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In the last entry of this extended series of headline articles here in The Global Conversation online newspaper it was promised that today’s installment would reveal to humanity, at last, What God Wants.

Human beings have been wanting to know and understand this for millennia. As we have said before in this series, many humans have thought they already understand it. So sure have they been in their beliefs about this that they have killed other people — many, many thousands of other people through the years — in defense of those beliefs…or to get others to embrace those beliefs.

That killing goes on even to this day. Yet those who have done and are now doing this killing in God’s name have not been accurate in their knowledge and their understanding of What God Wants.

Indeed, the world’s religions have been dramatically and vastly misleading in this regard. Each has sought to tell us what it is that our Deity commands and demands, wants and requires from us in order for us to rejoin Him in heaven after we die. But each has told us things that are simply not true.

The question now, however, is this: Can humanity believe what is true? We are now about to see. Following, immediately below, as promised in our last installment, is a full description, articulation, and explanation of exactly What God Wants.

This is Part VIII of an extended series of headline articles in The Global Conversation.

















































(The space between that announcement and this parenthetical paragraph contains the full and complete information about What God Wants, commands and demands of human beings. And our exploration of this topic continues in Part IX of this extended series, coming very soon. Don’t miss a single entry. And if you wish to catch up on installments that you have missed, simply click on the word HEADLINE in the Categories list at right, then scroll down to find the column you wish to read.)

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