lead, who would we lead? We are the only one on our path. It is important to truly choose each moment who were are to be, in relation to everything we perceive. This is a wondrous journey once consciously begun. Let’s do everything we are able to offer this new idea of God to all who have ears to hear!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Thank you, Rian. That would mean telling everyone on all of our email lists to come over here to The Global Conversation and take part — not just in this online conversation, but in starting an Evolution Revolution Action Group (see Blue Box/Home Page) in their community. That is what putting the message “on the ground” is all about. I so appreciate your commitment to the Larger Journey of the Soul, on which we are all embarked together.

      Best thoughts…Neale.

  • Erin

    I love the logic in the process of ‘ologies’ you eloquently laid out…I share it often, in many places. (Thanks, btw.) I’m sure this stream will be no less Amazing than your others. Rock on! 😀

  • royston marples

    God knows we are ALL W U N !

  • hempwise

    Such ideas if accepted says it all ?

    Do the current power holders want to change anything , what will cause them to want to change and what are the consequences of not changing ?

    Great book and this indeed is the most important question we could ask .

    • mewabe

      The “power holders” only have power because we the apathetic, divided, confused, cynical and hopeless people allow them to have it. I am not sure about fixing other nations, but as far as the US, the most powerful nation in the world, its corrupt government and supreme court no longer represent us, the people, but the oligarchy.

      There is a bi-partisan solution to take our power back, to take money out of politics. It’s the article 5 of the Constitution: a convention to propose an amendment to the Constitution. This puts the power back in the hands of the people, rather than waiting for Congress to act. It is taking place right now, and Vermont has voted positively for the resolution, the first state on the list. Google wolf pac (spelling is correct), if this is allowed here.

      We may think that the solution is not political. Of course, politics do not lead to spiritual evolution…but then again who is to say what can lead to evolution? However since we still live in the world under its current systems, laws that affect all of us have to be passed and enforced, and it may as well be laws that benefit ALL people rather than laws that benefit the elite TO THE DETRIMENT of the people, as is currently the case.

      The way to have laws that benefits all people is to regain control of our corrupt government, rather than hoping and waiting for the Light to somehow transform the oligarchy from within, which may take a few thousand years. These people might be dinosaurs, but they are not of the vanishing kind, they have offspring that think exactly as they do, and why shouldn’t they, since they are at the top of the food chain and everything is working for them, and increasingly so?

      Pondering profound philosophical and theological questions has its place, however when the ship is sinking, action is required, something that the spiritual does not always understand.
      This convention is the type of action that can cause immediate positive change, using what is already in place to restore people’s power.

      • When the slaves wake up, the game is over & the masters of power & money become powerless & the slaves are free to be masters of their own decisions with a true majority.

        That time is not now, but it has started & will continue, the way of the old world of being comatose & asleep is awakening in spurts here & there that are powerful.

        Our progress & evolution can happen more quickly then we realize, as the global shift awakening starts coming together more & more.

        It seems small at the moment, however as more awaken, progress continues in a new way, replacing the old.

        • mewabe

          I agree, and I love to see things moving and people taking action. It is happening, all over the place, in many different areas.
          What the oligarchy has forgotten is that all actions cause a reaction…a basic law. When the people are pushed far enough, they push back, and balance is restored.

          What the mainstream media does not tolerate is power and hope, and they won’t let you have it. The movement Free and Equal Elections Foundation and the Wolf Pac effort (google both if you want to know what they are about) are restoring hope in fixing the existing governmental system (that we have to contend with until we reinvent the world from the ground up, which will take a little more time).

          • I think Facebook can be a good influencer as the peoples media. We now have our own media outlet, I’d suggest you look into it.

          • mewabe

            I know I probably should, but I don’t do Facebook.

          • It’s just a thought, It’s called social media for a reason & it gives us our own media, our own world stage, to influence the collective.

      • Lets assume this ‘convention’ actually occurs and somehow forces the change in our government that so many fantasize about. Lets assume for even a moment that those who currently hold power somehow get taken by surprise and have term limits enacted (because that’s all this convention COULD do) without their being able to in any way, block this action. What then? What will actually change?

        Without Spiritual change there will only be a minor political change. Neale has pointed out that there is generally a process we go through to solve problems, a series of Social then political then economic then military options we follow over and over again. This has never solved our problems. This has only ever changed the names of the oppressors.

        Without a solution that stems from a higher energy, a higher understanding we will only change the players, not the game. If we are to have a game changing movement it will need to come from individuals who are no longer afraid to refuse to play the current game. As long as we are coming from a place of fear, and have no doubt, this is a fear based movement right now, there will only be an escalation of oppression from the powers that be.

        Our solution is to stop playing the game at all. But in order to do that each of us needs to let go of fear. What will happen if we simply stopped playing? Stopped feeding the corporations with our energy (money), stopped allowing the invasion of our privacy, stopped fighting each other over trivial perceived affronts perpetrated by the Oligarchy controlled media? What would happen then?

        You cannot win this game by simply changing the rules, when the rules are only followed by the public. The public must refuse to keep playing. That does not have a prayer of occurring while the majority of people are afraid. Afraid of not having enough of the things they need to survive. That fear will not be abated by new rules that affect under 1000 people. The fear will be eliminated when a new Spiritual paradigm is in place. Do you really want to help change the World. Change the way it see’s itself.

        We Are One
        There Is Enough

        It won’t take thousands of years or even hundreds.

        • mewabe

          Brian, thank you for your thoughts. I am grateful that you understand all this (all that you expressed), and that all of this came from reading Neale’s books.

          I haven’t read any of Neale books except The Storm and a couple of passages here and there in CWG. I have always followed a spiritual path and had understood the need to change consciousness in a spiritual way at the most profound level by the time I was 15 years old. I also understood and EXPERIENCED that all life was one. Not bragging, just expressing the fact that I am not new at this. Never having been religious of course helped me, as I never believed in the archaic religious concepts of God. On the other hand I pursued the understanding of the Divine outside of all religious traditions, from within the inner self.

          I have had a couple of enlightening experiences, one of them taking me to actual spiritual bliss that lasted several months. And as a Japanese Zen poem says, I will paraphrase, what happens after enlightenment? You pick up your broom and sweep the floor. In other words you still live in this world and have to breathe, eat, drink, sleep and do all that living in this world requires, even though, as do people who have had near death experiences, you feel like you do not belong in this world anymore, because you have seen a much better and more beautiful dimension of being.

          What does all this have to do with your comment? It’s simple: I understand all that you say, that spiritual change, or a change in consciousness, is the key. Neale did not create this idea, it has been around forever, as has been the understanding that all life is one (for example the Hermetic Teaching states that All (the divine) is in the all (the creation) as well as the all (the creation) in in All (the divine)…in other words there are no separations. Native Americans knew this as well.

          But let’s face reality. The oligarchy will neither change nor disappear for a simple reason: things work exceedingly well for them, and they have offspring who desire to partake in the spoils of great wealth and power. They have been around for thousands of years and can be likened to predators. We are the prey.

          You may not agree with my above statement. But honestly, I do not see these people disappearing any time soon. They have no reasons to, and every reason to stay. So if you want them to go, to loose some of their grip on power, you have to use some force, to use your own power.

          You can use visualization, prayer, etc, all of this is very effective, but you must also act. We are in the physical to experience and understand energy and personal power.

          This convention is about taking power, about direct action. It deals with existing political parameters, with the dominant paradigm, because this is where we are at the moment. Americans are not yet ready for a complete revolution. But its main purpose is not term limits but to reverse Citizens United, meaning taking money out of politics and restoring the democratic process, which means taking some of the people’s power back from the hands of the oligarchy (corporations, banks, etc).

          This is fundamental and I am not sure how anyone can argue that this is not the way. Let’s say the majority of the American public experienced spiritual enlightenment tomorrow, what good would it do if the power was still in the hands of the oligarchy?

          Change must and will happen at all levels AT ONCE. The mistake Neale is making is THINKING IN LINEAR TERMS, in terms of one, two, three, this is the method, first this and then that. The universe is not linear. The divine is not linear. the cosmos is not linear. Consciousness is not linear. Reality is cyclical, spherical, curvy, wiggly even, not square or straight, and ALL HAPPENING AT ONCE. Time and space are convention of perception, filters through which we see reality but they are not reality. Trapped in the linear thinking process we are trapped in the confusion of believing that the head of the cat came to existence before its tail.

          I am not trying to convince you, but to explain where I come from. I know and see that change is COALESCING from ALL DIRECTIONS at ONCE. IT is coming FROM WITHIN as does all life, FROM THE WOMB OF CONSCIOUSNESS, but manifesting itself and affecting all areas of our lives at once.

          My simple advice to you is to be very leery of being trapped in the linear thinking process, in the 1, 2, 3 methodologies that western people are so enamored of. That’s the western mind way of thinking, not the way the universe works. The universe manifests itself in a process that is known to the ancient Chinese (Taoists) as MUTUAL ARISING, which means it all comes up at once, the high and the low, the solid and the void, the form and the formless, life and death, the past and future. None is the cause of the other, anymore than the head of the cat is the cause of its tail, or the egg or chicken the cause of the chicken or the egg.

          I know that this is a very foreign way of understanding reality to the western mind.

  • Margot De Jaegher

    The kind of world you live in, and the creation of your future world is all up to you. It is entirely your choice, and in your power to change – all by just making changes in yourself.

    The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a question, think about it well and seriously, and then make some choices and commitments. Here’s the big, yet simple, question: ‘What kind of world do you want to live in?’ Once you decide that, you can achieve it. Here is the incredible, but true, ‘deal’ we have in the Universe: If you want to live in a good world, then be good. A paradisiacal one? Then be a paradisiacal being. It sounds simple doesn’t it? It is beautifully simple, but it does work, and it’s based on sound scientific principles, and Universal Principles.

    Let me give you an excellent example of this vitally important principle.
    You’ve worked in the kitchen, yes? You have seen how oil & water (or oil & vinegar) separate, even if you try to mix them? They don’t mix well, and even at that, they don’t remain mixed for long. Do you know why?
    It’s simply because they have different natures, and they each naturally ‘gravitate’ to their own nature. We are no different. There are ‘Laws of physics’ that dictate this, but behind them is an even more primary Universal Law, or Principle. As you attain higher consciousness, you will come to understand that the same Universal Principle that makes oil and water separate and find their own levels, also applies to people, and even their ‘essence’, ‘spirits’, or ‘souls’. Every individual, will ultimately end up in the kind of world they belong in, with others like them. So if you want to live in a world of Unselfishly Loving people who are kind, and care about each other, you simply need to be like one of those people – or change to become one.
    That’s easier said than done. There may be trials and tribulations as you change inside to become a better person, but ultimately, it will be done, if it is your will to do so. All you need to do is persevere, and you will attain your goal.

    The world outside you will change according to the changes you make within you. This happens in small ways, and in big ways. For example, if you are a drug addict or alcoholic, you usually have friends that are the same way, and a certain ‘lifestyle’ that accompanies who you are and how you are. The reason you are a drug addict is something internal. If you change inside to where you are no longer an addict, you will find that without any effort on your part, you will lose, or drift away from, your old friends, and soon you will have new friends. It’s also likely your job and housing situations will change also. I have seen people raised in ghettos full of drugs, hatred, envy and crime, who left it all behind to live good and productive lives. It wasn’t because of ‘the breaks’ they got, or the cards life dealt them – they didn’t have any advantages different from anyone else in the ghetto. They transcended their environment, and their environment changed – all because of how they were inside, or changed to be inside, inside, and the actions/choices they made because of their internal disposition. This also happens with spiritual changes.

    Think about a person’s qualities and traits, and then imagine what the world would be like if it were entirely populated by, and run by, billions of identical duplicates of that one person. Keep in mind that if the entire world is populated by ‘so and so’s’ duplicates, some of them will also be in powerful political positions. There is an old saying, ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Having power tends to nurture the darkness within people. Even a little separateness and selfishness is like a dormant cancer that can grow unchecked when fed by power. Some people behave well when they’re ‘held in check’ by lack of wealth, lack of position of power, and constrained by society’s moral standards and laws. So when you imagine a world full of ‘so and so’s’, you need to consider what they might become if they were also in all the various positions of power – police, judges, head officers of giant corporations, presidents, kings and queens? You get the idea. The overall feeling ad image you get of an imaginary world populated by any given individual, will give you invaluable insight about them.

    Let’s think about what it would be like in two different imaginary worlds. Let’s say the first world is entirely populated by duplicates of the one person with the most, and greatest spiritual knowledge on Earth. Keep in mind that this person, is till basically selfish (as most people are). Thus they may be nice and friendly when things are ‘going their way’, and when nothing is required or asked of them. But these ‘clones’ aren’t Unselfishly Loving, and have spent their time and energy more on acquiring spiritual knowledge, instead of focusing on developing, and practicing, kindness and harmlessness above all else. Thus their world is full of people that aren’t practically kind, are definitely not harmless, happy, etc., and likewise, the population is definitely not self-sacrificing when another person is in need. Yet they are all ‘egoed out’, each person thinking they are very wise and ‘know it all’. So world #1 is still full of inequities and injustices of all kinds, still has children starving to death needlessly, still has torture, wars, and all of the other evils, problems and destruction, that go along with a ‘look out for #1’, ‘dog-eat-dog’ world. I know those of you here don’t want to live in that world, and many other people don’t either (yet isn’t it virtually the same as the outside world is that we have now). So how useful is great spiritual knowledge alone?

    For our second imaginary world, let’s think about what the world would be like if it were entirely populated by duplicates of one REALLY ‘good’ person. Someone with little knowledge, but has a ‘good heart’. Someone who is compassionate, kind and harmless, and really cares about others. And they also have an attitude of ‘live and let live’, regardless of what others believe, think, and do (as long as they don’t hurt someone else). That’s not too much to ask is it? Now, wouldn’t this world be an incredibly better world than the one that people live in now? It would obviously be a beautiful, happy place – no starvation, no hurt, no war, no economic or physical enslavement, and no infringement on freedom.

    So even in regard to the practical aspects of day to day life (and the condition of the world in general), isn’t it obvious that the virtues of kindness and giving, are far better (and truly ‘spiritual’) than any spiritual knowledge? And just imagine an entire world populated by Unselfishly Loving ‘enlightened’ beings – it would be paradise, Heaven on Earth.